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Meas Sokchea
TWO more opposition sup-
porters have been sum-
monsed to appear in court
for questioning over their
alleged involvement in a
violent protest near Free-
dom Park, a move that
threatens to further desta-
bilise relations with the rul-
ing party mere weeks after
an agreement was reached
to end a historic boycott of
Thirty-five-year-old An
Paktham, a member of the
Cambodia National Rescue
Party youth wing, and 51-year-
old Pich Samnang, a tuk-tuk
driver, have been charged
with intentional violence and
joining an insurrection
against public civil servants.
According to summonses
issued last week by Phnom
Penh Municipal Court inves-
tigating judge Keo Mony,
Paktham must appear in
court on August 28 and Sam-
nang on August 26. If they
POLICE used smoke bombs
and tear gas early yesterday
to disperse demonstrators
who defied a curfew in Fer-
guson, Missouri, where a
fatal police shooting of an
unarmed black teen has
triggered a wave of rioting.
Missouri Governor Jay
Nixon declared a state of
emergency and a curfew
starting at 12:01am yesterday
until 5am for the St Louis
suburb of Ferguson, where
18-year-old Michael Brown
was shot dead by a white
police officer on August 9.
Ferguson was mostly
peaceful when the curfew
began, but a crowd of pro-
testers gathered in the area
where Brown was shot and
refused to disperse.
Riot police, backed up by
reinforcements in armoured
vehicles, hurled smoke and
tear gas canisters and slow-
ly moved in to break up the
crowd, which local media
said numbered about 200.
Seven people were arrest-
ed for failing to disperse,
said Missouri Highway
Patrol Captain Ron John-
son, the African-American
officer that Nixon put in
charge of restoring peace in
Johnson said that police
moved when they received
reports that someone appar-
ently unrelated to the pro-
tests had been shot, and
that armed individuals had
broken into a restaurant.
We have a shooting vic-
tim in critical condition that
may lose her life, said John-
son. We had a subject
standing in the middle of
the road with a handgun. We
had a police car shot at
More are
over park
deed in
US town
Pech Sotheary and Daniel Pye
BOUT 100 security
officers were deployed
in the capitals
Meanchey district
yesterday to stop a bicycle ride
involving only about 30 envi-
ronmentalists, some of whom
were dressed as animals.
Before many of the young
activists had arrived at the office
of NGO Mother Nature, which
organised the ride to raise
awareness about a planned
hydropower dam in Koh Kong
provinces Areng Valley, police
and district security guards had
gathered on either side of the
office gates.
When a truck carrying bikes
for the activists arrived outside
the Mother Nature office at
about 2pm, police instructed
the driver to take the bikes to the
local police station, where they
were impounded.
After activists gathered
together on other bikes outside,
a bizarre standoff with the secu-
rity forces ensued, as activists
dressed as animals posed for
photos in front of the helmeted
district security guards.
Heng Samnang, a youth
member of Mother Nature, said
the authorities had already
banned the group from riding
on Saturday and had issued
warnings that they would be
arrested if they continued to
organise bike rides.
The commune authorities
Police put brakes on ride
Costumed crusaders on bikes prevented from protesting dam
Police re tear gas at protesters in Ferguson,
Missouri, after they refused to honour the curfew
on Saturday evening. Demonstrations continue in
protest of the shooting of Michael Brown. AFP
Vacancy Announcement
UNOPS mission is to serve people in need by expanding the ability of the United
Nations, governments and other partners to manage projects, infrastructure and
procurement in a sustainable and efcient manner. To ensure more effective support
and oversight of ongoing projects/programs and facilitate the development of new
projects/programs, UNOPS established its Cambodia Ofce inearly 2013. This Ofce
oversees a diverse portfoliothat includes a multi-donor fundedproject tosupport the
Extraordinary Chambers inthe Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) andthe malaria programs
funded by the Global Fund to ght AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria (GFATM).
UNOPS Cambodia is urgently looking for a qualified professional to join its
Administration Team in Phnom Penh to work on GFATM-funded programs.
Position Level Deadline
Program Support Assistant / Receptionist
(9 months contract with possible extension)
LICA-3/ICS-5 31-Aug-14
Interestedapplicants arerequestedtoapplyviatheUNOPSGlobal Personnel Recruitment
More information about the contract modality and the application process can also
be found on
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to participate in the
recruitment process.
UNOPS, Phnom Penh Centers 6th Floor, Room # 628,
Corner of Sihanouk and Sothearos Blvds., 12301
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Baby factory
suspect living
in Cambodia
Laignee Barron
and Mom Kunthear

JAPANESE business-
man suspected of
human trafcking af-
ter police raided his
baby factory in Bangkok has
invited Thai ofcials to Cambo-
dia where four of his surrogate-
born offspring are being raised.
At a press conference on Sat-
urday, Thai police said they
would accept the offer, which
was extended via the fathers
self-described coordinator.
A delegation will soon be sent
to Cambodia to investigate the
well-being of the infants, ac-
cording to assistant Thai police
chief Kokiat Wongworachart.
Mitsutoki Shigeta, 24, is un-
der investigation for suspicions
that he was fathering and then
selling numerous infants across
Asia. Earlier this month, Thai
police raided Shigetas Bangkok
apartment, nding nine surro-
gate babies and a pregnant sur-
rogate mother, as well as birth
certicates linking him to an-
other six infants in Thailand.
Police believe Shigeta fa-
thered at least 15 babies in
Thailand using donor eggs, in
vitro fertilisation and 11 differ-
ent surrogate mothers. Shigeta
allegedly ed to Macau after
being tipped off about the raid.
According to Thai immigra-
tion ofcers, Shigeta has visited
Thailand over 40 times since
2012, and occasionally brought
babies out of the country with
him. Eleven of the infants, who
are between 6 months and 1
year old, are currently in the
care of the junta government,
while four others are in Cambo-
dia, where Shigeta reportedly
holds a passport due to his in-
vestments in the Kingdom.
Ministry of Commerce re-
cords show four Cambodian
businesses registered under the
name Mitsutoki Shigeta. All
four list the same phone num-
ber, which went unanswered
yesterday, and are in Sen Sok
and Chamkarmon districts.
Government ofcials, howev-
er, said they are unaware of any
investigation into Shigeta.
We have not yet received
any information, but we will
cooperate with the Thai police
should they investigate related
to this case, said Chhin Da,
deputy director of the munici-
pal anti-human trafcking and
juvenile protection unit.
The National Police and of-
cials at the ministrys passport
ofce could not be reached for
comment yesterday.
Cambodia and Thailand both
lack a legal structure regulating
surrogacy, which reproduction
ofcials said is not yet common,
or explicitly legal, in Cambodia.
The law has yet to catch up
with technology, said Dr Vor
Chivorn, director of the Repro-
ductive Health Association of
Cambodia. People are talking
more and more about it.
In 2011, a Taiwanese nation-
al was arrested for running a
commercial surrogacy service
out of Thailand and Cambo-
Police put brakes on Areng ride
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surrounded the office yesterday
as well. They said that they
would arrest us if we kept trying
to ride our bikes around town for
the Areng Valley, he said.
At about 4pm, after several
attempts to negotiate with the
security forces to stand down
and allow the riders to pass, the
activists retreated indoors, and
the police began to disperse
without incident.
