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Fill in the words in brackets as adjective or adverb.

1) He reads a book. (quick)

2) Mandy is a girl. (pretty)
3) The class is loud today. (terrible)
4) Ma is a singer. (good)
!) "ou can o#en this tin. (easy)
$) %t&s a day today. (terrible)
') (he sings the song . (good)
)) He is a driver. (careful)
*) He drives the car . (careful)
1+) The dog barks . (loud)
Adjectives and Adverbs
The adverbs and the adjectives in English
Adverbs tell us in what way someone does something. ,dverbs can -odi.y verbs (here:
drive)/ adjectives or other adverbs.
Adjectives tell us something about a person or a thing. ,djectives can -odi.y
nouns (here: girl)or #ronouns (here: she).
adjective adverb
Mandy is a careful girl. Mandy drives carefully.
She is very careful.
Mandy is a careful driver. This sentence is about Mandy/ the driver/ so use the adjective.
Mandy drives carefully. This sentence is about her way o. driving/ so use the adverb.
,djective 0 -ly
adjective adverb
dangerous dangerously
care.ul care.ully
nice nicely
horrible horribly
easy easily
electronic electronically
irregular forms
good well
.ast .ast
hard hard
%. the adjective ends in 1y/ change 1y to 1i. Then add 1ly.
ha##y 1 ha##ily
but2 shy 1 shyly
%. the adjective ends in 1le/ the adverb ends in 1ly.
3a-#le2 terrible 1 terribly
%. the adjective ends in 1e/ then add 1ly.
3a-#le2 sa.e 1 sa.ely
Ti#2 4ot all words ending in 1ly are adverbs.
adjectives ending in -ly .riendly/ silly/ lonely/ ugly
nouns! ending in -ly ally/ bully/ %taly/ -elancholy
verbs! ending in -ly a##ly/ rely/ su##ly
There is no adverb .or an adjective ending in 1ly.
"se of adverbs
to -odi.y verbs2
The soccer tea- played badly last (aturday.
to -odi.y adjectives2
%t was an extemely bad -atch.
to -odi.y adverbs2
The soccer tea- #layed extremely badly last 5ednesday.
to -odi.y quantities2
There are quite a lot of #eo#le here.
to -odi.y sentences2
Unfortunately/ the flight to Dallas had been cancelled.
Types of adverbs
#) $dverbs of manner
%) $dverbs of degree
&) $dverbs of frequency
') $dverbs of time
() $dverbs of place
)ow do know whether to use an adjective or an adverb*
6ohn is a careful driver. 17 %n this sentences we say how 6ohn is 1 careful.
%. we want to say that the care.ul 6ohn did not drive the usual way yesterday 1 we have to
use theadverb2 6ohn did not drive carefully yesterday.
Here is another ea-#le2
% a- a slo walker. (How am I? -> slo -> adjective)
% walk sloly. (Ho do I walk? -> sloly -> adverb)
$djective or $dverb after special verbs
8oth adjectives and adverbs -ay be used a.ter look/ s-ell and taste. Mind the change in
Here are two ea-#les2
adjective adverb
The #i99a tastes good.
(How is the pizza?)
6a-ie :liver can taste ell.
(How can Jamie Oliver taste?)
;eter&s .eet s-ell bad.
(How are his feet?)
;eter can s-ell badly.
(How can eter smell?)
<o not get con.used with good=well.
>inda looks good.
(!hat t"pe of person is she?)
>inda looks ell.
(How is #inda? -> $he ma" have %een ill& %'t now she is fit again()
How are you? 1 %&- ell/ thank you.
:ne can assu-e that in the second=third sentence the adverb ell is used/ but this is
ell can be an adjective @-eaning .it=healthy)/ or an adverb o. the adjective good.
Ase the adjective when you say so-ething about the #erson itsel..
Ase the adverb/ when you want to say about the action
Fill in the words in brackets as adjective or adverb.
1) The bus driver was injured. (serious)
2) Bevin is clever. (e+treme)
3) This ha-burger tastes . (awful)
4) 8e with this glass o. -ilk. %t&s hot. (careful)
!) Cobin looks . 5hat&s the -atter with hi-? (sad)
$) 6ack is u#set about losing his keys. (terrible)
') This steak s-ells . (good)
)) :ur basketball tea- #layed last Friday. (bad)
*) <on&t s#eak so . % can&t understand you. (fast)
1+) Maria o#ened her #resent. (slow)