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1. Answer ALL questions.
2. Shade your answers on the OMR column proided.
!. "rint only cover p!e" p!e # upon su#mission.
1. Amon$ the %ollowin$ coloni&ers' which one did *o+ conquer Malaya(
A. )utch *1+,1-1.2, /Malacca0
1. 1ritish *1.2,-13,+ / Malaya0
C, Sp*-./
). "ortu$uese *1411/ 1+,1' 13,4-13,+0
• Mainly in Malacca
• )id not hae much impact to the country
• Amon$ traces le%t #ehind were 5urasian community' Romani&ed
writin$ and lan$ua$e
2. 6he a#oe ta#le shows the %eatures o% coloni&ation %or __________________
A. the )utch 7S+0/12. 31-40-*! *0 e+c8
1. +/e Por+1!1e.e '5urasian and Roman 9ritin$' :ort A :amosa714118
;. the <apanese *le%t ma=or impact/ whole country0
). the 1ritish *le%t ma=or impact / whole country0
!. 9hich o% the %ollowin$ statements are 54.e a#out the impacts
o% the An$lo/)utch 6reaty in 1.2,(
A. )iision o% the Malay Archipela$o into )utch and
1ritish in%luence
1. :all o% <ohore/Riau empire
;. )utch conquest o% Malacca
D, D1+c/ *0 3r-+-./ +r0e r-v4r2 co*+-*1e0
,. 6he >n%ederated Malay States consisted o% _______.
A. Selan$or' "ahan$' "era? and Ne$eri Sem#ilan 7:ederated Malay States 8
3, (e0/" Per4-." (e4*+*" Tere*!!*1 *0 6o/ore
;. "enan$ @sland' Malacca and Sin$apore
). Sa#ah' Sarawa? and 1runei
4. 6he emer$ency period in Malaya %rom 1748 1*+-4 1790 was closely related with ____.
A. the <apanese coloni&ation 7@mpossi#le 992 ended 13,48
3, +/e 0eve4op:e*+ *0 c+-v-+-e. o5 +/e Co::1*-.+ Pr+2 o5 M42 'MCP)
;. the decentrali&ation o% power
). the stru$$le o% local people a$ainst the 1ritish

9, 1elow are the %ounders o% the political party in Malaya. 9hich o% the %ollowin$ is *o+

S++e Le0er.
A. @M" )ato Onn <aa%ar
1. "AS Ahmad :uad Aassan
C, MIC B. 6 Sam#athan
7:i%th "resident C4/1344/ D!C /+/132!
<ohn 6hiy
Au$ust 13,+ /13,20
). M;A 6an ;hen$ Loc?
#, 9hat are the main %eatures o% Malayan >nion(
@. ;onsisted o% nine Malay states' "enan$ @sland' Malacca and Sin$apore
A, 44 .++e. o5 M42 e;cep+ S-*!pore ./o140 <e co:<-*e0
II, C-+-=e*./-p >. <.e0 o* +/e pr-*c-p4e o5 ?1. .o4-
A. <us soli E Jus soli *Latin: right of the soil0'
is the ri$ht o% anyone #orn
in the territory o% a state tonationality
III, 3r-+-./ @over*or >. +/e c/-e5 0:-*-.+r+or
IA, EB14 r-!/+. 5or 44 c-+-=e*. re!r04e.. o5 rce.
A. @ and @@
1. @' @@ and @@@
C, II" III *0 IA
). All o% the a#oe
8, 9hat were the main %actors that led to the %ailure o% the Malayan >nion(
A, S+ro*! oppo.-+-o* 5ro: +/e M42.
3, Oppo.-+-o* 5ro: 5or:er 3r-+-./ 0:-*-.+r+or. -* M42
;. No .+ro*! .1ppor+ 5ro: +/e *o*$M42s
D, A44 o5 +/e <ove
5. 5Ftra 9ron$ timin$ ' 9ron$ introduction
7, 6hese are the ma=or %actors that contri#uted to the 1ritish interention in the Malay states
e;cep+ ________
A. >nrest and ciil war in the states
3, E55-c-e*+ 0:-*-.+r+-o* *0 1*-+2 :o*! +/e peop4e
;. Stron$ competition amon$ the 9estern powers %or colonies
). "resence o% important economic resources such as tin minin$ industry
10, 9hich o% the %ollowin$ statements was the e%%ect o% <apanese inasion in Malaya(
A. 9orsened the relationship #etween the Malays and the ;hinese
1. 7 appointed as the <apanese GHempeitaiI assi$ned to catch the
;hinese. 8
1. Led to the $rowth o% educational system
;. 6he economic in%rastructure had #een deeloped
D, T-!/+e*e0 +/e re4+-o*./-p :o*! 0-55ere*+ rce.
