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ISO 14000

ISO 14 000 is a global business initiative of the International Organization for
Standardization. Pretty dry stuff, you might think, but some say it could have the otential to
revolutionize the !orld economy. It aims to create voluntary agreement !orld!ide on
environmental management systems and rovides tools for businesses to boost efficiency.
ISO 14 000 may become the global assort for environmentally resonsible business, "ust
like ISO #000 set the standard for $uality %anagement. &ut be!are, standards buffs are
'uick to distinguish bet!een management systems and actual roduct or erformance
standards. ISO 14 000 certification may mean clear environmental goals and regular
erformance reorts, but it is no guarantee of clean and efficient ractices on the ground.
(hat is, the standard is about management systems not about environmental ollution
revention or clean)u. *omanies can still choose to use the ne! green badge
inaroriately. So !hat+s the benefit, *ertification is an instrument for increasing cororate
accountability. &usinesses can be asked !hat environmental goals they have established )
and, more imortantly, met. (!o draft documents are critical ) ISO 14 001, the core
standard, and ISO 14 004, ractical guidelines for imlementation. -.ook for the final
versions later this year./ ISO 14 000 aims to avoid trade barriers but some criticize the
rocess for favouring large comanies and rich countries. (he travel cost of attending ISO
meetings, for e0amle, can be rohibitive. Proonents hoe the hands)off regulatory attitude
!ill eventually !in over smaller firms and oorer countries. (he danger, ho!ever, is that
ISO 14 000 !ill scare them off !ith big fees and bureaucratic re'uirements. In any case,
look for a sle! of consultants and training courses in the months to come. [environmental
management systems for global business]
EMS n. environmental management systems for cororations, the success of !hich re'uires
strong management buy)in
(ibor, (om !ith 1eldman, Ira. ISO 14 000: a Guide to the New Environmental Management
Standards. *hicago2 Ir!in, 1##3. 440 .
*oming Soon2 IIS5+s 6lobal 6reen Standards.
- Over-regulation
6etting the right balance bet!een strict regulations and voluntary schemes can be a tricky
business. (he time it takes to set regulations ) and the litigious system this creates ) does not
al!ays hel rotect individuals, communities or the environment. 7s %endeloff argued in
1#88 -in (he 5ilemma of (o0ic Substance 9egulation/ over)regulation can in fact lead to
under)regulation. (his suggests that voluntary and co)oerative aroaches such as ISO 14
000 -see above/ have an imortant role to lay in the global and local olicy mi0. 7nother
debate focuses on regulating ends versus means. :hen fle0ibility allo!s comanies to
choose the means of achieving goals, efficiency may be imroved.
Originally published in Canadian Environmental Protection, August 1995.
ISO 14
By Isis Fredericks and David McCallum
1! At La"t: A #on"i"tent$ Internationall% Re&ogni'e( Mo(el )or Environ*ental Manage*ent
The ISO 9000 series of Qualiy Mana!emen sandards" #ih over $0"000 re!israions around he
#orld" isa used %y or!ani&aions as a model for a 'ualiy mana!emen sysem( )o# make #ay for
he ne# kid arrivin! on he %lock * he ISO +,000 series of sandards ** he model for an
environmenal mana!emen sysem(
Environmenal Mana!emen is a ool for an or!ani&aion o kee- a#are of he ineracions ha is
-roducs and aciviies have #ih he environmen and o achieve and coninuously im-rove he
desired level of environmenal -erformance(
ISO 9000 is aimed a meein! cusomer re'uiremens" conrol of he -rocess and coninuous
im-rovemen( ISO +,000 is aimed a hese" and more. /cusomer re'uiremens/ has e0-anded o
include re!ulaory and oher mandaory environmenal re'uiremens1 and /coninuous im-rovemen/
is no only driven %y cusomer e0-ecaions %u also %y -rioriies and o%2ecives !eneraed inernally
%y he or!ani&aion(
+! ,-at i" in t-e ISO 14 Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te* Mo(el.
