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We cannot forget the Young Children of #Ferguson.

Trauma is Trauma,
Violence is Violence. Those kids have experienced sounds of gun shots,
military tanks, love ones crying, screams, tear gas, shouts... for the last
week. School had to be cancelled because of the VIOLENCE. Now
they are headed BC! " SC#OOL$
We must advocate for ental !ealth "ervices and Trauma "upport for
#Ferguson #ids and families. We "T$%% have mental health services for the
kids and families of the tragic shooting in #"andyhook in Connecticut years
later. NO% let us &ractice what we &reach. It is time to &ut !I'S
C&''(CT$C)T iddle school kids are making *+ows for !ealing* ,y +ows -
+rains https.//www.face,,ows-,rains0ref1hl and gathering ,ack to
school supplies to send to the needy communities in #Ferguson.
W$%% you 2oin us in e3orts of !ealing, !ope and 4uality (ducation in
#Ferguson ,y supporting the #ids going +ack 5 "chool in
#Ferguson issouri.
(mail.,ows-, or in,ox 7wen "amuel of the CT 8arents
)nion or call 59:;--:;:59:. We will mail +ack 5
"chool Care 8ackage to the City of Ferguson, contact person to ,e
announced, Friday <ugust 55, 59=-.