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100 True 100

as told by
RAM Students

by Russ Michael

Author of long-time best seller "Finding Your Soulmate"
"Soulmates, Twin Rays and Special Lovers"
"Autobiography O An !""ORTAL"
"Your Soulmate Is alling"
and many others!!!

100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories
as Told by Ramtha Students

Published by:

Russ Michael Books
PO Box 654
Virginia Beach VA23451

Beautiful Front Cover art crafted by Mee'Sha / Germany
Contact him at meesha@

Copyriht !c" R#SS M$CHA%& 1''(

Copyright (c) RUSS MICHAEL 200

All rights reser!ed i"cludi"g the right to reproduce this
boo# or portio"s thereo$ i" %"y $or& e'cept $or brie$ (uot%)
tio"s $or re!ie* purposes *here credit is gi!e" to %"other
%uthor %"d publisher+

Pri"ted i" the U"ited St%tes o$ A&eric%
First printing January 1989 by Upward Press

!AB"# O$ CO%!#%!&

Cha'ter !itle Page

$OR#(OR) B* M+C,A#" -

1 #V#R*O%# CO.%!& 1/
2 !,# MA!#R+A"+0#) CA! 11
3 !,# B.M O% !,# B#AC, 14
4 P#AR"& $OR ,#R A%) C,OCO"A!#
$OR M# 16
5 !,# B.!!#R$"* &!OR* 11
6 !,# &.RV+VA" O$ AR! 21
2 !,# RAM +& A B.M 24
- %O +"" (+%) !,A! B"#( 2-
1 A B+R) +% !,# ,A%) 3/
1/ !,# B.M A%) !,# 3O")#%
(#))+%3 BA%) 32
11 !,# "+!!"# 3R##% $RO3 34
12 A 3O")#% "AMB O$ 3O) 32
13 )R#AM O$ !,# $.!.R# 44
14 A M+RAC."O.& ,#A"+%3 46
15 RAM +% !,# B#)ROOM 4-
16 A%3#" "+3,!& 41
12 A%!& 51
1- A "OO4 BAC4(AR) 53
11 +!5& RA+%+%3 +% C,+CA3O 55
2/ !,# M+RAC"# O$ !,# RO&# 52
21 !,# !#"#PA!,+C C,+") 5-
22 R.%%#R& CA""#) A%!& 61
23 A P#R$#C! M+RROR 63
24 A CO"ORA)O ,+3, 65
25 A %#( (OR") 22
26 %#V#R (A"4 A3A+% 24
22 MA%+$#&!+%3 637/// 26
2- 3O")#% CR#)+! 2-
21 "+3,!& O% -/
3/ &PAC# O$ *O.R O(% -2
31 *O.R C,+")R#% AR# PRO!#C!#) -4
32 + CA% &## %O( !OO -6
33 $AC+%3 $#AR& --
34 A B.R%+%3 )#&+R# 1/
35 A )O.B"# RA+%BO( 12
36 MO%#* +% !,# BA%4 13
32 (A& +! P"#+A)#A%8 15
3- !(+% MA%+$#&!A!+O%& 1-
31 "A0AR.& !,# C,+C4#% 1/1
4/ A CA! $OR M# !OO 1/3
41 A 61/7/// MA%+$#&!A!+O% 1/5
42 MA%+$#&!+%3 BR#A) 1/2
43 "OO4 .P99 1/1
44 A $R+#%) +% !,# (+%) B.&+%#&& 11/
45 &!AR"+3,! &O."MA!#& 112
46 C,OCO"A!# MO.&&# MA3+C 115
42 %O )O.B! %O( 112
4- &,#R*"5& )R#AM 111
41 !,# #"#VA!OR
121 5/ A&C#%&+O%
51 B#COM+%3 +%V+&+B"# 122
52 CRA0* (+!, $#AR 13/
53 &P+%# !+%3"+%3 #:P#R+#%C# 132
54 CA&P#R ,# (A&%5! 134
55 COM# ,#R# RABB+! 136
56 MA%+$#&!+%3 A &!##) 13-
52 + MA%+$#&!#) 6-/7/// CA&, 14/
5- )O *O. "OV# *O.R&#"$8 142
51 )A%3#R +% !,+& ,O.&# 145
6/ &ARA, "## A%) M+&!#R 3,O&! 14-
61 BRA%)* 3#!& ,#A"#) 15/
62 A M+RAC"# +% A C,.RC, 152
63 + "OV# M*&#"$ MOR# 155
64 #MP!* ,A%)& $+""#) 15-
65 )O3& 4%O( %O #V+" 16/
66 A V+&+O% O$ ROP# 162
62 A$R+CA% V+O"#! M+RROR& 165
6- A 3+$! $OR A $R+#%) 162
61 B+3 &.R "+3,! &,O( 161
2/ B#,O") 3O)9 122
21 3#!!+%3 !,# !#AC,+%3
!#"#PA!,+CA""* 124
22 A P#AR" A! ,#R $##! 126
23 OV#R !,# MO.%!A+% 12-
24 A CAR "+4# !,A! 1-/
25 R.BB+%3 #"BO(& (+!, A &!AR 1-2
26 3#! O$$ !,A! !RA+% 1-4
22 A MA%+$#&!#) P#AR" 1-6
2- !,# P#R$#C! &,#"" 1--
21 !O ;.)3# +& !O "O&# 111
-/ (A""& )O%5! +MPR+&O% !,# &P+R+! 114
-1 $OR!.%# COO4+# 112
-2 MA%+$#&!+%3 A ,OV#" 2//
-3 !,# R+3,! (R+!#R5& )R#AM 2/2
-4 A 3RA%)#R A.)+#%C# 2/4
-5 %#( *OR4 C+!* .$O 2/5
-6 !,# RAM +% PR+&O% 2/2
-2 ,# "#$! )R.3& B#,+%) 2/1
-- A 65// P,O%# CA"" 211
-1 !,# RAM 4%O(& (,#% !O &M+"# 213
1/ A B.!!#R$"* +% O.R P*RAM+) 216
11 OP#% !O A%O!,#R )+M#%&+O% 21-
12 A% +%&!A%! !*P#(R+!#R 22/
13 ,# (A& !A"4+%3 !O M# 222
14 + 3AV# M* PO(#R !O A )#$*A BOAR) 224
15 %O M+&&+O% +& +MPO&&+B"# 22-
16 !,# R+&+%3 &.% 231
12 A &!+%3+%3 R#A"+0A!+O% 233
1- ,#AR+%3 .%&A+) !,+%3& 236
11 !,# <+ AM5 PO#M &!OR* 231
1// + AM 241
***FINAL NOTE FO! T"E #$I%E&&&& '((

$OR#(OR) B* M+C,A#"

,00 -rue RAM-HA Mir%cle Stories is a se)e*t *+))e*,
ti+n +- +ne .undred st+ries s.ared by t.+se w.+se )i/es .a/e
been t+u*.ed in 0any uni1ue 0ira*u)+us ways by t.e A!&
!any 0+re st+ries are *ertain)y destined t+ be s.ared wit. y+u

A)) +- t.ese ta)es are true 0ira*)es in t.eir +wn rig.t& #+0e
are ab+ut 0ira*)e .ea)ings +- t.e b+dy2 +t.ers are ab+ut 0ira*)e
.ea)ings +- se)- attitude& A)) +- t.ese ta)es are +wned by t.+se +-
us w.+ .a/e e3perien*ed t.e0& T.ey .a/e dra0ati*a))y *.anged
+ur )i/es in 0+st instan*es& Ea*. st+ry is uni1ue& N+ tw+ are
a)i4e& "+w *+u)d t.ey e/er be5 F+r ea*. is e3perien*ed by an in,

In 0y dire*t *+nta*t wit. t.+se w.+ .a/e been taug.t by
t.e A! I -ind t.+se 0asters w.+ )i/e t.e tea*.ings t+ be t.e
0+st independent s+u)s up+n eart.& T.ey d+ t.ey *.++se
t+ d+,,in
t.eir +wn way,,at t.eir +wn pa*e and in t.eir +wn spa*e& I- y+u
are +ne +- t.ese s+/ereign 0asters gi/e t.an4s -+re/er and e/er
-+r y+ur *entered -ee)ings and spa*e +- pea*e and -reed+0& b++4 .as been a w+r4 +- )+/e& I .a/e pre/i+us)y writ,
ten +/er a d+6en b++4s w.ere I p)ayed t.e tea*.er,,and as a
tea*.er,,I p)ayed .ea/i)y +n t.e r+)e +- a w+r)d sa/i+r&
identity is )e-t -ar be.ind n+w& T.e A! taug.t 0e n+ +ne
*an a*t as a sa/i+r +- is si0p)y -+r0 +-
tyranny,,getting +t.ers t+ see it y+ur way,,t+ -+))+w y+ur trut.&
T.e weig.t +- t.e entire w+r)d see0ed t+ )i-t +-- 0y s.+u)ders
w.en 7t.en58,,t.an4s t+ +ur be)+/ed,,I -+und I +n)y
needed t+ sa/e 0yse)-& 4n+wingness .as br+ug.t 0e t+ t.e
*enter +- pea*e9 :+y and understanding bey+nd w+rds& I a0 a
tea*.er and a student )i4e y+u& I a0 si0p)y a parti*ipant in and
an +bser/er +- )i-e be*+0ing 0+re di/ine&

As a a0t.a student and as a *+))e*t+r and pub) +-
t.ese inspiring true st+ries I wis. t+ pers+na))y t.an4 ea*. and
a)) +- t.ese grand 0asters w.+ .a/e s.ared t.eir e3perien*es
wit. 0e; w.+se beauti-u)9 inspiring &ir%cle stories are n+w
.ere presented t+ be s.ared wit. y+u& !ay t.ese ta)es +- t.e
A! up)i-t and inspire y+u t+ y+ur +wn greater <+d.++d& I- s+ I
a)s+ .+pe y+u wi)) s.are t.e0 4ind)y,,and )+/ing)y,,wit. 0any
+- +ur awa4ening br+t.ers and sisters +n Eart.&

$.apter 1

#V#R*O%# CO.%!&

T"E A! .ad t+)d .is audien*e e/ery+ne in at,
tendan*e was spe*ia)9 was )+/ed9 and w+u)d be s+re)y 0issed i-
t.ey .ad n+t been in parti*u)ar audien*e& A )+/e)y w+0an
0aster said state0ent by t.e A! i0pa*ted .er 0+re e)se day9 si0p)y be*ause s.e .ad *arried su*. a
sense +- unw+rt.iness inside .er being -+r s+ )+ng& It see0ed a),
0+st in*+0pre.ensib)e s.e *+unted&&& s.e a*tua))y
w+u)d .a/e been 0issed by t.e gr+up .ad s.e n+t been t.ere&

Later wee4 s.e returned .+0e t+ dis*+/er +ne +-
.er -)+wer .ad sprung -+rt. int+ a da66)ing array +- g)+ri,
+us .uge b)++0s& #.e was awed and t.ri))ed by t.eir beauty& "er
/ery -irst i0pu)se was t+ wa)4 +/er and snip +-- +ne +- t.e .uge
-)+wers t+ ta4e inside .er .+use t+ g)+ri-y t.e at0+sp.ere t.ere&
=et s.e -e)t re)u*tant t+ a*t +n t.+ug.t& part +- .er
being was )++4ing at t.e )+/e)y sy00etry and ba)an*e +- t.e
-)+wer bus. and :ust *+u)d n+t entertain t.e idea,, e/en -+r a 0+,
0ent,,+- re0+/ing +ne -)+wer -r+0 bus.&

>it. a rus.9 s.e re0e0bered t.e A! .ad said ab+ut
.+w s.e w+u)d .a/e been 0issed .ad s.e n+t been a part +-
gr+up in .is audien*e& #.e burst int+ :+y-u) weeping -+r s.e n+w
underst++d s.e t++ was a beauti-u) -)+wer awa4ening t+ )i-e&
N+ )+nger w+u)d s.e -ee) unw+rt.y,, s.e did n+t *+unt,,-+r
)i4e t.e -)+wers +n t.e bus.9 e/ery+ne was )+/ed and needed9
and i- e/en +ne +- t.e -)+wers were re0+/ed9 it w+u)d be s+re)y
n+ti*ed and w+u)d 0a4e a w+r)d +- a di--eren*e&

$.apter '
!,# MA!#R+A"+0#) CA!

In =e)09 >as.ingt+n,,Linda and .er 0+t.er9 !ary,,
t+)d 0e t.eir st+ry ab+ut t.e sudden 0ateria)i6ed *at& T.eir
e3*ite0ent .ad sti)) )ingered&&&but t.ey p+)ite)y t++4 turns t+
-i)) in a)) +- t.e p+ignant9 pertinent detai)s&

Linda began t.e st+ry& #.e said an in*redib)e e/ent
+**urred during t.eir 0+/e -r+0 t.eir trai)er par4 .+0e in
$a)i-+rnia& A)) +- t.eir pers+na) be)+ngings were sa-e)y
pa*4ed in t.eir *a0per& T.e biggest +- t.eir t.ree *ats was
)+*4ed in t.e bigger +- t.e tw+ *at *ages& *at was
)+*4ed in t.e )itt)e *age9 but t.e t.ird,,and -a/+rite *at9 a )it,
t)e 4itty,,was n+w.ere t+ be -+und& Linda and .er
sear*.ed .ig. and )+w -+r it&&&but t+ n+ a/ai)&

Linda said w.i)e -ranti*a))y tearing t.e .+use upside,
d+wn )++4ing -+r t.e 4itty s.e -+und a s0a)) .+)e in t.e
wa)) be.ind a bedr++0 dresser& #.e -e)t a)0+st *ertain
t.e )itt)e 4itty 0ig.t .a/e s1uee6ed t.r+ug. it s+ s.e
grabbed a -)as.)ig.t and stepped +utside int+ t.e dar4& #.e
wa)4ed s)+w)y ar+und t.e .+use trai)er se/era) ti0es,,bend,
ing )+w,,and *a))ing under t.e .+use -+r t.e 0issing *at2
but n+ rep)y&

N+w !ary sp+4e& ?>.i)e *arrying t.e *at in t.e )itt)e
*age t+ t.e *a0per t.e *age d++r +pened and t.e *at g+t
+ut& "e das.ed t+ t.e nearest tree& I was tired -r+0 pa*4ing
a)) day9 and it was dar4& I *+u)d .ard)y see& I *a))ed t.e *at9
but it ran -r+0 0e e/ery ti0e I g+t *)+se& A-ter a .a)- .+ur
+- *.asing9 I -ina))y *+a3ed it t+ 0e and put it ba*4 in t.e
*age& I t++4 +n)y a -ew steps t+ward t.e *a0per and t.e
*age d++r -)ew +pen and t.e *at g+t +ut again&@

Linda n+w added9 ?I *a0e +ut t+ .e)p9 and n+ti*ed
b+t. .inges .ad *+0e +-- t.e *age d++r s+ I dug +ut s+0e
b+)ts and b+)ted t.e .inges ba*4 +n w.i)e !+0 *.ased t.e

?I -ina))y *aug.t it9@ !ary said9 ?%ut I was sure tired +-
*.asing *ats a-ter pa*4ing and 0+/ing a)) day& As s++n as I
*+rra))ed it9 I put it ba*4 in t.e )itt)e *age Linda .ad
-i3ed and *arried it +ut t+ t.e *a0per& T.e *at was a),
ready )+*4ed up in t.e big *age inside t.e *a0per9 s+ I set
t.e )itt)e *age a)+ngside it&@

?>e sti)) .ad +ne *at t+ g+9@ said Linda9 s0i)ing& A-ter
a)) *at *.asing and *age -i3ing I was :ust as weary as
!+0 but I sti)) didnAt want t+ )ea/e wit.+ut 0y sweet )itt)e
4itty& I was e3asperated& Fina))y9 I *a)0ed 0yse)- and *a))ed
+ut t+ t.e A!& I t+)d .i0 I .ad ne/er as4ed .i0 -+r any, be-+re9 but I )+/ed )itt)e 4itty and did n+t
want t+ 0+/e wit.+ut .er& BA!9 p)ease .e)p 0e -ind it9A I

?I waited -+r a reassuring breat. +- wind t+ *aress 0e2
but n+&&& It was /ery dar49 /ery sti))9 /ery 1uiet9 and
n+t a breat. +- wind&@

? >e))9C I rati+na)i6ed as I said +ut )+ud t+ 0yse)-9 de,
:e*ted)y&&&By+u 0ust be busy s+0ew.ere e)se&A I *+ntinued
.a)-,.earted)y +n 0y sear*. -+r t.e *at&@

?Fina))y9 4n+wing 0y !+0 was rea))y tired,,and I
was9 t++,,I t+)d .er IAd ta4e .er t+ t.e 0+te) r++0 we
.ad reser/ed a -ew 0i)es away& I said I w+u)d rest a *+up)e
+- .+urs wit. .er and t.en *+0e ba*4 -+r +ne )ast )++4 -+r
t.e 4itten& >e b+t. *)i0bed int+ t.e *a0per and I dr+/e
s)+w)y t+ward t.e trai)er par4 e3it&@

?Ab+ut 'D -eet be-+re we g+t t+ t.e trai)er par4 e3it we
b+t. .eard +ne +- t.e *ats in ba*4 +- t.e *a0per .issing and
spitting )+ud)y& A)ar0ed9 I pu))ed t.e *a0per +/er t+ t.e
side +- t.e r+ad and 0y and I rus.ed +ut and +pened
t.e ba*4 d++r& +- us *+u)d be)ie/e +ur eyesE
T.ere,,standing n+w in t.e bigger *age,,-a*ing t.e
*at&&&was 0y 0issing )itt)e 4itty& T.e *age d++r was sti))
tig.t)y )+*4ed s.ut& It was a 0ira*)e&@

!ary said t.eir tiredness disappeared and was rep)a*ed
by a sense +- awe as t.ey dr+/e t+ t.eir 0+te)& T.ey 4new
t.eir s+ anguis.ed prayer t+ t.e A!,,.ad indeed,,been

$.apter F
!,# B.M O% !,# B#AC,

O- t.e p)et.+ra +- bu0 st+ries in *ir*u)ati+n ab+ut t.e
A! +ne was t+)d t+ 0e by a 0aster -r+0 Oreg+n na0ed
J+.n& Guring a pers+na) *+nsu)tati+n wit. t.e A!&&&J+.n
as4ed t.e A! t+ /isit .i0 during .is up*+0ing /a*ati+n
in t.e C%"%ry Isl%"ds& J+.n p)anned t+ /a*ati+n +n t.e is,
)ands in a -ew wee4s&

T.e A! *+nte0p)ated a 0+0ent9 t.en t+)d .i0 .e
w+u)d appear as a beggar during .is /a*ati+n& "e urged
J+.n t+ ta4e a )+ng wa)4 a)+ng t.e bea*. i00ediate)y a-ter
.e en*+untered t.e beggar& #+ be itE J+y-u))y&&&J+.n
pr+0ised t+ *+0p)y&

#e/era) wee4s )ater J+.n was +n .is /a*ati+n& "e
)++4ed -+r -i/e days9 but n+ beggar was t+ be -+und any,
w.ere& It appeared t.e Ch%&ber,,w.ere Co&&erces
0eet,,.ad d+ne a)) t.ey *+u)d t+ 4eep beggars away -r+0
t.e t+urists +n t.e is)ands& Fina))y,,+n .is )ast day +- .is /a,
*ati+n,,.e sudden)y *a0e a*r+ss a w+0an beggar& #.e
)++4ed )i4e s.e rea))y needed a 0ea)& J+.n un)+aded a
p+*4et -u)) +- 0+ney&&&w.i*. t.e beggar w+0an a**epted

e0e0bering .is pr+0ise t+ ta4e a wa)4 +n t.e bea*.
a-ter en*+untering a beggar9 J+.n 0ade a bee )ine -+r t.e
bea*. and started wa)4ing& A-ter an .+ur,,wa)4ing and
w+ndering was ne3t,,.e de*ided t+ st+p and t+ turn
ba*4& As .e 0ade .is turn ar+und .e )++4ed d+wn at t.e
g+)den sand -res.)y was.ed by a wa/e& >.at .e saw -i))ed
.is .eart and s+u) wit. 0ig.ty awe& Ornate)y ins*ribed in
)arge )etters,,in t.e -res. sand,,by an un4n+wn -inger were
t.e w+rds;;&

.I lo!e you gre%tly/ &%ster01

$.apter (
P#AR"& $OR ,#R A%)
C,OCO"A!# $OR M#

!y )+/ing )i-e partner,,Laya9 and I,,s.ared a w+nder-u)
0ani-estati+n& It was ab+ut a wee4 be-+re Laya w+u)d be attend,
ing t.e O*t+ber9 198H =u**a Ia))ey retreat wit. t.e A!& >e
were wind+w s.+pping and .ad b+t. st+pped in -r+nt +- t.e win,
d+w +- a :ewe)ry st+re t+ ad0ire a /ery )+/e)y pear) ne*4)a*e
wit. a 0at*.ing pear) bra*e)et& Laya rea))y wanted t+ step rig.t
in t+ t.e st+re t+ buy t.e0 but s.e needed t+ use t.e 0+ney -+r
.er trip t+ =u**a Ia))ey& !y +wn present -inan*ia) situati+n,,
rig.t t.en,,pre/ented 0e -r+0 +--ering t+ buy t.e0 -+r Laya9 as
a gi-t& #+ a-ter a -ew 0inutes +- standing and ad0iring t.eir
beauty9 we wa)4ed away&

T.e day +- .er departure -+r =u**a Ia))ey Laya as4ed 0e
i- t.ere was s.e 0ig.t be ab)e t+ pi*4 up -+r 0e during
.er tra/e)s t.r+ug. #an Fran*is*+& At -irst I said n+ but +n se*,
+nd t.+ug.t I re0e0bered .+w 0u*. I )i4ed 2hir%rdelli brand
*.+*+)ate w.i*. is 0anu-a*tured t.ere& #+ I said I w+u)d
)+/e t+ .a/e .er bring 0e ba*4 a b+3 +- <.irarde))i *.+*+)ate
bars& I t++4 a great)y bea0ing Laya t+ t.e #eatt)e airp+rt& #.e
was eager)y anti*ipating .er 0eeting wit. t.e A!& #.e s0i),
ing)y said s.e w+u)d n+t -+rget t+ bring 0e s+0e *.+*+)ate -r+0
#an Fran*is*+&

A wee4 )ater w.en Laya returned9 I 0et .er at t.e airp+rt&
T.e -irst s.e t+)d 0e as we dr+/e .+0e was s.e .ad .ad a
se/ere .eada*.e w.en t.ey )anded in #an Fran*is*+ and .ad
re0ained +n b+ard during t.e .+ur )ay +/er enr+ute t+ Pa)0
#prings& #.e was s+rry s.e .ad n+t been ab)e t+ buy t.e 4ind
+- *.+*+)ate I wanted in #an Fran*is*+& >.en s.e saw t.e
+b/i+us disapp+int0ent +n 0y -a*e,,s.e said 1ui*4)y,,.+we/er
a b+3 +- *.+*+)ate .ad &%"i$ested +n .er bun4 in t.e w+0enAs
d+r0 w.i)e at t.e retreat in =u**a /a))ey& #in*e n+ +ne in t.e
d+r0 4new w.ere t.ey .ad *+0e -r+0,,+r .+w t.ey .ad g+tten
t.ere,,and t.ey were +n .er bun4,,Laya t.en de*ided t.ey were
0eant t+ be .ers& %e-+re )ea/ing t.e d+r0 s.e pa*4ed t.e b+3 +-
*.+*+)ates in .er suit*ase& #.e 4new n+ 0atter brand t.ey
were& sin*e s.e .ad -ai)ed t+ pi*4 up t.e spe*ia) brand +- *.+*+,
)ate bars I wanted .er t+ get -+r 0e in #an Fran*is*+9 I w+u)d
sti)) appre*iate t.e0&&& e/en i- t.ey werenAt t.e spe*ia) brand +-
*.+*+)ate I wanted -r+0 #an Fran*is*+&

>.en we g+t ba*4 t+ +ur p)a*e9 Laya unpa*4ed and .anded
0e t.e b+3 +- *.+*+)ates& I did a 1ui*4 d+ub)e,ta4e& ?Laya9
t.ese %re 2hir%rdelli *.+*+)ates9@ I said9 s.+wing .er t.e na0e
printed +n t.e b+3&

#.e was /ery surprised& #.e said s.e .ad n+t e/en n+ti*ed
t.e na0e brand +- t.e *.+*+)ate bars& "er eyebr+ws )i-ted9 ?T.e
A! 0ust .a/e 0ani-ested t.e0 -+r y+u9@ s.e said wit. a war0
great)y g)+wing s0i)e&

I s.++4 0y .ead in a0a6e0ent and pr+*eeded t+ unwrap
t.e b+3 and t+ en:+y +ne +- t.e tasty *.+*+)ate <.irarde))i bars
inside& I a)s+ gi/e .eart -e)t t.an4s t+ t.e A!&&&w.+ I t++ a)s+
be)ie/ed was the source +- w+nder-u) +b/i+us,,and n+w s+
d+ub)y sweet,,pers+na) *.+*+)ate 0ira*)e&

A -ew 0inutes )ater I .eard a )+ud9 :+y-u) s.rie4& Laya
*a0e running +ut +- .er bedr++09 a :ewe)ry b+3 in .er .and&
?T.an4 y+u9 t.an4 y+uE@ Laya s.+uted :+y+us)y&

?F+r w.at5@ I as4ed9 /ery perp)e3ed&

?F+r t.e ne*4)a*e and bra*e)et9@ s.e said9 .+)ding up t.e
beauti-u) pear) ne*4)a*e and bra*e)et -+r 0e t+ see *)ear)y& T.ey
were e31uisiteE

?N+t 0e9@ I said& ?I didnAt buy t.e0&@

Laya stared at 0e du0b-+unded9 t.en burst int+ a s0i)e
again& ?>endy 0ust .a/e b+ug.t t.e0 -+r 0e9@ s.e said&&& rus.,
ing t.r+ug. t.e .+use t+ -ind >endy,,+ur .+use guest -r+0
L&A&,,t+ t.an4 .er -+r t.e e31uisite gi-t&

?N+t 0e9@ said >endy& ?I didnAt buy t.e0 -+r y+u& !aybe
t.ey are a gi-t -r+0 t.e A!&@

Laya burst int+ tears& #.e *)ut*.ed t.e set +- pear)s t+ .er
breast& ?O.9 t.an4 y+u9 t.an4 y+u9 A!E@ s.e *a))ed +ut t+ t.e
et.ers& ?A! I )+/e y+u s+ 0u*.E@

Later s.e e3p)ained e/ery+ne e)se .ad re*ei/ed a pear)
-r+0 t.e A! during t.e )ast )ate a-tern++n audien*e wit. .i0&
"+we/er,,due t+ .er -)ig.t s*.edu)e,,s.e *+u)d n+t stay t+ re,
*ei/e .ers& It .ad been a great sa*ri-i*e t+ .er&&&but s.e .ad t+
)ea/e wit.+ut being .anded .er +wn pe%rl o$ *isdo& -r+0 t.e
A! dire*t)y& "+we/er n+w .a/ing t.e entire set +- pear)s s.e
.ad )+nged s+ -+r wee4s be-+re&&&0+re 0ade up -+r itE

I agreed& F+r I was e1ua))y t.an4-u) -+r t.e tasty *.+*+)ates .ad 0ysteri+us)y 0ateria)i6ed -+r 0e& I 4new b+t. +- us
were great)y pri/i)eged t+ .a/e e3perien*ed,,side by side,,tw+
su*. in*redib)e 0ira*)e 0ani-estati+ns&&&&

$.apter J
!,# B.!!#R$"* &!OR*

Fr+0 New =+r49 Gebbie te))s ta)e in .er +wn

?I -irst saw a0t.a in Ta0pa& Fr+0 t.e /ery beginning a))
I wanted was a .ug& I :ust wanted t+ .ug a0t.a& >e))9 t.e -irst
ti0e I saw .i0 I didnAt get 0y .ug but I did get a )itt)e 0ira*)e&
?T.e day a-ter t.e intensi/e I went t+ !ia0i t+ /isit 0y
-a0i)y& One a-tern++n as I was wat*.ing t.e "awaii tape -+r t.e
u0pteent. ti0e9 0y !+0As b+y-riend9 N+r0an9 *a0e inside t+
te)) 0e .e .ad -+und a )itt)e *+pper and b)a*4 butter-)y in t.e
p++) w.en .e was *)eaning it& Copper %"d bl%c#0 T.+se are t.e
*+)+rs +- a0t.aAs eyes& I :u0ped up t+ .a/e a )++4&

?N+r0an .ad wrapped BdeadA butter-)y in #aran wrap
and )aid .i0 -)at in t.e sun t+ dry& BN+9A I *ried& BN+EA I 1ui*4,
)y unwrapped .i0& N+r0an t.+ug.t I was *ra6y9 but I gent)y9
gent)y brus.ed t.e butter-)y a*r+ss t.e t+ps +- 0y .ands in an e-,
-+rt t+ get t.e water +-- +- .is sweet wings&
?#++n .e began t+ -)utterE T.en .e wa)4ed drun4en)y d+wn
0y 4nu*4)es unti) -ina))y .e -)apped .is wings t.ree ti0es /ery
s)+w)y9 as i- t+ say9 Bt.an4sA9 and .e -)ew awayE I began t+ *ry&
E/en N+r0an was a bit ta4en aba*4 by +ne&

?A -ew 0+nt.s )ater9 I went t+ a retreat in t.e =u**a Ia),
)ey& A)) I wanted was 0y .ug& "ad t+ .a/e a .ug -r+0 a0t.a&
One day at dawn it dawned +n 0e IAd a)ways resented n+t
getting t.e a--e*ti+n I *ra/ed&&&yet I *+u)d ne/er as4 -+r itE #+ a-tern++n I as4ed -+r 0y .ug& I g+t it&

?a0t.a pi*4ed 0e up in t.e air s+ e--+rt)ess)y it -e)t
as t.+ug. t.e -)++r -e)) away& "e 4issed 0y .ands9 t+)d 0e .e
)+/ed 0e9 and t.en said wit. a 0ysteri+us g)int in .is eye9 BN+w9
g+ and be a .appy,,pause,,butter-)y&&&s0i)eE@ IA0 t+)d I )itera))y
-)itted t+ 0y seatE It wasnAt unti) a -ew 0inutes )ater I rea),
i6ed .ad .appened&

?N+w -+r t.e )ast part +- 0y butter-)y st+ry& >.en I g+t
ba*4 .+0e t+ New =+r4 I wr+te 0y -riend9 A)ba9 te))ing .er +-
t.e butter-)y and a0t.a .ad said& A *+up)e +- days )ater9
as s.e pu))ed int+ .er dri/eway9 s.e 4new t.ere was a )etter -r+0
0e& #ure en+ug.9 t.ere it was&@

?As s.e ran int+ .er .+use9 s.e n+ti*ed a )itt)e *+pper but,
ter-)y +n t.e )i/ing r++0 *arpet9 but s.e was s+ e3*ited t+ .ear
ab+ut t.e retreat s.e :ust 4ept +n wa)4ing t+ t.e -a0i)y
r++0& eading 0y )etter s.e g+t t.e s.i/ers and began t+ *ry&
Kuiet)y9 s.e tipt+ed ba*4 t+ t.e )i/ing r++0 t+ see i- t.e )itt)e
butter-)y was sti)) t.ere& It wasE As s.e g+t *)+ser s.e saw it
was a tiny )ea- s.aped e3a*t)y )i4e a butter-)yE #+ 0u*. s+9
w.en I +pened t.e b+3 s.e sent 0e,,e/en 4n+wing it w+u)d be a
)ea-,,I 1ui*4)y s.ut t.e )id t.in4ing it w+u)d -)y awayE@

$.apter H
!,# &.RV+VA" O$ AR! st+ry was t+)d t+ 0e by >i))ia0&&&a g++d artist -riend I *+nsider ran4s in t.e t+p ranges in +ur *+untry& "is paint,
ings are a)ways in .ig. de0and& At parti*u)ar ti0e >i))ia0
was re*+/ering -r+0 t.e e*+n+0i* *.a))enges +- a di/+r*e sett)e,
0ent& "e was /ery an3i+us)y awaiting t.e sa)e +- .is .+0e&&&s+ a)) .is up*+0ing 0+nt.)y bi))s *+u)d be paid o" ti&e+

>i))ia0 was -a*ing a seri+us *.+i*e& "e )+/ed t.e A!
great)y and was *+nsidering spending t.e /ery )ast +- .is *as. +n
.and -+r a wee4,end intensi/e& A si)ent /+i*e -r+0 bade
.i0 t+ d+ it,,s+ .e put a *.e*4 in t.e 0ai),,t.in4ing t.e es*r+w
+n .is .+0e w+u)d close t.e ne3t day as it .ad been s+ s*.ed,
u)ed& "+we/er t.e ne3t day .e .ad t+ t.in4 again& T.e es*r+w
was being de)ayed -+r an inde-inite peri+d +- ti0e&

>i))ia0 )++4ed at t.e new de/e)+p0ent and w+ndered i- .e
s.+u)d *an*e) .is reser/ati+n -+r t.e intensi/e wit. A!& A
s0a)) but )+ud /+i*e said9 ?N+ L g+ -+rward as p)anned&@
"e t.+ug.t .e *+u)d ta4e s+0e +- .is new p+sters wit. .i0 and
*+u)d pr+bab)y se)) en+ug. t+ pay -+r .is -++d and .+te) *+sts&

A)) w+r4ed +ut :ust as p)anned& "e s+)d en+ug. +- .is
beauti-u) p+sters t+ 0eet a)) .is intensi/e e3penses9 wit. a )itt)e
*as. t+ spare& "e 4new t.e painting .e w+u)d d+ -+r a new
w+0an *ust+0er w.en .e g+t ba*4 .+0e w+u)d easi)y *+/er .is
i00ediate bi))s&

>.en >i))ia0 g+t .+0e e/ening9 .e *a))ed t.e w+0an
t+ 0a4e arrange0ents -+r t.e ne3t day& T+ .is /ast disapp+int,
0ent&&&s.e said s.e was :ust n+t ready t+ spend t.e M9DD -+r .is
artw+r4 at ti0e& >i))ia09 being an i0pe**ab)e pers+n w.+
was deter0ined t+ pay .is bi))s +n ti0e -e)t a sudden ag+ny and
despair& "+w n+w w+u)d .e get t.e *as. t+ pay .is bi))s
s++n due5

At -irst d+ubts ar+se as t+ .e s.+u)d .a/e spent t.e
*as. .e .ad +n .and -+r t.e A! intensi/e& T.+se t.+ug.ts
were dispe))ed wit. t.e *+n/i*ti+n .e .ad rea))y d+ne t.e *+rre*t "e .ad n+ gui)ts +r regrets ab+ut in .is past )i-e&
E/ .e .ad e3perien*ed was n+w,, t.r+ug. ti0e,,-+r0ed
int+ .is +wn uni1ue ?pear) +- wisd+0@&&&t+ be a*4n+w)edged and

?O4ay9 A!9@ .e *a))ed +ut& ?"e)p& IA0 trying but it )++4s
)i4e I rea))y d+ need s+0e .e)p .ereE@ T.e gent)e bree6e
*a0e up -r+0 n+w.ere,,s+-t)y *aressing .is -a*e,,reassured
>i))ia0 t.e A! .ad .eard .is p)ea&

A -ew .+urs )ater t.e p.+ne rang& It was a business0an
w.+ wanted t+ 4n+w .+w 0any +- .is paintings >i))ia0 .ad o"
h%"d -+r sa)e&

?N+t 0any9@ >i))ia0 rep)ied& ?Just te)) 0e y+u want9
and IA0 sure we *an w+r4 +ut&@

> t.e .+ur >i))ia0 )e-t t+ 0eet wit. t.e *a))er w.+
)i/ed ab+ut an .+urAs dri/e away& "e spent day and nig.t
w+r4ing +ut arrange0ents t+ d+ s+0e *ust+0 art -+r t.e busi,
ness0an& T.e new *)ient paid >i))ia0 M'9JDD *as. in
ad/an*e&&&wit. M'9JDD *+0ing in a -ew days up+n *+0,
p)eti+n +- t.e w.+)e new art pa*4age&

A)0+st need)ess t+ say a)) .is bi))s were paid +n ti0e and
>i))ia0 ga/e si)ent t.an4s .e .ad )earned .+w t+ )i/e and t+
de*ide in t.e 0+0ent& "e -e)t .e n+w de-inite)y 4new t.e art +-

Or&&&was it t.e sur!i!%l o$ %rt5

$.apter N
!,# RAM +& A B.M bu0 st+ry is +ne +- 0any w+nder-u) st+ries t+)d by
i*.ard9 aut.+r +- t.e 0agni-i*ent ?I A0@ p+e0&&&printed )ater
+n t.e )ast -ew pages +- b++4& i*.ard te))s .is st+ry in .is
+wn w+rds&

?T.ere was a ti0e,,a -ew years ag+,,w.en t.e A! was
-+nd +- te))ing pe+p)e .e w+u)d /isit t.e0 in t.e guise +- a
bu0&&&presu0ab)y t+ test t.eir abi)ity t+ treat a)) .u0ans as
g+ds&&& regard,)ess +- t.eir s+*ia) status +r,,t.eir p.ysi*a),,

?In t.+se days,,in t.e *ity w.ere I )i/ed,,a gr+up +- us 0as,
ters used t+ get -+r dinner at a )+*a) restaurant ea*.
wee4& It was at su*. a wee4)y gat.ering t.e sub:e*t *a0e up
+- t.e a0As appearan*es as a bu0& E/eryb+dy began te))ing +-
t.eir 0eeting wit. strange and unusua) /agrants9 as I,,t+ta))y +ut
+- *.ara*ter,,sat 1uiet)y&&&3ust liste"i"g+

?As t.e ta)es b+un*ed ba*4 and -+rt. a*r+ss t.e tab)e9 I was
busy ra*4ing 0y brain& I didnAt .a/e a st+ryE I .ad ne/er en,
*+untered any unusua) dere)i*tsE And I,,w.+ )+/ed t+ get rig.t
int+ t.e 0idd)e +- t.ings,,.ad abs+)ute)y n+ pers+na) bu0 st+ry
t+ t.r+w in& I -e)t .+rrib)y )e-t +utE

?>e)),,try as I 0ig.t,,I ne/er did t.in4 +- any bu0 st+ries
and I )e-t t.e restaurant sti)) t.in4ing ab+ut it& I rea))y -e)t 1uite
si))y& "ere I was -ee)ing s+rry -+r 0yse)- be*ause +-
s+ /ery in*+nse1uentia) as =et,,I sti)) t.+ug.t ab+ut it,,e/en
as I *raw)ed int+ bed and s)id t+ s)eep&

?In t.e 0+rning w.en I aw+4e9 bu0s t.e -art.est -r+0
0y 0ind9 and set ab+ut *reating 0y new day& At ti0e9 I ran
a de)i/ery ser/i*e -+r s+0e )+*a) p.ar0a*ies and it was 0y day
t+ dri/e t.e r+ute&

?I pi*4ed up 0y -irst r+und +- pa*4ages,,dr+pped a *+up)e
+- t.e0 +--,,and t.en de*ided t+ swing by t.e .ea)t. -++d st+re
-+r a ni*e 0id,0+rning sna*4& parti*u)ar st+re is +n t.e *+r,
ner +- a /ery busy interse*ti+n s+ I par4ed ar+und t.e *+rner
-r+0 t.e -r+nt d++r& I went in,,g+t s+0e -r+6en y+gurt,,and
.eaded ba*4 +ut t.e -r+nt d++r& >.at I saw,,as I )e-t t.e st+re,,
ran gent)e b+)ts +- )ig.tning up 0y spine&

?T.ere was a *)uster +- si3 +r eig.t pe+p)e w.+ .ad started
int+ t.e *r+sswa)49 pr+0pted by t.e green Bwa)4A signa)& A)) I
*+u)d see were t.eir ba*4s& !y eyes i00ediate)y )ig.ted +n
+ne indi/idua),,s.abbi)y dressed,,-i/e -++t tw+ at best and wear,
ing a brig.t red engineerAs sty)e .at&&&wit. big w.ite p+)4a d+ts&

?N+w,,0ind y+u,,I +n)y saw t.e ba*4 +- guy and .e
was .a)-way a*r+ss t.e *r+sswa)4 but /+i*e t.e /+i*e inside
0y .ead , said9 4-h%t5s hi&05 N+ 1uesti+n& >.en IOI$E
spea4s t.ere *an be n+ 1uesti+n&&&it si0p)y is& T"ATA# "I!E

?I was n+t 1uite ready t+ be*+0e a spe*ta*)e9 running +ut
int+ t.e street ye))ing9 B"ey9 A!EA s+ I did a sane pers+n
w+u)d d+& I turned t.e *+rner and .eaded -+r 0y *ar& I was
par4ed :ust ab+ut t.ree +r -+ur *ar )engt.s -r+0 t.e *+rner&&&and
as I turned t+ward t.e *ar I )++4ed and;O.9 0y <+d9 .ere
guy *+0esE;"e .ad sudden)y turned a *+0p)ete 18D degrees in
t.e street and was *+0ing rig.t -+r 0e& Fr+6en5 Gu0b-+unded5
U"derst%te&e"ts0 I :ust st++d t.ere and t.+ug.t9 BO.9 0y <+d9
.ere .e *+0esEEEA

?O.9 $.ristE I 4new t.+se eyes,,spar4)ing wit. )aug.ter and
)+/ing 0is*.ie-,,t.ey )+*4ed )i4e )asers +nt+ 0ine& I 4new
appr+a*.9 s)+w9 purp+se-u)&&&and )a*ed wit. :ust a .int +- t.e
sta)4& 6h/
&y 2od000
?E3*use 0e9A .e said& N+ i"deeds))as it wereEEE "e enun*i,
ated /ery s)+w)y and *are-u))y9 saying B>+u)d y+u gi/e 0e -i-ty
*ents +r a d+))ar s+ I *an get s+0e )un*.5A Eyes sti)) )aser -+,
*used +n .is9 I dug9 pa)pitating int+ 0y p+*4et and br+ug.t +ut
s+0e bi))s& Pee)ing +-- a d+))ar I .anded it t+ .i0& I peered at
.i0& "e was s+ -unny )++4ingE

?T.an4 y+u9A .e said& B>+u)d y+u gi/e 0e +ne5A I
.ad ab+ut eig.t d+))ars +n 0e and I w+u)d .a/e gi/en .i0 e/ery
penny& >.y&&&:ust tw+ wee4s be-+re I .ad spent a )+t 0+re t+ sit wit. guy in a r++0 -u)) +- pe+p)e& I pee)ed +-- an, d+))ar&

BT.an4 y+u9A .e said again& B"a/e a ni*e day&A

?B=+u .a/e a ni*e day9 t++EA I rep)ied9 n+t 4n+wing
e)se t+ say& I g+t in 0y *ar and started t+ )ea/e9 -ee)ing t.+r,
+ug.)y s.a4en& I pu))ed away -r+0 t.e *urb and up int+ t.e inter,
se*ti+n9 w.ere I st+pped t+ wait -+r t.e )ig.t& I *+u)d -ee) t.+se
)aser eyes penetrating t.e ba*4 +- 0y .ead& I sat -idgeting unti)
t.e )ig.t *.anged and as I depressed t.e *)ut*. I turned and
)++4ed +/er 0y s.+u)der& & & & & 7"ere we swit*. t+ s)+w 0+,
ti+n&8 &#ti)) standing in t.e sa0e sp+t,,)++4ing in 0y dire*ti+n9
dire*t)y at 0e,, -unny )itt)e guy ti)ted s)ig.t)y at t.e waist&&&
*+*4ed .is .ead t+ward t.e rig.t and t.rew 0e a .i)ari+us)y e3,
aggerated )e-t eye )ig.tning,)i4e *i"# sti)) sends 0y *e))s
int+ s.i/ers&

?I 0ade it ab+ut .a)- a b)+*4 be-+re I .ad t+ pu)) +/er& I
b+un*ed up and d+wn in t.e *ar seat s*rea0ing wit. )aug.ter
and p+unding t.e steering I *+u)d s*ar*e)y be)ie/e it& was t.e !ery "e't 0+rningE And a)) be*ause I .ad $elt le$t

?I 4n+w y+uAre t.in4ing& T.e Bs.+u)d .a/esA I t+r0ented
0yse)- wit.&&&&I s.+u)d .a/e as4ed .i0 t+ )un*.&&&and t.en .ad
.i0 ride wit. 0e t.e rest +- t.e day& %ut t.en I -ina))y g+t past
a)) t.e 0any Bs.+u)d .a/esA t+ a**ept t.e e3perien*e&&&-+r it
tru)y was& F+r it was a 0+st de)ig.t-u) way t+ be reassured
n+ t.+ug.ts g+ un.eard and "o o"e gets le$t outE@

$.apter 8
%O +"" (+%) !,A! B"#(

Any+ne -a0i)iar wit. t.e )i-e st+ry +- t.e A! 4n+ws
in .is )i-eti0e FJ9DDD years ag+&&&.e identi-ied great)y wit. t.e
wind& Later +n .e )itera))y be*a0e a *+ns*i+us Lord o$ the 7i"d+
As t.e A! e3p)ains,,.e is n+t t.e wind,,but t.e &o!er +- it&

T.e -+))+wing st+ry was t+)d by J+.n,,a y+ung i"digo 1J
year +)d 0aster,,w.+ )+/es and )i/es t.e tea*.ings +- t.e A!&
J+.n said se/era) +- .is /ery *)+se -riends de*ided t.ey
wanted t+ buy s+0e ?p+t@ and g+ t+ t.e *+untry and s0+4e it&

J+.n -+und .i0se)- in t.e 0idd)e +- /ery string peer pres,
sure,,t+ g+ a)+ng wit. t.e *r+wd,,but .e 4new t.e danger +-
s0+4ing p+t and wanted t+ d+ wit. t.e s*.e0e& In des,
perati+n .e turned .is *+ns*i+usness t+ward t.e A!&&& as4ing
-+r .e)p& "e si0p)y wanted t+ get +ut +- .a/ing t+ s0+4e p+t
wit. .is -riends& "e -e)t trapped by t.e *ir*u0stan*es and
t.+ug.t t.e A! was .is +n)y .+pe +- s%!i"g $%ce wit. .is
-riends&&&and yet "ot s0+4ing p+t&

In due ti0e t.e p+t was -+und and pur*.ased and put int+ a
s0a)) br+wn bag& T.e gr+up +- y+ut.s 0ade t.eir way +ut +- t.e
New =+r4 suburbs9 and -ina))y +ut int+ t.e *+untryside& At )ast
t.e rig.t se*)uded sp+t was -+und and t.e -i/e +- t.e0 pi)ed +ut
+- t.e *ar t+ r+)) t.eir ?weed@ and )ig.t up&

As t.e 0e0ber +- t.e gr+up .+)ding t.e br+wn bag stepped
-+rward t+ sp)it t.e b++ty a sudden .uge gust +- wind *a0e -r+0
+ut +- n+w.ere and e0ptied t.e entire *+ntents +- t.e bag& A))
+- t.e 0ari:uana was inside +- t.e bag was b)+wn away and
s*attered -ine)y a*r+ss t.e -ie)ds&

>.i)e a)) .is buddies *ursed and s.++4 t.eir -ists at t.e
wind&&&J+.n si)ent)y s.+uted .is :+y& "e was -ee)ing a)) t.e
t.an4s .e *+u)d 0uster in .is being,,-+r t.e A!9 t.e L+rd +-
t.e >ind,,w.+ .ad p)ain)y .eard and resp+nded s+ uni1ue)y t+
.is anguis.ed p)ea -+r .e)p&

$.apter 9
A B+R) +% !,# ,A%)

T.e +)d saying a bird in t.e .and is w+rt. tw+ in t.e
bus. was e3tra 0eaning-u) t+ a grand 0aster na0ed +n w.+
was wit. 0e at t.e 1988 #n+w !+untain retreat in $+),

At ear)ier audien*es t.e A! .ad t+)d .+w S%i"t 8r%"cis
o$ Assisi .ad de/e)+ped su*. a state +- pea*e .is being wi)d ani0a)s w+u)d *+0e and sit by .is side,, at .is
*a)),,birds w+u)d -)y t+ and a)ig.t +n t+ .is .ands&

+n,,a great ani0a) )+/er,,de*ided .e w+u)d ta4e a .i4e +n
+ne +- t.e se/era) 0+untain trai)s ar+und #n+w !+untain t+ see
i- .e *+u)d -ind a bird and *a)) it .+0e t+ .i0& At +nAs .+0e in
tiny !inera)9 >as.ingt+n a)) t.e neig.b+r.++d d+gs )itera))y
*a0ped +n .is d++rstep& T.ey -+))+wed +n ar+und in a pa*4,,
)i4e a pied,piper )eading a)) *reatures be.ind,,but .e .ad ne/er
.e)d a wi)d and -ree bird in .is .and&

+n t++4 t.e trai) )eading up t+ a water-a)) and s++n a-ter
rea*.ing t.e su00it p)ateau ab+/e t.e water-a))& "e 1ui*4)y
sp+tted a w.+)e -)+*4 +- wi)d birds ab+ut -i-teen yards away&
+n be*a0e /ery e3*ited and 1ui*4)y did the h%"d tri%d 0ani,
-estati+n te*.ni1ue .e .ad )earned -r+0 t.e A!& "e t.en 0en,
ta))y wi))ed -+r a bird t+ *+0e -)ying t+ .i0 and .e be*a0e /ery
sti)),,inside and +utside,and .e)d +ut .is rig.t .and wit. +ne -in,
ger e3tended& T+ .is e3tre0e de)ig.t .e saw +ne sing)e bird rise
up -r+0 t.e -)+*4& It -)ew straig.t a*r+ss t.e green 0ead+w and
t.en -)ew dire*t)y t+ .is /ery sti)) +utstret*.ed .and&&&and )anded
t+ per*. +n .is -inger& T.e bird s)+w)y wa)4ed up and d+wn .is
.and& +n studied t.e bird and t.e bird studied +n& A-ter a
w.i)e t.e bird *asua))y e3tended .is wings,,)eaped int+ t.e air,,
and -)ew +-- t+ .ig. per*. in a nearby tree&

+n said .e was tre0b)ing wit. e3*ite0ent -+r 0any 0in,
utes a-terward& Indeed9 I *+u)d see and -ee) .+w t.e sweet e3,
*ite0ent +- 0+0ent was sti)) )ingering +n .is -a*e,,and in
.is eyes,,as .e t+)d 0e .is pers+na) 0ira*)e st+ry&

$.apter 1D
!,# B.M A%) !,# 3O")#%
(#))+%3 BA%) w+nder-u) st+ry *+0es dire*t -r+0 a 0aster na0ed
Linda& It see0s Linda and a -riend were s.+pping a -a/+rite pas,
ti0e -+r 0+st )adies& T.ey b+t. n+ti*ed a beggar sitting by t.e
entran*e t+ t.e st+re as t.ey wa)4ed in& Linda 0ade a 0enta)
n+te t+ gi/e t.e beggar s+0e 0+ney +n .er way +ut&

#++n t.e tw+ -inis.ed s.+pping& Linda .ad -+rg+tten a))
ab+ut t.e beggar& "+we/er9 as t.ey stepped +ut +- t.e st+re9 .er
-riend st+pped9 rea*.ed int+ .er bag and .anded t.e beggar a

#udden)y re0e0bering .er +wn 0enta) n+te t+ .erse)-9 Lin,
da +pened .er purse and dug +ut .er *.ange bag& #.e s*++ped
+ut %ll +- t.e *+ntents,,a /ery )arge .and-u) +- *+ins,,peering in
and 0a4ing sure s.e e0ptied .er *+in bag entire)y& #.e
.anded it a)) t+ t.e bu0 in a .uge .and-u) +- g)ittering *+ins&

T.e bu0,,eyes s.ining brig.t)y,,a**epted t.e b+unti-u)
.and+uts -r+0 b+t. +- t.e tw+ -ine )adies wit. a .eart-e)t e3,
pressed /ery strange re0ar49 .I lo!e hu&%"ity so &uchE@

Linda and .er -riend wa)4ed +n9 b+t. p+ndering t.e
start)ing re0ar4 0ade by t.e beggar9 b+t. -ee)ing,,.ere in,
deed,, was n+ +rdinary beggar&

Gri/ing .+0e an .+ur )ater9 Linda was sudden)y stru*4 by
an aw-u) t.+ug.tE ?O.9 0y <+d9@ s.e e3*)ai0ed t+ .er -riend&
?>.en we )e-t t.e .+use 0+rning I put 0y g+)den wedding
band in 0y *+in bag&&&s+ as n+t t+ )+se itE@

#.e grabbed .er .andbag and snat*.ed t.e *+in bag
+ut&&&un*)ipped it and -e)t inside t.e n+w e0ptied bag& #udden
:+y we))ed up inside .er&&&as s.e -e)t t.e -a0i)iar s.ape and -ee)
+- .er pre*i+us
wedding band&

>it. .ig. e3*ite0ent s.e s)ipped t.e g+)d band +n .er ring
-inger and re0ar4ed t+ .er -riend9 ?I 4n+w I e0ptied e/
+ut +- 0y *+in purse& It is a 0ira*)e& sweet 4bu&5 4new 0y
g+)den wedding band was n+t intended as a gi-t& T.an4 <+dE@

T.an4 <+d,,indeed,,w.+ +-ten 0+/es in 0ysteri+us

$.apter 11
!,# "+!!"# 3R##% $RO3

Jane t+)d 0e a0using st+ry in .er +wn w+rds&

?On*e up+n a ti0e,,n+t s+ )+ng ag+,,I :u0ped int+ t.e
s.+wer t+ get *)ean& I n+ti*ed unusua) +ut +- t.e *+r,
ner +- 0y eye and I turned t+ -ind a )itt)e green tree -r+g wit.
su*4er -eet in 0y s.+werE@

?"e was sitting +n t.e -au*et staring at 0e rea) -unny )i4e&
"e was s+ *uteE I bent d+wn t+ get a g++d )++4 at .i0& "is
0ar4ings were tinged wit. *+pper& %eauti-u)@

?>e))9 -r+g was a trip& >.en I was.ed 0y .air .e
:u0ped t+ a sp+rt ab+ut eye )e/e) wit. 0e& "eAd :ust )++4 +/er
.is s.+u)der and wat*.&&&Shoulder9 G+ -r+gs .a/e s.+u)ders5
T.en .e w+u)d s*++t up t+ t.e wind+wsi)) and nest)e t.ere by
t.e s.a0p++ and *+nte0p)ate w.ate/er it is -r+gs *+nte0,
?>e)) I *+u)dnAt -igure +ut .+w )itt)e guy -+und .is
way int+ p)a*e9 but I -igured .e 0ust .a/e -a0i)y s+0e,
w.ere9 s+ a-ter 0y s.+wer I )et .i0 +ut t.e -r+nt d++r& I wat*.ed
.i0 re)u*tant)y wa)4 +-- int+ t.e nig.t t+ 0y rig.t& $+u)d it be -r+g wanted t+ stay in 0y s.+wer5 "+w t.e .u0-
+++(hu&$99)+++did .e get in t.ere t+ begin wit.5

?"e see0ed t+ .a/e a rea) pers+na)ity& $+u)d .e a*tua))y
understand 0e5 -r+g was /ery unusua)& IA0 n+t an aut.+ri,
ty +n -r+gs9 but guy was de-inite)y di--erent& >.at 0ade 0e
t.in4 .e was a B.eA anyway5

?A di--i*u)t and -iery wee4 passed& Int+ 0y s.+wer I went,,
and )+ and be.+)d,,t.ere .e was againE $+u)d be t.e sa0e
-r+g5E "is 0ar4ings see0ed t+ be e3a*t)y t.e sa0e& I was
s.+*4edE "+w did .e get in .ere5

?>e went t.r+ug. t.e sa0e again& As I *.anged p+,
siti+n .e did t++& was rea))y s+ /ery in*redib)eE w+ndered
i- was -r+0 a0t.a&&&+r 0aybe e/en was a0t.a9 .i0se)-5
T.en I negated t.+ug.t&&&t.in4ing I +n)y wanted it t+ be
s+& N+t disapp+inted9 I -e)t was a pretty unusua) re)ati+ns.ip
a)) t.e sa0e& I say re)ati+ns.ip be*ause t.atAs de-inite)y it
was& >e sure did see0 t+ .a/e an understanding&

?#ti))9 I re0inded 0y new green )itt)e -riend +- .is -a0i)y&
ig.t a-ter 0y s.+wer&&&+ut t.e d++r .e went& %ut ti0e .e
went t+ t.e )e-t& I 4ept trying t+ get .i0 t+ g+ t+ t.e rig.t :ust in
*ase .e was n+t a di--erent -r+g& I- s+9 I wanted .i0 t+ -ind .is
-riend w.+ .ad g+ne +-- t+ t.e rig.t a wee4 be-+re& %ut )itt)e
green guy 4new w.ere .e wanted t+ g+&

