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Physical Science

Teacher: Chad C. Reis Email:

Room: C103 Voicemail: (980)343-1341, Extension ????


Course Title: Physical Science

What is Physical Science?
Physical Science is the sciences concerned with the study of inanimate natural objects,
including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and related subjects.
Course Standards:
This course is based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the Charlotte-
Mecklenburg School Benchmarks. These can be found at

Course Description:
Physical science is a course that investigates the structure of matter along with chemical
reactions and conservation of matter and energy in those reactions. We will focus on
basic chemical concepts and incorporate lab investigations in the following topics:
method and measurement, structure of atoms, properties of matter, chemical reactions,
regularities in chemistry and energy changes. We will also survey basic physics
concepts such as The one dimensional motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, momentum,
work, energy characteristics, electricity and magnetism and thermodynamics.

Outline of Topics
Chemistry Physics
• Scientific Method • Frame of Reference
• Matter Types • Newton's Three Laws of Motion
• Atomic Structure • Forces
• The Periodic Table • Thermal Energy
• Types of Chemical Bonds • Work, Power & Simple Machines
• Chemical Formulas • Nature of Waves
• Reaction Types • Resistance
• Chemical Equations • Electricity & Magnetism
• Acids & Bases
• Nuclear Reactions
Mallard Creek High School
3825 Johnston Oehler Rd.
Charlotte, NC 228269
Phone: (980)343-1341
Fax: (980)343-1342

Physical Science

Students will come to class prepared to learn each day just as the teacher will be
prepared to teach each day. Students will follow all Mallard Creek High and CMS rules
according to the Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook. This means Personal
Technological Devices will be confiscated if they are visible whether they are turned-on
or turned-off. Hats, caps, etc. are not allowed and will also be confiscated. The school dress
code will be followed and students out of compliance will be sent to the office.
The classroom rule “Do not interfere with my teaching or others’ learning,” as well as
safety procedures for the classroom will be enforced. Other Expectations are as follows:
1. Come to Class on time & be prepared to learn.
a) Before the bell rings, students should have pencils sharpened, books ready, etc.
2. Have a positive attitude, and be prepared for a positive class experience.
3. Remain seated until being instructed to move about the classroom.
4. Follow all instructions given by the teacher.
5. Be respectful
a) No Gum, Food, Drink (minus water), Use of Profanity/slang terms of “affection”
are allowed within the classroom.

If there are any discipline issues with a student the plan of action is as follows:

1. First verbal warning- I will speak to the student and remind them that they have violated
one of the classroom rules.
2. Conference with student/second verbal warning
3. Parent contact
4. Discipline referral/administrator conference/lunch detention
5. Parent conference with administrator/student services
6. Second discipline referral

How will I learn about Physical Science?
Standard procedure:
• Come in, take your seat, and begin working on designated warm-up activity. You
should be in your seat and working at the sound of the bell.
• Take out homework/classwork as instructed for the daily “progress check”. You will
be graded on accuracy and completion of your assignments.
• Prepare for instruction on new material.
• Interact with new material by reading, independent work, or group work/lab

What will I need for class?
• Textbook (Physical Science: Prentice Hall School Division)
• 1 ! “ Three-ring binder
• 3 hole punched Folder
• Non-programmable calculator (scientific calculator with exponent and log
• 1 subject spiral bound notebook (3 hole drilled)
• Black pen and a pencil
Mallard Creek High School
3825 Johnston Oehler Rd.
Charlotte, NC 228269
Phone: (980)343-1341
Fax: (980)343-1342

Physical Science
• Highlighter
• Dry Erase Marker (Color of your choice)
• Coloring pencils (strongly suggested)

*Students may use their calculator in class, on homework, on test days, and for the final exam.

How will I be graded?
CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This includes copying classwork or
homework from classmates/lab group members. Students are encouraged to collaborate with
their group members, but copying is cheating. If any student is caught cheating, they will
receive no credit for the assignment and their parent will be contacted. Subsequent infractions
will result in an administrative referral.

