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Stop ISIS Acts of Massacre in Kurdistan

Call for Urgent Prevention of Human Tragedy in Sinjar Region
The Kurdish people in South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) are confronting one of the greatest
humanitarian tragedies of recent history. The Islamic State (ISIS), which has been trying to quash the
gains made by the Kurdish people in Rojava (Northern Syria/Western Kurdistan) for the past two
years, has increased its attacks in the Kurdistan Region (Iraqi Kurdistan).

On 3
August, IS occupied the Yezidi (Ezidi ) town of Sinjar, forcibly displacing more than 200,000
from their homes in one of the largest and swiftest mass movements of people in recent memory.
Those displaced are now seeking refuge in places such as Dohuk and Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, and in
Rojava. Most of the people trapped by the crisis are the Kurds of the Yezidi (Ezidi ) religion, one of
Iraq’s oldest and most vulnerable minorities. More than 40, 000 of them were forced to flee to Mount
Sinjar in the north-west region of Iraq. The IS, labelling the Yezidis as "devil worshippers" because
of their unorthodox blend of beliefs and practices, is out to kill them in an act of Genocide. Horrific
images of brutally slain men, women and children continue to emerge; hundreds of people have been
killed, including more than 100 children, and many more are threatened with death. The jihadist
group has captured more than 500 women to use them as sex slaves and their whereabouts are
still unknown.

Thousands of Yezidis(Ezidi ) trapped in Mount Sinjar, including children, have died from thirst and
hunger since the beginning of August, with supplies of food and water, dropped from air by the US
military, arriving too late to save these lives. While these aid efforts have provided some relief in
Sinjar, it is critically urgent that further humanitarian aid be provided to protect the Yezidi (Ezidi ),
Assyrian Christian, Turkmen and Shia refugees who have fled to Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan).

On August 7, 2014, ISIS also invaded Maxmur Camp, which was established 20 years ago by the
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for Kurds fleeing Turkey. The UNHCR
did not fulfill its responsibilities against those living in the camp who are once again refugees within
their own country.

To stop these massacres and the plague of ISIS from spreading, urgent political and diplomatic aid is
needed from the international community. The Yezidi (Ezidi ) community, who total less than
800,000 people, are facing genocide for the 73
time. The ISIS is able to act in this extremely
brutal way because of active and/or passive support from different regional and international forces.
The international community did not stand up against ISIS attacks in Rojava, and today only
effective active steps can stop ISIS terror and protect the ancient people of Mesopotamia. Therefore
the international community, especially the UN Security Council, must decide on sanctions against
states which support IS. Urgent steps must be taken to protect the people in Sinjar, Maxmur, Kirkuk
and Rojava. Currently, fighters from the Kurdish YPG, HPG and YJA-Star and Peshmergas are the
only armed forces that are resisting ISIS.

The PKK and linked organizations have played and are playing a crucial role in rescuing the victims
of ISIS attacks in Sinjar and Sengal. The PKK, which has been fighting for Kurdish rights in Turkey,
is controversially listed as a “terrorist organization” by the EU and US. It is therefore important that
the PKK be recognized as a legitimate, legal organization, in order to enable international
communications with the forces on the ground.

You can support the victims by donating to an emergency fund set up Save the Children by phone on 0800 8148 148
or by donating on line at:
For further info please contact by email
Democratic Unity of Community Associations (Kurdish People’s Assembly in Britain, RWCA-Refugee Workers Cultural Association, DAYMER-
Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre, KCC-Kurdish Community Centre, Halkevi, Roj Women Assembly, Kurdish Youth Assembly, Cemevi-Alevi
Cultural Centre, Socialist Women Association, Tohum Cultural Centre, Hundred Flowers Cultural Centre, Kurdısh Advıce Centre, Elcom,
Kirkisraklilar, Kurecik Alhas Com, Tilkililer Com, Nurhaklilar Com, Kocgirililer Com, Pazder)