?>e))9 a -ew days passed and again .e was ba*4 in 0y
s.+werE I g+t su*. a 4i*4 +ut +- .i0E "e was ad+rab)e& IAd ta)4
t+ .i0 and .e w+u)d turn .is .ead as i- t+ say9 Bea))y9 n+w&A "e
was a /ery e3pressi/e )itt)e green tree -r+g& I )et .i0 stay& E/ery
0+rning I w+u)d :u0p +ut +- bed t+ see i- .e was sti)) t.ere&
#ure en+ug.9 .e w+u)d be t.ere9 a)) rig.t& r+utine went +n
e/ery day -+r ab+ut tw+ wee4s& It was s+ -un ta4ing a pri/ate
s.+wer wit. 0y )itt)e green -riend&

?T.en +ne wee4end .e was g+ne& =es9 I was sad& %ut n+t
-+r )+ng&&&be*ause !+nday 0+rning .e was ba*4& "+w did
.e d+ it5 O.9 by t.e way9 a0t.a .ad been gi/ing an intensi/e
t.e /ery wee4end t.e -r+g was g+ne& =et t.+ug.t
see0ed t++ prep+ster+usE I didnAt dare e/en entertain t.e
t.+ug.t )itt)e green -r+g *+u)d p+ssib)y .a/e any *+n,
ne*ti+n,,at a)),,wit. t.e A!E

?At t.e end +- wee4 a gir)-riend *a0e +/er& #.e .ad
been digesting a0t.aAs tea*.ings -+r se/era) years and w.en I
t+)d .er ab+ut t.e -r+g&&&s.e -rea4edE #.e ran t+ .a/e a pers+na)
)++4 i00ediate)yE #.e t+)d 0e a )+ng ti0e ag+ s.e .eard
a0t.a say9 ?I- e/er y+u see a )itt)e green -r+g9 #"o* th%t I h%!e
bee" there+5

?N+w be-+re9 w.ene/er I t+)d s+0e+ne ab+ut t.e -r+g and
t.ey w+u)d want t+ see it&&&by t.e ti0e t.ey g+t t+ 0y
bat.r++0&&&.e w+u)d be g+ne& N+t ti0e& And was +n)y
t.e se*+nd ti0e in a year IAd seen parti*u)ar -riend& It
see0ed s.e *a0e a)) t.e way -r+0 6rc%s Isl%"d t+ te)) 0e
ab+ut -r+g&

?#+ I began t+ be)ie/e in )itt)e 0ira*)es& Espe*ia))y in )itt)e
green 0ira*)esE "e stayed +-- and +n,,-+r se/era) wee4s 0+re,,
but .e was ne/er t.ere w.en an intensi/e was g+ing +n& It was a
ti0e in 0y )i-e w.en I needed a -riend&&&and I appre*iated t.in4,
ing +r 4n+wing per.aps I was being re0e0bered and /isited
by s+0e +ne I )+/e /ery 0u*.&

$.apter 1'
A 3O")#% "AMB O$ 3O)

A-ter 0u*. t.+ug.t I .a/e de*ided t+ s.are &y golde"
l%&b o$ 2od e3perien*e wit. 0asters& is +ne seg0ent
+- 0y /ery rea) deat. e3perien*e I n+r0a))y d+ 0y te))9 as it
is /ery sa*red t+ 0e&&& !y st+ry g+es ba*4 t+ age 18 w.en I was
a sea0an in t.e U&#& Na/a) reser/e9 ab+ard T.e U## As.tabu)a
!er*.ant !arine +i) tan4er in t.e =e))+w #eas +- $.ina&

T.e b+s+nAs 0ate in *.arge .ad assigned 0e t+ t.e w+rst
i0aginab)e duty ab+ard s.ip& A)+ng wit. tw+ s.ip0ates I
was +rdered t+ g+ int+ t.e +i) tan4er water ba))ast tan4s and
paint t.e in,
side +- t.e tan4s -r+0 .uge -i/e ga))+n bu*4ets&

>.i)e 0y tw+ s.ip0ates )e-t t.e tan4s and went ba*4 t+ t.e
engine r++0 -+r a breat. +- -res. air9 I p%ssed out+ I )itera))y
died& I .ad a /i/id -)*4 +- e/ery day +- 0y s.+rt 1N years
and t.en a )+ng )++4 int+ signi-i*ant )i-eti0es& One past
)i-eti0e was in /ery an*ient India2 t.e was in Egypt ap,
pr+3i0ate)y 1HDD %&$&

I was -u))y aware I .ad died -r+0 t.ree di0ensi+na)
)i-e&& and )i-e +n Eart. see0ed +n)y a drea0& =et I yearned
wit. e/ery at+0 +- 0y being t+ return ba*4 int+ drea09 ba*4
int+ t.e 18year +)d b+dy e/en t.+ug. it see0ed -++)is. t+ want
t+ )ea/e t.e pure rea)ity th%t I *%s at +n t.e inner p)ane&

!y desire i00ediate)y +pened up a pat. be-+re 0e in t.e
/+id and I -e)t 0yse)- begin t+ tra/e) up+n it& I 4new 0y desire
was ta4ing 0e ba*4 t+ t.ree di0ensi+na) )i-e& #udden)y9 I -e)t
great -ear and -ear; a swar0 +- g.+u)s9 g.+sts and 0+n,
sters +- e/ery des*ripti+n sw++ped d+wn +n 0e and I was r++ted
t+ t.e pat.& I see0ing)y *+u)d n+t 0+/e -+rward& Fr+0 t.e
dept.s +- 0y s+u) I *a))ed +ut -+r .e)p& Instant)y a s0a)) p+int +-
)ig.t appeared in t.e -ar distan*e& T.e )ig.t 0+/ed t+ward 0e
gr+wing w.iter and w.iter&&&brig.ter and brig.ter&&&)arger and

A)) at +n*e 0y entire being was trans-+r0ed int+ a li!i"g
golde" l%&b& As /ery a)i/e g)+wing g+)den )a0b9 I bent
0y -+repaws and 4nee)ed be-+re <+d A)0ig.ty& I was )+/ing
<+d wit. a)) +- 0y being&&& and I was -ee)ing abs+)ute b)iss9 :+y
and .appiness;

#udden)y9 I -e)t a *i"d blo* and an urgent s)uggis. sen,
sati+n +- 0e being ba*4 in 0y b+dy again& At t.e sa0e ti0e I
+pened 0y eyes and .eard a *r+wd +- e3*ited sai)+rs gr+uped
ar+und 0e9 s.+uting9 ?<i/e .i0 air9 step ba*49@ and ?"eAs *+0,
ing t+E@

>it.,,I -+*used 0y *+ns*i+usness,,)i-ted 0yse)- t+ a
4nee)ing&&&t.en a s.a4y standing p+siti+n& Ot.ers w.+ st++d
nearby .e)ped 0e t+ steady 0y n+w -u))y uprig.t b+dy9 I ign+red
t.eir e3*ited 1uesti+ns t+ 0e& Instead I as4ed t.e0

?>.at .appened5@

?=+u were dead -+r a g++d -i/e t+ ten 0inutes&@
nearby /+i*e rep)ied& ?=+u st+pped was n+
.eartbeat&@ T.e repeated .is +rder9 Cstep ba*49 .e needs
0+re -res. air&

In si)en*e I t+re )++se -r+0 a)) +- t.e0 and 0ade 0y way
wea4)y but deter0ined)y up t.e *ir*u)ar stairwe)) t+ t.e brig.t
t+p de*4& T.ere +n t.e .+t grey de*4,,in t.e brig.t a-tern++n
sun,,I t.rew 0yse)- d+wn and s+bbed and s+bbed wit. great
.ea/ing *ries +- :+y& I was s+ t.an4-u) t+ be ba*4 in t.e beauti-u)
p.ysi*a) drea0 w+r)d again& I *ried and *ried as I t.an4ed <+d
+/er and +/er again pr+-use)y -+r t.e +pp+rtunity t+ *+ntinue 0y
)i-e in 0y p.ysi*a) b+dy&

F+r at )east a 0+nt. a-ter deat. e3perien*e9 I was s+
.ig. in spirits I *+u)d n+t t.in4 +r -ee) %" .%ltered1
thought+++as t.e A! 0ig.t say& <radua))y t.+ug. 0y +)d
eart.y F,G .abits renewed and I gradua))y g+t )+st,,+n*e 0+re,,
in t.e dept.s +- .u0an b+dy s+*ia) *+ns*i+usness& =et e/en
t.+ug. I began re0e0bering 0y true rea) identity and .ad
p)ayed t.e r+)e +- a grand new age tea*.er&&&it was +n)y a-ter see,
ing t.e "awaii /ide+ and studying -+r years under t.e tut+ring +-
+ur s+ be)+/ed A!9 I -ina))y )e-t t.e w+r)d +- t.e inte))e*t
t+ -ind t.e de)i*i+us w+r)d +- -ee)ing again&

T.e #epte0ber A8N =u**a Ia))ey retreat *.anged 0y )i-e
-+re/er and e/er& T.e A! wasted n+ ti0e in getting t+ t.e
p+int& First +n t.e #unday nig.t +pening9 .e t+)d us t+ )ie
d+wn +n t.e -)++r wit. +ur .ead t+ t.e n+rt. and +ur -eet t+ t.e
s+ut. and t+ ta4e +-- +ur s.+es and s+*4s& "e said t.e an+inting
+- +i) was /ery i0p+rtant t+ +ur -utures and we w+u)d ea*. be
an+inted&&&pr+/iding we were ab)e t+ rea*. p+int +ur
*+ns*i+usness w.ere we h%d "o si"gle guilt or regret $or %"y
si"gle thi"g th%t h%d h%ppe"ed i" our li$eti&e+ On)y t.en w+u)d
we and *+u)d we be an+inted by .i0&

#+9 +- *+urse,,a)+ng wit. e/ery+ne e)se,,I )ay d+wn as di,
re*ted and w+r4ed and w+r4ed at 0y *+ns*i+usness t+ abs+)ute,
)y #"o* I .ad n+ sing)e regret -+r any +ne e/ent +- 0y )i-e& I
was deter0ined t+ be +ne +- t.+se an+inted&&& .+pe-u))y
speeding 0y way int+ super*+ns*i+usness&

A-ter .+urs and .+urs +- se)-,wrest)ing wit. 0yse)-,,wit.
a)) 0y 0ig.t; I -e)t I was t.ere& I 4new,,wit.+ut a
+- d+ubt,, I n+w .ad n+ gui)t,,and n+ regret,,-+r any sing)e
.ad .appened in 0y )i-e& I a**epted a)) +- 0y e3perien*es and
se)-,*.+sen ad/entures as n+w 0y +wn,,*+ns*i+us)y +wned,,
genuine pe%rls +- *isdo&+

N+ s++ner .ad I rea*.ed state w.en I .eard t.e A!
say e/ery+ne w.+ .ad been an+inted was t+ g+ up t+ !edi,
tati+n !+unt and wait t.ere -+r .i0& T.in4ing t.e an+inting
was +ur +wn strugg)e t+ +/er*+0e gui)t9 as I +pened 0y eyes
and saw se/era) pe+p)e getting t+ t.eir -eet and .eading +ut t.e
d++r2 I -+))+wed9 )ater t.en&&&gi/ing si)ent t.an4s I .ad
rea*.ed p+int in *+ns*i+usness&

Outside&&&I was g)ad t+ see 0y t.en /ery spe*ia) )i-e *+0,
pani+n&&&Laya9 waiting -+r 0e in as s0a)) gr+up beside t.e d++r&
#.e as4ed 0e t+ wait -+r .er w.i)e s.e went ba*4 int+ t.e )adies
rest r++0 inside t.e .uge audit+riu0&

I waited&&&and n+ted 0+st +- t.e +t.ers were tru*4ing
+n up -ast up t.e gra*e-u))y wide winding trai) t+ t.e t+p +-
!editati+n !+unt& A)) at +n*e Laya b+unded +ut +- t.e d++r and
t+)d 0e s.e :ust ta)4ed t+ a *)+se -riend9,,A0ber,,and
s.e .ad re%l oil +n .er -+re.ead&&&and a)s+ +n .er .ands& Laya
said t.e tw+ +- us urgent)y needed t+ g+ ba*4 int+ t.e big audit+,
riu0,,w.ere a0t.a was sti)) sitting; t+ be an+inted t++& I
)++4ed at Laya wit. t+ta) disbe)ie- and t+)d .er n+ 0atter,,
.+w A0ber .ad 0ysteri+us)y 0ani-ested re%l oil))+n .er -+re,
.ead&&& w+u)d +r *+u)d 4eep 0e -r+0 g+ing int+ super,
*+ns*i+usness9 s+ I was g+ing up t.e 0+untain wit. t.e rest&

#.e turned ba*4&&&w.i)e I pus.ed -+rward and s)+w)y up,
ward,,wit. t.e rest +- t.e 0asters t+ a starry -u)) 0++n nig.t +n
t+p +- !editati+n !+untain& T.ere9 I sat in si)ent 0editati+n
wit. a)) +- t.e rest& I was disapp+inted Laya .ad n+t *+0e
wit. 0e but a))+wed .er t+ d+ I 4new was .er As we
waited I +pened 0y eyes t+ see a steady strea0 +- A! students
*+0ing up t+ t.e t+p and :+ining +ur rapid)y gr+wing ran4s& A))
at +n*e I sp+tted Laya *+0ing up t.e 0+untain trai) t+ :+in us&
!y s+u) :u0ped -+r :+y& I reas+ned s.e .ad *+0e t+ .er senses
and de*ided t+ g+ -+r super*+ns*i+usness a-ter a))EE was a de-inite .*ro"go i" the Co"go01 Laya wa)4ed
up t+ 0e swi-t)y and said urgent)y9 ?<+ ba*49 uss& a0t.a is
an+inting rea))y e/ery+ne wit. re%l oil& =+uA/e g+t t+ g+ ba*4 i-
y+u want t.e an+inting&&&.urryE@ On)y a-ter Laya 1ui*4)y
s.+wed 0e .er oiled -+re.ead,,and oiled h%"ds))did I -ina))y re)
%li:e,,and gi!e i" to t.e truth& a0t.a was indeed an+inting e/,
ery+ne wit. re%l oil+ And I .ad NOT been an+inted yet& I was
s.+*4ed& At b+)ted d+wn t.e .i)) as -ast as 0y -eet *+u)d
*arry 0e& A)) t.e wi)d 0y 0ind was a*ing and 0y .eart was
p+unding wi)d)y& I :ust h%d t+ 0a4e it ba*4 in ti0e t+ be an+int,
ed,,wit. re%l oil,,by t.e A! t++E

At )ast I was ba*4 d+wn t.e .i)) and t+ t.e -r+nt +- t.e 0eet,
ing .a))& As I pus.ed +pen t.e wide d++r9 0y .eart a)0+st san4
t+ 0y -eet& a0t.a9 Je-- and Anne !arie .ad :ust turned +n t.eir
.ee)s and were .eading ba*4 t+ t.e stage w.ere a0t.a .ad sat&

Instant)y I darted int+ t.e r++0,,)eaping +/er b+dies,,unti) I
-+und a *)ear spa*e& I t.rew +-- 0y s.+es,,and )ay ba*49 *)+sed
0y eyes,,and wi))ed wit. a)) 0y 0ig.t and p+wer t.e A!
w+u)d turn ba*4 t+ an+int 0e a)s+&&&&

A -ew )+ng a*.ing 0+0ents passed& T.en I .eard Anne
!arie spea4ing s+-t)y as s.e wa)4ed d+wn t.e *enter ais)e& #.e
t+)d e!eryo"e t+ get up and *+0e -+rward& a0t.a w+u)d n+w
d+ t.e %"oi"ti"g at *enter -r+nt stage instead& I 1ui*4)y :+ined
t.e )ine beginning t+ -+r0 at t.e *enter +- t.e stage be-+re a re,
ga))y seated a0t.a&&&

?%ring y+ur s+*4s wit. y+u9@ Anna !arie s.+uted in a
sudden new ann+un*e0ent&

A 0ira*)e un-+)ded be-+re 0y eyesE E/ery+ne a.ead +- 0e
went ba*4 t+ get t.eir s+*4s& Our -eet w+u)d a)s+ be +i)ed9 as
we)) as +ur .ands and -+re.ead&&&and we w+u)d need t+ put +ur
s+*4s +n a-ter +ur -+re.ead9 .ands and -eet were an+inted& I .ad
-+rg+tten t+ re0+/e 0y s+*4s&&& s+ I was n+w a*tua))y standing
FI#T IN LINE dire*t)y be-+re t.e A!&

Je-- 0+ti+ned 0e -+rward& I stepped -+rward and pu))ed +--
0y s+*4s& As dire*ted9 I 4ne)t +n 0y 4nees be-+re t.e A! s+
.e *+u)d an+int 0y -+re.ead& !eanw.i)e Anna !arie brus.ed
+i) +nt+ 0y -eet and .ands& !y w.+)e being tre0b)ed& T.e grand
0+0ent +- 0y spiritua) an+inting .ad n+w *+0e&

T.e a0 )++4ed at 0e t.r+ug. eyes +- )+/e e3tended
-+re/er and e/er& "e an+inted 0y -+re.ead9 0a4ing t.e sign +-
t.e *r+ss +n it wit. .is +i)ed rig.t -+re-inger& >.i)e an+inting
0y -+re.ead t.e A! )++4ed deep int+ 0y s+u) wit. in-i,
nite )+/e radiating t+ 0e& I .eard .i0 say9

.7h%t the Lord 2od Al&ighty h%s gi!e"/ "o o"e c%" t%#e
%*%y/ $ore!er %"d e!er %"d e!er+ So be it+;

At a t+rrent +- tears -)++ded 0y eyes and I *+0p)ete,
)y re)i/ed 0y deat. e3perien*e&&&as t.e 2olde" L%&b o$
2od&&&.ere t++ again I was 4nee)ing d+wn be-+re t.e eyes and
t.e .ands +- <+d and -ee)ing abs+)ute b)iss9 e31uisite :+y and
s.eer .u0an b+dy .appiness bey+nd any w+rds&

#)+w)y,,I gat.ered 0y tre0b)ing9 s+bbing b+dy,,
and stepped aside s+ t.e ne3t g++d sister +r *+u)d be
an+inted& I t.en wa)4ed9 )eaped and ran ba*4 up t+ t.e t+p +-
!editati+n !+unt t+ :+in t.e t.r+ng +- 0asters waiting in t.e
gr+wing )ig.t +- a g)+ri+us -u)) 0++n nig.t&&&-+r t.e arri/a) +-
a0t.a& A .uge -u)) 0++n .ad risen si0u)tane+us)y wit. t.e
disappearan*e +- t.e .uge red r+und sun& It was a "ight o$ "ights
-+r a)) +- us t.ereE

T.e -+))+wing day,,t.ere are n+ a**idents,, during +ur re,
treat9 I +/er.eard 0asters ta)4ing ab+ut t.e <oo# o$ Re!el%tio"s
and were ass+*iating it wit. -he R%&,,,as t.e L%&b o$ 2od&

Guring +ur )un*. brea4& I went t+ t.e =u**a Ia))ey Insti,
tute )ibrary and paged t.r+ug. a .uge p+nder+us)y +rnate %ib)e
t.ere& It pr+/ided t.e )ast )in4s t+ )i-e)+ng 0ystery *+n*ern,
ing 0e,,in 0y deat. e3perien*e,,in t.e -+r0 +- a 2olde" L%&b
o$ 2od+

T.e %ib)e sp+4e +- the $irst Christ))t.e A!,,w.+ inspired
.is -+))+wers t+ $ou"d t.e "indu re)igi+n9 t.e -irst +rgani6ed re)i,
gi+n up+n Eart.&&&w.+ As*ended int+ t.e "ea/ens as a .uge
*r+wd +- t.+usands be)+w wat*.ed in awe and w+nder&&&w.+ is
n+w 4n+wn in t.e $.ristian %ib)e as t.e L%&b o$ 2od+++*ho
*ould retur" i" the E"d -i&es+++ %s prophesied s+ )+ng ag+ by
t.e dis*ip)e +- Jesus,,'DDD years ag+,,na0ed =oh"+

As an a-tert.+ug.t&&&a-ter being turned s+ -u))y i"side out at
t.e a0t.a =u**a /a))ey desert retreat,,and $eeli"g so tot%lly
rebor",,I dr+pped 0y )ega) na0e9 Russ Mich%el and pub)i*)y,,as
we)) as pri/ate)y,,assu0ed t.e pers+na) new si"gul%r na0e +-

T.e na0e Mich%el is n+w *)+ser t+ 0y /ibrat+ry na,
ture& #+ n+w a)) +- 0y *)+se -riends and )+/ed +nes 4n+w
0e si0p)y as ;Mich%el+;

$.apter 1F
)R#AM O$ !,# $.!.R#

A)) t.r+ug. t.e years sin*e .is return t+ eart. t.e A!
.as been urging a)) +- .is audien*es t+ press -+rward t+ super,
*+ns*i+usness& "e a)s+ pr+0ised t+ send .e)p t.r+ug. t.eir
drea0s t+ t.+se w.+ were .e)ping t.e0se)/es& "e e3p)ained we
*+u)d )earn and see /isi+ns in +ur drea0s 0+re easi)y
t.r+ug. wa4ing *+ns*i+usness9 sin*e +ur a)tered eg+ *+u)d n+t
stand guard at t.e d++r +- +ur 0ind and st+p us -r+0 dipping
int+ t.e p++) +- un)i0ited t.+ug.t&

In t.e )ate spring +- 1988 +ne +- t.e 0asters,,)i/ing in t.e
=e)09 >as.ingt+n area ,,t+)d 0e t.e -+))+wing /ery /i/id drea0
.e .ad e3perien*ed +n)y t.e nig.t be-+re&

In .is drea09 .e -+und .i0se)- in a )us. beauti-u) green /a),
)ey surr+unded by se/era) ta)) 0+untains pea4ed wit. )+/e)y
sn+w *+/ers& "e was dan*ing 0erri)y +n a 0ead+w a)+ng wit.
-+rty +r -i-ty 0a)e and -e0a)e 0asters& E/ery+ne t.en .e)d
.ands and 0ade a .uge r+und ring +- dan*ers and a))

#udden)y9 t.e speed +- t.e dan*ers in*reased& T.ey began
spinning in t.eir *ir*)e -aster and -aster&&&s++n rea*.ing an unbe,
)ie/ab)e warp speed& A 0+0ent )ater e/ery+ne re)eased .ands
and ea*. +ne began indi/idua))y spinning -aster and -aster and
-aster& T.eir speed rea*.ed a p+int w.ere a)) +- t.e0 be*a0e
tr%"sp%re"t+ Iery si0i)ar t+ a -aster and -aster -an
w.en a)) t.e indi/idua) b)ades sudden)y be*+0e i"!isible+ One
by +ne ea*. and a)) +- t.e spinning 0asters disappeared entire)y
-r+0 t.ree di0ensi+na) rea)ity&

T.e ne3t instant a)) +- t.e0 re%ppe%red +n
)++4ed )i4e a ?.ea/en +n Eart.@ p)anet& T.e *+)+rs and beauty +-
t.e New Eart. and e/ +n it de-ied w+rd des*ripti+n& T.e
0asters were a)) d+ing :+y+us su*. in*redib)e t.ings& !any were
-)ying t.r+ug. t.e air wit. t.e greatest +- ease& T.e 0an w.+
drea0ed -antasti* drea0 said .e was ?s4in di/ing@ in a sun,

Ea*. ti0e any 0aster passed 0aster t.ey w+u)d
st+p and gi/e +ne a str+ng )+/ing b+dy .ug& T.e trans,
0issi+n +- )+/e -e)t,,as t.ese .ugs were e3*.anged,,was a)s+ t+,
ta))y indes*ribab)e&&&sheer bliss0

A)) t.e w.i)e,,during )atter stage +- t.e drea0,,a /+i*e
s+unding /ery 0u*. )i4e t.e A! was saying,,)i4e an +/er)ay
+- t.+ug.t,,?>es+ >es/ you guys %re goi"g to &%#e it01

>it.; g)+wing 0aster aw+4e -r+0 .is :+y-u)
drea0 -ee)ing )i4e t.e w.+)e w+r)d was in .is .ands& "is drea0
br+ug.t n+t +n)y % se"se o$ pe%ce %"d pro&ise t+ .i0,,but a)s+
t+ 0e,,,and t+ 0any +t.ers w.+ .eard +- it& -h%"# 2od -+r +ur

$.apter 1(
A M+RAC."O.& ,#A"+%3

As a *.i)d !arie said s.e .ad *+nstant pains in .er rig.t )eg
and )+wer ba*4& "er *a)0)y dis0issed t.e0 as ?gr+wing
pains&@ At 19 s.e .ad .er -irst ba*4 surgery -+))+wed by -i/e
0+re surgeries&

#.e .ad :ust re*+/ered -r+0 t.ese surgeries w.en s.e 0et a
w+nder-u) 0an w.+ per-+r0ed +n t.e .ig. wire in a *ir*us and
s.e )earned t+ w+r4 wit. .i0 +n t.e .ig. wire& Just w.en !arie
t.+ug.t t.e ba*4 pain was -ina))y g+ne s.e was in a *ar a**ident&
T.e *ar was de0+)is.ed and s.e .ad s+ 0any br+4en b+nes
.er entire b+dy was in a *ast&

#.e .ad 0assi/e s*ar tissue a)) +/er .er b+dy& -i/e
surgeries -+))+wed& #.e gradua))y re*+/ered as t.e br+4en b+nes
0ended but t.e ba*4 pain was n+w 0+re intense e/er&

At :un*ture9 !arie saw t.e A! +n t.e "+n+)u)u
/ide+ tape& T.e A! said *)ear)y .e w+u)d .e)p t.+se in t.e au,
dien*e& As s.e )++4ed int+ .is eyes o" the scree" s.e -e)t a pene,
trati+n and .er abs+rpti+n +- e3p)+si/e energy& Fee)ing t.e
A! 4new .e was ta)4ing ab+ut&&& !arie c%lled to the 8%)
ther *ithi" to re&o!e the p%i"+

#udden)y .er b+dy began :er4ing and s.e passed +ut& >.en
s.e *a0e ba*4 int+ .er -u)) b+dy *+ns*i+usness a brie- ti0e )at,
er&&&t.e ba*4 pains were *+0p)ete)y g+ne& .ea)ing +**urred in N+/e0ber 198N&&&and t+ date
t.e pains .a/e n+t returned& T+day& !arie is an e3tre0e)y )+/e,
)y w+0an w.+ *arries .erse)- wit. p+ise and gra*e& #.e gi/es
.er :+y-u) t.an4s dai)y s.e .as )e-t be.ind,,.er s+*ia) *+n,
s*i+usness,,and t.e e3*ru*iating ba*4 pains ra*4ed .er b+dy
-+r s+ )+ng& In p)a*e +- ag+ny .er )i-e is n+w -i))ed wit. :+y9
pea*e and a .ea)t. n+ +ne +n eart. *an e/er ta4e -r+0 .er&
<less her he%rt+

$.apter 1J
RAM +% !,# B#)ROOM

?erri e3p)ained .+w s.e .ad been a student +- t.e
A! -+r se/era) years wit. n+ di--erent +r e3tra+rdinary e3pe,
rien*es& T.en +ne e/ening it .appened&

#.e was resting in bed getting ready t+ turn +ut t.e )ig.t
and g+ t+ s)eep& A)) at +n*e .er eyes -e)t drawn t+ t.e big stu--ed
*.air at t.e -ar *+rner +- t.e bedr++0& "er eyes widened& #.e
)eaned -+rward t+ see 0+re *)ear)y&

A .uge9 radiant -+r0 +- a 0an in purp)e and w.ite r+bes
was draped in t.e *.air& "is )+ng )egs and )+ng t+rs+ e3tended
+ut9 0a4ing t.e )arge s+-a *.air see0 /ery s0a)) in *+0paris+n&
T.e big 0an .ad an en+r0+us w+nder-u) s0i)e,,+n .is -a*e,,and
t.e r++0 was -i))ed wit. t.e )ig.t +- it& "e was 0+re .ands+0e s.e *+u)d i0agine a 0an *+u)d be t+ be and .er s+u) -e)t
-i))ed wit. pea*e as s.e returned .is steady )+/ing ga6e& #trange,
)y9 s.e -e)t n+ -ear&&&+n)y i00ense w+nder and awe&

%e-+re s.e *+u)d spea4 t.e i0age disappeared& #.e 4new it
.ad t+ .a/e been t.e A! /isiting .er& #.e was stirred wit. di,
/ine rapture :ust re0e0bering it& /isitati+n -r+0 t.e A!
-i))ed .er .eart and s+u) dai)y wit. t.e :+y +- brie- inde)ib)y
i0printed and -+re/er re0e0bered s+ g)+ri+us pers+na) 0ira*)e

In a )ater audien*e wit. t.e A! Oerri .eard JP des*ribe
*h%t % .hu"#1 t.e A! was in .is spirit b+dy& #.e t.en
4new,,-+r *ertain in .er .eart and 0ind,, t.e A! .ad tru)y
/isited .er in .er bedr++0 war0 di0,)ig.ted w+nder-u)

$.apter 1H
A%3#" "+3,!&

Ge),,a /ery ange)i* )ady 0aster .erse)-,,t+)d 0e .er e3peri,
en*e +- seeing /ery unusua) )ig.t energy patterns at +ne +- t.e
A! intensi/es& #.e e3p)ained s.e was ab)e t+ see auras
and u"see" entities ar+und .er e/eryw.ere& "er abi)ity t+ see
0+re and 0+re int+ di0ensi+ns .ad been gr+wing great)y
+/er t.e past -ew 0+nt.s&

At an audien*e in #eatt)e Ge) saw strange e3tre0e)y brig.t
b)+bs +- )ig.t gr+uped near t.e *ei)ing .ig. ab+/e t.e A!& Try
as s.e 0ay t.e e3p)anati+n -+r t.ese 0ysteri+us )ig.ts e)uded
.er& T.e 0ystery was s++n s+)/ed by a0t.a .i0se)-&

As .e addressed t.e audien*e t.e A! sudden)y paused t+
g)an*e up t+wards t+ t.e /ery .ig. *ei)ing&&&t.en +ut&&&t+ )++4
+/er t.e *r+wd& "e said .e wis.ed e/ery+ne t.ere *+u)d see t.e
0any ange)s in attendan*e .+/ering near t.e *ei)ing& %eing
in attendan*e wit. Ge)&&&at parti*u)ar audien*e; and a)erted
by .er +- t.e )ig.t b)+bs&&&I strained 0y eyes upward but I *+u)d
see unusua)&

A-ter a 0+0ent9 t.e A! *+ntinued tea*.ing9 wit. 0+st
+- us in t.e audien*e w+ndering .e .ad been ta)4ing
ab+ut&&&w.en .e 0enti+ned ange)s were a)s+ in attendan*e
wit. us& %ut -+r Ge) it was a great answer t+ .ad pu66)ed
.er s+ str+ng)y& T.e un-a0i)iar )ig.t energy -+r0s,, /isited
.er +-ten,,were n+w 4n+wn t+ .er& T.e were .er guardian an,

#in*e day Ge) says s.e .as seen 0any su*. ?an,
ge)s@ in /ari+us si6es9 *+)+rs and -+r0s near)y e/eryw.ere& #++n
t.e .appy day wi)) arri/e w.en 0y eyes,,and y+urs and a)) t.+se
wit. eyes t+ see +n eart.,,wi)) see %ll +- t.e seen and u"see"
*)ear)y& So be it&

$.apter 1N

Guring an address +n w+r)d *.anges in Gen/er9 t.e A!
urged e/ery+ne t+ st+re -++d and supp)ies -+r t.e -uture days +-
dr+ug.t and e*+n+0i* *+))apse t.en appeared t+ s++n be
*+0ing& "e des*ribed t.e .lo*ly1 %"t as +ne +- t.e best tea*.,
ers ar+und& "e went s+ -ar as t+ say i- .u0an4ind w+u)d be
as *++perati/e and -+rward t.in4ing as t.e ant +ur *i/i)i6ati+n
w+u)d be great)y ad/an*ed&&& in t.e 0assi/e)y p+))ut,
ed and s+ de*adent e*+)+gi*a) state it is in t+day&

In 4eeping wit. .is p+)i*y +- sending us ea*. indi/idua) )i-e
e3perien*es *a))ed ru""ers))t.e A! said .e w+u)d send a)) +-
us +ne +- .is best runners ar+und,,t.e ant& "e said ants
w+u)d i00ediate)y be *+0ing int+ +ur )i/es -r+0 +ut +-
n+w.ere& "e w+u)d pers+na))y see t+

It w+u)d t.en be +ur tas4 t+ study t.e w+nder-u) )itt)e run,
ners in .+pes it w+u)d inspire a)) +- us t+ be 0+re pr+du*ti/e9
0+re *++perati/e and 0+re -+rward t.in4ing& "e warned
t.e sur/i/+rs,,t.e 0ee4,,w.+ w+u)d in.erit t.e eart. during t.e
*+0ing days +- super*+ns*i+usness w+u)d be t.e +nes w.+ put
-++d and supp)ies away9 and were se)- su--i*ient and s+/ereign&

Gebbie wanted t+ -)y dire*t)y -r+0 Gen/er t+ t.e N+rt.west
t.e ne3t day t+ see a .+0e I was se))ing in ainier9 >as.,
ingt+n& True t+ .er w+rd9 Gebbie s.+wed up in >as.ingt+n t.e
/ery ne3t day& A)+ng wit. <reta,, -riend w.+ .ad at,
tended t.e Gen/er e/ent,,we a)) dr+/e +/ert t+ see t.e renta)
.+0e and a*reage I .ad up -+r sa)e&

T.e .+0e was +**upied by renters& As we appr+a*.ed t.e
d++r t+ s.+w Gebbie t.e interi+r +- t.e residen*e9 <reta was ta4,
en,,by t.e .and,,by t.e tw+ s0a)) b+ys w.+ )i/ed t.ere& T.ey
were s+ e3*ited and eager t+ s.+w .er s+ s.e tr++ped
wit. t.e0 a -ew -eet +-- t.e pat.way& T+ .er great ast+nis.0ent
and de)ig.t9 t.e b+ys p+inted +ut t.e biggest %"t hill s.e .ad
e/er seenE

T.e ants were s*urrying t+ and -r+9 ea*. and a)) busi)y *ar,
rying +n t.eir sur/i/a) w+r4 by t.e tens +- .undreds&
Fas*inated,,and :ust as t.e A! .ad ad/ised,,t.e t.ree +- us,,
and t.e tw+ )itt)e b+ys,,wat*.ed t.e busy ru""ers g+ing ab+ut
t.eir .+use4eeping and -++d gat.ering& In )ess '( .+urs +ur
ant runners .ad *+0e int+ +ur )i/es t+ tea*. us t.e art +- sur/i/a)
and *++perati/e pr+du*ti/e dai)y e3isten*e&

$.apter 18

At =u**a Ia))ey,,in 198N,,t.e A! instru*ted t.e entire
.uge audien*e +- 0asters t+ step +ut at N:DD e/ening&&&t+
-a*e t.e >est -+r a brie- 0+0ent T.en t+ turn and -a*e t.e East
-+r a 0+0ent,,,t.en t+ ea*. be seated and t+ sit and study t.e
>estern s4ies& "e instru*ted e/ery+ne t+ band *)+se)y
but t+ a))+w ea*. +ne spa*e en+ug. t+ see and -ee) t.eir +wn e3,

Le+nard9 +ne +- t.e 0asters in attendan*e,,-r+0 ainier9
>as.ingt+n,,t+)d 0e st+ry&

A-ter -a*ing east and west and t.en seating .i0se)- and
*+nte0p)ating t.e >estern .ea/ens .e gradua))y went int+ a
*a)0 state +- being .a)-,s)eep and .a)-,awa4e& A)) at +n*e .e
-+und .i0se)- b%c# i" ti&e+

"e was sitting at a .uge b+n-ire& T.ere was *+nsiderab)e
.ust)e and bust)e a)) ar+und .i02 tens +- t.+usands +- s+)diers
were wa)4ing and 0i))ing ar+und *a0p-ires and tents& T.e air
was -i))ed wit. s+unds +- )aug.ter9 and s+unds and s0e))s +- ani,
0a)s&&&g+ats9 .+rses and d+0esti* *reatures&

"e was a s+)dier in t.e ar0y +- t.e A!,,FJ9DDD years
ag+,,sitting by t.e .uge *a0p-ire wit. .is *+0rades& T.e /isi+n
was rea)&

"e t+)d 0e .e was a*tua))y t.ere&

<radua))y t.e s*enes and 0ists +- t.e past diss+)/ed&
Le+nard said .e sat t.ere in e*stati* awe p+ndering and t.in4ing
ab+ut t.e a0a6ing /isi+n .e .ad :ust e3perien*ed& #udden)y9 .e
-e)t a str+ng but in/isib)e .and grasp .is -+rear0& "e sti--ened
wit. a rus. +- -ear& T.e grip +n .is ar0 was t.en re)eased& T.ere
was n+ +ne in sig.t yet t.e .and,, gripped .is ar0,,.ad been
-ir0 and *ertain&

"is -ear /anis.ed as t.e rea)i6ati+n *a0e t.e A! .ad
indu*ed t.e 0ar/e)+us /isi+n .e .ad :ust seen& T.e in/isib)e
.and grasp was si0p)y an e3tra rein-+r*e0ent t+ .is w+ndering
0ind,, .e .ad9 indeed,,.ad a 0agni-i*ent rea) )++4 ba*4ward
in ti0e&

$.apter 19
+!5& RA+%+%3 +% C,+CA3O

T.e a0 .as t.e abi)ity t+ be at a)) p)a*es at +ne ti0e9
and aspe*t +- .is *+ns*i+usness is p+inted +ut *)ear)y in t.e
-+))+wing st+ry&

egina was desperate& #.e was at t.e airp+rt in $.i*ag+9
waiting -+r .er -)ig.t t+ #eatt)e9 w.ere s.e w+u)d be attending an
audien*e wit. t.e A!& Ti0ing was *ru*ia)& I- s.e did n+t
*at*. a -)ig.t t.e ne3t .+ur9 s.e w+u)d 0iss .er *+nne*,
ti+n t+ #eatt)e& $+nse1uent)y9 s.e w+u)d be .+urs )ate9 +r per,
.aps e/en 0iss t.e entire a0t.a audien*e&

T.e *aptain +- .er -)ig.t .ad be*+0e i))9 and t.e air)ine was
-ranti*a))y sear*.ing -+r 1ua)i-ied pi)+t t+ ta4e +/er t.e
s*.edu)ed -)ig.t& T+ 0a4e 0atters w+rse9 it was p+uring rain9
n+n,st+p& It was pani* ti0e&

Pa*ing t.e -)++r egina -ina))y *a)0ed .erse)- and sent +ut
a desperate p)ea t+ t.e A!& ?ItAs raining in $.i*ag+9 and we
need a pi)+t -+r +ur p)ane desperate)y9@ s.e *a))ed si)ent)y& ?>i))
y+u .e)p 0e9 a0t.a5 IA/e waited s+ )+ng t+ .a/e an audien*e
wit. y+u& I d+nAt want t+ 0iss -)ig.tE@

#.e de-inite)y -e)t better a-ter sending +ut .er 0enta) *a)) t+
t.e A! -+r .e)p9 s+ s.e re)a3ed and began studying t.e passen,
gers *+0ing and g+ing ar+und .er& A -ew 0inutes )ater t.e
)+udspea4er *ra*4)ed and t.e air)ine ann+un*ed .er -)ig.t
was getting ready t+ b+ard passengers&

E)ated9 and wit. an earnest9 ?T.an4 y+u9 A!9@ s.e b+ard,
ed .er p)ane& A 1ua)i-ied pi)+t .ad turned up une3pe*ted)y at
t.e air, p+rt& #++n t.ey were +n t.eir way9 and egina was *+n,
tent9 4n+wing s.e w+u)d 0a4e .er *+nne*ti+n t+ #eatt)e and be
+n ti0e -+r .er audien*e wit. t.e A!&

T.e ne3t day9 egina was te))ing .er -riend ab+ut t.e -ran,
ti* ti0e in $.i*ag+ and .er p)ea t+ t.e A!& "er -riend as4ed
at ab+ut ti0e .ad +**urred& "er -riend .ad been in
a0t.aAs audien*e t.e day be-+re9 and at /ery ti0e9 t.e
A! .ad st+pped in 0id,senten*e9 saying9 ?ItAs raining in
$.i*ag+&@ And wit.+ut e3p)anati+n .e *+ntinued wit.
t.e t.+ug.t .e .ad been presenting& T.e audien*e w+ndered
w.y .e .ad 0enti+ned it&

Ob/i+us)y9 t.e A! 4new egina w+u)d be ta)4ing t+
.er -riend t.e ne3t day9 and s.e w+u)d re*ei/e abs+)ute *+n,
-ir0ati+n .er p)ea -+r .e)p .ad been .eard& T.e une3pe*ted
appearan*e +- a substitute *aptain .ad been n+ *+in*iden*e&

$.apter 'D
!,# M+RAC"# O$ !,# RO&# s.+rt9 but sweet ta)e *a0e -r+0 Gebbie -r+0
ainier9 >as.ingt+n9 in .er +wn w+rds&

?I was at a retreat at =u**a Ia))ey& #+0e+ne ga/e a0t.a
a )itt)e pin4 r+sebud& It was a)) )i0p and -)+ppy -r+0 t.e .eat
and -r+0 n+t being in water&

?a0t.a p)ayed wit. it w.i)e .e ta)4ed9 -)ipping it -r+0
side t+ side n+n*.a)ant)y& T.en .e stu*4 it in Je--reyAs g)ass +-
drin4ing water&

?!y eyes were g)ued t+ a0t.a9 .anging +n .is /ery w+rd&
Ab+ut 1J 0inutes )ater I )++4ed at t.e r+se& It was standing
straig.t upE As I wat*.ed9 it s)+w)y began t+ b)++0E@

?%eing in t.e -r+nt near t.e stage9 I *ried t+ Je--9 ?L++4 at
t.e r+seE@

?Je-- )++4ed at t.e r+se9 t.en said t+ a0t.a9 BL++4 at t.e

?a0t.a9 in t.e 0idst +- .is tea*.ings9 said +--,.anded)y9
BIt needed s+0e )i-e9 s+ I ga/e it s+0e )i-e&A And *+ntinued ta)4,
ing9 n+t e/en )+sing a beat& "aE In*redib)eE@

$.apter '1
!,# !#"#PA!,+C C,+")

F+r se/era) years n+w t.e A! .as been te))ing audi,
en*es t.e *.i)dren being rein*arnated n+w are -ar ad/an*ed
in t.eir de/e)+p0ent +- psy*.i* p+wers& p+int .as been
de0+nstrated by at )east tw+ s0a)) *.i)dren I 4n+w pers+n,
a))y .ere in t.e n+rt.west&

<us9 +ne +- t.ese y+ung b+ys9 started p)aying *.ess be-+re
age tw+& And .e apparent)y re*+gni6es and re0e0bers t.e
na0es +- e/ery+ne .e 0eets&

T.e t+t9 %+b9 a)s+ )ess tw+ years +)d is a bund)e
+- s.eer )+/e9 :+y and e*stasy& A)) e3perien*es in )i-e see0 t+
bring a g)+w +- )ig.t and :+y int+ t.e beings +- t.ese )itt)e b+ys&
T.ey s.are a :+y +- new ad/entures&

T+09 a business0an -riend +- 0ine9 t+)d 0e a psy*.i*
-riend +- .is t+)d .i0 w.ene/er .e en*+unters a *.i)d under
t.ree years +- age,,.e s.+u)d 0a4e dire*t eye *+nta*t wit. t.e0
Qand t.en te)epat.i*a))y,,,in .is +wn .ead say t+ t.e09 ?I 4n+w
w.y y+u are .ere&@ T+ 0e9 state0ent i0p)ies t.e *.i)d
.as *.+sen t+ in*arnate during ti0e peri+d +n eart. be*ause
it is t.e ti0e +- t.e $+0ing One9 t.e ti0e +- t.e A!9 t.e ti0e
+- *.ange9 t.e ti0e +- super*+ns*i+usness&

At any e/ent9 w.en T+0 en*+untered t.e tiny 0aster9 %+b9
.e 0ade str+ng eye *+nta*t9 and t.en 0enta))y 0ade t.e state,
0ent t+ t.e )itt)e b+y9 ?I 4n+w w.y y+u are .ere&@

"e said )itt)e %+b )++4ed ba*4 at .i0 wit. sudden ast+nis.,
0ent and great g)ee& "e br+4e +ut int+ an ear,t+,ear s0i)e and
t.en turned and ran +/er t+ .is

T+0 resu0ed .is ta)4 wit. t.e *.i)dAs A -ew 0in,
utes )ater9 .e -e)t a persistent tug +n .is tr+users& Ob/i+us)y9 )it,
t)e %+b wanted t+ be pi*4ed up9 s+ .e .+isted t.e s0a)) *.i)d up
int+ .is ar0s& %+b i00ediate)y pressed .is .ead t+ t.e side +-
T+0As .ead& T+0 said a str+ng /+i*e b++0ed *)ear)y in .is
.ead9 ?!y -riend9 y+u are a great )ig.t& =+u are )+/ed great)yE@

T+0 *+u)d .ard)y be)ie/e .is ears& "e )++4ed wit. awe and
w+nder at t.e b+y9 w.+ n+w indi*ated .e was ready t+ be )et
d+wn& It was di--i*u)t -+r T+0 t+ 0aintain a -+*us wit. t.e b+yAs
-at.er9 w.+ was interested in buying s+0e +- t.e e1uip0ent in
T+0As st+re& >.i)e ta)4ing&&&.e g)an*ed se/era) ti0es at t.e
b+y&&&w.+ s0i)ed 4n+wing)y ba*4 at .i0&

A -ew 0+re 0inutes int+ t.e *+n/ersati+n wit. t.e b+yAs
-at.er9 .e -e)t t.e sa0e gent)e tug at .is pants again& On*e 0+re
.e .+isted t.e bea0ing *.i)d t+ .is s.+u)der9 and +n*e again t.e
*.i)d pressed .is -a*e and .ead up against T+0As&

T+0 said -+r t.e past -ew wee4s .e .ad been trying t+
tru)y understand t.e ter0 ?un*+nditi+na) )+/e@ 0eant& "e
.ad p+ndered t.e idea +/er and +/er9 -ee)ing .e :ust was n+t
-u))y understanding t.e ter0& T.e A! .ad said a)) +- us
0ust +ne day )earn t+ be ab)e t+ )+/e un*+nditi+na))y&

As t.e s0a)) *.i)d pressed .is .ead *)+se9 t.e sa0e str+ng
/+i*e b++0ed e/en )+uder in 0y -riendAs .ead& ?T+09 y+u %re
)+/e& T.e pain *+0es -r+0 t.e separati+n +- y+urse)- -r+0 +t.,
ers& L+/e is a)) t.ings& It is inside +- y+u9 n+t +utside +- y+u&
#t+p sear*.ing +utside +- y+urse)- -+r it& =+u are )+/e2 y+u are

T.e 0essage trans0itted&&&t.e *.i)d indi*ated .e wanted t+
be )et ba*4 d+wn t+ t.e -)++r& T+0 )ater t+)d t.e parents
t.eir s+n .ad *+00uni*ated t+ .i0&

A -ew days )ater9 .is as4ed )itt)e %+b .e .ad
said t+ T+0& T.e )itt)e *.i)d s0i)ed br+ad)y and p+inted t.ree
ti0es at .is +wn tiny )itt)e .ead& "is stared in ast+nis.,
0ent& I w+u)d say9 ?!essage re*ei/ed9@ indeedE

$.apter ''
R.%%#R& CA""#) A%!&

$ar+)9 a )ady 0aster -i))ed wit. /ibrant 6est -+r )i-e9 t+)d 0e
.+w s.e .ad a .+use -u)) +- ru""ers& T.e runners were ants9 )it,
era))y running a)) +/er t.e .+use&

$ar+) .ad :ust returned -r+0 t.e Gen/er9 198H audien*e
wit. t.e A! w.ere s.e .ad been t+)d t+ e3pe*t s+0e grand
tea*.ers in .er )i-e *a))ed ants& T+ .er 4n+w)edge9 t.ere .ad
ne/er been an ant in .er .+use& %ut a -ew days a-ter .er return
-r+0 Gen/er s.e *a0e .+0e -r+0 a s.+pping trip and was .+rri,
-ied t+ dis*+/er t.+usands +- ants 0i))ing ar+und in a)) +- t.e

"er -irst t.+ug.t was t+ sta0p t.e0 int+ +b)i/i+n& %ut
t.ere were t++ 0any& %esides9 .+w *+u)d s.e d+ t+ .er
?tea*.ers5 A-ter pu66)ing and p+ndering t+ d+9 t.e .u0+r
+- t.e situati+n -ina))y .it .er and s.e burst int+ )+ng b+uts +-
)aug.ter& And s.e de*ided t+ )earn -r+0 t.e 0u)titude +- tiny

#.e studied t.e a*ti/ity +- t.e ants as t.ey *+))e*ted -++d
*ru0bs and e3p)+red e/eryw.ere -+r 0+re -++d& And t.en s.e
.it up+n an idea& #.e reas+ned i- s.e si0p)y a**epted t.eir
presen*e9 +wned t.e -a*t t.e ants .ad been sent t+ .er -+r a
reas+n9 and s.e .ad )earned t.e )ess+n t.e ants w+u)d si0,
p)y )ea/e +- t.eir +wn /+)iti+n&

$ar+) *a))ed -+rt. desire wit. a -er/ent ?#+ be it@9 and
turned .er 0ind t+ getting t.ings d+ne -+r .erse)-& An .+ur +r s+
)ater s.e n+ti*ed +n)y an +**asi+na) ant +r tw+ were n+w t+
be seen,,and s++n,,t.ey t++ went +n t.eir busy )itt)e way&

!eanw.i)e,,)i4e t.e ants,,$ar+) .ad a)s+ *+0p)eted .er
+wn .+use.+)d *.+res and 0+/ed -+rward int+ t.e e/ening wit.
a new sense +- pea*e and understanding& First +n t.e
agenda -+r t+0+rr+w 0+rning w+u)d be t.e pur*.ase and st+ring
+- .er +wn -++d -+r days t+ *+0e& $ar+) 4new w.en .er
*i"ter *a0e9 )i4e .er runner ants9 s.e w+u)d be .appi)y ready
-+r it&

$.apter 'F

T.e A! says un*easing)y we ne/er see +r 4n+w
+t.ers9 -+r we +n)y see re-)e*ted in t.e0 we see in +ur,
se)/es2 e/ery+ne is a 0irr+r t+ +ur +wn being&

$)ear,eyed9 s0i)ing Linda -r+0 +*.ester9 >as.ingt+n9
t+)d 0e .+w s.e .ad begun )++4ing at e/ery+ne in .er )i-e as a
0irr+r& #eeing aspe*ts +- .erse)- 0irr+red in +t.ers see0ed an
i0p+rtant way t+ dis*+/er .er +wn identity& #.e 0ade it a p+int
t+ *+nsider e/ s.e saw in .er .usband9 -a0i)y9 -riends9
+r new pe+p)e in .er )i-e&&&as a *)ear re-)e*ti+n +- .erse)-& attitude went +n -+r 0+nt.s& It .ad begun t+ be a way
+- )i-e -+r .er& "er .usband .ad in:ured .i0se)- and was unab)e
t+ d+ any 4ind +- .ard w+r4&&&s+ Linda de*ided t+ get +ut t.e
garden t++)s and d+ .er ne*essary w+r4 in t.e .uge -)

#++n a-ter s.e g+t +ne r+tating t++) g+ing deep int+ t.e s+i) )+ng and s.iny -)ew up +ut +- t.e gr+und& It sai)ed
t.r+ug. t.e air and -)as.ed in t.e sun)ig.t& Intrigued&&&s.e
st+pped t+ in/estigate& #.e bent )+w t+ pi*4 it up& T+ .er sur,
prise and great g)ee s.e -+und .erse)- )++4ing int+ a )arge9 *)ear
and u"bro#e" 0irr+r&

#+0eti0e in days distant9 t.e 0irr+r .ad been buried under
si3 +r eig.t in*.es +- s+i)9 +b/i+us)y awaiting its day in t.e sun
again& T.e 0irr+r was *+n/e39 and t.ere-+re re-)e*ted i0ages
bigger )i-e& Linda br+4e int+ pea)s +- )aug.ter& E/ery+ne
and e/ was indeed a 0irr+r& Apparent)y .er new 0irr+r,
ing attitude .ad rea*.ed %" e'tre&ely e%rthly le!el+

#.e set t.e 0irr+r aside in a sa-e p)a*e and *+ntinued wit.
t.e ardu+us tas4 be-+re .er&&&but n+t be-+re gi/ing t.an4s t+ a))
t.e p+wers .er&&&-+r t.e w+nder-u) 0ira*)e +- u"e%rthi"g
a rea) )i-e p.ysi*a) 0irr+r& A ri*.)y sy0b+)i* and .ig.)y re-)e*,
ti/e -ind,,and as Linda .as said& CItAs +ne I wi)) a)ways treasure&C

$.apter '(
A CO"ORA)O ,+3,

Lynn re/ea)s in .er +wn w+rds t.e e--e*ts +- t.e !ay9
198N #n+w !+untain retreat&

?T.ere are tw+ ways t+ get up t.e 0+untain in ba*4 +- 0y
$a)i-+rnia .+0e& T.e n+r0a) way re/ea)s e3panding /istas +-
t.e #an Fernand+ Ia))ey as its trai) sna4es gradua))y upward&
T.e way is straig.t up9 w.i*. n+b+dy in t.eir rig.t 0ind
ta4es9 e3*ept per.aps s+0e +- t.e .ig. s*.++) 4ids +n a dare&
>.i)e t.e /iew 0ay be spe*ta*u)ar way&&&t.e *)i0b is ardu,
+us t+ say t.e )east,,and si0p)y n+t w+rt. t.e ag+ny,,un)ess +ne
is .ig. s*.++) nut +r in training -+r t.e O)y0pi*s&

? 0+rning9 n+t +n)y was I g+ing straig.t up L I was
running& And I *an assure I a0 .ig. s*.++) student n+r
O)y0pian& %ut t.e w+rst e0+ti+na) pain I *+u)d re0e0ber,,in,
*)uding t.e un,we)*+0e brea4up +- 0y 1J,year re)ati+ns.ip,,
was pu0ping s+ 0u*. e0+ti+na) adrena)ine t.r+ug. 0y angry
b+dy I 0astered t.e 0+untain wit. t.e ease +- a ga6e))e& F+r
a w+0an +- JJ&&&t.e -eat was s.+rt +- a0a6ing&

?O.9 I .ad been up t.ere 0any ti0es,,+n)y I .ad a)ways
g+ne up,,t.e "or&%l *%y +n pat.& >ay up t+p,,w.ere t.e
/iew swept -+re/er in a 18D degree span,,was a )itt)e -)at sp+t
w.ere I .ad g+ne +-ten t+ *.at wit. a0t.a&&&and get in *)+ser
t+u*. wit. 0y It was 0y spe*ia) p)a*e9 and I
)+/ed it&

?I- I was +ut +- breat. w.en I rea*.ed t.e t+p9 I d+nAt re,
0e0ber& I re0e0ber -a))ing t+ 0y 4nees and p+unding t.e
gr+und9 as s+bs and tears *a0e un*+ntr+))ab)y& In anguis. I was
un) 0+re intense e0+ti+n I .ad e/er 4n+wn t+ be in

?I *a))ed t.e A! e/ery na0e in t.e b++4& F+r t.ree
0+nt.s I .ad gr+wn steadi)y in t.e )+/e +- .is tea*.ings& N+w I
-e)t t+ta))y betrayed by t.e +n)y in 0y )i-e .ad gi/en
0e a 0+di*u0 +- .+pe and be)ie- in 0yse)-& T.e anger and tears
strea0ed +ut&&&unti),, -ina))y9 in *+0p)ete e3.austi+n,,I -e)) t+
t.e gr+und gasping -+r air&

? 0+rning .ad been t.e 4i*4er& I .ad )istened t+ +ne
+- 0y new a0t.a tapes *a))ed B>ar +n Ia)ued Li-e&A I .ad
.eard it,,+- *+urse&&&t.e way I wanted t+ .ear it ,,i- any pers+n
w.+ is .+0+se3ua)&&&*hich I %&&&&n+t +n)y was I +ut +- a)ign,
0ent&&&but was t+ be b%"ished,,t+ a -ar +-- p)a*e,,w.ere9 -+r t.e
ne3t 1D9DDD years9 I *+u)d w+r4 +ut 0y -rustrati+ns a)+ng wit.
a)) t.e per!erts in t.e w+r)d&

