Morrisons Ch 04

Ted looked at me and said, "Shit, that's better than I thought it would be. I have several friends who
hate people who take advantage of other people. Wonder how you wanted it to them voluntarily
attending their phenols., I'm sure I could get someone with a zoom lens on your camera to make
some very clear pictures on the side of the road, which ends the proof of exhibitionism. "
Looking around, I said, "I'm sure all of us want to show your support for Terri and be there when the
boys waxed in order to appreciate their embarrassment and humiliation." I said.
Ted said: "If this guy Jeff can come up with some pictures for me so I can get a search warrant to
search shop and Harold house, maybe we can get a judge to deny bail for them and we have all three
of them right there where it belongs, behind bars. "
He spoke Jenna says, "Dad, I think we should break into the good stuff that you have in your closet
with alcohol and drink plans when we soak in a hot tub."
I looked after my family, and then Ted and Marion, then said, "Would you two like to join us for a
toast in a hot tub?"
Ted looked at Marion and Marion looked at all of us and then asked, "Will there be any sex in the hot
Jenna spoke, saying, "You never know what will happen in a hot tub, swimming pool or on the
terrace. One thing is for sure, there will be no sex, if two or more agree to participate."
Marion looked at Ted and said, "Oh, Ted, I've never seen any place where someone has sex in front
of me, I do not know if I want that option right now."
Marion looked at each one of us says, "I think we'll take a rain check on the jacuzzi for today, but if
the call remains open after I get used to being around you all the naked people, then I'd like to try.
Jenna smiled, said, "Yeah, that's what I had in mind. Tribing I would not mind a really hot sexy girl
like Terri. My pussy is wet just thinking about it."
Jenna response brought a round of fun and laughter from everyone in the hot tub. I watched Jenna
message to Terri and then lean to drink cognac.
We sat in the hot tub sipping our brandy and sharing the day's events and our thoughts. We were
bonding as a family with everyone has something to share with others. There were no boundaries
between parent / child or employer / employee. We said what was on our mind, without thinking of
any repercussion. We even shared sensitive information about themselves, each other with ease. Our
conversation flowed so naturally outsider would have thought that we had been together all their
Terri's hand gently picked up the pace, stroking my penis under water. She used her thumb to rub
the edge of my sensitive cock head causes a small electric shocks to the type of increase over my
penis and make it jump. Jenna reached into my lap and gripped the base of my penis and then leaned
forward and looked at Terri and I looked from one to the other and saw my two daughters, smiling at
each other. I tried to relax, but stimulation gave my penis was too much to tolerate, and my hips
involuntarily began to move to the rhythm of their manipulation.
I heard a soft voice trailed my right hand will say: "Dad Dan, you are me into the bedroom, legs
spread wide and lick pussy until I scream with pleasure? Then I want you to fuck me with my new
sister Jenny and Mama Kim there to hold hands how I lost my virginity to you. love all of you and
Daddy Dan I want you to be my first love. "He asked Terri.
Suddenly there was a wild splashing in the hot tub as well as Kim and Jenna moved at the same time
to take Terri and all three of them were crying. I watched them as they hugged each other and cried,
even though I was very moved by Terri wish I never understood why women cry in situations like
this. As a man, I would think that it was a happy moment for all three women sharing a hot tub with
me. In my mind, we should all be joyful, sharing happiness and joy.
After a few minutes of euphoria shared between the three of them, Kim looked at me said, "Dan, I
think we need to get out and go up to our room. Everybody can have a quick shower in our bathroom
before we go to bed."
Three of them got up and walked out of the tub and went to the house leaving me to cover the hot
tub. I watched the three of them went through the sliding glass doors, hand in hand. I moved quickly
to get everything done and then went into the house and locked the door before heading up the
stairs. When I got to my room I heard the shower running and their laughter and squeals of joy. My
penis has led the way through the bathroom door where I was greeted with a beautiful view of the
water cascade over the bodies of three naked nymphs. Everyone turned and extended his hand
towards me, welcoming me to their sides. As in a trance I crossed the room only to be gently pulled
under water surrounded by beautiful naked bodies. Six hands caught my body and washed it
completely. Once I was rinsed came out of the shower and towels were passed around and each of
us is dried to the person next to us.
We hugged each other as we walked out of the bathroom and into the sanctity of our bedroom.
Three women snapped and went before me, Terri sandwiched between Kim and Jenna, our King.
Other movements of all three women were synchronized, as if trying his routine before that time.
