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How to easily make $300-$500 weekly on Craigslist with $0
investment working 1 hour a day!
Copyright 2012 Gengis Suarez
By reading this document, you assume all risks associated
with using the advice given below, with a Iull understanding
that you, solely, are responsible Ior anything that may occur
as a result oI putting this inIormation into action in any way,
and regardless oI your interpretation oI the advice
No part oI this Ebook can be shared either Ior Iree or sold
without the Iull permission oI its owner Gengis Suarez.
First oII thank you very much Ior picking this ebook up! I
hope you have the same success I have had with this
technique and more..
I hate IluII so I will treat you with Iull respect and just give
you the meat oI this technique oI mine, hence the reason Ior
this guide being short but straight to the point.
(This is my Daughter and I Chilling in Southbeach Dec. 3
My name is Gengis Suarez and I have been making money
online Ior some years now either through Ebay, Video
Marketing, Social Media Marketing or using sites like
Craigslist like I will be showing you here. I have learned how
to generate leads through my marketing eIIorts online Ior me
and Ior others. Also I am not new to the business world, I
have owned a Mortgage company, a small used Car
Dealership, a Credit Repair company and have dabbled a bit
in Real estate investing as well as the stock market.
I still own the Credit Repair business and I do business
mostly with people I would oI otherwise never met because I
have learned how to market online Ior lead generation and
this is what I will be teaching you here using Craigslist.
I am telling you this not to impress you but Ior you to
understand that I am not some kid that has never been
involved in business, and also to let you know that I have a
keen eye Ior ways to make money and that's where this
method came Irom.
Don't let the size oI this Ebook Iool you, remember as the old
adage says, it's not the quantity but the quality and in here you
will see a quality method that will make you some good
income Irom home, starbucks, internet caIes or Irom where
ever you want really!
I Iully understand how overwhelming it can be with your
journey to making money online especially with all the
inIormation out there in Cyberspace. So with that in mind I
will make this as simple as possible Ior you to understand my
method oI making money with Craigslist.
Alright let`s get to it !.
Chapter 1: What is Craigslist
I`m pretty sure 99° oI all reading this have used Craigslist
but Ior that 1°`s sake Craigslist is a site online where you can
post things or services you either want to sell, buy, barter or
give away Ior Iree.
Craigslist has become a dominating presence on the internet
and you need to take advantage oI it.
Millions go to Craigslist on a monthly basis and I will show
you how to monetize on it with no monetary investment
Craigslist is simply the tool that you will use to get leads like
I will be showing you here. It is an amazing tool and it is
FREE to use!
Chapter 2:
My exact method oI making an extra $300-$500 weekly with
Craigslist working only 2-5 hours a week.
The only investment required oI you with my simple method
is your time and the willingness to answer either phone calls
or emails while having someone else do all your work you
will be charging Ior.
And really iI you don't even want to do this, you can actually
hire an answering service (There's plenty online) that Ior a
Iew bucks an hour will answer the phone with whatever you
want them to say and with your script that you put together..
I answer the calls myselI. Or I answer emails that I get..
Ok let's get to it..
On Craigslist there is a section called 'Services¨.
There happens to be people and companies who do car
inspections when someone is looking to buy a car and they
usually charge anywhere Irom $90 to $200 to inspect your
The reason Ior this inspection is to check the car out Ior any
mechanical problems or anything that might either reassure
you to buy it with conIidence, use the inIormation to help you
negotiate a better deal or simply to back oII and get another
car because the problems involved with the car are not worth
dealing with.
I happen to have a Iriend who is a mechanic who works on
the road so he goes to peoples houses to do mechanical work
Ior them.
I simply called him one day and asked him what would he
charge me iI I started to supply him with people who needed
cars inspected Ior purchase. He told me he would charge me
$35, the reason he would do it Ior only $35 is because it only
takes him about 15-20 minuntes or so to do a thorough
inspection and he now has extra potential Iuture work with
these new prospects oI his.