?!y pain was .+rrib)e& An .+ur )ater,,t+ta))y spent,,I s)id
ba*4 d+wn t.e steep -a*e&&&4n+wing -u)) we)) 0y )egs .ad n+
strengt. -+r t.e "or&%l pat.&

?=es9 I was sti)) grate-u) a0t.a .ad *+0e int+ 0y
)i-e&&&-+r I 4new t.e 0essage +- trut. was t.ere& It t++4 s+0e
ti0e,,but gradua))y I g+t ba*4 int+ t.e tapes,,trying t+ rebui)d w+nder-u) co""ected"ess .ad been gr+wing& %ut I was,
nAt getting t.ere& I .ad t+ -ind 0y way +n*e again& It see0ed i0,
p+rtant t+ attend t.e #n+w !+untain retreat&

?T.e $a)i-+rnia .i))t+p epis+de .+/ered s+0e -+ur 0+nt.s
in ba*4 +- 0e as I r+))ed int+ g+rge+us $+)+rad+ s*enery&
#unday nig.t9 at +ut -irst sessi+n9 t.e A! spent .is usua) FD +r
(D 0inutes wa)4ing ar+und t.e r++0; )+/ing9 *.atting9 )aug.,
ing9 *aressing& I was ti*4)ed w.en .e wa)4ed d+wn t.e ais)e and
put .is .and gent)y +n 0y .ead as .e -inis.ed .is senten*e& T.en
I g)an*ed up at .i0 and in instant 0y )i-e *.anged&

?"e )++4ed d+wn at 0e,,and in a sp)it 0+0ent +- re*+gni,
ti+n,,a )++4 *+0e +/er .is -a*e I wi)) ne/er -+rget as )+ng as I
)i/e;a )++4 +- instant9 p+wer-u) )+/e& "e t++4 t.e ba*4 +- 0y
.ead9 and pu))ed 0e *)+se t+ .i0,,.ard9 s+ .ard ,,and .e)d 0e
t.ere&&&up against .is t.ig.& "e str+4ed 0y .ead9 str+4ed t.e side
+- 0y -a*e9 .e)d 0y .ead *)+se t+ .i0 w.i)e .e -+r*e-u))y
rea*.ed d+wn 0y tig.t turt)e ne*4 t+ str+4e t.e ba*4 +- 0y
ne*4,,rubbing s)+w)y and n+t s+ gent)y,,w.i)e 0+re )+/e I
e/er 4new e3isted in t.e uni/erse p+ured -+rt. )i4e a ri/er -r+0
.is being&

?"ad .e tried t+ 0+/e at p+int9 we 0ig.t .a/e .ad a
Cl%ss A dis%ster +n +ur .ands&&&-+r I .a/e a -aint re*+))e*ti+n +-
.anging +n t+ b+t. +- .is an4)es&&&-+r a)) I was w+rt.&

?Fina))y,,a-ter see0ed t.e 0+st 0agni-i*ent eternity
+- 0y )i-e,,I )++4ed up at .i0 and 0u0b)ed )i4e9
BT.an4s -+r .e)ping 0e t+ *.ange 0y )i-e&A

?>it. a )+/ing s0i)e9 .e said9 BA.9 but we .a/e 0+re w+r4
t+ d+;+n y+u )+/ing y+urse)-&A T.en,,bending d+wn,,.e 4issed
0y -+re.ead and b+t. sides +- 0y -a*e and 0+/ed +n& I was
stunned9 t+ say t.e )east& #pee*.)ess& Gu0b-+unded& #tunned&

?T.e A! .ad .eard 0y anguis. and underst++d& T.e
-ee)ing was awes+0e& F+r FD 0inutes nig.t,,+n t.e )itt)e .i))
ba*4 +- +ur *abin,,I *ried t.e 0+st de)i*i+us tears I .ad e/er e3,
perien*ed& I w.ispered +/er and +/er 0y gratitude t+ 0+st
)+/ing +- entities& N+t +ne win4 did I s)eep nig.t&&&and .ad e3perien*e been t.e su0 t+ta) +- 0y wee4&&&I w+u)d .a/e
been a *.anged pers+n9 IA0 sure& %ut was bare)y t.e start +- was t+ *+0e&

?As we eager)y began +ur -irst w+0enAs sessi+n t.e ne3t
0+rning9 I was a bit ta4en aba*4 t+ .ear t.e A! say Bt.ere are
0en in audien*e in w+0enAs b+dies&A %ut .e w+u)d address
us a)) as w+0en& I was ti*4ed& I 0ay be .+0+se3ua),,%uster,,but
I d+ t.+r+ug.)y en:+y being a w+0an &&&and I *an d+ wit.+ut
any 0+re *+00ents,,)i4e t.at9,,t.an4 y+u /ery 0u*.E I .ad n+t
yet seen CSoul M%tesC in w.i*. a0t.a s+ beauti-u))y e3p)ains
.+0+se3ua)ity& %y t.e end +- sessi+n I was -ired up& I 4new I .ad t+ spea4 +ut t.e ne3t day t+ say,,,, 0ig.t persuade .i0 t+ s+-ten .is tea*.ings&&&in regard&
6h/ dre%&er0 .ad si0p)y g+ne -ar en+ug.E

? a-tern++n a)) I *+u)d t.in4 +- was I wanted t+
say t.e ne3t 0+rning& And .+w I wanted t+ say it& F+r t.ree
.+urs in t.e deep w++ds I pa*ed and pra*ti*ed& I wanted a0t.a
t+ *.ange .is tea*.ings t+ .+0+se3ua)s 0+re 0ig.t *+0e t+
4n+w t.e )+/e .e .ad s.+wn 0e& I didnAt rea)i6e t.e 0anner
in w.i*. I was interpreting t.+se tea*.ings was a sign +- 0y
+wn se)-,.ate&

? nig.t at t.e :+int 0eeting A! again *a0e up t+
0e,,.ands +n .ips,,,-) a big s0i)e& >it.+ut a w+rd9 .e
)++4ed d+wn wit. sideways g)an*e +- tig.t )ips and s.a4ing
+- t.e .ead i0p)ied9 ?>e))9 y+u )itt)e i0p&&& y+u were rea))y
at it t+day&&&werenAt y+u5E@

?Ea/esdr+pping +n 0e +r n+t9 I was ready -+r .i0 t.e ne3t
0+rning and 0y .and s.+t up t.e 0+0ent .e *a))ed -+r Btrue
*+n-essi+ns&A !y ner/+usness9 I 4new9 was n+t s+ 0u*. -r+0
t.e -a*t -+r t.e -irst ti0e in 0y )i-e I was de*)aring 0y .+,
0+se3ua)ity in -r+nt +- a gr+up +- 1HD Bstraig.tA w+0en,,and a
-ew sisters,,but 0+re -r+0 4n+wing it was .ard t+ put
e0+ti+n in t.e pr+per p)a*es&&&sin*e I ONE> guy .ad
been )istening t+ 0y re.earsa)&

?T+ *+/er 0y aw4ward -ee)ing I *+00ented9 BO- *+urse9
y+uA/e .eard a)) be-+re&A

?A!As eyebr+ws went up&&&.is eyes *)+sed and .e n+dded
and wa/ed 0e +n wit. a B=es9 but d+ *+ntinue&A In .is *)assi*
)istening p+se; .e was n+w 0+st attenti/e&
?I 0ade 0y p)ea -+r a 0+re *+0passi+nate appr+a*. t+
0y .+0+se3ua) br+t.ers and sisters& A!As answer *+u)d n+t
.a/e been 0+re )+/ing,,0+re e/en and 0+re t+ta))y dire*t,,e/, I 4new t+ be true& .appened inside +-
0e&&&t.+ug. I .ad n+ idea I *+u)dnAt wait t+ get by 0yse)-&

?T.e e3pansi/e 0ead+w I -+und stret*.ed end)ess)y t+ t.e
0a:esti* $+ntinenta) Gi/ide& =e))+w wi)d -)+wers peppered t.e
green *arpet in per-e*t ba)an*e +- design& T.e *)+uds were 0ag,
ni-i*ent9 r+))ing rapid)y in and ar+und t.e sn+w,*apped stret*.
+- pea4s& !y 0ead+w was 1uiet and breat.ta4ing& It was pri,
/ate& And I was a)+ne&

?!y e*stasy was at a pea4& %ut w.y5 >.at .ad .appened
t+ bring ab+ut5 I .ad n+ idea& I was a 4ite and
t.atAs a)) 0attered& T.en t.e rea)i6ati+ns and re/e)ati+ns be,
gan t+ p+ur +ut s+ -ast I *+u)dnAt write t.e0 d+wn& T.ey were
t.ings )i4e;

;I *+u)dnAt p+ssib)y -ee) a0+unt +- )+/e -+r a0t.a,,
-r+0 .i0 +r t+ .i0,,wit.+ut .a/ing it 0yse)-& OF 0yse)-
and TO 0yse)-& 0ust 0ean;>.at5 IA0 -a))ing in )+/e;
wit. 0e5 It &ust be0

;N+ 0atter 0y se3ua) progr%&&i"g9 0y %eing was :ust
*+0ing a)i/e& I was -ee)ing 0+re )+/e t+ward 0yse)- and +t.ers I .ad e/er 4n+wn p+ssib)e&

;T.+ug. I t.+ug.t I .ad a**epted it years ag+9 I .ad :ust
+wned 0y .+0+se3ua)ity -+r t.e -irst ti0e in 0y )i-e& NEIE9
but NEIE .ad I ad0itted 0y gayness in pub)i* be-+re& In spite
+- pr+bab)e re:e*ti+n9 I was )earning t+ )+/e 0yse)-&

;!y )ig.t was beginning t+ *+0e -+rt.& And I *+u)d
FEEL it& %ut 0+st i0p+rtant9 0y :+y was *+0ing -r+0 t.e in,
side9 n+t -r+0 a )+/e a--air +r a 0i))i+n d+))ar business *+ntra*t&
!y 0ind was 0y +wn -ree spirit9 -anning 0y )ig.t t+ a begin,
ning brig.tness it .ad ne/er 4n+wn be-+re&

?In 0+0ent I was a)) L+/e9 P+wer9 J+y and Laug.ter&
I -e)) t+ 0y 4nees and i"structed the Lord 2od o$ &y bei"g to
hold this d%y $ore!er i" &e&ory))-+r it was indeed,,t.e day +-
0y birt.&

? nig.t,,be-+re bed,,in .u0b)e and *.+4ed e0+ti+n9 I
tried t+ -ind t.e w+rds t+ t.an4 t.e A! -+r t.e gi-t +- new )i-e
.e .ad +--ered 0e& T.e w+rds +- gratitude s.+*4ed 0e but I -e)t
t.e trut. +- t.+se w+rds -r+0 t.e pit +- 0y %eing&

?Ne3t 0+rning a-ter t.e intr+du*ti+n9 A! *a0e straig.t
d+wn -r+0 .is seat t+ 0e9 saying ab+ut ea/esdr+p,
ping at a)) .+urs& "e t++4 0y .ead in .is .ands and bent d+wn
t+ w.isper in 0y ear9 B%eaute+us L%dy5& I was bey+nd s.+*4&
N+t +n)y .ad .e .eard t.e nig.t be-+re,,and been 0+/ed,,but
.ad 3ust c%lled &e a)) I e/er wanted t+ be; a *+00+n ter0 t+
.i0;a ringing +- *at.edra) be))s t+ 0e&

?!+st +- t.e rest +- t.e wee4 I )++4ed a )+t )i4e Ju)ie An,
drews in t.e +pening s*ene +- B#+und +- !usi*A,, *ry,
ing9 )aug.ing9 .+))ering9 :u0ping9 dan*ing9 singing9 )+/ing t.e
eart.9 .ugging t.e trees,,and ta)4ing in*essant)y wit. t.e gr+w,
ing )ig.t +- 0y T.ere were 0+re .ugs and str+4es
and *+00ents -r+0 t.e A!&&&but n+w it was -)u-- -+r .e .ad
indeed d+ne .e said .e w+u)d d+&

?IA/e tasted new& In t.e days sin*e $+)+rad+9 I
g+ t+ bed at nig.t -ee)ing t+ta))y in )+/e wit. 0yse)-& #+0e
days9 I .a/enAt 4n+wn 1uite .+w t+ .and)e newness&&&)i4e a
pair +- new :eans are sti)) sti-- and una**ust+0ed t+ t.e
s.ape +- its new b+dy&

?"+0+se3ua)5 =es,,0y b+dy is,,but I a0 is t.e )ig.t
+- t.e A)) in A)) +- a)) t.e uni/erses,,un-+)ding,,wat*.ing itse)-
s.ine -+r t.e -irst ti0e& In 0y new )+/e +- se)-9 IA/e -+und $ree)
do&+++at )ast&


$.apter 'J
A %#( (OR")

#y)/ia9 a beauti-u) b)ue,eyed si3teen year +)d -e0a)e 0as,
ter -r+0 Eng)and9 t+)d 0e .+w s.e .ad been 0+)ested by .er -a, in .er pre,s*.++) days& "er -ina))y dis*+/ered t.e
re/+)ting situati+n and ended dra0a wit. a di/+r*e&

At age twe)/e #y)/ia /isited .er -at.er9 w.+ was n+w a
.ig.)y su**ess-u) business0an& Guring /isit a (F year +)d
-riend +- .er intr+du*ed .er t+ s&o#i"g pot+ s++n )ed
t+ se3 wit. t.e business0an and be-+re )+ng9 se3 +rgies wit.
se/era) +- .er -at.erAs -riends& #.e was a)s+ *+a3ed int+ .a/ing
se3ua) re)ati+ns wit. a teenage gir)-riend w.i)e t.e adu)ts

#y)/iaAs did n+t suspe*t was g+ing +n be.ind
t.e s*enes& #y)/ia t+)d .er .er -at.erAs -riend .ad
+--ered .er an app+int0ent t+ ride .is .+rses e/ery day9 s+ s.e
wanted t+ )i/e at .is p)a*e& N+t 4n+wing t.e s+rdid trut. s.e a),
)+wed #y)/ia t+ stay& #y)/iaAs /ery wea)t.y adu)t )+/er ga/e .er
.undreds +- d+))ars dai)y t+ spend& At twe)/e&&&.er w.+)e )i-e
was *aug.t up in se39 drugs9 a)*+.+) and s.+pping&

At +ne +- t.e 0any se3 parties9 .er gir)-riendAs
wa)4ed in and was -uri+us& "e b)a0ed #y)/ia -+r getting .is
daug.ter in/+)/ed in t.e de*adent se3 +rgies& "e app)ied pres,
sure wit. t.e )+*a) )aw en-+r*e0ent agen*ies and #y)/ia was
*+00itted t+ a re-+r0at+ry s*.++) -+r gir)s& T.e sudden dr+p
-r+0 drugs9,,+- un)i0ited 0+ney t+ spend and +- wi)d parties,,
t++4 .er int+ se/ere depressi+n wit. dai)y t.+ug.ts +- suicide+
Fina))y9 s.e was re)eased -r+0 t.e re-+r0at+ry under .er 0+t.,
erAs super/isi+n&

"er .ad .er )isten t+ a0t.a tapes9 wat*. /ide+s9
and read s+0e +- t.e b++4s *+ntaining t.e A!As tea*.ings&
#.e grew t+ )+/e t.e A! and was de)ig.ted w.en .er
suggested and paid -+r an audien*e wit. t.e A!9 wit. a gr+up
+- .er peers9 *.i)dren under se/enteen& Guring e/ent9 t.e
A! *a0e up t+ .er and t+)d .er .er was n+t an e/i)
0an& "e was si0p)y ign+rant and needed t+ 4n+w .i0se)-& "e
a)s+ t+)d #y)/ia s.e w+u)d gr+w up t+ be a 0+st w+nder-u)
w+0an& "e t+)d .er t+ )ea/e t.e past t+ta))y be.ind,,t+ -+rgi/e
.er %"d hersel$))and t+ 4n+w s.e was )+/ed and w+rt.

T+ #y)/ia by age si3teen -+und a w.+)e new w+r)d
was brig.t wit. .+pe& "er .eart is -i))ed wit. t.an4s -+r t.e
A! *+0ing t+ .e)p us a))& N+w s.e -ee)s abs+)ute .+pe -+r a
)+/ing and :+y-u) -uture -+r a)) +- us +n Eart.& "er s0i)e is )i4e
suns.ine +/er +n*e tr+ub)ed waters& #.e 4n+ws t.e -uture is s.e de*ides it wi)) be and tru)y e3pe*ts e/ery new day n+w
wi)) un-+)d int+ a brig.t new w+r)d and ar+und .er&&&&

$.apter 'H
%#V#R (A"4 A3A+%

!any 0asters .a/e e3perien*ed in*redib)e .ea)ings +-
t.eir b+dies a-ter :ust +ne en*+unter wit. t.e A!& A y+ung
*.ir+pra*t+r na0ed J+e,,-r+0 $a)i-+rnia,,t+)d 0e wit. spar4)ing
eyes ab+ut .is see0ing)y i0p+ssib)e trans-+r0ati+n&

T.e st+ry began wit. a seri+us *ar wre*4& N+t +n)y was
.is *ar tot%lly s&%shed&&&but .is ba*4 was br+4en in -i/e p)a*es&
In additi+n 0any b+nes in .is ar0s9 )egs and b+dy were
snapped )i4e twigs& "e was rus.ed t+ t.e .+spita)& t see0ed
t.e d+*t+rs were w+r4ing wit. a bag +- b+nes .e)d )++se)y t+, by t+rn -)es.& >.en J+e *a0e ba*4 t+ *+ns*i+usness in
t.e .+spita),,t.e d+*t+rs t+)d .i0 .e .ad been a)0+st be,
y+nd .e)p,,and *.e w+u)d ne/er wa)4 again

*P&#& Russ Mich%el i"ter3ecti"g here+ T.e d+*t+rs t+)d 0e at age 1N w.en I was para)y6ed wit. p+)i+ t++ and I de*ided
t+ ign+re t.e0 and went +n t+ -u)-i)) 0y *.i)d.++d drea0 t+ p)ay
pr+-essi+na) bas4etba))9&

A-ter .is initia) despair&&&J+e de*ided t.e d+*t+rs were
+n)y ta)4ing -r+0 t.ey 4new& T.an4s t+ t.e A! and t.e
gre%t *hite boo# -i))ed wit. t.e A!Rs tea*.ings&&&.e 4new bet,

J+e said .e used a)) +- t.e 0ani-esting te*.ni1ues .e .ad
)earned t+ ta4e -u)) *.arge +- .is +wn destiny& >.en I 0et and
sp+4e wit. J+e in t.e spring +- 19889 .is b+dy st++d straig.t and
ere*t& "e did n+t )i0p&&&and .is .ands.a4e was str+ng and -ir09
a**+0panied by a *.eery s0i)e&

It was +b/i+us t.e d+*t+rs +n)y underst++d t.e prin*i,
p)e +- &%ss w+r4ing wit. 0ass9 w.i)e J+e 4new and used t.e
prin*ip)e +- spirit w+r4ing wit. 0ass& "is b+dy was -u))y
.ea)ed& J+eRs *.ir+pra*ti* business was -) again& !y
+wn w.+)e w+r)d and t.e Eart. see0ed t+ be a grander,,0+re
)ig.ted w+r)d and Eart.,,a-ter 0y 0eeting wit. J+e; w.+ n+w
ta)4s and wa)4&&&in radiant gra*eE

$.apter 'N
MA%+$#&!+%3 637///

uss and Laya .ad p)anned -+r se/era) 0+nt.s t+ attend
t.e =u**a Ia))ey retreat in #epte0ber +- 198N& #in*e t.eir
.+0e was -u))y paid -+r t.ey de*ided t+ get a s0a)) )+an against
it t+ *+/er t.e *+st +- t.e wee4 )+ng retreat& T.ey needed MF9DDD&

T.ey app)ied -+r t.e )+an 0+re a 0+nt. be-+re t.e re,
treat9 and were *ertain t.e *as. w+u)d be in t.eir .ands in ti0e
t+ buy t.eir ti*4ets& ?>r+ng+ in t.e $+ng+E@ as t.e A! +-ten

A -ew 0+nt.s be-+re9 in ri-)ing t.r+ug. an +)d b++4 +-
business *ards9 uss .ad resp+nded t+ a sudden idea bub,
b)ed up int+ .is 0ind& "e rea)i6ed .e sti)) +wned pub)i*a,
ti+n rig.ts t+ a b++4 .e .ad written9 a sa)es t++) -+r se))ing a
pr+du*t& uss .ad s+)d .is business .a/ing t+ d+ wit.
.ea)t. -++d pr+du*t9 and .ad n+ use -+r t.e pub)i*ati+n
rig.ts t+ t.e b++4& =ears pri+r t+ t.is9 a business0an .ad
b+ug.t .undreds +- t.ese b++4s -r+0 uss&

Up+n ?stu0b)ing a*r+ss@ 0anAs business *ard9 uss
.ad sent a brie- )etter t+ .i0 +--ering t+ se)) t.e rig.ts t+ pub)is.
t.e b++4& uss as4ed .i0se)- -igure w+u)d be appr+priate9
and MF9DDD .ad *+0e int+ .is 0ind9 s+ .e said in .is )etter
.e w+u)d se)) t.e rig.ts t+ .is b++4 -+r -igure& "e stated t.e )etter w+u)d ser/e as a binding *+ntra*t9 and i- a**epted9
t+ send a *as.ierAs *.e*4 -+r MF9DDD be-+re t.e twenty,-irst +-
t.e -+))+wing 0+nt.&

uss .eard n+ resp+nse t+ .is +--er9 and .ad *+0p)ete)y
-+rg+tten a)) ab+ut it&

N+w9 t.e 0+rtgage *+0pany was dragging a)+ng +n t.e
.+use )+an and it sudden)y be*a0e +b/i+us t.e 0+ney was
n+t g+ing t+ 0ateria)i6e in ti0e -+r t.e =u**a Ia))ey retreat&
%+t. uss and Laya -e)t a str+ng c%ll t+ be in attendan*e at
e/ent& N+w t.e ele!e"th hour was rapid)y appr+a*.ing& Pani*
was setting in& >.at t+ d+ n+w5

T.e p.+ne rang& T.e /+i*e at t.e end +- t.e )ine e3,
p)ained e3*ited)y t.e )etter uss .ad sent 0any wee4s ag+
.ad :ust arri/ed t.e day be-+re9 and *ertain)y .is +--er t+ se))
.is b++4 rig.ts was a**epted& A *as.ierAs *.e*4 w+u)d be in t.e
0ai) !+nday 0+rning& It t++4 uss a -ew deep 0+0ents +-
sear*.ing .is 0e0+ry ban4s be-+re .e e/en re*a))ed sending t.e

O- *+urse9 t.e *as.ierAs *.e*4 arri/ed9 and ti*4ets -+r t.e
retreat were pur*.ased in t.e ni*4 +- ti0e& >.en t.ey were
an+inted by t.e A!9 t.ey 4new w.y t.ey .ad .ad su*. a
str+ng desire t+ be at retreat& >.en destiny *a))s,,
stands in t.e way,,0ani-esting MF9DDD is a *in*.E

$.apter '8
3O")#% CR#)+!

+ger t+)d 0e .e went -r+0 .is .+0e in New Jersey t+
/isit a -riend in +*.ester9 New =+r4& >.i)e t.ere .e saw t.e
"awaii /ide+ and saw t.e A! -+r t.e -irst ti0e&

+ger .ad been an ardent student +- 0etap.ysi*s -+r -i-,
teen years& "e t.+ug.t .e .ad seen e/ %ut w.en .e
saw and .eard t.e A!; t.e 0essage rang in .is s+u)& "e
4new .e .ad -ina))y -+und a tea*.er w+rt. )istening t+&&&&In p)a*e
+- p.i)+s+p.y .ere was a si0p)e but p+wer-u) dai)y 4n+w)edge
.e *+u)d )i/e&

+ger returned t+ .is 0eager paying :+b as a *.au--er wit.
a new s+ng in .is .eart& "e was deter0ined t+ a/ai) .i0se)- +-
a)) t.e tea*.ings +- t.e A! .e *+u)d -ind& Tw+ days )ater .e
wa)4ed int+ a 0etap.ysi*a) b++4st+re and -+und and b+ug.t t.e
b++49 @oy%ge to % Ae* 7orld by Boug M%hr+

? is it9@ .e t.+ug.t9 a-ter .e read it& "e wanted 0+re9
s+ .e went ba*4 -+r t.e big w.ite R%&th% b++4& "e read it in
t.e ne3t -ew days& E/ see0ed t+ *)i*4& "e -e)t *+0,
pe))ed t+ get a)) t.e 4n+w)edge -r+0 t.e A! .e *+u)d9 but
.+w5 "e was near)y -)at br+4e,,.is rent was due,,and n+ s+ur*e
+- in*+0e was in sig.t&

Ne/ert.e)ess .is w.+)e b+dy and s+u) yearned t+ attend t.e
ne3t intensi/e s*.edu)ed s++n in At)anta9 <e+rgia& It see0ed
i0p+ssib)e& %ut .e wanted it s+ 0u*.9 .e 4new s+0e.+w9,,
s+0e, way,, w+u)d +pen t.e d++r -+r .i0 t+ g+ -+r,
ward in )earning wit. t.e A!&

T.e -+))+wing day +ger pi*4ed up .is 0ai) t+ -ind a <+)d
$redit $ard issued in .is na0e& T.e *ard a))+wed c%sh *redit +-
MJ9DDDE A-ter .is initia) s.+*4 and e)ati+n9 +ger said .e g+t +n
t.e p.+ne,,0ade reser/ati+ns -+r a ti*4et t+ t.e At)anta e/ent,,
and pur*.ased .is air -are t+ At)anta&

Fr+0 t.ere .e 0igrated t+ t.e n+rt.west9 w.ere .e n+w
)i/es .appi)y& "is drea0 *a0e true be*ause .e wanted it s+
*+0p)ete)y& "e n+w 4n+ws t.e +uter g+)d is $ool5s gold/ and t.e
re%l g+)d is t.e #"o*ledge *ithi" is -+re/er&

$.apter '9
"+3,!& O%

!any .a/e .eard t.e A! ann+un*e,,as .e )++4s +ut +/er
an audien*e,,?T.e )ig.ts are *+0ing +n&@ TanyaAs st+ry gi/es
new 0eaning t+ t.ese w+rds&

Tanya and .er were dri/ing t+ >as.ingt+n -r+0 $a),
i-+rnia& >it. tw+ dri/ers9 t.ey *+u)d ta4e turns be.ind t.e and dri/e +n a)) t.r+ug. t.e nig.t wit.+ut st+pping&

Tanya .ad been at a re*ent audien*e wit. t.e A! w.ere
.e .ad pr+0ised t+ send e/ery+ne in attendan*e s+0e unusua)
)ig.ts t+ )ig.t up t.eir )i/es& #.e said s++n a-ter t.ey began
t.eir trip9 s.e and .er saw a .uge r+und )ig.t in t.e s4y& It
stayed wit. t.e0 and :ust ab+/e t.e0 as t.ey dr+/e -+r a)0+st
an .+ur&

Later sa0e e/ening9 Tanya )++4ed up +ut +- t.eir /an
t+ see .undreds +- *+)+red )ig.ts -)i*4ering pin49 b)ue and w.ite
:ust +utside +- t.e wind+ws& Try as .e w+u)d .er *+u)d
n+t see t.e0& Fina))y&&& t.e g)+ri+us )ig.t s.+w ended&

A-ter an une/ent-u) -ew .+urs +- dri/ing9 a new enig0a +*,
*urred& ti0e .er did see it& T.e +/er.ead )ig.t,,
w.i*. .ad ne/er w+r4ed in t.e past se/era) years,,sudden)y
turned +n& N+ 0atter .+w +-ten t.ey turned t.e swit*. -r+0 o"
t+ o$$))n+r .+w .ard t.ey tried,,Tanya and .er si0p)y
*+u)d n+t turn t.e )ig.t +--& Fina))y&&&t.ey ga/e up trying and )et
it burn&

As day)ig.t *a0e&&&t.e )ig.t turned +-- :ust as 1ui*4)y and
0agi*a))y as it .ad turned +n& T+ date )ig.t .as ne/er
w+r4ed again& %y t.e ti0e t.ey g+t t+ >as.ingt+n9 Tanya 4new
s.e *ertain)y .ad re*ei/ed 0+re .er s.are +- )ig.t ru""ers+
#.e said t.e +n)y )ig.t s.e wants t+ turn +n n+w is t.e big brig.t
)ig.t +- .er s+u) inside +- .erE

$.apter FD
&PAC# O$ *O.R O(%

T.e e)e*tr+,*.e0i*a) nature +- t.e b+dy +b/i+us)y .as t.e
abi)ity t+ *reate its +wn attra*ti/e +r repu)si/e -ie)ds& T.e ener,
gy was s+ .ig. at t.e )ast !ay9 1988 #n+w !+untain retreat in
$+)+rad+ wit. t.e A!9 0any 0ira*)es +**urred in t.e
)i/es +- t.e parti*ipants& "ere are tw+ +- t.e0&

A-ter a parti*u)ar up)i-ting audien*e wit. t.e A!9 +ne +-
t.e 0asters t+)d 0e .+w s.e .ad g+ne +ut int+ t.e w++ded
0+untain area and,,as t.e A! .ad instru*ted,,s.e -+und a
ni*e)y se*)uded p)a*e t+ rest and *+nte0p)ate s.e .ad
)earned day&

On a sunny s)+pe +/er)++4ing t.e /a))ey wit. t.e sun
spar4)ing +-- t.e 1uiet 0eandering strea09 s.e t.rew .er t+we)
d+wn +n a ni*e s+-t .i)) beside a tree& #.e )ay d+wn t+ rest and
t.in49 re/e)ing in t.e beauty +- t.e s*ene be-+re .er and t.e /ast
s4y +/er.ead& <radua))y9 t.e b+dy -e)t 0+re and 0+re re)a3ed
and s.e -e)) int+ a deep9 pea*e-u) s)u0ber&

A -ew .+urs )ater9 s.e aw+4e and rea)i6ed it 0ust be
ti0e t+ .ead ba*4 -+r dinner at t.e *a-eteria& #.e sat up9 t.en
st++d9 stret*.ing )u3uri+us)y& As s.e bent +/er and pi*4ed up
.er t+we)9 s.e was start)ed t+ see 0any .undreds +- ants running
ab+ut +n t.e u"derside +- .er t+we)E #.e )++4ed d+wn and
saw s.e .ad g+ne t+ s)eep +n t+p +- a .uge9 n+w /ery a*,
ti/e9 ant.i))9 yet "ot o"e %"t h%d cr%*led o" her body/ or e!e"
her clothes0
>.at 0a4es st+ry e/en 0+re a0a6ing is I .ad g+ne
+n a wa)4 +ut int+ t.e 0+untains sa0e day wit. a w+0an
-riend& In t.e *+urse +- +ur .i4ing I de/+ured a pea*. I .ad
put in 0y p+*4et during )un*.& A-ter +-- 0+st +- t.e
pea*. I .ad t.e sudden idea t+ -ind an ant .i)) and dep+sit t.e
pea*. pit and re0aining atta*.ed -ruit +n t+p +- t.e ant .+/e)& I
as4ed 0y -riend t+ 4eep an eye +ut -+r a big ant .i))&

>e did t.e 0ani-estati+n te*.ni1ue taug.t t+ us by t.e
A!& #ure en+ug.& > 0inutes we wa)4ed straig.t int+ a
)arge ant .i))& I dep+sited t.e pea*. pit +n t.e t+p +- busy
ant .+/e) and sat *)+se by t+ +bser/e& I wat*.ed,,)i4e an e3*ited
)itt)e b+y,,as t.e ants dis*+/ered t.e tasty 0+rse) and began t+
swar0 +/er it in -ranti* :+y&

!y w+0an -riend see0ed t+ tire +- sp+rt be-+re I did9
and de*ided t+ )ie ba*4 +n a nearby )+g t+ rest& #.e 0ade .erse)-
*+0-+rtab)e9 *)+sed .er eyes and went int+ t.e :+y-u) si)en*e +-
.er +wn being& Ten +r -i-teen 0inutes +- /ery interested ant
wat*.ing )ater9 I de*ided it was ti0e t+ .ead ba*4 d+wn t.e
0+untain and return t+ t.e )+dge w.ere t.e gr+up was staying&

Turning t+ awa4en 0y w+0an -riend9 I was ast+unded t+
see 0yriads +- ants swar0ing +/er t.e )+g s.e was )ying +n&
Ar+using .er&&&I t+)d .er ants were swar0ing a)) ar+und .er&
#.e sat up s)+w)y t+ see& T+ +ur surprise9 e/en t.+ug. t.e )+g
was /irtua))y *+/ered wit. busy )itt)e ants9 t.ere was n+t a sing)e
ant +n .er b+dy +r *)

#+9 w.en 0aster t+)d 0e ab+ut .er ant .i)) e3pe,
rien*e9 I 4new we .ad ea*. been pri/i)eged t+ /iew yet
s0a)) 0ira*)e& -here %re "o %ccide"ts+

$.apter F1
*O.R C,+")R#% AR# PRO!#C!#)

Guring an intensi/e in Ta0pa in 198H9 t.e 1uesti+n was ad,
dressed t+ t.e A! +- w+u)d .appen t+ t.e *.i)dren w.+
were )e-t be.ind w.en 0asters 0+/ed t+ *ities& a0t.a
bea0ed and said t.ere w+u)d be a +- pr+te*ti+n
p)a*ed ar+und t.e *.i)dren9 0+t.ers need n+t waste t.eir
ti0e w+rrying ab+ut it&

O- *+urse,,Gusty9 t.e w.+ t+)d 0e st+ry,,said state0ent by t.e A! br+ug.t great e0+ti+na) re)ie- t+
.er&&&as we)) as t+ 0any 0+t.ers s.e ta)4ed wit. in
audien*e& Gusty said s.e n+w *+u)d t.en pea*e-u))y 0a4e
.er 0+/e t+ t.e N+rt.west&&&4n+wing .er gr+wing *.i)dren
were in g++d .ands&

T.e pr++- +- a0t.aAs pr+0ise )itera))y *a0e .+0e w.en,,
+n February '8 +- t.e -+))+wing year,,a de/astating t+rnad+
dr+pped d+wn -r+0 t.e s4y&&&and )e/e)ed t.e t+wn w.ere .er
+)dest s+n )i/ed& T.e t+rnad+ was t.e )argest e/er re*+rded&&&
+/er tw+ 0i)es wide and -+rty 0i)es )+ng& T.e pat. +- destru*,
ti+n passed +ne .undred yards +- .er s+nAs .+0e&&& yet
0issed it *+0p)ete)y&

It upr++ted giant trees and *+0p)ete)y de0+)is.ed t.e
t+wnAs s*.++) bui)ding& It was a #aturday,,s+ t.ere was n+
s*.++),,and .er grands+n and t.e *.i)dren were spared&
Gusty said .er grands+n was /isiting .is grand0a,,in,
stead +- p)aying ne3t d++r in t.e neig.b+rAs yard,,w.ere .e usu,
a))y p)ayed& Ne3t d++r at t.e neig.b+rAs .+use&&&e/ was

At a Pers+na) Assistan*e audien*e in !ay +- 198N9 Gusty
said s.e t.an4ed t.e A! pers+na))y -+r pr+te*ting .er -a0i)y
during t.e t+rnad+& T.e A! rep)ied s.e s.+u)d a)s+ be
t.an4-u) s.e .ad b+t. t.e eyes t+ see,,and t.e wisd+0 t+ un,
derstand a &ir%cle+ "e said9 ?!ira*)es&&&t.ey d+ e3ist& =+u wi))
)i/e t+ d+ it t++E@ >.at a w+nder-u) pr+p.e*yE A)) +- us are i"
li"e -+r

"er 18 year +)d s+n br+4e .is -++t9& -+rtunate)y spared
.i0 -r+0 being sent t+ t.e Persian
<u)-& %rea4ing int+ a beauti-u) s0i)e,,s.e said I w+u)d .a/e
t+ be a 0yse)- t+ understand .+w re)ie/ed s.e is,,4n+w,
ing .er *.i)dren are n+w a)) under genuine di/ine pr+te*ti+n&

$.apter F'
+ CA% &## %O( !OO

!y -riend Ge),, .as n+t +n)y been ab)e t+ see aura,,but t+)d
0e +- seeing a 0+st )ig.t s.+w +ne day wit. .er sister&&&w.en
t.e sun turned b)ue& Guring t.e -ew 0+nt.s Ge) and I .ad
)i/ed t+get.er9 I .ad +-ten strained 0y eyes t+ see auras9 s+0e,
ti0es i0agining I .ad seen s+0e )ig.t ar+und t.e .ead +-
s+0e+ne& %ut it :ust was n+t .appening&&&)i4e I wanted it t+ .ap,
pen& I did n+t see auras *)ear)y&

Gri/ing t+ #n+w !+untain in Color%do,,wit. 0y seei"g
-riend,,*.anged a)) >e .ad st+pped )ate in t.e a-tern++n +-
t.e se*+nd day -+r a rest -r+0 +ur *+ntinu+us dri/ing s*.edu)e&
As we g+t ba*4 int+ t.e *ar I re0ar4ed I .ad a -ee)ing we
were g+ing t+ see a 0+st unusua) sunset e/ening&

I )++4ed t+ward t.e sun .anging )+w in t.e .ea/ens and
*+00ented t+ Ge) I .ad ne/er seen t.e sun s+ sn+w w.ite
brig.t& It re0inded 0e9 I said,,+- t.e w.iteness +- t.e )ig.t
was s+ da66)ing w.ite during 0y pers+na) deat. e3perien*e at
age 18& Ge) agreed it see0ed w.iter and brig.ter s.e
.ad e/er seen it be-+re& #.e *+ntinued t+ wat*. it&

A -ew 0+0ents )ater s.e s.+uted t.e sun .ad turned
b)ue& I )++4ed and saw s.e was )++4ing straig.t int+ t.e sun and
it was a s+)id b)ue *+)+r& I g)an*ed t+ward .er and saw t.e sun
strea0ing a*r+ss .er -a*e as s.e )++4ed straig.t int+ it& I was
a0a6ed s.e *+u)d d+ #.e t+)d 0e s.e .ad a -ee)ing i- I st+pped t.e *ar and )++4ed at t.e sun dire*t)y I w+u)d
a)s+ be ab)e t+ see t.e b)ue sun& F+r se/era) 0+0ents I -+ug.t
t.e idea&

Fina))y I de*ided 0y attitude "eeded ch%"gi"g& "+w
w+u)d I e/er 4n+w un)ess I tried it&&&s+ I pu))ed +/er t+ t.e side
+- t.e r+ad& Ge) i00ediate)y :u0ped +ut +- t.e *ar and st++d
)++4ing at t.e sun&&&*+00enting +n its )+/e)y b)ue *+)+r& #.e
urged 0e t+ )++4 dire*t)y int+ it t++& I resisted be*ause it
see0ed awes+0e)y brig.t& T.en a /+i*e inside 0e said9
?>.ereAs y+ur *+urage5 G+ itE@ I t.en turned and )++4ed
straig.t int+ t.e b)a6ing *ir*u)ar w.ite -ire&

T+ 0y e*stati* w+nder and de)ig.t&&&t.e brig.tness *+0,
p)ete)y disappeared& Instead9 I was staring int+ a .uge r+und9 s+),
id b)ue +rb wit. a t.in9 si)/er e)e*tri* ring ar+und it& I s.+uted t+
Ge) I was seeing a b)ue sun9 t++& Ge)iri+us wit. :+y&&&we
b+t. wat*.ed a pin4 *+)+r start t+ -i)) t.e /+id ar+und t.e b)ue
sun&&&and s++n -+))+wed by a brig.t g+)den *+)+r& >e e3*ited)y
*+0pared n+tes +n t.e *.anging *+)+rs surr+unding t.e b)ue
sun&&&0at*.ing per-e*t)y&

#eated in t.e *ar +n*e again&&&t.e g+)d *+)+r began -)++ding
t.e interi+r +- t.e *ar& As we )++4ed at t.e r+ad a.ead +- and
ar+und us it )++4ed )i4e s+0e+ne .ad ta4en t.+usands +- bus.e)s
+- spar4)ing brig.t g+)d dust and sprin4)ed it +n a r+ad stret*.ing
upward and be-+re us int+ s+0e .ea/en)y distan*e& It was a
spar4)ing g+)den r+ad9 0+re beauti-u) w+rds *an des*ribe&

A-ter a -ew 0+re 0inutes9 t.e spe*ta*u)ar )ig.t s.+w end,
ed9 and we dr+/e +-- :ubi)ant)y &&&*asting a -re1uent eye ba*4,
ward t+ t.e n+w setting sun -i))ing t.e .ea/ens wit. e3tra+rdi,
nary sp)end+r& e/ening9 t+ 0y added de)ig.t9 I saw t.e aura +- Ge)
*)ear)y&&&and -r+0 day -+rt.&&&I .a/e seen auras :ust by -+*us,
ing 0y eyes and seeing *)ear)y& T.an4s t+ 0y Lord 2od *ithi"/ I
t++ *an see n+w&&&&

$.apter FF
$AC+%3 $#AR&

T.e A! .as +-ten t+)d us i- we wi)) tear t.e 0as4 +--
t.e spe*ter +- -ear we wi)) -ind it t+ be -a*e)ess& T.ere is n+t.,
ing t.ere but t.e -ear-u) attitude +- t.e per*ei/er& "e a)s+ 0en,
ti+nedQat #n+w !+untain in $+)+rad+ in !ay +- 1988,,
t.ere are n+ %ccide"t%l drea0s& >e a)) use drea0s as a s%$e way
t+ w+r4 +ut +ur -ears and e3perien*es we are "ot yet
re%dy to $%ce in t.ree,di0ensi+na) rea)ity&

>endy re)ated t.e -+))+wing 0eaning-u) drea0 t+ 0e& In
.er drea0 s.e -+und .erse)- in /ery a )arge barn& #.e was stand,
ing in t.e dar49 and was /ery s*ared& Tw+ -ear-u) -igures were
sitting in t.e dar4 t+ .er rig.t& A brig.t )ig.t strea0ed in -r+0 a
d++r +n t.e )e-t&

#udden)y9 s.e -e)t t.e 0+0entu0 +- .er -ear in*rease and
s.e began tu0b)ing -+rward +/er and +/er& #udden)y a -ee)ing
+- )ig.t .eartedness *a0e +/er .er and s.e sp+4e -+rt.9 ?Fr+0
t.e L+rd <+d +- !y %eing&&&I want t+ 4n+w I a0 a-raid
+-E@ #.e -e)t it was a pr+-+und 0+0ent& #.e -e)t -ear&&&yet was
bra/e en+ug. t+ as4 w.y&

A)) at +n*e s.e -e)t an awareness +- being ba*4 .+0e in .er
bed again& #.e was sti)) as)eep but n+w s.e e3perien*ed wa/e a-,
ter wa/e +- -ear wra*4 .er b+dy +n a)) )e/e)s& T.en s.e -e)t t.e0
)ea/e .er )i4e in an e3+r*is0 rite& As s.e rested a /+i*e said9 ?It
is d+ne&@

At 0+0ent s.e -e)t a sweet bree6e -)+w t.r+ug. t.e
.+use and -e)t *ertain a -r+nt wind+w was wide +pen& T.e
c%ress o$ *i"d a*r+ss .er *.ee4 was t.e sweetest *aress s.e e/er
-e)t& #.e 4new it was t.e A!&

>endy aw+4e t+ -u)) *+ns*i+usness& %e-+re .er s.e saw t.e
-u)) -+r0 +- a )arge triang)e& T.e b+tt+0 -+ur )e/e)s were -i))ed
wit. light2 t.e upper t.ree )e/e)s re0aining were a !oid,,t.e
great dar4 un4n+wn,,to be $illed+ #i)ent)y s.e )ay t.ere -i))ed
wit. a sense +- pea*e and a *ertainty +- t.e -ee)ing +- ?I A!@
bey+nd w+rds& #.e 4new s.e w+u)d ne/er -ee) -ear +- the u")
#"o*" and the u"see" again&

$.apter F(
A B.R%+%3 )#&+R#

Fr+0 ti0e t+ ti0e9 t.e A! .as 0ade t.e state0ent
.e is n+t ab+/e +r be)+w w+r4s& As a ru)e .e dis,
*+urages ritua)9 t.e use +- *rysta)s9 astr+)+gy9 a0u)ets and
*rut*.es as t+u*.st+nes in a*.ie/ing se)-,p+wer& "+we/er a ru)e
is a ru)e si0p)y be*ause t.ere are e3*epti+ns& T.e -+))+wing st+,
ry t+)d t+ 0e by i*.ard9 -r+0 Ta*+0a9 >as.ingt+n9 is *ertain)y
+ne +- t.+se w+nder-u) e3*epti+ns&

i*.ard t+)d 0e .e .ad rea*.ed /ery )+w ebb in .is
)i-e& "e .ad run +ut +- 0+ney9 and .ad n+ :+b& Gesperate)y .e
s*+ured t.e *ity -+r s+0e 4ind +- w+r4& "e was ready t+ a**ept
a)0+st :ust t+ bring in a -ew d+))ars& Gespite tra/e)ing
t+ and -r+ and .ere and t.ere -+r se/era) -ruit)ess days,&&&.e
-+und n+ pr+spe*t -+r i00ediate w+r4&

Frustrated and weary .e sat d+wn and p+ndered .is di)e0,
0a& "e was t+ta))y +ut +- 0+ney,,n+ :+b in sig.t,, *+u)d .e
d+5 T.e 1uesti+n sudden)y triggered a 0e0+ry&

"e re0e0bered in a pers+na) *+nsu)tati+n9 t.e A!
.ad +n*e t+)d a -riend i- .e rea))y wanted,,wit. a
bur"i"g desire,,.e s.+u)d put .is desire in writing,,+n a b)an4
pie*e +- paper& T.en .e was t+ put t.e sig"%ture o$ the RAM))+n
t.e paper,,as a witness& T.en sign .is +wn na0e,,and burn t.e
paper& I- t.e desire was tru)y str+ng en+ug. it w+u)d be*+0e a
rea)ity,,s+0eti0e s++n,,a-ter t.e written i"!oc%tio" was burned&

>it.+ut .esitati+n9 i*.ard grabbed a )arge9 *)ean s.eet +-
paper and a pen and wr+te9 ?Fr+0 t.e L+rd <+d +- !y being9
unt+ t.e wit.in9 I want a :+b I wi)) en:+y d+ing&&&rig.t
away& #+ be itE@

As .e .asti)y s*ribb)ed t.e w+rds9 i*.ard said .e tru)y -e)t
a -er/ent assuran*e .is desire w+u)d s++n be a rea)ity& "e
-+und a b++4 +- 0at*.es and set t.e paper +n t+p +- t.e w++d
st+/e and ignited it& "e wat*.ed t.e paper *at*. -ire9 burning
-aster and -aster9 and -ina))y diss+)/ing int+

#+ be it9@ .e /+i*ed& "e -e)t and 4new .is desire was +n its
way int+ 0ateria) 0ani-estati+n&

Less ten 0inutes )ater t.e p.+ne rang& i*.ard was +-,
-ered a :+b,,starting t.e /ery ne3t day,,:ust a*r+ss t.e street -r+0
w.ere .e )i/ed& "e a**epted t.e :+b and )+/ed it& "e sti)) d+es *ra-t t+day as a .+bby& i*.ard per-+r0ed t.e ritua) sug,
gested by t.e a0 and swi-t)y rea)i6ed .is burning desire&

$.apter FJ
A )O.B"# RA+%BO( is a w+nder-u) st+ry t+)d t+ 0e by J+.n9 a business0an
-riend& =ears ag+ t.e A! a))+wed pers+na) *+nsu)tati+n audi,
en*es wit. *ertain 0asters w.+ as4ed -+r t.e0& Guring su*. au,
dien*e9 J+.n was t+)d .is desire t+ +wn a /ery )arge )u*ra,
ti/e business was s++n t+ be -u)-i))ed& a0t.a said i- .e
)++4ed up int+ t.e s4y +n t.e day .e a*1uired business
.e w+u)d see % r%i"bo* )i4e .e .ad ne/er seen be-+re& T.e rain,
b+w w+u)d be a sign t+ .i0 t.e predi*ti+n .ad *+0e true&

In t.e *+urse +- t.e -+))+wing 0+nt.s9 J+.n .eard +- a busi,
ness -+r sa)e in*)uded se/era) t.+usand distribut+rs +- t.e
pr+du*ts 0ade and s+)d& T.e pri*e was rig.t9 and it )++4ed )i4e
:ust J+.n and .is partner wanted& T.ey 0+/ed 1ui*4)y9
and a -ew wee4s )ater t.e *.e*4 pur*.asing t.e business was
.anded t+ t.e se))er&

J+.n went t+ t.e ban4 wit. t.e se))er t+ 0a4e sure t.e .uge
*.e*4 was *as.ed wit.+ut pr+b)e0& T.e 0+ney *.anged .ands9
and t.e tw+ 0en s.++4 .ands +n t.eir 0utua))y satis-ying agree,
0ent& T.ey *)i0bed ba*4 int+ t.e *ar and .eaded ba*4 t+ t.e
se))ers +--i*e&

Just t.en9 J+.n )++4ed up and began t+ )aug. wit. g)ee& "e
p+inted e3*ited)y up t+ward t.e s4y& T.ere in t.e 0+st /i/id *+),
+rs i0aginab)e,,-r+0 *ri0s+n red t+ ri*. /i+)et,,was n+t +ne9 but
t*o r%i"bo*s stret*.ing a*r+ss t.e entire Eart. .+ri6+n&

Chapter 36
MO%#* +% !,# BA%4 is a)s+ a A! ta)e -r+0 business0an I
4n+w /ery we))& It see0s t.ere are tru)y n+ a**idents L it was
t.e sa0e 0an w.+ s+)d t.e business t+ J+.n&

T.e st+ry g+es ba*4 t+ w.en t.e business was strugg)ing t+
sur/i/e& It was a t+u*. and g+ situati+n& T.ere was n+ 0+re
0+ney t+ e3pand t.e business& A *+unt s.+wed t.ere were +n)y
ab+ut t.irty a*ti/e distribut+rs +- pr+du*ts9 and t.e 0+nt.)y
+/er.ead was )arger t.e in*+0e&

<+ -+rward9 +r 1uit5 T.e desp+ndent business0an was n+
1uitter& "e .ad :ust re*ent)y been intr+du*ed t+ t.e A! and
wat*.ed e/ery /ide+& "e )istened t+ e/ery A! *assette tape .e
*+u)d get .is .ands +n& "e 4new t.e A! w+u)d .a/e 0ar*.ed
-+rward and .e *.+se t+ d+ t.e sa0e&

A -ew days a-ter .is deter0ined de*isi+n 0an re*ei/ed
a )etter -r+0 .is ban4 saying -+ur t.+usand d+))ars .ad been
ban4wired t+ .is a**+unt& Ast+nis.ed&&&.e as4ed .is *a))er w.+
.ad sent t.e 0+ney t+ .i0& T.e te))er at t.e ban4 said it was
-r+0 a -+reign *+untry,,-r+0 s+0e+ne wit. an unpr+n+un*eab)e
-+reign na0e,,but it de-inite)y was a b+na -ide wire +- -+ur t.+u,
sand d+))ars dep+sited and spendab)e&&& int+ .is a**+unt&

#ti)) 0ysti-ied9 .e rea)i6ed t.e 0+ney was t.e answer t+ .is
prayers& >it. gratitude&&&.e used t.e 0+ney t+ bran*.
+ut; and .is business grew t+ in*)ude se/era) t.+usand a*ti/e
sa)es distribut+rs :ust tw+ years&

A -ew wee4s a-ter t.e strange ban4 dep+sit9 t.e 0ystery
was s+)/ed& T.e business0an .ad a /ery /i/id drea09 and w+4e
re0e0bering t.e t%le end +- t.e drea0 0+st *)ear)y& In t.e
drea0Qt.e A! was ) wit. great g)ee,,and saying9
18our thous%"d doll%rs C h%/ h%/ h%/ h%001

$.apter FN
(A& +! P"#+A)#A%8

G+nna re)ated ta)e t+ us in .er +wn w+rds&

?>.en I was se/en9 I was awa4ened by t.ese t.ree s.ips
putting +n a s.+w +utside 0y wind+w& T.ey were 6ig6agging
ar+und and disappearing and reappearing again&&&.a/ing a g++d
+)d ti0e -+r see0ed )i4e a 0inute&&&but turned +ut t+ be -i-,
teen& Ne3t 0+rning I t.+ug.t I .ad drea0ed it&&&unti) I g+t
t+ s*.++) and -+und +ut it *%s published i" the "e*sp%per+

?F+r t.e ne3t se/en years I wa)4ed si3 b)+*4s .+0e e/ery
nig.t a-ter dan*e *)ass& I w+u)d a)ways ta)4 t+ star& A*tua),
)y9 it was 0y o"e true lo!e I was a)ways ta)4ing w.+ I 4new
)i/ed +n star& 7N+9 I did n+t wat*. #tar Tre4&8& I w+u)d
i0agine .i0 0ateria)i6ing under t.e street )a0p +n e/ery *+r,
ner&&&and weAd e0bra*e& T.atAs si3 street )a0ps -i/e nig.t s a
wee4 -+r se/en yearsE

?>.en I was -i-teen9 I g+t .+)d +- s+0e +)d 0etap.ysi*a)
b++4 said Ju)y 'J was t.e date we were 0+st psy*.i*a),
)y in tune wit. e3traterrestria)s& It s+ .appened I was ta4ing *are
+- a -riend nig.t9 and staying in t.e spare r++0 w.i*. .ad
)arge g)ass wind+ws -a*ing a big +)d tree in t.e ba*4yard& I de,
*ided IAd gi/e it a s.+t&&&s+ be-+re I went t+ bed I prayed and
prayed -+r a 0eeting wit.,, pers+n,,,w.+e/er .e was& !y
+ne true )+/e& My soul&%te9

?In t.e 0idd)e +- t.e nig.t I w+4e up& I +pened 0y eyes and
)++4ed +ut& I saw under t.e tree& It was an +/+id
s.aped w.ite )ig.t& Inside +- it9 t.ese )itt)e b)ue spar4)es +-
)ig.t began t+ *+0e +n& T.ey be*a0e 0+re and 0+re
/isib)e&&&unti) I *+u)d see it *%s % &%" &%teri%li:i"g0
?It a)) .appened /ery 1ui*4)y& I pani*4ed and t.rew t.e *+/,
ers +/er 0y .ead9 para)y6ed wit. -ear& I said9 ?IA0 s+ s+rryE IA0
s+ s+rryE IA0 :ust n+t ready yetE@ I g+t a de-inite -ee)ing +- *a)0
and t.e w+rds9 ?ItAs a)rig.t&&&*he"e!er you5re re%dy+1

?N+w9 )ast year I pi*4ed up 0y -riend9 T+ny9 and ga/e .i0
a ride t+ t.e A!As Kuesti+n and Answers intensi/e& Out +- t.e
b)ue9 .e as4ed 0e i- IAd e/er .ad a ringing in 0y ears& I said9
y+u g+ A%$GEF<;and get 0ad be*ause t.e ringing st+ps +n
any )etter but t.e +ne y+u want it t+,,w.i*. is y+ur
)+/erAs,,be*ause it 0eans .eAs t.in4ing ab+ut y+u&A 758 "e

>e))9 a0t.a .ad t+)d .i0 it was a *+nta*t -r+0 a spa*e i- .eAd b)ess t.e0&&& s++n it w+u)d s)+w d+wn
and .e w+u)d understand was being said t+ .i0& I .ad ne/,
er .eard +- be-+re&

?At t.e intensi/e I .ad t.ree 1uesti+ns& One +- t.e0 was
ab+ut t.ese e3perien*es I .ad& A)t.+ug. I didnAt spea4 +ut )+ud9
a)) 0y 1uesti+ns were answered& A )itt)e b+y as4ed ab+ut
U&F&O&As and a0t.a as4ed i- .e .ad .eard +- t.e P)eiades& "e
said Cn+C and a0t.a said .e w+u)d send .i0 s+0e in-+r0ati+n&
I g+t a de-inite e)e*tri* s.+*4& I .ad p)enty +- in-+r0ati+n +n t.e
P)eiadesQw.i*. is .+w,,and w.y I .a/e a w.+)e st+ry&

?A-ter t.e intensi/e I went +/er t+ t.e )itt)e b+y and t+)d
.i0 .e was we)*+0e t+ see t.e b++4s and /ide+s I .ad& As we
were ta)4ing I g+t su*. a )+ud ringing in 0y ear I *+u)dnAt
e/en .ear t.e ra*4et in t.e r++0E I *+n-ided t+ T+ny I was a
)itt)e -rig.tened ab+ut it&

