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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional league for Twenty20
cricket championship in India. It was initiated by the oard of !ontrol for
!ricket in India (!!I)" head#uartered in $umbai and is super%ised by
!!I &ice President 'a(ee% )hukla" who ser%es as the league*s !hairman
and !ommissioner. It is currently contested by nine teams" consisting of
players from around the world. It was started after an altercation between
the !!I and the Indian !ricket League
In 20+0" IPL became the first sporting e%ent e%er to be broadcast li%e on
,ouTube in association with Indiatimes. Its brand %alue is estimated to be
around -).2.// billion in fifth season.
The IPL works on a franchise0system based on the 1merican style of hiring
players and transfers. These franchises were put for auction" where the
highest bidder won the rights to own the team" representing each city. The
auction for the same took place on 2anuary 23" 2004 and the total base
price for the auction was .300 million. The auction went on to fetch
.526.7/ million.
The $umbai franchise owned by $ukesh 1mbani8s 'eliance Industries
Limited ('IL) was the most e9pensi%e franchise 0 fetching .+++./ million
closely followed by &i(ay $allya8s -nited reweries which paid .+++.:
million for the angalore franchise. $edia house ;eccan !hronicle won the
<yderabad chapter of the IPL for .+05 million" while India !ements8
!hennai franchise cost ./+ million.
ollywood also made its presence felt with two of its leading stars bagging
the ownership of their respecti%e teams 0 )hah 'ukh =han and 2uhi
!hawla8s 'ed !hillies >ntertainment buying out =olkata for .57.0/" while
Preity ?inta and her beau @ess Aadia bought the $ohali team for .5:
B$' " the infrastructure de%elopment group which who are in%ol%ed in a
pro(ect for re%amping the ;elhi airport" bagged the ownership of the ;elhi
team for .43 million and the >merging $edia " consisting of its !>C Draser
!astellino" $ano( adale and Lachlan $urdoch and other in%estors won
the rights for the 2aipur franchise for .:5 million.
Cn 2+ $arch 20+0" Pune and =ochi were un%eiled as the two new
franchises for the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League. The base
price was .227 million. Ahile Pune was bought by )ahara 1d%enture
)ports Broup for .650 million" the =ochi franchise was bought by
'endeE%ous )ports Aorld Limited for .666.6 million. The process was to
ha%e been completed on 5 $arch but was postponed by two weeks after
many bidders and the !!I ob(ected to stiff financial clauses. The second
franchise auction fetched total .506 million. C%er 200 million Indian
%iewers" +0 million international %iewers" 3 million li%e spectatorsF the Indian
Premier League (IPL) is a sports and entertainment re%olution in the
making" surpassing all records of %iewership on ground and on media.
1d%ertising re%enue and ticket sales ha%e e9ceeded all e9pectations"
making IPL highly profitable for the organiEers" broadcasters and
successful team owners. ?ealous fan followingGe%en hostility for %isiting
teamsGshows local loyalties are building up faster than anyone e9pected.
IPL was inaugurated in 2004. ;uring the same period ?ee HIndian !ricket
LeagueH was operational. It was an enormous success. The annual
tournament" played mostly in Indian summer has gone from strength to
strength and is largely %iewed as being the *richest* tournament in world
-ntil 20+2" the Indian Premier League was sponsored by ;LD after they
paid .70 million for the fi%e0year sponsorship. Pepsi took o%er the contract
for the 20+6 IPL after paying close to .52 million for the 70year contract. In
2004" )ony paid .+ billion for the broadcasting rights o%er a ten0year
period. The IPL is watched across the world and in 20+0 made history by
becoming the first sporting e%ent to be broadcast li%e on ,ouTube.
IPL Committees -
!ode of eha%iour !ommittee 0 )an(ay Patel" 'an(ib iswal" 1mitabh
!haudhary" 'a%i )hastri" 1rindam Banguly
Technica Committee - )an(ay Patel" 1nurag Thakur" 'a%i )hastri" 'an(ib
iswal" B' &ishwanath
Ente!tainment Committee - 1nirudh !haudhry" 'an(ib iswal" 1nurag
Thakur" !hetan ;esai
S"s#ect $o%in& Action Committee - )an(ay Patel" 1& 2ayaprakash"
2a%agal )rinath" ) &enkataragha%an
Go'e!nin& Co"nci (A o((ice )ea!e!s o( $CCI * Chai!man an+
,inance Committee) 0 'an(ib iswal" T! $athew" 1mitabh !houdhary"
!hetan ;esai" @ilay ;utta" )ubir Banguly" 'a%i )hastri" B' &ishwanath"
1rindam Banguly" ! = =hanna
List o( a##!o'e+ IPL 'en"es ac!oss In+ia - arabati )tadium" >den
Bardens" DeroEeshah =otla" 2)!1 International !ricket )tadium" $. 1.
!hidambaram )tadium" $. !hinnaswamy )tadium" Pun(ab !ricket
1ssociation )tadium" 'a(i% Bandhi !ricket )tadium" )ardar Patel )tadium"
Aankhede )tadium
,i!st season
This IPL was sponsored by ;LD. The inaugural season of the tournament
took place from +4 1pril I + 2une 2004. The group stages featured eight
teams playing against each other twice on home and once away basis" with
the top four progressing to the semi0finals.
