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Wireless Communication
Red Tacton
Technology is making many things
easier;. So far we have seen LAN
AN!"AN! #NT$%N$T & many more
here is new concept of ' %$( TA)T*N +
which makes the human ,o-y as a
communication network ,y name .... .AN
/.uman Area Network0. 1ocusing on the
naturalness !inevita,ility an- sense of
security conveye- ,y touching which we
call %e-tacton 2%e-3"armth !T3Touch
!Acton3Action4which coul- let people
transfer -ata to each others han-hel-s ,y
means of han-shake or a slap on the
,ack..uman Area Network is an important
over current wireless technologies such as
5luetooth ,ecause users can narrowly limit
signal recipients rather than ,roa-casting
to all -evices within given range. 6sing
%e-tacton ena,le -evices music from our
-igital au-io player in your pocket woul-
pass through your clothing
an- shoot over your ,o-y to hea-phones in
your years. #nstea- of fi--ling aroun- with
the ca,le to connect your -igital camera to
your computer you coul- transfer pictures
just ,y touching the 7) while the camera
is aroun- your neck an- since -ata can
pass from one ,o-y to another you coul-
also e8change electronics ,usiness car-s
,y shaking han-s! tra-e music files ,y
-ancing cheek to cheek etc9
1. Introduction.
2. Working principle.
3. Human Area Network.
4. Functional Features.
:.1. Touch
:.;. 5roa-,an- An-
:.<. Any e-ia
5. Applications.
=.1. *ne to one services.
=.;. $limination of
human errors.
=.<. arketing
=.:. 7ersonali>ation of
mo,ile phones an-
=.=. e-ia applications.
=.?. Security
6. Intuitie operations.
!. "omparison wit# ot#er
network tec#nologies.
$. "onclusion.
%. &e'erences.
%e-Tacton is a new .uman
Area Networking technology
that uses the surface of the
human ,o-y as a safe! high
spee- network transmission
%e-Tacton uses the minute
electric fiel-emitte- on the
surface of the human ,o-y.
Technically! it is completely
-istinct from wireless an-
A transmission path is forme-
at the moment a part of the
human ,o-y comes in contact
with a %e-Tacton transceiver.
7hysically separating en-s the
contact an- thus en-s
6sing %e-Tacton!
communication starts when
terminals carrie- ,y the user or
em,e--e- in -evices are linke-
in various com,inations
accor-ing to the user@s natural!
physical movements.on.
)ommunication is possi,le
using any ,o-y surfaces! such
as the han-s! fingers! arms!
feet! face! legs or torso.
%e-Tacton works through
shoes an- clothing as well.
2.Working principle(
%e-Tacton can achieve -uple8
communication over the human ,o-y at a
ma8imum spee- of 10 ,ps. The
%e-Tacton transmitter in-uces a weak
electric fiel- on the surface of the ,o-y.
The electric fiel- sensor /transistor or
photonic electric fiel- sensor0 -etects electric
fiel- that reaches the %e-Tacton receiver.
Signals are processe- in the receiver circuit
an- the -ata is -ownloa-e-
)ec#anism o' communication
wit# red tacton(
The transmitter sends data based on
fluctuations in the weak electric field
induced in the body. The electric field is
received using suer-sensitive electric
field sensing technology. The naturally
occurring electric fiel- in-uce- on the
surface of the human ,o-y -issipates into
the earth. Therefore! this electric fiel- is
e8ceptionally faint an- unsta,leThe suer-
sensitive electric field sensing technology
measures the weak electric fields induced
by the suer-efficient alternating electric
field induction technology develoed by
3.Human area network(
#n a--ition to the "ANs /#nternet0 an-
LANs! there are applications ,est serve-
,y .uman Area Networks /.ANs0 that
connect the last meter. .uman society is
entering an era of u,iAuitous computing!
where everything is networke-.
5y making .uman Area Networks
feasi,le! %e-Tacton will ena,le u,iAuitous
services ,ase- on human3centere-
interactions an- therefore more intimate
an- easier for people to use.