?Later wee4 I was awa4ened +n tw+ di--erent nig.ts& I
#"e* i- I went +utside IAd 0eet s+0e+ne& T.e -irst ti0e I
g+t as -ar as t.e .a))way&&&but was t.en gripped wit. t.e 0+st
in*redib)e para)y6ing -earE =+u 4n+w9 t.e )+*4,:aw /ariety&
T.e se*+nd ti0e I didnAt e/en 0a4e it +ut +- bedE

?"ere was I deep)y desired9 yet I sti)) -eared&
IA0 sti)) w+r4ing +n +ne&@

$.apter F8
!(+% MA%+$#&!A!+O%&

O/er and +/er in .is tea*.ings9 t.e A! stresses t.e i0,
p+rtan*e +- )earning .+w t+ &%"i$est we desire& In in,
stan*e9 t.e A! 0ani-ested tw+ 0ira*)es at t.e sa0e ti0e,,+ne
-+r 0e,,and +ne -+r near,by be)+/ed 0aster&

F+))+wing .is sage ad/i*e9 I 0ani-ested t.e ?g+)d@ needed
t+ attend b+t. +- t.e P+wer t+ !ani-est intensi/es .e)d in #eat,
t)e& twin 0ani-estati+n +**urred during t.e se*+nd wee4end
intensi/e& An audien*e +- near)y a t.+usand 0asters was -i)ter,
ing s)+w)y ba*4 int+ t.e r++0 :ust be-+re t.e start +- an a-ter,
n++n sessi+n&

>e were a)) *+0-+rtab)y sett)ed +n t.e -)++r&&& t.e
A! *a))s co&&o" grou"d+ I sat -ar ba*4 in t.e *r+wd near t.e
*enter d++rway& !+st +- t.e pe+p)e were sett)ed d+wn +n t.e
-)++r n+w waiting eager)y -+r t.e sessi+n t+ begin& A -ew strag,
g)ers were tri*4)ing in& As usua)9 t.e A! sat rega))y +n
stage&&&waiting patient)y -+r t.e e3a*t per$ect 0+0ent t+ begin&

I was de)ig.ted& T.e -irst wee4end sessi+n was indeed
p+wer-u) but se*+nd wee4end intensi/e was an e/en bigger
b)+*4buster& I sat e3*ited)y )++4ing up t+ward t.e stage at t.e
A!&&&-i))ed wit. awe9 w+nder and t.an4sgi/ing&

?>.at a grand tea*.er y+u are? I t.+ug.t& ?%ut w+u)dnAt it
be w+nder-u) i- y+u did a 0ira*)e 0ani-estati+n -+r us t+day&@
T.e A! *aug.t 0y eye and $i'ed his g%:e o" &e+ I *+ntinued
t+ 0use9 .S%i <%b% %"d other te%chers o$ the 8%r E%st o$te"
per$or& little &ir%cles $or their de!otees+1 I added .asti)y9 ?O-
*+urse9 we *ertain)y are n+t y+ur de/+tees -+r y+ur w.+)e tea*.,
ing is dire*ted t+ward 0a4ing ea*. +ne +- us s+/ereign9 depen,
dent +n n+ +ne but t.e Mighty Lord 2od us&@
?=et@9 I 0used9 as t.e A! stared ba*49 ?It w+u)d rea))y
be a treat t+ see y+u per-+r0 s+0e 4ind +- p.ysi*a) 0ira*)e 0an,
i-estati+n -+r us& N+ big dea)&&&but e/eryb+dy w+u)d )+/e it&@

I was start)ed +ut +- 0y re/erie %s the RAM le%ped to his
$eet+ T.e *r+wd grew si)ent& T.e A! I"deeded t+ t.e di--erent
se*ti+ns +- t.e r++0&&&sur/eyed t.e audien*e -+r a 0+0ent&&&t.en
)eaped ni0b)y +-- t.e stage& I wat*.ed .i0 wea/e .is way t+,
ward t.e ba*4 +- t.e *r+wd& #udden)y .e /eered dire*t)y t+ward
0e& "e t.en st+pped ab+ut ten -eet t+ 0y side,,in a )ine +- /isi+n
w.ere I *+u)d see e/ *)ear)y,,and .e 4ne)t d+wn in -r+nt
+- a /ery )+/e)y y+ung dar4,.aired w+0an& I00ediate)y t.e
A! began t+ rub .is .ands /ig+r+us)y& At t.e sa0e
ti0e,, .e b)ew a*r+ss t.e0 wit. t.e s+und +- a r+aring ga)e&

%e.+)dE T.ere9 in t.e breat.)ess si)en*e -+))+wed&&&
t.ere )ay a sing)e9 w.ite pear),,)ay t.ere 0ani-ested in t.e +pen
pa)0 +- t.e A!Rs rig.t .and,,w.i*. n+w e3tended t+ward t.e
y+ung w+0an& #.e rea*.ed -+r it wit. a s.rie4 and began t+ *ry
a)0+st .ysteri*a))y&

a0t.a *a)0ed .er d+wn 1ui*4)y& "e 0ur0ured a -ew
w+rds s+-t)y 0eant +n)y -+r .er ears& T.en .e 1ui*4)y spun +n
.is .ee)s and +n +/er t+ 0e& I sat +n t.e -)++r )++4ing
up t+ward .i0 0+ut. agape,,wide,eyed,,and 0y .eart p+unding&
"e gent)y p)a*ed .is .ands +n 0y .ead and )++4ed deep9 deep
int+ 0y eyes&&&wit. a s0i)e )it t.e .ea/ens&

?T.an4 y+u9 t.an4 y+u9 br+t.er9@ I gasped t.r+ug. *.+4ed
breat.s9 tears we))ing up in 0y eyes&

?Indeed9@ said t.e A! wit. a twin4)e9 and 0ar*.ed +n .is
way t+ part +- t.e /ery big asse0b)y&

Later,,at dinner,,I ta)4ed wit. t.e dar4 .aired )ady and t++4
a )+ng9 *)+se and appre*iati/e )++4 at t.e )u0in+us w.ite pear)
t.e A! .ad 0ani-ested s+ grand)y -+r U#,,spe*i-i*a))y in
.and,,-+r .er& #.e e3*ited)y t+)d 0e t.e A! .ad t+)d .er
at an i"te"si!e 0+nt.s be-+re s.e needed t+ 1uit )++4ing at
t.ings as pr+b)e0s and turn t.e0 int+ pear)s +- wisd+0 instead&
a0t.a pro&ised her .e w+u)d return t+ .er side again i$ she
did it+ Ob/i+us)y9 s.e .ad&

T.e sweet 0e0+ry +- t*i" &%"i$est%tio" is inde)ib)y
printed +n 0y 0ind -+re/er&

$.apter F9
"A0AR.& !,# C,+C4#%

Tw+ t.+usand years ag+ %en J+sep.,,Jesus,,
br+ug.t La6arus ba*4 -r+0 t.e dead& sa0e -eat .as been
a**+0p)is.ed by a =e)09 >as.ingt+n 0aster na0ed Perry& E3,
*ept t.e dead b+dy Perry resurre*ted be)+nged t+ a *.i*4enE e/ent was witnessed by se/era) 0asters I inter,

In t.e deep +- t.e winter a *.i*4en .ad -a))en -r+0 its r++st
and was )ying -r+6en +n t.e gr+und& Its b+dy was sti-- and t.ere
was n+ sign +- )i-e& Perry pi*4ed up t.e -r+6en *.i*4en and
p)a*ed it +n a t+we)& T.+ug. it was dead,,t+ a)) appearan*es,,.e
de*ided t+ see i- .e *+u)d bring t.e *.i*4en b%c# to li$e through
the he%li"g tech"i(ue t%ught by the RAM+

"e -+r0ed .is .ands int+ a triad s.ape and -+*used .ea)ing
energies t.r+ug. t.e0& <radua))y .is .ands be*a0e /ery war09
t.en .+t& "e .e)d t.e0 t+ t.e *.i*4enAs -rigid b+dy& In a -ew
0inutes t.e *.i*4enRs b+dy began getting war0er& It 0ade a -aint
s)ig.t 0+/e0ent& T.en a .a)- 0inute )ater it 0ade a -ew 0+re

Perry -ee)ing great e3*ite0ent,,+/er su*. i00ediate re,
sp+nse,,ga/e t.an4s t+ t.e <+d and *+ntinued str+4ing
t.e *.i*4en gent)y wit. .is .ea)ing .ands& In a -ew 0+re 0in,
utes9 t.e *.i*4en was ab)e t+ stand up +n its +wn It was a)i/e but
)++4ing 1uite wea4&

Perry 1ui*4)y -ed t.e *.i*4en and ga/e it s+0e water& "e
wat*.ed,,a)+ng wit. t.e 0asters w.+ witnessed t.e e/ent,,
as t.e *.i*4en gradua))y grew str+nger& #++n9 it .ad regained
en+ug. strengt. t+ be put ba*4 wit. t.e rest +- t.e -)+*4& E/ery,
+ne wat*.ing app)auded&&&&

T+ 0a4e st+ry e/en 0+re ast+unding9 a -ew wee4s )at,
er9 *.i*4en )ay -r+6en and )i-e)ess +n t.e gr+und& %+t.
Perry,, and .is -riend9 Ga/e,,w+r4ing ti0e&&& *a))ed
-+rt. t.e .ea)ing -+r*e in t.eir .ands and *+0p)ete)y re/i/ed
*.i*4en t++& Natura))y9 t.ey were e)ated .ig.)y and :ubi)ant
ab+ut t.eir su**ess&

Ti0e st++d sti)) as t.ey t+)d 0e wit. gust+,,and great :+y,, a t.ri))ing pers+na) e3perien*e it was -+r t.e0 t+ see and t+
be resp+nsi/e and resp+nsib)e /e.i*)es -+r t.e w+r4 +- -he 8%)
ther 7ithi",,w.+ 0ade t.e *.i*4ens return ba*4 t+ )i-e be-+re
t.eir eyes& A *.i*4en brought b%c# to )i-e t+day&&&0aybe a .u,
0an t+0+rr+w5

$.apter (D
A CA! $OR M# !OO

An artist t+)d 0e t.e -+))+wing true tw+,Mir%cle)st+ries,in,
+ne& #.e e3p)ained .+w a gir)-riend +- .ers .ad attended audi,
en*es wit. t.e A! in t.e ear)y t+ 0id,eig.ties& At +ne +-
t.ese audien*es .e t+)d .er a s0a)) 4itten w+u)d s++n &%"i)
$est int+ .er )i-e&&& it w+u)d *+0e +ut +- a pi)e +- rubb)e& It
w+u)d be 0+rning w.en t.e 4itten appeared and .e suggested s.e na0e t.e 4itten Mor"i"g+

A -ew 0+nt.s )ater in a lo*er se*ti+n +- !an.attan9 a /ery
dirty but +t.erwise beauti-u),,#ia0ese 4itten wa)4ed +ut +- a
pi)e +- tras. and *a0e dire*t)y t+ .er& T.ere was n+ +wner in
sig.t9 and t.e 4itten was +b/i+us)y a stray& #.e res*ued the #it)
te" and re0e0bering t.e A!Rs pr+p.e*y,,s.e na0ed it !+rn,
ing,,:ust )i4e t.e A! .ad suggested&

In due ti0e9 Mor"i"g be*a0e pregnant and t.e artist ga/e
dire*ti+ns +/er t.e p.+ne t+ .er -riend +n .+w t+ .e)p de)i/er
t.e 4ittens& In t.e *+urse +- e/ents9 +ne +- t.e new)y,b+rn 4ittens
was se)e*ted t+ )i/e wit. t.e artist -riend& #.e )+/ed it
dear)y&&&and na0ed it adar& %ut adar was an /ery ad/enture,
s+0e 4itten and g+t )+st +ne day&&&ne/er t+ return& artist t+)d +ne +- .er -riends s.e was pers+na))y
through *ith c%ts+ #.e /+wed s.e w+u)d ne/er a**ept
4itten un)ess it wa)4ed rig.t up t+ .er and )++4ed e3a*t)y )i4e
adar&&& %"d *%s $ully gro*"+++but *ould "e!er gro* %"other

A -ew 0+nt.s passed9 and +ne day9 w.en returning t+ .er
.+0e9 s.e saw /ery tiny stray *at 0e+wed and wa)4ed
dire*t)y t+ward .er& "ere eyes grew wide& It )++4ed :ust )i4e
adar& #.e rus.ed +/er t+ t.e 4itten& T+ .er surprise it -e)) +/er
+n its side be-+re s.e *+u)d pi*4 it up& It was a)) :ust s4in and
b+nes,,+b/i+us)y 0+re .a)-,star/ed and /ery9 /ery si*4&
T.e superintendent +- .er bui)ding said t.e 4itten .ad been .id,
ing be.ind s+0e p)aster b+ard -+r se/era) days,,in a r++0 .e
was re0+de)ing,,and it did n+t be)+ng t+ any +- t.e tenants&

#.e rus.ed t.e 4itten t+ a /et,,w.+ t+)d .er t.+ug. t.e
*at was n+w /ery si*4 and star/ing,,it w+u)d be a)rig.t a-ter it
was )+/ing)y nursed ba*4 t+ .ea)t.& T.e Artist said9 ?O.9 y+u
p++r )itt)e 4itten&@

T.e /et said9 ? is n+ 4itten& It is a rare 0iniature
#ia0ese *at and it *ill "e!er gro* %"other i"ch01

$.apter (1
A 61/7/// MA%+$#&!A!+O%

A w+0an na0ed !i*.ae),,-r+0 $a)i-+rnia,,.ad )+ng been
in/+)/ed in 0etap.ysi*a) training t.r+ug. b+t. t.e Scie"ce o$
Mi"d and Religious Scie"ce *.ur*.es& T.en&&&s.e was intr+du*ed
t+ a0t.a& 0ira*)e +**urred during a peri+d +- ti0e w.en
s.e needed -unds&

#.e said s.e re*ei/ed a *.ain )etter -r+0 a -riend9 and
w+u)d n+r0a))y .a/e t+ssed it in t.e wastepaper bas4et wit. a
p+)ite9 ?N+9 T.an4 y+u@ n+te t+ t.e -riend& "+we/er&&& ti0e
s.e -e)t *+0pe))ed t+ -+))+w t.e instru*ti+n,,t+ t.e )etter,,w.i*.
s.e did&

T.e pay,+-- +n parti*u)ar *.ain )etter was supp+sed)y
M1D9DDD& #.e dr+pped +-- .er +wn )etters in t.e 0ai) t.e ne3t
day& >it. d+ne9 s.e pr+0pt)y -+rg+t ab+ut t.e w.+)e
"+we/er s.e did de*ide t+ d+ a 0ani-estati+n,,+r a tre%t&e"t -+r
t.e M1D9DDD&

#.e 4new s.e s.+u)d n+t dire*t t.e re1uest -+r M1D9DDD
t+ward any spe*i-i* pers+n,,+r instituti+n,,it was9 as s.e said a
0ani-estati+n in genera)&&&n+t -r+0 any parti*u)ar s+ur*e& T.e
A! .as p+inted +ut t+ audien*es t.e s+ur*e is un)i0ited
and any ti0e y+u t.in4 +r -ee) y+ur -u)-i))0ent +- any desire
s.+u)d *+0e -r+0 a spe*i-i* pers+n +r 1uarter y+u are se/ere)y
)i0iting t.e -)+w +- abundan*e *+0es natura))y wit. any
str+ng desire& #.e 3ust #"e* and e3pe*ted .er desire -+r
M1D9DDD w+u)d 0ateria)i6e straig.t away&

A wee4 )ater9 !i*.ae) g+t a *.e*4 in t.e 0ai) -+r M1D9DDD&
>.ere did it *+0e -r+05 It was a -ina) sett)e0ent +n .er grand,
0+t.erAs estate& T.e e3e*ut+rs .ad pre/i+us)y t+)d .er and t.e -i/e grand*.i)dren t.e e1ua))y di/ided sett)e0ent
w+u)d ta4e se/era) 0+re 0+nt.s&&&and,,a-ter t.e di/isi+n,,ea*.
s.are w+u)d a0+unt t+ -i/e t.+usand d+))ars %t the !ery &ost0

!i*.ae) said s.e )earned -r+0 e3perien*e t.ere I#
an un)i0ited s+ur*e +- abundan*e -+r .er,,+r any+ne,,w.en t.ey
d+ n+t )i0it t.e0se)/es t+ a spe*i-i* s+ur*e& #.e ne/er re*ei/ed
t.e M1D9DDD -r+0 any *.ain )etter %cti!ity+ 6r did she9

$.apter ('
MA%+$#&!+%3 BR#A)

T.e A! .as +-ten said t+ audien*es a day w+u)d
*+0e w.en 0any +- t.+se in .is attendan*e w+u)d si0p)y be
ab)e t+ 0ani-est bread instant)y rig.t in -r+nt +- t.e0& "e de-i,
nite)y i0pressed +ne +- t.e 0asters )i/ing in ainier9 >,
t+n wit. idea& #.e de*ided t+ 0ani-est bread be-+re .er )i4e
Jesus,, %en d+ne& #.e rea))y -e)t it was
p+ssib)e& %esides9 s.e -e)t i- s.e were t+ de/e)+p great 0an,
i-esting abi)ities9 s.e needed t+ begin s+0ew.ere&

#.e sat d+wn and be*a0e t+ta))y -+*used in .er desire t+
-+r bread t+ appear be-+re .er& #.e said s.e *+u)d -ee) it,,as i-
s.e .e)d it in .er .ands9 t.e weig.t,,and t.e te3ture +- it& #.e
*+u)d e/en s0e)) t.e ar+0a +- it& A-ter a .a)- .+ur +- intense -+,
*using +n singu)ar desire s.e ga/e t.an4s and re)eased it
int+ t.e un4n+wn&

E/en t.+ug. n+ bread .ad i00ediate)y 0ateria)i6ed in .er
.ands s.e -e)t n+ dis*+urage0ent& At 0+0ent s.e .eard a
stirring 0+/e0ent d+wnstairs and de*ided it 0ust be t.e
.+use4eeper& It was ab+ut ti0e -+r a *up +- *+--ee s+ s.e went
d+wnstairs t+ t.e 4it*.en& T+ .er great de)ig.t s.e -+und a -res.
)+a- +- s+urd+ug. bread sitting in p)ain sig.t& T.e .+use4eeper
0ust .a/e put it t.ere&

#.e )aug.ed wit. g)ee and .e)ped .erse)- t+ se/era) pie*es
+- -res.)y ba4ed bread&&&de*iding s.e .ad 0ani-ested it and
was )aying .er *)ai0 t+ 0ani-estati+n& #.e added in t.e
year be-+re,,and t.e years sin*e,,n+ )+a- +- bread .ad
s+ *+nsiderate)y 0ani-ested s+ instant)y be-+re .er&

T.+ug. s.e re)is.ed t.e e3perien*e s.e ne/er tried t+ re,
peat it unti) a)0+st tw+ years )ater& ti0e s.e spe*i-ied want,
ing s+ur,,d+ug. bread&&&.er -a/+rite& #.e *+n*)uded .er 0ani,
-esting -+*us +n desire wit. t.e a--ir0ati+n s.e was de,
ter0ined n+t t+ buy it -+r .erse)-&

Tw+ days )ater +ne +- .er neig.b+rs *a0e +/er t+ /isit and
br+ug.t .er a )+a- +- #an Fran*is*+ s+urd+ug. bread& #.e
)aug.ed .earti)y again&&&and ate and ate,,s)i*e a-ter s)i*e +-
it&&&gi/ing t.an4s t+ t.e <+d .er -+r su*. a w+nder-u) i")
st%"t bre%d 0ani-estati+n& It tasted s+ great9 s.e said .er *.ee4s
.urt -r+0 grinning and *.ewing&

>it. a twin4)e in .er eye s.e grinned wide)y and t+)d 0e
s.e 4new n+w s.e w+u)d ne/er g+ .ungry& #+ be it&

$.apter (F
"OO4 .P99

JP te))s de)ig.t-u) )itt)e st+ry in Perspe*ti/es 0aga6ine&
T.e setting was =u**a Ia))ey9 $a)i-+rnia during a a0t.a re,

Je-- Onig.t9 a)ways stead-ast)y beside .is be)+/ed JP ne/er
as4ed -+r pr++- p+siti/e +r pers+na) 0ira*)es -r+0 t.e A!& %ut ti0e .e was gi-ted wit. an une3pe*ted treat&

It was nig.t ti0e in t.e desert& T.e retreat .ad :ust ended
and Je-- was wa)4ing +ut +- t.e audit+riu0 be.ind t.e A!&
#udden)y a0t.a st+pped in .is tra*4s and )i-ted .is .ands t+
t.e .ea/ens& At sa0e ti0e Je-- *)ear)y .eard a /+i*e inside
.is .ead say9 ?L++4 upE@

Je-- st+pped9 st++d 1uiet)y and )++4ed up e3pe*tant)y int+
t.e .ea/ens& As .e wat*.ed9 a .uge UFO appeared in t.e *enter
+- t.e s4y ab+/e& T.e *ra-t .+/ered in *)ear /iew dire*t)y +/er,
.ead -+r se/era) 0+0ents9 t.en t++4 +-- wit. tre0end+us speed&
Je-- -e)t awe at t.e sig.t&

As t.e g)+wing *ra-t disappeared9 t.e A! turned t+ Je--
and said9 )+/ing)y9 ?I as4ed 0y br+t.ers t+ s.+w y+u t.is9 -+r
y+u *ho h%!e %s#ed "othi"g but the 3oy o$ li$eE@

"a/ing +bser/ed str+ng si)ent 0an 0any ti0es I t++9
-ee) Je-- we)) deser/ed spe*ia) sig.ting&

$.apter ((
A $R+#%) +% !,# (+%) B.&+%#&&

<e+rge9 w.+ )i/es in $a)i-+rnia9 ta)4ed +- .is re*ent e--+rts
t+ 0a4e .i0se)- s+/ereign& T+ .i09 0eant .a/ing a se)-,su-,
-i*ient p+wer supp)y in .is new .+0e& "e de*ided a wind0i))
w+u)d suit .is purp+se 1uite ni*e)y&

<e+rge 4new a0t.a .ad t+)d audien*es i- t.ey
0ade e--+rts t+ .e)p t.e0se)/es9 .e w+u)d a)s+ .e)p t.e0& In
parti*u)ar,,as L+rd +- t.e wind,,i- any+ne wanted t+ set up wind,
0i))s t+ p+wer t.eir .+0e wit. e)e*tri*ity& "e pr+0ised t+ b)+w
in gl%dde"ed g%les a)) t.e wind needed t+ generate e)e*tri*a)

>.en <e+rge appr+a*.ed a )+*a) *+ntra*t+r t+ bui)d a
wind0i)) p+wer p)ant -+r .i09 t.e 0an t+)d .i0 .e did n+t
be)ie/e t.ere w+u)d be su--i*ient wind in regi+n t+ 0a4e t.e
wind0i)) w+r4ab)e& In -a*t9 .e stated .e d+ubted t.ere
w+u)d e/en be en+ug. wind t+ test t.e e1uip0ent +n*e .e .ad
bui)t it&

A-ter )istening patient)y t+ t.e 0anAs argu0ents9 <e+rge
s0i)ed9 and t+)d t.e w+rried *+ntra*t+r t+ start rig.t away t+
bui)d a wind0i)) -+r .i0& ?I .a/e a -riend in t.e wind business9@
.e said& ?>.en y+uAre ready t+ test t.e e1uip0ent9 :ust )et 0e

T.e *+ntra*t+r w+ndered ab+ut <e+rge .a/ing a -riend
wit. a wind 0a*.ine9 but .e de*ided t+ g+ a.ead and bui)d t.e
wind0i))& "e :ust .+ped t.e -riendAs wind 0a*.ine w+u)d
be big en+ug. t+ test t.e wind0i)) e1uip0ent w.en it was ready&

#e/era) wee4s passed& One a-tern++n t.e *+ntra*t+r
4n+*4ed +n t.e d++r and t+)d <e+rge t.e t+wer was up and was
ready t+ be tested& "e needed wind p+wer +- at )east -i-teen
0i)es per .+ur9 and .e was ready t+ 0a4e t.e test i- <e+rge
w+u)d *a)) .is -riend and get .i0 +/er t+ set up .is wind 0a,

<e+rge s0i)ed +n*e again and t+)d t.e 0an t+ gi/e .i0 a
-ew 0inutes9 .e assured .i0 .e w+u)d get in t+u*. wit. .is
-riend in t.e wind business rig.t away9 and .e w+u)d be +ut
t+ :+in .i0 s++n& !eanw.i)e9 .e wanted t.e *+ntra*t+r t+ stand
by at t.e wind0i))& T.e *+ntra*t+r said .e w+u)d be waiting9
and <e+rge went ba*4 t+ .is )i/ing r++0&

"e *)+sed .is eyes and *a))ed +ut t+ t.e A!& ?O4ay9
A!& ItAs ti0e t+ d+ y+ur stu--& >e need s+0e wind9
As an a-tert.+ug.t9 .e added9 ?At )east -i-teen 0i)es per .+urE@
"e 4ept .is eyes *)+sed9 and i0agined t.e wind b)+wing and t.e
wind0i)) turning&

?ItAs turningE@ "e .eard t.e e3*ited /+i*e +- t.e *+ntra*t+r
*a))ing .i0& ?$+0e +n +ut& I need y+ur .e)pE ItAs turningE@
T.e *+ntra*t+r s.+uted e/en )+uder&

<e+rge +pened .is eyes and .is big s0i)e grew e/en bigger&
"e b+unded +utside t+ gi/e t.e *+ntra*t+r a .and in *.e*4ing t.e
gauges and d+ing t.e 0easure0ents& T.e wind 4ept b)+wing a
steady ga)e +- *)+se t+ twenty 0i)es per .+ur during t.e entire
test peri+d&

?L++4s )i4e we d+nAt need y+ur -riend and .is wind 0a,
*.ine a-ter a))9@ .e said& ?E/ tests +ut :ust -ineE@

<e+rge ne/er st+pped grinning& N+r did .e try t+ e3p)ain .is -riend in t.e wind business .ad a)ready been t.ere as

$.apter (J
&!AR"+3,! &O."MA!#& st+ry is -r+0 Geb+ra. w.+ )i/es in Tenin+9 >,
t+n& #.e said s.e see0s t+ spend .+urs ga6ing int+ e/ening s4ies
at t.+se 0agni-i*ent twin4)ing stars& #.e ta)4s t+ t.e09 and t.ey
ta)4 t+ .er& e*ent)y9 s.e .as been parti*u)ar)y intrigued wit. t.e
red9 w.ite and b)ue twin4)es&

On #epte0ber 119 198N9 s.e aw+4e -r+0 w+nder-u)
drea09 as t+)d in .er +wn w+rds&

?In t.e drea0 I was staring int+ 0agni-i*ent s4y tee0,
ing wit. 0i))i+ns and 0i))i+ns +- red9 w.ite and b)ue twin4)ing
stars& As I wat*.ed in breat.)ess awe9 +ne +- t.e stars dr+pped
-r+0 t.e s4y and dissipated rig.t be-+re 0y eyes& I *+ntinued t+
wat*. in great w+nder0ent&

?#++n9 a )u0ines*ent being -)ew by at a /ery -ast rate +-
speed& I n+ti*ed t.e being w+re reddis. *+)+red tig.ts and na/y
b)ue t+p9 wit. beauti-u) brig.t )u0in+us wings& being was
-e0a)e9 and s.e -)+ated by 0e9 .ead -irst9 and -a*e up& #.e
passed rig.t +n by int+ a )us. green w++ded area a)+ngside a

?I )++4ed ba*4 t+ t.e s4y t+ see star dr+p -r+0 its
sp+t and dissipate be-+re 0e :ust )i4e t.e pre/i+us +ne& As I
4ept wat*. star being a)s+ -)+ated past 0e wearing t.e sa0e
red and na/y *+)+red tig.ts9 wit. t.+se )arge )u0in+us wings& +ne was a 0a)e& "e t++ passed by .ead -irst9 -a*e up9 +n
.is way t+ t.e sa0e )us. w++ded area near t.e *ree4& +- a *arni,
/a) type e/ent& I wa)4ed ar+und wat*.ing t.e rides9 ga0es and a0use0ents g+ing +n& A w.i)e )ater9 I saw t.e star *+up)e
wa)4ing ar+und&@

?T.ey were beauti-u) in e/ery way& T.eir bea0ing -a*es
were ange)i*9 t.eir eyes were ag)+w& E/ery dar4 *ur) -e)) per,
-e*t)y in p)a*e +n t.eir .eadsE T.eir b+dies were )ean and
str+ng9 )i4e -ine)y tuned and we)) *ared -+r /e.i*)es&@

?T.ey were b+t. *)+t.ed in t.+se red and na/y b)ue tig.ts -it )i4e a se*+nd *+at +- s4in& L+/e and )ig.t abs+)ute)y
bea0ed -r+0 t.e *+re +- t.eir beings& T.ey were indi/idua)s9
yet +ne9 a per-e*t essen*e +- +ne being9 a 0a)e and a -e0a)e en,
ergy -r+0 t.e sa0e s+ur*e&@

?I was a0a6ed n+ +ne e)se see0ed t+ re*+gni6e t.e0&
T.ey were indu)ging in +ne +- t.e ga0es& I appr+a*.ed
t.e -e0a)e and said9 BI saw y+u w.en y+u -)ew in&A

?As s.e )++4ed deep int+ 0y eyes9 t.ere was a )+/ing s0i)e
+n .er -a*e and a g)+w )it up .er being& #.e rep)ied s+-t)y9
B=es9 we 4n+w y+u did&A

?I aw+4e wit. a /i/id re*+))e*ti+n +- t.e drea0& Or was it a
/isi+n5 A wee4 +r s+ )ater9 w.i)e .a/ing dinner wit. a -riend9 I
s.ared 0y drea0 wit. .i0& "e s0i)ed and said9 0ust .a/e
been y+ur /isi+n t.e A! pr+0ised t+ send&A

?Pu66)ed9 I *+u)d n+t re*a)) .e was re-erring t+&
B>.at /isi+n5A I as4ed&@

?!y -riend .ad attended t.e audien*e at t.e arena in =e)0
wit. 0e :ust t.e 0+nt. be-+re& "e re0inded 0e t.e A!
pr+0ised e/ery+ne t.ere day a /isi+n +- t.eir )i/es ten years
in t.e -uture& I d+nAt a)ways ta4e n+tes2 .+we/er9 at e/ent I
did& $.e*4ing ba*4 +n t.+se n+tes9 t.ere were t.e w+rds I .ad
written& B#ee 0y )i-e ten years -r+0 day L /isi+n straig.t

I00ediate)y9 I -e)t ti*4)ed inside9 and an e/en greater pas,
si+n and )+/e -+r t.+se bri))iant star)it s4ies %"d the &e yet to
be; I rea)i6ed 0y drea0 was $uture &e /isiting &e&@

$.apter (H
C,OCO"A!# MO.&&# MA3+C

!y -riend and I )+/ed eating at t.e Urban Oni+n restau,
rant in d+wnt+wn O)y0pia9 >as.ingt+n& >e .ad 0+/ed int+
t.e area +n)y a year +r s+ be-+re9 and )+/ed b+t. t.e -++d and t.e
at0+sp.ere in p)a*e& T+pping e/ery 0ea)9 +- *+urse9 w+u)d
be t.eir great se)e*ti+n +- tasty desserts& !y a)) ti0e -a/+rite
was t.eir *.+*+)ate 0+usse *a4e& In/ariab)y9 I *arried .+0e an
e3tra pie*e +r tw+ t+ tu*4 away -+r -uture en:+y0ent&

One day we b+t. arri/ed at t.e bri))iant idea +- si0p)y buy,
ing an entire *.+*+)ate 0+usse *a4e& >e w+u)d sa/e 1uite a bit
+- 0+ney d+ing it way& T.e +n)y *+0p)i*ati+n was
twi*e in a r+w9 w.en we as4ed t.e pri*e +- a *hole 0+usse *a4e9
t.e waitress said t.e +wner .ad stepped +ut and s.e did n+t
4n+w t.e pri*e&

T.e stage was set& >e .ad :ust -inis.ed attending tw+
grand ?0ani-esting@ intensi/es in #eatt)e t.e tw+ wee4ends be,
-+re& !y -riend suggested i- we *+u)d n+t buy t.e w.+)e
*.+*+)ate 0+usse *a4e -r+0 t.e restaurant9 w.y n+t ta4e a 0+,
0ent t+ ?0ani-est@,,*a)) -+rt. int+ +ur rea)ity,,t.e a*tua) ba4er
w.+ .ad s+)d t.e *a4e t+ t.e restaurant5

Natura))y9 I 1ui*4)y appr+/ed t.e idea and we b+t. t++4 a
si)ent 0inute +r tw+ t+ *a)) -+rt. t.e ba4er +- t.e 0+usse *a4e t+
*+0e int+ +ur )i/es straig.t away& A-ter we -inis.ed +ur -+*us
+n t.+ug.t and *a))ed it -+rt. wit. t.e w+rds9 ?#+ be it9@ we
went +n +ur way t+ *+0p)ete +ur errands&

"eading straig.t -+r t.e nearest s.+pping *enter9 we went
int+ t.e .ardware st+re and b+ug.t t.e t.ings +n +ur )ist& T.e
.ardware st+re was +n t.e +utside +- t.e 0a))9 a)+ngside
peri0eter s.+ps& It was a #aturday9 and +n a sudden i0pu)se we
de*ided t+ a*tua))y g+ inside t.e s.+pping 0a))& As a ru)e9 we
a/+ided s.+pping 0a))s wit. a passi+n9 .+we/er9 t.e urge t+
?*.e*4 +ut@ 0a)) was str+ng in b+t. +- us&

>.en we stepped int+ t.e 0a))9 we saw )arge *r+wds
0i))ing ar+und b++t.s set up e/eryw.ere& In t.e /ery *enter +-
t.e 0a)) a radi+ dis* :+*4ey sat at a .uge tab)e surr+unded by
)+/e)y )adies ser/ing .i0 +- tasty,)++4ing -++d& "e was
br+ad*asting )i/e9 te))ing .is audien*es ab+ut t.e /ariety +- taste
treats as .e sa0p)ed t.e0&

!y -riend and I str+))ed ar+und t.e 0a)) )++4ing at t.e
p)et.+ra +- attra*ti/e b++t.s )+aded wit. beauti-u) +- -++d
and -ine desserts& #udden)y9 we b+t. *a0e t+ a .a)t9 staring at a
.uge9 0+ut.,watering *.+*+)ate 0+usse *a4e& It was identi*a)
in appearan*e t+ t.e +nes we .ad been eating at t.e Urban Oni+n
restaurant& T.e *.eer-u) )ady be.ind t.e *+unter as4ed i- we
w+u)d )i4e t+ buy a pie*e& !y -riend and I )++4ed at +ne an+t.,
er9 and grinning9 I as4ed .er i- s.e was t.e )ady w.+ ba4ed t.e
*.+*+)ate 0+usse *a4e -+r t.e Urban Oni+n restaurant&

T.e answer was9 ?I a0&@

T.e t+ta) ti0e -+r in/+*ati+n t+ 0ani-est was )ess
tw+ .+urs& Need)ess t+ say9 we t++4 .+0e a w.+)e *.+*+)ate
0+usse *a4e day&

$.apter (N
%O )O.B! %O(

Gar)ene t+)d 0e .+w s.e .ad 0+/ed t.r+ug. t.e *+n/en,
ti+na) re)igi+us be)ie-s9 and t.en .ad turned t+ Eastern re)igi+ns
-+r .er understanding& Fina))y9 +ne -ine 0+rn9 t.e tea*.ings +-
a0t.a appeared in .er )i-e& #.e )e-t %udd.is0 be.ind and
studied t.e b++4s9 audi+ tapes and /ide+ tea*.ings +- t.e A!
-+r se/era) years&

A-ter .earing t.e A! say n+ +ne need e/er t+ *+0e
ba*4 t+ .is audien*e again9 s.e -e)t s.e .ad -+und .er )ast tea*.,
er& #.e was *ertain s.e *+u)d n+w tea*. .erse)-& "+we/er9
d+ubts began t+ arise ab+ut .er )earning abi)ity& T.en gradua))y
0+re and 0+re d+ubts *a0e ab+ut t.e A! rea))y
4new .e was ta)4ing ab+ut& T.ese d+ubts *+ntinued t+ as,
sai) 0+re and 0+re +- .er wa4ing *+ns*i+usness&

T.e stress .ad rea*.ed su*. a p+int s.e de*ided s.e
w+u)d attend +ne +- t.e )+*a) a0t.a intensi/es& A)) day at t.e
intensi/e s.e w+ndered i- t.e A! *+u)d rea))y read 0inds& I-
.e rea))y did 4n+w ab+ut .er -ears and d+ubts9 s.e .+ped .e
w+u)d gi/e .er s+0e sign +- it& #.e sat 1uiet)y by .erse)-9 wait,

As t.e day ended9 and t.e wine *ere0+ny began9 s.e sti))
.ad re*ei/ed n+ sign& As t.e 0asters -i)ed t+ t.e tab)e in -r+nt +-
w.ere t.e A! sat t+ pi*4 up t.eir g)ass +- wine9 s.e wa)4ed up
t+ t.e tab)e in -r+nt +- t.e stage t+ get .er g)ass& #ti)) .a/ing n+
sign -r+0 t.e A!9 s.e was intent +n se)e*ting .er g)ass +-
wine& As s.e pi*4ed it up9 t.e A! )eaned -+rward and s+-t)y
said9 ?"e))+9 Gar)eneE@ wit. a .uge s0i)e +n .is -a*e&

#.e was s.+*4ed& "+w did .e 4n+w .er na0e5 Tears
-)++ded .er eyes9 and s.e 4new t.en s.e w+u)d ne/er again
d+ubt t.e A!As abi)ity t+ 4n+w any+ne was t.in4ing +r
-ee)ing& T.e A! n+t +n)y 4new s.e was t.in4ing9 but
4new .er na0e9 as we))&

$.apter (8
&,#R*"5& )R#AM st+ry is t+)d by #.ery)As *+usin in .er +wn w+rds:

?Li4e s+ 0any9 w.en I -irst .eard ab+ut a0t.a9 it t++4 0e
by st+r0E I was +bsessedE I wanted t+ 4n+w e/ in '(
.+urs +r )essE I was in su*. a -ren6y I neg)e*ted t+ te)) any +-
0y -a0i)y ab+ut it9 e/en t.+ug. I was *+0ing d+wn t+ F)+rida t+
see t.e A! -+r t.e /ery -irst ti0e& T.e intensi/e was intense L
but t.atAs st+ry&@

?T.e se*+nd a-tern++n9 0y *+usin9 #.ery)9 *a0e t+ see 0e
at t.e .+te)& #.e see0ed pre+**upied and w+rried9 s+ I as4ed
.er ab+ut it& #.e said s.eAd .ad a strange drea0 t.e nig.t a-ter I
*a))ed .er t+ te)) .er I was *+0ing t+ F)+rida& N+w9 re0e0,
ber9 I .adnAt t+)d any+ne ab+ut a0t.a9 yet&@

?I as4ed ab+ut .er drea09 and is s.e t+)d 0e& e,
0e0ber9 s.e was *+0ing -r+0 a p)a*e +- -ear& 7T.e parent.eses
are 0e rep)ying t+ .er&8 As we ta)4ed .er -ear began t+ 0e)t

?=+u and I were in big bui)ding wit. )+ts +-

7=+u 0ean a .+te)58

?=ea.E A*r+ss t.e .a))way was a y+ung gir) weeping9 but
s.e was weeping -+r :+y& And bent +/er .er was rea) ta))9
dar4 s4inned 0an wit. b)a*4 .air and a b)a*4 beard& "e .ad an
E'%ct)o 4ni-e in .is .and and .e was +pening up .er .ead&@

7Opening up .er 0ind58

?=ea.E T.ey were in t.e bat.r++0&@

7>.ere y+u g+ t+ get *)eansed&8

?=ea.& Anyway9 I g+t up t+ *)+se t.e d++r9 and .e w+u)d,
nAt )et 0e&@

7"e w+u)dnAt )et y+u s.ut .i0 +ut58

?=ea.E %ut .e didnAt p.ysi*a))y -+r*e 0e +r "e
:ust )++4ed in 0y eyes wit. t.ese big b)a*49 pier*ing eyes& I
t.+ug.t .e was t.e de/i)& "e was s+ p+wer-u)& #.e was )ying
(*%s lyi"g) +n t.e -)++r a*r+ss .is )ap weeping -+r :+y9 and .e
was *utting int+ .er brain& It was rea) weird& Anyway9 I )++4ed
at y+u9 and y+u were :ust bea0ingE =+u said t+ 0e9 B#.ery)9
d+nAt be a-raid9 t.ereAs t+ -ear&A I t+)d y+u I was petri,
-ied9 and t+ p)ease g+ wit. 0e& I wanted t+ get +ut +- t.ere& #+
we ran +ut t.e d++r and d+wn t.e .a))9 and t.ere .e was& "e
didnAt spea49 but sti)) I .eard .i0 say9 B>.en are y+u g+ing t+
*)ean y+ur r++05A

7=+ur psy*.e5 =+ur s+u)58

?I said9 n+t n+w9 I d+nAt .a/e t.e stu-- yet9 but weAre g+ing
t+ get itE@

?I t.en e3p)ained t+ #.ery) it see0ed t+ 0e t+ be a
w+nder-u) drea09 ri*. in sy0b+)is0& s.e was ready t+
B*)ean .er r++0&A >e))9 a -ew 0inutes )ater we went t+ a 1ues,
ti+n and answer sessi+n +n a0t.aAs tea*.ings and su*.& A)) +-
a sudden #.ery) started *rying& #.e wanted t+ )ea/e&

?Turns +ut w.en s.e saw +ne +- t.e gir)s +n t.e
a0t.a sta--9 s.e rea))y g+t s*ared& It was t.e sa0e gir) as in .er

$.apter (9
!,# #"#VA!OR

T.e A! is we)) 4n+wn -+r instant .ea)ings +- t.e b+dy9
and -+r a)0+st any 4ind +- instant 0ani-estati+n& T.e -+),
)+wing st+ry is *)assi* in /ein&

T.e s*ene is an e)e/at+r in +ne +- t.e )arge9 )u3uri+us .+,
te)s w.ere an intensi/e .ad :ust been *+0p)eted& a0t.a was
sti)) *+ntr+))ing t.e b+dy +- JP as .e and t.e attendant party
stepped int+ t.e e)e/at+r& A 0an un-a0i)iar wit. t.e A! was
a)ready standing inside& T.e 0an appeared b+t. perp)e3ed and

?"+w are y+u9 0aster5@ in1uired t.e A!9 )eaning -+r,
ward and peering intent)y int+ t.e strangerAs eyes&

T.e stranger stepped ba*4 1ui*4)y and ner/+us)y9 saying .e
.ad )+st .is -riend9 and did n+t 4n+w -)++r .e was +n&
>.i)e t.e e)e/at+r butt+n was being pus.ed9 t.e A! )eaned
*)+se t+ t.e 0an again&

?=+u wis. t+ see y+ur -riend5 #+ be itE@

T.e e)e/at+r 1ui*4)y pi*4ed up speed9 s.++ting upward9
t.en st+pped abrupt)y& One +- t.e 0e0bers +- t.e party said9
?t.atAs n+t +ur -)++r& N+ +ne pressed t.e butt+n -+r -)++r&@

T.e e)e/at+r d++r s)id +pen9 re/ea)ing a we)) dressed9 a)s+
perp)e3ed 0an&

?T.atAs .i0E T.atAs .i0E@ T.e 0an in t.e e)e/at+r s.+ut,
ed9 p+inting a -inger e3*ited)y at t.e 0an& "e 1ui*4)y grabbed
t.e edge +- t.e e)e/at+r d++r t+ .+)d it +pen w.i)e .e .appi)y g+t
+ut t+ :+in .is -riend&
Pea)s +- )aug.ter -i))ed t.e air9 as e/ery+ne in t.e party9 in,
*)uding t.e A!9 en:+yed t.e strangerAs a0a6e0ent& T.e e)e,
/at+r r+se rapid)y +n*e 0+re9 st+pping at t.e Brig.t -)++rA tw+
ti0es in a r+w9 raising n+t +n)y t.e e)e/at+r *ar9 but t.e spirits +-
a)) ab+ard9 t++&

$.apter JD

Anne te))s .er +wn st+ry&

T.e 0+rning sun wi)) s++n rise +/er t.e spar4)ing waters +-
Puget #+und )ying serene)y +utside 0y d++r& T.e si)en*e +- t.e
ear)y 0+rning -)+ated pea*e-u))y ab+ut 0e as 0y tw+ <er0an
#.ep.erds run t.r+ug. t.e 0isty -ie)ds +- w+ndr+us p)a*e&
!y )i-e .as be*+0e 0agi*a) L e/ery aspe*t +- it e3*iting and -u),

In*+n*ei/ab)y9 :ust nine s.+rt years ag+ I )i/ed in t.e /ery
b+we)s +- .e))9 and .ad )i/ed t.ere 0+st +- 0y )i-e& T.en I 0et
a0t.a and began t.e as*ent int+ .ea/en 0y )i-e .as n+w

!y )i-e st+ry is t.e true a**+unt +- a danger+us)y /i+)ent
drug addi*t& F+r +/er a 1uarter *entury I .ated t.e w+r)d and a))
in it9 espe*ia))y 0yse)-& I *+00itted a)0+st e/ery ?sin@ 4n+wn
t+ 0an& I didnAt want +r e3pe*t t+ )i/e /ery )+ng& P.ysi*a))y and
0enta))y I .urt 0any pe+p)e9 t.+se w.+ )+/ed 0e and 0any w.+
did n+t2 a)) -eared 0e&

#ure)y I was a y+ungster +n*e9 but ne/er was I tru)y a *.i)d
in )i-e& !y says as s++n as I *+u)d ta)4 I was -as*i,
nated wit. A-ri*a9 and wanted t+ g+ t.ere& And I wanted a b)a*4 -+r a pet& And +ne nig.t at t.e dinner tab)e9 w.en I was
se/en9 a strange and -rig.tening -ee)ing *a0e +/er 0e& E3*using
0yse)- -r+0 t.e tab)e9 I pr+*eeded t+ p)ay t.e baby grand as i- I
were in a tran*e9 as t.+ug. a pr+tSgS +- $.+pinAs& A*tua))y9 I
was +n t.e beginnerAs b++4& N+w I 4n+w t.e strange desires and
+**urren*es during 0y *.i)d.++d were s+u) re0e0bran*es +- ti0es and p)a*es&

Fr+0 t.e beginning9 I -e)t t.e s+rr+ws and su--erings +-
w+r)d& Per.aps I -e)t t.e sadness a.ead -+r 0e& !y .urt -+r
0an4indAs p)ig.t was rea)& N+t 0any years )ater9 I dis*+/ered a
way t+ deaden t.e .urts I -e)t s+ pers+na))y& T.e deadening
*a0e wit. drugs&

T+ day I *ann+t re*a)) 0any .appy 0e0+ries -r+0
*.i)d.++d& In -a*t9 n+ true .appiness unti) 0eeting a0t.a nine
years ag+9 w.en I began 0y :+urney t+ -reed+0& Freed+0 -r+0
0yse)-9 -+r tru)y9 I ?wandered -+rty years in t.e wi)derness&@

I was t.e pr+du*t +- a br+4en .+0e and an abusi/e9 a)*+,
.+)i* I was raped by -+ur 0en at t.e age +- t.irteen2 a
drug addi*t and pr+stitute by si3teen2 by age se/enteen I 0et and
0arried an in-a0+us underw+r)d *.ara*ter w.+ was dep+rted
-r+0 t.e United #tates& At eig.teen I be*a0e a -as.i+n 0+de)9
and *+u)d .a/e g+ne t+ t.e t+p .ad I desired it en+ug.&

I00ense wea)t. was 0ine by age nineteen9 and s+*ia)
.eig.ts by twenty9 t.r+ug. ass+*iati+ns wit. t+p p+)iti*ians and
t.e s+,*a))ed upper *rust +- s+*iety9 in*)uding a #enat+r w.+ )at,
er be*a0e President +- t.e United #tates& T.r+ug. a)) +- t.is9
and 0+re9 I was in/+)/ed wit. t.e underw+r)d9 a)ways 0aintain,
ing a d+ub)e )i-esty)e& F+r -i/e years I was pr+te*ted -r+0 t.e
)aw by a .ig. state +--i*ia) paid +-- by 0y 0u)ti0i))i+naire sug,

T.ere were *+unt)ess .+spita) stays -r+0 age eig.teen +n9
in*)uding ti0e spent in a Federa) .+spita) -+r addi*ts& Gue t+ a
rut.)ess beating w.en I was twenty,si39 I was para)y6ed and
*ripp)ed -+r +/er tw+ years& T.ree ti0es I .a/e been *)ini*a))y
dead9 and at deat.As d++r 0any ti0es9 +-ten by 0y +wn .and& I
s.+t and a)0+st 4i))ed t.e +n)y 0an I e/er )+/ed9 0y .usband +-
si3teen years& Fi/e years ag+ .e burned .i0se)- t+ deat. in t.e
)i/ing r++0 +- +ur .+0e&

T.ese e3perien*es are part +- t.e st+ry +- 0y desperate
sear*. -+r answers t+ t.e enig0a +- 0e& T.e end)ess *+n-usi+n
and .earta*.e +- 0y -irst -+rty years ste00ed -r+0 t.e -a*t
I -+und 0ade sense& >.y t.e .urt5 >.at was )i-e
-+r and ab+ut5 >.y su--er t.r+ug. it :ust t+ gr+w +)d and die5 It
see0ed s+ -uti)e& =et in 0y inner0+st being9 I sensed t.ere was
an answer L s+0ew.ere& T.ere .ad t+ be&

As 0ira*u)+us re*+/eries and e/ents a**rued9 I be*a0e
*+n/in*ed t.ere was a #upre0e %eing2 t.ere was a reas+n I
was being 4ept in *+n-used and un.appy p)a*e& >.+ +r
w.ere %eing was see0ed bey+nd 0y rea*. and *+0pre.en,
si+n& I *+u)dnAt a**ept t.e *.ur*.As :udg0enta) <+d& e)igi+ns
0ade n+ sense9 n+r did t.ey pr+/ide answers& T.ere .ad t+ be
0+re t+ 0y )i-e ens)a/e0ent t.r+ug. -ear and gui)t&
:ust didnAt -it in wit. t.e -ee)ings I .ad ab+ut <+d w.en I was a
*.i)d& I )+/ed <+d& It was inside +- 0e9 e/er a )+ng,

As t.e trau0ati* years w+re +n9 0y desire t+ ONO> be,
*a0e t.e -+*a) p+int +- 0y e3isten*e& N+t +n)y did I desire it9 I
"AG TO ONO>& T.irteen years ag+ I sudden)y began t+ -ee)
e/ was g+ing t+ .appen t+ 0yse)- and 0y *)+se
-riends& I .ad n+ idea w.ere in-+r0ati+n was *+0ing -r+0&
I began studying 0etap.ysi*s& !any d++rs +pened& In 19N9 0y
)i-e was up)i-ted& I 0et a0t.a& in*redib)e !aster t+)d 0e 0asters.ip9 indeed9 I
w+u)d .a/e2 .e sees I was yet t+ see2 I was a war,
ri+r and <enera) +- .is ar0y& "e said 0any w+nder-u) t.ings t+
0e day9 w.i*. I wi)) s.are in 0y aut+bi+grap.y9 appr+pri,
ate)y entit)ed .Asce"sio"+1

T.en t.e -+))+wing ten wee4s I was )itera))y #"O>N&
O/er t.e ne3t t.ree years w+nder-u) tea*.er supp)ied 0e
wit. t.e 4n+w)edge I s+ desperate)y needed t+ -ind !=#ELF&
In d+ing s+9 I -+und <+d at )+ng )ast& It enab)ed 0e t+ turn 0y
)i-e ar+und& T.ere are n+ 1uesti+ns )e-t unanswered&

#in*e it ta4es t.e )i/ing and e3perien*ing +- t+ re,
a))y ONO>9 it t++4 0e eig.t years +- .ea/y9 and s+0eti0es
.ars. e3perien*e and )earning9 a pee)ing away9 as it were9 +- atti,
tudes 4ept 0e ens)a/ed9 t+ at )ast ONO> e3a*t)y w.+9
w.at9 and w.y I A!&

>.at I .a/e )earned is =esus taug.t9 I need -+))+w
n+ +ne e3*ept t.e w.+ )i/ed 0e& ALL answers are
>IT"IN& "e +pen)y pr+*)ai0ed we are a)) ?#+ns +- <+d@&
?>.at I .a/e d+ne9 y+u *an d+ a)s+9 and e/en greater t.ings&@
?T.e Oingd+0 +- "ea/en is y+u&@ It is t.e sa0e 0essage a0t.a .as taug.t L ?%e.+)d <+d&@

In writing 0y aut+bi+grap.y9 it was n+t p)easant t+ re)i/e
t.e dar4est 0+0ents +- 0y )i-e2 baring 0y s+u) t+ t.e w+r)d2 re,
/ea)ing deep s+rdid se*rets9 4n+wing t.ere wi)) be t.+se w.+
:udge 0e& %ut d+es n+t 0atter& >.atAs i0p+rtant is I
s.are 0y st+ry t+ +--er .+pe t+ t.+se b+gged d+wn in t.e 0ur4
and 0ire +- a )i-e su*. as 0ine& T.ere are 0any&

T+ t.+se I say9 y+u t++ *an *.ange y+ur )i-e& It begins wit.
t.e desire and t.e wi))ingness t+ ALLO> t.e *.anges& T.e )i-e
+- insanity )i/ed in 0y yesterdays was w+rt. e/ery 0+0ent& It
br+ug.t 0e 0y present understanding& T+day9 I ONO> t.ere is
NO T"IN< t+ -ear +n +r any p)ane9 NOT"IN< I *an,
n+t *+n1uer and NO !AN I *ann+t )+/e&

A)) t.ings .a/e a purp+se and are -+r +ur s+u)As )earning
and e/+)/e0ent& It is a trut. <+d t.e :udges n+ +ne
and n+ It is we 0ust -+rgi/e +urse)/es and *+0e int+
+ur Oingd+0& trut. .as set 0e FEE&

$.apter J1
B#COM+%3 +%V+&+B"#

+bert9 a)s+ -r+0 =e)09 >as.ingt+n was br+4e9 but wanted
t+ g+ t+ t.e t.ree days +- t.e ?0ystery s*.++)@ training in =e)0
during !ay9 1988& Fr+0 +ut +- n+w.ere9 a d+n+r appeared and
ga/e .i0 ti*4ets -+r t.e -irst tw+ days& A-ter attending t.e -irst
tw+ sessi+ns9 +bert 4new .e 0ust use t.e 0ani-estati+n
te*.ni1ue taug.t by t.e A! t+ enab)e .i0 t+ attend t.e t.ird
day e/ent&

"e sat d+wn in w++ded p)a*e t+ *a)) -+rt. .is burning de,
sire& First9 d+gs and *ats *a0e a)+ng t+ interrupt .is -+*us9 s++n
-+))+wed by 0+s1uit+es and t.en ants& +bert -ina))y be*a0e s+
-rustrated and angry by t.ese intrusi+ns int+ .is pri/a*y .e
st++d and *ursed )+ud)y&

Instant)y9 .e rea)i6ed .e .ad )+st .is te0per9 a*4n+w),
edged it and -+rga/e .i0se)- )+/ing)y -+r )etting .is wrat. +ut s+
/i+)ent)y& T.e 0++d t+ne *.anged dra0ati*a))y a-ter

A .+rse 4n+wn -+r its 0ean strea4 st++d at a nearby -en*e2
it )i4ed t+ nip e/ery+ne in sig.t& +bert wa)4ed up t+ t.e -en*e
and st++d and petted t.e .+rse& It see0ed t+ sense t.e pea*e in,
side +bert9 and was )+/ing)y -riend)y& A )+/e)y9 .uge butter-)y
-)ew up and )anded beside .i0& +bert -e)t a great sense +-
we)),being& "e sudden)y 4new .is desire w+u)d be*+0e a

Ear)y ne3t 0+rning .e -e)t inspired t+ ride .is bi*y*)e t+ t.e
arena at t.e ran*. in =e)0 w.ere t.e e/ent s are .e)d9 and .e
was ad0itted t.r+ug. t.e gate& "e sti)) did n+t .a/e .is ti*4et t+
t.e e/ent9 but at )east .e was inside t.e gate& "e )++4ed +/er
and saw .is -riend9 J+e9 dire*ting *ars t+ t.e par4ing areas9 s+ .e
wa)4ed +/er and .e)ped J+e dire*t tra--i* as t.e *ars p+ured in&

