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By linking the electrical currents of two superconductors large enough to be seen with the naked

eye, researchers have extended the domain of observable quantum effects. Billions of flowing
electrons in the superconductors can collectively exhibit a weird quantum property …
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Quantum Entanglement Visible to the
Naked Eye
By Laura Sanders, Science News
5:41 PM
By linking the electrical currents of two superconductors large enough to be seen with the
naked eye, researchers have extended the domain of observable quantum effects. Billions of
flowing electrons in the superconductors can collectively exhibit a weird quantum property
called entanglement, usually confined to the realm of tiny particles, scientists report in the
September 24 Nature.
“It’s an exciting piece of work,” comments physicist Steven Girvin of Yale University. “People
are interested in pushing the boundaries of quantum mechanics.”
Entanglement is one of the strangest consequences of quantum mechanics. After interacting in
a certain way, objects become mysteriously linked, or entangled, so that what happens to one
seems to affect the fate of the other. For the most part, researchers have only found signs of
entanglement between tiny particles, such as ions, atoms and photons.
John Martinis and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara looked for
entanglement between two superconductors, each less than a millimeter across. These
superconducting circuits, made of aluminum, were separated by a few millimeters on an
electronic chip. At low temperatures, electrons in the superconductors flow collectively,
unfettered by resistance.
Despite each superconductor’s relatively large size, the electrons within move together in a
naturally coherent way. “There are very few moving parts, so to speak,” Girvin says, which
helped the scientists spot evidence of entanglement. “It’s a general fact that the larger an object
is, the more classical it is in its behavior, and the more difficult it is to see quantum mechanical
In the new study, researchers used a microwave pulse to attempt to entangle the electrical
currents of the two superconductors. If the currents were quantum­mechanically linked, one
current would flow clockwise at the time of measurement (assigned a value of 0), while the
other would flow counterclockwise when measured (assigned a value of 1), Martinis says. On
the other hand, the currents’ directions would be completely independent of each other if
everyday, classical physics were at work.
After attempting to entangle the superconducting circuits, Martinis and his team measured the
directions of the currents 34.1 million times. When one current flowed clockwise (measured as
a 0), the team found, the other flowed counterclockwise (measured as a 1) with very high
probability. So the two were linked in a way that only quantum mechanics could explain.
“It has to be in this weird quantum state for you to get those particular probabilities that we
measure,” Martinis says. “The percentages of those different things are not something that you
can classically predict.”
Finding entanglement between superconductors is “a fairly important milestone,” comments
Anthony Leggett of the University of Illinois at Urbana­Champaign. The new study “does seem
to be rather unambiguous evidence for entanglement.”
Such entangled superconductors might be used as a component in a powerful quantum
computer, Leggett says. “People are very interested in the possibility of building a quantum
computer,” and these kinds of systems may be quite good for that, he says.
Martinis says that the technology for building advanced electrical circuits may be used to build
quantum circuits, too. “The hope is that since we know how to put together integrated circuits
in complex ways, that maybe we can make very complex quantum circuits in the same way,” he
He cautions, though, that a good quantum computer is a long way off. Researchers still need to
find a way to make entangled superconducting circuits last longer. And a good quantum
computer would need more than two circuits. Martinis says his group will try to entangle three
and four such circuits next.
In addition to providing technological advances, the new results add to the debate over where
to draw the line between quantum mechanics and the everyday physics that governs large­scale
phenomena. Researchers want to know how far quantum weirdness can go.
“It’s interesting to test quantum mechanics on a large scale,” Girvin says. “Do things look
classical on large scales because there’s something wrong with quantum mechanics?
Personally, I think that’s wrong, but one never knows.”
Image: Erik Lucero
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3N1GMA • 4 years ago
Einstein's fro was entangled

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BongoJoe • 4 years ago
Is this how you build a Flux-Capacitor?


frjim • 4 years ago
As an Orthodox Christian priest, I view the advances in subatomic physics
with interest and delight.
Here we have evidence, at the fundamental level, of the unity of all things
within the creation. It's sort of like when charmed particles were discovered, and we saw,
rigjhty in front of us, the interaction between
the creation and the Creator.
We have all heard the one about the physicists, after days of climbing,
finally summiting the mountain only to see a group of theologians having
a picnic.
God bless you, and may you enjoy the climb as much as I'm enjoying watching it.
in Christ,
Fr. Jim <


photoprinter • 4 years ago
@JohnStClair..The only entanglement that Matrix Energetics shows is between smoke and