The ISO +,000 series of sandards is com-rised of several !uideline sandards and one com-liance
sandard ** ISO +,00+ Environmenal Mana!emen Sysems( 3lhou!h -u%licaion of he sandards
is a%ou a year a#ay" five sandards are in Commiee Draf form and he Draf Inernaional
Sandards #ill %e availa%le shorly for -u%lic commen hrou!h he Inernaional Or!ani&aion of
Sandardi&aion 4ISO5 %ased in 6eneva( 7hen ISO +,00+ is -u%lished" or!ani&aions meein! he
re'uiremens #ill %e a%le o seek re!israion o he sandard in a -rocess similar o ISO 9000
The ISO +,000 series is modeled afer he BS $$80 4Environmenal Mana!emen Sysems5
ori!inally -u%lished in +999 and u-daed in +99,( The BS $$80 sandard has %een he su%2ec of a
-ilo im-lemenaion -ro!ram involvin! nearly 800 -arici-ans from various indusries(
/! 0o1 (o ISO 2 an( ISO 14 #o*3are.
ISO +,000 does no re-lace ISO 9000( 3 com-any #ih an ISO 9000 re!israion has a !ood
foundaion for ISO +,000 and %oh are -ar of an or!ani&aion/s overall Mana!emen Sysem( ISO
+,000 also does no re-lace re!ulaions" le!islaion and codes of -racice 4such as :es-onsi%le
Care5 ha an or!ani&aion has o com-ly #ih( :aher i -rovides a sysem for moniorin!"
conrollin! and im-rovin! -erformance re!ardin! hose re'uiremens(
ISO +,000 is he -acka!e ha ies he mandaory re'uiremens ino a mana!emen sysem #hich is
made u- of o%2ecives and ar!es focusin! on meein! and e0ceedin! he mandaory re'uiremens
#ih a focus on -revenion and coninuous im-rovemens(
ISO +,00+ uses he same fundamenal sysems as ISO 9000 such as documenaion conrol"
mana!emen sysem audiin!" o-eraional conrol" conrol of records" mana!emen -olicies" audis"
rainin!" saisical echni'ues" and correcive and -revenive acion(
There are also some definie differences( Besides he similariies" ISO +,00+ has clearer
saemens a%ou communicaion" com-eence and economics han are currenly found in ISO
9000( 3lso" ISO +,00+ incor-oraes he sein! of o%2ecives and 'uanified ar!es" emer!ency
-re-aredness" considerin! he vie# of ineresed -aries and -u%lic disclosure of he environmenal
3n or!ani&aion #ih an ISO 9000 re!israion #ill find ha hey are a lon! #ay o#ards an ISO
+,00+ re!israion from he ouse( Even hou!h here are differences" he mana!emen sysem is
!enerally consisen in %oh he sandards( The ISO a--roach o mana!emen serves as a ;model;
#hich needs o %e ada-ed o mee he needs of he or!ani&aion and ine!raed ino e0isin!
mana!emen sysems( The sandards have %een desi!ned o %e a--lied %y any or!ani&aion in any
counry re!ardless of he or!ani&aion/s si&e" -rocess" economic siuaion and re!ulaory
4! ,-% #on"i(er 4"ing t-e ISO 14 Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te* Mo(el.
3n or!ani&aion may elec o com-ly #ih ISO +,00+ as a.
• model for an Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem
• forma o audi he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem a!ains
• mehod of demonsrain! he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem com-liance
• -rocess for hird -ary and<or cusomer reco!niion
• -u%lic declaraion of heir Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem
Benefis of im-lemenin! an ISO +,00+ Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem may include.
• enhanced com-liance o le!islaion
• faciliaed financial and real esae ransacions" #here environmenal -erformance is a
• reduced coss associaed #ih consumer audis
• a%iliy o %id for conracs 4-roecion or increase of marke share5
• marke forces 4a real or -erceived /!reenin!/ of he marke-lace5
• economic reurn from increased efficiency of resource use1 and
• increased a%iliy o ada- o chan!in! circumsances(
Some or!ani&aions may choose o im-lemen an ISO +,00+ -ro!ram %u no seek re!israion(
:e!israion o ISO +,00+ should %e considered if i.