A-ter 0+st +- t.e *ars were par4ed .e as4ed J+e t+ put in a
-riend)y w+rd -+r .i0 wit. Ia)erie9 w.+ was in *.arge +- ad0it,
tan*e9 .e s.+u)d be a))+wed a -ree pass be*ause .e .ad
.e)ped J+e par4 *ars& Ia)erie t+)d J+e +bertAs .e)ping t+
par4 *ars was n+t g+ing t+ d+ itE Un)ess .e .ad been +--i*ia))y
app+inted t+ be +n sta-- at e/ent9 .e w+u)d .a/e t+ buy a
ti*4et )i4e e/ery+ne e)se&

J+e sad)y re)ayed t.e 0essage t+ +bert9 and suggested .e
0ig.t want t+ seat .i0se)- in a *ertain sp+t +utside +- t.e arena
w.ere t.e /+i*e +- t.e A! *+u)d be .eard& +bert st++d at t.e
-r+nt d++r )+ng en+ug. t+ see t.e A! stride by& T.e A!
s.+t .i0 a )++4E +bert ting)ed9 and t.en went and sat at t.e
suggested sp+t and )istened t+ t.e 0+rningAs dis*+urse by t.e
A! unti) t.e -irst brea4 peri+d& A)) t.e w.i)e .e wis.ed .e
were inside t.e arena instead&

Guring t.e brea49 t.e *r+wd 0i))ed in and +ut& +bert
*r+wded int+ t.e arena wit. t.e +t.ers :ust 0+0ents be-+re t.e
sessi+n was ready t+ resu0e& Attendants at t.e d++r *.e*4ed t.e
ti*4ets +- e/ery+ne passing t.r+ug.9 but t.ey +b/i+us)y did n+t
see +bert s)ip t.r+ug.&

"e -+und .i0se)- a ni*e per*. in t.e ba*4 +- t.e r++0 and
waited -+r t.e audien*e t+ begin& %e-+re .e g+t *+0-+rtab)e .e
de*ided t.e sta-- 0ig.t be wat*.ing -+r .i09 s+ .e *a))ed
-+rt. and -+*used +n t.e idea .e w+u)d be in/isib)e t+ t.e0&

#ure en+ug.9 Ia)erie .ad seen .i0 -r+0 a distan*e as .e
*a0e t.r+ug. t.e d++r9 and .ad t+)d tw+ sta-- 0e0bers t+ -ind
.i0 and te)) .i0 .e *+u)d n+t stay inside +- t.e arena wit.+ut a
ti*4et& T.e tw+ sta-- 0e0bers s*+uted t.r+ug. t.e audien*e9
b+t. +- t.e0 passing dire*t)y in -r+nt +- +bert9 +ne +- t.e0
)++4ing dire*t)y int+ .is eyes9 yet +ne spied .i0& A-ter a
-ew passes t.r+ug. t.e *r+wd t.ey ga/e up&

As t.e a-tern++n sessi+n began9 t.e A! s*anned a*r+ss
t.e /ast audien*e +- .undreds9 and +bert -e)t t.+se eyes -i3 +n

?I see +ur audien*e .as gr+wn9@ said t.e A!&

T+ t.e audien*e9 it see0ed )i4e an +--,t.e,*u-- state0ent9
but t+ +bert9 w.+ 4new .e was the o"ly %dditio" t+ t.e audi,
en*e9 it 0eant a )+t& "is deter0inati+n t+ be t.ere .ad n+t +n)y
su**eeded9 but t.e A! .ad pers+na))y a*4n+w)edged -a*t&
+bert said .e sat radiant9 but i"!isible t.r+ug. t.e rest +- t.e

$.apter J'
CRA0* (+!, $#AR

T+ *+n-r+nt +neAs +wn -ear and be*+0e a pea*e0a4er is
a 0ar/e)+us i*.ard and Jane were +n t.eir way -r+0 t.e
east $+ast t+ t.e n+rt.west9 and .ere i*.ard te))s +- t.eir g+)d,
en +pp+rtunity t+ -a*e t.eir -ears&

It was t.e )ast day +- t.eir trip9 and t.ey were tired as t.ey
neared >as.ingt+n& T.ey were b+t. .ungry and t.e *ar needed
gas& #p+tting a .uge p+pu)ar,)++4ing truc# stop t.ey de*ided it
was a g++d ti0e t+ st+p and gas up& i*.ard pu))ed +-- t.e r+ad
and int+ t.e par4ing )+t&

T.ey s++n dis*+/ered t.e par4ing )+t was :a0,pa*4ed9
e3*ept -+r +ne spa*e& As t.ey pu))ed s)+w)y up t+ t.e a/ai)ab)e
sp+t9 t.ey saw tw+ 0en standing t.ere in a .eated argu0ent&
One +- t.e0 radiated /i+)en*e& "is -a*e was -)a0ing red and
*+nt+rted in an angry e3pressi+n9 and .is eyes b)a6ed wit. a
*ra6ed )++4&

i*.ard and Jane b+t. -e)t .esitant ab+ut par4ing in
p)a*e ne3t t+ de0ented )++4ing indi/idua)2 .+we/er9 it was
t.e +n)y /a*ant spa*e in sig.t& As t.ey eased t.e *ar int+ t.e
spa*e t.ey .eard t.e se*+nd 0an *+n-r+nt t.e 0ad0an9 saying9
?I d+nAt need any .e)p wit. P)ease )ea/e 0e a)+neE@
T.ere was a desperate p)eading in .is /+i*e&

i*.ard said t.e /i+)en*e in t.e air was pa)pab)e9 and was
e3tre0e)y upsetting t+ .i0& .e n+r Jane wanted t+ be a .undred -eet +- pers+n9 but t.ey 4new t.ey 0ust
step +ut +- t.e *ar and -a*e -ear& Just as -eared t.e 0+0ent
i*.ard stepped +ut +- t.e /e.i*)e t.e 0an turned t+ .i0 in a
rage and de0anded angri)y& ?"+w ab+ut itE Are y+u g+ing t+
.e)p 0an5@
As .e )++4ed int+ t.+se s0+)dering eyes wit. .a,
tred9 i*.ard -e)t .is entire b+dy s.a4ing wit. terr+r& did,
nAt 0a4e sense& "e re0e0bered .+w t.e A! taug.t -a*,
ing -ears .ead,+n re0+/ed t.e 0as4 and t.e -ear be*a0e a ?n+ $+u)d .e -a*e /i+)ent 0an and -a*e .is -ears in t.e

>it. a sudden burst +- *+urage .e drew int+ t.e *enter +-
.is being and -e)t a sense +- *a)0 -)++d +/er and t.r+ug. .i0&
As .e -e)t t.e pea*e wit.in9 .e )eaned *)+ser t+ t.e *ra6ed 0an
and said in a str+ng9 -ir0 /+i*e9 ? 0an d+esnAt see0 t+ need
any .e)p9 and d+ IE@ "e .e)d an unwa/ering ga6e wit.
t.e disturbed 0an&

At )ast t.e 0an t++4 a step ba*4ward9 dr+pped .is eyes and
said9 ?It )++4s )i4e IA0 0essing wit. t.e wr+ng 0anE@

i*.ard -)as.ed a genuine s0i)e and e3tended .is .and t+ 0an& #urprised9 t.e 0an grabbed .is .and and s.++4 it&
And t.e -ears+0e g)are s+-tened t+ a )++4 +- gratitude& i*.ard
n+dded and re)eased .is .and& >it.+ut ad+9 .e and Jane
pr+*eeded si)ent)y int+ t.e restaurant9 -ee)ing up)i-ted by t.e e3,
*.ange& T.e re)ie/ed se*+nd 0an -+))+wed a)+ng be.ind t.e0&
And t.e *ra6ed 0an wa)4ed 1uiet)y a*r+ss t.e par4ing )+t and

$.apter JF
&P+%# !+%3"+%3 #:P#R+#%C#

G+n,,w.+ )i/es in =e)09 >as.ingt+n,,t+)d 0e .+w .e .ad
been w+r4ing +n a *arpenter :+b *arrying a weig.t +- se/era)
.undred p+unds w.en .e tripped& "e -e)) in su*. a way t.e
tw+ )+wer /ertebrae in .is spine were *rus.ed& "is gir)-riend9 a
*.ir+pra*t+r9 w+r4ed wit. .i0 t+ ease t.e e3tre0e pain& #.e in,
sisted .e attend an audien*e wit. t.e A! a -ew days a-ter
.is in:ury& G+n be)ie/ed t.e A! t+ be a -raud9 and went re)u*,

A)) during t.e 0+rning sessi+n .e *+u)d t.in4 +- but
.is e3*ru*iating pain and .is desire t+ be s+0ew.ere e)se& At
t.e -irst brea49 t.e A! str+de d+wn t.e ais)e t+ward .i09
st+pped and -i3ed a )aser,)i4e ga6e int+ .is eyes& G+n said .e
*+u)d -ee) sudden .eat p+ur int+ .is .ead and war0 .is b+dy&
#++n a )arge pu)sating wa/e 0+/ed d+wn .is spine t+ .is )+wer
ba*4& T.e -ee)ing was e)e*tri* and e31uisite& At p+int9 t.e
A! re)eased .is ga6e and turned w+rd)ess)y t+ *+ntinue +n,
ward d+wn t.e ais)e&

G+n sat ba*4 int+ .is *.air w+ndering .ad .appened9
and rea)i6ed at 0+0ent t.e pain in .is ba*4 was n+
)+nger e/ident& N+ 0atter .+w .ard .e tried rea*.ing -+r it9 .e
*+u)d n+t -ee) it& "e turned t+ .is gir)-riend and t+)d .er .is
pain was g+ne& #.e rep)ied9 as a *.ir+pra*t+r9 s.e 4new was
i0p+ssib)e& "e st++d up9 bent -+rward e--+rt)ess)y and t+u*.ed
.is t+es& ?L++49@ .e 0ar/e)ed9 ?N+ painE@ "e was *+0p)ete)y

Unti) dayAs en*+unter wit. t.e A!9 G+n .ad been a
t+ta) s4epti*9 .e said9 .ard,.earted and set in .is ways& T+day9 I
4n+w .i0 t+ be t.e 0+st sensiti/e9 )+/ing and -)e3ib)e 0aster
y+u *+u)d 0eet& "e said a-ter .is 0ira*)e .ea)ing .e be,
*a0e deep)y interested in )earning a)) .e *+u)d ab+ut and
w.+ .e was&

G+n says .is )i-e .as *ertain)y *.anged& "e is n+w a di--er,
ent9 se)-,w+rt.y and pea*e-u) s+u)& T+ 0e9 is t.e EAL
0ira*)e +- t.e spine,ting)ing e3perien*eE

$.apter J(
CA&P#R ,# (A&%5!

Gi*49 -r+0 Gurang+9 $+)+rad+9 t+)d 0e .+w .e .ad a
great +pp+rtunity t+ -a*e .is -ears& "e was t.e .+use guest +- a
w+0an w.+ .ad a )arge +)der .+0e& "is .+stess t+)d .i0 ap+)+,
geti*a))y t.e parti*u)ar bedr++0 .e w+u)d be s)eeping in nig.t was t.e )ast bedr++0 a/ai)ab)e -+r guests& And it was
.aunted& #.e said a)) .er pre/i+us guests w.+ .ad s)ept in r++0 .ad seen and -e)t t.e presen*e +- a g.+st)y -igure&

Gi*4 )aug.ed at t.e idea +- g.+sts& "e was :ust t++ d+wn
t+ eart. t+ be)ie/e .e *+u)d en*+unter a genuine g.+st& "e
retired )ate and .ad n+ tr+ub)e -a))ing int+ a s+und s)eep&

>a4ing sudden)y during t.e nig.t9 .e -e)t a *+)d9 *.i))ing
presen*e& T.e .air +n .is ar0s and )egs and ne*4 st++d +n end&
"e +pened .is eyes wider& A g.+st)y spe*ter began t+ ta4e
s.ape be-+re .i0& T.e -a*e9 .ead and s.+u)ders +- a 0an ap,
peared& T.e eyes were -i))ed wit. g)aring .atred&

Gi*4 a*tua))y tre0b)ed wit. -ear as t.e g.ast)y appariti+n
stared at .i0& T.en a)) at +n*e .e re0e0bered .+w t.e A!
.ad said w.en y+u -a*e -ear9 y+u -ind it d+esnAt .a/e a -a*e&
$+ns*i+us)y9 .e pu))ed .i0se)- "e -e)t .is w.+)e being
*enter itse)- .i09 and wit. t.e s.i-t *a0e *+urage& "is
-ear disappeared9 and s+ did t.e g.+st& T.e *.i)) )e-t t.e air9 and
a sense e/ery, was a)rig.t per/aded .is being&

N+ )+nger s)eepy9 Gi*4 said .e r+se -r+0 .is bed9 dressed9
and spent t.e re0aining .+urs +- t.e nig.t re)i/ing .is e3peri,
en*e& "e 0ar/e)ed at .is une3pe*ted abi)ity t+ +/er*+0e su*.
terr+r in .is b+dy si0p)y by ta4ing .+)d +- .is *+ns*i+usness and
*entering .i0se)- at t.e *+re +- .is being& T.e A! was *er,
tain)y rig.t9 .e said9 w.en y+ur -ear is -a*ed9 it be*+0es -a*e)ess
L and y+ur are $e%rless+

$.apter JJ
COM# ,#R# RABB+!

At t.e 1988 #n+w !+untain retreat in $+)+rad+9 Ja*49
-r+0 O)y0pia9 >as.ingt+n9 ga/e 0e a grie- st+ry +- .is en,
*+unter wit. a wi)d rabbit in t.e w++ds&

Ja*4 sat wit. .is ba*4 against a tree9 wat*.ing nature
ar+und .i09 *+nte0p)ating t.e brig.t9 sunny s4y )a*ed wit.
-)ee*y w.ite *)+uds& In .is re-)e*ti/e 0++d9 .e *+0-+rtab)y )+w,
ered .i0se)- unti) .e was )ying d+wn +n .is side&

A sudden9 1ui*4 0+/e0ent *aug.t .is eye& L++4ing ab+ut9
.e saw a )arge br+wn rabbit .+pping a*r+ss an +pen spa*e&
>.at a *ute9 -urry w++d)and *reature .e was& Ja*4 wis. .e
w+u)d *+0e *)+ser& e0e0bering t.e way t.e A! .ad taug.t
t+ -+*us +n a desire9 Ja*4 )i-ted .is .ands int+ t.e triad s.ape
and *a))ed -+rt. -+r t.e rabbit t+ *+0e up t+ .i0& "e -e)t t.e
.eat rise in .is .ands and .e 4new .is desire w+u)d n+w be,
*+0e a rea)ity& "e *+0p)eted t.e 1ui*4 0ani-estati+n wit. a
s+-t but str+ng de*)arati+n +- +wner,s.ip +- t.e new idea L ?#+
be it&@

T.e rabbit paused t+ study Ja*4& T.en9 as i- 0+/ed by a
sudden desire9 t.e rabbit .+pped straig.t t+ward .i0 unti) it was
dire*t)y at .is -eet& Ja*4 )ay 0+ti+n)ess9 wat*.ing wit. awe& It
sni--ed at .is -++t& Ja*4 sp+4e s+-t)y and t+ t.e inn+,
*ent *reature& As .e did s+9 t.e rabbit 0+/ed *)+ser and *)+ser
t+ .is -a*e& >.en .e was :ust in*.es away9 .e twit*.ed .is ear
and )++4ed dire*t)y int+ Ja*4As eyes& Ja*4 -e)t t.e .eat rising up
in .is b+dy2 .e was s+ e)ated .e *+u)d .ard)y *+ntain .is p)ea,
sure& T.ere was n+ d+ubt .e .ad *a))ed rabbit t+ .i0&

Apparent)y satis-ied by .e saw in Ja*4As eyes9 t.e rab,
bit .+pped ba*4 d+wn by .is s.+es9 .+pped +n t+ .is an4)e9
)++4ed ba*4 at Ja*49 twit*.ed t.e ear9 and .+pped n+n*.a,
)ant)y +-- int+ t.e w++ds and +ut +- sig.t&

F+r )+ng 0+0ents Ja*4 )ay ba*4 sa/+ring t.e e3perien*e&
>it. sweet 0e0+ry9 .e 4new .e w+u)d ne/er again d+ubt
.is new tried and tru)y <+d +wned abi)ity t+ *+ns*i+us)y *a))
-+rt. any desire&

$.apter JH
MA%+$#&!+%3 A &!##) is w+nder-u) ta)e -r+0 Pa/e)9 a 0aster w.+
.as turned .is entire w+r)d ar+und t+ be*+0e *+ns*i+us)y in
*.arge +- .is destiny&

Pa/e) said .e .as a)ways been a .+rse )+/er9 and .a/ing re,
*ent)y been taug.t t.e p+wer-u) art +- 0ani-estati+n by t.e
A!9 .e de*ided .e s.+u)d 0a4e .is )i-e,)+ng drea0 +-
+wning .is +wn .+rse a rea)ity& "e e0bra*ed t.e t.+ug.t -u))y9
e/en en/isi+ning .i0se)- +n .is .+rse9 gent)y *antering a*r+ss a
sun)it 0ead+w -i))ed wit. *+)+r-u) -)+wers& "e *+0p)ete)y -i))ed
.is 0ind wit. t.e desire&

Gays passed9 and p+tentia) d++rs +pened -+r it t+ be*+0e a
rea)ity& "e said at p+int .e did s+ 0any +-ten d+ t+ un,
der,0ine t.eir +wn p+wer& "e t+)d e/ery+ne ab+ut .is drea0&
#udden)y t.e d++rs swung s.ut and Pa/e) was )e-t w+ndering .appened& As .e p+ndered9 it dawned +n .i0 .is
pr+b)e0 .ad been se)-,*reated& "e needed t+ 4eep .is 0+ut.

Pa/e) t.en re,gat.ered .is energies and renewed .is -+*us
t+ start t.e entire 0ani-estati+n pr+*ess +n*e again& "e .ad
)earned a /a)uab)e )ess+n& ti0e .e w+u)d 4eep .is desire t+
.i0se)- unti) it .ad be*+0e .is rea)ity& "e said .e en/isi+ned
:ust .is steed w+u)d )++4 )i4e9 its *+)+r and its bui)d&

A -ew days )ater9 w.en .e .eard t.e na0e +- ?.is@ .+rse9
and it was +--ered t+ .i09 .e 4new it was .is and t++4 it9 sig.t
unseen& "e e/en 0ani-ested ine3pensi/e transp+rtati+n t+ .is is,
)and .+0e& At -irst g)an*e9 .e 4new .is de*isi+n .ad been *+r,
re*t& >.at a g+rge+us steedE T.e .+rse was e/ .is
0ind .ad *+n:ured9 rig.t d+wn t+ t.e si6e and *+)+r&
On t+p +- a)) t.at9 it .ad t.e sweetest disp+siti+n any
.+rse +wner *+u)d desire9 and was :ust t.e rig.t age t+ be
trained& Pa/e)As drea0 .ad be*+0e a rea)ity& "e said wit.
e/ery su*. 0ani-estati+n .e was be*+0ing 0+re aware +- t.e
p+wer +- .is <+d #ure)y9 an in-inite nu0ber +- e/en
sweeter drea0s are a)ready +n t.eir wayE

$.apter JN
+ MA%+$#&!#) 6-/7/// CA&,

A 0aster na0ed <e+rge9 -r+0 Eat+n/i))e9 >as.ingt+n9 e3,
p)ained t+ 0e .+w .e .ad used t.e tea*.ings .e )earned -r+0 t.e
A! t+ 0ateria)i6e M8D9DDD *as. in a -ew s.+rt wee4s&

<e+rge .ad been )++4ing ar+und -+r .e *+nsidered t.e
per-e*t .+0e9 w.ere .e *+u)d )i/e in t.e days t+ *+0e& "e -ina),
)y -+und it but .e was e3a*t)y M8D9DDD s.+rt +- t.e pri*e& "e
4new t.e .+0e was .is a)ready in *+ns*i+usness9 s+ .e sat
d+wn and did t.e 0ani-estati+n te*.ni1ue .e )earned -r+0 t.e
A!& "e en/isi+ned t.e M8D9DDD *+0ing t+ .i0&

T.e ne3t day9 dri/ing a)+ng a pier9 <e+rge .ad t.e strangest
urge t+ st+p at an +utd++r bar and .a/e a b+tt)e +- beer& N+w
<e+rge didnAt e/en )i4e beer& %ut .e re0e0bered .+w t.e A!
suggests -+))+wing up +n ideas and -ee)ings bubb)e t+ t.e
sur-a*e +- awareness& #+ <e+rge st+pped -+r a beer&

#.+rt)y a-ter .e was seated and sipping .is beer9 .e +/er,
.eard t.e tw+ 0en beside .i0 ta)4ing ab+ut JDD9DDD egg *ar,
t+ns& One +- t.e 0en said .e needed t+ disp+se +- t.e0 t+ 0a4e
r++0 -+r 0er*.andise& <e+rge per4ed up .is ears& T.e in,
stant .e .eard t.e 0an ta)4 ab+ut t.e .uge surp)us +- egg *ar,
t+ns9 .is 0ind )eaped t+ t.e 4n+w)edge seed *+0panies
p)ant seed)ings in egg *art+ns9 and 0ig.t p+ssib)y be interested
in pur*.asing t.e0&

<e+rge intr+du*ed .i0se)- t+ t.e tw+ 0en& A-ter a brie-
*.at9 .e t++4 t.e na0e and te)ep.+ne nu0ber +- t.e 0an w.+
+wned t.e e3tra egg *art+ns9 and t+)d .i0 .e .ad an idea& I- it
w+r4ed9 .e w+u)d gi/e .i0 a *a)) t.e ne3t day&

First t.e ne3t 0+rning .e *a))ed +ne +- t.e )argest
seed gr+wers in t.e *+untry9 and t.e an3i+us buyer t+)d .i0
indeed t.ey were s.+rt +n egg *art+ns& T.e buyer agreed t+ buy
a)) +- t.e JDD9DDD *art+ns +n .and9 and wanted 0i))i+n i-
<e+rge *+u)d supp)y t.e0& Ne3t9 <e+rge *a))ed t.e 0an wit.
t.e egg *art+ns&

"e b+ug.t t.e egg *art+ns and s+)d t.e0 t+ t.e seed *+0,
pany at a pr+-it& %y t.e ti0e t.e seed *+0pany 1uit +rdering a
-ew wee4s )ater9 t.ey .ad b+ug.t t.ree 0i))i+n egg *art+ns -r+0
.i0E >.en <e+rge ta))ied .is pr+-it9 .e .ad a )itt)e +/er
M8D9DDD *as.&

$.apter J8
)O *O. "OV# *O.R&#"$8

enee9 -r+0 New Jersey9 t+)d .+w s.e and a)) t.e +t.ers at
t.e #epte0ber9 198H =u**a Ia))ey retreat were )++4ing -+rward
t+ t.e %arbarian Feast& T.e A! wanted e/ery+ne t+ under,
stand by -irst,.and e3perien*e 4ni/es and -+r4s and sp++ns
were n+t needed t+ eat -++d& In t.e e--i*ient si0p)i*ity +- +ur
design and *reati+n9 +ur .ands and -ingers are a)) we need t+
pi*4 up -++d and put it int+ +ur 0+ut.s&

>.at a 0essy but w+nder-u) +utd++r -east it wasE E/en t.e
A! parti*ipated9 gnawing t.e 0eat +-- t.e b+nes and t.r+wing
t.e b+nes ba*4 +/er .is s.+u)der& E/ery+ne en:+yed it i00ense,
)y& It was a )ess+n in getting d+wn t+ basi*s&

A-ter -east9 enee said s.e wat*.ed as t.e A! 0in,
g)ed t.r+ug. t.e *r+wd and ga/e .ugs t+ e/ery+ne as4ed -+r
+ne& #.e wanted a .ug desperate)y& T.en s.e g+t s*ared and
-+ug.t t.e idea& Fina))y9 s.e de*ided s.e rea))y did want t+
be .ugged by t.e A!9 s+ s.e de)iberate)y wa)4ed +/er and
p)a*ed .erse)- dire*t)y in .is pat.& "+we/er9 w.en t.e A! g+t
t+ .er9 .e :ust n+dded t+ .er9 and passed .er by& T.en .e went
+n .ugging +t.ers ar+und .er&

enee burst int+ tears and wit.drew a distan*e away& As
s.e st++d t.ere weeping9 a w+nder-u))y *+0passi+nate 0aster9
+baire9 wa)4ed up and put .is ar0s ar+und .er and ga/e .er a
)+ng9 )+/ing .ug& "e as4ed .er i- .e *+u)d .e)p& %etween s+bs
enee b)ubbered s.e :ust wanted a .ug -r+0 t.e A!&

?=+u want a .ug -r+0 t.e A!5@ +baire as4ed9 grab,
bing .er and pu))ing .er wit. .i0& ?$+0e +n9 IA)) ta4e y+u t+
t.e A! -+r a .ug&@

+baire wa)4ed .er dire*t)y up t+ t.e A!9 w.+ was gi/,
ing a big .ug t+ 0aster at 0+0ent& >.en .e -in,
is.ed .e )++4ed at enee and ar*.ed .is br+ws9 a tiny s0i)e
*reeping a*r+ss .is -a*e&

enee 0ustered up .er *+urage and b)urted9 ?I want a .ug L
a great big bear .ugE@

T.e A! s)+w)y )i-ted .is .ead and ar*.ed .is
br+ws ?>.at wi)) y+u d+ i- I d+nAt gi/e y+u +ne5@ .e

As .er -a*e dr+pped9 .e stepped -+rward wit. a *+0pas,
si+nate )++4 and ga/e .er a 0ig.ty bear .ug& A-ter .e re)eased
.is grip s.e t+)d .i0 s.e .ad been a-raid t+ as4 .i0 -+r a
.ug be-+re&

?T.ere is t+ -ear in t.e A!9@ .e said& ?Bo you
lo!e yoursel$91

#.e t.+ug.t -+r a 0+0ent& ?=es9@ s.e answered&

T.e )++4 t.e A! ga/e .er was *)ear L .e was n+t buying
.er answer& "e stared )+ng and pier*ing)y9 )++4ing deep
.er& ?#+ be it9@ .e said s+-t)y& T.en .e turned away and *+ntin,
ued t+ 0ing)e wit. 0asters&

As t.e a0 wa)4ed away -r+0 .er9 eneeAs t.+ug.ts went
ba*4 +/er .er past9 and s.e rea)i6ed s.e *+u)d n+t re0e0ber
e/er )+/ing .erse)-& #.e .ad a)ways -e)t gui)ty and unw+rt.y&
#.e wept deep int+ t.e nig.t as s.e re/iewed .er )+ng .ist+ry +-
se)- .atred&

T.e ne3t 0+rning s.e r+se ear)y wit. a)) +- t.e 0as,
ters t+ greet t.e rising sun& #.e sat and waited and waited -+r it
t+ *+0e up +/er t.e edge +- t.e 0+untain& Just as it s.+wed t.e
-irst +- its g+)den -iery ri09 .er entire being .ea/ed and *+n,
/u)sed wit. sadness and s+rr+w& T.e spas0s ra*4ed .er b+dy&
"er w.+)e )i-e -)as.ed be-+re .er again& #.e /i/id)y re*a))ed
? )++4@ -r+0 t.e A!& "e #"e*& #.e sudden)y -e)t a great
pity and a great )+/e -+r .erse)-&

enee said -r+0 day -+rward s.e .as been a*ute)y
aware +- .+w s.e -ee)s ab+ut .erse)-& I- a situati+n arises w.ere
s.e -ee)s se)- d+ubt +r re:e*ti+n -r+0 +t.ers9 s.e re*a))s ?
)++4@ -r+0 t.e A! and as4s .erse)-9 ?G+ I )+/e 0yse)-5@ It a),
ways w+r4s& #.e d+es&

#.e adds .er new )+/ing attitude ab+ut .erse)- and t+,
ward )i-e in genera)9 were b+rn a-ter w+nder-u))y penetrat,
ing and re/ea)ing A! )++4&

$.apter J9
)A%3#R +% !,+& ,O.&#
F+r t.+se w.+ .a/e n+t yet read t.e aut+bi+grap.y +- JP
Onig.t,,A #tate +- !ind,,pub)is.ed by 7%r"er <oo#s&&&t.e -+),
)+wing -+ur 0ira*)es re/ea)ed in .er in*redib)e )i-e st+ry
y+ur appetite t+ read it straig.t away&
T.e -irst,,GAN<E IN T"I# "OU#E,,dea)s wit. t.e w.+)e
-a0i)y2 t.e se*+nd,,#AA" LEE ANG !I#TE <"O#T,,*+n,
*erns .er tw+ b+ys&&&$.ris and %randy& T.e t.ird,,%ANG=
<ET# "EALEG,,-+*uses +n %randy a)+ne&&&and t.e -+urt.,,A
!IA$LE IN $"U$",,*enters ar+und JP .erse)-& T.ese -+ur
0ira*)es are 0ere)y ?t+u*.ed +n@ by 0e in b++4& A)) -+ur +-
t.e0 are presented in *)ear and e3*iting detai) by JP in .er +wn
b++4&&&s+ y+u *an get t.e entire detai)ed st+ry t.ere -r+0 JP .er,
se)-; 2o $or it0
#++n a-ter t.e A! 0ade .is -irst /isua) appearan*e t+ JP
.e t+)d .er s.e and .er be)+/ed -a0i)y were in dire danger i-
t.ey stayed in t.eir .+use& "e dire*ted .er t+ .a/e .er -a0i)y +ut
+- .+use i" $i!e d%ysE "e said .er *.i)dren w+u)d drea0 +- was *+0ing and s.e s.+u)d pay attenti+n t+ t.e drea0& "e
added *.i)dren are s+ inn+*ent t.ey are ab)e t+ see
t.ings adu)ts +-ten d+nAt&&&and *.i)dren w+u)d be t.e
prophets o$ the %ge to co&e+
T.en t.e A! t+)d JP .e .ad a)ready 0ade arrange0ents
-+r .er t+ 0+/e int+ a new .+0eLa )arge w.ite .+useLand
s.e w+u)d s++n 0eet t.e ?runner@ w.+ w+u)d .e)p .er -ind it&
At -irst JP tried t+ deny t.e rea)ity +- .er intera*ti+n wit. t.e
A!&&&and .is -ate-u) predi*ti+n& %ut .er .usband was e3*ited
by t.e e3perien*e and said .e be)ie/ed e/ w+u)d be a),
145 nig.t,,+n .er 4nees,,JP b+wed .er .ead and as4ed <+d -+r
guidan*e& N+ answer *a0e& #.e wept -+r a )+ng w.i)e&&&and a-ter cle%"si"g -e)t better9 retired and s)ept we))&
T.e ne3t 0+rning a-ter s.e .ad prepared )un*.es -+r t.e b+ys t+
ta4e t+ s*.++) s.e *)i0bed up t.e stairs t+ wa4e t.e0& #.e
st+pped .a)-way up t.e stairs w.en s.e .eard 0u--)ed *rying& It
*a0e -r+0 t.eir r++0& #.e rus.ed int+ t.eir bedr++0 and -+und
b+t. +- t.e0 s+bbing&
?>.atAs wr+ng5@ s.e as4ed&
%randy st+pped *rying en+ug. t+ te)) .er .e .ad drea0ed .ippies .ad br+4en d+wn t.e ba*4 d++r +- t.eir .+use and
s.+t .is dad as .e was sitting at t.e tab)e& T.en +ne +- t.e .ip,
pies turned and s.+t $.risE A *.i)) *rept up JPAs spine& #.e
turned t+ $.ris9 w.+ t+)d .er t.r+ug. .is s+bs .e .ad .ad
t.e sa0e drea0& T.en $.ris said .e .ad g+ne t+ .ea/en t+ )i/e
wit. <+d&
>.i)e JP sat stunned and tried t+ pretend e/ was
a)) rig.t&&&.er .usband entered t.e r++0& "e .e)ped *a)0 t.e
b+ys get t.e0 d+wnstairs -+r brea4-ast and t.en&&&+-- t+ s*.++)&
As s++n as t.ey were +ut t.e d++r .e turned t+ JP and said .e
.ad .eard it a))& And .e 0ade .er s+)e0n)y pr+0ise t+ get +ut +-
t.e .+use -+r t.e day& JP pr+tested wea4)y but gradua))y saw it 0ade sense and agreed t+ .is stern de0and&
A -ew .+urs )ater w.i)e dri/ing t.r+ug. a business area a )+ud
/+i*e in .er .ead t+)d .er t+ st+p at a rea) estate +--i*e&&&t+ as4
ab+ut a .uge w.ite .+0e& T.ere was a rea) estate +--i*e in
/ery b)+*4&
As i- in a drea0&&&s.e st+pped t.e *ar& >.at w+u)d s.e say5
T.e /+i*e sp+4e again9 It instru*ted .er t+ Cas4 -+r +y&C
T.ere was indeed a sa)es0an na0ed +y w.+ w+r4ed t.ere&
"e t++4 .er +ut t+ see at -irst appeared t+ be a ?w.ite e)e,
p.ant@ )+*ated in =e)0& "+we/er,,+n .er se*+nd )++4,,s.e saw
great p+ssibi)ities in t.e .+use&&&and de*ided +n t.e sp+t t+ buy
it& +y was start)ed w.en s.e t+)d .i0 s.e and .er -a0i)y
wanted t+ 0+/e in by Friday nig.tE
e*+/ering -r+0 .is s.+*4 .e rea)i6ed s.e was seri+us9 and .e
did 0a4e arrange0ents -+r t.e0 t+ ta4e p+ssessi+n +n Friday&
JP and .er .usband .urried)y 0+/ed a -ew pers+na) p+sses,
si+ns wit. t.e0 int+ t.eir new .+0e Friday e/ening& T.ey
spent t.e nig.t t.ere and aw+4e ear)y #aturday 0+rning& A-ter
brea4-ast t.ey dr+/e ba*4 t+ t.e +)d .+use t+ get s+0e 0+re
t.ings& T.e b+ys wanted t+ g+ a)+ng,,s+ t.ey w+u)dnAt .a/e
r++0 -+r 0u*.,,but t.e 0+/ers w+u)d .and)e 0+st +- it ne3t
>.en t.ey g+t t+ t.eir +)d .+use9 .er .usband .ad t.e drea0s
in 0ind and t+)d JP and t.e b+ys t+ wait in t.e *ar w.i)e .e
)++4ed t.ings +/er& "e 1ui*4)y returned t+ t.e *ar& "is -a*e
as.en& "is eyes wide& "e t+)d t.e0 t.e d++r was battered and
t.e .+use ransa*4ed&
JP went inside and was s.+*4ed by t.e t+ta) destru*ti+n& #.e
ga/e t.an4s s.e and .er -a0i)y .ad been sa/ed -r+0
.ide+us nig.t0are& =et s.e sti)) .adnAt )earned t+ t+ta))y trust,,
+r t+ -u))y appre*iate t.e A!& #.e sti)) .arb+red -ears s.e
was t.e de/i)&

$.apter HD
&ARA, "## A%) M+&!#R 3,O&!
T.e p.+ne rang at t.e radi+ stati+n w.ere JP w+r4ed& It was
.er 0aid,,#ara. Lee,,ta)4ing -i-ty 0i)es t+ t.e 0inute9 s.eer
pani* in .er /+i*e& >.en JP *a)0ed .er d+wn en+ug. t+ spea4
*+.erent)y9 t.e 0aid t+)d .er a g.+st .ad appeared in .er
4it*.en and wa)4ed t.r+ug. t.e .+use& #.e and t.e b+ys were in
%randyAs bedr++0 wit. t.e d++r )+*4ed& #.e begged JP t+ *+0e
.+0e and res*ue t.e0 i00ediate)yE
$+0p)ete)y pu66)ed,,but 4n+wing was a genuine *ri,
sis t+ #ara. Lee,,JP .urried)y dr+/e .+0e& #ti)) .ysteri*a) wit.
-ear,,#ara. Lee w+u)d n+t un)+*4 t.e d++r t+ %randyAs r++0 un,
ti) s.e was abs+)ute)y sure it was JP& T.e tw+ b+ys b+t. rus.ed
int+ t.e ar0s +- t.eir #ara. Lee re-used t+ budge -r+0
t.e bedr++02 s.e sat r+*4ing ba*4 and -+rt.9 s.a4ing .er .ead
and 0+aning ab+ut sp++4s&
JP as4ed t.e b+ys .ad .appened& T.ey b+t. t+)d .er
w.en Mr+ 2host 7t.e A!8 .ad *+0e int+ t.e 4it*.en&&&#ara.
Lee .ad i00ediate)y -e)t .is presen*e; but *+u)d n+t see .i0&
>.en b+t. b+ys e3*ited)y s.+uted9 ?"i9 !r& <.+stE@ #ara. Lee
was s+ -rig.tened s.e t.rew t.e eggs s.e was -rying9,,pan
and a)),,int+ t.e air&&&and st++d s.i/ering wit. -ear&
As s.e wat*.ed9 t.e tw+ y+ungsters ) tr++ped be,
.ind&&&s+0e in/isib)e presen*e&&&int+ $.risA bedr++0& #ara. Lee
*+u)d see an e3tra pair +- /ery .uge -++tprints press int+ t.e *arpet& !r& <.+st was +b/i+us)y wa)4ing a)+ng wit. t.e
tw+ b+ys&&&as t.ey *.atted e3*ited)y wit. t.eir g.+st)y /isit+r
-riend& A s+-t war0 wind see0ed t+ -+))+w a)+ng wit. t.e0&
#ara. LeeRs e3es widened and s.e st++d -r+6en wit. -ear&
T.e b+ys rus.ed ba*4 t+ te)) .er t.e g++d newsE Mr+ 2host
.ad t+)d t.e0 .e w+u)d 0+/e t+ >a*+9 Te3as wit. t.e0E T.e
b+ys )itera))y :u0ped up and d+wn wit. great g)ee9 *)apping
t.eir .ands wit. e3*ite0ent& T.ey added t.ey w+u)d .a/e
*ried,,,i- !r& <.+st *+u)dnAt g+ wit. t.e0&&&be*ause .e was t.eir
-riend& :+)ted #ara. )ee ba*4 t+ rea)ity& #.e grabbed t.e
p.+ne and pus.ed t.e b+ys a.ead +- .er int+ %randyAs r++0,,
s)a00ed t.e d++r be.ind .er,,and )+*4ed it& T.en s.e -ranti*a),
)y dia)ed JP t+ *+0e .+0e at +n*e&
JP )++4ed int+ t.e )i/ing r++0 and *+u)d sti)) *)ear)y see t.e
.uge e3tra set +- -++tprints 0atted d+wn +n t.e rug& N+t 4n+w,
ing t+ 0a4e +- 0ystery&&&s.e sat .er s+ns d+wn wit.
.er and as4ed t.e0 t+ s)+w)y te)) .er again .ad .appened&
e)ie/ed t+ -ind +ut t.ey were n+t in any 4ind +- tr+ub)e&&&t.e
s0a)) b+ys .appi)y repeated t.eir st+ries&
>.en JP as4ed i- t.ey were a-raid +- !r& <.+st9 t.ey b+t.
s.++4 t.eir .eads n+& T.ey said t.ey )+/ed .i0 a )+t& ?"eAs +ur
-riend& "eAs rea) ta)),,)i4e super0an,,and .e *+0es t+ /isit us&
And .eAs rea) brig.t&&&)i4e Tin4er be))& "eAs rea) ni*e9 !+00y&@
%randy t+)d .er +ne ti0e w.en .e .ad a bad drea09 !r&
<.+st appeared and 0ade t.e r++0 )ig.t up -+r .i0 s+ .e
was n+t a-raid& %+t. b+ys said !r& <.+st was a)ways
ar+und9 and .e was t.eir -riend&
>.en JP as4ed w.y t.ey .ad )++4ed -rig.tened w.en s.e -irst
g+t .+0e&&&t.ey said be*ause #ara. Lee .ad t+)d t.e0 !r& <.+st
was rea))y t.e de!il+ JP )aug.ed and t+)d t.e0 t.ere was n+ su*.
de/i) and it was :ust #ara. Lee be)ie/ed be*ause
s.e *+u)dnAt see t.eir g.+st)y -riend,,)i4e t.ey *+u)d,,and
-rig.tened .er&
%randy reas+ned ?I- <.+st was a bad guy9 .e w+u)d a),
ready .a/e .urt us and .e .asnAt&@ JP .ad t+ 0ar/e) at t.e ir+ny it was #ara. LeeAs superstiti+n and .ysteria .ad -rig.t,
ened .er s+ns&&&n+t t.eir unusua) -riend9 Mr+ 2host+
$.apter H1
BRA%)* 3#!& ,#A"#)
JPAs #ON %randy .ad de/e)+ped a se/ere a))ergy& "e was
t+)d by d+*t+rs .e w+u)d .a/e t+ ta4e a))ergy s.+ts e/ery
wee4 -+r t.e ne3t -i/e t+ ten years& JP was de/astated by
news& F+r se/era) 0+nt.s %randy went e/ery >ednesday t+ get
.is s.+ts&
One day w.i)e JP was in .er bedr++0 reading9 %randy and .is
s*.++) *.u0 ran int+ t.e r++0& %randy was a)0+st in tears& "is
-ingers were swe))ed s+ bad)y .e *+u)d bare)y 0+/e t.e0&
E/en a s)ig.t 0+/e0ent *aused .i0 se/ere pain& JP pr+0ised t+
*a)) t.e d+*t+r rig.t away&
"+we/er9 at 0+0ent t.e r++0 was sudden)y -i))ed wit.
wind& T.e wind+w was *)+sed& JP turned and saw t.e A!
standing in t.e -ar *+rner& #in*e %randyAs -riend was t.ere9 JP
didnAt want t+ ta)4 a)+ud& #.e :ust s.rugged .er s.+u)ders t+,
ward t.e A! wit. a p)eading9 ?$an y+u .e)p 0y s+n5@ )++4&
In .er .ead JP t.en .eard t.e A! say t+ as4 %randy t+ step
-+rward and -+r JP t+ repeat .is w+rds t+ t.e b+y& JP ner/+us)y
)++4ed t+ see i- +- t.e tw+ b+ys .ad seen +r .eard t.e
A!2 b+t. were +b)i/i+us t+ .is presen*e& #.e *a))ed %randy
+/er t+ sit beside .er +n t.e bed and waited -+r t.e A! t+
spea4& T.e A! said t+ as4 %randy i- .e 4new .e was
)+/ed by <+d& JP *+0p)ied& %randy )++4ed int+ .er eyes and
said si0p)y9 ?=es&@
epeating t.e A!9 JP t.en as4ed %randy9 ?G+ y+u 4n+w
<+d )i/es y+u5@ %randy said9 ?yes@ +n*e again& A sweet
inn+*en*e e3uded -r+0 .is being& JP said .er .eart a*.ed and
tears -)++ded .er eyes& On*e 0+re s.e repeated as t.e A!
sp+4e9 ?!aster %rand+n9 t.e <+d w.+ )i/es y+u .as
0ade y+u w.+)e& #+ be itE@
%randy )++4ed trusting)y int+ .er eyes and repeated t.e sen,
ten*e9 ?!y <+d w.+ )i/es in 0e .as 0ade 0e w.+)e& #+ be itE@
JP re0+/ed .er .ands -r+0 .is and s*rea0ed in de)ig.t w.en
s.e saw t.e swe))ing .ad g+ne entire)y& T.ey were *+0,
p)ete)y .ea)edE %randy :u0ped up and ann+un*ed e3uberant)y
t+ .is y+ung *+0pani+n .e was .ea)edE "is -riend )++4ed
+n wit. wide,eyed ast+nis.0ent& JP )++4ed t+ward t.e A!
.er tears n+w -)+wing pr+-use)y& #.e t.an4ed .i0 -+r .ea)ing
.er )itt)e b+y& #.e t+)d .i0 s.e )+/ed .i0 dear)y -+r it&
T.e A! s0i)ed& "e t+)d .er %rand+n .ad .ea)ed .i0,
se)- b+t. .e and JP were si0p)y t.e /e.i*)es -+r %randy t+
see and a*4n+w)edge a trut. +- .ea)ing& T.e A! went +n t+
say .er s+n w+u)d g+ t.r+ug. s+0e dar4 days in .is -uture9
but .e w+u)d sur/i/e t.e0 a))& "+we/er9 .e w+u)d +ne day
d+ a great
-+r .u0anity and w+u)d )++4 ba*4 wit. understanding t+
pre*i+us day w.en .e was .ea)ed&
T.e -+))+wing day JP *a))ed t+ *an*e) t.e app+int0ent -+r
%randyAs s.+ts and t+)d t.e d+*t+r +- .er s+nAs sudden *ure& T.e
d+*t+r was ast+unded but .e ad0itted ?prayer@ *an s+0e,
ti0es be t.e best 0edi*ine +- a))E

$.apter H'
A M+RAC"# +% A C,.RC,
A 0ira*)e is a)ways a 0ira*)e uni1ue,,in its +wn .appen,
ing,,yet +- a)) t.e 0ira*)es t+)d by JP in .er b++4&&&t.e +ne
0+/ed 0e 0+st was w.en JP was instant)y .ea)ed -r+0 a -ata)
i))ness& #.e .ad ter0ina) *an*er and t.e d+*t+rs said t.ey *+u)d
d+ n+ 0+re -+r .er at t.e .+spita) s+ s.e was sent .+0e& T.+ug.
s.e was a)ways in great pain JP prayed dai)y t+ be .ea)ed&
A -ew days a-ter s.e arri/ed .+0e -r+0 t.e .+spita),,Fran4
a -+r0er e0p)+yee,,*a0e t+ see .er& Fran4 p)anned t+ 0arry
J+an9 a w+0an w.+ was a -er/ent 0e0ber +- a )+*a) b+rn again
re)igi+us gr+up& T.ere was t+ be a re/i/a) a-tern++n9 and
Fran4 begged JP t+ *+0e wit. t.e0&
JP .ad n+ )+/e -+r 0inisters prea*.ed t.e de/i)9 .e)) and
da0nati+n and at -irst s.e de*)ined /e.e0ent)y& =et re/i/a)
was t+ .ea) t.e si*49 and w.en s.e saw .+w 0u*. it 0eant t+
Fran49 s.e agreed t+ g+&
It was .e)d in a .uge +utd++r tent& >.en JP9 Fran4 and
J+an arri/ed t.e 0inister was a)ready *a))ing t.e si*4 t+ *+0e
be-+re .i0& #e/era) .undred pe+p)e were t.ere& !+st were
*aug.t up in re)igi+us e*stasy&&&singing and swaying ba*4 and
-+rt.& Fran4 .e)ped JP wa)4 d+wn t.e ais)e t+ stand in -r+nt -
t.e 0inister& "e .ad .is .ands +n t.e .ead +- a w+0an w.i)e .e
p)eaded s.e be sa/ed -r+0 #atan and t.e wrat. +- <+d& T.e
w+0an *)+sed .er eyes9 s+bbed9 swayed and t+u*.ed .er .ead
w.i)e t.e 0inister dire*ted .er t+ ren+un*e #atan w.i)e .e as4ed
t.e w.+)e *r+wd t+ pray -+r )+st s+u)&
JP was si*4 a)ready and t.e sig.t and s+und +- t.e b)eating
0inister p)eading wit. t.e +)d w+0an t+ den+un*e #atan was a),
0+st en+ug. t+ 0a4e .er ret*.& >.en .e -inis.ed wit. t.e +)d
w+0an .e be*4+ned t+ JP t+ *+0e *)+se&
#.e stepped up be-+re .i0 wit. a de-iant )++4& L++4ing
straig.t int+ .is eyes s.e t+)d .i0 s.e )+/ed <+d 0+re
.e did9 #atan did n+t e3ist&&&and w.en pe+p)e tru)y under,
st++d <+d t.ey did n+t be)ie/e in sin +r e/i)& #.e said s.e was
dying&&&and i- .e )aid .is .ands +n .er .e .ad better pray -+r .er
as s+0e+ne )+/ed <+d and n+t t+ dare 0enti+n #atan&
In stunned disbe)ie- t.e 0inister stared at .er& Unab)e t+
.ide .is -ear .e s)+w)y p)a*ed .is .ands +n .er .ead as JP
b+wed it& "+we/er be-+re .e *+u)d say a w+rd s.e )++4ed up
again and re0inded .i0 +ne 0+re ti0e NOT t+ 0enti+n any+ne
but <+d in .is .ea)ing prayer&
T.e tre0b)ing past+r was n+w t.+r+ug.)y inti0idated& "e
raised .is eyes and *a))ed +ut in a )+ud s.a4y /+i*e9 ?<+d9 +ur
Fat.er9 )++4 +n *.i)d& Li-t up .er )i-e s+ s.e 0ay be
<+d9 O.9 <+dE@ At e3a*t 0+0ent a -)as. +- b)ue )ig.t
strea4ed d+wn -r+0 t.e t+p +- t.e .uge tent )i4e a )ig.tening
b+)t& T.e e)e*tri*ity and b)ue )ig.t went straig.t d+wn t.r+ug.
JPAs b+dy&
T.e p+wer was s+ intense it 4n+*4ed t.e prea*.er and t.e
w+0an ne3t t+ .i0 -)at +-- t.eir -eet and t+ t.e gr+und& T.e
w.+)e *+ngregati+n witnessed t.e e3tra+rdinary .ea)ing 0ira*)e
and gasped& A .us. +- si)en*e -+))+wed& JP did n+t -a))& #.e
st++d t.ere t.an4-u))y 4n+wing <+d .ad .eard .er prayer t+ be
#)+w)y t.e *+ngregati+n began t+ 0ur0ur& T.e 7was tT.e8
s+und grew int+ s*rea0s and 0+ans& #.a4i)y9 t.e prea*.er g+t
t+ .is -eet and peered at JP& ?>.+ are y+u5@ .e as4ed&
?One +- <+dAs +wn@ was .er *a)0 rep)y&
Fran4 appeared at .er side and grabbed .er .and t+
.er away& #.e s0i)ed up at .i09 ?I -ee) di--erent9 Fran4& T.e
pain is g+neE@
?>eA/e g+t t+ get +ut +- .ere be-+re weAre 0+bbed9@ said
Fran4 as b+t. .e and J+an pu))ed at .er& As t.ey wa)4ed .urried,
)y ba*4 t+ t.e *ar Fran4 t+)d .er t.ey .ad seen t.e strea4 +- )ig.t
-r+0 w.ere t.ey sat& "e as4ed .er i- s.e .ad -e)t
In a 0e))+w /+i*e JP t+)d .i0 it .ad -e)t )i4e an e)e*tri,
*a) surge +- energy p+uring t.r+ug. .er& A0a6ed&&&Fran4 said it
)++4ed :ust )i4e a p+wer-u) b+)t +- )ig.tening .ad .it .er& >.en
t.ey rea*.ed t.e *ar it was a)ready dar4& JP )++4ed up and said
t.e stars ne/er )++4ed s+ brig.t be-+re& T.ey were )i4e *rysta)s
*)+se en+ug. t+ rea*. up and t+u*.&
J+an *ried +/er and +/er w.ining Jesus .ad sa/ed .er&
JP )++4ed .er straig.t in t.e eye and t+)d .er9 ?N+9 J+an& Jesus
didnAt sa/e 0e9@ and wit. a great s0i)e said s.e .ad sa/ed .er,
se)- t.r+ug. .er +wn trust in <+d&
Ear)y t.e ne3t day9 JP returned t+ t.e .+spita) and as4ed t.e
d+*t+r w.+ .ad attended .er t+ .a/e .er b)++d ana)y6ed as
1ui*4)y as p+ssib)e& #.e w+u)d wait -+r t.e resu)ts& >.en t.e
rep+rt *a0e ba*4 t.e d+*t+r *+u)d n+t be)ie/e it& "e t+)d .er
t.ere was abs+)ute)y "o tr%ce +- pat.+)+gy& =D *%s tot%lly

$.apter HF
+ "OV# M*&#"$ MOR#
T+ 0e9 +ne +- t.e 0+st inspiring st+ries +- a +ne .undred
and eig.ty degree *.ange in attitude and )i-e sty)e *+0es -r+0 a
0aster na0ed <e+rge& At +ne ti0e <e+rge +wned -i/e .uge and
/ery pr+-itab)e burger -ran*.ises& "e .ad +/er JDD e0p)+yees
and 'J 0anagers w+r4ing -+r .i0&
<e+rge .ad w+r4ed .i0se)- up -r+0 a s0a)) beginning t+ a
great su**ess& "is -a0i)y,,.is wi-e9 *.i)dren9 parents9 br+t.ers
and sisters,,were a)) tre0end+us)y pr+ud +- .i0& "is twin sister
t.+ug.t .e was a genius9,,w.i*.9 +- *+urse,,<e+rge n+w ad0its
t+ being& T.e inners se)- +- ea*. and a)) +- us is pure ge"ius+
T.e *+ntinua) stress +- business e3pansi+n rea*.ed a -ina)
pinna*)e -+r <e+rge +ne day& "e abs+)ute)y .ad t+ st+p and ta4e
a g++d9 )+ng )++4 at .is w.+)e )i-e sty)e& It see0ed -+r years
.is e/ery wa4ing 0+0ent .ad been spent +n getting .is business
t+ gr+w bigger and bigger&&&-+r .i0 t+ get ri*.er and ri*.erE "e
was a)ready a 0u)ti,0i))i+naire&&&?>.y +n eart. d+ I want
0+re5@ .e t.en as4ed .i0se)-&
T.e 0+re .e a*tua))y )++4ed at it9 t.e 0+re .e rea)i6ed .e
.ad *+0e t+ a /ita))y i0p+rtant *r+ssr+ad in .is )i-e& #.+u)d .e
wa)4 +n t+ new and un4n+wn ad/entures9 +r s.+u)d .e 4eep
wa)4ing sideways9 wit. t.e sa0e b+ring9 b+ring9 b+ring e3peri,
en*es and b+ring9 b+ring9 b+ring pr+b)e0s5 "e de*ided t+ ta4e
a wee4 +-- t+ t.in4 it t.r+ug.&
T.e wee4 +- *+nte0p)ati+n and :ust ?being@ gradua))y
turned int+ t*o ye%rsE <e+rge )i/ed in t.e wi)derness9 d+ing but being -i))ed wit. t.e :+y +- dai)y e3p)+rati+n +- na,
ture and se)-& Guring t.+se tw+ years .is wi-e ran t.e business&
%ut a)) ti0e9 t.e entire -a0i)y,,wi-e9 *.i)dren9 parents9
br+t.ers and sisters,,urged <e+rge t+ ?wa4e up t+ rea)ity&@
T.ey wanted .i0 t+ *+0e ba*4 and t+ 0a4e .is a)ready .uge
t.ri/ing business e/en )arger&&&and .is -inan*ia) e0pire e/er
<e+rge )istened t.+ug.t-u))y t+ t.eir p)eas and argu0ents9
but .e was gradua))y dis*+/ering .is )+/e -+r .i0se)- was
greater any )+/e& "is genuine .appiness and :+y,,n+t
t.eirs,,*a0e -irst -+r .i0& "e 4new,,ea*. and a))&&&t.ey were re,
sp+nsib)e -+r t.eir +wn perspe*ti/es +r up +r d+wn se)-,attitudes
ab+ut )i-e&&&&
Fina))y .e 0ade .is +wn -ir0 de*isi+n& "e w+u)d )ea/e e/, be.ind&&&t.e .uge e0pire9 t.e pa)atia) .+0e9 .is wi-e9
.is *.i)dren and .is 4in& >it. de*isi+n t.e weig.t +- t.e
w+r)d dr+pped +-- .is s.+u)dersE
>.en .e ann+un*ed .is de*isi+n t+ )ea/e and gi/e e/ery, t+ .is wi-e9 .is entire -a0i)y grew -uri+us& "+w d%re .e
-+rsa4e duty and +b)igati+n t+ .is -a0i)y5 "+w *+u)d .e,,
<e+rge,,be s+ se)-is.5 Friends and -a0i)y turned angri)y against
.i0& T+ day .is twin sister .as n+t sp+4en t+ .i0& <e+rge
be*a0e t.e -a0i)y +ut*ast,,t+ t.e0Qa dere)i*t9 a deranged9 se)-,
*entered radi*a)9 n+ )+nger s+ great)y ))co"ditio"%lly/ o$ course))
)+/ed9 .+n+red +r ad0ired&
<e+rge said it did n+t rea))y 0atter t+ .i0& "e underst++d
t.eir rage& >.en .e )e-t .e spent s+0e 0+re ti0e in t.e wi)der,
ness9 and t.en went sai)ing t.e +*eans& T.e A! was an i0p+r,
tant part +- .is )i-e& <radua))y9 <e+rge rea*.ed a p+int w.ere .e
de*ided .e wanted t+ 0a4e a 0+dest .+0e -+r .i0se)-&
Iery -a0i)iar wit. t.e A!As tea*.ings +n 0ani-esting9
<e+rge -+und it easier and easier t+ 0ani-est w.ate/er .e de,
sired& "e pr+*eeded t+ -ind a *+0-+rtab)e .+0e and by t.e Law
+- Attra*ti+n was pr+0pt)y )ed t+ an abrupt inspired idea
br+ug.t .i0 a)) t.e 0+ney .e needed t+ pay *as. -+r it&
T+day +ur g++d <e+rge is *+0-+rtab)e and ri*. in
*+unt)ess genuine ways& "e is t+ta))y s+/ereign "e re)ies +n n+
+ne e)se -+r supp+rt +- any 4ind& "e .as a 0+dest .+0e and
)and t+ gr+w *r+ps9 a0p)e .+0e,gr+wn -++d st+red and 0any
ani0a)s .e )+/es&
In &y boo# <e+rge is ?+ne in a billio"@ a 0an w.+ .as
pr+/en t+ .i0se)-,,and +t.ers )++4ing +n; <e+rge )+/es
t.e re%l g+)d +- inner wisd+0 -ar bey+nd t.e ?-++)As g+)d@ +- t.e
n+w w+r)d *+rp+rate 0ar4etp)a*e&
<e+rge says ?I )+/e 0yse)- 0+re a)) +- t.e stu-- I )e-t
be.ind& I a0 a -ar9 -ar 0u*. ri*.er 0an t+day e/er be-+re&@
He cert%i"ly is0

