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Profile of ABA Group

ABA GROUP, comprising of eight 100% export oriented garment manufacturing industries, is
specialized in manufacturing all type of woven garments specially bottom wear of reputed
brands for international market.
The Group's corporate office is situated in industrial Zone, Gazipur, 5 kilometers away from
International Airport.
We are committed to face the challenges of open arena with continual improvement in Quality
Management System.
Mission & Vision
Our endeavor will continue to ensure quality and high standard in every activity whatever we
are engaged with.
Developing and promoting the ready-made apparel sector. Creating customers need through
manufacturing and supplying quality products.
The Management is crowned with vast experienced, energetic, dynamic and dedicated
Chairman : Md. Sajjadur Rahaman Mridha (Shipon)
: Md. Zillur Rahaman Mridha (Ripon)
Director : K.M. Zarrar
Business Growth
ABA has accelerated its growth amazingly- the under mentioned volume is self explanatory.
Focus on the growth
1993—2 Lines
2003—14 Lines
2005—43 Lines
2006—47 Lines
2007---50 Lines
2008---50 Lines
2009---54 Lines
Focus on the turnover
2001—1.20 Million pieces
2002—2.51 Million pieces
2003—3.82 Million pieces
2004—5.84 Million pieces
2005—8.74 Million pieces
2006—10.8 Million pieces
2007---11.20 Million pieces
2008---12.00 Million pieces
2009---12.50 Million pieces
The export increased by four times just within 8 years.
We are proud to have the reputed names of the apparel market in our products of many
famous brands, as follows.
Our product lines include
Casual Wear
Sports Wear
Swimming Trunk
Dress & Formal Trousers
Production Facilities
Modernistic woven apparel manufacturing techniques have been customized to comply with
ABA's production process and adopted in its facilities to ensure optimum efficiency.
ABA uses latest machines to ensure its production and is well equipment with all required
machines of its own. There are also some specialized machines for special products. ABA has
pocket welt, Blind Stitch, Pressing Puller, Garments press, Bias and clothing, Metal stone
Fixing and some other specialized machines.
ABA employs over 9,000 skilled workers and around 300 supervisors and managerial staffs its
production facilities for its smooth running.
Quality Assurance
Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. We are committed to produce at the highest level
& never compromised quality with quantity. We have earned a reputation for being maker of
quality: ABA ensures strict quality control measures where each product that has to go
through a series of through scrutiny. Here we try to make products that not only meet our
clients required criteria but also give them recognition to our Quality Management System.
We've achieve ISO 9001:2000 Standard Certificate, WRAP Certified, BSCI Standard Audit
(Status-Good). This has resulted in better performance for all operators and all supervisory
Work Place Environment
Environment is an important factor to get the best performance from all employees. ABA
strictly maintains healthy & hygienic provision as per ILO and Bangladesh Labor Laws &
regulations. ABA ensures required working space for moving and performing operations
smoothly: We also provided a safe, well ventilated and healthy working area. There are proper
and sufficient arrangement for dining, safe drinking water, hygienic toilets & personal safety
Regarding work place safety, we take maximum precautions against fire, mechanical and
chemical hazards. There are clearly marked evacuation zone and routes to be used in
emergencies along with fire safety equipments like fire hydrant, smoke, fire detector, gas
musk and lock cutter etc.
The following facilities are available for employees including a day care center for employees'
Full time doctors with three beds are available in the factory premises.
Day Care Unit for children.
Free work time medical assistance, medicine and proper first aid boxes are
Trained fire fighting team along with training program & drill for fire escaping
are fully followed every month.
Incentive & Other Facilities
We are extending facilities to workers to encourage them for better performance. At present
we are giving attendance bonus, Efficiency Bonus and employee of The Month Prize in cash
commodity for serving 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and 12 years etc. For Minimum of 2 years
serving to ABA Group, 3 people from all employees and workers will get a chance to
participate in the yearly HAJJ program.
We are now even planning for workers profit participation scheme.
Compliance & HRD
The company is very much aware of and maintaining the buyer’s as such:
Adequate working area.
Well ventilated and well lighted.
Provision of hygienic toilets facilities.
Adequate supply of filtered drinking water.
Adequate fire equipments are provided in all working area.
Adequate safety exits are provided.
We maintain the local labor laws, rules and regulations for payment of wages as well as we
provide other facilities.
To keep pace with ever-changing global market demand and make the best use of updated
technologies we regularly arrange training on upgrading skill.
We have achieved WRAP certificate and are maintaining its all principles to uphold the rights
of workers.