• is a cusomer or indusry re'uiremen1
• com-lemens marke srae!y1 or
• is -erceived as a valua%le moivaional facor(
:e!israion o an ISO 9000 sandard !enerally re'uires #elve o ei!heen monhs of effor
de-endin! on he com-le0iy of he or!ani&aion and he e0isin! sysems( I is anici-aed ha i #ill
ake a leas he same len!h of ime o develo- and im-lemen an Environmenal Mana!emen
Sysem #hich com-iles #ih he ISO +,00+ re'uiremens(
ISO 141 Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te* Ele*ent":
1 Environmental policy
2 Planning
4.1 ;nvironmental asects
4.4 .egal and other re'uirements
4.< Ob"ectives and targets
4.4 ;nvironmental management rogram-s/
3 Implementation an operation
<.1 Structure and resonsibility
<.4 (raining, a!areness and cometence
<.< *ommunication
<.4 ;nvironmental management system documentation
<.= 5ocument control
<.3 Oerational control
<.> ;mergency rearedness and resonse
4 !"ec#ing an corrective action
4.1 %onitoring and measurement
?on)conformance and corrective and reventive
4.< 9ecords
4.4 ;nvironmental management system audit
$ %anagement revie&
5! 0o1 Do You I*3le*ent ISO 14.
3s in an ISO 9000 -ro!ram" senior mana!emen commimen is re'uired %efore em%arkin! on an
ISO +,000 -ro!ram(
Once senior mana!emen is commied o im-lemenin! an ISO +,00+ -ro!ram he -ro2ec -lannin!
%e!ins( This -lannin! includes schedulin!" %ud!ein!" assi!nin! -ersonnel" res-onsi%iliies and
resources" and if re'uired" reainin! s-eciali&ed e0ernal assisance(
Senior mana!emen needs o -rovide a focus for he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem %y
definin! he or!ani&aion/s environmenal -olicy( This -olicy mus include" amon! oher hin!s" a
commimen o coninuous im-rovemen" -revenion of -olluion and com-liance #ih le!islaion and
re!ulaions( I mus %e s-ecific enou!h o form he %asis for concree acions1 /-arenhood/ feel*!ood
saemens are no ade'uae( 7hen documened %y mana!emen" his environmenal -olicy mus
%e im-lemened" and mainained and communicaed #ihin he or!ani&aion and made availa%le o
he -u%lic(
)e0" an iniial revie# he or!ani&aion/s e0isin! environmenal -ro!ram is needed( This revie#
includes he consideraion of all a--lica%le environmenal re!ulaions" e0isin! -rocesses"
documenaion" #ork -racices and effecs of curren o-eraions(
Once he iniial revie# is com-leed" a srae!ic or im-lemenaion -lan can %e develo-ed(
Im-lemenaion -lannin! is similar o -ro2ec mana!emen and he se-s" sco-e" ime*frame" coss
and res-onsi%iliies need o %e defined in order o develo- and im-lemen an Environmenal
Mana!emen Sysem ha mees he or!ani&aion/s ar!es and o%2ecives" and -romoes
coninuous im-rovemen( The srae!ic -lan ses he frame#ork for -arici-aion of he res-onsi%le
and affeced -aries #ihin he or!ani&aion(
Boh in he iniial revie# and on an on!oin! %asis" he or!ani&aion/s aciviies" -roducs and
services re'uire evaluaion o deermine heir ineracion #ih he environmen( Environmenal
issues such as noise" emissions" environmenal im-ac" #ase reducion and ener!y use mus %e
idenified( The or!ani&aion hen needs o idenify he as-ecs #hich can inerac #ih he
environmen and #hich ones i can conrol or influence(
The idenified im-acs are hen used as a %asis for sein! environmenal o%2ecives #ihin he
or!ani&aion( O%2ecives also need o ake ino accoun relevan le!al and re!ulaory re'uiremens"
financial" o-eraional and %usiness re'uiremens and he vie#s of ineresed -aries( Ineresed
-aries may %e -eo-le or !rou-s" such as nei!h%ours or ineres !rou-s" concerned #ih he
or!ani&aion/s environmenal -erformance(
O%2ecives of he or!ani&aion need o %e deermined and s-ecific ar!es se( 3n o%2ecive is an
overall !oal #hich may %e as sim-le as ;meein! or e0ceedin! re!ulaions; or ;reducion in ener!y
consum-ion; and he ar!es -rovide 'uanified measuremens( O%2ecives and ar!es are se %y
he or!ani&aion" no %y he ISO +,00+ sandard( Idenifyin! he im-acs" 2ud!in! heir si!nificance
and sein! reasona%le o%2ecives and ar!es are some of he ma2or /environmenal/ challen!es
-resened %y ISO +,000(
Once he ar!es and o%2ecives are se" he or!ani&aion needs o im-lemen he srae!ic -lan(
Beyond he /environmenal/ challen!es" mana!emen funcions #ill have o %e ada-ed o mee he
re'uiremens of he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem Sandard( The level of conce-ual
challen!e his #ill -resen o ISO 9000 firms" #here he cor-orae culure #ill already %e chan!in!"