The planned Stung Cheay
Areng hydropower dam has
come up against staunch oppo-
sition from residents of the val-
ley, activists and experts.
Late last year, Chinese mega-
firm Sinohydro took over from
the previous contractor, China
Guodian, to assess the area and
determine whether it would
push ahead with the construc-
tion of the dam.
Since mid-March, villagers in
the Areng Valley and their sup-
porters have blocked an access
road in an attempt to stop Sino-
hydro bringing in machinery
and workers.
In the five months the villag-
ers have blocked the road,
numerous attempts have been
made by company representa-
tives and officials to enter
the valley.
Its just a show of force, said
Mother Nature founder Alex
Gonzalez-Davidson, who spoke
at length with the police during
the stand-off yesterday to diffuse
any potential tensions.
Areng is recognised by
UNESCO, so it belongs to all
Cambodians and the people in
this world. We cannot stop pro-
testing until we win because
the Chinese company, Sinohy-
dro, plans to build the hydro-
power dam, which will affect
the valleys natural resources,
he explained. There are at least
31 endangered species in the
area and its the last strong forest
in the country.
The Areng Valley at the edge
of the Cardamom Mountain
range is home to endangered
Siamese crocodiles and a large
wild elephant population, as
well as numerous other vulner-
able species.
The Mother Nature event fol-
lowed separate protests in the
capital last week that were most-
ly free of the security presence
that public demonstrations have
attracted this year.
Hak Chanleang, Meanchey
district deputy governor, said
the authorities had blocked yes-
terdays ride because the activ-
ists had not identified what route
they planned to take or filled out
the proper paperwork.
If they want to protect the
environment, we ask that they
apply for permission from
Phnom Penh Municipal Hall
and I believe City Hall will allow
them, but they have not asked
for permission, he said.
However, Mother Nature rep-
resentatives said they informed
City Hall of their plans in line
with the requirements in the
Law on Demonstrations.
City Hall spokesman Long
Dimanche claimed the activists
would be allowed to hold a pro-
test in the future.
We will allow them to hold
demonstrations, but protocols
should be followed because we
need to prepare many things for
them, such as security and pub-
lic order. But the most important
thing is that they did not follow
the rules at all, he said.
But Am Sam Ath, technical
adviser for Licadho, said the
activists did not have to apply for
permission from the authorities
under the demonstrations law.
All they have to do is inform
the authorities five days in
advance, he said.
Mu Sochua, an opposition
Cambodia National Rescue
Party lawmaker, decried yester-
days show of force by the
I have nothing but regrets to
see that the government contin-
ues to reject the right of the peo-
ple to participate in develop-
ment, especially in preserving
the environment, she said.
All the factors of the militari-
sation of the police force . . . for
the so-called protection of the
people, its alarming and unac-
ceptable. Its going to lead to
more violence and injustice for
people who are only trying to
express their rights.
Mother Nature protesters gather in front of security ofcers in Phnom Penh yesterday in support of preserving the Areng Valley. PHA LINA
We have not yet received any
information, but we will
cooperate with the Thai police
should they investigate . . .
Retest set
October date
for students
who failed
TUDENTS who failed the
grade 12 exam earlier
this month will have
about six weeks to study for a
second shot at a high school
certicate once results are an-
nounced on August 29 and 30.
The Ministry of Education
has set October 13 as the
date for the test, which will
be held under the same
Were leaving them a
month and a half to revise
their lessons, said Minister of
Education Hang Chuon Naron.
Following reform to stamp
out cheating, bribery and
other irregularities, this
years national exam was held
earlier this month at a cost of
$4 million.
On August 11, Prime
Minister Hun Sen announced
he had intervened to demand
a retest as the number of
those who will pass wont be
high, adding that students
had not been prepared for
tougher regulations.
Chuon Naron said rumours
that less than 20 per cent
of students passed the first
exam were not true. CHHAY
ACU set to
target govt
ghost staff
Vong Sokheng
and Charles Rollet
THE Anti-Corruption Unit
announced to reporters on Fri-
day that it will crack down on
ghost names, employees who
haunt government payrolls and
keep receiving salaries despite
having left their jobs.
Om Yentieng, chairman of the
ACU, said any ghosts found in
the system will face up to two
years in jail.
We will go down to every gov-
ernment office, no matter how
big or small, he said.
Yentieng said he didnt know
how many fake employees were
lurking in the payrolls because
we dont have any basis for that
kind of evaluation.
Government ministries have
three months to root out non-
staff, he said.
Preap Kol, executive director
of Transparency International in
Cambodia, welcomed the initia-
tive, but said the ACU should
take action immediately.
The ACUs intervention will
only be effective if there are
effective mechanisms for
accountability established in
each institution to address this
problem, Preap said.
CNRP to probe organ claims
Alice Cuddy and Phak Seangly
HE opposition Cam-
bodia National Rescue
Party plans to launch
an investigation into
organ trafcking in Cambodia
following the mysterious case
of an alleged kidney ring oper-
ating out of a military hospital
in Phnom Penh.
Mu Sochua, a CNRP law-
maker and head of the newly
formed National Assembly
commission on health care,
told the Post yesterday that the
party will probe claims of organ
If there is enough evidence,
we will hold an independent
investigation, she said.
Following a post on CNRP
leader Sam Rainsys ofcial Fa-
cebook Page on Saturday briey
detailing the thriving industry,
social media users responded
with their own unveried tales
of loss and deceit.
One said that his mother-in-
law lost her kidney because of
the false report of a doctor at
Preah Ket Mealea hospital who
told her to have it removed.
Another spoke of a daily health
struggle since having a kidney
stolen by doctors.
According to Sochua, the par-
ty will today begin contacting
those who have come forward.
Rainsys post follows allega-
tions and government denials
of kidney trafcking at Preah
Ket Mealea hospital, which
he fears are just the tip of the
A police document obtained
by the Post last Sunday said
eight people had been detained
on suspicion of trafcking hu-
man organs. But at a press con-
ference the next day, Phnom
Penh deputy police chief Prum
Sothor said the case had been
dropped because the trans-
plants were part of a legal train-
ing program involving Chinese
doctors, a claim the Chinese
embassy challenged.
Rainsy said that his party
plans to question relevant gov-
ernment ofcials and the Min-
istry of Health to establish the
Police, who claimed the pre-
vious investigation was based
on a Facebook complaint,
said they would treat the alle-
gations on Rainsys post just as
seriously, but called for ofcial
complaints to be made.
If there [are allegations]
please tell me, I will bring them
to questioning, I will investi-
gate, said Keo Thea, Bureau
Chief of the Anti-Human Traf-
cking and Juvenile Protection
But Rainsy said he believed
the previous investigation was
not carried out properly.
The denials were not con-
vincing at all, he said, add-
ing that the case must be en-
trenched in interests.
People entering Preah Ket Mealea Military Hospital on August 10. Police have said arrests that day over
alleged organ trafcking were a mistake. The opposition plans to examine the original claims. PHA LINA
Condo collapse
Families to
receive ashes
of workers
HE bodies of all three
Cambodians killed in the
collapse of a condomin-
ium under construction in the
north of Bangkok have been
The search and rescue
mission ended on Friday
when the 14th and final body
was retrieved, five days after
the collapse. The accident also
injured 25 workers, five
of whom including Cambo-
dian Chhim Chan, 60 remain
in hospital.