11, 6he esta#lishment o% Malaysia in 13+! inoled the states #elow e;cep+
A. Sa#ah
1. Sarawa?
C, 3r1*e-
). Sin$apore
12, 9hich o% the %ollowin$ statements is *o+ the reason %or the con%lict #etween Sin$apore
and Malaysia(
A. Lee Huan Jew and "eopleKs Action "arty *"A"0 #elittled the role o% M;A to protect the
;hinese interests
1. 6he campai$n o% LMalaysia %or MalaysianK #y Lee Huan Jew
;. "eopleKs Action "arty *"A"0 attempted to deny the special ri$hts o% the Malays
D, S-*!pore >. 5orce0 +o :ove o1+ 5ro: M42.- <2 T1*C1 A<014 R/:*
13, "arti Ra?yat 1runei *1runeiKs "eople "arty0 under the leadership o% A. M. A&ahari
opposed a$ainst the proposal to %orm Malaysia #ecause he wanted to
A. $et independence %rom the 1ritish rule
3, co*+ro4 +/e o-4
;. esta#lish the $oernment o% North Halimantan' consisted o% 1runei' Sa#ah and Sarawa?
). maintain the power o% 1ritish in 1runei
14, 6he __________ was %ormed to surey opinions o% the people o% Sa#ah and Sarawa?
a#out the %ormation o% Malaysia.
A, Co<<o40 Co::-..-o*
1. Reid ;ommission
;. @nter/Moernment ;ommittee
). >nited Nation Mission

1D, 9ho acts as the head o% three $oernment #odies in MalaysiaN the eFecutie' the
le$islatie and the =udiciary(
A, Y*! 0-$Per+1* A!o*!
1. "rime Minister
;. Minister
). Sultan
19, 6he a$ency that is responsi#le to implement the $oernmentKs policies is
A. 6he ;ouncil o% Rulers
3, Pr-:e M-*-.+er
;. Ministry
). ;ommission
1#, 1elow are the tas?s o% a minister e;cep+ :
A. Ae is responsi#le to his own port%olio
3, %e -. re.po*.-<4e +o 0e5e*0 44 0ec-.-o*. :0e <2 44 :-*-.+er.
;. Ae is not %rom the mem#er o% the Senate and the Aouse o% Representaties 7;a#inet8
). Ae is responsi#le to present the #ill in the "arliament
18, 6here are certain thin$s that Jan$ di/"ertuan A$on$ cannot do. 9hich o% the statements
are correct(
I, %e c**o+ 0o <1.-*e..
@@. Ae cannot $et access to any in%ormation re$ardin$ the $oernment %rom the ;a#inet
III, %e c**o+ co*+-*1e >-+/ /-. 01+-e. . +/e r14er -* /-. o>* .++e
IA, %e c**o+ 4eve +/e co1*+r2 5or :ore +/* 1D 02. e;cep+ 5or o55-c-4 *+-o*4
:++er. E>-+/o1+ pprov4 o5 +/e Co1*c-4 o5 R14er.F
A. @ and @@
1. @' @@ and @@@
C, I" III *0 IA
). @' @@' @@@ and @B
17, 9hich o% the statements are +r1e a#out the con%erence o% the rulers(
A, %e40 +/ree or 5o1r +-:e. -* 2er *0 ec/ co*5ere*ce 4.+. +/ree 02.