4.Functional 'eatures(
4.1 *ouc#(
Touching! gripping! sitting! walking!
stepping an- other human movements can
,e the triggers for unlocking or locking!
starting or stopping eAuipment! or
o,taining -ata. 6sing %e-Tacton!
communication starts when terminals
carrie- ,y the user or em,e--e- in -evices
are linke- in various com,inations through
physical contact accor-ing to the human@s
natural movements.
4.2 +road,and and
(uple8! interactive communication is
possi,le at a ma8imum spee- of 10,ps.
5ecause the transmission path is on the
surface of the ,o-y! transmission spee-
-oes not -eteriorate in congeste- areas
where many people are communicating at
the same time. a8imum communication
spee- may ,e slower than 10,ps
-epen-ing on the usage environment
taking a-vantage of this spee-! -evice
-rivers can ,e -ownloa-e- instantly an-
e8ecute programs can ,e sent.
4.3 An- media(
A communication environment can ,e
create- easily an- at low3cost ,y using
items close at han-! such as -esks! walls!
an- metal o,jects. B There are limitations
on the length of the con-uctor to ,e
propagate-! on installation locations! an-
on the thickness of the -ielectric to ,e
passe- through in a--ition to the human
,o-y! various con-uctors an- -ielectrics
can ,e use- as transmission me-ia.
)on-uctors an- -ielectrics may also ,e
use- in com,ination.
5.1 .ne to one serices(
$na,le one3to3one services tailore- to the
user@s situation an- tastes. Attri,ute
information recor-e- in the %e-Tacton
-evice is sent to the touche- o,jects. the
appropriate service is provi-e- ,ase- on
the attri,ute information receive- ,y the
%e-Tacton receiver.
5.2 /limination o' #uman
%e-Tacton -evices em,e--e- me-icine
,ottles transmit information on the
me-icines@ attri,utes. #f the user touches
the wrong me-icine! an alarm will trigger
on the terminal he is carrying. The alarm
soun-s only if the user actually touches the
me-icine ,ottle! re-ucing false alarms
common with passive wireless #( tags!
which can trigger simply ,y pro8imity.
Alert an- contact recor- at me-ical! long3
term care! an- chil-care facilities.
Avoi-ance of risk at construction sites /an
alarm soun-s if special eAuipment is
han-le- ,y anyone other than supervisors0
5.3 )arketing applications(
"hen a consumer stan-s in front of an
a-vertising panel! a-vertising an-
information matching his or her attri,utes
is automatically -isplaye-.
5y touching or stan-ing in front of items
they are intereste- in! consumers can get
more in3-epth.

5.4 0ersonali1ation o' mo,ile
p#ones and automo,iles(
2ust touc#ing a p#one makes it u r own(
(igital lifestyle can ,e instantly
personali>e- with just a touch. A pre3
recor-e- configuration script can ,e
em,e--e- in a mo,ile terminal with ,uilt3
in %e-Tacton transceiver."hen another
-evice with %e-Tacton capa,ilities is
touche-! personali>ation -ata an-
configuration scripts can ,e -ownloa-e-
automatically. Cour own phone num,er is
allocate- an- ,illing commences.
Automatic importing of personal a--ress
,ook an- call history. The 7) is
configure- to the user@s specifications
simply ,y touching the mouse. %oom
temperature an- lighting are customi>e-
when a switch in the living room is
2ust sitting in t#e seat triggers t#e car to
load all its presets 6ust t#e wa- u like(
The seat position an- steering wheel
height a-just to match the -river just ,y
sitting in the car. The -river@s home is set
as the -estination in the car navigation
system. The stereo plays the -river@s
favorite song. Touching the TD remote
control triggers a filterEsearch routine
accor-ing to your personal programming
5.5 )edia applications(
Wireless #ead set(
%e-Tacton can carry music or vi-eo
,etween hea-sets! mo,ile -evices!
mo,ilephones! etc.