[The victims] families de-
cided to cremate them there
and then bring the ashes back
to Cambodia, said Koy Kuong,
Foreign Ministry spokesman.
The victims families recei-
ved 6,500 baht ($200) each in
compensation from the Thai
government, but were given
no assistance to repatriate the
ashes. Thai workers reporte-
dly received more than four ti-
mes that and more for funeral
expenses, plus funds from the
construction firm.
Yat Meng, whose 20-
year-old brother died in the
collapse, said that now the
whole family will rely on me.
Breaking ban, trucks seized
Sen David

pounded nine large
trucks yesterday for
crossing the Chroy
Changvar bridge, on which a
weight limit was recently im-
posed to take pressure off of a
cracked pillar on the structures
eastern approach segment.
The stops came as Prime
Minister Hun Sen met with
Japanese Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism Min-
ister Akihiro Ohta to seek that
countrys help in renovating
the nearly 50-year-old struc-
ture, part of which was rebuilt
with Japanese funding in 1993.
Prime Minister Hun Sen
appealed to Japan via Akihiro
Ohta . . . to ask for repairs [for
the bridge], Eang Sophalleth,
Hun Sens personal spokes-
man, told reporters following
the meeting.
Masahiko Egami, head of
ground transport issues at
Japan International Coopera-
tion Agency, said that he had
already received the govern-
ments request for assistance
and that experts were inspect-
ing the bridge, in line with
standard procedure.
They have requested a
Japanese grant . . . and it de-
pends on the inspection of
the soundness of the bridge,
he said. We need time to ex-
amine the appropriateness of
the project, and we need to
get the approval of the Japa-
nese government.
Egami said that his agency
is attempting to expedite the
consideration process, which
could otherwise take up to
six months. Given the age of
the bridges approaches, he
added, it could make sense to
replace some structures, but
the bridges main span, rebuilt
in 1993, may still be sound.
Meanwhile, authorities yes-
terday placed barriers at ei-
ther end of the Chroy Chang-
var bridge, limiting the height
of vehicles able to cross after
it was found that trucks over
the 3-tonne limit were still
using the bridge when police
were absent, according to
Chroy Changvar commune
chief Pich Saroeun.
We just put it there because
we still had some truck drivers
who did not obey the Phnom
Penh municipalitys ban when
police werent controlling it all
the time, he said.
The nine vehicles impound-
ed yesterday are being held at
the Chroy Changvar district
ofce until their owners come
to pay their nes and sign con-
tracts promising not to out
the truck ban again, Saroeun
Cop among
seven caught
in drug raid
Khouth Sophak Chakrya
SIEM Reap provincial police
arrested seven people includ-
ing a police officer on Friday for
allegedly dealing and consum-
ing the meth-based drug
known as ice.
A pistol, bullets and drug
paraphernalia were seized in
Siem Reap district, according
to Chhay Rang, director of the
provincial anti-drug unit.
Three motorbikes and seven
mobile phones were also
The law makes no excep-
tions. A policeman did activi-
ties against the law and will be
punished just as anybody
would be, Nol Rong, deputy
police chief at Siem Reap town,
said yesterday.
The suspects were arrested
after villagers complained
numerous times to police about
drug activity in the area.
The local authorities always
say they are busy when we call
them to come to crack down on
the dealers, said villager Pich
Someth, 56.
Samrith Sakhon, deputy pro-
vincial prosecutor, said the
suspects were charged with
dealing and using drugs.
Barriers restrict the height of vehicles using the Chroy Changvar bridge yesterday. HONG MENEA
Traffic Law lacks foot soldiers
Joe Freeman

OW that Cambodias long-
awaited Trafc Law has made
it out of the Council of Minis-
ters and is expected to arrive in
the National Assembly later this month,
the conversation is once again turning
to the poorly paid ofcers who will ulti-
mately be responsible for enforcing it.
Dressed in light blue uniforms and
white helmets, the trafc police known
more for their efforts to solicit bribes from
motorists than their efforts to issue tick-
ets have long been singled out for their
ineffectiveness in combating widespread
reckless driving that causes an average of
ve deaths a day.
But government ofcials, trafc person-
nel and independent observers say the
behaviour of the criticised cops underlies
a problem that is rarely discussed.
No one really wants the job.
Every year, the government issues calls
for recruitment in local newspapers and
on television, and every year, few answer.
Rapid urban and rural development has
brought with it increased motor vehicle
registration. While more drivers are on
the road, more police are not.
According to the National Road Safety
Committee (NRSC), in 2013, the govern-
ment attempted to hire 1,000 new trafc
ofcers to adequately patrol street cor-
ners and busy intersections all over the
country. It was an ambitious number, as
the applications soon proved.
They only got 100 or 200 [people],
said Chan Sokol, chief of the national and
international relationships division at the
NRSC. No more people applied for that.
Its like 10 to 20 per cent [of the goal].
I think its very hard because the traf-
c police have to work harder than the
normal city ofcer. They have to stand
sometimes under the sun. They have to
do more trafc, more enforcement at the
roadside, she said, offering an explana-
tion for the woeful recruitment last year.
As for the prospects of carrying out the
new measures introduced in the legisla-
tion, which calls for passengers on mo-
torbikes to wear helmets, and for higher
nes for drunken driving a major factor
in crashes Sokol had reservations.
It may be hard if we dont have enough
trafc police to do the enforcement, she
said, adding that education is also needed.
Ear Chariya, a road safety consultant
who monitors the problem of enforce-
ment closely, says that with their num-
bers, trafc police only make up around 5
to 10 per cent of overall police forces.
For the scale of the problem, Its not
enough, he said.
Approved by the Council of Ministers
on Friday, the new law, which Chariya
predicts will pass the assembly and go
into effect in about two months time,
does not address problems of low staff-
ing or, almost as important, nonsensi-
cal shifts. Most accidents occur between
6pm and 9pm. Trafc police ofcers get
off at 6pm, he said.
Stafng is so insufcient that other
branches of the police force are some-
times called in to ll the gap.
Him Yan, director of the Public Order
Department at the Ministry of Interior,
said that trafc forces are normally con-
centrated in important locations, sug-
gesting that all the backstreets and less-
busy intersections are left unguarded.
Chev Hak, chief of the Phnom Penh
trafc police, declined to comment. His
men on the streets, however, were ea-
ger to speak anonymously about the
A trafc police ofcer stationed on a
busy Norodom Boulevard intersection
said that, normally, three people guard
the position, but it is not unusual for
one to be called away to cover a differ-
ent post. Asked about the work itself, he
spoke disparagingly about a job devoid of
Ive worked as a trafc police ofcial
for years, but there is no promotion; I just
stand and wait for time [to pass], he said.
I want to retire soon since I will be able
to look after the children, but right now,
I have no day off while the salary is only
300,000 riel [$75] per month, he said.
Another ofcer elsewhere suggested
that a salary of $200 a month would make
the job more attractive. With a nancial
bump, ofcers will not be so worried.