The final was played in ;, Patil )tadium" @erul" @a%i $umbai. The first
winner of the tournament was 'a(asthan 'oyals" who beat !hennai )uper
=ings in a match that went down to the last ball. 'a(asthan*s )hane
Aatson was named player of the tournament.
Secon+ season
The 200/ Indian Premier League season" also known as IPL 2" was hosted
in )outh 1frica because of the Beneral elections in India and was played
for 65 days from +4 1pril I 23 $ay 200/. ;eccan !hargers beat 'oyal
!hallengers angalore in the final to take the title. (these two were placed
4th and 5th respecti%ely in the standings of pre%ious season).
Thi!+ season
The third season returned to India and it was the first IPL tournament that
was broadcast li%e on ,ouTube. The final four matches of the tournament
were screened in 6; across theatres in India. !hennai )uper
=ings defeated $umbai Indians in the finals to win their first title.
,o"!th season- De)"t o( the P"ne an+ .ochi teams
In 20++" two new teams" Pune Aarriors India (PAI) from Pune and =ochi
Tuskers =erala (=T=) from =ochi made their debut in IPL 3. <owe%er" the
bid around the =ochi franchise turned contro%ersial resulting in the
resignation of minister" )hashi Tharoor from the !entral Bo%ernment.
Later Lalit $odi was also remo%ed from IPL chairmanship by !!I. Cn 7
;ecember 20+0" it was confirmed that =ochi will take part in the fourth
season of IPL.
The addition of teams representing )ahara*s Pune Aarriors India and
the =ochi Tuskers =erala ha%e increased the number of franchises from 4
to +0. The format was changed where each team would play 7 other teams
in a home0away format. Cf the remaining" a team would play 2 at home and
2 away matches. Thus each team played +3 matches.
!hennai )uper =ings won their second consecuti%e title after defeating
'oyal !hallengers angalore by 74 runs in the final.
=ochi Tuskers =erala dissol%ed in this IPL season.
,i(th season
The fifth season featured nine teams after the termination of the =ochi
franchise. The players auction was held on 3 Debruary 20+2. $a9imum
number of players in each s#uad was increased from 60 to 66. 1 total of 5:
matches were played from 3 1pril to 25 $ay. ;elhi ;arede%ils" =olkata
=night 'iders" $umbai Indians and !hennai )uper =ings #ualified for the
playoffs. The final was hosted by !hennai on 25 $ay" where the !hennai
)uper =ings played against =olkata =night 'iders. =olkata =night 'iders
won the match by 7 wickets. This edition of the IPL was the most
competiti%e with +3 matches producing results in the %ery last o%er" and a
couple in the last ball. Towards the end of the league" it encountered many
hurdles including a spot fi9ing case" which allegedly included fi%e players
caught on a sting operation carried by a news channel.
Si/th season- Pe#si !e#acin& DL, as tite s#onso! an+ P0I
Pepsi replaced ;LD as the title sponsor. @ine teams ha%e participated in
the si9th season. The si9th season took place from 6 1pril I 2: $ay 20+6.
;eccan !hargers franchise was terminated by the IPL go%erning council
which was later replaced by )unrisers <yderabad owned by )un Broup.
!hennai )uper =ings" $umbai Indians" 'a(asthan 'oyals and )unrisers
<yderabad were the four teams in the league stage to #ualify for the
playoffs. 'a(asthan 'oyals defeated )unrisers <yderabad by 3 wickets in
the eliminator played at DeroE )hah =otla in @ew ;elhi. $umbai Indians
defeated 'a(asthan 'oyals in the second #ualifier and faced !hennai
)uper =ings in the Dinal. $umbai Indians defeated !hennai )uper =ings
by 26 runs for their first title win. )hane Aatson was named man of the
PAI dissol%ed on the same day.
Se'enth season
The league ran from +: 1pril I + 2une 20+3 and was hosted by both -1> J
India. There are eight teams participating in20+3 Indian Premier League as
Pune Aarriors India was terminated. The auction of players for the se%enth
season of IPL took place on +6 and +7 Debruary 20+3 in angalore. Dor the
second time after 20++ IPL teams were allowed to retain up to 7 players. 5
teams retained at least 2 players from the pre%ious s#uad. 1fter hosting the
first part in the -nited 1rab >mirates" the se%enth edition of Indian Premier
League returned to India on 2 $ay. ased on security demands for
the 20+3 Lok )abha >lections the %enues for some matches were shifted
outside India. =ings KI Pun(ab" =olkata =night 'iders" !hennai )uper
=ings and $umbai Indians were the four teams that made it to the playoffs.
=olkata =night 'iders defeated =ings KI Pun(ab by 24 runs in first #ualifier
to reach the final. !hennai )uper =ings faced =ings KI Pun(ab in the
second #ualifier after defeating $umbai Indians by 5 wickets in the
eliminator" =ings KI Pun(ab defeated them by 23 runs to reach the finals. In
the finals held on + 2une"=olkata =night 'iders beat =ings KI Pun(ab by 6
wickets" to become the winner of IPL 20+3. This was the second IPL they
ha%e won.Crange cap was won by =olkata =night 'iders*s 'obin -thappa
J Purple cap was won by !hennai )uper =ing*s $ohit )harma. Blenn
$a9well was named $an of the Tournament.