#ill %e less han for non*ISO 9000 firms" %u here #ill %e some ne# areas ha re'uired aenion(
6! Maintaining an ISO 14 Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te*
Once he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem is im-lemened" i/s -ro!ress needs o %e coninually
measured and moniored( :ouine measuremen and moniorin! mus %e underaken of he
aciviies #hich have %een idenified as havin! he -oenial for a si!nifican im-ac on he
:ouine audiin! and revie# are he keys o coninuous im-rovemen( Environmenal as #ell as
mana!emen com-onens #ill %e re'uired in he audi -ro!ram( 3udis of an or!ani&aion/s
Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem do no re-lace" %u raher com-lemen" he issue s-ecific
environmenal audis ha may %e conduced e0ernally %y re!ulaors and consulans or inernally
%y environmenal en!ineers or oher 'ualified -ersonnel( 7here issue s-ecific audis address
re!ulaory com-liance" sie assessmen or emissions" he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem
audis address effeciveness of he mana!emen sysem(
=eriodic Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem audis are needed o deermine if he Environmenal
Mana!emen Sysem conforms o he re'uiremens of ISO +,00+" and ha he -ro!ram is
im-lemened and is coninuously im-rovin!(
The measurin! and moniorin! aciviies and he inernal Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem audis
#ill idenify areas for im-rovemen( 3cion mus %e aken immediaely o mii!ae any ne!aive
im-ac of he non*conformance and correcive acion mus %e im-lemened" -ro-orional o he non*
conformance" o eliminae reoccurrence(
To ensure he coninuin! effeciveness of he Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem" mana!emen
needs o re!ularly revie# and evaluae informaion such as he resuls of audis" correcive acion"
curren and -ro-osed le!islaion" resuls of moniorin!" and com-lains( This revie# allo#s
mana!emen o look a he sysem and ensure ha i is" and #ill remain" suia%le and effecive(
The mana!emen revie# may resul in chan!es o -olicies or sysems as he or!ani&aion evolves
and as echnolo!y advances( 3n or!ani&aion/s Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem is no a
sa!nan sysem %u mus coninually evolve o mee he or!ani&aion/s ever chan!in! needs(
Relation"-i3 7et1een Manage*ent S%"te*"
8! Integrating t-e ISO 14 Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te*
The Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem mus %e ine!raed #ih he or!ani&aion/s oher aciviies(
If i is seen as a se-arae -ro!ram" i #ill %e difficul or im-ossi%le o mainain( The o%2ecives"
ar!es" -rocedures and sysems mus %e -ar of rouine o-eraions relaed o he on*!oin! aciviies
of he or!ani&aion(
I is im-oran o remem%er ha ISO +,000 is no an add on*-ro!ram( )or is i a%ou
;environmenalism; or %ein! ;!reen;( 3n effecive Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem is he
consisen and sysemaic conrol of -rocedures or o-eraions" -roducs or services #hich can have
a si!nifican im-ac on he environmen( I is o%viously concerned #ih environmenal -erformance"
%u #ha i is a%ou is effecive cor-orae mana!emen(
3n or!ani&aion #hich has effecively ine!raed an ISO +,00+ Environmenal Mana!emen Sysem
#ih is oher %usiness mana!emen sysems is #ell on is #ay o#ards mana!in! is -rocesses
#ih a vie# o#ards com-liance" consisency and coninuous im-rovemen" and can accrue he
accom-anyin! %enefis(
9 MGMT Allian&e" In&! an( M:A Environ*ental #on"ultant" 1225
• Isis Fredericks is a Direcor a M6MT 3lliances Inc( in >ancouver" Briish Colum%ia( She is
s-ecialis in he ISO mana!emen sandards and environmenal mana!emen sysems( Tel.
4?0,5 $@@*9A99 Fa0. 4?0,5 $@@*9A99
• David McCallum is he =residen of MB3 Environmenal Consulans Inc( in Camilon"
Onario( David is an im-ac assessmen and environmenal mana!emen s-ecialis( Tel.
49085 899*0?$A Fa0. 49085 899*9+@?