But it is only 300,000 riel and we have
to stand and breathe in the smoke. AD-
A policeman directs trafc during rush hour near the Independence Monument earlier this year.
The low number of personnel will hamper efforts to enforce new trafc legislation. VIREAK MAI
Ive worked as a trafc po-
lice ofcial for years, but there
is no promotion; I just stand
and wait for time [to pass].
Games store sales hit
a high with drug users
POLICE in Phnom Penh didnt
take kindly on Saturday to a
shops attempt to draw in new
clientele by extending its stock
to include illegal drugs. After
noticing that the games store
was drawing an unlikely crowd
of reprobates at hours not usu-
ally used for trading, a neigh-
bour filed a complaint to police.
When cops arrived at the scene
they saw staff packing drugs
and quickly sent them to the
Rows over for man who
paddled against the tide
A BRAZEN crime proved far
from smooth sailing for one
Kandal province man who was
nabbed by police on Saturday.
The 33-year-old suspect from
Saang district was in need of
a boat to go fishing but, seem-
ingly lacking the patience of
any self-respecting fisherman,
didnt want to save the cash.
So when he spotted a boat on
the street, police said, he
decided it was his for the tak-
ing. When police saw him on
the boat, which had been
reported missing, he was sent
back to dry land and into the
First the ring, now the
suffering for flirty thief
WHAT first appeared to be a
romantic gesture soon turned
out to be a thiefs facade at a
jewellery store in Kandal prov-
ince on Friday. Police said a
27-year-old man picked out a
ring for his girlfriend from a
Khsach Kandal district shop.
But a quick trip to the toilet
turned out to be the suspects
great escape as he and the ring
disappeared. Unluckily for him,
his shafted lover got him back,
leading police straight to his
Police detain 19 men
in late-night park raid
A TRIP to the park landed a
group of Siem Reap men in
trouble with the cops on Friday.
The men, who were regular
visitors to the park, first attract-
ed the attention of police by
wearing womens clothing. But
when police took a closer look
they realised the men were in
pursuit of sex. While cops man-
aged to nab 19 of them, many
more escaped. Those under
arrest have been ordered to
sign a contract to stop their
illicit activities. DEUMAMPIL
Neighbours intervene
in drug money dispute
refusal to give her grown son
pocket money to be spent on
drugs led to an attack on Fri-
day. According to police, when
the mother refused to feed her
sons habit, he lashed out.
Luckily a neighbour spotted the
attack and called police, who
arrested the suspect. KOH

Translated by Sen David
to be freed
Phak Seangly
AFTER blocking Poipet Inter-
national Checkpoint in protest
this weekend, vendors said
they are prepared to do so again
if 16 Cambodian workers
arrested in Thailand are not
freed today.
Over 300 rallying vendors
shut down the checkpoint on
Saturday, using carts to block
the road following the arrest
earlier this week of 16 workers
who allegedly attempted to
smuggle counterfeit goods into
the neighbouring country.
It is illegal to take fake prod-
ucts into Thailand. The Thai
customs officials are serious
about checking since the [May
22] coup, said Sek Samon, an
officer at the Cambodia-Thai-
land Border Relations Office.
Samon added that the arrest-
ed Cambodians hid their
knockoffs among other goods.
But representatives of the ven-
dors pleaded their innocence.
They were hired to transport
goods on carts and didnt know
the brand names, said repre-
sentative Nuon Nikida, 35.
During meetings on Saturday
and Sunday, officials from both
countries sought to reopen the
checkpoint by appeasing the
demonstrating vendors.
Thailand has agreed to release
[them], said Korsum Saroeurt,
Banteay Meanchey governor.
Though the workers still have
to appear in Thai court on
Tuesday, Saroeurt said he was
confident of their release.
Sao Veasna, chief of the border
relations office in Poipet, said
the workers have thumbprinted
a document claiming they trans-
ported but did not own the
counterfeit goods. ADDITIONAL
More charged in park protest
Continued from page 1

do not appear as scheduled,
we will issue the warrant of
arrest, Mony wrote.
During the July 15 protest,
at which hundreds of CNRP
supporters joined together
to call for the government to
reopen the then-heavily forti-
ed Freedom Park, the crowd
responded to the violent at-
tempts of the notoriously ag-
gressive Daun Penh security
guards to disperse them with
brutal mob beatings.
Speaking to the Post, both
Paktham and Samnang said
they would appear in court,
but rejected the charges.
Although it could ruin my
life, I must go [defend myself]
because I have never done
anything bad to people, or
even animals, Samnang said.
If there is any evidence, please
convict me. But if there is no
clear evidence, I will probably
sue Mr Keo Mony back.
Samnang, who said he is not
an ofcial CNRP member, said
that he carried a loudspeaker
in his tuk-tuk to the protest.
I am worried, he said of
his coming court date. If the
courts were independent and
neutral, he added, I would
not be worried.
Paktham also said he was not
involved in any of the violence
and was merely at the park as
an observer, adding that rath-
er than attacking the security
guards, he tried to intervene to
prevent the beatings.
When I appear [in court],
I want to ask the judge who
summonsed me what proof he
had that I fought public civil
servants, Paktham said. This
issue is politically motivated
because we are the youths of
the [opposition], he added.
Mony yesterday declined to
comment on the case.
The summonses bring the
number of CNRP supporters
and lawmakers called to court
over the violence to 14.
Three opposition party
youth activists have yet to be
granted bail.
Last week, CNRP leader Sam
Rainsy said continued arrests
and a failure to drop the ex-
isting charges against party
members would be taken as a
sign that the Kingdoms politi-
cal crisis was still ongoing.
CNRP supporters and Daun Penh district security guards clash during a protest to free Freedom Park last
month. Two more CNRP activists have been summonsed to the municipal court. HENG CHIVOAN
Workers collapse
More mass
faintings in
six factories
BOUT 130 workers
from six factories in
the capitals Vattanac
Industrial Park II fainted
on Friday and Saturday,
incidents ofcials blamed on
the health of the workers and
hysteria, despite complaints
of poor ventilation.
We did not smell any chemi-
cals or see any problems with
their working environments,
said Teun Bunthen, police chief
in Dangkor districts Kraing
Pongro commune.
Workers had been taken
to nearby health clinics, and
authorities were continuing to
investigate, Bunthen said.
A Ministry of Labour official
who asked not to be named
said chemicals or poor
ventilation was not to blame,
but rather many workers
had experienced a mass
psychogenic illness a sort
of shock when confronted
with others fainting.
But Veng Vuthy, deputy direc-
tor of Porng Teuk Health Cen-
tre, said workers had reported
a strong chemical smell.
There are many reasons
for their fainting, he said.
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 14/8/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
India will
WTO trade
INDIA will keep a pledge to
ratify a trillion-dollar global
pact on easing trade restric-
tions, a minister told media on
Saturday, adding negotiations
with fellow World Trade Organ-
ization members had not hit a
dead end.
Commerce Minister Nirmala
Sitharamans remarks marked
a softer tone to Indias stance
on the Trade Facilitation Agree-
ment, a universal customs
clearance deal that would mark
the first big global trade liber-
alisation deal in two decades.
