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Mishandled baggage costs the air transport industry (ATI) billions of dollars each year. Aside from the direct
cost of returning bags to their owners, even larger indirect costs are incurred as a result of problems arising
during baggage handling – delayed aircraft, disrupted schedules, missed connections and so on. BagManager
is a technologically advanced response to these issues.
Costs due to mishandled bags
Every mishandled bag costs
US$100 to return to its owner and,
even with a 1 percent mishandled
bag rate, costs quickly add up.

Flight delays due to offloading
Whenever a checked-in passenger
fails to board the aircraft, their
bags must be offloaded for
security reasons – a process that
involves searching through a large
number of bags.

Baggage staff do not have up-
to-date information about flights
and bags.

By scanning every bag that is
loaded onto an aircraft, a unit load
device (ULD) or a cart, and by
evaluating the characteristics of
each bag against the flight
parameters, BagManager can
ensure that bags do not get loaded
onto an incorrect aircraft.

Because BagManager has
scanned every bag on the aircraft,
it knows the location of every
loaded bag (ULD, hold or trolley).
A bag that needs to be offloaded
can easily be located and
removed, thus minimizing or
avoiding delays.

BagManager provides baggage
staff with mobile wireless devices
on which they have access to real-
time information about all flights
and bags at the airport.
• Checking that bags are being
loaded correctly reduces the
number of bags that go astray
– and substantially reduces
costs associated with
mishandled bags – costs that
would otherwise have to be
borne by the airline.
• Flight delays are minimized as
a result of having access to the
location of every bag on an
aircraft. Reduced flight delays
save direct gate parking costs
and also improve customer
satisfaction by ensuring on-
time departures and by
ensuring that connecting
passengers make their flights.
• The automation of baggage
management provides a
powerful solution delivering
optimal efficiency, as well as
time and money savings.
reduction in the number
of mishandled bags
after BagManager was
introduced in a major
European airport.
airports reaping the
benefits of BagManager
• After check-in, bags are security screened
and transported to the loading area on a
baggage handling system.
• At the loading area, the bag tag is scanned
with a BagManager mobile device and an ‘OK’
or ‘Not OK to load’ response is given to the
• The bag is loaded as appropriate and the flight
• When a flight arrives, bags are unloaded and
scanned to measure the handling agent
• They are sorted into ‘terminating bags’ to be
delivered to passengers, or transfer bags that
must be transported to an outbound flight.

1. Fully managed support
BagManager is available globally and is
supported by baggage experts.

2. 24/7/365 management and monitoring
Monitored in SITA’s Baggage Center of

3. An intuitive user interface
A graphical user interface, available in many
different languages, makes extensive use of
layout, colour and sound to provide an intuitive

4. Mobile solution
Mobile wireless devices provide baggage staff
with accurate, real-time information about all
flights and associated bags.

5. High-availability servers
With an availability of more than 99.95
percent, customers can be assured that
BagManager will be continuously up and

4. Interfaces with other systems
BagManager integrates seamlessly with:
• Airport Flight Information Display Systems
(FIDS) to receive flight data
• SITA’s BagMessage to receive Bag Source
Messages (BSMs)
• SITA’s WorldTracer to provide bag tracing


A major European airport had a typical
mishandled rate of just over 1 percent of
bags, incurring a cost to its airline
tenants of some US$10 million per year.
Some 50 percent of the problem bags
were associated with weather delays or
aircraft technical delays.

Following the introduction of
BagManager, a 20 percent drop in the
number of mishandled transfer bags
was observed, along with a 15 percent
drop in the number of mishandled bags
checked in at the airport.

The same year BagManager saved the
airlines at that airport a total of some
US$1.75 million in direct costs alone.

Airlines also agreed that they had fewer
delays and less resulting schedule
disruption, which represented a
considerable intangible saving.
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