Each of them climbed to the edge of the bed and then climbed to its length before rolling over on his
back and spread their legs wide so I could see all three beautiful bare pussy. Kim put a folded towel
under Terri's ass. I watched as he stood at the end of the bed with my tongue like an old horn dog, I
took my time to enjoy exceptionally beautiful views that were presented to me. My heart was beating
a short moment I felt dizzy when I thought reality that all these three beautiful ladies were willing to
share with me. I could not believe what a privilege it was for me to stand there enjoying the
beautiful view.
Finally, the silence was interrupted when Kim said, "Dad, Dan, I think that there is someone waiting
for you to feel your best, it sometimes felt. Know that you do not need any help because you
exceptional care lover, but when you have busy south of the border I think Jenna and I will help you
with these lovely little moon. "
I began to crawl up from the end of the bed and suddenly Kim and Jenna leaned on each side and
was caught with a small light pink nipple areola nearest them between their lips. I looked briefly
when he pulled on her nipples with his lips before licking their tongues. I looked for the perfect gift
dissemination in front of me and I immediately knew that I needed to go beyond their best
performance. I worked my way into a position between Terri legs and lightly kissed Terri inner thigh
near her beautiful pussy and then I gently kissed her pussy stretched in a few places before I moved
into my exposed clitoris.
Terri responded immediately by moving the hips trying to get my lips to touch her clit again, but I
have limited their actions by giving her a feathery light kisses on her clit. I knew he was driving her
wild as he bucked his hips up and groaned. I took my time before I finally stuck out his tongue and
gently licked her clit a few times to get Terri moan loudly again before she pleaded, "Please, Daddy,
please, make me cum, I can not endure teasing like you do with me!" < br />
For some reason I could not bring myself to honor the request Terri, because to me it sounded like
she was on the edge of rationality and ecstasy. I continued to clean her clitoris with a wet tongue
that I knew that sends waves of pleasure into her body. When Terri really started bucking her hips, I
relented and attacked her clitoris with a precision of a well executed plan. I licked her inner labia,
before finally moving in the final assault, where I sucked Terri's clit into her mouth and gently
caught it between his teeth and held on to it when I licked it with my tongue. Terri sent it over the
edge causing her to buck wildly as one orgasm after another wreaked havoc on her body. After a few
moments Terri desperately tried to push his face away from her pussy stimulated sexually, which
was free-flowing condition of women. Terri was just starting to moan loudly again when I suddenly
thought that someone turned on a garden hose. Terri began squirting her female juices as she
shivered under my assault on her clit. I continued for at least another minute or so even after Terri
begged me to stop because her clit was so sensitive. When I released her clit I moved down a little
and put his tongue in her hot juicy pussy, so I could taste her feminine juices. I stayed between Terri
in creamy thighs and tongue fucked her sweet, velvety, warm and soaking wet pussy while she
calmed down from her last orgasm.
"Oh my God!" Terri cried. "I can not believe how good my body feels right now. Unrepeatable feeling
of traveling all over my body and I'm dizzy from all the stimulation you bestowed upon my body."
I got up on all fours and moved and looked into Terri's eyes and asked, "Do you want to taste it
yourself? If you have the sweetest tasting pussy and some of your juices are all over my face."
Terri reached out and put both hands behind his neck and pulled my face to her. Timidly reached out
her tongue and licked around my lips. Then he licked aggressively until Terri finally said, "Dad, Dan,
it's time for you to make me whole woman. Want you to bury your stiff cock deep in my pussy and
take her virginity. Want you to be my first lover., Please do Shit, now. "
Looking down, I reached for Terri legs and brought them so he could look down her body and see my
penis into her virgin pussy. Terri put her hands on each side for Kim and Jenna. Each of them was
holding one of Terri hands when I moved into position and rested my cock at the entrance of Terri's
beautiful bare pussy. I looked at Terri and asked her, "Are you absolutely sure you want to be a
Terri looked to his right to Kim and then left her at Jenna and then looked at me and stopped. In a
small voice, almost a whisper she said, "I love you, I love Kim and I love Jenna. Believe that all three
of you."
"With tears forming in her eyes said Terri, all of you show me real love of family, as I know before
the accident that claimed his parents.'s I made this decision lightly, so yes, Daddy Dan, I want to
give you the gift of my virginity for everything all of you have done for me. "
Both Kim and Jenna had tears in their eyes again as I pushed forward slowly, Terri plenty of
opportunities to say stop. Finally, my penis head pushed against the barrier Terri in the hymen and I
stopped. Looking into Terri's eyes I said, "That's your hymen my penis pressure. Terry I do not want
you to feel compelled to give me your virginity, because we were nice to you. I'll just push on, if you
convince me that you really want to be your first lover, because you want me to be., you know what I
mean? "
Terri looked at me and said, "Yes, Dad, please, I love you and I want you to make love to me and to
my wife. My pussy is yours for the taking, and I beg you to make me yours."