1. :orum %or discussion amon$ the rulers' the %ederal and state $oernments
;. 6he "rime Minister eFplains a#out the $oernmentKs policies to the state $oernment
). Jan$ di/"ertuan A$on$ will #e present on these three days
20, 6he courts in Malaysia hae the power to ___________________
@. interpret the constitution
@@. interpret a law
@@@. declare a %ederal or state law as inalid
@B. declare a $oernmentKs action as inalid
A. @ and @@@
1. @@' @@@ and @B
;. @@ and @B
D, A44 o5 +/e <ove
21, 6his court is headed #y the ;hie% <ud$e. @t has the =urisdiction to hear the cases that carry
the death penalty. 9hat is the court(
A, %-!/ Co1r+
1. Session ;ourt
;. Ma$istrate ;ourt
). "en$hulu ;ourt
22. 6he period o% 4 years %or J)"A can #e shortened due to these reasons e;cep+ _____
A. A r14er -. c/o.e* +o <e Y*! 0-$Per+1* A!o*! +>-ce -* +/e .:e ro1*0
1. A ruler who is quali%ied to #e Jan$ di/"ertuan A$on$' re=ects the
;. 6he ;ouncil o% Rulers identi%ies that the ruler cannot #e Jan$ di/
"ertuan A$on$ when his turn comes #ecause o% undera$e or health pro#lem
). A ruler passed away when he #ecame Jan$ di/"ertuan A$on$
2!. Amon$ the priile$es o% the "arliament as the le$islatie council are:
@. 6he "arliament mem#er cannot #e accused %or what has #een said in the "arliament
@@. 6he "arliament mem#er is allowed to discuss a#out the misuse o% power and scandals
without %ear
@@@. Anyone cannot #e conicted in any court %or what hae #een pu#lished with the
permission o% the "arliament
@. 6he "arliamentary mem#ers who discuss a#out the sensitie issues cannot #e
conicted in any trial
A. @' @@ and @@@
1. @' @@@ and @B
;. @@' @@@ and @B
D, I" II" III *0 IA
2,. 9ho is responsi#le to adise the ruler in administration o% the state(
A, Pr-:e M-*-.+er
1. State 5Fecutie ;ouncil
;. State Le$islatie Assem#ly
). "arliament
24. 6he %ollowin$ are the causes that can #ar a citi&en %rom otin$ in the election e;cep+ _____.
A, -. .+102-*! <ro0
1. is carryin$ out a =ail sentence
;. does not hae a %ully sound mind
). is imposed a death sentence
2+. 9hich o% the %ollowin$ statements is 54.e a#out the Malaysian ;onstitution(
A. 6he constitution allocates power to %ederal and state $oernments 76rue8
1. T/e .++e or 5e0er4 4>. +/+ re :0e o1+.-0e +/e-r ?1r-.0-c+-o* re
4e!4 *0 v4-0
;. 6he constitution is the hi$hest source o% le$islation
). 6he constitution has #een amended seeral times
• )e%ense
• 5ducation
• @nternal security
• 7 ;iil O criminal law
• ;iti&enship
• :inance
• ;ommerce O industry
• Shippin$
• ;ommuincation O transportation
• 5ducation
• Aealth
• La#our
• :ishery
• 6ourism
22. Accordin$ to the Malaysian ;onstitution' the a#oe matters are in the =urisdiction o% ______.
A, Ge0er4 !over*:e*+
1. State $oernment
;. Local $oernment
). )istrict
2.. 9hat is the meanin$ o% acculturation(
A, T/e proce.. >/ere +/e :-*or-+2 !ro1p ccep+. +/e c14+1re
o5 +/e :?or-+2 !ro1p
3, 6he process where the races miF to %orm a type o% new culture
and race
C, 6he process where the split occurs amon$ the ethnic $roups in
arious situations
D, 6he process where the races are aware o% otherKs culture #ut
they continue to presere their own culture
• Appreciatin$ pu#lic property
• "atriotic and willin$ to sacri%ice
• Respectin$ the nationKs sym#ols such as <alur Memilan$ and National
23. 6he a#oe matters show the attitude and actions that should #e portrayed #y citi&ens
accordin$ to one o% the principles in Ru?une$ara' that is ____________________
A. 1elie% in Mod
1. Loyalty to Hin$ and ;ountry
;. >pholdin$ the constitution
D, T/e R14e o5 +/e L>
!C. ;hoose the +r1e statement a#out Bision 2C2C.
@. +/e c-+-=e*. ./o140 co*5ro*+ 44 +/e *-*e c/44e*!e. o5 A-.-o* 2020 -* or0er +o <e
0eve4ope0 co1*+r2
@@. I*+ro01ce0 5+er +/e -*c-0e*+ o5 13 M2 1797 EI*+ro01ce0 o* 1990–2020)]
@@@. I*+ro01ce0 <2 5or:er Pr-:e M-*-.+er" T1* Dr, M/+/-r Mo/:0
@B. Covere0 per-o0 o5 30 2er.
A. @' @@ and @@@
1. @' @@@ and @B
;. @@' @@@ and @B
D, I" II" III *0 IA
P4e.e ./0e 2o1r *.>er -* +/e co41:* prov-0e0,
1. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 11. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 21. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
2. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 12. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 22. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
!. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 1!. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 2!. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
,. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 1,. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 2,. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
4. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 14. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 24. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
+. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 1+. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 2+. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
2. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 12. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 22. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
.. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 1.. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 2.. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
3. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 13. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 23. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0
1C. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 2C. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0 !C. *a0 *#0 *c0 *d0