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Lesson Plan

Grammar: Prepositions
Day/Date: Thursday / 17
February 2011
Time/Duration: 9.15 a.m. – 10.15 a.m. / 1 hour
Year 3 Cerdik
Enrolment: /11
Units/Themes/Topics: Grammar
Skills: 5. Prepositions (of location & irection!
!ear" e#t to" i $rot o$" behid" uder" o " i" bet%ee
"#$ecti%es &y the ed o$ the 'esso" pupi's shou'd be ab'e to(
1. )deti$y * types o$ prepositios
2. +se prepositios ,orre,t'y i sete,es
&earnin' "utcomes: &y the ed o$ the 'esso" pupi's shou'd be ab'e to(
1. -emostrate the ,orre,t use o$ prepositios by p'a,i. their mokey ,ards
a,,ordi. to the appropriate positio" .etti. at 'east 5 ,orre,t out o$ /
2. 0rite do% the types o$ prepositios 'eared i a mid1map
3. 2at,h the ,orre,t sete,es o prepositios to the ,orre,t pi,tures" .etti. at
'east 3 ,orre,t out o$ *
((TS 2id1mappi.
)oral *alues: 4e'pi. ea,h other
5'%ays be ,are$u'
Teachin' +esources/,is: 1. 6aptop
2. 7peakers
3. 8ideo ,'ip( Fi9e 6itt'e 2okeys
3. Po%erPoit s'idesho%
5. Gree bo#
*. 2okey $'ash,ard :$or tea,her;
7. 11 bo# $'ash,ards :$or pupi's;
/. 11 mokey $'ash,ards :$or pupi's;
9. 0orksheets 7et :Fo,used pra,ti,e;
10. Task 7et
11. C'o,k :to time pupi's< a,ti9ities;
Prior -no.le'e/Skills Pupi's are $ami'iar %ith the themes i the 9ideo ,'ip sho% duri. set idu,tio
:mokey" umbers;
Pupi's ha9e 'eared to %ork i .roups i pre9ious ,'asses :they %i'' 'ear to %ork
i pairs i this oe;
Steps Teachin' Strate'y &an'ua'e (ontent /otes
Lesson Plan
Grammar: Prepositions
Set 0nuction
: 5 miutes;
1. Pupi's %at,h a 9ideo ,'ip o
=Fi9e 6itt'e 2okeys<.
:Pupi's are asked to si. a 'o.
i$ they ,a;
2. Pupi's are asked to state %hat
aima' they ,a see i the
7tad up ad try to si. a'o..
0he the mokeys >ump" >ump?
0hat did you see i the 9ideo@
) mokeys $or e9eryoe
Aou must %ait to see the mokeys.
T. )aterials:
1. 8ideo ,'ip
: 20 miutes;
1. Tea,her sho%s a Po%erPoit
s'idesho% o the se'e,ted
prepositios pupi's %i'' 'ear
$or the day.
Tea,her proou,es the
prepositios ad pupi's $o''o%.
2. Tea,her sho%s pupi's a bo#
ad asks pupi's to .uess %hat
is i it.
3. Pupi's are ea,h .i9e a
mokey $'ash,ard ad a bo#
3. Tea,her e#p'ais that pupi's
are .oi. to 'ear e%
5. Tea,her uses the mokey ad
the bo# to tea,h pupi's the
se'e,ted prepositios.
Pupi's $o''o% tea,her<s a,tios.
Today %e are .oi. to 'ear / e%
These %ords te'' you the 'o,atio
o$ a ob>e,t or perso.
ear" e#t to" i $rot o$" behid"
uder" o " i" bet%ee
Ca you .uess %hat is iside this
0hat do you thik is iside this
B9eryoe %i'' .et oe bo# ad oe
!o%" the mokey ad the bo# %i''
he'p you to 'ear the e% %ords.
i. The mokey is i the bo#.
ii. The mokey is o the bo#.
iii. The mokey is uder the bo#.
i9. The mokey is i $rot o$ the
T. )aterials:
1. Po%erPoits
2. Gree bo#
3. 2okey $.,ard
3. &o# $'ash,ards
$or pupi's :11;
5. 2okey $.,ards
$or pupi's :11;
&" 1
Lesson Plan
Grammar: Prepositions
*. Tea,her tests pupi's<
uderstadi. ad memory.
9. The mokey is behid the bo#.
9i. The mokey is e#t to the bo#.
9ii. The mokey is ear the bo#.
9iii. The mokey is bet%ee the
bo# ad the pe,i' ,ase.
:5sks pupi's to use their o%
pe,i' ,ase;
0he ) say the sete,e" sho% me
%here the mokey is.
B#amp'e( The mokey is o the
: 20 miutes;
1. Pair %ork
Pupi's produ,e a mid1map o$
the prepositios they ha9e
'eart based o the temp'ate
:i; )mra
:ii; 5'i$ C 5miru'
:iii; 7yahmi C 5dia
:i9; 5isyah 2 C 7uhaa
:9; 5isyah D C !oriEa
Pupi's are .i9e 5 miutes to
,omp'ete the mid map.
2. )di9idua' %ork
Pupi's must ,omp'ete a set o$
%orksheets. They may take
their o% time i doi. so" but
they must stop i 10 miutes.
!o%" %e are .oi. to do a simp'e
mid1map o the prepositios that
%e ha9e 'eart today.
6ook at the e#amp'e.
-o this %ith your parter.
Aou ha9e 5 miutes to ,omp'ete
this task.
T. )aterials:
1. 2id1map
)oral *alues:
4e'pi. ea,h other
&" 3
1. Pupi's are asked to %ork i
!o%" ) %at you to %ork %ith
your .roups.
T. )aterials:
1. Task set :3;
Lesson Plan
Grammar: Prepositions
: 10 miutes;
2. Ba,h .roup is .i9e a set o$
3. They %i'' be sho% a seFue,e
o$ sete,es.
3. &ased o the sete,es" they
must arra.e the appropriate
pi,ture o the paper pro9ided.
) %i'' sho% you a e#amp'e.
)oral *alues:
4e'pi. ea,h other
&" 4
: 5 miutes;
1. Pupi's are asked to re,a'' %hat
they ha9e 'eared $or the day.
Tea,her asks radom Fuestios
to see i$ pupi's remember %hat
they ha9e 'eared.
2. Pupi's %at,h 9ideo ,'ip
0hat ha9e you 'eared today@
Ca you te'' me the / prepositios
that %e 'eared today@
Demember" you must a'%ays be
-o<t >ump o the bed or you %i''
$a'' o$$.
)oral *alues:
5'%ays be ,are$u'