ISO 141 - Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te*" - S3e&i)i&ation
an( Gui(an&e )or 4"e:
1! Environ*ental ;oli&%
The firs slice" Environmenal =olicy" is he sarin! -oin of an Environmenal Mana!emen Sysems
Environ*ental ;oli&%
The Environmenal =olicy is he documened saemen of commimen from o- mana!emen( This
-olicy ses he overall EMS inenions of he or!ani&aion and conains a commimen o -revenion
of -olluion and o coninuous im-rovemen( Each Environmenal =olicy is uni'ue o an
or!ani&aion" is communicaed o all em-loyees and is made availa%le o he -u%lic( This =olicy is
he sarin! -oin for sein! he or!ani&aion/s EMS o%2ecives and ar!es(
+! ;lanning
The second slice" =lannin!" is he sa!e #here he re'uiremens #hich an or!ani&aion mus mee
are deermined" o%2ecives and ar!es are se" and a -ro!ram 4or -ro!rams5 o achieve he ar!es
and o%2ecives are develo-ed(
Environ*ental A"3e&t"
3n or!ani&aion needs o revie# heir o-eraions" aciviies" -roducs and services o idenify #hich
may have an ineracion #ih he environmen( This idenificaion of he environmenal as-ecs
include hose #hich occur durin! normal %usiness o-eraions" a%normal condiions" incidens and
fuure aciviies( 7hen he as-ecs are idenified" he or!ani&aion needs o deermine #hich
as-ecs have" or can have" a significant im-ac on he environmen(
Legal an( Ot-er Re<uire*ent"
The or!ani&aion mus idenify and have access o le!al and oher re'uiremens #hich a--ly o he
or!ani&aion/s environmenal as-ecs(
O7=e&tive" an( Target"
Environmenal o%2ecives and ar!es need o %e develo-ed" documened and communicaed
hrou!hou he or!ani&aion( O%2ecives are lon! erm !oals" such as ;7e #ill reduce solid #ase o
landfill;" and ar!es are shor erm !oals" such as ;7e #ill reduce non*ha&ardous #ase %y 80D
and reduce ha&ardous #ase %y A0D his year;( Tar!es #ill !enerally vary hrou!hou he various
funcions in an or!ani&aion de-endin! on he aciviies" -roducs or services(
Environ*ental Manage*ent ;rogra*>"?
One or more -ro!rams are needed %y he or!ani&aion for achievin! o%2ecives and ar!es( These
-ro!rams assi!n res-onsi%iliy hrou!hou he or!ani&aion for achievin! o%2ecives and ar!es" and
s-ecify he means and ime frame %y #hich hey #ill %e achieved(
/! I*3le*entation an( O3eration
The hird slice addresses im-lemenaion and o-eraional com-onens of an EMS(
Stru&ture an( Re"3on"i7ilit%
:oles" res-onsi%iliies and auhoriies of -ersonnel #hose aciviies have" or may have" an im-ac
4direcly or indirecly5 on he environmen need o %e defined" documened and communicaed
hrou!hou he or!ani&aion( The or!ani&aion mus -rovide ade'uae resources for he
im-lemenaion and mainenance of he EMS(
One or more individuals need o %e a--oined %y o- mana!emen as he ;Mana!emen
:e-resenaive4s5;( Irres-ecive of oher res-onsi%iliies" he Mana!emen :e-resenaives are
!iven he res-onsi%iliy and auhoriy for ensurin! ha he EMS com-lies #ih ISO +,00+ and for
re-orin! he -erformance of he EMS o o- mana!emen(
Training$ A1arene"" an( #o*3eten&e
The or!ani&aion needs o idenify rainin! re'uiremens of -ersonnel #hose #ork may creae a
significant im-ac u-on he environmen and ensure ha hese -ersonnel have received a--ro-riae
rainin!( 3#areness is re'uired for all -ersonnel hrou!hou he or!ani&aion of he Environmenal
=olicy" he EMS -ro!ram and -rocedures" and he acual or -oenial im-ac of heir aciviies on he
The com-eence of -ersonnel -erformin! aciviies #hich mi!h have significant environmenal
im-acs needs o %e deermined %y he or!ani&aion hrou!h educaion" a--ro-riae rainin! and<or
e0-erience" as re'uired(
Communicaion of relevan informaion on environmenal as-ecs and he EMS is re'uired
hrou!hou he or!ani&aion includin! communicaion %e#een differen funcions and levels of he
or!ani&aion" and e0ernally o ineresed -aries(
Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te* Do&u*entation
Informaion mus %e develo-ed and mainained o descri%e %asics of he EMS" he ineracion of he