The winning bidders for the eight franchises (or clubs) were announced on
23 2anuary 2004. Ahile the total base price for auction was -).300
million" the auction fetched -).526.7/ million.
!hennai )uper =ings"
;elhi ;arede%ils" =ings KI Pun(ab" =olkata =night 'iders" $umbai Indians"
'a(asthan 'oyals" 'oyal !hallengers angalore and ;eccan !hargers
were the founding clubs of the new professional league.
Cn 2+ $arch 20+0" teams from Pune (Pune Aarriors India)
and =ochi (=ochi Tuskers =erala) were un%eiled as the two new clubs for
the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League. The base price was .227
million. Ahile Pune was bought by )ahara 1d%enture )ports Broup for
.650 million" the =ochi franchise was bought by 'endeE%ous )ports Aorld
Limited for .666.6 million. The second franchise auction fetched total .506
The rights to the new <yderabad franchise were awarded to the )un T&
@etwork in Cctober 20+2.
Cit1 O%ne!(s) Ca#tain
Home &!o"n+
C"!!ent Teams
@. )rini%asan (India
$) ;honi
$. 1.
!hennai" Tamil
Brandhi $allikar(una
'ao (B$')
DeroE )hah =otla
@ew ;elhi";elhi
=ings KI
Preity ?inta (P?@?
@ess Aadia (ombay
urman (;abur)"The
Cberoi Broup
Beorge ailey
P!1 )tadium
$ohali" Pun(ab
)hahrukh =han ('ed
!hillies >ntertainment)
2uhi !hawla" 2ay
$ehta ($ehta Broup)
>den Bardens
=olkata" Aest
1mbani ('eliance
Teesta 'etail
'ohit )harma
;, Patil )tadium
@a%i $umbai"
n 'oyals
$urdoch (>merging
)hilpa )hetty" 'a(
=undra (-= Tradecorp
)hane Aatson
)ardar Patel
&i(ay $allya (- Broup) &irat =ohli
$. !hinnaswamy
=alanidhi $aran ()un
;arren )ammy Tom
'a(i% Bandhi
!ricket )tadium
=ochi !ricket Pri%ate
2awaharlal @ehru
)tadium" =ochi"
<olkar !ricket
)tadium" Indore
;eccan !hronicle
<oldings Limited
'a(i% Bandhi
!ricket )tadium
)ahara 1d%enture
)ports India
)ubrata 'oy
)ahara )tadium"
There are fi%e ways that a franchise can ac#uire a playerF In the annual
auction" signing domestic players" signing uncapped players" through
trading" and signing replacements. In the trading window" the player can
only be traded with his consent. The franchise will ha%e to pay the
difference between the old contract price and the new contract price. If the
new contract is worth more than the older one" then the difference will be
shared between the player and the franchise selling the player.
)ome of the team composition rules areF
1 minimum s#uad strength of +: players plus one physiotherapist and
a coach.
@o more than ++ foreign players in the s#uad and ma9imum of four
foreign players should be in the playing ele%en.
1 minimum of +3 Indian players must be included in each s#uad.
1 minimum of si9 players from the !!I under022 pool in each
IPL games utilise tele%ision timeouts" hence there is no time limit for teams
to complete their innings. <owe%er" there may be a penalty if
the umpires find teams misusing this pri%ilege at their own choice.
1dditionally" each team is gi%en a two0and0a0half0minute Hstrategic timeoutH
during each inningsN one must be taken by the bowling team between the
:th to +0th o%ers" and the batting team between the ++th to +:th o%ers.
The total spending cap for a franchise in the first player auction was -).7
million. -nder022 players are to be remunerated with a minimum annual
salary of -).20"000 while for others it is -).70"000.
+.+ -mpires shall not make or cause to be made any public
pronouncement or media comment which is detrimental toF
(a) the game of cricket in generalN or
(b) any particular $atch between Teams in which any such -mpire is
in%ol%edN or
(c) the LeagueN or
(d) the !!IN or
(e) relations between !!I and any Team andOor Dranchisee.
+.2 -mpires shall not disclose or comment upon any alleged breach of this
!ode of !onduct or the !ode of !onduct for Players and Team Cfficials or
any hearing" report or decision arising from any such alleged breach unless
such disclosure is re#uired under the pro%isions of this !ode of !onduct or
the !ode of !onduct for Players and Team Cfficials.
+.6 -mpires shall not engage" directly or indirectly" in betting or any
conduct described in the 1ppendi9.
+.3 -mpires shall not use or in any way be concerned in the use or
distribution of illegal drugs.
+.7 -mpires shall at all times obser%e and comply with the pro%isions of
any regulation of !!I which applies to -mpires in the League including
but not limited to the Cperational 'ules.
+.: -mpires shall not engage in any conduct which is pre(udicial to the
interests of the game of cricket andOor the League.
Ahile the 2ustice $ukul $udgal report on betting and fi9ing has cast a long
shadow o%er the Indian Premier League (IPL)" some of biggest names in
world cricket are slated to go under the hammer here Aednesday at the
20+3 Pepsi IPL Player 1uction that could produce a young millionaire or
Though the $udgal !ommittee report" made public $onday" is basically a
preliminary finding" it ne%ertheless casts aspersions that cannot be wished
away. That" howe%er" does not preclude some 7+3 players getting into the
ring for the multi0crore bidding process that will shape the eight IPL teams.