6sers can listen to music from a
%e-Tacton player simply ,y putting on a
hea-set or hol-ing a viewer.
"onnect to t#e network ,- putting u r
laptop on t#e ta,le(
An electrically con-uctive sheet is
em,e--e- in the ta,le.
A network connection is initiate- simply
,y placing a lap3top on the ta,le. 6sing
-ifferent sheet patterns ena,les
segmentation of the ta,le into su,nets.
"alls an- partitions can ,e use- as
communication me-ia! eliminating
construction to install electrical wiring.
A- hoc networking using con-uctive
liAui- sprays is possi,le.
5.6 5ecurit- applications(
3ser eri'ication and unlocking wit#
6ust a touc#(
Automatic user authentication an- log3in
with just a touch. #( an- privileges are
recor-e- in a mo,ile %e-Tacton -evice.
)orrespon-ing %e-Tacton receivers are
installe- at security check points. The
system can provi-e authentication an-
recor- who touche- the -evice! an- when.
)arrying a mo,ile %e-Tacton3capa,le
-evice in one@s pocket! #( is verifie- an-
the -oor unlocke- when the user hol-s the
-oorkno, normally.
Secure lock a-ministration is possi,le ,y
com,ining personal verification tools such
as fingerprint #( or other ,iometric in the
mo,ile terminal. Automate- car -oor
lockEunlock just ,y touching the han-le;
unlocking a ,icycle just ,y sitting on it. As
a pass in amusement facilities.
Automatic access log 'or con'idential
document storage(
A %e-Tacton receiver in a ca,inet where
important -ocuments are store- ena,les
lock a-ministration an- keeps a recor- of
who accesse- Seat reservation
management ,y verifying that the right
person is in the right seat-ocuments at
what time. Log an- verification of the
person who touche- the terminal.
6. Intuitie operation(
*ouc# a printer to print(
7rint out where you want just ,y touching
the -esire- printer with one han- an- a 7)
or -igital camera with the other han- to
make the link. )omplicate- configurations
are re-uce- ,y -ownloa-ing -evice -rivers
Fat first touch.
(isplay note,ook 7) screen on projectors
with just a touch
3 Transfer songs to porta,le music players
from note,ook 7)s with just a touch.
Instant priate data e7c#ange(
5y shaking han-s! personal profile -ata can ,e
e8change- ,etween mo,ile terminals on the
users. /$lectronic e8change of ,usiness car-s0.
Group photos taken with -igital cameras are
instantly transferre- to in-ivi-ual@s mo,ile
terminal. (iagrams written on white ,oar-s
-uring meetings are transferre- to in-ivi-ual@s
mo,ile terminals on the spot.
!. "omparison wit# ot#er
The chart ,elow shows the positioning of
%e-Tacton with respect to e8isting
communication technologies. The focus on
u,iAuitous service has ,rought a,out the
shortening of -istances in communication.
%e-Tacton is positione- as the last 1m
solution to ultimate close3range
communication. "ireless communication
creates connections when signals arrive!
allowing for easy connections ,ecause
connectors are unnecessary. .owever! seen
from another aspect! the arriving signals
can ,e intercepte-! so security ,ecomes an
issue. "ire- communication transmits -ata
,etween two connection points! so
interception is -ifficult an- security can ,e
consi-ere- to ,e high. .owever!
connectors an- ca,les are a nuisance.
Taking the a,ove points in account!
%e-Tacton is situate- -irectly ,etween
wireless an- wire- communication. #n
other wor-s! %e-Tacton allows for easy
connection without connectors! while at
the same time allowing transmission of
-ata only ,etween two contact points. #t
thus has the feature of ,eing -ifficult to
$. "onclusion(
"e conclu-e that! when we
compare %e- Tacton with other
technology present to-ay it can
give a ,etter performance over
An- we can say that to connect the
network with in short -istances
%e- Tacton is ,est.
#n this technology there is no
pro,lem of hackers as our ,o-y is itself a
%. &e'erences(
-igit maga>ine