Quality Management System.

1. In IDC Which serves the tracking customer
requirements in all phases of the SDLC.
a. ADS
b. ADT
c. SQA
d. QMS
ans: QMS
2. The _______at the IDC encompasses project
management !evelopment life c"cle an! !eplo"ment
phases. It infuses qualit" activities in all phases of the
a. ADS
b. QMS
c. SQA
d. ADM
ans: QMS
#. Which of the follo$ing are True%
A. In addition to the ADM processes, the IDC QMS has
additional processes that cover quality activities at the IDC.
B. Docuentation, CA!, DA!, !is" ana#eent
processes are the part o$ QMS.
C. The SQA tea ta"es care o$ quality activities at the
pro%ect level.
D. The S&'( ta"es care o$ aintainin# the QMS at the
or#ani)ational level.
a. ACD
b. ABC
c. All o$ the above
d. *one o$ the above
ans: All o$ the above
&. The S'() team*s responsi+ilities inclu!e%
a. Developent and aintenance o$ the IDC processes
b. stac" holder-s satis$action usin# best practices.
c. Introducin# various or#ani)ation odel.
d. &nsure the $rae .or"s.
Ans: a
,. Which of the follo$ing -cts as the .e"es an! ears of
the senior management/ in 01S.
a. ADT
b. ADM
c. SQA
d. ADA
ans : c. SQA
2. SQA /as a reportin# channel to the senior ana#eent
.hich is independent o$ the pro%ect ana#er and the S&'(.
3. SQA Is *0T the priary channel to trans$er pro%ect
learnin#-s to the or#ani)ation. True/False.
4. Serve as a lin" bet.een the S&'( and the pro%ect teas.
5. Which of the follo$ing are the (arts of 01S.
a. ADT
b. ADS
c. SQA
d. S&'(
Ans: c1d
67. Which of th follo$ing are the parts of s!lc 81ultiple
a. Maintenance o$ related process assets
+0r#ani)ation 'rocess Database and 'roduct repository ,.
b. Institutionalisation o$ processes or#ani)ation2.ide.
c. Collatin# pro%ect etrics and establishin#3revisin#
or#ani)ation process capability baselines.
d. !evie.in# process tailorin# and approvin#
e. Ipleentation o$ ne. tools.
Ans: all the above.
11. Root cause identification for defects and issues is the prior
activity to which activity.
a. Prevent defects from accruing on a continual basis.
b. Project initiation.
c. project build.
d. Project Monitoring and control.
Ans : a
12. At which stage at software life cycle we will set SLAs
a. Project plan
b. Project design
c. Build
d. Project initiation.
Ans : d
1!. Start pro"ect activity is prior to which activity in #ro"ect
Life $ycle activities in I%$.
a. Kick of Meeting.
b. Project Monitoring and control.
c. Carry out life cycle activities custom development life
d. Close project.
Ans : c
1&. 'hich of the following are the operations of 4ic" o$$
Meetin#81ultiple choice9%
5. Conductin# "ic"2o$$ eetin#s,
6. de$inin# etrics,
7. De$inin# close date
8. sharin# learnin#, ris", and de$ect trends.9
a. 5,7,8
b. 5,6,7
c. 5,6,8
d. 6,7,8
Ans: c
6,. The processes of Con!ucting risk management
status reporting an! project management revie$s.
-nal":ing metrics an! C-; are !one in %
a. pro%ect Monitorin# and control
b. QA
c. pro%ect initiation
d. pro%ect plannin#
ans: a
62. The processes of 'valuating the a!herence of the
performe! process an! associate! $ork pro!ucts an!
services to applica+le process !escriptions stan!ar!s
an! proce!ures are !one in %
a. pro%ect Monitorin# and control
b. QA and Quality control activity
c. pro%ect initiation
d. pro%ect plannin#
ans: b
63. $hich is the part of start project activit"<
a. Conduct pro%ect closure activities and subit the best
practices, etrics, CA! and ris" data to the pro%ect and
process database.
b.Si#nin# o$ Mo: .ith the onsite tea and settin# up
c. Sta$$in#, trainin# tea, and procurin# resources.
d. 'reparin# schedule, pro%ect plan, ris", quality, and
con$i#uration plan.
Con$i#urin# (DD
ans: c
1(. QMS help us to )Multiple choice*
a. Identi$y the evolution and need $or the IDC Quality
Mana#eent Syste.
b. Identi$y the additional IDC speci$ic processes in the
c. identi$y the Internal structure o$ pro%ect.
d. identi$y the business concepts.
Ans: a1b
5<.The QMS at the IDC encopasses ==
5. 'ro%ect ana#eent
6. Developent li$e cycle
7. Deployent and quality assurance practices.
8. 5,6,7
>. 517
Ans: 8
6?. Chan#es to process and technolo#ies are ana#ed in
.hich QMS process==.
5. 'ilotin#
6. Sta$$ au#entation process
7. 0r#ani)ational innovation and deployent
8. 'rocess audit
Ans : 7
65. 'lannin#, analy)in#, desi#nin#, buildin#, testin#, and
deployin#. &nhanceent requests and production support
are carried out in .hich QMS li$ecycle phase=.
5.pro%ect onitorin# 1 control
6.pro%ect plannin#
7.custo developent and application ana#eent
Ans: 7
66. The S&'( ta"es care o$ aintainin# the QMS at the=.
5.pro%ect level
6.or#ani)ational level
Ans: 6