I charge $75 Ior the car inspections so there is a proIit oI $40
Ior me and I get anywhere Irom about 8-15 customers to have
their cars inspected weekly.
I happen to be the Cheapest Ior car inspections and thereIore I
get a Iew calls daily which convert to customers.
What I do is 0 #(12*$ 2*"3/ ". "4 -. &'"()#*(#+ (. +5/
6/'7(3/ #/3+(-. 8.4/' 98+-1-+(7/ *(:/ +5(#:
Car Inspections.. Do not buy a car without this!
Price :$75 ·--- You can charge a Iew more bucks or less in
this area depending on how much is charged in your area..
Body oI message:
You are about to make a BIG investment and the last thing
you need is to buy a car and have it break down on you within
days weeks or even a Iew short months!
Do not under any circumstances buy a car either by private
party or at a dealership without having a proIessional
mechanic inspect it Ior you.
Call us now to set up an appointment to have your car
We will check all buttons and their Iunctionality, the engine
and transmission as well as tires and on your new car beIore
you make the purchase.
We are the Lowest Priced on Craigslist and give the Highest
Quality Inspections available Ior your small investment!
Call us now to set up an appointment at
Or email us at youremail¸
Please make sure and book your appointment today Ior an
extra 10° discount. (People love discounts and at times this
kind oI call to action is what will make them jump at the
'Obviously as in any Marketing you ever do you want to split
test, so tweak the title and wording in the body as needed to
get the maximum amount oI leads as possible and try
diIIerent ads. This particular one I am showing you here
works very good Ior me.¨
That`s all I do Iolks and like I said I get a Iew phone calls
daily and simply call my mechanic Iriend or Iorward him the
customers phone # and name via text message and my
mechanic Iriend and I meet up about once a week and he
gives me my cut because he collects the money.
Just go out and Iind a mechanic that you can build a
relationship with and sell him on the idea oI all these new
customers that will eventually call him whenever they need
mechanical work. II the mechanic is smart he will see how
this $35 initial proIit Ior him can eventually turn into $100s or
$1000s Ior him through Iuture work.
Chapter 3: What I tell the customers when they call.
I introduce myselI as Gengis Suarez and tell him/her how
buying a car is a big investment and should never be done
without ever having a proIessional check it out Iirst. I ask
them what kind oI car it is, year make model. Asking price
and what the location is. Then I simply tell them how my
associate will check and make sure everything in the car is in
working order including components in the engine and
Most go ahead and tell me they want to do it so I go ahead
and tell them I will have one oI our mechanics call them to set
up an appointment to go inspect their car..
II anyone tells me what I charge is to much I simply reply
with a bad transmission is about $2000 on average, an A/C
compressor is about $500 installed, a Blown Head Gasket can
cost you $1000 to Iix. What did you say about this small
investment that will give you peace oI mind and save you a
ton oI headaches? (I laugh a bit) and usually they laugh too
and say you're right..LOL
Chapter 4: Other services that you can sell
This same method to generate leads and sell them can be used
Ior a plethora oI diIIerent services like Computer repair,
Credit repair, House Moving, Creating websites, SEO, OIIline
Marketing, Video Marketing and many other services just use
your brain.
The Car Inspection service is just the Tip oI the Iceberg.. II
you simply open up your more than capable mind you will
see how easy it is to come up with lead generation Ior so
many types oI businesses.. Just grab a piece oI paper and pen
and start writing down ways that you can either take this to a
whole new level or how use this to generate leads Ior so many
diIIerent types oI businesses.
Believe me that a paying lead/customer is the liIe line oI any
business.. And when you give a business a warm paying lead
they will not stop using your service..
You can scale this up and make even more money with this, I
haven`t just because I have a million projects going on at
once but hey I think you would agree with me that picking up
a Iew phone calls and maybe investing 2-5 hours weekly to
make an extra $300-$500 weekly is pretty good..
Like is said No FluII! I hate it as much as the next guy..
Please contact me with any questions or success you have
with this.. I would love to hear Irom you.
Much success,
Gengis Suarez