I looked at Kim and then Jenna and they both nodded approval. I watched from the corner of my eye
as Terri tightened her grip on Kim and Jenna hands in anticipation of what was to come. I looked
back at Terri and said, "I love you to Terri." As I said, I leaned forward, stretching her hymen to its
limits until it broke my penis which move a bit further. Terri wrinkled face and held her breath until
the pain of breaking her hymen back. Terri did not make noise or even whimper when her hymen
broke. I stayed where I was when I watched the pain on Terri's face come and go. Then slowly I
moved deeper into her until my penis was completely buried in her tight pussy. She smiled at me
and then looked down between us, he said, "Dad, I've got all of your cock in my pussy?"
I smiled at Terri said, "Yes, little girl, you're a woman now, dad broke my cherry for you. Hopefully
it's not too painful for you."
Kim and Jenna took turns kissing Terri, before I was allowed to rest and engage in a passionate kiss
with her. Our kiss was the most passionate kiss I've had in a while. Terri seemed to put his whole
being into that first kiss after me such a precious gift, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
We took a few chances to say I love you to each other, as we parted lips contact shortly.
When we broke our kiss, I looked down at Terri and said, "You want to control your first love?"
Terri smiled a knowing smile, so I got under her and hugged her to me and then sat on her knees,
takes her to me and my cock still deep inside her. I turned to us, and then I laid back Terri brings me
so that sat on top of my penis. Terri smiled at me saying "Dad, I knew that would be the one who's
virginity, and I'm so happy that you agreed to do it for me. Now I ride a hard penis and keep it
buried deep within my pussy until you cum. "
I looked at Terri asks, "Honey, when was your last period? Do not want to cum inside you if you are
in your fertile time of the month."
Terri replied saying, "I am because of my period for a while. Ended my last day before I came here
for the interview. So now I'm good, but I would still use the bidet immediately after sex, so I can be
absolutely sure." < br />
Terri began to slowly move up and down enjoying the first cock entered her pussy. I laid back and
enjoyed the feeling of Terri's tight virgin pussy milking my cock as she moved up and down it. The
only bad part is the tight pussy is stimulation causes man to come quickly. I told Terri that he needs
to work on her orgasm and Jenna suddenly pushed a finger between us and found Terri's clit and
started rubbing it. Terri picked up speed and pumped up and down on my penis. I felt my cum begin
to move, and warned Terri, I'm going to cum soon. Terri was gasping for breath as she bounced on
my penis says: "I'm almost there go ahead and fill my virgin pussy with his first load of cum."
Suddenly I felt the first drops of semen at the end of my penis and I reached out and grabbed Terri
hips and helped her pump up and down on my penis. I groaned and shot his load deep inside Terri
while she screamed in ecstasy as her body shook violently as her orgasm gripped her. With her
hands on her hips I held her tightly against my bare pubic area when Terri ground clutching her clit
against my pubic bone as her orgasm subsided.
When our orgasms subsided completely Terri leaned forward on his belly without my penis out of
her pussy. She has me all over my face and kissed still whispering I love you. Jenna and Kim leaned
party and we were involved in a four-way kiss, then all of us stuck to our tongues and join the duel
three other languages. "I love you" could be heard floating among the four of us, to each other.
After a while we decided that it was too late, so Kim and Jenna with Terri in the bathroom to be
cleaned. I watched three luscious asses to go to the bathroom and I followed shortly afterwards with
a towel that had been under Terri. Once I threw the towel in the trash, I went to the toilet next to the
bidet and lifted the lid before I started to urinate. Terri was using a bidet with Kim assistance and
advice, and when I started to urinate Terri looked over and watched until I finished, without saying a
word. I smiled at Terri and said: "Around the house there really is not much privacy, so you do what
you do when you have it."
After I finished, Jenna took my hand and led me to the sink and pulled out a rag and soap after
wetting, and she dropped to her knees and began to wash my penis. Once I was washed and rinsed
Jenna took care to make sure that I was completely dry. When she finished, she stood up and said, "I
love you Dad and always will."
Looking into Jenna's eyes I said, "I know, baby, I will always love you."
We were soon joined by the sink Kim and Terri and this time it was Kim who took a wash cloth and
wet and soaped her and got on his knees and washed Terri freshly fucked pussy. Jenna and I
watched as Kim had Terri spread her legs and took care to be gentle as she used to wash cloth to
clean Terri entirely. After the clean and rinse with Kim towel dried before she got up and hugged
Terri to her body and said, "I love you Terri, one can never know how much, but I love you."
With tears forming in her eyes Terri said, "Mom I love you k I love you so much. Thank you for
everything you have done for me."
Kim turned to me and said, "Honey think all four will fit in the bed tonight?"

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