She said she wanted to stress
the WTO negotiation process
certainly has not hit a dead
end, after New Delhi refused to
ratify the accord in down-to-the-
wire negotiations last month in
Geneva. India is seeking conces-
sions from developed nations on
food subsidies for its poor.
We are agreeing to every-
thing done in Bali, we are not
saying we are going to dishon-
our that commitment, we will
honour that commitment,
Sitharaman said.
All 160 WTO members,
including India, agreed to the
accord at the December 2013
meeting on the Indonesian
holiday island. But at the same
time she reiterated India must
have the right to ensure food
security for its hundreds of mil-
lions of poor farmers and con-
sumers through grain subsidies
that developed nations regard
as distorting trade.
The ministers remarks came
after visiting US Secretary of
State John Kerry told Prime
Minister Narendra Modi this
month that New Delhis stance
on the pact sent the wrong mes-
sage about his pro-business
governments desire to liberalise
Indias economy, which remains
state dominated. AFP
A bank teller working at a Phnom Penh branch in 2009. The ACU held its rst consultation meeting with the private sector over a proposed new anticorruption guidebook. TRACEY SHELTON
Biz guided to end corruption
Chan Muyhong

AMBODIAS Anti-Corrup-
tion Unit (ACU) held its rst
consultation meeting with
the private sector on Friday
over a proposed new anti-corruption
guidebook, encouraging rms to po-
lice themselves in the absence of any
ofcial regulation.
According to Om Yentieng, head of
the ACU, the new Guide on Anti Cor-
ruption Programs for the Private Sector
will help companies strengthen regula-
tory efforts and policing of corrupt and
informal business practices.
Yengtieng said that without any over-
arching government regulatory mea-
sures in place, it is up to the companies
themselves to be the authority on the
issue within their own organisations.
The private sector is an important
partner with the government on Cam-
bodias economic development. They
are also a key player in ghting the
problem because they are also victims
of corruption and will be so as long as it
remains an issue in our society, Yeng-
tieng said.
I believe all the companies here hate
corruption. They incur loss from it and
do want free and fair competition.
Fridays meeting was the rst of a se-
ries of private sector consultation ses-
sions the ACU will hold prior to nal-
ising the guidebook, which is expected
by the end of this year.
The ACU head stressed that the de-
velopment of the new guidelines is not
meant to presume or imply that private
sector ofcials are involved in bribing
government ofcials.
But ACU is trying to create a tool to
protect them from being in a vulner-
able position to any informal fees de-
manded from people in higher pow-
ers, he added.
In Channy, president and CEO of
Cambodias largest private nancial
institution, Acleda Bank, said the
ACUs proposed guidelines could help
tclean up public service operations
where under-the-table cash payments
are a problem.
Corruption is considered a huge risk
for businesspeople as the cost of it
additional time and money cannot
be estimated accurately, Channy told
the Post.
Eliminating corruption also means
reducing risk of doing business in
The Kingdom ranked 160th out of
177 nations in Transparency Interna-
tionals Corruption Perceptions Index
of 2013, released in December, making
the country the most corrupt in ASE-
AN, and second only to North Korea in
all of East Asia.
Srey Chanthy, independent econo-
my analyst jointly welcomed the ACUs
initiative, however said implementing
such loosely enforced guidelines across
the entire private sector is unlikely.
Corruption makes investors hesi-
tate to come to Cambodia. These
guidelines will at least help encour-
age them to come to Cambodia,
Chanthy said.
But we need strict monitoring by
the ACU to nd how much of the pri-
vate industry actually implements the
measures that are eventually set in
the guidelines.
China investigations alarming
ENSIONS in Chinas
foreign business com-
munity escalated to
new highs after Eu-
ropean companies protested
that local authorities involved
in an antitrust crackdown are
abusing their power through
intimidation tactics.
Chinese investigators are
picking on foreign compa-
nies, pressuring them into
accepting punishments and
depriving them of full hear-
ings, the European Union
Chamber of Commerce said
on Wednesday in a statement,
without naming anyone. Rep-
resentatives at the chamber,
which has about 1,800 mem-
bers in the country, declined
to elaborate on any specics
beyond the statement.
Business sentiment is dete-
riorating in China as dozens of
foreign companies, including
Germanys three biggest lux-
ury carmakers, are being tar-
geted in the countrys broadest
antitrust investigation since
the nations anti-monopoly
law went into effect six years
ago. The probes, focusing on
the car industry, have also in-
volved Japanese automakers
and General Motors Co.
Foreign companies in
China used to enjoy a lot of
incentives but theres a sense
that this era is gone, said
Kelly Liu, a consultant at the
law rm of Carroll, Burdick
& McDonough Llp in Beijing.
China is still a good invest-
ment in the mid-to-long term,
versus mature markets, but
the rules of the games have
changed, and the environ-
ment is no longer as loose and
incentives-driven as before.
The National Development
and Reform Commission, Chi-
nas main economic planner,
has taken the lead in investi-
gating possible antitrust viola-
tions in the auto industry.
Still, the European cham-
ber said it received alarming
anecdotal accounts across
industries about intimidation
tactics being used. Some are
being told not to challenge in-
vestigations, bring attorneys to
hearings, involve their respec-
tive governments or chambers
of commerce, it said.
Concerns are also mounting
that foreign companies are be-
ing disproportionally targeted
because domestic businesses
havent been investigated for
similar violations and some-
times, only the foreign partner
of a Chinese joint venture was
probed, the chamber said.
While only a handful of
auto-related companies have
acknowledged theyre under
investigation, the China Daily
has put the number at more
than 1,000, including domes-
tic companies.
Volkswagen Ags Audi, Bay-
erische Motoren Werke Ag,
Daimler Ags Mercedes-Benz,
Tata Motors Ltds Jaguar Land
Rover, Fiat SpAs Chrysler, Toy-
ota Motor Corp and Honda
Motor Co have announced
price cuts of vehicles or spare
parts since July in the wake of
the probes. General Motors Co
said on August 11 that its joint
venture with SAIC Motor Corp
has been responding to regu-
lator requests since 2012.
Its not just auto companies
under scrutiny.
Authorities raided the ofces
of Microsoft Corp last month.
Qualcomm Inc, Mead Johnson
Nutrition Co have also fallen
under anti-monopoly scrutiny
in China since last year.
The issue is drawing con-
cerns across industries as the
probes signal a new era of reg-
ulatory scrutiny in the country
and threatens to erode prot-
ability. Starbucks Corp, the
worlds largest coffee-shop
operator, had an operating
margin of 35 per cent in Asia
the year through September,
compared with 5.5 per cent
Europe, the Middle East and
Africa, according to data com-
piled by Bloomberg.
China has targeted foreign-
brand pricing in the past.
Unilever, the worlds second-
largest consumer-goods mak-
er, was ned 2 million yuan
($325,335) in 2011 for telling
the media about plans to raise
prices, which the Chinese gov-
ernment said led to hoarding
in some cities.
China has said that con-
cerns of a coordinated attack
are unfounded.
