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Comfort and Rapport Notes

I. Basic Principles

a. Build a feeling of mutual connection on an emotional level

b. This is where you can have normal conversation and ask questions like
what do you do?

c. Talk about a wide variety of topics as opposed to talking about one subject
in detail

d. Dont make your conversation into an interview. Tell her stories in order to
get her to tell you about herself

e. Takes place in isolation

II. Verbal Rapport

a. Build trust and empathy through emotional intensity
Ex: You know life is all about moments.some moments are good mo
ments, some moments are really good moments, and some moments
are not so good. This moment right here, I feel is a good moment

b. Talk about career and work, hobbies and interests, worldviews and
principles, life goals, friends and family, relationship history.
Ex: I like to travel, and what I do allows me to do so, what about

c. Female friendly topics: fashion, pop culture, relationships

d. Ask questions and relate (youve done it, youve never done it, or you
know someone whos done it)

e. Ask more emotional questions, rather than logical questions

f. Show your vulnerable side

g. Ask interesting questions
Ex: Would you rather be on a train, dance in the rain, or feel no pain?
Ex: If you were on a desert island would you rather have a pad and a pen
or a musical instrument?

III. Non-Verbal Rapport

a. Doing activities together

b. Venue changing and moving around the venue

1. Isolation (getting her alone with you):
- Get her friends to comply
Ex: So tell me about Sara
Ex: Saras pretty interesting, whats the catch?
- Use humor
Ex: Saras kidnapping me! Does she do this to all the guys?
Ex: Im borrowing her for 2 seconds, what do I feed her?

2. Micro Logistical Rapport:
- Moving her around the venue
- Doing activities together (taking shots, dancing, playing games)

3. Macro Logistical Rapport:
- Moving her (or her group) to a new venue or going on an instant
date with her

c. Seeing each other and communicating regularly

d. Face her and maintain eye contact especially when you are listening

IV. Advanced

a. Deep Rapport - Talk about your passion and purpose and get her to open
up and share her passions. Compliment her passion and/or purpose and
relate it back to yours.
You: What thing that you haven't yet done would you most like to
Her: I want to start a charity
You: Wow thats awesome, I knew you have this save the world
vibe about you, which is really cool because Im the same way

b. Cold Reading - Telling her something about herself that she may or may
not have known

i. You seem like you are X, but really you are Y, I know
because I am the same way
Ex: You seem like the type that goes along with what others
think, but really you are totally independent, I know this
because Im the same way

ii. Female truisms things that are true about most hot women
Ex: guys give them what they want, guys stalk them, they
cant find a good man, most dates they go on are lame, etc.
Ex: I bet you go on a quit a few dates, and I bet you like the
guy at first, but then after the 1
or 2
date you lose all
attraction for herand you dont know why

V. Advanced NLP (for the advanced NLP guys)

Do you believe in love at first sight? I dont believe in love at first sight either but
I do believe that you can feel an instant connection with someone and feel
completely comfortable and relaxed but still have excitement and anticipation that
builds up and increases with little looks (head tilt) and little touches (touch her)

Are you decisive? Do you know what you want when its right in front of
you? (Self point) Imagine what it would be like to get it and then go for it without
hesitation. Or would you let opportunities slip away? (lean away).

Im just curious, we all have passions in life in things we do, what turns you on,
your thing what would it be? (LET HER TALK) So what is that makes you
attracted to this? When you are ______do you really enjoy yourself, what
happens when you ______? Its amazing when you are having an experience

There was something adorable that happened to you when you were talking
about ________. You seem like the type of person that just goes for something
you likeme Im the same way.

You tell her there are 3 things you like about her, the first is some kind of
mannerism, like the way she walks or something. Second is something she says
or has said that you liked. Then third you say... ''If I were to tell you (pause) you
will become conscious of it (pause) and stop doing it (pause) So I CAN'T tell

VI. Bonus: The Super Sexualized Version of Cajuns Question Game

1. You cant ask the same question twice
2. If you refuse to answer a question, you lose
3. Youre allowed one follow-up question
4. I go first

Questions to Ask Her:

1) How man men have you been withromantically?
Follow Up: When was the last one?

2) What was your longest relationship?
Follow Up: When did it end?

After she asks her second question say: If I want to win this game, I gotta
start asking the tough questions

3) When was the last time you masturbated?
Follow up: Where was it? Or What where you thinking about?

She should try to get revenge with her next question. If she doesnt ask a
sexual question say, You will never win the game with questions like that,
are you sure you want to ask that? If she doesnt change her answer then
give an emotionless response.

4) Wheres the craziest place youve had sex?
Follow up: You gotta tell me that story

5) Whats your favourite position?
Say, Niceyou and I are going to get along
Follow up: Whats your sexual fantasy?

6) On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate yourself in the sack?
Follow up: What about oral?

7) Are you a good kisser? (be sitting beside her, ideally on your bed)
Any response, kiss her.

Then keep escalating or whisper, ask me another question or your turn
as you continue kissing her

8) On a scale from 1-10 how wet are you right now?
Anything over 7 you just go for that
Anything less than 7 say, well we gotta fix that

VII. Infield Assignments

1. Ask comfort questions and really get to know at least 1 girl that you
approach this week.

a. Day game: If you meet during the day then have a conversation
that lasts more than 5 min. in which you are building commonalities
and relating to her interests
b. Night game; If you meet at night, isolate her and have a
conversation that lasts more than 10 min. in which you are building
commonalities and relating to her interests.

2. Play the Question Game one time this week, either on a date or with a
woman that you meet at a bar, club or lounge. You can either play the
standard version or the bonuses version provided this week. Attempt to
play it at least once this week.

3. Do at least 7 approaches this week and write the positive results down in
your success journal.

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