Though players of strong and pro%en credentials like 2ac#ues =allis"
$ahela 2ayawardene" &irender )ehwag" =e%in Pietersen and ,u%ra( )ingh
are in the fray" indications are that the teams might be more tempted to opt
for the young and talented rather those in the twilight of their careers.
1mong the most talked about players is 260year0old @ew ?ealand all0
rounder !orey 1nderson whose recent e9ploits" notably a world record 6:0
ball C;I century against the Aest Indies" ha%e pro(ected him as a Phot
buyQ. !hances are that he might end up becoming a millionaire in the ne9t
23 hours.
Aith IPL completing fi%e seasons" the eight teams were allowed to retain a
ma9imum of fi%e players" something that only !hennai )uper =ings"
$umbai Indians and 'a(asthan 'oyals opted for while ;elhi ;arede%ils
preferred to release its entire s#uad.
'oyal !hallengers angalore preferred to retain three as against two each
by =ings KI Pun(ab" =olkata =night 'iders and )unrisers <yderabad.
Those retained include $ahendra )ingh ;honi" )uresh 'aina" 'a%indra
2ade(a" 'a%ichandran 1shwin and ;wayne ra%o (!)=)N Lasith $alinga"
=ieron Pollard" 1mbatti 'ayudu" 'ohit )harma and <arbha(an )ingh ($I)N
)tuart inny" 2ames Daulkner" 1(inkya 'ahane" )an(u )amson and )hane
Aatson ('')N 1 de &illiers" !hris Bayle" &irat =ohli ('!)N ;a%id $iller"
$anan &ohra (=KIP)N )hikhar ;hawan and ;ale )teyn ()<).
This is the first IPL auction where the bidding will be done in Indian rupees
(I@') with a total of 's.253.70 crore a%ailable across eight teams.
-ncapped Indian players will be making their debut in the auction.
The 7+30strong list features 2+/ capped players (+:/ Indians and 70
o%erseas players) and 2/2 uncapped players (277 Indians and 65 o%erseas
players). There are also three players from 1ssociate @ations" namely @iall
and =e%in C*rien from Ireland and 'yan Ten ;oeschate from the
The proceedings will commence at /F60 a.m. Aednesday and will be
conducted by 'ichard $adley" who has been associated with the auction
since the inaugural season in 2004.
Dollowing is the list of cricketers" who ha%e been sold so far in the auction
for the se%enth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).
Chennai S"#e! .in&s-
Daf ;u Plessis ()outh 1frica) 0 's.3"57"00"000
;wayne )mith (Aest Indies) 0 's.3"70"00"000
rendon $c!ullum (@ew ?ealand) 0 's.6"27"00"000
Dehi Da!e+e'is-
;inesh =arthik (India) 0 's.+2"70"00"000
=e%in Pietersen (>ngland) 0 's./"00"00"000
$urali &i(ay (India) 0 's.7"00"00"000
$ohammad )hami (India) 0 's.3"27"00"000
Ruinton ;e =ock ()outh 1frica) 0 's.6"70"00"000
$ano( Tiwary (India) 0 's.2"40"00"000
2ean0Paul ;uminy ()outh 1frica) 0 's.2"20"00"000
'ahul )harma (India) 0 's.+"/0"00"000
.in&s 4I P"n5a)-
$itchell 2ohnson (1ustralia) 0 's.:"70"00"000
Beorge ailey (1ustralia) 0 's.6"27"00"000
&irender )ehwag (India) 0 's.6"20"00"000
Ariddhiman )aha (India) 0 's.2"20"00"000
)haun $arsh (1ustralia) 0 's.2"20"00"000
!heteshwar Pu(ara (India) 0 's.+"/0"00"000
Thisara Perera ()ri Lanka) 0 's.+":0"00"000
M"m)ai In+ians-
$ichael <ussey (1ustralia) 0 's.7"00"00"000
Pragyan C(ha (India) 0 's.6"27"00"000
?aheer =han (India) 0 's.2":0"00"000
Ra5asthan Ro1as-
)te%en )mith (1ustralia) 0 's.3"00"00"000
rad <odge (1ustralia) 0 's.2"30"00"000
Ro1a Chaen&e!s $an&ao!e-
,u%ra( )ingh (India) 0 's.+3"00"00"000
$itchell )tarc (1ustralia) 0 's.7"00"00"000
1lbie $orkel ()outh 1frica) 0 's.2"30"00"000
1shok ;inda (India) 0 's.+"70"00"000
Parthi% Patel (India) 0 's.+"30"00"000
$uttiah $uralitharan ()ri Lanka) 0 's.+"00"00"000
'a%i 'ampaul ()ri Lanka) 0 's./0"00"000
S"n!ise!s H1+e!a)a+-
;a%id Aarner (1ustralia) 0 's.7"70"00"000
1mit $ishra (India) 0 's.3"57"00"000
hu%neshwar =umar (India) 0 's.3"27"00"000
1aron Dinch (1ustralia) 0 's.3"00"00"000
;arren )ammy (Aest Indies) 0 's.6"70"00"000
Ishant )harma (India) 0 's.2":0"00"000
Irfan Pathan (India) 0 's.2"30"00"000
.o6ata .ni&ht Ri+e!s-
2ac#ues =allis ()outh 1frica) 0 's.7"70"00"000
'obin -thappa (India) 0 's.7"00"00"000
Piyush !hawla (India) 0 's.3"27"00"000
,usuf Pathan (India) 0 's.6"27"00"000
)hakib 1l <asan (angladesh) 0 's.2"40"00"000
$orne $orkel ()outh 1frica) 0 's.2"40"00"000
'anganath &inay =umar (India) 0 's.2"40"00"000
-mesh ,ada% (India) 0 's.2":0"00"000
There were no takers for +3: top players" including former international
captains 'oss Taylor and $ahela 2ayawardene" in the players* auction for
the se%enth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) here Aednesday.