Fears that China, once
the hottest growth market
for Western rms, is turning
chillier are totally misplaced,
Chinas Xinhua News Agency
said in an unsigned commen-
tary on July 30. No company
is allowed to break laws with
impunity in China, be it Chi-
nese or foreign, state-owned
or private. BLOOMBERG
A view of the central business district of Guangzhou, China, in 2013. The
foreign business community in China has been rocked by recent probes
into alleged monopolisation of Chinese markets. BLOOMBERG
Drug giant
Roche in
for Chugai
ROCHE Holding Ag is in talks to
buy the almost 40 per cent of
Chugai Pharmaceutical Cothat
it doesnt already own to gain
full control of its Japanese part-
ner for oncology and arthritis
drugs, according to people
familiar with the matter.
Roche, the worlds biggest
maker of cancer drugs, plans to
pay about $10 billion to buy the
remaining stake in Tokyo-
based Chugai, the people said,
asking not to be identified
because the plans are private.
The deal may be announced as
early as this week, though no
final decision has been made,
one of the people said.
Chugai yesterday said it is not
currently in talks with Roche.
Roche owned 62 per cent of
Chugai as of June 30, 2014,
according to the Swiss com-
panys annual report. The drug-
makers sell the Avastin, Her-
ceptin and Tarceva tumour
treatments and developed the
Actemra arthritis medicine
Last month, Roche agreed to
buy Seragon Pharmaceuticals
Inc for as much as $1.7 billion
to gain a new generation of
experimental treatments for
breast tumours. BLOOMBERG
Serbia announces 502
state firms to be sold off
SERBIA put 502 loss-making
state-owned companies and
media outlets on sale on
Friday in a dramatic bid to cut
the countrys rising budget
deficit. The giant copper mine
at Bor, one of the biggest in
Europe, is among the
businesses that the state
privatisation agency wants
bids for by September 14.
Among the companies offered
for sale on its website are
fertiliser producer HIP
Azotara, pharmaceutical giant
Galenika, furniture maker
Simpo and agricultural group
PKB, all stalwarts of the
economy until the fall of
communism in the 1990s. AFP
Coke buys into Monster
in a deal worth $2.5B
COCA-COLA announced on
Thursday it will pay $2.15
billion for a 16.7 per cent stake
in Monster Beverage,
cementing a distribution-
based link between the two
that had added significantly to
Cokes profits. The deal would
lock in for the soft drink giant a
share of the energy drink
market, where its own brands
have lagged far behind
Monster Energy and rival Red
Bull. Coke will transfer
ownership of its energy drink
unit brands including NOS,
Full Throttle and Burn to
Monster, and take over
Monsters non-energy brands
like Hansens Natural Sodas,
Peace Tea and Huberts
Lemonade. AFP
Fitch kicks up Irelands
credit rating a notch
RATING agency Fitch on Friday
revised Irelands sovereign
credit rating up a notch to A-,
citing an employment-led
recovery with a healthier
banking system. Fitch is the
second of the big three
agencies to pull Irelands
rating up from BBB+ to A-
and thus higher into
investment grade territory. In
June, Standard & Poors was
the first to do so, citing the
eurozone members improved
domestic prospects. However
while S&P gave Irelands
economy a positive outlook
Fitch was more cautious
looking forward, giving it a
stable outlook. Debt-plagued
Ireland became the first of
the bailed-out eurozone
nations to exit an EU-IMF
rescue program last
December three years after
seeking help. AFP
Valeant effort to buy
Allergan extended
CANADAS Valeant Pharma-
ceuticals International
extended its unsolicited offer
to buy US Botox maker
Allergan on Friday until the
end of the year. The $53.5
billion offer had been due to
expire at 5pm on Saturday.
Valeant said it was now
keeping it in play until 5pm on
December 31. In June Allergan
rejected for a third time a
takeover bid from Valeant,
saying the increased offer still
substantially undervalues
the company. On a buying
spree in the past four years,
the Canadian company first
made an unsolicited cash-
and-stock buyout offer for
Allergan on April 22, valuing it
at $45.6 billion. AFP
Germanys wages must rise
ERMANY must in-
crease workers
salaries to help its
neighbours out of
the economic slump, the Eu-
ropean Unions employment
commissioner Laszlo Andor
said on Saturday.
The Hungarian said Ber-
lins big foreign trade sur-
plus was hurting its Europe-
an partners and urged it to
stimulate domestic demand
by increasing wages and
public expenditure.
The rise in salaries has
fallen behind the rise in pro-
ductivity in Germany for
more than a decade, Andor
told the German conserva-
tive daily Die Welt, in an in-
terview that was due to be
published yesterday.
Brussels was now urging
Germany, the EUs economic
powerhouse, to relax its iron
grip on wages, which he said
was indispensible for the
economic recovery of the rest
of the region.
It would be better if sala-
ries rise in parallel with pro-
ductivity, Andor added.
His comments come amid
signs of stalling growth in the
18-member eurozone, par-
ticularly its largest economies
Germany and France, as the
bloc struggles to recover from
years of nancial crisis.
Brussels now appears to be
taking a view long champi-
oned by France that a rise in
German salaries would give
the struggling eurozone a
much-needed stimulus.
Frances President Francois
Hollande this month called
on Berlin to boost spending
as the best favour Germany
could do for France and for
Europe to help growth.
Its very important that
Germany increases public
spending, stimulates demand
and reduces its excessive
trade surplus, which is hurt-
ing its European neighbours,
Andor said. Changing wage
policy is indispensible, the
Commission believes, he
told the paper.
Bundesbank chief Jens
Weidmann last month said
that German wages have
scope to rise as much as 3 per
cent because we are practi-
cally in a situation of full em-
ployment. This runs counter
to many on the German right,
including Chancellor Angela
Merkel, who believe its low-
wage policy has given the
country its competitive edge.
Pay remains a prickly issue
in Germany, which has just
approved its rst national
minimum wage to come into
effect in January 2015, despite
stiff opposition from employ-
ers. AFP
A Labour Day protester in 2010 holds a placard that reads: Against starvation wages and temporary work.
The EUs employment commissioner Laszlo Andor has said Germany companies must increase their wages
to stimulate domestic demand and help aid the European regions economic recovery. AFP
debtees set
to appeal
HOLDERS of Argentine euro-
denominated bonds said on
Friday that they were appealing
a New York courts freeze on
payment by Buenos Aires.
Lawyers for the eurobond
holders told the US district
court in New York that they
would ask an appeals court to
overrule judge Thomas Griesa,
who ordered the freeze.
Griesa had ruled that the pay-
ment to the eurobond holders
could not go ahead unless
Argentina simultaneously pays
off the hedge funds that had
sued the country to demand
payment on their bonds.
Argentina placed $539 mil-
lion into an account of Bank of
New York Mellon at the Argen-
tine central bank at the end of
June to meet a scheduled pay-
ment to holders of the countrys
restructured bonds. But Griesa
forbade the bank from transfer-
ring the money to the bond-
holders, in line with his previ-
ous 2012 ruling.
Argentina, he said, must first
comply with an order that
hedge funds which did not join
the bond restructuring program
after the countrys 2001 default
be paid in full for the $1.3 billion
in bonds they hold. AFP
headquarters in Swit-
zerland, the phone
barely stops ringing
these days. A Russian voice is
usually at the other end.