$.apter H(
#MP!* ,A%)& $+""#)
T.e A! ne/er passes up an +pp+rtunity t+ tea*. a
)ess+n,,as Audrey,,-r+0 N+rt. $ar+)ina rep+rts&
It was t.e )ast day +- t.e #epte0ber 198H retreat in =u**a
Ia))ey and t.e A!Rs audien*e was .uge& T.e 0+0ent arri/ed
w.en t.e A! was t+ gi/e .is -ina) t+ast t+ t.e audien*e& T+
dear AudreyAs dis0ay s.e dis*+/ered s.e .ad -+rg+tten t+ re-i))
.er water g)ass,,a-ter t.e ear)ier sessi+n,,and n+w .er g)ass was
e0pty& #.e desperate)y wanted t+ :+in t.e *r+wdRs indi/idua)
to%st -r+0 t.e A!&
#.e .+ped t.e 0aster ne3t t+ .er w+u)d n+ti*e .er di)e0,
0a and -i)) .er g)ass9 but Audrey saw .e was intent)y -+,
*used int+ .is +wn w+r)d +- t.+ug.t& #.e )++4ed .e)p)ess)y t+,
ward t.e A! as .e raised .is g)ass .ig.& >.at *+u)d s.e d+5
In a desperate desire t+ :+in t.e gr+up in -ina) t+ast s.e de*ided s.e *+u)d d+ it,, in spirit 7was spiri89,,i- n+t
a*tua))y wit. water& #.e raised an e0pty g)ass and .e)d it .ig.,,
as t.+ug. it .e)d a g)ass +- water& T.e t+ast was 0ade and e/ery,
+ne dran4& In t.e si)en*e -+))+wed t.e A! turned .is eyes
t+ward .er&
$arrying .is +wn g)ass +- water t.e A! stepped +-- t.e
stage and wa)4ed t+ w.ere Audrey st++d& >it.+ut a w+rd .e e3,
tended .is .and and +--ered .er a drin4 +- water -r+0 .is g)ass&
T.e )++4 +- )+/e and *+0passi+n in .is eyes trans*ended w+rds&
T.e 4indness and t.e gra*i+usness +- .is a*t 0ade it *)ear)y e/i,
dent e/ery+ne is )+/ed,,e/ery+ne 4n+wn and
a*4n+w)edged,,by t.e A!&
>it. tears n+w in .er eyes,,Audrey a**epted t.e pre*i+us
drin4 dire*t -r+0 t.e A!,,and t.an4ed .i0 wit. a /+i*e -i))ed
wit. e0+ti+n& #ti)) wit.+ut a w+rd9 .e n+dded,,stepped ba*4
+nt+ t.e stage,,and addressed .is parting w+rds t+ t.e audien*e t.en br+ug.t t.e retreat t+ a -ina) *)+se&
F+r Audrey it was a 0+st t+u*.ing 0+0ent in .er )i-e and
+ne s.e wi)) e0bra*e in .er s+u) -+re/er

$.apter HJ
)O3& 4%O( %O #V+" st+ry *+0es -r+0 !i*.igan,,-r+0 a 0aster na0ed
!i4e,,inspired by .is g+)den retrie/er S%&&y+ Ab+ut ten
0+nt.s +)d9 #a00y&&&was sti)) a pup& !i4e was getting angrier
wit. #a00y by t.e day
#a00y was a)ways digging .+)es&&& in t.e new )awn9
t.e garden,,t.e -)+wer beds,,+r in t.e +)d )awn& "e was *.ewing
up e/ in sig.t and *+nstant)y )ittering t.e -r+nt yard wit.
s.redded *.un4s +- w++d,,s*raps +- -res.)y *.ewed *ardb+ard
+r paper,,and +)d tin *ans drug -r+0 s+0e nearby ra/ine& E/ery
ti0e #a00y das.ed wi)d)y t.r+ug. t.e garden .e 4n+*4ed
d+wn,,andT+r tra0p)ed,,!i4eRs 0+st pri6ed -)+wers and /eg,
etab)e p)ants&
T+ add insu)t,,t+ in:ury,,#a00y insisted +n :u0ping up
+n e/ery new*+0er w.+ appeared at !i4eAs .+use& #in*e .e .ad
pr+bab)y :ust dug a .+)e +n)y a -ew 0inutes be-+re9 .is -eet and
n+se w+u)d be *a4ed wit. wet 0ud +r b)a*4 dirt& #a00y w+u)d
e/en :u0p up t+ +--er a greeting t+ guests as s++n as t.ey g+t +ut
+- t.eir *ars& %e-+re !i4e *+u)d warn t.e09 t.eir )+/e)y new
dresses +r )ig.t *+)+red pants w+u)d .a/e big9 b)a*4 s0udges
i0printed +n t.e0 by #a00yAs paws +r n+se&
Natura))y,,w.+ t.en g+t t.e -+r*ed s0i)e,,+r t.e
dirty )++45 It *%s"5t S%&&y0
!i4e was beginning t+ t.in4 #a00y purp+se-u))y
t.+ug.t up +r *+n:ured +)d and new ways t+ de)iberate)y aggra,
/ate .i0 and e/ery+ne e)se& >.i)e .e 4ept an e3uberant)y
-riend)y attitude ab+ut .i0,,:ust t+ de*ei/e pe+p)e,,#a00y
see0ed t+ a)ways d+ :ust t.e de)iberate *ro"g
One day w.en !i4e s*+)ded .i0,,-+r yet +bn+3,
i+us deed,,#a00y )+wered .is .ead as i- gui)ty& !i4e t.en -e)t
sure #a00ie .ad p)anned t.ese aggra/ating t.ings purp+se)y&
One sunny 0+rning !i4e stepped +ut brig.t and ear)y t+
-ind a w.+)e new pi)e +- )itter and pie*es +- w++d s*attered +n
t.e )awn in -r+nt +- t.e .+use& #a00y .ad d+ne it againE Gis,
gusted)y9 !i4e rea*.ed d+wn t+ pi*4 up t.e w++d pie*es at .is
-eet&&&w.en a start)ing t.+ug.t pressed t.r+ug. .is 0ind& ?G+gs
d+nAt 4n+w rig.t +r wr+ng9 t.ey +n)y 4n+w p)easure +r painE@
!i4e sudden)y re0e0bered .+w t.e A! stressed t.e
-a*t,, nature is t.e best tea*.er ar+und,,and i- we pay atten,
ti+n t+ it we wi)) understand and gr+w in wisd+0& !i4e sat
d+wn t+ -u))y *+nte0p)ate .is new t.+ug.t 7-u)) st+p .ere58 "e
reas+ned d+gs )i/e inn+*ent)y in t.e 0+0ent and si0p)y -+),
)+w t.e 0+0entary *.+i*es +- p)easure +r pain& T.ey natura))y
see4 t.e ne3t 0+st attra*ti/e p)easure9 and a)ways a/+id +r 0+/e
away -r+0 pain-u)& Bogs #"o* "o e!il0
?>.at a grand t.+ug.tE@ !i4e said a)+ud t+ .i0se)-&
?G+gs +n)y 4n+w .+w t+ )i/e in t.e n+w,, in t.e 0+0ent,,a),
ways rea*.ing +ut -+r t.e ne3t best e3perien*e )i-e +--ers t+
t.e09@ .e 0used si)ent)y& "e s0i)ed t+ .i0se)-&
>.en .e saw #a00y running +/er wit. a -riend)y9 wag,
ging tai)&&&!i4e -e)t a w.+)e new w+r)d +- understanding t+ward
.i0& "e ga/e #a00y a -ew )+/ing pats and t.en went in t+
s.are .is w+nder-u),,n+w 0+st )iberating new t.+ug.t,,wit.
Angie&&&t.e w+0an .e )+/ed and )i/ed wit. in 0+0ent&
Angie appre*iated .is re/e)ati+n great)y and t.an4ed !i4e -+r
s.aring it wit. .er& T.ey b+t. t.en -e)t and ad+pted a -res. new
attitude t+ward #a00y&
T+ day !i4e says .e .as a new sense +- understand,
ing ab+ut t.e pre*i+us inn+*en*e +- a)) ani0a)s& "e said .e was
t.an4-u) -+r t.e A!As ad/i*e t+ let "%ture be our te%cher+
!i4e -e)t .e grew a w.+)e new -++t dayE
$.apter HH
A V+&+O% O$ ROP# w+nder-u) ta)e *+0es -r+0 a w+0an 0aster -r+0
Tenin+9 >as.ingt+n& "er na0e is E)i6abet.&
T.e wee4end .ad arri/ed and E)i6abet. p)anned t+ 0a4e a
)+ng,awaited trip up int+ a se*)uded 0+untain area w.ere s.e
*+u)d be *+0p)ete)y by .erse)-& #.e 4new e3a*t)y w.ere s.e
wanted t+ g+& "er destinati+n was at t.e end +- a winding9 nar,
r+w9 dirt r+ad& T.e r+ad was se)d+0 used&&&but tra/e)ab)e& #.e
.asti)y pa*4ed pr+/isi+ns,,:u0ped int+ .er pi*4up tru*4 and be,
gan t.e )+ng but beauti-u) se/era) .+ur dri/e int+ t.e 0+untain
Iery ear)y int+ t.e trip .er tru*4 started 0a4ing -unny *)i*4,
ing s+unds under t.e .++d& %ut it sti)) see0ed +perab)e and s.e
was eager t+ get t+ .er destinati+n& T.ere-+re s.e de*ided t+
wait unti) s.e g+t t+ w.ere s.e was g+ing and t.en w+u)d *.e*4 t+ see was 0a4ing t.e n+ise and *ausing t.e +**a,
si+na) :er4ing /e.i*)e 0+/e0ents& E)i6abet. sped +nward&
#.e was +n t.e winding dirt r+ad,,and nearing t.e t+p,,
w.en t.e n+ises and :er4s began t+ s+und /ery seri+us& #.e was
s+ near .er destinati+n s.e de*ided t+ *+ntinue +n t+ .er *a0p
site be-+re st+pping t+ in/estigate& As s.e 0ade t.e )ast turn9
t.e pi*4up s.++4 and *)attered -ier*e)y& #.e pu))ed +-- at t.e
end +- t.e r+ad& ?I 0ade itE@ s.e t.+ug.t wit. re)ie-& #tea0 was
p+uring +ut -r+0 under t.e .++d&
>it. a sig. +- re)ie- E)i6abet. g+t +ut +- t.e tru*4 and )i-ted
t.e .++d t+ see was *ausing su*. a ru*4us and a sudden
*)+ud +- stea0& "er -a*e turned gri0& It was w+rse s.e
i0agined& A b+)t .ad w+r4ed itse)- )++se +n +ne side +- t.e -an
and engine& It )++4ed )i4e .er -an be)t was *+0p)ete)y g+ne e3,
*ept -+r an +**asi+na) wedged a)+ng t.e side&
#.e gr+aned9 ?>.at n+w5@ "+w in t.e w+r)d was s.e
e/er g+ing t+ get ba*4 d+wn -r+0 t.e 0+untain t+p5 #.e 4new
s.e *+u)d -asten t.e engine b+)t t+ t.e -an and ta4e *are +-
T.ere was )+ts +- water t.r+ug. t.e nearby
strea0&&&s+ s.e *+u)d get water and -i)) up t.e radiat+r& T.e .uge
*.a))enge was s.e did n+t .a/e an e3tra -an be)t& >it.+ut a
turning -an be)t s.e 4new t.e pi*4up w+u)d +/ and *+0,
p)ete)y burn up t.e engine& >.at t+ d+5
#.e de*ided s+0e.+w s.e w+u)d s+)/e t.e pr+b)e0
and w+u)d 4n+w e3a*t)y *h%t to do w.en t.e ti0e *a0e& #.e
*a))ed -+rt. -r+0 t.e L+rd <+d +- .er %eing -+r t.e answer t+
*+0e i" per$ect ti&i"g& T.en s.e stret*.ed +ut +n t.e ta)) green
grass t+ en:+y t.e s+)itude s.e .ad *+0e t.ere t+ e3perien*e& #.e
sti))ed .er 0ind and tried t+ re)a3& =et t.e t.+ug.t +- being
stranded .ig. +n t.e 0+untain at t.e end +- a se)d+0,tra/e)ed
r+ad 4ept returning&
As s.e p+ndered -+r a s+)uti+n a strange i0age,,+r *)ear )u,
*id /isi+n,,appeared in .er 0indAs eye& #.e saw .erse)- sitting
by a *+)+r-u) tepee braiding a r+pe -r+0 t.e ta)) grasses at .er
-eet& T.e /isi+n /anis.ed and s.e w+ndered w.y and w.ere it
.ad *+0e -r+0& As s.e )aid ba*4 +n t.e grass again t.e sa0e /i,
si+n *a0e *e%!i"g ba*4 int+ .er 0ind& #.e was an Indian
s1uaw,,sitting *r+ss,)egged +n t.e gr+und9 s.e was ta4ing .and,
-u)s +- )+ng grasses and s)+w)y and *are-u))y braiding t.e grass
int+ a t.i*4 str+ng green r+pe&
E)i6abet. narr+wed .er eyes and -urr+wed .er br+w in deep
t.+ug.t& >.at did 0ean5 >.y was re*urring /isi+n
-) be-+re .er eyes5 >.at did it .a/e t+ d+ wit. .er
#udden)y a )ig.t -)as.ed +n& #.e :u0ped t+ .er -eet wit.
g)ee& ?T.atAs t.e answerE@ #.e *ried :ubi)ant)y t+ t.e trees and
r+*4s& ?I *an wea/e ta)) grass int+ a str+ng en+ug. -an
#.e ga/e t.an4s t+ t.e 8%ther *ithi" as tears +- gratitude
r+))ed -r+0 .er eyes& #.e 4new abs+)ute)y,,wit.+ut a d+ubt,, it w+u)d w+r4& #.e spent a part +- day and t.e ne3t
0+rning braiding a -an be)t and 0a4ing a)) +- t.e needed
tru*4 repairs& #.e t.en tested .er grass,braided -an be)t& =es in,
deed& it was str+ng and taut& #.e -i))ed t.e radiat+r wit. water&
>.en s.e turned +n t.e 0+t+r .er pi*4up purred& #.e s.+uted
and w.++ped -+r :+yE
E)i6abet. was s0i)ing br+ad)y and +-ten a)) t.e way ba*4 +n
.er dri/e ba*4 d+wn t.e 0+untain& #.e -e)t )i4e t.e w.+)e w+r)d
was in .er .ands& #.e 4new s.e was *apab)e +- At t.e
b+tt+0 +- t.e 0+untain s.e g+t ba*4 +n t.e 0ain r+ad and
st+pped in t.e -irst s0a)) t+wn s.e *a0e t+&
#.e pu))ed in at t.e -irst repair garage s.e saw& #.e t+)d t.e
0e*.ani* up $ro"t s.e .ad +n)y tw+ d+))ars wit. .er&&&but
s.e needed a -an be)t& T.e 0e*.ani* s0i)ed and said .e be)ie/ed
.e *+u)d -i3 it -+r >.en .e )++4ed under t.e .++d and saw
t.e braided grass -an be)t .e was t+ta))y -)abbergastedE te)) .i0 t.e w.+)e 0ira*u)+us st+ry&&&E)i6abet.
si0p)y )aug.ed and said it was t.e +n)y s.e *+u)d
t.in4 +-& T.en s.e added9 ?&&&&And it w+r4edE@ T.e 0e*.ani*
s.++4 .is .ead in w+nder and a0a6e0ent& "e stripped +-- t.e
grass be)t and rep)a*ed it wit. a 0+re 0+dern ,,'Dt. *entury
*+n/enti+na),,0+t+r /e.i*)e -an be)t;
E)i6abet. says s.e .as 4ept t.e re0ains +- t.e grass -an be)t
t+ re0ind .er -+re/er s.e is t+ta))y s+/ereign .er +wn
being& #.e is a )ig.t +n Eart. w.+ pr+/ed t+ .erse)-,,and +t.ers
)++4ing +n,,t.e answers t+ a)) +utside *.a))enges in )i-e&&&are tru,
)y -+und us&

$.apter HN
A$R+CA% V+O"#! M+RROR&
<rant,,a w+ndr+us 0aster -r+0 $a)i-+rnia,,te))s +- .is
0agni-i*ent e3perien*e wit. a )arge *+ntainer +- p+tted A-ri*an
Ii+)ets& T.e /i+)ets be)+nged t+ a w+0an -riend <rant .ad
been dating -+r years& #.e .ad -ait.-u))y watered9 nursed and
*+a3ed t.e0&&&but in +/er ten years t.ey .ad ne/er indi*ated any
wi))ingness t+ b)++0&
Guring a 0+/e -r+0 .er *+nd+ +ne day s.e t+)d <rant
s.e was t.+r+ug.)y disapp+inted wit. .er pre*i+us A-ri*an Ii+,
)ets& As -ar as s.e was *+n*erned t.ey were ne/er g+ing t+
b)++0& #.e .ad tried e/eryt.ing9 and t.ey indi*ated t.ey .ad n+
desire t+ awa4en t+ t.eir geneti* beauty& #.e said .e *+u)d .a/e
t.e0 i- .e wanted t.e0&
<rant,,)i4e 0yse)-9 w.+ )+/es a)) )i/ing green t.ings,,
1ui*4)y agreed t+ be t.eir new +wner and *areta4er& "e t++4
t.e0 .+0e&&&se)e*ted a ni*e sunny sp+t in .is )i/ing r++0 and
ga/e t.e0 a g++d watering& As .e tended t.e0 <rant t.+ug.t +-
.+w t.e A! is +ur grand 0irr+r&&&s.+wing us +ur p+tentia)&
And .e .ad a sudden g++d idea&
<rantAs neig.b+r A)i*e a)s+ .ad A-ri*an Ii+)ets& T.ey
were :ust starting t+ b)++0 wee4& "e t++4 .is *+ntainer +-
/i+)ets +/er t+ intr+du*e t.e0 t+ t.e /i+)ets ne3t d++r& Guring brie- intr+du*ti+n .e t+)d .is /i+)ets t.ey were e1ua))y
as )+/e)y as t.e /i+)ets +wned by A)i*e& "e said .e w+u)d )+/e
t+ see t.e0 co&e o$ %ge in t.eir new ni*e war09 sunny sp+t in
.is .+0e& "e ga/e t.e0 s+0e 0+re )+/ing t.+ug.t and -ee)ing,,
and 0+re water,,sin*e .e was )ea/ing t+wn -+r a -ew days&
On .is return -r+0 .is trip <rant +pened t.e d++r and
wa)4ed 1ui*4)y int+ .is )i/ing r++0 t+ *.e*4 a)) +- .is be)+/ed
p)ants& T+ .is i00easurab)e surprise,,and +pen,0+ut.ed awe,,
t.e A-ri*an Ii+)ets were a)) in 0agni-i*ent -u)) b)a6ing9 da66)ing
b)++0E "e )aug.ed and *ried and b)essed t.e0 &&&a)) at +n*e&
<rant t+)d 0e t.ey were sti)) in b)++0,,t+day,,0+nt.s
)ater& T.ey apparent)y g+t .is )+/ing 0essage 1uite *)ear)y,,and
de*ided t+ )i/e up t+ t.eir -u)) A-ri*an Ii+)et p+tentia),,w.en
<rant s.+wed t.e0 .e *aredE Lo!e is t.e answer t+ a))

$.apter H8
A 3+$! $OR A $R+#%)
In .is tea*.ings t.e A! spea4s +- *ertain ani0a)s
.a/e s+u)s 1uite si0i)ar t+ 0an4ind& <ig$oot,,+r t.e Abo&)
i"%ble S"o*&%",,a)s+ 4n+wn by 0any na0es&&&is +ne +-
t.ese& T.ey are *.i)d,)i4e and /ery -+rgi/ing9 sin*e t.ey d+ n+t
:udge -r+0 a sense +- rig.t +r wr+ng& T.ey si0p)y en,
:+y t.eir -reed+0 and t.eir si)en*e wit.+ut t.e stress +- an a),
tered eg+&
Bolphi"s and *h%les are a)s+ in*)uded in sa0e *ateg+,
ry& T.ese parti*u)ar *reatures *.+se n+t t+ )+se t.e0se)/es in t.e
s+rr+ws and *+n-)i*ts +- .u0an 4ind& T.ey are si0p)e9 :+y+us9
inte))igent and inn+*ent& Li4e %ig-++t t.ey .a/e stayed sweet in
nature& T.ey,,)i4e us,,are ?-a))en@ g+ds *.+se t.e water as
t.eir .+0e&
Eri*,,a 0aster -r+0 $a)i-+rnia,,te))s +- .is 0+st t+u*.ing
e3perien*e wit. a d+) Eri* .ad spent s+0e ti0e in t.e wa,
ters +-- t.e >est *+ast and .ad s++n begun t+ -ee) at .+0e
w.ere t.ese :+y+us *reatures )i/e& One day,,in t.e *+urse +-
r+0ping and p)aying in t.e +*ean wit. +ne +- t.ese de)ig.t-u)
-riends,,.e de*ided t+ gi/e t.e d+) a gi-t&
Eri* -as.i+ned a string +- pear)s )arge en+ug. t+ -it +/er t.e
sn+ut +- t.e d+) parti*u)ar a-tern++n .e swa0 +ut t+
0eet .is -riend& T.e d+) *a/+rted and )eaped and t.en swa0
up *)+se t+ be *aressed& Eri* gent)y *aressed .is -riend9 and t.en
)++ped t.e string +- pear)s +/er t.e .ead +- .is *+0pani+n& T.e
d+) nudged .i0 war0)y9 t.en d+/e +ut +- sig.t&
Pu66)ed,,Eri* waited a -ew 0inutes,,w+ndering w.ere .is
-riend .ad g+ne& #++n t.e d+) reappeared and Eri* was g)ad
t+ see it was sti)) wearing t.e ne*4)a*e +- pear)s& As t.e d+)
appr+a*.ed Eri* saw it .e)d a s0a))9 r+und9 s0++t. w.ite
st+ne in its 0+ut.& It was a gi-t -+r .i0&
Eri* said .e burst int+ tears as .e .e)d +ut .is .and and
re*ei/ed t.e pri*e)ess gi-t -r+0 .is be)+/ed ,,0+st inn+*ent9 and
deep)y appre*iated,,-riend&

$.apter H9
B+3 &.R "+3,! &,O(
Tw+ sister 0asters9 Ge) and !a/is9 were tra/e)ing
n+rt. -r+0 $a)i-+rnia t+ >as.ingt+n in August9 198N9
w.en t.ey -e)t *+0pe))ed t+ st+p near %ig #ur t+ ta4e pi*,
tures& T.e A! .ad t+)d re*ent audien*es t+ be +n t.e
)++4+ut -+r ?)ig.t s.+ws@ w+u)d be /ery beauti-u) t+
see& A)) at +n*e *aug.t !a/isAs eye in t.e p++)
+- water at t.e edge +- t.e s.+re be)+w&
#.e saw .uge -) )ig.ts )i4e giant -)as.)ig.ts& It
was brig.t Gay)ig.t ne/ert.e)ess as Ge) ,,n+w a)erted
)++4ed,,s.e a)s+ saw t.e sa0e .uge -) t.e
tw+ wat*.ed,,spe))b+und,,as t.e )ig.ts in*reased in nu0ber
and began t+ *.ange int+ bri))iant *+)+rs& T.ey see0ed t+
rise up and 0+/e a*r+ss t.e .+ri6+n,,appearing t+ be ab+ut
twenty -eet a*r+ss,,in g+)d9 b)ue9 green and +range .ues&
As t.e tw+ sisters wat*.ed breat.)ess and -as*inated
t.e rays +- )ig.t s.i-ted int+ s+)id bands and )i-ted
and -ina))y t+ en*ir*)ed t.e sun9 +ne *+)+r at a ti0e&
T.e )ig.ts -) a*r+ss t.e water 0at*.ed t.e .ues
ar+und t.e sun& T.en t+ t.eir de)ig.t t.e bands +- bri))iant
*+)+rs began t+ spin and re/+)/e ar+und t.e sun in a g)+ri,
+us rainb+w 0i3& It was t.e e3a*t sa0e )ig.t s.+w +- re,
/+)/ing *+)+rs n+w p)aying +n t.e waters be)+w& E3*ited)y
t.e tw+ s.ared ea*. s.i-ting new spe*ta*u)ar )ig.t e--e*t,,as
t.e 0inutes *arried +n t+ +/er an .+ur&
Fr+0 ti0e t+ ti0e a passerby w+u)d st+p t+ see
t.e tw+ sisters were staring at and dis*ussing wit. su*. e3,
uberant and ani0ated :+y& N+ne +- t.e0 saw e3,
*ept t.e n+r0a) sunrays strea0ing a*r+ss t.e water& A)) +-
t.e0 und+ubted)y t.+ug.t t.e tw+ w+0en were .ig. +n
drugs +r si0p)y :ust out o$ their &i"ds+++s+ t.ey 1ui*4)y e3,
*used t.e0se)/es and *+ntinued +n t.eir :+urneys&
A-ter a ti0e,,Ge) said s.e was tired and wanted t+ g+,,but
!a/is wanted t+ stay and wat*. s+0e 0+re& >.en Ge) )++4ed
again at t.e )ig.ts s.e saw t.ree arr+ws +- )ig.t p+inting n+rt.&
It was ti0e -+r t.e0 t+ g+& !a/is saw t.e0 t++ and agreed& At 0+0ent t.e g+)den )ig.t -r+0 t.e sun began t+ bat.e b+t. +-
t.e0 and t.eir *ar in 0+)ten *+)+red g+)d& T.ey )++4ed at ea*. and t.eir b+dies )++4ed )i4e t.ey were painted g+)d& Ge)
turned t+ )++4 at t.e sun,,w.i*. see0ed t+ be t.e +rigin +- t.e
g+)d,,and saw it .ad turned int+ a s+)id b)ue *+)+r&
?L++49 !a/is9@ s.e s.+uted :+y-u))y9 ?T.e sun is b)ueE@
!a/is )++4ed dire*t)y int+ t.e brig.t g+)den sun and it i0,
0ediate)y turned s+)id b)ue -+r .er9 t++&
As t.e tw+ e)ated sisters,,n+w g)+ri+us)y bat.ed in
g+)d )eaped int+ t.eir *ar t+ g+9 !a/is said9 I t.in4 t.eyAre
g+ing t+ -+))+w us&@ 7!eaning t.e )ig.ts&8
Ge) started t.e *ar and began dri/ing n+rt. and t.e
spe*ta*u)ar array +- *+)+r-u) )ig.ts and ge+0etri* patterns
-+))+wed a)+ng by t.eir side&
A-ter dri/ing -+r -i-teen 0inutes +r s+9 t.ey
b+t. agreed t.ey wanted t+ st+p t+ /iew t.e )ig.t s.+w
-r+0 a sti)) p+siti+n +n*e 0+re& T.ey pu))ed +/er t+ t.e side
+- t.e r+ad and wat*.ed -+r a)0+st .+ur& At
p+int t.eir senses were satiated s+ t.e sisters g+t ba*4 int+
t.eir *ar t+ *+ntinue +n& As t.ey r+/e +n t.e )ig.t s.+w
ended as abrupt)y as it .ad begun; t.+ug. b+t. sisters say
t.ey *an sti)) n+w re*a)) it /i/id)y9 at wi))9 year )ater&
Ge) .as .ad ?inner /isi+n@ -+r se/era) years s+ t.e )ig.t
s.+w s.e e3perien*ed was si0p)y grand /ariati+n
+- t.e great un4n+wn& "er st+ry is e/en 0+re /a)id and
0eaning-u) t+ 0e sin*e I .a/e pers+na))y a)s+ seen t.e b)ue
sun,,and a si0i)ar )ig.t s.+wQen,r+ute t+ #n+w !+untain
in 1988& A b)ue sun is an in*redib)e sig.t i" itsel$ indeedE

$.apter ND
B#,O") 3O)9
T.e A! sends a /ariety +- ?runners@ t+ 0asters9 a)) +-
t.e0 intended t+ 0a4e us see +ur +wn <+d 0+re *)ear)y&
At t.e arena9 Ju)y 198N9 .e said .e w+u)d send t+ t.+se in t.e
audien*e w.+ w+u)d a))+w it t.e +pp+rtunity t+ see t.e Un,
4n+wn <+d& "e added .e w+u)d send sp)endid /isi+n at
t.e )east e3pe*ted ti0e&
%arbara,,a 0aster w.+ was b+rn in >as.ingt+n,,te))s +-
.er en*+unter wit. t.e grand runner& #.e said days pri+r t+ A! intensi/e9 .er .ead -e)t as -ragi)e as an egg9 it
a*.ed9 and tears -)+wed -r+0 .er eyes /ery easi)y& "er b+dy
te0perature -)u*tuated rapid)y -r+0 .+t t+ *+)d and ba*4 again
!eanw.i)e t.+ug.,,s.e said,,.er 0ind be*a0e 0u*.
%arbara attended a )+*a) w+0anAs gr+up 0eeting,,t.e
nig.t be-+re t.e A!Rs intensi/e,,and it 0ade .er si*4& T.e
gr+up was str+ng)y -e0inist& T.e -+))+wing day .er t.+ug.ts
were t.en t+rn between *.++sing t+ g+ t+ t.e A!As intensi/e
and staying .+0e& At t.e )ast 0inute s.e de*ided t+ g+& #.e said
s.e was g)ad s.e went& Ne/er .ad s.e -e)t s+ 0+/ed by any
tea*.ing& >.en t.e A! pr+0ised t+ send a runner +- @%e.+)d
<+d@ s.e #"e* .is runner w+u)d appear t+ .er&
Tw+ nig.ts a-ter t.e e/ent9 s.e w+4e up in t.e 0idd)e +-
t.e nig.t s.a4ing and dripping wit. perspirati+n& "er b+dy was
tre0b)ing s+ .ard&&&w.en s.e g+t up,,t+ get a g)ass +- water,,s.e
*+u)d .ard)y twist t.e water -au*et& #.e went ba*4 t+ bed and a-,
ter a ti0e&&&s.e -e)) s+und as)eep again&
A w.i)e )ater s.e w+4e again& >.en s.e +pened .er eyes
s.e saw a s+-t paste) greenis. ,ye))+w )ig.t -+r0 in -r+nt +- .er&
A -ee)ing +- pure b)iss i00ediate)y engu)-ed .er being& T.e
-+r0 was n+t p.ysi*a)9 but et.erea)&&&yet 0+re rea) rea)&
%arbara said itAs i0p+ssib)e t+ put t.e -ee)ing +r t.e /isi+n int+
w+rds but s.e ne/er be-+re .ad -e)t s+ *+0p)ete&&&+r s+ t+ta))y
#.e adds,,sin*e t.en,,pe+p)e .a/e begun resp+nding di-,
-erent)y t+ .er&&&and s.e t+ t.e0& T.e e)ati+n +- 0+0ent .as
stayed wit. .er& T+day s.e is 0+re aware e/er su**ess
at +n)y a F,G 0ateria) )e/e) is an i))usi+n& >.at is rea))y i0p+r,
tant t+ .er n+w is t+ )i/e a )i-e +- :+y and a )i-e +- .eart-e)t
t.an4sgi/ing& #.e .as -+und s.e .as n+ need t+ as4 ad/i*e
+- +t.ers&&& a)) t.e answers t+ a)) 1uesti+ns,,+r .u0an pr+b,
)e0s,,are waiting inside .er& #.e need +n)y a))+w t.e0 t.eir re,
I .a/e pers+na))y 4n+wn %arbara -+r s+0e years& #.e is a
sensiti/e and :+y-u) s+u)& #.e .as been seeing t.e <+d in +t.ers
-+r a )+ng ti0e&&&s+ it is n+ surprise,,t+ 0e,, s.e a))+wed .er,
se)- w+nder-u) e31uisite se)-,/isi+n +- .er b)essed +wn <+d

$.apter N1
3#!!+%3 !,# !#AC,+%3

It is a we)),4n+wn -a*t e/en t.+ug. s+0e 0asters d+
n+t pers+na))y attend *ertain A! intensi/es,,t.r+ug. )a*4 +-
-unds +r *+00it0ents,,0any get t.e essen*e +r 0a:+r sub,
stan*e +- t.e tea*.ings t.r+ug. t.+ug.ts and -ee)ings& It appears t.e spa*e +r distan*e -a*t+r is superseded by t.e intense de,
sire +- t.e indi/idua) t+ #"o*0

Gee,,a 0aster -r+0 t.e East $+ast,,t+)d 0e +- being attuned
t+ t.e =u**a Ia))ey retreat in #epte0ber9 198N& It was at
retreat t.e A! -irst began an+inting 0asters wit. .+)y +i)&
Gee said during wee4,,-+r t.e -irst ti0e,,s.e *+u)d -ee) .er
energy /ibrating and rising up .er spine and int+ .er .ead&
*ertain)y *+in*ided wit. t.e -a*t t.e A! began inten,
si/e by w+r4ing wit. t.e entire audien*e t+ )itera))y b)+w
breat.s,,+r bursts +- energy int+ t.eir se%ls,, +t.erwise 4n+wn as

Gee said +ne day t.e .eat see0ed t+ bui)d up in .er w+0b
and rise s)+w)y )i4e e)e*tri*ity up .er spine t+ .er .ead9 and s.e
w+u)d gasp e*stati*a))y w.en it +**urred& sa0e day9 t.e
A! e3p)ained t+ .is audien*e in t.e desert,,.undreds +- 0i)es
away,,.+w +n*e a*ti/ated9 t.e energy w+u)d rise up -r+0 t.e
)+ins +r t.e w+0b )i4e wa/es +- in/isib)e w.ite -ire and w+u)d
.it t.e pituitary g)and in t.e .ead and t.en b+un*e +ut +- t.e
0+ut. in s.+rt p+pping s+unds&

A-ter t.+se peri+ds&&&Gee said s.e w+u)d )++4 d+wn and a*,
tua))y see a p.+sp.+res*ent w.ite -ire *+0ing -r+0 .er .ands& again 0at*.es per-e*t)y wit. t.e A! was te))ing .is
audien*e in =u**a Ia))ey9 s+0e +- t.+se w.+ were getting
attuned w+u)d n+t +n)y ar+use t.e w.ite -ire in t.eir .ands,,and
see it,,but s++n t.ey w+u)d e/en see it *+0ing -r+0 t.eir
0+ut.s& "e said it was a .ea)ing -)a0e and t.e war0 .ands
p)a*ed +n an i))ness +- t.e b+dy w+u)d .ea) t.e b+dy&

A-ter I returned -r+0 =u**a Ia))ey I was +ne +- t.e -irst
pers+ns t+ ta)4 wit. Gee&&&s+ I 4new sure)y s.e .ad been at,
tuned t+ .ad been taug.t t.ere& p.en+0en+n s.+u)d
be n+ surprise t+ any+ne -a0i)iar wit. t.e A! sin*e .e is ab)e
t+ i0press up)i-ting +r tea*.ing t.+ug.ts t+ any+ne w.+ wi)) a),
)+w t.e0 t+ register& Gee is t.e 4ind +- s+u) w.+ is +pen and
rea*.ing +ut *+nstant)y -+r 0+re 4n+wingness and understand,
ing9 s+ is sure)y w.y s.e was +ne +- t.+se -+rtunate 0asters
w.+ g+t t.e tea*.ing&&&e/en t.+ug. t.eir p.ysi*a) b+dies were a
*+nsiderab)e distan*e -r+0 a0t.aRs tea*.ing site&

#*+res +- +t.ers .a/e a)s+ rep+rted re*ei/ing t.e tea*.ings
+/er )+ng distan*es9 s+ p.en+0en+n is be*+0ing in*reasing,
)y 0+re *+00+n& F+r 0any it is be*+0ing an e/eryday +**ur,
ren*e&&&a way +- )i-e& s.+u)d be g++d news t+ 0any readers
w.+ are n+t ab)eQ-+r w.ate/er reas+n,,t+ attend a0t.aRs /ari,
+us intensi/es& On*e is #"o*" it be*+0es p+ssib)e
in y+ur +wn )i-e&&&&

$.apter N'
A P#AR" A! ,#R $##!

#ue,,a 0aster -r+0 Oreg+n,,te))s .+w .er ten year +)d s+n
Ada0 wanted t+ attend a $.i)drenAs Gay wit. t.e A!&&&and
did s+& #.e was s+ e)ated by t.e di--eren*e day 0ade in
Ada0&&& s.e 0ade a sp+ntane+us de*isi+n t+ attend t.e Ego
!s+ Altered Ego e/ent in =e)0 tw+ days )ater& #.e said day
in t.e A!As audien*e s.e -ina))y began s.e t+ .ear t.e sti))
s0a)) /+i*e +- t.e <+d #.e began t+ )earn t+ *reate
0eaning-u) days instead +- bu0ping int+ t.e sa0e +)d trees&

A-ter returning t+ Oreg+n&&&Ada0 0ade a *.+i*e t+ )i/e
wit. .is -at.er9 n+w #ue -e)t -ired))at )ast,,t+ 0+/e& #.e
.ad )+ng drea0ed +- 0+/ing t+ >as.ingt+n t+ be wit. t.e ?-a0,
i)y@ s.e .ad e3perien*ed t.ere and s.e yearned t+ :+in& =et
as s.e pa*4ed and 0ade preparati+ns s.e was *+nstant)y assai)ed
by -ears and d+ubts&

>.at was s.e d+ing5 >as s.e *ra6y5 "+w *+u)d s.e
)ea/e .er .+0e&&&.er se*ure *+0-+rt 6+ne5 It was terri-ying t+
)et g+ +- .er p+ssessi+ns and a trau0a t+ t.in4 +- g+ing s+ -ar
away& At e/ery dis*+n*erting t.+ug.t #ue turned t+ t.e L+rd
<+d +- .er %eing and as4ed -+r strengt. and *+urage& As s.e
a)igned wit. t.e p+wer*+urage and .+pe a)ways *a0e

At )ast t.e day arri/ed& #.e .ad pa*4ed s.e wanted t+
0+/e and .ad s+)d +r gi/en away t.e rest& As a )ast g++dbye t+
.er .+0e9 s.e wanted t+ ta4e +ne -ina) str+)) +utside t+ greet t.e
rising sun& As s.e pi*4ed up .er *+--ee and 0+/ed +ut int+ t.e
new day s.e -e)t .erse)- 0+/e int+ a new )i-e& J+y en/e)+ped .er
and .appy tears -)+wed )i4e a si)ent ri/er& Fee)ings +- ?I *anE I
d+E I A0@ per0eated and t.ri))ed t.r+ug. .er entire being&

At instant drew .er attenti+n t+ t.e gra/e) at
.er -eet& #.e gasped& T.ere )ay a bri))iant9 g)ittering pear)&&&E #.e
rea*.ed d+wn and gent)y pi*4ed it up&&&-+r s.e 4new it was a
spe*ia) a0t.a gi-t -+r .er&

>a/e a-ter wa/e +- :+y and gratitude *+ursed t.r+ug. .er&
E/en t.+ug. s.e .ad re*ei/ed .er +wn treasured pear) at =u**a
Ia))ey +ne s.e 4new re-)e*ted .er *+urage t+ g+ +ut +- t.e
4n+wn and int+ t.e un4n+wn&&&s+ it was e/en 0+re pre*i+us t+

$.apter NF
OV#R !,# MO.%!A+% is a st+ry ab+ut a -+r0er +0an $at.+)i* Priest
-r+0 Austria& >.i)e gr+wing up9 Ludwig a)ways w+ndered
*h%t *%s o!er the &ou"t%i"+ "e graduated -r+0 .ig. s*.++) and
uni/ersity and t.en entered t.e priest.++d& "is *+nstant g+a)
was t+ -ind <+d and t+ be*+0e a saint&

LudwigAs priest.++d gradua))y t++4 .i0 -r+0 =ug+s)a/ia
w.ere .e started t+ <er0any and t.en t+ Eng)and& In <reat
%ritain .e read b++4s intr+du*ed .i0 int+ t.e *+n*ept +- t.e
2re%t 7hite <rotherhood+ w.en at )ast .e .eard ab+ut
a0t.a .e was we)) prepared& Ludwig says .is -irst reading +-
t.e w.ite b++4 +- t.e A!As tea*.ings rang s+ p+wer-u))y in
and t.r+ug. .is s+u)&&&&

"+we/er wit. reading *a0e .is gr+wing need -+r dra,
0ati* *.anges& N+ )+nger did .e -ee) *+0-+rtab)e wit. t.e )i0it,
ed /iews +- .is *.ur*.& E/ery #unday Ludwig sp+4e +n %%$
radi+ and it t++4 .i0 .+urs t+ prepare -+r ea*. pr+gra0& A-ter
reading a0t.aAs tea*.ings .e 4new t.e 4n+w)edge was a)ready
inside .i0 and .e st+pped 0a4ing preparati+ns -+r t.e radi+
s.+w& "e sp+4e e--+rt)ess)y and wit.+ut a s*ript& In turn .is pr+,
gra0 1ui*4)y be*a0e /ery p+pu)ar&

>.en Ludwig de*ided t+ *+0e t+ A0eri*a t.e stati+n pr+,
du*er wanted .i0 t+ *+ntinue t.e s.+w -r+0 A0eri*a&&&but .e
de*ided against it& A-ter a pers+na) audien*e wit. t.e A! in
#an Gieg+ .e 0ade a de*isi+n t+ )ea/e t.e priest.++d& Ludwig
si0p)y wanted t+ )i/e in *+untry& "e wanted t+ be wit. t.e
A! w.ene/er +r w.ere/er p+ssib)e&

#+0e +- .is -riends b+ug.t a ni*e .+0e +n a -ar0 in >as.,
ingt+n,,w.ere .e n+w )i/es,,and is b)iss-u))y .appy t.ere& "e
wa4es up singing and wa)4s ar+und wit.+ut a wat*. +n .is wrist
-+r t.e -irst ti0e in .is )i-e& "e says .e is n+w /ery *+ntent and
at pea*e&

Ludwig says s+0e +- .is *+,w+r4ers in t.e priest.++d
t.in4 .e is being in-)uen*ed by t.e de/i)&&&and t.ey try t+
ta)4 .i0 int+ returning t+ t.e priest.++d& =et .e says .e 4eeps
.is )i-e si0p)e and *+ntr+)s .is +wn destiny wit. :+y& "e gi/es
t.an4s a)) +- t.e ti0e -+r t.e si0p)e t.ings +n t.e -ar0 ar+und
.i0& T.e 0ira*)e +- stepping +ut +- t.e priest.++d,,int+ 2od)
hood))is t.e greatest 0ira*)e +- .is )i-e&&&&

N+ )+nger d+es Ludwig wis. t+ be*+0e a saint& "e a)ready
.as be*+0e 0+re in .is +wn being& "e says .e n+w
4n+ws t.ere is e/en 0+re,,+n t.e side +- t.e 0+untain,, .e *+u)d e/er .a/e i0aginedE

$.apter N(
A CAR "+4# !,A! is a st+ry t+)d by Anne !arie at =u**a Ia))ey ab+ut
an in*ident -+))+wing an audien*e wit. t.e A!& It see0s
JP )i4es t+ drin4 a $+4e t+ .e)p .er get gr+unded w.en s.e
*+0es ba*4 int+ .er b+dy& T.ere was n+ne a/ai)ab)e at
p+int s+ Je-- p)anned t+ 0a4e a st+p t+ pi*4 up s+0e& F+r,
e/er reas+n a0t.a *.+se t+ stay in t.e b+dy as t.ey dr+/e away
in t.e )+ng s)ee4 Lin*+)n&

Anne !arie was wit. a0t.a,,in JPAs /ery -e0inine b+dy,,
seated a)s+ in t.e ba*4 seat as Je-- pu))ed in t+ t.e *+n/enien*e
st+re par4ing )+t& Je-- str+))ed in t+ buy t.e $+4e w.i)e t.e
tw+ waited in t.e *ar& At p+int tw+ y+ung 0en in a pi*4up
pu))ed up ne3t t+ t.e0& Natura))y9 t.ese y+ung 0en )++4ed t+,
ward t.e beauti-u) Lin*+)n,,wit. tw+ )+/e)y b)+ndes in t.e ba*4
seat& #+ being typi*a) y+ung 0en9 t.ey r+))ed d+wn t.eir win,
d+w and 0ade a -ew *+0p)i0entary re0ar4s ab+ut t.eir great

a0t.a&&& in turn&&&r+))ed d+wn .is wind+w and s0i)ed win,
ning)y as .e said in .is +wn natura))y 0as*u)ine /+i*e9 .A"d
ho* be you/ &%sters91

>e))&&&y+u *an i0agine t.e surprise t.ese tw+ 0en -e)t at
.earing this !oice *+0ing +ut +- su*. a g+rge+us ?babe&@ Appar,
ent)y t.eir *uri+sity +/er*a0e t.eir re)u*tan*e and t.ey began a
1ui*4 pa*ed *+n/ersati+n wit. t.e A!& Anne !arie n+r0a))y
/ery ta)4ati/e was si)ent&

One +- t.e 0en said9 ?%+y9 IAd sure )i4e t+ .a/e 0e a ni*e
*ar )i4e +neE@

T.e A! s0i)ed and .is eyes twin4)ed as .e a0iab)y said9
.So be it01 Anne !arie raised .er eyebr+ws&&&but 4ept .er si,

As Je-- e0erged -r+0 t.e st+re and wa)4ed up t+ t.e
*ar&&&t.e 0en in t.e pi*4up t++4 a )ast )+ng )++4 and dr+/e away&
>.en t.ey were +n t.eir way +n*e again&&& Je-- turned and
as4ed9 ? was a)) ab+ut5@

Anne !arie *.u*4)ed as s.e t+)d Je-- ab+ut t.e interesting
?pi*4 up@ atte0pt 0ade by t.e tw+ y+ung 0en& >.en s.e g+t t+
t.e part ab+ut +ne +- t.e0 wanting a *ar )i4e t.e Lin*+)n and t.e
A! resp+nding wit. a .earty ?#+ be itE@ Je-- turned t+ t.e
A! wit. a 1ui66i*a) )++4 and as4ed9 ?"+w are y+u g+ing t+ d+

T.e A!As -a*e )it up )i4e t.e 0+rning sun as .e e3p)ained
wit. de)ig.t9 .-h%t is %lre%dy %rr%"ged+ A short *%y do*" the
ro%d/ they *ill h%!e % s&%ll %ccide"t+ -he co&p%"y th%t i"sures
his c%r *ill p%y hi& % su& o$ gold %"d th%t gold *ill be e"ough
to &%#e % do*" p%y&e"t o" % c%rri%ge li#e this o"e+1 "e
bea0ed wit. satis-a*ti+n&

%+t. Je-- and Anne !arie )aug.ed a)+ud& T.ey 4new t.e
A! .as +-ten said .e is n+t ab+/e,,+r be)+w,, t+
0a4e a p+int& %y n+w t.e y+ung 0an sure)y is dri/ing ar+und in
a )+ng9 s)ee4 Lin*+)n and per.aps w+ndering ab+ut strange
en*+unter wit. t.e tw+ beauti-u) b)+ndes in t.e *+n/enien*e
st+re par4ing )+t&

$.apter NJ
R.BB+%3 #"BO(& (+!, A &!AR

A -ew years ag+ w.i)e Art was /a*ati+ning at a res+rt in
!e3i*+9 a wea)t.y -riend ga/e .i0 a *+up)e +- t.e A!As audi+
tapes& Art t.an4ed t.e -riend and put t.e tapes aside& Ti0e
passed and tw+ years )ater Art sti)) .ad n+t )istened t+ t.e tapes&

Art and .is wi-e,,a nati+na))y 4n+wn psy*.i* wit. +--i*es
in b+t. L+s Ange)es and #an Fran*is*+,,attended a )arge *+n,
/enti+n +- 0etap.ysi*a) spea4ers in P.+eni3 ab+ut ti0e&
%e*ause +- .is wi-eAs in/+)/e0ent&&&Art 4new 0+st +- t.e *e)e,
brated spea4ers and psy*.i*s in attendan*e& A gr+up +- t.e0 in,
/ited .i0 t+ /iew t.e "+n+)u)u /ide+ +- a0t.a&

As .e wat*.ed t.e /ide+9 Art was stru*4 wit. t.e -ee)ing here was a tea*.er w.+ tru)y 4new .e taug.t& "e a)s+
n+ted t.e A! sp+4e wit. Shirley M%cL%i"e+ "e re*a))ed
.+w .e .ad a)ways )+/ed .er a*ting s+ /ery 0u*. and .ad )+ng
.ad a desire t+ 0eet .er s+0eti0e& T.e 0+re .e 0used t.e
greater be*a0e .is 4n+wingness .e w+u)d s++n be 0eeting; A part +- Art .ad de-inite)y pee4ed int+ t.e -uture&

A Cou"t w.+ was in attendan*e at t.e *+n/enti+n as4ed Art
t+ a**+0pany .i0 t+ a .+rse s.+w t.e -+))+wing day and Art a*,
*epted t.e in/itati+n& T.e *+unt was we)) 4n+wn and t.ey were
us.ered t+ +ne +- t.e -inest tab)es& As t.ey sat 1uiet)y waiting
-+r t.e .+rse s.+w t+ begin&&&Art turned in .is seat and )itera))y
bu0ped e)b+ws wit. t.e pers+n sitting +n .is rig.t& As .e
g)an*ed +/er .e *+u)d s*ar*e)y be)ie/e it& T.ere s.e sat& It was
Shirley M%cL%i"e+ s0i)ed war0)y9 e3tended .er .and and as4ed .is
na0e& "e returned t.e s0i)e s.++4 .ands war0)y and t+)d .er
.is na0e was Art& "e was ast+unded at i00ediate &ir%cu)
lous 0ani-estati+n +- .is desire& Ne3t9 intr+du*ed .i0 t+
.er tw+ *+0pani+ns9 =e$$ %"d =D ?"ight+ It see0s JP was
s.+wing +ne +- .er pri6e winning .+rses at t.e e/ent&

!eeting a)) t.ree +- t.ese beauti-u) s+u)s day 0ade a
great i0pa*t +n Art& Tw+ years ear)ier w.en .e .ad been gi/en
t.e audi+ tapes&&&.e wasnAt ready t+ .ear t.e0& %ut w.en .e saw
and .eard t.e /ide+ t.e nig.t be-+re&&&.e was t+u*.ed by t.e
A!As tea*.ings&&&and it )itera))y s++n turned .is entire )i-e

Art and .is wi-e 0+/ed +ut +- t.e big *ity& %+t. n+w )i/e
+n a )+/e)y9 serene -+rty a*re ran*. in =e)09 >as.ingt+n& Art
4n+ws .e 0ani-ested -ar 0+re 0eeting a 0+/ie star& %y
)istening t+ t.e A!As tea*.ings .e s++n )earned t+ *reate a
)i-e,sty)e and a pea*e +- 0ind br+ug.t great :+y t+ .is b+dy
and s+u) dai)y&&&&

$.apter NH
3#! O$$ !,A! !RA+%

egina,,a 0aster -r+0 New Jersey,,was at t.e #eatt)e air,
p+rt and was *+n-used ab+ut t.e -)ig.t s*.edu)es& #.e put .er
bags d+wn&&&grabbed a *+urtesy p.+ne and *a))ed -+r -)ig.t in-+r,
0ati+n& #.e was dire*ted t+ g+ t+ gate nu0ber nine& #.e pi*4ed
up a)) +- .er t.ings,, in*)uding .er -riend J+eAs +)d a0t.a
b++4&&&n+w +ut +- print,,and wa)4ed t.r+ug. t.e se*urity *.e*4
t+ t.e subway train w+u)d ta4e .er t+ .er gate&

On*e t.ere s.e again set a)) .er be)+ngings d+wn t+ wait -+r
t.e train& As t.e d++rs +pened s.e grabbed up a)) .er p+ssessi+ns
and b+arded t.e train w+u)d *arry .er t+ .er gate& As s.e
sat +n t.e train speeding t.r+ug. tunne)s beneat. t.e airp+rt s.e
g)an*ed d+wn and n+ti*ed t.e p+rt-+)i+ *+ntaining J+eAs
b++4 was n+w.ere t+ be seen& A *)a00y9 *+)d -ee)ing passed
t.r+ug. .er& ?O.9 n+E@ s.e *ried +ut9 ?N+ way a0 I g+ing t+ )+se
J+eAs b++45@ #.e 4new .+w 0u*. .e rea))y treasured it&

#.e sat t.ere in ag+ny9 w+ndering .+w s.e w+u)d e/er -ind
.er way ba*4 t+ t.e p)a*e w.ere s.e .ad b+arded t.e train& A
/+i*e s.+uted inside .er .ead9 .get o$$ the tr%i" right "o*01
egina .urried)y grabbed up e/ and )eaped +-- t+ t.e
ra0p :ust as t.e train d++rs were s)iding s.ut&

T.e train pu))ed +ut and s.e )++4ed ar+und t+ see w.ere s.e
was and .+w s.e 0ig.t -ind .er way ba*4 t+ w.ere s.e .ad
b+arded& A.&&&a 0an in b)ue was wa)4ing bris4)y t+ward .er& #.e
w+u)d as4 .i0& %e-+re s.e *+u)d get ?"+w d+ I;@ +ut +- .er
0+ut.&&&s.e saw 0ade .er eyes g+ wide wit. as,
t+nis.0ent& T.ere it wasE 0an in b)ue,,wit. .is eyes twin,
4)ing 0erri)y,,.ad in .is .and .er 0issing p+rt-+)i+,,wit. J+eAs
b++4 sa-e)y tu*4ed inside,,.e e3tended it t+ward .er&

?T.atAs IA0 )++4ing -+rE@ s.e s.+uted gesturing e3*it,
ed)y t+ward t.e p+rt-+)i+ and p+inting t+ .er na0e tag +n it&
>it.+ut a w+rd .e .anded it +/er t+ .er wit. a /ery )arge grin&
"e t.en turned and wa)4ed away& ?T.an4 y+uE@ s.e *ried& T.e
0an in b)ue ne/er turned ba*49 .e si0p)y wa)4ed +n&&&&

Later,,,as s.e p+ndered .er in*redib)y strange e3perien*e&&&
egina w+ndered and -ina))y suspe*ted +r re%li:ed))*ho
0an in b)ue,,0ig.t .a/e been&

$.apter NN
A MA%+$#&!#) P#AR"

Oay -irst 0et t.e A! in P.+eni3 in 198J& T.e i0pa*t t+,
ta))y *.anged .er )i-e& #.e 1uit .er :+b and began a w.+)e new
way +- )i/ing& At -irst t.e -ee)ings +- )etting g+ +- t.e a)tered
eg+ br+ug.t su*. pain s.e -e)t sui*ida)& "er b+dy rea*ted /i+,
)ent)y9 b)eeding and brea4ing int+ /i+)ent un*+ntr+))ed spas0s&
As a)) .er past c%&e up&&&s.e a*4n+w)edged and +wned it& Oay
was wise en+ug. t+ ride her co"scious"ess rig.t t.r+ug. it&

Obser/ing +t.ers ar+und .er&&&Oay re*+gni6ed t.ey
were using aggressi+n as +ut)ets -+r t.eir -ear& #.e saw *)ear)y
t.e ga0es +- i))usi+n and saw s.e was *reating a)) +- t.e0&
#.e was rapid)y be*+0ing aware e/ery -a*et +- .er )i-e was
se)-,*reated& N+w by a))+wing,,and +wning ea*. e3perien*e as
being .er +wn *reati+n,,s.e was n+ )+nger t.e /i*ti0&&&but t.e
*entered triu0p.ant &%ster+