Dormer 1ustralian pacer rett Lee and e9plosi%e )ri Lankan opener
Tillakaratne ;ilshan were the other big names that the IPL franchises
chose to ignore.
1mong prominent Indians who went unsold were pacers 'P )ingh and
Pra%een =umar" former India spinner $urali =arthik" middle0order batsman
)ubramaniam adrinath and top 'an(i performer Panka( )ingh.
'oss Taylor (atsman) 0 2"00"00"000
Tillakaratne ;ilshan (1ll0'ounder) 0 2"00"00"000
1ngelo $athews (1ll0'ounder) 0 2"00"00"000
Pra%een =umar (owler) 0 2"00"00"000
1le9 <ales (atsman) 0 2"00"00"000
$arlon )amuels (atsman) 0 2"00"00"000
rett Lee (owler) 0 2"00"00"000
)amit Patel (1ll0'ounder) 0 2"00"00"000
$ahela 2ayawardena (atsman) 0 2"00"00"000
!raig =ieswetter (Aicket =eeper) 0 +"70"00"000
!ameron Ahite (atsman) 0 +"70"00"000
Luke Aright (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"70"00"000
'angana <erath (owler) 0 +"70"00"000
rad <ogg (owler) 0 +"70"00"000
'ikki !larke (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"70"00"000
$atthew Aade (Aicket =eeper) 0 +"00"00"000
;a%id <ussey (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
1Ehar $ahmood (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
$urali =artik (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
@athan $c!ullum (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
'obin Peterson (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
)ubramaniam adrinath (atsman) 0 +"00"00"000
Ian ell (atsman) 0 +"00"00"000
'a%i opara (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
;aniel !hristian (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
'P )ingh (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
@athan Lyon (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
Imran Tahir (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
1dam &oges (atsman) 0 +"00"00"000
2ohan otha (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
2esse 'yder (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
)achithra )enanayaka (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
Didel >dwards (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
$anpreet Bony (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
!linton $c=ay (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
Phillip <ughes (atsman) 0 +"00"00"000
&ernon Philander (1ll0'ounder) 0 +"00"00"000
Patrick !ummins (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
'yan $cLaren (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
;irk @annes (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
Aayne Parnell (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
)haun Tait (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
'obert Ruiney (atsman) 0 +"00"00"000
=emar 'oach (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
=yle $ills (owler) 0 +"00"00"000
=usal 2anith Perera (Aicket =eeper) 0 70"00"000
@aman C(ha (Aicket =eeper) 0 70"00"000
1(antha $endis (owler) 0 70"00"000
;arren ra%o (atsman) 0 70"00"000
$artin Buptill (atsman) 0 70"00"000
Tamim I#bal (atsman) 0 70"00"000
Lendl )immons (atsman) 0 70"00"000
Prasanna 2ayawardene (Aicket =eeper) 0 70"00"000
Tim Paine (Aicket =eeper) 0 70"00"000
1ndre 'ussell (1ll0'ounder) 0 70"00"000
$unaf Patel (owler) 0 70"00"000
<erschelle Bibbs (atsman) 0 70"00"000
!hris Lynn (atsman) 0 70"00"000
@eil $c=enEie (atsman) 0 70"00"000
en 'ohrer (atsman) 0 70"00"000
<amish 'utherford (atsman) 0 70"00"000
2ames Dranklin (1ll0'ounder) 0 70"00"000
2ohn <astings (1ll0'ounder) 0 70"00"000
@icky o(e (owler) 0 70"00"000
Tra%is irt (atsman) 0 70"00"000
;ean >lgar (atsman) 0 70"00"000
'ichard Le%i (atsman) 0 70"00"000
Luke Pomersbach (atsman) 0 70"00"000
=ieran Powell (atsman) 0 70"00"000
Lahiru Thirimanna (atsman) 0 70"00"000
&aughn &an 2aars%eld (atsman) 0 70"00"000
!hristopher arnwell (1ll0'ounder) 0 70"00"000
;imitri $ascarenhas (1ll0'ounder) 0 70"00"000
2ee%an $endis (1ll0'ounder) 0 70"00"000
2ackson ird (owler) 0 70"00"000
;oug ollinger (owler) 0 70"00"000
1bhimanyu $ithun (owler) 0 70"00"000
!allum Derguson (atsman) 0 70"00"000
;ilshan $unaweera (atsman) 0 70"00"000
)heldon !ottrell (owler) 0 70"00"000
2ade ;ernbach (owler) 0 70"00"000
@uwan =ulasekara (owler) 0 70"00"000
)haminda >ranga (owler) 0 70"00"000