Since August 7, when
Vladimir Putins government
banned many food imports
from nations supporting sanc-
tions due to the countrys role
in the Ukraine crisis, at least 14
Russian importers have con-
tacted Intercheese. The reason
for the surge in business: Swit-
zerland hasnt joined the Euro-
pean Union, the United States,
Canada, Australia and Norway
in penalising Russia.
Russian importers are look-
ing for the cheeses they cant
get from the Europeans any-
more mozzarella, gouda and
edam, said Daniel Daetwyler,
managing director at closely
held Intercheese. The Berom-
uenster-based company sold
as much as 20 tonnes of cheese
to Russia in 2013 and will in-
crease sales to the country of
the varieties most affected by
the EU embargo, even though
it wont be able to meet the de-
mand, Daetwyler said.
Cheese is Switzerlands most
important agricultural export
and the countrys neutrality is
providing local producers with
an edge in selling Gruyere and
Emmental to 142.5 million Rus-
sians. Swiss producers shipped
431 tonnes of cheese to Russia
last year, according to the Swiss
Customs Administration, just a
fraction of the almost 63,000
tonnes exported globally.
If the embargo remains,
its possible well export more
cheese to Russia, Jacques
Bourgeois, director of the
Swiss Farmers Union, said by
phone, adding that Gruyere is
among the Swiss cheeses with
most potential as exports have
increased in recent years. But
Switzerland is a small country,
we cant just double produc-
tion from one day to another.
If theres more demand, of
course well have to see that
we can deliver.
Russia imported $25 billion
of products on the banned list
last year, $9.5 billion of which
came from nations now black-
listed, according to Capital
Economics estimates.
Border guards in Russia and
Belarus turned back trucks
loaded with cheese, yogurt and
meat, ofcials from Lithuania
and Estonia said last week.
The euro area exported more
than 292,000 tonnes of dairy
products to Russia last year,
with the Netherlands provid-
ing almost a quarter, followed
by Germany and France, ac-
cording to Eurostat.
The food-import ban has a
rather limited effect on growth
in the eurozone, Peter Vanden
Houte, chief euro-area econo-
mist at ING Groep in Brussels,
said by phone. For some areas
in the sector, oversupply could
cause prices to drop.
According to Vanden Houte,
there may be some shifts
towards Switzerland and it
may prot from higher Rus-
sian demand as a substitute
for European products but
I doubt itd be able to strongly
increase production to meet
the demand.
Emmental needs 120 days
to ripen, while Gruyere takes
six to nine months to mature.
Forty-three per cent of Swiss
milk was used to produce
cheese in 2013, according to
industry data.
Swiss businesses are going
to prot from the embargo,
David Escher, director of Swiss
Cheese Marketing, said in a
phone interview. If there is a
new market and there is new
demand, it could be interest-
ing for Switzerland, which
clearly has an advantage as it
can continue to export. It will
take some time to estimate to
which extent.
Russias afnity for premium
food offers an interesting
consumer layer to Emmi,
Switzerlands largest milk pro-
cessor, spokeswoman Sibylle
Umiker said. She declined to
say how much Emmi exported
to Russia before August 27.
Enthusiasm about the in-
crease in demand from Rus-
sian importers is partially
overshadowed by the possible
consequences of an unexpect-
ed lifting of the ban.
Theres a big danger re-
lated to it, said Intercheeses
Daetwyler. We can produce
a huge amount of mozzarella,
but if the sanctions are sud-
denly lifted, then well have
full stock and face the same
problems our neighbours in
Europe face now.
For Andrey Danilenko, head
of National Milk Produc-
ers Union in Moscow, Swiss
cheese producers could be-
come a stand-in for those in
the European Union.
Imports of Swiss cheese
to Russia may rise manifold,
Danilenko said. Switzerland
may replace exclusive cheeses
earlier shipped from other EU
countries. Previously, a lot of
cheese was imported from the
Baltic states and Poland, which
it couldnt compete with due
to higher logistics costs.
Danilenko expects produc-
tion in Russia and Belarus to
replace most of the volume
that will drop out because of
the ban. Even so, Swiss and
Serbian cheese may partially
replace the dropout, he said.
Switzerland is located be-
tween Germany, Italy and
France, so it can be a perfect
substitute for cheese from any
of these countries, he said.
Meat is also on the Swiss
shopping list for Russian im-
porters, according to Micarna
SA, a meat producer based in
Courtepin, Switzerland. The
company was contacted even
before the ban was imposed,
with requests for pork, espe-
cially bacon and sausage meat,
liver and some sausages, Dan-
iel Signer, Micarnas marketing
head, said by e-mail.
We assume they anticipat-
ed a boycott, Signer said, add-
ing that in the short term, de-
mand for Swiss meat products
has already increased. If its
economically sensible and the
export procedure is secured,
well try to meet the demand.
Fixed Deposit Interest Rates
Financial Institutions
On Deposits
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
PRASAC 5.50% 6.50% 6.50% 7.50% 8.00% 9.75%
ABA Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
ACLEDA Bank 2.50% 5.00% 3.75% 6.00% 5.00% 7.00%
ANZ Royal Bank 1.35% 3.50% 2.50% 4.00% 3.50% 5.50%
Bank of India 2.25% N/A 3.00% N/A 4.00% N/A
Cambodia Asia Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
Cambodia Mekong Bank 2.75% N/A 3.25% N/A 3.50% N/A
Cambodian Public Bank 1.75% N/A 2.75% N/A 3.50% N/A
Canadia Bank 2.50% 5.00% 3.50% 6.00% 4.75% 7.00%
Maybank 2.25% N/A 3.25% N/A 4.25% N/A
MARUHAN Japan Bank 2.00% 2.00% 3.00% 3.00% 4.50% 4.50%
RHB Indochina Bank 2.75% 4.00% 3.50% 5.00% 4.75% 6.00%
SBC Bank 3.00% N/A 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A
Union Commercial Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
An employee tests Emmentaler Switzerland AOC cheese for holes in the salting cellar at the Hupfenboden
dairy in Trubschachen, Switzerland. BLOOMBERG
Cheese-loving Russians turn
to the Swiss for their dairy fix
Switzerland is between Italy,
Germany and France, so it can
be a perfect substitute for
cheese from these countries
MORE leading Japanese auto-
makers are developing models
of their sports cars in collabo-
ration with foreign manufac-
turers of high-end vehicles.
The Japanese companies
aim to minimise development
costs by sharing the burden
with the foreign makers, while
also beneting from the over-
seas manufacturers brand
recognition. In June, Nissan
released the Skyline 200 GT-t,
a new model in its Skyline
sports car line with turbo en-
gines made by Daimler of Ger-
many. The engine was origi-
nally made for Mercedez Benz
Skyline fans have given the
new model and its engine a
warm reception, and orders
have reached about 1,800 units
in the two months since its re-
lease more than four times
Nissans initial goal.
In 2013, Toyota announced
joint development with BMW
of Germany. At a new confer-
ence at the time of the an-
nouncement, then vice chair-
man Takeshi Uchiyamada said,
We want to make the succes-
sor to the Supra, a model dis-
continued in 2002.
The chassis of a new model
Roadster convertible, made
by Mazda, is currently under
joint development with Fiat
Chrysler Automobiles, a group
operating mainly in the US.
Mazda is scheduled to an-
nounce the design of the new
model in September.