Fill • 4 years ago
Entanglement is very interesting stuff. Einstein predicted it in the EPR paper (see wikipedia),
but he published the paper to try to show how incomplete and unlikely quantum mechanics
theory was, not to justify/support it. He argued it was more logical that the 1/0 pairs were
already there all along for every property (what was called 'hidden variables') they just
weren't measured yet. Entanglement says that when you measure a property of one part of
the pair that it will be random (not hidden/predetermined), but whatever it's value, the other
part of the pair (for just that one property!) must be the opposite if entangled (this happens
faster than light! but since you would have to know what the random value was of the first,
no information can be transferred so no laws of physics are broken). And, all other properties
would have zero correlation, purely random. It wasn't until Bell came up with a theorem
(Bell's Theorem) that there was a statistical way to test for entanglement. Later experiments
on entangled photons proved, using Bell's Theorem, that Einstein was wrong and QM was
real. God *does* play dice, and spooky action at a distance (faster than light) *does* happen.
Greene's book Fabric of the Cosmos has a great and easy to understand explanation of

badtim_1 • 4 years ago
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badtim_1 • 4 years ago
@JohnStClair: Oh c'mon man! Give it up with the craziness! We all know there's no "left hand
Chakra" and "right hand Chakra". We can all spot this sort of phony nonsense a mile away!
To produce the sort of energetic effects you describe, one would have to open the root
Chakra and allow the energy flow to elevate up, hold it in the heart Chakra until alignment is
reached and then resume the flow sending wave-sparks out through the crown! Here's a
little diagram just in case you're a bit confused:


thinkyhead • 4 years ago
I remember an article in Scientific American about designing analog circuits using genetic
algorithms. One circuit that came out of the process was more efficient than the rest but had
some kind of weird vestigial loop off to one side - it seemed to add nothing to the circuit,
and in fact the circuit could work without it. But with it, it was more efficient. It makes me
wonder: Could that have been the result of a macroscopic quantum effect?


JohnStClair • 4 years ago
Quantum entanglement can be seen in energy healing known as Matrix Energetics
developed by Richard Bartlett. Information on the patient is obtained through the left hand
chakra which reads the patient's condition. A pulsed wave is sent out the right hand chakra
which causes the energy field to oscillate. A wave is sent into the future and into the past.
The healed state in the future is hit by the wave and sends out its own wave into the future
and into the past. All waves cancel except for the two waves between future and present
states. The collapsed wave brings the healed state into the present where say a broken foot
is healed by the next day. What I find remarkable is that before you transmit a wave on an
antenna, the advanced wave from the future arrives before you transmit the retarded wave.
This of course keeps the energy in the universe balanced.


Beastgis • 3 years ago JohnStClair
perhaps if you sent a broken foot in the future it would be worse off instead of better

devanate • 4 years ago
No video? If you're going to post an article about a visible effect, you could at least provide
a visualization.

vaseghi • 4 years ago
Quantum entanglement has been accessed in the experiments, irrelevant to quantum
mechanics, but the result is a speed difference of electricity with magnetism As it comes in:
- Galilean relativity is correct. Einstein relativity is wrong.
- The speed of light is not relevant to the observer.
- The speed of light is related to the properties of ether. As the speed of sound is related to
the properties of air.
- The speed of light is the speed of electricity. The speed of light is not relevant to the
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magneto speed.
- Speed of magnetic waves is related to the magnetic properties of ether. So it is much
greater than the speed of light. As the speed of gravitational waves is much greater than the
speed of light. 10 ^ 24 times.
- That is right, space (not spacetime) is made up of pieces, like light is made of photons. For
the structure of these pieces, please contact us:



Beastgis • 3 years ago vaseghi
Most of you people speaking about ether or Aether make up retarded crazy stories
about science. light is an ElectroMagnetic wave; it is a combo of electric and
magnetic fields and I'm sorry they travel at the same rate. Nonsense; One day maybe
a valid Aether theory will pop up; But it seems to attact nutjobs whose think science
is what they think instead of observations.


Ali • 3 years ago Beastgis
Most of you scientists are religious to the founders, and to the basic
knowledge. Light is an electric current, without electron, in a magnetic media.
entanglement experiment show different speed between light and magnetism.
yes; A valid Aether theory poped up. Would you like to read it? A TRACTATE
ON PHRASE KNOWLEDGE / Ali Vaseghi / ISBN: 978-964-06-0632-2

sddengineer • 4 years ago
I can entangle large-scale dynamic systems, based on an attractor which can be in many
forms. You guys are playing catch-up.

iswlvs • 4 years ago
To extend the theory, now that this has been reported we must assume this changes the
result! I'll move along now...

