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Examples of tasks , adjustments and assessments for writing and reading

Guided Reading / Writing

Examples of tasks based on specific
learning goal of at risk student
Writing simple sentences that makes sense
using capital letters and full stops.
Eg: Brainstorm words about a topic. Student
writes a certain number of sentences using a
capital letter and full stop with spaces.

Plan my writing
Eg: Students use a graphic organizer to
brainstorm features of a koala for an information

Use language of sequence words in my recount
LI: Correct structure of a narrative

I am learning to identify key facts.
Eg. KWL chart, word match for vocabulary
development, barrier game and continue with
sight word building.

Identifying and reading high frequency words
Eg: Listen to recorded sight word, find sight word
on card, make sight word with magnetic letters
and write sight word on laminated chart.
Eg: Students complete a cloze passage from
reader to fill in sight words. .Alternatives:
remove nouns, verbs or adjectives

I am learning to read aloud with fluency and
Eg: Readers theatre or performance, listening to
text read fluently

Knowing the difference between a letter, picture
and word
Gather a collection of examples of letters,
pictures and words from magazines. Divide
students into pairs. Students sort through and
find examples of each gluing them into the
columns. (Alternatively magazines given to
students to cut out.)
Students can talk about what they found
Reading for meaning
Secret sentences: Sentences from the reading
text are cut up and put into envelopes. Students
chose an envelope and assemble sentence
checking with reading text. Read sentence to
partner. Swap sentences. At the end of the week
/ sessions, students choose a sentence, paste
Examples of

Topic words written on small
white board or individual mat.
Sentence beginnings written
on post it notes after guided

You-tube video of koala.
Headings written on post it
notes for guidance

Individual word mat with
language of sequence words
and structure

Record instructions on Ipad
or step by step instructions on
post it notes

Sight words recorded and
placed in photo album.
A3 chart with columns

Word mat with sight words.

Text recorded on iPhone with
multiple head set

Scaffold of a picture a letter
and a word.

Step by step instructions

Teacher annotated
Student to colour in
the capital letter and
full stop.

Completed graphic

Evidence in books

Completed KWL
chart, vocabulary

Jumbled sight words
placed in correct
page in photo album.
Quick flash card

Completed cloze

Running record

Running record
Evidence of task

Running record

into books and draw a picture.
Other High Yield Assessment Strategies
Effective descriptive feedback
What will this look like?
LST and CT partnership
Peer feedback
Individual goal setting

Student Metacognition Taking control of learning. How will you develop this?
LST and CT partnership
Visible learning from the learning intention