'ory =lein%eldt (owler) 0 70"00"000
)uranga Lakmal (owler) 0 70"00"000
2ohnson !harles (Aicket =eeper) 0 60"00"000
1ndre Dletcher (Aicket =eeper) 0 60"00"000
;enesh 'amdin (Aicket =eeper) 0 60"00"000
Luke 'onchi (Aicket =eeper) 0 60"00"000
=aushal )il%a (Aicket =eeper) 0 60"00"000
;ane &ilas (Aicket =eeper) 0 60"00"000
)ulieman enn (owler) 0 60"00"000
1kila ;anan(aya (owler) 0 60"00"000
'amesh Powar (owler) 0 60"00"000
)ura( 'andi% (owler) 0 60"00"000
Darhaan ehardien (atsman) 0 60"00"000
<enry ;a%ids (atsman) 0 60"00"000
1bhina% $ukund (atsman) 0 60"00"000
-pul Tharanga (atsman) 0 60"00"000
1ndrew $c;onald (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
'oelof %an de $erwe (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
2oginder )harma (owler) 0 60"00"000
Dawad 1hmed (owler) 0 60"00"000
;e%endra ishoo (owler) 0 60"00"000
$.; )hohag BaEi (owler) 0 60"00"000
@ikita $iller (owler) 0 60"00"000
2ames $uirhead (owler) 0 60"00"000
1shley @urse (owler) 0 60"00"000
@eil room (atsman) 0 60"00"000
!olin $unro (atsman) 0 60"00"000
Dar%eeE $aharoof (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
2acob Cram (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
;a%id Aiese (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
1dam $ilne (owler) 0 60"00"000
Panka( )ingh (owler) 0 60"00"000
<emang =amal adani (atsman) 0 60"00"000
1drian arath (atsman) 0 60"00"000
Aasim 2affer (atsman) 0 60"00"000
$ohammad =aif (atsman) 0 60"00"000
!hamara =apugedera (atsman) 0 60"00"000
2ehan $ubarak (atsman) 0 60"00"000
2ustin Cntong (atsman) 0 60"00"000
>lton !higumbura (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
Brant >lliott (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
'ayad >mrit (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
;anEa <yatt (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
$ohammad $ahmudullah (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
Barey $athurin (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
1ngelo Perera (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
;ilruwan Perera (1ll0'ounder) 0 60"00"000
$archant ;e Lange (owler) 0 60"00"000
en Laughlin (owler) 0 60"00"000
$itchell $c!lenaghan (owler) 0 60"00"000
=rismar )antokie (owler) 0 60"00"000
&'& )ingh (owler) 0 60"00"000
Lonwabo Tsotsobe (owler) 0 60"00"000
)udeep Tyagi (owler) 0 60"00"000
Tino est (owler) 0 60"00"000
)imon 2ones (owler) 0 60"00"000
2erome Taylor (owler) 0 60"00"000
2uan Theron (owler) 0 60"00"000
<amish ennett (owler) 0 60"00"000
Ian utler (owler) 0 60"00"000
@uwan Pradeep (owler) 0 60"00"000
1a%ishkar )al%i (owler) 0 60"00"000
Isuru -dana (owler) 0 60"00"000
Team 899: 899; 89<9 89<< 89<8 89<= 89<>
!hennai )uper =ings ' 3th 0 0 ' ' 6rd
;elhi ;arede%ils 3th 6rd 7th +0th 6rd /th 4th
=ings KI Pun(ab 6rd 7th 4th 7th :th :th '
=olkata =night 'iders :th 4th :th 3th 0 5th 0
$umbai Indians 7th 5th ' 6rd 3th 0 3th
'a(asthan 'oyals 0 :th 5th :th 5th 6rd 7th
'oyal !hallengers
5th ' 6rd ' 7th 7th 5th
)unrisers <yderabad ;@P ;@P ;@P ;@P ;@P 3th :th
;eccan !hargers 4th 0 3th 5th 4th ;@P ;@P
Pune Aarriors India ;@P ;@P ;@P /th /th 4th ;@P
=ochi Tuskers =erala ;@P ;@P ;@P 4th ;@P ;@P ;@P
A S AinnerN ' S 'unner0upN S )emifinalistN ;@P S ;id not participateN
T; S To be decided
Team S#an Tites $est #e!(o!mance
!hennai )uper =ings 2004I20+3 2 !hampions (20+0" 20++)
=olkata =night 'iders 2004I20+3 2 !hampions (20+2" 20+3)
$umbai Indians 2004I20+3 + !hampions (20+6)
'a(asthan 'oyals 2004I20+3 + !hampions (2004)
'oyal !hallengers angalore 2004I20+3 0 'unner I -p (200/" 20++)
=ings KI Pun(ab 2004I20+3 0 'unner 0 -p (20+3)
;elhi ;arede%ils 2004I20+3 0 )emi0finals (200/)
)unrisers <yderabad 20+6I20+3 0 Playoffs >liminator(20+6)
;eccan !hargers 2004I20+2 + !hampions (200/)
Pune Aarriors India 20++I20+6 0 4th Place (20+6)
=ochi Tuskers =erala 20++020++ 0 4th Place (20++)
S De("nct Teams (no longer e9ists or play twenty20)
season Cham#ions R"nne!s-"# Semi-(inaists
No? o(
2004 Ra5asthan !hennai )uper =ings KI ;elhi 4
Ro1as =ings Pun(ab ;arede%ils
)uper =ings
S"#e! .in&s
S"#e! .in&s
!hennai )uper
!hennai )uper
=ings KI
!hennai )uper
)eason 5 of Indian Premier League (IPL 20+3) offer a total priEe money of
's. 300 million. The winning team of IPL gets a priEe money of 's.