Inghram • 4 years ago
How about empirical proof? What is the link to your blog by the way? I can't seem to find it

JohnStClair • 4 years ago
@ Badtim_1 Gosh, I don't know what more I can do for you. In my blog I gave you four major
discoveries in physics. They are:
1. The discovery of the circular co-gravitational k field similar to the magnetic field in
2. The discovery of hyperspace.
3. The discovery of instantaneous energy healing of viral, fungal and bacterial infections
including broken bones and MS.
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including broken bones and MS.
4. The discovery of a tool to communicate with subspace, co-dimensional and hyperspace
beings including extraterrestrial aliens at any distance.
I mean, what more do you want?

svanneck • 4 years ago
So given this experiment, what would happen if one of the circuits were placed on Mars after
initial entanglement? Would we be able to communicate faster than the speed of light by
manipulating the earthbound circuit and having a robot on Mars interpret commands by
observing the direction of the current on the second circuit?

Reow • 4 years ago
"very high probability" sounds far from convincing. Where is their explanation for the times
the flows were disconnected?

mpetrovich • 4 years ago
@JohnStClair But only if the incident left hand chakra pulse is perpendicular to the flux of
retarded co-dimensional quantum response wave. And only on every other Saturday (except
on leap years) between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. And not in AL, GA, or TN...their chakra
waves are too biblically inhibited.

Inghram • 4 years ago
Hey! Glad to see you back, my friend. Forever the skeptic, I'm still quite entertained by your

amanfromMars • 4 years ago
"Wow, the kooks are out in force today. ... Posted by: YellowRex | 09/29/09 | 9:07 am
That's pretty close, YellowRex. :-)

YellowRex • 4 years ago
Wow, the kooks are out in force today.

amanfromMars • 4 years ago
As quantum communication circuits entangle does their power potential increase
exponentially, so that a minimum core entanglement will provide and produce prodigious
amounts of information.
Two circuits/cores .... potential power two sources squared
Three circuits/cores ....potential power three sources cubed
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Three circuits/cores ....potential power three sources cubed
etc etc.
It doesn't take many cores/circuits to reach Critical Breakout Intellectual Property Mass for
Overall Absolute Control of Legacy Power Systems.

stoffer • 4 years ago
@KKoski & @metoposaurus - thak you for the links.

JohnStClair • 4 years ago
I always thought that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle was confined to quantum
mechanics. However it applies to any wave. I would modify the experiment by flooding the
superconductor with low density hyperspace energy. This would pull electrons out of
dimension. Information lost to hyperspace is negative energy. Thus the device could be
converted into a negative energy generator. Mounted on a space station, the negative
energy would cool the earth and eliminate global warming.

Beastgis • 3 years ago JohnStClair
You can borrow my hyperspace energy gun; I had one when I was 4; Let me dig it out


metoposaurus • 4 years ago
You can find the full paper online at

JohnStClair • 4 years ago
The energy healer has to disentangle from the healing, so the left hand is removed from the
neck. It is necessary to disentangle the energy side "by tossing the left brain a bone." The
bone is a picture of a zany duck which the left brain is forced to process. This frees the right
brain from the collapse of the quantum field. The healer can get into low light speed co-
dimensions where space-time becomes wavy as the detection of gravitational waves
becomes apparent.

KKoski • 4 years ago
video... Well, I think for such a theme the only possible visualisation is the image above :).
But the article name is really too yellow. It should be at least "Quantum Entanglement in the
Object Visible to the Naked Eye".
If you want to read something more you should visit Martinis Group site
( and find some articles there - or read the Markus
Ansmann's dissertation (

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MonMonque • 4 years ago
The headline is in need of some editing -- you can see the *components* of the circuit, but
you can't actually see the entangled currents. Also, how high is the "very high" probability?
Much higher than expected (e.g. 51% of the time) or close to 100%?

jeannop • 4 years ago
if someone wants to demonstrate meso or macroscopic scale entanglement, it would be
better to have something more than a study that
"does seem to be rather unambiguous evidence for entanglement".

stoffer • 4 years ago
That sounds cool. I would like to read more about it. Any link to related papers?

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