1. Assessment Practices:
a) Summative assessments will consist of Unit Tests, Midterm and Final Exam,
and individual and group project-based lab experiments.
(1) EACH TEST IS CUMULATIVE! It is important to note that Students will be
responsible for all information that has been presented since the beginning of
the semester on each test.
(a) Unit Tests will happen at the end of each Unit of Study.
b) Formative assessments will include daily grades for participation, class
assignments, weekly quizzes, and homework when assigned.
(1) There will be a quiz every Friday to check for mastery of what has been
taught that week.
(a) These quizzes will allow me the ability to tailor my teaching to strengthen
the overall classroom performance.
(2) If the student is present and assignments are not turned in on due date. This
will result in a lower grade when received.*
(a) 1 Day late: Reduced a letter grade
(b) 2 Days late: Reduced two letter grades
(c) Assignments will not be accepted after 2 days late.
(3) I do not give extra-credit work to replace incomplete assignments.

* Example: If Student A turns her/his paper in late and should have received 100%, she/he will
receive only a 92%(B) on that assignment.

2. Each Quarter a “total points” system will be used to calculate your average grade.
Types of assignments are weighted differently. Tests have the biggest impact on
your grade.*
a) First Semester
(1) Summative assessments will be worth 60% of your grade, Formative
assessments will be worth 20% of your grade, and your MIDTERM will be
worth 20% of your grade.
b) Second Semester
(1) Summative assessments will be worth 70% of your grade, while Formative
assessments will be worth 30% of your grade.

Mallard Creek High School
3825 Johnston Oehler Rd.
Charlotte, NC 228269
Phone: (980)343-1341
Fax: (980)343-1342

Physical Science
* Final Grades will be calculated using the North Carolina format as follows:
quarter 37.5%
quarter 37.5%
Final Exam 25%

3. According to the CMS High School Grading Plan 2014-2015 and The Effective
Grading Practices: Re-tests will be available for students who score C or lower on
their unit tests or midterm. - There is no ability for a retest on the State Final Exam.*
(1) To take a retest, students must attend extra tutorial time with the instructor on
the curriculum in which they were not competent.
(a) This time will be discussed and agreed upon by the parent, student, and
(2) The Student must then show mastery of the subject matter on a retest of
different questions.
(a) Students will not receive higher than a 85%(B) on their re-test, but will
also receive no lower than their original test grade.

*Grades will follow the North Carolina Grading Scale:
A – 93-100 B – 85-92 C – 77-84 D – 70-76 F – 69 and below

Other Frequently Asked Questions!
• When is tutoring?
I am available for tutoring on Thursday afternoons from 2:15-3:00.

• What should I do if I’m out sick/on a field trip/etc?
You have 5 school days to complete make-up work. It is the student’s
responsibility to get all make-up work, complete it, and turn it in on time(or within
5 days, if due at the time of the absence). Any absences requires the student to
report to my available tutoring time to make-up work/lab/test/quiz. Student’s may
attend my tutoring time to receive help on missed lessons.

• Can I stay after school for extra help/to make up work?
Students may come before school for extra help and to make up assignments or
tests. If the student is a bus rider, they may request a pass the preceding day
to be released from the bus early to utilize the time before school. If a
student needs to stay after school for assistance, the parent or guardian must
make prior arrangements with the teacher and plan on picking up their student
at the arranged time discussed by the teacher and parent. No student may
stay after school unsupervised without the teacher; this means students may
not wait outside for parent pick-up without the supervising teacher. Students
and parents may contact me by calling the school or email; however the best
way to reach me is by email. Students may receive extra help and make up
work during my scheduled tutoring time.

• What happens if I am tardy to class?
Mallard Creek High School
3825 Johnston Oehler Rd.
Charlotte, NC 228269
Phone: (980)343-1341
Fax: (980)343-1342

Physical Science
The school tardy policy will be strictly enforced. At the time of the bell, students
must be within the classroom and in their seats. The classroom door will
promptly lock at the sound of the bell, and students will no longer be allowed in
class without a tardy pass from the School Office. Students are tardy if they are
not in their seat at the time of the bell.

• Can I leave class to go to the restroom/my locker/the nurse/etc?
According to Mallard Creek High Policy: All students are required to have an
escort when leaving a class. Because of this, and the disruption that it causes to
my class, you get 1 hall pass for the semester. Use it wisely. After your 1 hall
pass have been used, you will be required to serve 15 minutes of detention for
subsequent hall passes.

• What happens if I do not pass Physical Science?
Physical Science is NOT a “Gateway” course, BUT you do need a physical
science credit to graduate. If you do not pass Physical Science, you will not
get a diploma. Bottom line – it’s important.

I have read and understand Mr. Reis’s class information and agree to adhere to
the expectations set forth.
Check out my website for important class information
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Mallard Creek High School
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Physical Science
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