+70 million.
!hampionsF +70 million
'unner0upF +00 million
Third placeF 57 million
Dourth placeF 57 million
@o priEe money for remaining teams
It must be noted that IPL rules mandate that half of the priEe money must
be distributed among the players.
India*s biggest property de%eloper ;LD Broup paid 2.70 billion (around
-).70 million) to be the title sponsor of the tournament for 7 years from
2004 to 20+2.
Drom 20+6 season" the 1merican food and be%erage
company Pepsi!o took o%er title sponsorship for fi%e years %alued
at 6/:4 million" and also e9clusi%e be%erage supplier for the IPL teams in
the 20+6 season.
The IPL is e9pected to bring the !!I an income of appro9imately -).+.:
billion" o%er a period of fi%e to ten years. 1ll of these re%enues are directed
to a central pool" 30T of which will go to IPL itself" 73T to franchises and
:T as priEe money. The money will be distributed in these proportions until
20+5" after which the share of IPL will be 70T" franchises 37T and priEe
money 7T. The IPL signed up =ingfisher 1irlines as the official umpire
partner for the series in a +.0: billion(-).+4 million) (appro9imately U+7
million) deal. This deal sees the $c;owells @o.+ brand on all umpires*
uniforms and also on the giant screens during third umpire decisions.

Cther sponsorships include" a deal with <ero <onda worth .22.7 million"
with Pepsi!o worth .+2.7 million" and a deal with=ingfisher at .2:.7
Cn +5 2anuary 2004 it was announced that a consortium consisting of
India*s )ony >ntertainment Tele%ision()et $a9)network and )ingapore0
based Aorld )port Broup secured the global broadcasting rights of the
Indian Premier League.
The record deal has a duration of ten years at a
cost of -).+.02: billion. 1s part of the deal" the consortium will pay the
!!I -)./+4 million for the tele%ision broadcast rights and -).+04 million
for the promotion of the tournament. This deal was challenged in the
ombay <igh !ourt by IPL" and got the ruling on its side.
1fter losing the battle in court" )ony >ntertainment Tele%ision signed a new
contract with !!I with )ony >ntertainment Tele%ision paying 45
billion (-).+.3 billion) for +0 years. Cne of the reasons for payment of this
huge amount is seen as the money re#uired to subsidise IPL*s mo%e to
)outh 1frica which will be substantially more than the pre%ious IPL. IPL had
agreed to subsidise the difference in operating cost between India and
)outh 1frica as it decided to mo%e to the 1frican nation after the security
concerns raised because of its coincidence with India*s general elections.
20T of these proceeds would go to IPL" 4T as priEe money and 52T
would be distributed to the franchisees. The money would be distributed in
these proportions until 20+2" after which the IPL would go public and list its
shares (ut in $arch 20+0" IPL decided not to go public).
)ony0A)B then re0sold parts of the broadcasting rights geographically to
other companies. It is officially broadcast on )et $a9" )et )i9 and in
internet on Times internet.
Cn 3 $arch 20+0 IT& announced it had secured the -nited =ingdom
tele%ision rights for the 20+0 Indian Premier League. IT& will tele%ise 7/ of
the :0 IPL matches on its IT&3 free to air channel.
Cn + 1pril 20++" 'ogers $edia announced that he signed a four0year
e9clusi%e deal in !anada to broadcast 6: group stage matches" 6 playoff
matches and + championship match on its channel )portsnet Cne. In the
20+2 season" its co%erage includes a weekly highlight show and four
matches on its Cmni Tele%ision multicultural stations" and the IPL Dinal was
broadcast on the main )portsnet regional channels.
0innin& $i++e! Re&iona $!oa+cast Ri&hts Te!ms o( Dea
Son1 Ente!tainment
Tee'isionB0o!+ S#o!t
India" angladesh" hutan" +0 years" 2004I20+5
(SET Ma/ an+ Son1
at 45
billion(-).+.3 billion)
The Times G!o"# Aorldwide
Blobal 'ights to
distribute on
broadband" mobile and
radio. 3 ,ears 20++I
20+3" Terms not
Maas!an&a Tee'ision angladesh
GEO S"#e! (899:C
89<9D 89<8D 89<=D 89<>)
!ontract e9tended to
Ca!ton S#o!ts
Net%o!6 (89<8C)
S!i Lan6a R"#a'ahini
Co!#o!ation- Channe
E1e (899:C89<<)
)ri Lanka Terms not released.
Net%o!6 Ten (899:)
One (899;C89<9)
1ustraliaF !urrently no
tele%ision broadcasting.
7 years" 2004I20+2 at
1.+0I+7 million.
S61 S#o!t (899:C89<9D
@ew ?ealand Terms not released.
<ong =ongF roadcast rights
on @ow T&.
2 years" 20+0I20++
terms not released.
)ingaporeF roadcast rights
on IPL !hannel.
Terms not released.
Ast!o $alaysia" runei Terms not released.