One day at t.e )+*a) )aundr+0at Oay wiped t.e tab)e *)ean
s+ s.e *+u)d -+)d t.e )+ad +- *) s.e .ad ready t+ *+0e
+ut +- t.e dryer& %eing a)+ne in t.e )aundr+0at9 Oay .ad n+ in.i,
biti+n ab+ut spea4ing a)+ud& ?a0t.a9 .+w a0 I d+ing9 0y
be)+/ed br+t.er5@ On se*+nd t.+ug.t9 s.e added9 ?I 4n+w I
d+nAt need y+ur *+n-ir0ati+n2 I 4n+w IA0 d+ing we))& "+we/er9
it w+u)d bring 0e great :+y t+ 4n+w y+ur -ee)ings ab+ut .+w I
a0 d+ing&@

#.e turned t+ put a pi)e +- dried *) +n t.e tab)e& C>.at
was t.at5C A gle%&i"g *hite pe%rl sat t.ere +n t.e tab)e&&&
s.e .ad :ust wiped *)eanE T.e pear) was /ery rea)& It g)istened
and s.+ne wit. its +wn )ig.t as s.e pi*4ed it up& #udden)y a
-)++d +- :+y and )+/e was -)+wing )i4e a ri/er t.r+ug. t.e 0idd)e
+- .er *.est; and a strea0 +- .+t tears began t+ *+urse d+wn
.er *.ee4s&

egard)ess +- .+w t.e pear) g+t t.ere9 Oay rea)i6ed s.e .ad
gained .er +wn pear)s +- wisd+0 by -+))+wing s.e 4new .erse)-& =et .er +wn 4n+wingness t+)d .er t.e A! was
*+nstant)y aware +- s.e was d+ing&&&and was .is 0ira*,
u)+us way +- a*4n+w)edging .er 1uesti+ns t+ .i0& "er .eart
sang wit. gratitude and :+y&

Fr+0 day -+rt.,,Oay said,,s.e .as .ad t.e abi)ity t+
tune int+ t.e t.+ug.ts +- +t.ers and *+u)d 0ani-est .er desires
1ui*4)y& Oay .ad -+und t.e +n)y singu)ar e/er
st++d in .er way was unreas+nab)e -ear& N+w s.e -a*es e/ery
sing)e -ear and it disappears and .er desires swi-t)y be*+0e rea)&
Li-e .as be*+0e si0p)e -+r Oay n+w& #.e $eels t.e tea*.ings +-
t.e A! in .ere .eart&&&w.i*. brings .er a :+y and a true
pea*e&&&bey+nd understanding&

$.apter N8
!,# P#R$#C! &,#""

Judi .ad ta4en .er -irst -u)) wee4 +- /a*ati+n wit.+ut .er
*.i)dren and went by .erse)- t+ an is)and +-- t.e *+ast +- Iir,
ginia9 n+t t++ -ar -r+0 .er .+0e& T.ere s.e .ad .er -irst rea) )i-e
e3perien*e wit. t.e A!&

#.e was wa)4ing a)+ng t.e bea*. )++4ing -+r beauti-u) sea
s.e))s& As s.e 0eandered a)+ng s.e was *+nstant)y running int+
t.e sa0e 0an a)s+ wa)4ing a)+ng t.e s.+re pi*4ing up and dis,
*arding s.e)) a-ter s.e))& A-ter 0any passing en*+unters t.ey
-e)) int+ step side by side and began t+ engage in -riend)y *+n,

"e said .e was )++4ing -+r tw+ s.e))s w+u)d 0at*. t.e
per-e*t tw+ .e .ad a)ready -+und& "e s.+wed .er t.e tw+
s.e))s&&&+ne *ri0s+n r+se wit. a b)++d red -)us.&&&t.e a
1uarter 0++n in a b)ue,b)a*4 0idnig.t ba*4gr+und& T.e *+)+rs
in b+t. s.e))s were intense& T+ .er surprise9 Judi b)urted +ut9
?IA)) -ind per-e*t 0at*.ing s.e))s in t.+se *+)+rs -+r y+u&@ "e
)aug.ed and t.e tw+ wa)4ed a)+ng w.i)e .e 4ept pi*4ing up and
dis*arding s.e)) a-ter s.e))&

At +ne p+int&&&Judi $elt co&pelled t+ rea*. int+ t.e sand& As
it strea0ed t.r+ug. .er -ingers s.e .e)d a *ri0s+n s.e))9 per-e*t,
)y -+r0ed and 0at*.ing t.e +ne .e .ad& F+r a brie- 0+0ent t.ey
b+t. st++d in awe as t.ey *+0pared t.e0& #.e t.en .anded .i0
t.e s.e))& "e pr+tested s.e s.+u)d 4eep it -+r .erse)-,,but
s.e insisted,,adding s.e w+u)d a)s+ -ind t.e 0at*.ing

On*e again9 a brie- -ew 0inutes )ater s.e bent d+wn t+
rea*.ed int+ t.e sand& ti0e&&&t+ pu)) up per-e*t
s.e)),,,t.e *+)+r +- 0idnig.t b)ue,,a per-e*t 0at*. t+ t.e +ne .e
.ad& "e .appi)y a**epted t.e gi-t +- it and de*ided t+ g+ t+ din,
ner T.ey -inis.ed t.e e/ening at .er p)a*e +/er a p+t +-
*+--ee& T.ey t.en e3*.anged addresses and re)u*tant)y s.++4
.ands t+ say g++dbye& T.eir .ands.a4es were t.e -irst ti0e t.ey
.ad t+u*.ed p.ysi*a))y,,t.eir s+u)s .ad a)ready t+u*.ed n+n,

Ne3t 0+rning Judi ar+se and wa)4ed t.e bea*.,,t.r+ug.
str+ng winds,,)++4ing -+r per-e*t s.e)) -+r .erse)-& #.e
dis*arded .undreds& A)) at +n*e a /+i*e b++0ed inside .er .ead9
?#+9 y+u are )++4ing -+r per-e*ti+n9 be)+/ed w+0an5 Pi*4 up s.e))&@ #.e st++ped d+wn t+ pi*4 up t.e s.e))& It was
*ra*4ed and .ad barna*)es *+/ering it9 but it s.+uted per-e*ti+nE
#.e t.en rea)i6ed a)) +- nature was pure per$ectio"))a))
ar+und .er,,e/en t.e ga)e,)i4e wind&

As s.e wa)4ed +n&&&s.e w+ndered ab+ut t.e *+00anding
/+i*e s.e .ad .eard in t.e wind& #.e spied a dead *rab upside
d+wn +n t.e bea*. and addressed .erse)- t+ nature& ?#+9 t.atAs y+u d+ wit. y+ur dead&@

A)) at +n*e t.e sa0e str+ng /+i*e b)ew t.r+ug. .er .ead
again9 ?>ant t+ see w.atAs d+ne in nature wit. i))usi+n y+u
*a)) deat.5@

Judi )++4ed up t+ see a seagu)) -)ying against t.e wind,,
-ig.ting its way upwind,,t+ t.e *rab& It sw++ped d+wn and
)++4ed t+ t.e dead *ar*ass and began t+ *+nsu0e it& As Judi
wat*.ed in w+nder ,,and t.en *+ntinued .er wa)4,,t.e /+i*e
sp+4e +n t+ i))u0inate .er +- t.e 0eaning +- deat.& A)) )i-e is
-+re/er& A)) t.+ug.t *+nte0p)ates itse)- t+ *reate w+r)ds up+n
w+r)ds& T.e /+i*e said s.e *+u)d .a/e a)) t.ese w+rds ba*4
%s her o*" in tw+ years ti0e&

A -ew 0+nt.s )ater9 s.e 0et a 0aster na0ed !ary9 w.+
s.+wed .er t.e a0t.a "+n+)u)u /ide+& Judi was stru*4 by t.e
A! wa)4ing up t+ a )+/e)y w+0an and saying9 ?>a)4 in t.e
sand t+ t.e edge +- t.e +*ean9 and I wi)) *+0e t+ y+u in t.e
wind&@ Judi burst int+ tears& T.e w+rds -)a0ed t.r+ug. .er )i4e
r+aring -ire and a 0ig.ty wind t.r+ug. t.e *any+n& #e
4new wit.+ut 1uesti+n T.e A! .ad been .er unseen

$.apter N9
!O ;.)3# +& !O "O&#

$.ery)As tw+ w+nder-u) -riends9 Lawren*e Oennedy and
#andra #it60an .ad gi/en .er at )east -+rty audi+ tapes +- t.e
A!As dia)+gues& A-ter )istening t+ t.e tapes ?Inner Eart.@ and
?L+/e +- #e)-@ a great *a)0 *a0e +/er .er& >a/es +- )+/e +- se)-
and passi+n -+r )i-e p+ured t.r+ug. .er&

"er attenti+n was drawn t+ a s.i00ering pa)e g+)d )ig.t
-+r0 be-+re .er,,wide at t.e b+tt+0 and narr+w at t.e t+p,,re,
0inding .er +- a pyra0id& #ensati+ns +- intense9 pure )+/e ran
t.r+ug. .er )i4e end)ess ri/ers& #.e -e)t t.e 0usi* p)aying +n
.er stere+ -)+w p.ysi*a))y t.r+ug. .er b+dy& "er .ead began
pu)sing and s.e -e)t a distin*t sensati+n +- 0+/e0ent +r a)ign,
0ent ta4ing p)a*e& Fee)ing t+ta) trust9 s.e a))+wed it t+ .appen
wit.+ut :udg0ent& In -a*t9 s.e sensed s.e h%d t+ a**ept
e3perien*e *ithout 3udg&e"t+

#e/era) e*stati* .+urs went by& Fina))y -ee)ing *+ntented
and t+ta))y -i))ed bey+nd w+rds&&&s.e s)id under t.e war0 s+-t
*+/ers and -e)) int+ a pea*e-u) s)eep&

$.ery) w+4e )ate t.e ne3t 0+rning and s4ipped brea4-ast
sin*e s.e .ad pr+0ised t+ gi/e Lawren*e a )i-t t+ t.e )u0ber
yard& >.i)e Lawren*e was busy se)e*ting w++den r+ds t+ bui)d
.er a pyra0id9 .er *+ns*i+usness sudden)y e3panded& #.e
see0ed *+0p)ete)y aware +- a)) t.ings& $.ery) -e)t s.e .ad
gr+wn +/er a .undred -eet ta))&&&and :ust as wide& A sense +- -u))
4n+wingness ab+ut a)) t.ings g+ing +n in t.e bui)ding was.ed
t.r+ug. .er9 in*)uding e3a*t)y .+w t+ *+nstru*t t.e pyra0id&

In a state +- pure identity wit. a)) t.ings9 $.ery) was awed
by t.e w+nder-u) sensati+n& As s.e and Lawren*e 0+/ed t+ t.e
*+unter t+ pay -+r t.e r+ds s.e 0+/ed e--+rt)ess)y by .is side&
T.e *as.ier t+ta)ed t.e bi))& ?Eig.t d+))ars and si3ty *ents9@ s.e
said& $.ery) rea*.ed -+r .er purse& #.e *+u)d -ee) Lawren*e
)++4ing at .er and s.e -e)t s.+*4ed&&&t.in4ing t.e -u)) a0+unt
w+u)d be at )east si3ty d+))ars&

#.e wrest)ed wit. .er *+ns*ien*e as t+ +r n+t s.e
s.+u)d te)) t.e *as.ier& #.e -e)t .er +wn :udg0ent and t.e :udg,
0ent +- Lawren*e passing t.r+ug. .er9 ?ItAs n+t -air n+t t+ te))
.er s.e 0ade a 0ista4eE@ And n+ s++ner .ad s.e t.+ug.t it9
w.en t.e *as.ier *aug.t t.e sa0e t.+ug.t& ?>ait a 0+0ent&
IA0 s+rry9 I pressed t.e wr+ng butt+n& ItAs si3ty eig.t9 t.irty,si3E@

At t.e &o&e"t +- :udg0ent between rig.t and wr+ng t.e
-ee)ing +- a)) 4n+wingness and p+wer )e-t .er& As s.e and
Lawren*e wa)4ed +ut +- t.e st+re9 $.ery) *+nte0p)ated .er :ust
n+w strange e3perien*e& $ertain)y9 s.e .ad d+ne t.e rig.t
#.e .ad n+t per0itted t.e *)er4 t+ 0a4e an err+r in .er -a/+r&
#.e .ad paid t.e *+rre*t a0+unt& #+9 w.y .ad .ig. state +-
*+ns*i+usness sudden)y )e-t .er5

#andra :+ined t.e0 and went +-- wit. Lawren*e +n
errand w.i)e $.ery) sat +n a ben*. +utside t.e ba4ery and p+n,
dered >.i)e waiting9 s.e de*ided t+ g+ int+ t.e ba4ery
and indu)ge in s+0e +- .er -a/+rite sweets&

?<i/e 0e a .a)- d+6en +- ea*. +- t.ese t.ree *++4ies9@ s.e
said9 p+inting t+ ea*. type& T.e gir) gat.ered t.e *++4ies and
p)a*ed t.e0 in a w.ite bag& $.ery) paid and wa)4ed ba*4 t+ t.e
ben*. t+ re-)e*t s+0e 0+re w.i)e s.e waited& #.e rea*.ed int+
t.e bag t+ *.++se +ne +- t.e t.ree types +- *++4ies and was
s.+*4ed t+ -ind t.e bag *+ntained +n)y a .a)- d+6en ea*. +-
tw+ types +- *++4ies& #.e 1ui*4)y *.e*4ed .er re*eipt and -+und s.e .ad indeed paid -+r t.ree .a)- d+6en *++4ies9 s+ s.e .ad
been s.+rted&

A sudden t.+ug.t -)as.ed t.r+ug. .er 0ind& #.e .ad :ust
re*ei/ed a /a)uab)e )ess+n& #.e .ad paid -+r 0+re and re*ei/ed
less/ and :ust a -ew 0inutes ear)ier s.e .ad g+ne t.r+ug. t.e
:udg0ent +- paying )ess and re*ei/ing &ore0 T.e tw+ e3peri,
en*es were si0p)y +pp+site sides +- t.e sa0e *+in&

"er )i0ited se)- was being taug.t a )ess+n by .er un)i0ited
se)-& #.e 4new t.e /ery -a*t s.e .ad 0ade a :udg0ent
+- rig.t /ersus wr+ng .ad instant)y a)tered .er *+ns*i+usness&
#uper*+ns*i+usness is wit.+ut :udg0entE %y 0a4ing -irst
:udg0ent +- rig.t and wr+ng at t.e )u0ber yard s.e .ad )+st n+t
+n)y .er p+wer9 but a)s+ .ad t+ pay -+r sweets s.e .ad n+t

At 0+0ent9 $.ery) re0e0bered s.e .ad as4ed t.e
nig.t be-+re t+ be -ree +- a)) :udg0ent& It appeared t.e -irst
)ess+n in pr+*ess .ad been gi/en %"d re%li:ed+

$.apter 8D
(A""& )O%5! +MPR+&O% !,#

T.e -+))+wing is e3*erpted -r+0 a )etter written t+ 0e in
N+/e0ber9 198N -r+0 >ende))e9 a spiritua) .e)d in

?=+u were rig.tE I :ust LOIE t.e beauti-u) b++4 y+u sent
0e& I re*ei/ed it )ast T.ursday and i00ediate)y began reading it&
I read it a)) day and a)) nig.t and part +- t.e ne3t9 it
t.e -irst ti0e& It was s+ g++d I started a)) +/er again and read it
again 0+re s)+w)y&&&s+0eti0es reading s+0e +- t.e )atter *.ap,
ters tw+ and t.ree ti0es& It is a beauti-u) st+ry9 and s+ we)) writ,

?%ut was 0+st a0a6ing is t.e p.i)+s+p.y ad/+,
*ated by a0t.a is e3a*t)y t.e p.i)+s+p.y I .a/e a)ways .ad
deep inside +- 0e but I ne/er -+und anyb+dy I *+u)d s.are
wit. be*ause t.ey w+u)d ne/er understand& I .a/e a)ways be,
)ie/ed t.e A! says ab+ut g++d and bad,,rig.te+usness
and sin-u)ness9 <+d and t.e de/i)9 .ea/en and .e)),,and 0anAs
re)ati+ns.ip wit. t.e *reati+n .e -inds a)) ar+und .i0&

?I a)s+ 4n+w 0an *+ntr+)s .is +wn destiny and a*tua))y
*reates it e/ery day +- .is )i-e& I d+ be)ie/e in )i/ing in t.e eter,
na) NO>& =et n+b+dy *an e3press s+ si0p)y and beauti-u),
)y as 0agni-i*ent tea*.er& "is dia)+gues are s+ e--i*ient,,s+
*)ear,,and s+ wise it see0s rea))y i0p+ssib)e t+ 0e -+r any,
b+dy t+ e/er dispute t.e0& >.en t.e pr+gra0 0+derat+rs treat,
ed JP s+ bad)y +n t.e -od%y TI pr+gra0 I a)0+st t.rew 0y
s.+e at 0y TI I was s+ upset& T.e w+r)d is rea))y s+ terrib)y i)),

?I )earned su*. a great dea) -r+0 t.e a0t.a dia)+gues9 +r
per.aps,,I re0e0ber a great dea),,be*ause I a)ways 4n+w i00e,
diate)y .e is rig.t w.en .e +--ers an e3p)anati+n -+r s+0e, "is e3p)anati+n +- t.e -ai)ures +- $.ristianity and t.e
*.ur*.es is s+ *+rre*t;;&&

?=es9 0y -riends9 st+ry br+ug.t tears9 )aug.ter9 an3iety9
)+/e9 great ad0irati+n9 sadness and a -u)) range +- e0+ti+ns& It
is a /ery great b++4&&&and 0y best $.rist0as present&

?%ut ab+/e a))9 I treasure t.e w+nder-u) aut+grap.s in t.e
-r+nt by 0y 0u*. ad0ired JP Onig.t and Je--& !y b)essings
wi)) a)ways be wit. t.e0& I a0 g)ad t.ey .a/e dis*+/ered )i/ing in t.e n+w is t.e +n)y way t+ en:+y great ad/en,

?P)ease d+ n+t -ee) s+rry -+r 0e& I t++ a0 underg+ing an
ad/enture& A)) )i-e is a great ad/enture9 and is as great as
any& Pris+n is a state +- 0ind as 0u*. as e)se9 and I *an
trut.-u))y say t+ y+u9 I d+ n+t -ee) 0yse)- i0pris+ned& I .a/e
been ab)e t+ d+ as 0u*. in .ere as anyw.ere and I -ind a great
-ie)d -+r )earning& I see radiant Geity ar+und 0e and I see t.e
dar4est +- wit.drawn s+u)s& I- +n)y t.ey 4new t.ey are d+,
ing t+ t.e0se)/es& I -ind I *an .e)p a -ew9 but 0+st *.++se
t.eir 0isery and d+ n+t want .e)p yet& T.e w.+)e is a
beauti-u) pan+ra0a +- <+d)y un-+)d0ent& T.+se w.+ are ready
t+ pr+gress -ind t.eir +wn way& T.+se w.+ are n+t9 b)+*4 it a))
+ut t+ preser/e t.e state t.ey are Ben:+yingA& I *+u)d te)) y+u
s+0e .air,raising st+ries +- g+es +n in .ere&@

?I +n)y .a/e si3 0+re 0+nt.s t+ g+9 and t.en I t++ wi)) be
-ree t+ 0+/e ab+ut again& I sti)) .a/e a great 0any ad/entures t+
e3perien*e; I a0 winding up I *a0e .ere t+ d+9 and it
)++4s )i4e t.e ti0ing is :ust ab+ut rig.t& I s.+u)d -inis. 0y B0is,
si+nA .ere in ab+ut si3 0+nt.s9 and is w.en I a0 s*.edu)ed
t+ be re)eased& It a)) w+r4s +ut beauti-u))y&@

?!y b)essings in LOIE and LI<"T t+ a)) +- y+u&@


Author5s "oteE 7e"delle *%s rele%sed i" &id ,FGG+ He is the %u)
thor o$ o!er %t le%st 20 re%lly e'celle"t U86 co"t%ct boo#s+++

$.apter 81
$OR!.%# COO4+#

i*4,,-r+0 %ir0ing.a0,,A)aba0a9 4n+ws s+ we)) .+w t.e
A! *an 0a4e a p)ay-u) p)+t *+0e +ut wit. a rea) surprise end,
ing& One nig.t i*4 .ad dinner at a $.inese restaurant and was
gi/en a -+rtune *++4ie .e *+u)d pu)) t.e -+rtune +ut +- wit.,
+ut brea4ing t.e *++4ie& i*4As i0aginati+n )eapt t+ p+ssibi)ities
and .is .ig.)y *reati/e s+u) *a0e up wit. a grand s*.e0e& "e
w+u)d p)ay a w+nder-u) tri*4 +n .is *)+se -riend9 J+.n&

i*4 arranged -+r J+.n and se/era) 0asters w.+ were
*urrent)y wat*.ing a0t.a /ide+s and )istening t+ a0t.a audi+
tapes9 t+ 0eet .i0 -+r dinner at sa0e $.inese restaurant a
-ew nig.ts )ater& !eanw.i)e9 .e sta*4ed t.e de*4& In *ase,,
n+t *ards,,but st%c#ed -+rtune *++4ies&

"e 0anaged t+ 0at*. t.e si6e and *+)+r +- t.e strip +- pa,
per -itted int+ t.e -+rtune *++4ie& "e t.en *are-u))y typed
t.e 0essage: ?!aster9 y+u are great)y )+/ed@ +n it and s)id it
int+ t.e *++4ie& "is p)an was J+.n w+u)d assu0e t.e
A! .ad pers+na))y sent .i0 t.e 0essage&

i*4 arri/ed at t.e restaurant ear)y and ga/e t.e waitress
.is ?)+aded@ -+rtune *++4ie9 instru*ting .er *are-u))y t+ be sure J+.n g+t parti*u)ar *++4ie w.en t.e -+rtune *++4ies
were ser/ed a-ter dinner& "e e3p)ained t.ey were p)aying a
tri*4 +n J+.n and it was i0p+rtant .e was t.e +ne t+ get
*++4ie& >.en J+.n arri/ed .e p+inted .i0 +ut t+ t.e waitress
and s.e agreed t+ p)ay .er part in t.e *+nspira*y& T.e stage was

Ginner was .earti)y en:+yed by a))& N+w was t.e 0+0ent
-+r t.e big :+4e +n J+.n& i*4 waited wit. eager anti*ipati+n&
T.e waitress appeared at t.e tab)e )++4ing 1uite agitated and
said s.e needed t+ spea4 wit. .i0& "e wa)4ed a sa-e distan*e
away -r+0 t.e tab)e wit. .er and s.e t+)d .i0 s.e was s+rry
but s+0e.+w t.e -+rtune *++4ie .ad g+tten p)a*ed in wit. a)) t.e
+t.ers&&&and s.e did n+t 4n+w w.i*. *++4ie it was n+w& T.e
restaurant was pa*4ed and J+.n w+u)d ne/er get t.e ?rig.t@
*++4ie& T.e ga0e was +/erE

i*4 returned t+ t.e tab)e :ust as 0aster9 Ar)ene9
:+ined t.e gr+up& T.e dis*ussi+n pi*4ed up again9 and ta)es be,
gan t+ be swapped ab+ut t.e grand e3perien*es .ad .ap,
pened t+ ea*. +ne sin*e t.e A! .ad *+0e int+ t.eir )i/es& Ar,
)ene sat si)ent and en/i+us as s.e )istened t+ ta)e a-ter ta)e +-
a0a6ing e/ents2 w+nder-u) in *+nne*ti+n wit. t.e A!
see0ed t+ .a/e +**urred in .er )i-e&

!eanw.i)e9 t.e -+rtune *++4ies .ad arri/ed and e/ery+ne
was gi/en +ne& T.ey were a)) +pening t.eir *++4ies and reading
t.eir -+rtunes wit. a0use0ent& As Ar)ene pi*4ed .ers up s.e
ad0itted p)ainti/e)y,,t+ t.e gr+up,, t.e A! .ad ne/er sent
.er any spe*ia) runners +r addressed .er in any unusua) way& As
s.e -inis.ed .er ad0issi+n s.e -e)t sad and )++4ed d+wn t+ .ide
t.e 0+isture be.ind .er eyes as 0u*. as t+ read .er -+rtune

#udden)y9 s.e s.rie4ed9 sta0ped .er -eet and *ried +ut in
)aug.ter and un*+ntr+))ab)e tearsE ?L++49 )++4E@ s.e s.+uted&
?M%ster/ you %re gre%tly lo!ed00 ItAs -r+0 t.e A!& I 4n+w itAs
-r+0 t.e A!E@ E/ery+ne,,but J+.n,,4new .+w t.e -+rtune g+t
int+ .er *++4ie&&&but n+ +ne said a w+rd&

Later9 J+.n was )et int+ t.e *ir*)e +- 4n+wing -riends9 and
i*4 pr+0pt)y sw+re e/ery+ne t+ se*re*y& Ar)eneAs :+y was t++
rea)9 t++ 0eaning-u)& N+t +ne +- t.e0 w+u)d te)) .er .+w t.e
-+rtune rea))y g+t int+ .er *++4ie&

?Gestiny@ .ad u")st%c#ed t.e de*4 and dea)t +ut a 0u*.
0+re 0eaning-u) *ard& T.us9 by t.e ti0e y+u read t.is9 Ar)ene9
y+u a)ready 4n+w there %re "o %ccide"ts+ t.e -+rtune *++4,
ie was destined t+ wind up in y+ur .ands& T.e 0essage&&&re%lly
*%s $or you0 i*4 was si0p)y a )+/ab)e runner&

$.apter 8'
MA%+$#&!+%3 A ,OV#"

As 0asters a*r+ss t.e *+untry .eard ?t.e )ast days@ tape
by t.e A!,,t+ be prepared -+r turbu)ent ti0es a.ead,,0any be,
gan t+ 0a4e t.eir 0+/e t+ t.e n+rt.west& T.e -+re0+st t.+ug.t
in 0+st +- t.eir .eads was9 ?N+w&&&.+w d+ I g+ ab+ut 0ani-est,
ing a .+0e +- 0y +wn in t.e *+untry5@ !+st +- t.e0 .ad been
)i/ing in *ities -+r years& #+0e .ad s+)d t.eir .+0es and .ad
s+0e *as.& !any +t.ers .ad 0+/ed wit. but a s0a)) .and -u)) +-
-unds but wit. a s+u) -u)) +- *+urage and
.ig. .+pes&

$ar+)yn,,a y+ung,,was +ne +- t.e )atter& #.e
.ad /ery )itt)e *as. +n .and&&&yet a )+t +- deter0inati+n t+ -ind
t.e .+0e s.e wanted& A .e)p-u) )+*a) rea) estate agent s.+wed
.er 1uite a -ew ni*e -ar0s but $ar+)yn si0p)y did n+t .a/e
en+ug. -unds t+ 0a4e an +--er&

Fina))y .e t+)d .er ab+ut a -i/e a*re pie*e +- pr+perty wit.
+n)y a )arge barn sitting +n it& "e said it be)+nged t+ a rea) estate
-riend +- .is and was n+t yet +n t.e 0ar4et but .e 4new -+r a
-a*t .is -riend was t.in4ing +- se))ing it& $ar+)yn )++4ed at
t.e pr+perty and 4new it was e3a*t)y s.e wanted& E/en
wit.+ut *arpenter s4i))s9 s.e -e)t s.e *+u)d gradua))y *+n/ert t.e
barn int+ a tru)y *+0-+rtab)e .+0e&

#.e t+)d t.e agent s.e +n)y .ad MJDD t+ +--er t.e se))er
-+r a d+wn pay0ent9 but s.e *%"ted p)a*e as .er +wn&
"e en*+uraged .er t+ 0a4e a try& #+,,b+)stered by .is sugges,
ti+n ,,$ar+)yn g+t up t.e *+urage t+ *a)) t.e +wner and 0a4e an
app+int0ent wit. .i0 -+r )ater day&

>.en s.e arri/ed t.e rea)t+r as4ed .er t+ sit d+wn& "e t+)d
.er .e .ad t+ ta4e a *)ient +ut t+ see a nearby .+0e and
w+u)d be ba*4 in .a)- an .+ur& #.e sat d+wn t+ wait9 and spent
s+0e +- ti0e en/isi+ning .erse)- +n pr+perty,,as i- it
were a)ready .ers,,t.e way t.e A! .ad taug.t us& >.en t.e
ea)t+r returned .e t.an4ed .er -+r .er patien*e and as4ed .er .e *+u)d d+ -+r .er&

$ar+)ynAs .eart was pu0ping wi)d)y as s.e ar+se and
wa)4ed up t+ .is des4& #.e t+)d .i0 s.e wanted t.e -i/e a*re
pr+perty .e +wned wit. t.e barn +n it& #.e said9 ?I wi)) gi/e
y+u MJDD d+wn and M1DD per 0+nt. &I wi)) 0+/e in and *+n/ert
t.e barn int+ a .+0e& >.en I *an a--+rd t+ pay 0+re per 0+nt.,,
+r pay it +--,,I wi))& I *%"t pr+perty&@

It was an +--er& %+t. t.e d+wn pay0ent and
0+nt.)y pay0ent were e'tre&ely s&%ll+ T.e rea)t+r )++4ed at
.er& "e *+u)d .ard)y be)ie/e .e .ad .eard& "e t.en s)+w)y
br+4e int+ a grin&&&-+))+wed by a br+ad s0i)e& "e t+)d .er .e re,
a))y ad0ired her guts and it was /ery t+ -ind
s+0e+ne w.+ rea))y 4new t.ey wanted& "e t+)d .er t+
0+/e in and .e was sure t.ey *+u)d w+r4 +ut&

$ar+)yn .as )i/ed +n -ar0 n+w -+r +/er a year,,busi)y
*+n/erting t.e barn int+ )i/ing a**+00+dati+n,,gr+wing /egeta,
b)es in t.e garden and bui)ding a -++d st+rage s.ed& #.e is *.eer,
-u)9 pr+du*ti/e and *+ntented& #.e 4n+ws s.e .as *reated
.er +wn drea0 and .er +wn /a)uab)e s+/ereignty &&&si0p)y by
wanting it9 re*+gni6ing it and goi"g $or it+

$.apter 8F
!,# R+3,! (R+!#R5& )R#AM

Pa/e) and a writer -riend were dis*ussing t.e di--i*u)ties
+- trying t+ .+)d d+wn a steady :+b and write at t.e sa0e ti0e&
Guring t.e *+n/ersati+n&&&Pa/e) ad/ised .is -riend .e needed
t+ -ind s+0e we))ness spa w.ere .e *+u)d be a *areta4er&
w+u)d a))+w .i0 -u)) ti0e t+ write .is n+/e)& "e added t+
.a/e it .is -riend 0ust want it wit. a)) +- t.e passi+n +- .is be,

At t.e 0+0ent .e said it&&& Pa/e) rea)i6ed .e was rea))y
spea4ing -+r .i0se)-& "e was a writer t++&&&and su*. a p)a*e as
.e des*ribed w+u)d be idea) -+r .i0& As .e t.+ug.t ab+ut it .is
e3*ite0ent grew by t.e 0+0ent& "is abi)ity t+ 0ani-est .e
desired .ad gr+wn great)y and s+ .ad .is *+n-iden*e& "e s0i)ed
4n+wing)y t.e un4n+wn -uture w+u)d bring .i0 .e

#i3 0+nt.s pri+r a rea)t+r .ad s.+wn .is sister9 Ianda a
.uge estate in t.e *+untry w+u)d need a *areta4er& T.e day
a-ter Pa/e)As dis*ussi+n wit. .is -riend t.e rea)t+r *a))ed t+ say
t.e +wners were n+w inter/iewing *+up)es t+ ta4e *are +- t.e
p)a*e& "e suggested Pa/e) 0ig.t *+nsider 0a4ing app)i*ati+n -+r +pp+rtunity&

A-ter t.e rea)t+r .ung up&&&t.e p.+ne i00ediate)y rang
again& It was .is sister @%"d%+ Pa/e) 4new was n+ *+in*i,
den*e& Pa/e) -e)t .e was ready t+ 0+/e -r+0 t.e ren+/ated
*.i*4en *++p,,w.i*. was .is present .+0e,,t+ a 0ansi+n in t.e
*+untry& and sister de*ided t+ inter/iew -+r t.e *areta4er

T.e inter/iew wit. t.e +wner went we))& #.e was e3tre0e)y
war0 and -riend)y& >.en Pa/e) as4ed .er t+ )et .i0 4n+w w.en
s.e .ad 0ade a de*isi+n s.e said s.e .ad a)ready de*ided& T.e
tw+ +- t.e0 n+w .ad t.e p+siti+n& Pa/e) s0i)ed&&&and si)ent)y
t.an4ed t.e L+rd <+d +- .is %eing&

At date was written9 Pa/e) was sti)) t.e *are-ree
*areta4er +- a ''D a*re ran*. .+use setting a .uge t.ree
bedr++0 .+0e in a paradise setting&&&wit. a ri/er9 water-a))s and
p)enty +- r++0 -+r .is .+rse& w.ere .e spent 0u*. +- .is
ti0e writing& Indeed9 t.e drea0 .e -+resaw
-+r .is -riend was rea))y .is +wn&

$.apter 8(
A 3RA%)#R A.)+#%C#

#te/e te))s .+w t.e inter/iew +- .i0 by 7i"d*ords in t.e
Apri)9 1988 <reat <+ds se*ti+n was rea))y .is +wn 0ani-esta,
ti+n& "e said at t.e /ari+us intensi/es .e attended&&&anyti0e
t.e A! str+de d+wn t.e ais)es,,)i4e e/ery+ne e)se,,.e .ad a
str+ng desire t+ be a*4n+w)edged by t.e A!& "e wanted a
t+u*.9 a ga6e9 a pers+na) w+rd +r tw+&

>.i)e +t.ers ar+und .i0 were .+ping -+r a t+u*.9 +r a
s0i)e #te/e w+u)d be busy :udging t.e09 e/en t.+ug. .e 4new
.e was .+ping -+r t.e sa0e "e :ust w+u)dnAt 1uite ad0it
it t+ .i0se)-&

One e/ening w.i)e ta4ing .is s.+wer9 t.e desire *a0e +/er
#te/e t+ be a*4n+w)edged i" % RAM %udie"ce& T.e -ee)ing was
s+ str+ng .e *a))ed -+rt. -r+0 t.e L+rd <+d +- .is %eing -+r
it t+ be*+0e a rea)ity& "e did n+t .a/e any parti*u)ar pi*ture +- t.e audien*e w+u)d )++4 )i4e +r be& "e :ust .ad an in*redi,
b)y str+ng -ee)ing&

A -ew .+urs )ater .e re*ei/ed a *a)) -r+0 t.e 7i"d*ords
pub) re1uesting t.e inter/iew& #te/e pr+0pt)y a**epted
wit. great :+yE $+nsidering t.e )arge A! audien*e +- sub,
s*ribers and readers,,.is deep desire -+r a*4n+w)edg0ent .ad
*ertain)y *+0e true,,e/en i- in an une3pe*ted way& In -a*t9 #te/e
a*4n+w)edged .is 0ani-estati+n was e/en grander .e
.ad i0aginedE

$.apter 8J
%#( *OR4 C+!* .$O

One e/ening in t.e ear)y nineteen eig.ties t.e A! was
gi/ing an i"te"si!e in New =+r4 $ity& T.e ti0e .ad *+0e -+r a
brea4 and as t.e audien*e )e-t t.e audit+riu0 t.e A! 0ade a
bee )ine -+r t.e +utside ba)*+ny +/er)++4ing t.e *ity& T+0,,+ne
+- t.e tw+ 0asters in attendan*e wit. t.e A! +n stage,,wa)4ed
+ut wit. .i0& T.e tw+ st++d si)ent)y t.e *++) nig.t air
and studying t.e star studded nig.t s4y +/er.ead&

As .e 0used si)ent)y9 T+0 .ad a sudden t.+ug.t& "e /er,
ba)i6ed it t+ t.e A!& ?ItAs g+ing t+ be great w.en we )i-t +ur
.ands t+ t.e .ea/ens and 0a4e a UFO appear& I 4n+w s+0eday
we wi)) .a/e p+wer&@ "e )++4ed t+ t.e A! -+r reassuring
*+n-ir0ati+n +- .is t.+ug.t&

T.e A! ga6ed intent)y ba*4 int+ .is eyes& T.en wit. a
t*i"#le i" his eye .e )i-ted .is .ands in a triad s.ape t+ t.e .ea/,
ens& Instant)y9 a .uge *ir*u)ar UFO appeared +/er.ead9 .+/ering
*)+se ab+/e t.e0E T+0 gasped in pure a0a6e0ent& "is 0+ut.
-)ew +pen& "e stared in -as*inati+n at t.e great 0eta))i* sau*er
s.ape .+/ering +/er.ead9 -) green9 red and b)ue )ig.ts&

T.ey were n+t t.e +n)y +nes t+ /iew t.e sau*er s.aped /e,
.i*)e in t.e s4y& -hous%"ds +- New =+r4er in.abitants
w.+ *.an*ed t+ )++4 in t.eir dire*ti+n at 0+0ent saw t.e
sa0e awes+0e sig.t& #wit*.b+ards +- )+*a) radi+ and TI sta,
ti+ns were b+0barded wit. *a))s& T.e e/ent was pr+*)ai0ed +n
t.e -r+nt page +- t.e newspaper t.e -+))+wing 0+rning&

#+ 0any pe+p)e .ad seen and rep+rted t.e sa0e spe*ta*u)ar
UFO sig.ting it h%d t+ 0a4e t.e news& T.e +n)y
did n+t 0a4e t.e news was .+w and w.y parti*u)ar UFO ap,
peared s+ 0ysteri+us)y +/er New =+r4 $ity 0agi*a) nig.t&
#+9 i- y+u were +ne +- t.e0&&&as -a0+us writer +-ten
said9 ?T.atAs&&&the rest o$ the story+1

$.apter 8H
!,# RAM +% PR+&O%

E/en pris+ners .a/e .ad 0ira*u)+us *.anges in t.eir
)i/es wit. t.e appearan*e +- t.e A!& T.e -+))+wing is -r+0 an
+pen )etter -r+0 <ary w.+ was .e)d pris+ner at t.e Ari6+na
#tate pris+n in 198N&

?Let 0e te)) y+u a )itt)e bit ab+ut 0yse)-& !y ad/entures,,
and se)- *reati+ns,,.a/e in*)uded spending a spe*4 +- t.e i))u,
si+n *a))ed ti&e in t.e Ari6+na pris+n #yste0&&&w.i*. .as turned
+ut t+ be t.e 0+st a0a6ing ad/enture +- a))&

?I entered w+ndr+us :+urney August 1F9 198J9 and
guess w.at5 T.e -irst 0ira*)e *a0e ab+ut9 was t.ey
0+/ed 0e int+ a r++0 ne3t d++r t+ a writer and pi)+t& IA0 a
*+00er*ia) pi)+t a)s+&&&s+ we .it it rig.t +--& Anyway9 guy
.as written nineteen UFO b++4s&&&sin*e entering pris+n .i0se)-&
"e .ad d+ne t.e re, sear*. -+r t.e b++4s as an Air F+r*e pi)+t
+/er t.e )ast twenty years& #in*e .e was a writer w.+ .ad 0any
writer -riends a)) +/er t.e *+untry9 +ne +- t.e0 being Shirley
M%cL%i"e&&&w.+ .e .ad tra/e)ed wit. w.en *.e*4ing +ut s+0e
UFO )anding sites@

?"e -irst +--ered 0e .er b++4s t+ read&&&w.i*. I dear)y
)+/ed& A-ter .e *+u)d see 0y 0ind was +pen and I was .ungry
-+r 0+re,,.e pu))ed +ut an un-inis.ed 0anus*ript,,a 0anus*ript .ad been typed +n :ust regu)ar typing paper& was O*t+,
ber 198J& was 0y -irst intr+du*ti+n t+ a0t.a& #in*e
w+nder-u) 0+0ent9 a0, .as :ust *+ntinued t+ -)+w int+ 0y
)i-e&&&t.r+ug. a w+nder-u) *+up)e .a/e been )+ngti0e -riends
+- 0y pi)+t -riend&@

?!y -riend and I wi)) b+t. be -ree w.en t.e su00er -)+w,
ers b)++0 again in #pring L B:ust a 0+0ent away&A >e are b+t.
t.an4-u) and we *a)) pris+n e3perien*e B-he School o$
2ods5 -+r we .a/e been prepared t+ be -ear)ess in t.e days +-
*.ange and we .a/e -+und a sweet )+/e and gent)e *+0passi+n
-+r a)) pe+p)es and a)) n+w great)y p+))uted nature&@

?I .a/e ta4en *+))ege pr+gra0s in .ere,,*arpentry and .+rti,
*u)ture,,s+ n+w I *an bui)d 0y +wn B.+/e)A -r+0 t.e gr+und
up&&&and gr+w 0y +wn -++d& I .a/e been .u0b)ed *+0p)ete)y& I
d+ gi/e t.an4s t+ t.e <+d +- 0y %eing -+r I .a/e )earned t+
)i/e in a s0a)) spa*e and t+ be .appy I was. 0y *)
in a -i/e ga))+n bu*4et and .ang t.e0 +n t.e -en*e t+ dry& T.atAs
1uite a *.ange -r+0 t.e eig.t bedr++09 t.ree bat.r++0 .+0e,,
+n twenty a*res I +wned,,but it .as a)) been w+rt. it t+ .a/e
a0t.a in 0y )i-e&@

Author5s "oteE 2%ry P+ *%s rele%sed i" e%rly ,FGG %"d &o!ed
to >el&
to study %t the R%&th% schoolH %"d to be "e%r R%&th% perso")

$.apter 8N
,# "#$! )R.3& B#,+%)

T.+0as,,a )+/ab)e and *reati/e 0aster -r+0 $a)i-+rnia,,
te))s .+w .is steps+n was *ured +- drug addi*ti+n& T.e steps+n9
Ourt9 .ad been -a))ing t+ )+wer and )+wer )e/e)s +- *+ns*i+us,
ness t.e past se/era) years& "e .ad -ina))y be*+0e s+ addi*ted t+
drugs a-ter +ne b+ut,, br+ug.t .i0 t+ a p+int near
deat.,,.e *a))ed .is step, -at.er9 T.+0as&&&t+ as4 .i0 -+r .is .e)p
in gi/ing up .is addi*ti+n& Ourt wanted T.+0as t+ dri/e t+ .is
*ity,,se/era) .undred 0i)es away,,and pi*4 .i0 up i00ediate)y&
"e said .e was br+4e9 si*49 and needed a )+t +- -a0i)y .e)p rig.t

On+wing it is wise t+ .e)p +n)y t.+se w.+ .e)p t.e0se)/es9
T.+0as t+)d Ourt .e w+u)d indeed .e)p .i0 t+ *ure .is ad,
di*ti+n&&&but +n)y under *ertain pr+/isi+ns& First .e w+u)d .a/e
t+ -ind .is +wn way t+ T.+0asA .+0e& #e*+nd9 Ourt w+u)d .a/e
t+ -+))+w .is *urati/e ad/i*e t+ t.e )etter& T.ere was a pr+)+nged
si)en*e at t.e end +- t.e p.+ne&&&and Ourt .ung up abrupt,
)y& Ourt +b/i+us)y wanted to be rescued+++but t.e ter0s needed
t+ be e/a)uated&

Ear)y t.e -+))+wing day t.ere was a )+ud 4n+*4 +n T.+0asA
d++r& "e +pened t.e d++r t+ -ind a /ery si*4)y )++4ing Ourt
standing t.ere& T.+0as in/ited .i0 in& "e -ed .i0 and t+)d .i0 .is t.erapy was starting i00ediate)y& "e sat Ourt d+wn +n a
*+u*. in -r+nt +- t.e te)e/isi+n s*reen and t+)d .i0 .e want,
ed .i0 t+ d+ "othi"g but eat9 s)eep and wat*. a0t.a /ide+s,,
and t+ )isten t+ t.e A! audi+ tapes,,-+r o"e *hole &o"th+

At -irst Ourt resisted& "e tried t+ b)+*4 +ut t.e A!
was saying +r si0p)y -e)) as)eep& Obser/ing T.+0as was gent)e
but -ir0& "e w+4e Ourt up,,again and again,,re0inding .i0
i- .e wanted t+ re*+/er -r+0 .is drug addi*ti+n .e 0ust *+0p)y
wit. t.e pr+/isi+ns agreed up+n wit. .is

Ourt gradua))y ga/e up resisting t.e wisd+0 and )+/e +- t.e
A!& "e a*tua))y began t+ )++4 -+rward t+ e/ery audi+ and
/ide+ )ess+n& Ourt s++n 4new .e was n+t +n)y )+/ed and re,
spe*ted t.e A!9 but t.e A! was +n)y a 0irr+r +- .i0,
se)-&&&and .is +wn se)-,)+/e and se)-,respe*t grew&

A 0+nt. )ater,,w.en T.+0as o$$ici%lly ended .is uni1ue
drug t.erapy&&&Ourt was a new 0an& "e n+ )+nger -e)t any urge
t+ se)- destru*t t.r+ug. drugs and a)*+.+)& T+day .e is awa4e t+
t.e bri))iant )ig.t +- .is +wn inner being& Li4e s*+res +-,,
+n*e -+r)+rn but n+w -+rtunate entities,,w.en t.e A! *a0e
int+ .is OurtRs )i-e .e )e-t drugs be.ind -+re/er&&&&

$.apter 88
A 65// P,O%# CA""

Gi*4,,a 0aster -r+0 Oreg+n,,.ad attended 0any +- t.e
A! intensi/es& One +- t.e tea*.ings rea))y stu*4 in .is
0ind was t.e ?a*t as i-@ prin*ip)e& 0eans t+ pretend9 pre,
tend9 pretend9 and s++n pretense w+u)d be*+0e a )i/ing re,
a)ity& Gi*4 started pretending .e was .a/ing 0enta) dia,
)+gues wit. t.e A!& >.ene/er .e needed t+ t.in4 t.ings
t.r+ug.,,+r ta)4 +ut,,.e si0p)y .ad a tw+ way ta)4
pers+na) wit. t.e A! .is 0ind&

A-ter .a/ing t.ese tw+ way dia)+gues -+r se/era) 0+nt.s9
Gi*4 -+und .i0se)- in an espe*ia))y great tur0+i)& G+ubt *rept in
and .e 1uesti+ned .e was rea))y .a/ing a tw+ way dia,
)+gue wit. t.e A!& As .e p+sed t.e 1uesti+n t+ .i0se)- .e a*,
tua))y he%rd t.e /+i*e +- t.e A! re0inding .i09 .>ou rec%ll
4prete"d/ prete"dI9 I"deed+++you %re he%ri"g &y !oice01 F+r tw+
years Gi*4 *+ntinued t+ *arry +n t.ese *+n/ersati+ns&

T.en9 +ne day .e t+)d t.e A! .e wanted t+ 0+/e
-r+0 Oreg+n t+ >as.ingt+n9 but .e did n+t .a/e en+ug.
0+ney t+ 0a4e t.e 0+/e& "e *)ear)y .eard t.e /+i*e +- t.e
A! say9 .I"deed/ *ould JK00 be e"ough91

Ti0e went +n&&&and sti)) n+ 0+ney& T.en Gi*4 g+t a :+b
in/+)/ed running errands& T.ere were tw+ parti*u)ar p.+ne
b++t.s )+*ated *+n/enient)y +-- t.e r+ad&&&w.ere .e w+u)d st+p
t+ 0a4e ne*essary *a))s w.i)e dri/ing .is r+ute& T.ese were
+pen b++t.s9 )ittered a)) ar+und wit. :un4 and pi)es +- tras.& One
day w.i)e dia)ing a nu0ber Gi*4 spied a -at en/e)+pe +n t+p +- a
pi)e +- rubb)e ne3t t+ t.e p.+ne b++t.& As .e waited -+r t.e *a))
t+ g+ t.r+ug. .e absent,0inded)y rea*.ed -+r t.e en/e)+pe&

"e +pened it and saw a wad +- ten and twenty d+))ar bi))s
in,sideE "is eyes p+pped and .is .eart p+unded& "e 1ui*4)y
.ung up t.e p.+ne in 0id,ring and e0ptied t.e en/e)+pe& "e
s)+w)y *+unted +ut -+ur .undred and eig.ty d+))ars&&&near
en+ug. t+ be r+unded +-- at $i!e hu"dred0

Gi*4 )++4ed ar+und an3i+us)y but *+u)d see n+ pers+n in
sig.t& It was +b/i+us s+0e+ne .ad dr+pped t.e 0+ney w.i)e
0a4ing a *a))& "e strugg)ed wit. t.e *.+i*e +- waiting ar+und
+r si0p)y *)ai0ing t.e 0+ney as .is and getting +ut +- t.ere -ast&
A-ter t.in4ing it +/er -+r a bit9 .e de*ided t+ g+ +n wit. .is er,
rands and return )ater t+ see i- any+ne *a0e ba*4 t+ *)ai0 t.e
0+ney& "e :a00ed t.e en/e)+pe,,-at wit. 0+ney,,int+ .is :a*4,
et p+*4et and went +n .is way wit. a 0u*. )ig.ter step&

Tw+ .+urs )ater Gi*4 .ad -inis.ed .is errands and was +n
.is way .+0e& "e st+pped again at t.e p.+ne b++t.& As .e g+t
+ut +- .is tru*4 and wa)4ed +/er t+ t.e p.+ne b++t.9 .e saw a
y+ung b+y standing at t.e p.+ne b++t. *rying& "e 1ui*4)y
wa)4ed +/er and as4ed t.e b+y i- .e needed s+0e .e)p& T.e b+y
said yes9 .e wanted t+ *a)) .is 0+t.er9 but .e didnAt .a/e a 1uar,
ter& Gi*4 reassured t.e b+y9 .anded .i0 a 1uarter and .e)ped
.i0 dia) t.e nu0ber&

At 0+0ent t.e b+yAs dr+/e up t+ t.e p.+ne
b++t.& #in*e .e was )ate s.e .ad been )++4ing -+r .er s+n& T.ey
were great)y re)ie/ed t+ see +ne T.e w+0an turned t+
Gi*4 and as4ed9 ?>ere y+u trying t+ .e)p Ti00y5@ Gi*4 n+d,

T.e w+0an t.an4ed .i0 pr+-use)y and t+)d .i0 .+w w+n,
der-u) it was +- .i0 t+ want t+ .e)p9 and s+0e.+w he *ould
be re*%rded+ Gi*4 a**epted .er praise and 4new in instant t.e 0+ney in .is p+*4et .ad been gi-ted t+ .i0& "e went +n
.is way wit. a )ig.t .eart9 gi/ing t.an4s -+r .is sudden *as.
*i"d -a))9 and re0e0bering t.e /+i*e +- t.e A! saying9 ?In,
deed9 w+u)d MJDD be en+ug.5@
$.apter 89
!,# RAM 4%O(& (,#% !O &M+"#

Anna te))s +- a perso"%l &ir%cle s.e e3perien*ed& #.e
is s.aring it in t.e .+pes it wi)) bring understanding t+
0asters w.+ are .a/ing si0i)ar *.a))enges&

?I -irst was in an audien*e wit. t.e A! in O*t+ber +-
1981 In t.+se days 0asters w.+ .ad n+t been t+ a dia)+gue be,
-+re w+u)d sit in t.e -r+nt +- t.e audien*e and w+u)d a)0+st be
assured +- a pers+na) *+nta*t wit. t.e A!& I00ediate)y I
4new a0t.a t+ be w.+ .e said .e was& Ne/er in a)) 0y rea)ity
.ad I been in t.e presen*e +- su*. )+/e,,and e0+ti+n s+ a)) en,
*+0passing,,s+ un)i0ited& I )+/ed .i0 deep)y and I 4new .e
)+/ed 0e& "e )+/es us a))2 .e is )+/eE

?And s0i)e +- .is was )i4e t.e sun itse)-& I saw .i0
s0i)e at spe*i-i* entities in t.e audien*e and it )++4ed )i4e a big
.ug t+ t.e s+u)& "+we/er w.en t.e A! *a))ed +n 0e I did n+t
get dear s0i)e& Instead9 I g+t a /ery abrupt BAnd y+u9 )ady5A

?I as4ed 0y 1uesti+n9 and a0t.a answered wit. .u0+r
and )+/e&&&but /ery )itt)e +- +ne w+u)d *a)) war0t.& $)ear)y
I -e)t I was being .e)d at ar0s )engt.& I .ad 0i3ed e0+ti+ns in
resp+nse t+ treat0ent&@

?Near)y e/ery ti0e t.e A! was in New =+r4 $ity in t.e
ne3t tw+ +r t.ree years9 I was in t.e audien*e& Ne/er again did
.e *a)) +n 0e& I d+nAt e/en re0e0ber raising 0y .and t+ be
*a))ed +n& Per.aps I was a-raid +- being ign+red& I d+ re0e0ber
a)ways -ee)ing s)ig.t)y +ut +- p)a*e in .is audien*e& I usua))y
went by 0yse)- and ne/er -e)t /ery *+nne*ted t+ t.e pe+p)e
t.ere& I tried t+ be in/isib)e and /ery 0u*. in 0y +wn spa*e&&&
and I was&

?T.en I 0+/ed west& Ne3t I saw t.e A! at +ne +- t.e -irst
intensi/es in #eatt)e9 in January +- 198(9 t.e U"derst%"di"g
M%ster& Need)ess t+ say it was a grand tea*.ing and IA0 sur,
prised I re0e0bered s+ 0u*. +- it be*ause I spent 0+st +- t.e
ti0e in audien*e *rying& I rea))y didnAt 4n+w w.y& I wasnAt
rea))y .ysteri*a)&&&:ust a *+nstant strea0 +- tears ran d+wn 0y

?At s+0e p+int it *a0e t+ 0e *)ear)y I wanted a s0i)e
-r+0 t.e A!& One +- t.+se a)) en*+0passing9 unreser/ed et.e,
rea) .ugsE I .ad seen t.e0 -+r +t.ers&&&but ne/er -+r 0eE T+,
ward t.e end +- t.e day we )ined up -+r +ur gi-ts -r+0 t.e
A!&&&p+tted bu)bs n+t yet t+ b)++0& >.en I appr+a*.ed .i0 t+
get 0ine9 I g+t a n+d +- t.e .ead -r+0 .i0& 0+re&@

?Later we )ined up -+r a g)ass +- wine -+r +ur -ina) t+ast +-
t.e intensi/e& In 0y turn I again appr+a*.ed t.e A!9 and +n*e
again re*ei/ed +n)y a n+d +- t.e .ead& N+ )+nger was I *rying9 I
was *+n-used and angry& >.y didnAt I deser/e +ne +- t.+se
s0i)es5 I wanted t+ 4n+w&@

?On t.e ride ba*4 t+ #an Fran*is*+ 0y tears started t+ -)+w
again& O/er and +/er9 I t.+ug.t ab+ut t.e wee4end and I wanted
to #"o*0 In a -)as.9 a /isi+n +**urred& It was +/er in a 0+0ent&&&
yet in 0+0ent I saw t.e w.+)e pi*ture& In brie- 0+,
0ent9 I 4new I .ad ne/er been a part +- t.e ar0y +- t.e
A! w.en .e did .is 0ar*.& T.irty,-i/e t.+usand years ag+9 I
was a tyrant and I wanted t+ #ill t.e A!& I saw 0y r+)e *)ear)y&
N+9 I wasnAt t.e +ne t+ a*tua))y run t.e sw+rd t.r+ug. .is b+dy,,
but I wanted t+,,and w+u)d .a/e i- I .ad been gi/en t.e *.an*e&
A /ery ri*. and p+wer-u) tyrant9 I .ad ar0ies 0ar*.ing against
t.e A!9 e/en t.+ug. I 4new .e sp+4e t.e trut.&
gi/e up 0y wea)t. and p+wer9 I wanted .i0 4i))edE@

?F+r t.irty,-i/e t.+usand years I .ad waited -+r t.e A! t+
-+rgi/e 0e+ is w.y s0i)e was s+ i0p+rtant t+ 0e& I- I
g+t +ne +- t.+se s0i)es I w+u)d 4n+w I was -+rgi/en& In re,
/ea)ing 0+0ent9 I 4new w.y I .ad ne/er been gi/en t.e Bs0i)eA&
T.r+ug. 0y tears I )aug.ed a)+ud as I rea)i6ed t.e ga0e t.e
A! .ad been p)aying wit. 0e& "e,,+- *+urse,,n+ )+nger *ared I .ad tried t+ 4i)) .i0 +r n+tE He was n+t ab+ut t+ -+r,
gi/e 0e& I h%d to do th%t01

