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Poonam Patel CIL-532 Jose Brevil

ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Unit: Sexual Reproduction in Humans
Topic: Male Reproductive System
Grade: 9

Teacher: Poonam Patel
Subject: Biology
Lesson Length: ! Minutes
Analyze Learners
"he lesson is designed ideally #or 9
grade students$ %ith a classroom population
comprised o# approximately #i#ty percent girls and #i#ty percent &oys' "he school population
is made up &y a %ide array o# students #rom varying cultures and &ac(grounds' "o &e more
precise) t%enty #ive percent A#rican American students$ #i#teen percent Mexican American
students$ t%enty percent Asian American students and #orty percent American students %ith
a total special education population o# #i#teen percent'
"his lesson is a part o# Biological Sciences$ %here students %ill d%ell into *Sexual
Reproduction in Humans+ and %ill &e exploring concepts varying #rom Pu&erty$ "he
,emale-Male Reproductive system and Sexual Health' "his lesson designed to #ocus
around auditory and visual learners'
State Objectives
Illinois State Learning Standards for Science ollege !eadiness Standards "AT#:
$%&A&'c ( .escri&e process &y %hich organisms change over time using evidence
#rom comparative anatomy and physiology$ em&ryology$ the #ossil record$ genetics
and &iochemistry'
$%&A&'b .escri&e the structures and organi/ation o# cells and tissues that underlie
&asic li#e #unctions including nutrition$ respiration$ cellular transport$ &iosynthesis and
Instructional Objectives: Students )ill be able to:
0ame di##erent organs that ma(e up o# the male reproductive system
.escri&e the #unction o# the di##erent male genital parts
.escri&e the importance o# the male genital parts in reproduction
0ame di##erent disorders o# the penis and descri&e the symptoms associated %ith the
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Poonam Patel CIL-532 Jose Brevil
Select *edia+ *aterials+ and *ethods
!ationale: "o have students understand and explore the male reproductive system$ its
#unction$ components$ its role and importance in sexual reproduction in humans' Students
%ill also loo( into di##erent disorders related to the male reproductive system'
*aterial and ,-uip.ent /eeded:
Po%er point
Po%er point print out #or each student
Internet connection to vie% interactive video #rom %%%'(idshealth'org
Students %ill need their 4ournals
Utilize *edia+ *aterials+ and *ethods
Technology Integration: ,0plain ho) students )ill use technology for learning and or
ho) the teacher )ill utilize technology for instruction:
An interactive video #rom %%%'(idshealth'org %ill &e used to sho% students diagrams and
illustrations o# the male reproductive system' "he students %ill then vie% a po%er point
presentation on male reproductive parts and #unctions to reiterate %hat they sa% on the
interactive video'
!e-uire Learner 1articipation
In-uiry Activities to over Goals: ,0plain the teaching+ and learning strategies that
you )ill use to teaching for understanding i&e& 2 , .odel engage+ e0plore+ e0plain+
elaborate+ evaluate+ or The learning cycle&
The 2 , Instructional *odel
"eacher %ill introduce students to %%%'(idshealth'org ' In#orming students a&out this
%onder#ul %e&site that deals %ith health$ teen issues and concerns a&out their &ody
and gro%ing up' "2 .inutes#
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Poonam Patel CIL-532 Jose Brevil
Students %ill vie% an interactive video #rom %%%'(idshealth'org on the male
reproductive system' "ogether they %ill explore the anatomy o# the male
reproductive system' Students %ill &e as(ed to %rite anything they thin( is important
in their 4ournals " 3 .inutes#
"eacher %ill use the detailed tutorial to #urther explore and explain the parts and
#unctions o# the di##erent male genital components' Students %ill &e reminded to ta(e
notes' "4 .inutes#
"eacher %ill then use a more detailed po%er point to explain in more detail the male
reproductive system$ parts$ #unctions$ disorders and importance in sexual reproduction'
Students %ill &e handed out each a print out o# the po%er point' "hey %ill &e told to add
notes to their handouts %hen the going through the po%er point' "$4 .inutes#
"eacher %ill recap the lesson$ during %hich they %ill as(s the class recap style
6uestions' Students can ans%er individually or as a group "5 .inutes#
"eacher %ill hand out students the home%or( pac(et and as( them to read the chapter on
Sexual reproduction "% .inutes#
,valuate 6 !evise
!evie) of 7ay8s Objectives: Give specific e0a.ples of -uestions that )ill be
as9ed to chec9 for understanding&
"o%ards the end o# the lesson the teacher during the 7Evaluate8 part$ students %ill &e as(ed
recap 6uestions i'e'
0ame some components o# the male reproductive system
9here is semen made:
9here is sperm stored:
9hat are some disorders associated %ith the male reproductive system:
!eflections on the Lesson:
Using the interactive %e&site %%%'(idshealth'org %ill de#initely &e an interesting material #or
students to learn and explore through' It is a very in#ormative %e&site %ith a vast amount o#
in#ormation' I# the material is not taught ade6uately then it can &ecome an over%helming
&lur o# content #or some students' It is #or this reason to explore the site %ith students at a
steady pace in class and also to have them use the site during their home%or($ so that they
can explore it at their o%n pace and time'
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Poonam Patel CIL-532 Jose Brevil
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