S"#e!S#o!t )outh 1frica" 1ngola" enin"
otswana" urkina Daso"
urundi" !ameroon" !ape
&erde" !entral 1frican
'epublic" !had" !omoros"
!Vte d*I%oire" ;emocratic
'epublic of the !ongo"
;(ibouti" >ritrea" >thiopia"
>#uatorial Buinea" Babon"
Bambia" Bhana" Buinea"
Buinea0issau" =enya"
Liberia" $adagascar"
$alawi" $ali" $auritius"
$oEambi#ue" @amibia"
@iger" @igeria" 'epublic of
+0 ,ears" 2004I20+5
terms not released.
the !ongo" 'wanda" )aint
<elena" 1scension and
Tristan da !unha" )Wo TomX
and PrYncipe )enegal"
)eychelles" )ierra Leone"
)outh )udan" )waEiland"
TanEania" Togo" -ganda"
?ambia" ?imbabwe
A!a) Di&ita
-nited 1rab >mirates"
1lgeria" ahrain" >gypt" Iran"
Ira#" 2ordan" =uwait"
Lebanon" Libya" $auritania"
$orocco" Cman" Palestine"
Ratar" )audi 1rabia" )udan"
)yria" Tunisia" ,emen
roadcast rights on !ricCne
+0 ,ears" 2004I20+5
terms not released.
S#o!ts(89<EC)ITA (89<
-nited =ingdomF roadcast
on IT&3.
3 ,ears 20++I20+3"
Terms not released.
S#o!tsMa/ 1nguilla" 1ntigua and
arbuda" ahamas" ritish
&irgin Islands" arbados"
ermuda" !ayman Islands"
Terms not released.
;ominica" Brenada"
Buadeloupe" Buyana"
2amaica" $artini#ue"
$ontserrat" )aint =itts and
@e%is" )aint Lucia" )aint
$artin" )int $aarten" )aint
&incent and the Brenadines"
)uriname" Trinidad and
Tobago" Turks and !aicos
Islands" -nited )tates &irgin
#!esent) Asian
Net%o!6(899:C89<9) A
TN-Asian Ra+io (899:C
!anadaF >9clusi%e
broadcast rights.
3 years" 20++I20+3
terms not released.
0io% (899:C89<9D
-nited )tates
'ights to distribute on
tele%ision" radio"
broadband and Internet"
for the IPL in @orth
1merica. 7 years"
2004I20+2" terms not
C!ic6et (89<<C)Dish
-nited )tates Terms not releasedN
channel and IPL rights
Net%o!6 (899:D
89<<) Di!ecTA (899:C
ha%e since been
merged into Aillow
The -=0based brand consultancy" rand Dinance" has %alued the IPL at
.3.+6 billion in 20+0. It was %alued at -).2.0+ billion in 200/ by the same
There are disputed figures for the profitability of the teams. Cne analyst
said that four teams out of the eight made a profit in 200/. Ahile The
Times said that all but =ings KI Pun(ab made a profit.
In 20+0" the IPL e9pects to ha%e 40 official merchandising deals. It has
signed a deal with )wiss watchmaker andelier to make official watches for
the IPL.
;!I $obile )tudios (1 di%ision of ;ot !om Infoway Limited)" in con(unction
with )igma &entures of )ingapore" ha%e (ointly ac#uired the rights to be the
e9clusi%e $obile 1pplication partner and rights holder for the Indian
Premier League cricket matches worldwide for the ne9t 4 years (including
the 20+5 season). 'ecently" they ha%e released the IPL T20 $obile
applications for iPhone" @okia )martphones and lackerry de%ices. It is
a%ailable across all other ma(or $obile platforms including
the 1ndroid" Aindows $obile" Palm J others.

The IPL negotiated a contract with the !anadian company Li%e !urrent
$edia Inc. to run and operate its portals and the minimum guarantee has
been negotiated at -).70 million o%er the ne9t +0 years. In 20+0" the
contract was nullified and the !!I decided to run the IPL ;igital properties
in0house. The official website of the tournament is
Incorporating popular forms of social media" the website now contains a
more holistic presence across all online mediums to empower user
The third season of the IPL saw interest rise dramatically in the -nited
=ingdom" due to telecasts being mo%ed from the subscription0
based )etanta )ports to the free0to0air IT&3. Lalit $odi" then chairman and
!ommissioner" also e9pressed immense satisfaction on the way IPL has
been accepted by the ritish audience. HIT& beats )ky )ports o%er the
weekend in number of %iewers. This is great going. The IT& numbers are
double that of rugby league. This is huge by all imaginations. -= figures for
%iewership on IT& already +0 times that of last year. This is (ust fantastic
news"H he said.

1 number of portals piggyback on the immense popularity of the Indian
Premier League and offer users an opportunity to play fantasy cricket
leagues specially designed for the IPL. Dantasy cricket is a game which
allows users to make a %irtual team and then allots points to them based on
how their chosen players perform in the actual matches. There are some
basic rules that need to be followed while creating a %irtual team. It is
hugely popular in India and among Indians li%ing abroad during the eight
weeks of the Indian Premier League. It can be played on official website of
<owe%er" the League has been the sub(ect of contro%ersies where
allegations of cricket betting" money laundering" termination of franchises
and spot fi9ing were witnessed. The IPL franchise has a number of issues
regarding the %iability of the business model" sponsorship fees" reduction in
the brand %alue" fees paid to players and other issues that threaten the