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DATE: JULY 21, 2012

SThree is an international specialized recruitment organization composed of 16 different operating
divisions. In 1936, SThree was founded in London with staff consisting of just four members. Today,
it has grown rapidly employing nearly 2300 recruiters across the world. SThree has grown to a total
of 52 offices in 21 countries and are adding three new international offices each year.

According to the Half Year financial report of 2014, revenue has jumped to £341.7 million with an
actual growth of +18.0 percent. The total gross profit in December 2013 was about £192.8 million,
where 56 percent derived from contract positions, and 44 percent derived from placing candidates in
permanent positions. Because of their great expansion, SThree is listed on the London Stock
Exchange with a total ordinary dividend of 14p per share. As of now, branches in the Americas are
up to +62% YoY, and caused the Americas to be named the fastest growing region.

SThree strives to be a leading recruitment company by perfecting market specialization, organic
growth, and homegrown management. The company strongly exhibits ambition, recognizing talent
and developing talent. There core values include energy, rapport, respect, and reward inside and
outside of the work environment. The company is able to spread and promote their brand with the
specialized, energetic and motivated employees that fill throughout the SThree organization.

SThree is the parent company of various recruitment brands. The four largest brands include
Computer Futures for IT recruitment, Progressive Recruitment focusing on engineering with oil and
gas, Huxley for the banking and finance industry, and Real Staffing Group specializing in the
healthcare and life sciences sectors.

During the course of my internship, I have worked closely with the Real Staffing Chicago brand. Real
is also a global leader in the recruitment services of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical
devices industry. One of Real’s primary competitors in the Greater Chicagoland area is Healthcare
Recruiting Solutions. However, with the exceptional training and unique structure, most recruitment
companies are not big threats. Some of the key clients Real Staffing works closely with consist of
Medtronic, Stryker, and Medline.

SThree obtains a distinctive hierarchy structure, where they strictly hire managers and directors
within the company. The career path of SThree starts as a Trainee position that lasts up to nine
months. After completing the rigorous training, the next position is a Consultant. Promotion of a
Consultant gives a title of a Senior Consultant with 18-24+ months of working. Next step is a
Principal Consultant or Sales Team Manager with 36+ months of employment with the organization.
With excellent successes and performance, one is able to move forward as a Business Manager in
about five years or more experience. Lastly, after acquiring about eight or more years of experience
working with the company, a Business Manager will be promoted to a Director.


SThree also believes there is an importance of exercising corporate responsibility. SThree does this
by generously donating great amounts of funds to the SOS children’s village. If an employee wishes
to dress down on a Friday, one must give at least five dollars to the Business Administrator prior to
office hours. The Business Administrator then collects all of the funds and donates to the
organization once a week. Starting in 2009, SThree has been able to donate over £420,000.

Even though SThree is a rapidly growing and successful company, there is certainly great room for
improvement within our branch, as well as the company as a whole. One of my tasks consists of
downloading a significant amount of resumes to single community folder. One by one, an employee
needs to manually save resumes into the folder from the networking website, which demands timely
manual labor. A way to make this process much more efficient is for the company to invest in a
software, such as the kapow software, to essentially do the work for them. The software has the
ability to perform real-time data exactions and data collections. In simple terms, an employee can
program the robot to automatically download the desired resumes by providing the keywords that are
needed. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Kapow is an effective and efficient platform that was
named to be Best in Show by participants by the bpmNEXT 2014 conference.” Although the
software is a costly investment, I believe that SThree can benefit greatly and will be able to utilize the
application to the fullest.

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