EMS" and o -rovide direcion o relaed documenaion( This informaion may %e -a-er*%ased"
elecronic or oher media(
Do&u*ent #ontrol
EMS documenaion needs o %e conrolled o ensure ha he curren versions of he documens
are availa%le #here he #ork aciviies or asks are -erformed( The documens mus %e revie#ed on
a re!ular %asis" revised as needed and a--roved %efore issue or reissue( O%solee documens
mus %e removed or oher#ise safe!uarded a!ains inadveren use( Documens may %e in -a-er*
%ased" elecronic or on oher media(
O3erational #ontrol
=rocesses and aciviies ha can have a significant im-ac on he environmen and ha are relevan
o he or!ani&aion/s -olicy" o%2ecives and ar!es need o %e idenified( The or!ani&aion mus
ensure ha hese o-eraions are conduced as inended %y -lannin! hese aciviies o ensure ha
hey are carried ou under conrolled condiions( Conrolled condiions may include documened
-rocedures conainin! o-erain! crieria(
The or!ani&aion mus also idenify he significant environmenal as-ecs of he !oods and services
#hich i uses and communicae he relevan -rocedures and re'uiremens o is su--liers and
E*ergen&% ;re3are(ne"" an( Re"3on"e
The or!ani&aion needs o idenify is -oenial for accidens and emer!ency siuaions( The
or!ani&aion mus have -rocedures for he a--ro-riae res-onse o accidens and emer!ency
siuaions #hich include he -revenion and mii!aion associaed #ih he environmenal im-ac(
Emer!ency -lans and -rocedures need o %e develo-ed" communicaed and esed o hel- he
or!ani&aion in ensurin! ha any une0-eced incidens are effecively and efficienly res-onded o
%y inernal and e0ernal -ersonnel(
4! #-e&@ing an( #orre&tive A&tion
The fourh slice covers checkin! and audi" conrol of non*conformances" correcive acion and
-revenive acion(
Monitoring an( Mea"ure*ent
Characerisics of o-eraions and aciviies #hich can have a significant im-ac on he environmen
need o %e moniored and measured re!ularly( :ecords of moniorin! and measuremen informaion
are re'uired o rack -erformance" o -rove ha o-erain! conrols #ere effecive and o
demonsrae conformance #ih o%2ecives and ar!es( Moniorin! and measuremens resuls need
o %e com-ared o he le!al and oher re'uiremens o deermine com-liance(
3ny e'ui-men used for moniorin! and measuremen mus %e ca-a%le of he accuracy re'uired
and cali%raed on a re!ular %asis(
Non-#on)or*an&e an( #orre&tive an( ;reventive A&tion
:es-onsi%iliy and auhoriy needs o %e defined for dealin! #ih nonconformance found in he EMS
includin! he acions o %e aken o mii!ae he any im-ac caused and for iniiain! correcive and
-revenive acion( Correcive and -revenive acion aken mus %e -ro-orional o he ma!niude of
he acual or -oenial non*conformance(
:ecords relain! o he EMS mus %e idenified" colleced" sored and mainained o -rovide
o%2ecive evidence of conformance o he ISO +,00+ sandard" and o le!al and oher re'uiremens(
These records include rainin! records" EMS audi resuls" mana!emen revie# records and he
resuls of moniorin! and measuremen(
Environ*ental Manage*ent S%"te* Au(it
3udis of he EMS are re'uired on a -eriodic %asis o -rovide assurance o he or!ani&aion of EMS
im-lemenaion" o deermine if he EMS is o-erain! as -lanned" o -rovide informaion for
mana!emen revie# and o deermine he ca-a%iliy of he EMS in achievin! he or!ani&aions
environmenal o%2ecives and ar!es(
5! Manage*ent Revie1
The las slice -rovides he revie# mechanism for he mana!emen sysem(
Manage*ent Revie1
The or!ani&aion/s mana!emen needs o re!ularly revie# heir Environmenal Mana!emen
Sysem( This revie# is he check" %y senior mana!emen" ha he sysem is o-erain! effecively
and -rovides he o--oruniy o address chan!es ha may %e re'uired o he EMS( Chan!es o
-olicies" EMS" o%2ecives or ar!es may %e re'uired due o chan!es in sakeholders/ e0-ecaions"
alerin! %usiness o-eraions" advances in echnolo!y" resuls of audis" or for coninual