?In 0+0ent,,in 0y )aug.ter,,I -+rga/e 0yse)-& I00edi,
ate)y9 I -e)t 0y w.+)e b+dy en/e)+ped in t.e biggest s0i)e I .a/e
e/er e3perien*ed&&&as t.e A! )aug.ed wit. 0eE O- *+urse9 t.e
A! ne/er ga/e 0e s0i)e be-+re& In )++4ing t+ .i0 -+r -+r,
gi/eness I was gi/ing 0y p+wer t+ .i0& I- .e .ad gi/en 0e
s0i)e be-+re I .ad -+rgi/en 0yse)- it w+u)d .a/e been )i4e a
b%"d)%id +n a -estering w+und& It w+u)d .a/e -e)t g++d -+r t.e
0+0ent9 but t.e pain +- gui)t w+u)d n+t .a/e .ea)ed& I w+u)d
.a/e )earned

?I .a/e n+t been in audien*e wit. t.e A! sin*e in,
tensi/e2 IA/e n+t .ad a *a)) t+ be& "e is near t+ 0y .eart and a),
ways t.ere w.en I *a)) t+ .i0& In .is Bpers+na) 0ira*)eA I -ind
tw+ /ery i0p+rtant understandings +- *ho t.e A! is and ho*
.e tea*.es&@

?First9 .e is i0pe**ab)e in .is tea*.ings& "+w 0any ti0es
.as .e said9 BL++4 t+ n+ +ne +utside y+urse)- -+r -+rgi/eness& It
is gi/ing t.e0 y+ur p+wer& F+rgi/e y+ur se)-EA "e pra*ti*es
.e tea*.es i0pe**ab)y& T.e understanding is t.e A!
4n+ws e3a*t)y y+u +r I need %s %" i"di!idu%l0 E/en
a0+ngst an audien*e +- se/era) .undred&&&ea*. is gi/en pers+na)
indi/idua) attenti+n,,as is needed,,-+r ea*. t+ be*+0e .is +wn
*+ns*i+us <+d se)-&@

$.apter 9D
A B.!!#R$"* +% O.R P*RAM+)

Guring t.e -irst tw+ day at #n+w !+untain in 1988 t.e
A! sp+4e e3tensi/e)y ab+ut t.e si0i)arity between a *aterpi),
)ar turning int+ a butter-)y and sleepi"g gods %*%#e"i"g+ Our
awa4ening wi)) trans-+r0 us as great)y as t.e *aterpi))ar e0erg,
ing -r+0 t.e *+*++n as a s)ee4 and g)+ri+us)y )+/e)y
butter-)y&&&-ree -r+0 its pri+r )i0itati+ns&

<ay)e and Angie were sitting under an +pen eig.t -++t
pyra0id p)a*ed in a green 0ead+w +- t.eir pasture in >,
t+n state& Angie was te))ing <ay)e .+w s.e was re*+gni6ing %"d
o*"i"g s+ 0u*. sin*e s.e .ad returned -r+0 t.e #n+w !+untain
retreat& T.ey agreed is .+w a s)eeping g+d turns int+ a
s+aring butter-)y& <ay)e .ad :ust -inis.ed te))ing +- 0any +- t.e
)i0itati+ns s.e was +wning&

At 0+0ent b+t. +- t.e0 st+pped ta)4ing& T.ey b+t.
saw a .uge )+/e)y 0u)ti,*+)+red butter-)y -)itting t.r+ug. t.e air
in -r+nt +- t.e pyra0id& A)0+st si0u)tane+us)y t.ey *a))ed -+rt.
a)+ud -+r t.e butter-)y t+ :+in t.e0& As t.ey wat*.ed9 t.e butter,
-)y ar*ed ar+und int+ a sudden ban4 and -)ew dire*t)y int+ t.e
0idd)e +- t.e pyra0id& It s+ared +/er t.e0 t.en dr+pped d+wn
and brus.ed against +ne +- <ay)eAs ar0s& T.en it )anded in -r+nt
+- Angie at .er -eet& >.i)e t.e gir)s ++.ed and aa.ed it paused at
AngieAs -eet t.en )eaped int+ t.e air and sai)ed away +/er.ead&

<ay)e and Angie e3p)+ded wit. :+y and )aug.ter as t.ey
dan*ed ab+ut and .ugged +ne %+t. +- t.e0 -e)t t.e
ti0e)y appearan*e +- t.e butter-)y was sy0b+)i* +- t.eir ta)4 and
+- t.eir +wn &o!i"g $or*%rd in stripping +-- t.eir o*" cocoo"s+
T.ey were bursting int+ butter-)ies +- t.eir +wn and b+t. -e)t
sure t.e A!,,+r t.e L+rd <+d +- t.eir +wn %eings9,,.ad sent
t.e0 *+n-ir0ati+n t.ey in,deed were d+ing it&

$.apter 91
OP#% !O A%O!,#R )+M#%&+O%

Jessi*a,,a bubb)ing ra/en,.aired 0aster -r+0 Tenin+,,te))s
.+w s.e was )i-ted int+ a new di0ensi+n in *+ns*i+usness
t.r+ug. a pers+na) UFO e3perien*e& #.e was -)at br+4e w.en
s.e arri/ed in >as.ingt+n&&&but desired /ery 0u*. t+ g+ see
!+unt ainier& It was a great urging in .er s+u)& #.e pr+0ised
.erse)- w.en gas 0+ney 0ateria)i6ed s.e w+u)d dri/e .er
pi*4up tru*4 t+ t.e 0+untain and spend a w.+)e day t.ere&

#e/era) days )ater an une3pe*ted MNJ *.e*4 arri/ed in t.e
0ai) -r+0 a -riend& Jessi*a b+ug.t -++d and re0e0bering .er
pr+0ise t+ see t.e great 0+untain&&&s+ s.e -i))ed up .er tan4 wit.
gas& Ear)y t.e ne3t brig.t 0+rning s.e dr+/e up t+ $+ugar $a0p
in t.e par4; g+t +ut and wa)4ed a green 0+untain trai) a)+ng,
side a gent)y -)+wing strea0& #.e stayed a)) day at t.e end +- t.e
trai) drin4ing in t.e /iew,,and in t.e -res. 0+untain
air,,wit. a 6est and a passi+n&&&s+ natura)
t+ .er&

T.e nig.t was rapid)y appr+a*.ing s+ s.e g+t ba*4 int+ .er
pi*4up and dr+/e s)+w)y ba*4 +ut +- t.e par4& Gar4ness .ad
-a))en and t.e nig.t s4y was -i))ed wit. spar4)ing :ewe)s ab+/e
.er& #.e .ad rea*.ed a stret*. +- r+ad between t.e par4 and
As.-+rd,,a s0a)) t+wn se/era) 0i)es a.ead,,w.en s.e sp+tted appeared at -irst t+ be a )arge red ba))++n a)0+st at tree t+p
)e/e) a -ew t.+usand yards +-- t.e r+ad& "er *uri+sity grew and
s.e pu))ed s)+w)y +-- t+ t.e side and stepped +ut int+ t.e nig.t t+
get a better )++4 at t.e red ba))++n& T+ .er surprise9 tw+ 0+re
b%lloo"s &%teri%li:ed,,+ne 0+re at side +- t.e +rigina)
+ne,,.undreds +- yards apart& "er eyes widened and s.e saw
t.e0 begin t+ gr+w in si6e& A g+)den .a)+ +- )ig.t was n+w /isi,
b)e ar+und a)) t.ree +- t.e0& #.e )eaned -+rward and strained t+
see 0+re *)ear)y&&&.er .eart t.u0ping&
T+ .er dis0ay&&&at 0+0ent a *ar r+unded a bend in t.e
r+ad and t.e .ead)ig.ts began -)++ding t.e area as it drew near,
er& #.e was .+ping it w+u)d g+ away s+ s.e *+u)d wat*. t.e +b,
:e*ts undisturbed but it 4ept *+0ing t+ward .er& It was 0+/ing
1uite -ast9 s+ it s++n passed .er wit. a r+ar& Jessi*a eager)y
)++4ed ba*4 t+ward t.e t.ree red +b:e*ts& T.ey were n+w.ere t+
be seen& #.e 4ept s*anning t.e s4y in area .+ping t+ see
t.e0 s+0ew.ere again&

A)) at +n*e t.ey 0agi*a))y appeared in t.e sa0e p+siti+ns
t.ey .ad +**upied pri+r t+ t.e appearan*e +- t.e *ar dri/ing by&
"er .eart :u0ped again& "er spine ting)ing s.e wat*.ed as t.e
t.ree *ra-t 0+/ed s)+w)y t+ward .er again& A)ar0ed n+w s.e
0+/ed ner/+us)y ba*4 t+ t.e tru*4 and :u0ped inside& #.e
wat*.ed wit. +pen 0+ut.ed a0a6e0ent& #.e saw
)ig.ts ar+und t.e *ra-t& One by +ne t.ey d+/e dire*t)y +/er .er
.ead wit. a s+-t s+und and t.en disappeared& N+w a))
t.ree were g+ne&&&&

Jessi*a w+u)d a)ways re0e0ber 0+0ent w.en ea*. +-
t.e +b:e*ts sw++ped d+wn dire*t)y +/er t.e tru*4 and t.en
6ipped away int+ t.e nig.t& e3perien*e +pened up an entire
new rea)ity -+r .er& N+ )+nger was it :ust .earing +r reading
ab+ut UFORs& Jessi*a .ad pers+na))y seen t.ree +- t.e0 up *)+se&

Tw+ wee4s )ater,,at 'a0 in t.e 0+rning,,s.e -e)t i0pe))ed
t+ g+ +utside& L++4ing up s.e saw a .uge w.ite *ir*)e +- .+/er,
ing .ig. in t.e s4y ab+/e .er& #.e *+u)d *)ear)y see a pyra0id
s.ape +ut)ined in t.e *ir*)e and a s0a)) brig.t p+int +- *+ba)t
b)ue )ig.t e0itting -r+0 t.e *enter +- t.e triad& It .ung t.ere
ab+/e .er -+r near)y a .a)- .+ur&&&t.en sudden)y and instant)y
disappeared -r+0 sig.t&

#.e -e)t t.e tw+ sig.tings were *+nne*ted&&&& t.ey were
0eant t+ +pen .er up t+ new understandings& Tw+ wee4s )ater&&&
t.e A! began t+ tea*. ab+ut t.e triad&&&and Jessi*a was a),
ready pri&ed t+ )earn a)) s.e *+u)d ab+ut it&
$.apter 9'
A% +%&!A%! !*P#(R+!#R

+ss te))s .+w in June +- 1988 .e 0ade arrange0ents wit.
T+0,,t.e +wner +- an e1uip0ent st+re in =e)0,,t+ 0a4e use +-
.is used I%! e)e*tri* typewriter& "e put t.e typewriter in .is
*ar&&&4n+wing +ne day s++n .e w+u)d be dri/ing in t.e di,
re*ti+n +- T+0As st+re&

A -ew days )ater +ss de*ided t+ st+p at t.e )+*a) =e)0
gr+*ery st+re t+ buy s+0e *.erries& eturning t+ .is *ar wit. t.e
*.erries in .and .e n+ti*ed .is typewriter sti)) sitting in t.e ba*4
seat&&&& "e t.en deter0ined was t.e per-e*t ti0e t+ de,
)i/er it t+ T+0&

A -ew 0inutes )ater .e was at T+0As st+re& "e par4ed and
)i-ted t.e .ea/y 0a*.ine +ut +- .is *ar t+ *arry it inside& T.e day
was ni*e and war0 and t.e -r+nt d++r was wide +pen& "e str+de
in typewriter in .is ar0s&

As .e entered&&&.e was 0et wit. w.++ps and .+))ering&
L++4ing ab+ut .e saw T+09 E)i6abet. and !aura :u0ping up
and d+wn )i4e *.i)dren9 ) and s.+uting& ?T.ere it isE@
?>+wE@ ?L++49 .eAs g+t a typewriter in .is .andsE@

+ss was pu66)ed by t.e en+r0+us ?.++p)a9@ but :+ined in
t.eir 0erry )aug.ter ne/ert.e)ess& T.en T+0 e3p)ained
!aura .ad :ust -inis.ed saying,,a 0inute ag+,, s.e needed a
typewriter t+ type a w+r4 resu0e& %+t. .e and E)i6abet. .ad en,
*+uraged .er t+ 0ani-est +ne& !aura .ad agreed,,and as t.ey
b+t. )++4ed +n,,s.e put .er .ands int+ a triad p+siti+n and t.en
*a))ed -+rt. wit. great e0+ti+n she *%"ted % type*riter
.str%ight %*%y+1 #.e .ad s*ar*e)y -inis.ed t.e ?#+ be itE@ w.en
+ss wa)4ed in t.e d++r *arrying a typewriter&

?Less .a)- a 0inute .ad passed be-+re t.e 0ateria)i6a,
ti+n +- a typewriter -+r .er9@ +ss said& "e s0i)ed9 ?!ira*)es
are rea))y getting t+ be a n+r0a) way +- )i-e,,.ere in =e)0,,t.ese

$.apter 9F
,# (A& !A"4+%3 !O M#

Gana,,-r+0 #+ut.ern $a)i-+rnia,,te))s +- .er grand e3peri,
en*e wit. t.e A! at a #an Gieg+ intensi/e in 198N& T.e A!
was *ir*u)ating ar+und t.e r++0& "e +**asi+na))y st+pped t+ ta)4
wit. /ari+us pe+p)e& Gana was -a*ing t.e -r+nt +- t.e r++0 as
t.e A! *a0e d+wn t.e ais)e -r+0 be.ind .er& "e st+pped
wa)4ing&&&and a-ter a 0+0ent +- si)en*e .e began ta)4ing t+ t.e
w+0an sitting dire*t)y be.ind Gana& #.e 0ar/e)ed at t.e t.ings
being said but did n+t want t+ turn .er .ead t+ )++4 dire*t)y at
t.e A!& So&ethi"g told her t+ :ust sit 1uiet)y,,and be,,%"d to
Fr+0 ti0e t+ ti0e,,as t.e A! sp+4e t+ t.e w+0an,,Gana
w+u)d say t+ .erse)-9 ?I wis. .e w+u)d say t+ 0e&@ Guring
t.e -ew 0inutes +- *+n/ersati+n s.e repeated sa0e t.+ug.t
t+ .er, se)- se/era) ti0es&

#udden)y s.e -e)t t.e e)e*tri*ity +- t.e A!As .ands +n .er
s.+u)ders& "e turned .er b+dy gent)y t+ward .i0& #.e )++4ed
up int+ .is eyes w.i)e .e s1uee6ed .er s.+u)ders wit. )+/e and
t.en 0+/ed )+/ing .ands +/er .er -a*e and +/er .er .ead and
t.r+ug. .er .air& T.e A! )++4ed deep int+ .er eyes wit. )+/e
and said +n)y +ne w+rd wit. great -ee)ing9 .L%dy+1 "e t.en ga/e
.er a -ina) s0i)e and turned +n .is way d+wn t.e ais)e t+ spea4
%udibly t+ +t.ers in t.e audien*e&

Guring t.e -ew 0inutes +- dia)+gue wit. t.e w+0an be.ind
.er Gana said e/ery+ne beside .er and in -r+nt +- .er
see0ed t+ be staring dire*t)y at .er& O- *+urse s.e 4new t.ey
were staring at t.e A! dire*t)y be.ind .er&

A-ter t.e sessi+n s.e went +n .er way -ee)ing w+nder-u)&
#.e s)ept s+und)y nig.t and ar+se wit. :+y t.e ne3t 0+rn,
ing& At brea4-ast in t.e .+te) restaurant,,.er -riend,,Ann sat
d+wn beside .er and as4ed .er t.e A! .ad said t+ .er in
t.e audien*e t.e day be-+re&

?O.9 n+9 .+ney9@ s.e assured Ann9 ?N+t 0e& T.e A!
was ta)4ing t+ t.e )ady be.ind 0e&@

AnnAs eyes widened and s.e s.++4 .er .ead& ?N+9 n+9
Gana9 t.e A! was :ust standing t.ere -+r se/era) 0inutes )++4,
ing dire*t)y int+ t.e ba*4 +- y+ur .ead& "e didnAt s%y It
was as 1uiet as a pin in t.e r++0& E!eryo"e thought he *%s t%l#)
i"g to you &e"t%lly+1

>it. a rus. +- e0+ti+n Gana br+4e int+ tears& #.e 4new Ann said was true& It was a 0ira*)e& T.e w+0an s.e
wis.ed t.e A! .ad ta)4ed t+ ,,)i4e*%s her0 #.e re,
0e0bered a)) +- t.e A!As pre*i+us w+rds and t.e sweet -ee),
ings s.e .ad ab+ut t.e0&&&and s+bbed wit. great :+y&

?"e was ta)4ing t+ 0e9 indeedE@ s.e said wit. a 0erry
twin4)e in .er eye as s.e t+)d 0e w+nder-u) ta)e& "er sister
Ange)a,,t.en added,, w.en Gana returned -r+0 t.e #an
Gieg+ intensi/e&&&s.e was )i4e a babb)ing br++4&&&*.arged wit.
.ig. energy& >.y n+t5 Ob/i+us)y9 t.e A! .ad *+00uni*ated
wit. .er))&i"d to &i"d+++and soul to soul,,and he%rt to he%rt0

$.apter 9(
+ 3AV# M* PO(#R !O A
)#$*A BOAR)

Ga0+n -r+0 $a)i-+rnia t+)d 0e .+w .e .ad gi/en .is p+w,
er away t+ an Oui:a %+ard instead +- *.++sing .is +wn destiny&
"e said .e .ad gr+wn up wit. an intense interest in 0etap.ysi*s&
"e read a)) t.e *)assi* b++4s& "e t++4 a)) t.e *+urses&&&a)ways
see4ing and trying t+ -ind the *%y t+ rea*. 2od co"scious"ess&
At $.rist0as 198J .e was gi-ted wit. an 6ui3% <o%rd+

A 0+nt. pri+r,,at T.an4sgi/ing9 .e .ad 0et a w+0an
na0ed +se,,w.+ was interested in t.e Oui:a %+ard& N+t 4n+w,
ing any+ne e)se w.+ was -ree at t.e ti0e&&&.e as4ed +se t+ sit
d+wn and p)ay wit. t.e Oui:a %+ard wit. .i0& #.e agreed and
t.ey sat d+wn t+ try it& Instant)y t.e b+ard c%&e %li!e& Fr+0 )et,
ter t+ )etter&&&s+ 1ui*4)y t.eir tw+ .ands 0+/ed,,spe))ing +ut t.e
w+rds)).&%#e lo!e+1

Ga0+n was /ery t.ri))ed at t.e su**ess +- getting a 0essage
e/en t.+ug. t.e 0essage surprised .i0& "e 4new .e was n+t in,
tenti+na))y 0+/ing .is .and and .e was :ust as sure +se
was n+t "e as4ed t.e spirit -+r its na0e& T.e b+ard
spe))ed +ut rapid)y again9 ?I a0 a)) t.ings& I a0 )+/e and trut.&@
Ga0+n was persistent&&&and t.e spirit ad0itted t+ being a ch%")
"el na0ed TUT"&

TUT" went +n t+ say t.e tw+ +- t.e0 .ad been des,
tined t+ 0eet,,.a/ing been r+ya)ty in t.e past&&&and )i/,
ing 0any )i-eti0es,,and were destined in )i-e t+ )i/e unti) t.ey rea*.ed a p+int +- u"co"ditio"%l lo!e& Ga0+n
ate it up "e .ung +n e/ery w+rd&

F+))+wing t.e ad/i*e +- t.e *.anne),,t.ey g+t 0arried,,but
t.ey did n+t 0a4e )+/e& Ga0+n *+u)d n+t get se3ua))y e3*ited
ab+ut +se& #.e was n+t p.ysi*a))y attra*ti/e t+ .i0& "e 0ere)y
saw .er as a )i-e *+0pani+n,,s+0e+ne w.+ w+u)d be wit. .i0
a)) t.e ti0e,,t+ w+r4 +n t.e Oui:a %+ard -+r ad/i*e&&&a sure,-ire,
ti*4et t+ 2od co"scious"ess& "e says +b:e*ts w+u)d 0+/e ab+ut
in t.e r++0 w.i)e t.ey *.anne)ed TUT"&&&and strange p.en+0,
ena +- a)) s+rts went +n ar+und t.e0& #++n w+rd g+t +ut,,and
-riends -r+0 a)) a*r+ss t.e *+untry w+u)d as4 -+r pers+na) ad/i*e
,,w.i*. TUT" was a)ways ready t+ dispense t+ any+ne w.+

One day&&&se/era) 0+nt.s a-ter t.eir 0arriage,,Ga0+n en,
*+untered an +)d -riend,,a)p.& a)p. intr+du*ed Ga0+n t+ *+,
*aine,,t+ ?-ree base,,s0+4ed -r+0 a pipe& "e trusted a)p.
w+u)d n+t .a/e .i0 s0+4e was danger+us s+ went
a)+ng wit. it -+r t.e e3perien*e& "e says .e instant)y -e)t intense
.eat in .is )+ins a-ter t.e -irst *+up)e +- ?.its@ +n t.e pipe& "e
went .+0e and 0ade .eated passi+nate )+/e t+ +se& It was t.eir
-irst ti0e&&&and s.e )+/ed it& >.en +se -+und +ut -ree base
0ade .i0 passi+nate s.e en*+uraged .is steady use +- it& Ga0+n
s++n dis*+/ered w.ate/er +se wanted *a0e +ut as a 0es,
sage +n t.e Oui:a %+ard& %ut .e a)ways ?b+ug.t it@ be*ause .e
wanted t+ rea*. state +- un*+nditi+na) )+/e wit. .er,,
pr+0ised t+ t.e0,,by TUT"& "e says t.eir se3 )i-e g+t 4in4ier
and 4in4ier&

T.en /ery w+nder-u) .appened& "e saw t.e
"+n+)u)u /ide+ tape +- t.e A! and .e sent -+r in-+r0ati+n
ab+ut A!Rs ne3t intensi/e& !eanw.i)e +se .ad st+)en a *redit
*ard .e was unaware .ad been issued t+ .i0& It .ad a MJ9DDD
*as. )i0it; and s.e was using t.e *ard -ree)y& >.en .e -+und
+ut t.ere was an intensi/e s*.edu)ed in Gen/er s.e said s.e .ad
t.e 0+ney t+ pay -+r b+t. +- t.e0 t+ attend&

"+we/er new b)ew in t.e wind& ti0e9
w.en t.e Oui:a %+ard was *+nsu)ted9 TUT" insisted +se
was n+t t+ g+ t+ Gen/er&&&+n)y Ga0+n& +se was angry ab+ut it
but -ina))y *+nsented t+ Ga0+nAs desire t+ g+ t+ t.e
intensi/e&&&and .e went a)+ne&
>.i)e .e was in Gen/er +se tried t+ te)ep.+ne .i0 se/er,
a) ti0es,,:ust be-+re t.e intensi/e9 but se*+nds a-ter .er
*a)) was re*ei/ed,,t.e p.+ne w+u)d g+ dead& A-ter se/era) su*.
*a))s,,and -inding t.ere was wr+ng at t.e .+te) swit*.,
b+ard,,Ga0+n sur0ised .e was n+t supp+sed t+ ta)4 t+ +se be,
-+re t.e intensi/e started& #.e was drun4 and angry and t.e en,
ergy did n+t 0i3 wit. t.e up*+0ing A! e3perien*e&

Ga0+n re*+gni6ed t.e A! at +n*e and was t+u*.ed
deep)y by en*+unter& "e de*ided t.en and t.ere t+ attend t.e
ne3t retreat in =u**a Ia))ey& !eanw.i)e t.ings *.anged be,
tween .i0se)- and +se& #.e was *+ntinu+us)y getting drun4
and n+w a*ting /i+)ent& #.e .ad be*+0e s+ paran+id s.e was .and, guns and .uge but*.er 4ni/es under
t.eir bed& At ti0es s.e was sui*ida)&

In Getr+it,,w.i)e t.ey were /isiting .is parents,,+se was
arrested by t.e p+)i*e and was e3tre0e)y /i+)ent& Ga0+n res,
*ued .er and t.ey returned t+ $a)i-+rnia&&&w.ere s.e s++n be,
*a0e -riend)y wit. a)p.& %+t. s.e and a)p. de*ided t.ey
w+u)d g+ wit. .i0 t+ t.e =u**a Ia))ey retreat&&&and t.ey did&

"+we/er +se *+u)d n+t sit t.r+ug. e/en t.e -irst sessi+n&
#.e said s.e w+u)d n+t stay in t.e d+r0it+ry and s.e did n+t
want t+ g+ ba*4 t+ any 0+re sessi+ns& #.e rented a 0+te) r++0
nearby and tried t+ *+a3 Ga0+n int+ 0+/ing +ut +- t.e 0enAs
d+r0 and staying wit. .er& "e re-used& Angered9 s.e dr+/e ba*4
t+ t.eir .+0e in N+rt.ern $a)i-+rnia&

A)) t.e w.i)e&&&Ga0+n 4ept trying t+ )i/e wit. +se be*ause
.e was trying t+ -ind th%t st%te o$ u"co"ditio"%l lo!e pr+0ised t+
.i0 by TUT"& %ut t.e day a-ter .is return -r+0 =u**a Ia))ey
.e pa*4ed .is t.ings and .eaded n+rt. t+ >as.ingt+n&&&t+ )i/e by
.i0se)-& "e 4new it was ti0e t+ ta4e ba*4 .is +wn pers+na)

"e attended a A! intensi/e,,in #eatt)e in 198N,,w.ere
t.e A! ga/e .i0 a )+ng .ard intense )++4& Ga0+n instin*ti/e,
)y 4new it .ad t+ d+ wit. t.e se/ere pr+b)e0s .e was e3perien*,
ing wit. .is spine& "is spina) *.+rd was s+ degenerated it
was a)0+st se/ered& "e -e)t t.e A! was sending .i0 .e)p
-+r .is pain&

In a s.+rt peri+d +- ti0e9 t.r+ug. a se1uen*e +- i00ediate
0ira*)es,,+ne +- t.e -inest spina) surgery spe*ia)ists in t.e *+un,
try was br+ug.t in t+ +perate +n .i0,,e/en t.+ug. .e did n+t
.a/e t.e -unds t+ pay -+r it& T.ree 0+nt.s )ater,,as .e re)ated t+
0e in .is st+ry,,.e wa)4ed wit.+ut pain& "is )i-e,,.e says,,is
n+w -i))ed wit. a grand new sense +- :+y and -reed+0& Ab+/e
a))&&&Ga0+n says his po*er is b%c# *ith hi& w.ere it h%s %l*%ys

$.apter 9J
%O M+&&+O% +& +MPO&&+B"#

Fr+0 New =+r4,,Nan*y9 a beauti-u) 0aster wit. )aug.,
ing eyes,,re0inds us is i0p+ssib)e&

"er tw+ s0a)) daug.ters .ad g+ne +n /a*ati+n wit. a re)a,
ti/e and s.e 0issed t.e0 en+r0+us)y& T.ey .ad been g+ne -+r
+/er a wee4 and s.e 4new t.ey w+u)d be 0issing .er t++& #.e
sat d+wn and 1ui*4)y das.ed +-- a s.+rt )etter t+ ea*. +- t.e0&
#.e -e)t *+nne*ted wit. t.e0 again as s++n as .er -ee)ings were
p+ured +ut int+ t.e written w+rd& #.e 4new .er 0essages +- )+/e
needed t+ be 0ai)ed at +n*e&

Nan*y a)s+ .ad an urgent business )etter,, needed t+
be 0ai)ed +ut day t++,,s+ s.e :u0ped int+ .er *ar and .ead,
ed -+r t.e nearby p+st +--i*e& %y t.e ti0e s.e arri/ed it was
*)+sed& T.e sign indi*ated t.e )ast +ut,+-,t+wn 0ai) pi*4up
.ad been an .+ur ag+& A passer,by t+)d .er i- s.e dr+/e t+
t.e ne3t t+wn,,s.e *+u)d pr+bab)y get .er 0ai) +ut t.e sa0e
day,,sin*e t.ey .ad a )ater pi*4up& Nan*y )eaped ba*4 int+ .er
*ar and ra*ed +-- t+ t.e ne3t t+wn,,s+0e twenty 0i)es away,,de,
ter0ined .er daug.ters w+u)d get .er 0essages +- )+/e as
s++n as p+ssib)e&

>.en s.e arri/ed&&&s.e -+und t.e 0ai)b+3 was -u))y
stu--ed wit. )etters&&&s+ t.e pi*4up w+u)d be t.ere /ery s.+rt)y&
e)ie/ed9 s.e pus.ed .er F )etters 1ui*4)y int+ t.e b+39 and went
+n .er way t+ d+ s+0e needed pers+na) s.+pping&

Just as s.e pu))ed int+ t.e s.+pping *enter9 a .+rrib)e
t.+ug.t entered .er 0ind& #.e .ad -+rg+tten t+ put p+stage
sta0ps +n t.e t.ree )ettersE #.e *+u)d n+t be)ie/e s.e .ad
d+ne su*. a t.+ug.t)ess F+r a 0+0ent pain tugged at .er
s+u)& N+w it *+u)d be 0any days be-+re .er daug.ters g+t t.eir
)etters& In -a*t9 t.ey 0ig.t n+t e/en arri/e be-+re t.e gir)s .ad
-inis.ed t.eir /a*ati+n& A)s+9 t.e i0p+rtant business )etter w+u)d
arri/e t++ )ate&

#.e sat in t.e *ar and p+ndered t.e situati+n& #.e t.+ug.t
+- t.e A!As tea*.ing we *reate +ur +wn rea)ity& #udden)y
s.e de*ided it was true& #.e i00ediate)y saw .erse)- getting t.e
)etters ba*4 -r+0 t.e 0ai)bag and putting sta0ps +n t.e0& #.e
.e)d i0age str+ng)y in .er 0ind as s.e rus.ed ba*4 t+ t.e
p+st +--i*e&

#.e s*ree*.ed t+ a .a)t beside t.e 0ai)b+3 and peered in&
T++ )ate& T.e 0ai) .ad been pi*4ed up and .ad been ta4en inside
a)ready& Gespair surged ba*4 int+ .er *+ns*i+usness9 .+we/er9
s.e i00ediate)y *.e*4ed it& #.e rep)a*ed it wit. an e/en
str+nger i0age +- .er .+)ding t.e )etters in .er .and and p)a*ing
sta0ps +n t.e0& A great re/ersa) +- t.+ug.t9 indeed&&&&

Fired by t.e p+wer +- .er +wn i0age s.e par4ed .er *ar be,
side t.e p+st +--i*e and .eaded -+r t.e d++r& On*e in t.e )+bby,,
s.e pee4ed t.r+ug. t.e 0ai) dr+p s)+ts and .+))ered i- any+ne
was inside s.e needed t+ ta)4 t+ t.e0& Again and again s.e
*a))ed +ut&&&but t.ere was n+ resp+nse& #.e was a)) a)+ne& A)) t.e
d++rs were )+*4ed and n+ +ne was in sig.t&&&+r ears.+t&
N+w w.at5

A new idea )it up .er 0ind& T.ere .ad t+ be a ba*4 d++r
w.ere t.ey br+ug.t t.e 0ai) in and .au)ed it +ut& #.e wa)4ed +ut
+- t.e -r+nt d++r and str+de 1ui*4)y ar+und t+ t.e ba*4& T.ere
was t.e d++r&&& #.e 4n+*4ed )+ud)y +n t.e d++r& N+ answer&
Again s.e 4n+*4ed& #ti)) n+ answer& #.e *a))ed +ut s.e
needed t+ get in& On)y si)en*e answered .er& In e3asperati+n9
Nan*y grabbed t.e d++r 4n+b and it turned& It was n+t )+*4ed&
#)+w)y s.e +pened t.e d++r and peered inside& %en*.es and
+/er-)+wing 0ai) bags were s*attered a)) ar+und& #.e *a))ed +ut
again9 wit. a)) .er /+i*e& N+ +ne rep)ied&

<at.ering .er *+urage Nan*y stepped inside&&& #.e was de,
ter0ined t+ rea)i6e .er g+a)& I- t.ere was n+ +ne ar+und t+ .e)p
.er s.e w+u)d :ust .a/e t+ g+ t.r+ug. t.e 0+nu0enta) tas4 +-
e0ptying a)) t.e 0ai)bags in +rder t+ -ind .er t.ree pre*i+us )et,
ters& #.e was deter0ined t.ey w+u)d )ea/e .ere t+nig.t wit.
sta0ps +n t.e0&

L++4ing ar+und again at a)) t.e 0ai)bags9 Nan*y de*ided a)) s.e .ad t+ d+ was t+ tune in t+ t.e rig.t bag& Using t.e
*+ns*i+usness and energy te*.ni1ue s.e .ad )earned -r+0 t.e
A!9 s.e was drawn -+r n+ parti*u)ar reas+n t+ a bag +-- t+ +ne
side& #.e bent +/er t.e bag and e3tra*ted a -ist-u) +- )etters& #.e
pu))ed +ut .and-u) and t.ere,,t+ .er utter de)ig.t,,was
.er business )etter in .er .and& E3*ited)y s.e pi*4ed up t.e
w.+)e bag and du0ped t.e *+ntents +n t.e tab)e and began t+
si-t rapid)y t.r+ug. t.e .eap& In 0+0ent9 t.e tw+ )etters
t+ .er daug.ters were a)s+ in .er .and& "er i0age was near)y

>it. tre0b)ing -ingers9 s.e t++4 sta0ps -r+0 .er purse9 stu*4
+ne +n ea*. )etter9 4issed ea*. )etter and b)essed t.e0 and t.e
p+st +--i*e& Kui*4)y9 s.e stu--ed t.e en/e)+pes ba*4 int+ t.e
0ai)bag and wa)4ed e)ated)y +ut t.e ba*4 d++r& On)y t.en did
s.e .a/e a t.+ug.t ab+ut .er ?)aw)essness&C %ut s.e .ad )earned
by e3perien*e t.e p+wer is stringer any +utward
appearan*e +r +uter )aw )i0itati+ns& "er tena*ity .ad pr+/ed t+
.er,, indeed,, +ur w+r)d is we 0a4e it&

$.apter 9H
!,# R+&+%3 &.%

T.e -+))+wing s*ene t++4 p)a*e at a re*ent )arge,
ing in ainier9 >as.ingt+n& A 0a)e 0aster +- 0y a*1uaintan*e
was at t.e )+ng tab)e,,.ea/i)y )aden wit. -++d,, and .e was .ap,
pi)y sa0p)ing t.e de)e*tab)e +--erings&

A -e0a)e 0aster -r+0 a nearby *ity wa)4ed up t+ .i0 wit.
a big s0i)e& "er were -i))ed wit. )ig.t and spar4)ed wit. inner
:+y& #.e bea0ed at .i0 as s.e said9 ?=+u 4n+w9 IA/e been see,
ing y+u ar+und at di--erent A! e/ents t.e )ast -ew
0+nt.s&&&and I :ust .a/e t+ te)) y+u E/ery ti0e I see y+u
wit. s0i)e,,y+u gi/e t+ e/ery+ne,,it 0a4es 0e -ee) s+
g++d&&&and I get w+nder-u) i0age in 0y 0ind +- % risi"g

#tart)ed,,but +b/i+us)y p)eased,,t.e 0an burst int+ an e/en
greater sunny s0i)e& "e )eaned a*r+ss t.e tab)e t+ te)) .er9 ?=+u
4n+w,,-+r se/era) 0+nt.s n+w,,e/ery day w.en I wa4e9 I *a))
-+rt. -+r &y Christ to rise up li#e the risi"g &or"i"g su" *ithi"
&e t+ war0 and )ig.t 0y way9 and t+ war0 and )ig.t t.e way +-
a)) I 0eet day&@ #0i)ing e/er 0+re br+ad)y n+w9 .e
added9 ?ItAs s+ w+nder-u) y+u said t+ 0e& It s.+ws 0e itAs w+r4ing& %)ess y+u&&&and t.an4s -+r t.e -eedba*4&@

As t.e *+n/ersati+n *+ntinued&&&.e went +n t+ e3p)ain
.e used t.e i0age +- t.e rising sun .e .ad seen,,+ne *rysta)
*)ear 0+rning,,in =u**a Ia))ey&&&at a A! retreat& ?First9 a
gr+wing g+)den,red brig.tness *+)+red t.e .+ri6+n& T.en a s0a))
s)i/er +- red -ire appeared&&&rising s)+w)y and 0a:esti*a))y +/er
t.e 0+untain& <radua))y a .uge ba)) +- +range,red birt.ed -+rt.
and t++4 0y breat. away wit. its -ire and its beauty& It )it up t.e
Eart. and a)) ab+ut 0e& N+w sa0e g)+ri+us )ig.t and
war0t. rises brig.t)y))i" &y &i"d %"d soul,,ea*. new 0+rning&@

>.at a g)+ri+us A!T"A,)i4e way t+ greet a new

$.apter 9N
A &!+%3+%3 R#A"+0A!+O%

>endy Gi3+n was busy w+r4ing +n .er -i/e a*re -ar0 in
Tenin+9 >as.ingt+n& "er tw+ -riends w.+ .ad been .e)ping .er 0+rning .ad g+ne int+ t+wn -+r supp)ies9 )ea/ing >endy
a)+ne -+r se/era) .+urs& As s.e w+r4ed a0+ng s+0e s.e
a**identa))y bu0ped int+ a )arge .+rnets nest& G+6ens +- angry
.+rnets )aun*.ed an i00ediate atta*4 +n t.e nearest target&&& t.e
t+p +- >endyAs .ead&

T.e pain was instantane+us and e3*ru*iating& Franti*a))y
s.e t+re at .er .air pu))ing )+ts +- it +ut a)+ng wit. .and-u)s +-
.+rnets& At t.e sa0e ti0e s.e ra*ed 0ad)y t+ward t.e .+use -u))
+- pain and terr+r& >endy .ad a)ways been /ery sensiti/e t+ bee
stings and n+w s.e was -a*ing t.e deat.,dea)ing p+is+ns p+uring
int+ .er b)++dstrea0 in en+r0+us 1uantities& "er -ear intensi-ied
t.e ag+ny and -ire,)i4e pain&

T.e )ast +- t.e .+rnets .ad been t+rn -r+0 .er .ead :ust as
s.e rea*.ed t.e d++r& In pani*9 s.e das.ed int+ t.e .+use and
s)a00ed t.e d++r be.ind .er& As s.e did s+ .er eyes )anded +n
t.e tape p)ayer w.ere,,+n)y an .+ur be-+re,,s.e .ad been )isten,
ing t+ t.e A! e3p)ain e/ery+ne .as *reated and e0p+w,
ered t.eir +wn destiny& ?O.9 A!9@ s.e t.+ug.t9 ?I- t.atAs true I
.a/e t+ *reate a sudden new rea)ity -+r 0yse)- t+ sur/i/e
p+is+ningE@ rea)i6ati+n st++d *rysta) *)ear in .er 0ind&

#ti)) s+bbing s+-t)y&&&>endy pr+*eeded t+ d+ s.e 4new
s.e 0ust d+& #.e put a tape +- beauti-u) 0usi* +n t.e p)ayer&
T.en s.e )it s+0e *and)es9 set a b+u1uet +- -res. -)+wers *)+se
by& #.e wetted .er .air and .ead wit. >i))ard >ater and a)+e
/era ge)&&&and p+ured .erse)- a sp)as. +- brandy in a g)ass +- wa,
ter as a sedati/e pain,4i))er& "er pr+ps were n+w a)) in p)a*e&
#.e .ad :ust set t.e stage -+r a new attitude&&&-+r a .ea)ing *+n,

#.e sat d+wn t+ *a)0 .er t+rtured being&&& 4n+wing s.e .ad
t+ *reate a new rea)ity& #.e began *+ns*i+us)y putting .er -+*us
*here the p%i" *%s A6-+ And it *or#ed0 <radua))y,,as s.e
*)+sed .er eyes and in.a)ed t.e sweet per-u0e +- t.e -)+wers,,
s.e tuned int+ t.e up)i-ting 0usi* and gent)y
re)a3ed ba*4 int+ t.e *enter +- .er being& T.e -iery burning and
t.e -rig.t-u) s.a4ing +- .er b+dy began t+ )essen 0+re and 0+re
and t.en st+pped entire)y& As .er ce"teri"g $ocus be*a0e abs+,
)ute s.e -e)t .erse)- -)+ating in *+ns*i+usness,,+r ridi"g the
light))as t.e A! *a))s it& <radua))y a pe%ce passed a)) un,
derstanding -i))ed .er entire petite )+/e)y -e0a)e being&

>endy rea)i6ed t.e .+rnets were a ?runner@ s.e .ad gi-ted
t+ .erse)-&&& t+ de0+nstrate t.e p+wer t+ *+ntr+) .er destiny
was *ithi" .er& #.e +n)y needed t+ a*4n+w)edge and c%ll it
$orth0 #.e ga/e t.an4s t+ .er &other -+r da66)ing
pear) s.e earned at t.e pri*e +- a terrib)e sudden +/erw.e)0ing
pain and -ear day&

>.en .er tw+ -riends returned t.ey were s.+*4ed t+ .ear
.er st+ry& It was .ard -+r t.e0 t+ be)ie/e,,despite t.e 0u)titude
+- /isib)e .+rnet sting 0ar4s,,s.e was .ea)t.y9 .appy and *a)0&
Ign+ring .er pr+tests t.ey rus.ed +ut t+ burn t.e .+rnets nest&

Gear 0aster >endyAs en)ig.tening e3perien*ed a))+wed
t.e0,,and n+w9 a)) +- us,,a greater understanding +- t.e deep
reser/+ir +- p+wer we *an *a)) -+rt. -r+0 under su*. /ery
dire *ir*u0stan*es&

>endy e3perien*ed a t+ta) .ea)ing& #.e did n+t su--er any
signs +- p+is+ning& T.e d+6ens +- burning we)ts +n .er .ead,,
w.ere s.e .ad been stung,,began t+ .ea) as s++n as s.e t++4
*.arge +- t.e dra0a& L+/e)y9 bra/e >endy rep)a*ed .er ?*r+wn
+- t.+rns@ wit. a radiant *r+wning and 0aster-u) *entered new
rea)ity& #.e was and is tru)y a Luee" o$ Cour%ge0 I )+/e .er
%)ess .er .eart&

$.apter 98
,#AR+%3 .%&A+) !,+%3&

%arbara9 -r+0 A)aba0a9 te))s .+w a dear 0a)e *+0pani+n
.ad re*ent)y passed p)ane& %eing in a /ery sad e0+ti+na)
state s.e was eager t+ attend t.e A!As up*+0ing %ir0ing.a0
up)i-ting dia)+gue& "er )+ng ti0e -riend,,Jane,,was a)s+ attend,
ing& %arbara was )ate -+r t.e grand e/ent&&&but Jane was sitting
up -r+nt w.en %arbara g+t t.ere& And 4n+wing .+w an3i+us .er
-riend was t+ spea4 wit. t.e A! Jane gi-ted .er -r+nt r+w seat
t+ %arbara& #.e 4new %arbara w+u)d .a/e a better *.an*e +- be,
ing addressed by t.e A! seated t.ere in t.e -r+nt&

As anti*ipated9 t.e A! sp+4e t+ %arbara at s+0e )engt.&
One +- t.e e3*.anges .ad t+ d+ wit. t.e dia0+nd earrings s.e
w+re day& #.e e3p)ained,,at a pri/ate audien*e t.e pre,
/i+us year,,s.e .ad t+)d t.e A! s.e w+u)d )i4e a *+0pani+n&
T.e A! .ad rep)ied wit. an i0pis. )++4 in .is eye9 ?I wi))
send y+u t+ g+ in y+ur earsE #.e .ad been pu66)ed by
t.e re0ar4&

#i3 0+nt.s )ater s.e 0et,,and began t+ date,,a w+nder-u)
0an w.+ surprised .er +ne e/ening wit. t.e gi-t +- a pair +- da6,
6)ing earrings& Ea*. +ne was a .a)- *arat dia0+nd& In .er de)ig.t
s.e i00ediate)y re*a))ed t.e strange state0ent +- t.e A!
.e w+u)d send .er t+ put in .er ears&C #.e 4new
t.e A! .ad br+ug.t w+nder-u) 0an int+ .er )i-e9 s+ s.e
p)anned t+ t.an4 .i0 at t.e ne3t dia)+gue& N+w t.e earrings
were a 0e0ent+ +- t.e g)+ri+us ti0e t.ey .ad .ad,
-+re .e .ad re*ent)y passed +n t+ di0ensi+n& #.e
t.an4ed t.e A! -+r sending .er t.e dia0+nd earrings and t.e
0an *a0e wit. t.e0&&&&

T.e A! n+dded .is .ead in a*4n+w)edge0ent& "e t.en
as4ed9 ?Are y+u s+ appre*iati/e be*ause +- t.e great w+rt. +-
t.e dia0+nds5@

Kui*4)y9 %arbara said9 ?N+& I appre*iated t.e 0an and t.e
senti0ent be.ind t.e gi-t 0+re t.e /a)ue +- t.e dia0+nds&@

T.e A! ga/e .er a p)eased s0i)e and said9 ?T.e st+nes sit in y+ur ears represent t.e beauty y+u .ear&@ "e
ga6ed at .er and added9 ?I 4n+w is y+ur .eartAs desire&&&
and I wi)) send it t+ y+uE@

%arbara waited an3i+us)y -+r t.e taped *+pies +- audi,
en*e& Fina))y9 t.ey arri/ed& Just as s.e put t.e -irst +ne +n t+
p)ay&&&Jane 4n+*4ed +n .er d++r& Jane was s+ g)ad t.e tapes .ad
-ina))y arri/ed and t.ey sat d+wn and )istened rapt)y& A-ter t.ey
.eard t.e A!As re0ar4 ab+ut t.e st+nes sat in .er
ears&&&t.e taped /+i*e +- t.e A! went +n i00ediate)y t+ t.e
pers+n sitting ne3t t+ .er at t.e dia)+gue& T.ey b+t. rea)i6ed at
t.e sa0e ti0e an entire and i0p+rtant senten*e addressed t+
.er was 0issingE

Jane and %arbara )++4ed up at ea*. in ast+nis.0ent&
Jane as4ed9 ?%ut9 w.ereAs part w.ere .e said .e 4new
was in y+ur .eart&&&and .e w+u)d send it t+ y+u5@

T.ey rew+und t.e tape and )istened /ery *are-u))y& T.ere
were n+ su*. w+rds +n t.e tape& T.ey stared at +ne in
w+nder9 t.en b+t. .ad t.e sa0e t.+ug.t L ?>e 0ust .a/e .eard
.i0 say wit. +ur inner .earingE@ T.ey :u0ped t+ t.eir -eet
and did a wi)d :ig i00ersed in t.e :+y t.ey
.ad .eard ?unsaid@ t.ings -r+0 t.e A!

>.at a ?*+in*iden*e&@ T.e +n)y pers+n w.+ .ad
.eard t.e A! spea4 t.+se e3a*t w+rds .ad :ust ?.appened@ t+
appear at .er d++r as s.e was ready t+ )isten t+ t.e tapes& %ar,
bara -e)t t.e 4n+wing A! .ad supp)ied .er wit. a w+nder,
-u) witness *+u)d /eri-y .er +wn inner .earing& T.ey as4ed
se/era) +- t.eir -riends w.+ were at t.e audien*e&&&but n+t a +ne
re0e0bered t.e A! saying )ast senten*e t+ %arbara

$.apter 99
!,# <+ AM5 PO#M &!OR*

Rich%rd <re*er/ aut.+r +- I AM p+e0
-+))+ws&&&te))s us t.e w+nder-u) ta)e be.ind t.e p+e0& i*.ard
says .e .ad started .e t.+ug.t t+ be an a)),en*+0passing
p+e0 se/era) years ag+ :+tting d+wn a )ine +r tw+ -r+0 ti0e t+
ti0e but ne/er -itting t.e )ines int+ any 4ind +- *+ntinu,
ity& "e was n+t ab)e t+ get any ideas -+r it s+ b+red +-
it&&&+ne day .e gat.ered t.e ass+rted ideas and put t.e0
away in a drawer&

!+nt.s )ater .e ran a*r+ss t.e pi)e +- s*ribb)ed t.+ug.ts
and sat d+wn and re,read t.e0& ?T.ese are g++d9@ .e t.+ug.t9 ?I
s.+u)d d+ wit. "e -+*used .is 0ind and energy
and *a))ed -+rt.9 ?Fr+0 t.e L+rd <+d +- 0y %eing9 I desire *+0e -+rt. in per-e*ti+n n+w& #+ be itE@ As .e ce"tered +n
t.e t.+ug.t +- ?I A0@ .is w.+)e b+dy began t+ tre0b)e,,t.en
s.a4e,,and wit. t.e s.a4ing *a0e a ri/er +- w+rds -)+wing int+
.is 0ind&

i*.ard grabbed a pen and started t+ write 1ui*4)y& T.e
w+rds +- t.e entire p+e0 -)+wed +ut n+n,st+p unti) t.e )ast )ine
was *+0p)eted9 p+uring +ut a)0+st -aster .e *+u)d write&
"is b+dy :er4ed and /ibrated wit. t.e intensity& >.en .e -in,
is.ed .e was e3.austed and s.a4ing& As .e began t+ read
.e .ad :ust written .is b+dy *+ntinued t+ s.a4e and :er4 wit.
great e0+ti+n& As .e read t.e )ast )ine .is b+dy e3p)+ded wit.
indes*ribab)e e*stasy& "e said t.e b+di)y sensati+n was e31uisite
bey+nd w+rdsE

Tw+ wee4s )ater i*.ard attended a A! intensi/e& In .is
p+*4et .e *arried a typed *+py +- .is p+e0& #ure en+ug. t.e
A! st+pped dire*t)y in -r+nt +- .i0 and de*)ared9 ?#*ribe9 I
a0 ready t+ be read t+&@ i*.ard 4new e3a*t)y t.e A!
wanted .i0 t+ read& "e pu))ed .is I AM poe& -r+0 .is :a*4et
p+*4et and read it a)+ud,,t+ t.e A!,,and t+ t.e audien*e&

As t.e A! )istened .e bea0ed .is appr+/a)& >.en
i*.ard was -inis.ed a s0i)ing A! e3*)ai0ed9 ?>+nder-u)&
>+nder-u)& "a/e y+u e/er *+nte0p)ated9 entity9 y+u %re a))
+- t.+se t.ings y+u .a/e :ust read t+ 0e5 =+u are a)) +-
t.e0&&&-+r .+w *+u)d y+u be )ess5 I wi)) see t.ese
w+rds are e3a)ted& Iery s++n I wi)) -ind a great 0arb)e and we
wi)) .a/e s+0e+ne et*. in t.ere9 and we wi)) p)a*e it up+n a
great 0+unt -+r t.e winds +- +ur -+re/er t+ see and t+ 4n+w the
&i"d o$ &%" *%sE@

At an intensi/e in =e)0 in t.e su00er +- 198N t.e A!
st+pped beside i*.ard9 )eaned *)+se and 1uiet)y t+)d .i0
.is predi*ti+n ab+ut t.e I AM p+e0 w+u)d s++n *+0e t+ pass&
P)ans were underway -+r a retreat bui)ding .e said&&&and w.en it
was *+0p)ete .is p+e0 w+u)d be et*.ed +n a p)a1ue,,at its en,
tran*e,,as t.e A! .ad )+ng ag+ -+ret+)d&

Chapter 100
+ AM

F+r ages *+unt)ess in w+r)d
!y spirit .as tra/ersed
IA/e .ad 0y *u)tures rise and -a))
In great sp+radi* bursts

$r+ss 0ig.ty +*eans9 0+untain ranges
Geserts I .a/e spanned
And +bser/ed perpetua) *.angings
In t.e .ea/ens and t.e )ands

IA/e been prayed t+ and been re/ered
IA/e been 4i))ed and been .arassed
And 0any ti0es .a/e I been )+/ed
And 0any ti0es +ut*ast

I a0 t.e yin9 I a0 t.e yang
I a0 b+t. day and nig.t
IA0 t.e a)p.a and t.e +0ega
#i0u)tane+us wr+ng and rig.t

I a0 %en,J+sep.
IA0 !+.a00ed and t.e %udd.a
$a)) 0e !+ses +r E)i:a.
N+strada0us9 Parat.ustra

I a0 "er0es9 I a0
IA0 t.e A! and La+,T6u
IA0 a)) t.e saints and sages
And t.e basis +- t.eir trut.s

I wi)) answer t+ Ati))a
A)e3ander <ra.a0 %e))
=+u 0ay *a)) 0e Kuet6a)*+at)
I a0 4n+wn as >i))ia0 Te))

!i*.e)ange)+ and "it)er
"a/e I written as 0y na0e
And t.e b+y,4ing9 Tutan4.a0en
"e and I are +ne and sa0e

IA/e e3p)+red wit. P+n*e de Le+n
And $+)u0bus 4new 0e we))
And .ist+rians de/+te t.eir )i/es
!y st+ries t+ re,te))

IA0 t.e p+et and t.e painter
I a0 #.a4espeare and Ian <+ug.
IA0 p.i)ant.r+pist and warri+r
<and.i and <er+ni0+

I a0 .+)y 0an and sinner
I a0 0aster and IA0 s)a/e
IA0 t.e .i))s and IA0 t.e /a))eys
IA0 t.e wind and IA0 t.e wa/e

IA0 t.e *ypress and t.e sy*a0+re
T.e egret and t.e tern
IA0 t.e tiger and t.e tit,0+use
T.e *a*tus and t.e -ern

IA0 t.e agate and t.e e0era)d
I a0 ir+n and IA0 g)ass
I a0 tur1u+ise and IA0 *+ra)
I a0 si)4 and I a0 brass

IA/e in/aded e/ery :ung)e
And 0y s.ips .a/e 4n+wn a)) *+asts
And a .u0an )unar )anding
Finds a p)a*e a0+ng 0y b+asts

"a/e y+u seen t.e T+wer +- L+nd+n
I a0 *redited -+r
And t.e New =+r4 >+r)d Trade $enter
Is a in 0y .at

T.e pyra0ids +- Egypt
T.e an*ient $.inese wa))
T.e sp.in39 t.e Ei--e) T+wer
I designed and bui)t t.e0 a))

=es9 I .a/e *reated a))
And 0+re .erein t+)d
And I wi)) *a)) 0yse)- a g+d
I- I 0ay 0a4e s+ b+)d

And .ere9 I /enture spea4 naug.t *an stay 0y .and
F+r I w.+ write t.ese w+rds
A0 t.e *+))e*ti/e 0ind +- 0an& *)assi* p+e0 was scribed by 0y dear -riend
, Rich%rd <re*er

Fina) n+te -r+0 t.e aut.+r s*ribe&&&

I- y+u en:+yed t.ese 1DD A! st+ries p)ease en*+urage y+ur
)+/ed +nes and -riends t+ +btain and read t.e0&&&P)ease a)s+ +b,
tain 0y +wn CAutobiogr%phy o$ A& IMM6R-AL;++++r %"y +- t.e
soo" to be 2/ &&& or &ore ++++- 0y +wn Russ Mich%el Eb++4s at:
"ere y+u *an a)s+ )isten t+ 0y F 0inute podc%st/ read 0y
brie- bi+ +r sur$ t.r+ug. t.e C-%ble o$ Co"te"tC pages +- ea*.
+ne +- 0y 0any +btainab)e Eb++4s&&&&
=+u *an a)s+ subs*ribe t.ere t+ 0y FEE spiritua) dai)y
e0ai) CMich%el 7orld*ide Ae*sletterC
Or si0p)y subs*ribe n+w :ust -+r t.e as4ing at: uss,
%)ess y+ur .eart& <less us %ll+ >e are a)) b)essed& I A0,,
uss !i*.ae)

$)i*4 .ere: www&uss!i*.ae)Eb++4is&*+0

M9&99 ea*. , F -+r M19&8J
#ee *+nstant)y AGGEG uss !i*.ae) E%++4 tit)es&
"i=e the li>e ?ou imagine9 -hore%u

718 Aut+bi+grap.y +- An I!!OTAL9 by !i*.ae)9 I A0
7FHD pages8
7'8 #+u)0ates9 Twin ays and #pe*ia) L+/ers9 by uss
!i*.ae) 71HD pages8
7F8 T"E #E$ET is N+ #e*ret Any !+re and T.ere is
NOT"IN< =+u $ann+t %E9 G+ +r "AIE9 by uss
!i*.ae) 71ND pages
7(8 =+ur #+u)0ate is $a))ing9 by uss !i*.ae) 7 1F9
7J8 T.e #e*ret GO$TINE +- T.e An*ient !=#TEIE#9
by uss !i*.ae) 71DN pages8
7H8 T.e !enta) ++0 +- !irr+rs9 by uss !i*.ae) 71(8
7N8 1DD True A!T"A !ira*)e #t+ries9 by uss !i*.ae)
7 +/er 1JD pages8


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