An ofcial at a major Japa-
nese automaker said the do-
mestic market for sports cars
is a small market with annual
sales of tens of thousands of
units at the most. But retail
prices per vehicle are high, so
foreign automakers have made
large prots from sports car
More Japan carmakers
letting overseas rms
do some of the driving
Nissans Skyline 200 GT-t with Daimlers turbo engine. THEYOMIURI SHIMBUN
Salam Faraj

URDISH forces, backed by
US warplanes, battled on
the weekend to retake Iraqs
largest dam from jihadist
ghters, after militants massacred
dozens of villagers.
Two months of violence have
brought Iraq to the brink of breakup,
and world powers relieved by the exit
of longtime premier Nuri al-Maliki
were sending aid to the displaced
and arms to the Kurds.
Kurdish forces attacked the Islamic
State (IS) ghters who had wrested
Mosul Dam from them a week ear-
lier, a general said.
Kurdish peshmerga, with US air
support, have seized control of the
eastern side of the dam complex,
Major General Abdulrahman Korini
told AFP, saying several jihadists had
been killed.
Meanwhile yesterday, at least 31
IS militants were killed in Syrian air
force raids in the northern province
of Raqa, a stronghold of the jihadist
ghters, a monitoring group said.
Earlier, the US said it carried out
nine airstrikes on Saturday near the
dam and the Kurdish capital Arbil in
an effort to help the Kurdish forces.
US Central Command said ghter
jets and drones had destroyed or
damaged four armoured personnel
carriers, seven armed vehicles, two
Humvees and an armoured vehicle.
Buoyed by the airstrikes US Presi-
dent Barack Obama ordered last
week, the peshmerga ghters have
tried to claw back the ground they
lost since the start of August.
The dam on the Tigris provides
electricity to much of the region, and
is crucial to irrigation in vast farming
areas in Nineveh province.
The recapture of Mosul Dam
would be one of the most signicant
achievements in a ghtback that is
also getting an increasing amount of
international material support.
A day after the European Union for-
eign ministers encouraged the blocs
member countries to send arms to
the Kurds, German Foreign Minister
Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Iraq.
Steinmeier, whose country hosts
the largest diaspora of the Yazidi reli-
gious group in the West, visited the au-
tonomous region to assess the needs
of the displaced, many of whom are
Yazidis, and the peshmerga.
Senior Kurdish ofcial Hoshyar
Zebari said that in the village of Ko-
cho, jihadists on Friday took their
revenge on its inhabitants, who hap-
pened to be mostly Yazidis who did
not ee their homes.
Human rights groups and resi-
dents say IS ghters have demanded
that members of religious minorities
in Iraqs Nineveh province, where
Kocho is located, either convert or
leave, unleashing violent reprisals on
any who refused.
Zebari put the toll at around 80
people killed in Kocho, while a senior
ofcial of one of Iraqs main Kurdish
parties said 81 had lost their lives,
and a Yazidi activist said the death
toll could be even higher.
The village lies near the northwest-
ern town of Sinjar, which the jihadists
stormed on August 3, sending tens of
thousands of civilians, many of them
Yazidi Kurds, eeing onto Mount Sin-
jar to the north.
They hid there for days with little
food or water.
Mohsen Tawwal, a Yazidi ghter,
said he saw a large number of bodies
in Kocho on Friday.
We made it into a part of Kocho
village, where residents were under
siege, but we were too late, he said
by telephone. There were corpses
everywhere. We only managed to get
two people out alive. The rest had all
been killed.
Amnesty International, which has
been documenting mass abductions
in the Sinjar area, says IS has kid-
napped thousands of Yazidis since it
launched its offensive in the region
on August 3.
Members of the Christian, Turk-
men and other minorities have also
been affected by the violence.
In New York, the United Nations
Security Council unanimously ad-
opted a resolution aimed at weaken-
ing the jihadists, who control large
areas of neighbouring Syria as well
as of Iraq.
The resolution calls on all mem-
ber states to take national measures
to suppress the ow of foreign terror-
ist ghters, and threatens sanctions
against anyone involved in their re-
cruitment. AFP
After atrocities, IS on back foot
as Kurds fight to take back dam
100 km
Baquba Baquba
border post
Mt Sinjar
peshmerga fighters
State jihadists
Controlled by:
Kurdish region
Sunni tribes
battling jihadists
Mosul Dam
River Tigris
UNDREDS of Yazidi women
who were captured by
militants in their sweep through
the town of Sinjar are being held
at scattered locations across
northern Iraq in what looks like an
attempt to co-opt them into
service as the wives of fighters.
As Islamic State militants
surged into the area two weeks
ago, snaring those who had not
managed to flee, they showed a
marked interest in detaining
women, notably the youngest and
prettiest, according to witnesses
and the women themselves.
Women were separated from
men, then younger women were
separated from older ones. Once
in custody, the women are
presented with a bleak choice.
Those who convert to Islam can be
promised a good life, with a house
of their own and implicitly a
Muslim husband.
Otherwise, they have been
told, they can expect a life
of imprisonment or,
they fear, death.
Hoshyar Zebari, a
senior Kurdish
leader, put the
number of women
detained at more
than 1,000. For the
most part, the men
entreat rather than
threaten the women
to convert, the
women say.
But the accounts
cite hardly less
attempts to coerce and intimidate
the prisoners into converting or
lose their freedom forever. The
captives describe incidents
replete with sexual innuendo and
implicit threats that keep them
constantly on edge.
The fate of some of the women
remains unknown. Instead of
running up the mountain like
many other Yazidis, Nouray
Hassan Ali, 40, took shelter in the
home of a nearby relative.
After Kurdish peshmerga and
local Yazidi fighters ran out of
ammunition and began to flee,
around 10 IS fighters burst into
the house. They ordered the
family outside, lined them up and
then divided them into groups
according to age and gender. Ali,
her six children and the other
mothers were taken indoors and
put into a room.
When one fighter entered
with water for a thirsty
child, he glimpsed at Alis
15-year-old daughter and
beckoned her to leave
the room.
Then, the women heard
gunshots, followed by
silence. They stepped
outside. The bodies of
eight men, including Alis
husband, lay sprawled
around the house. The
young women, including
her daughter, had gone.
Ali has not heard word
of her since. THE
Kurdish peshmerga ghters stand behind
a sand barricade yesterday, about 45km
south of the oil hub city of Kirkuk. AFP
Noura Hassan Ali.

END in Asia FHI

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In light of recent comments that have been made about Oknha Ly Yong Phat,
Phnom Penh Sugar Company would like to categorically state that Okhna Ly
Yong Phat has absolutely no involvement in management or ownership of
the Khon Kaen Sugar and Mitr Phol Sugar companies in Koh Kong and Oddor

As such, any accusations that have been made against Okhna Ly Yong Phat with
regard to activities in Koh Kong and Oddor Meanchey are irresponsible and
entirely without foundation.

In one particular case Mr. Ieng Vuthy of Equitable Cambodia was quoted by an
online Khmer news portal as saying in a press conference on 13 August 2014
that Oknha Ly Yong Phat is the local partner of three companies related to
Khon Kaen Sugar; Angkor Sugar Company, Tonle Sugar Cane Company and Cane
and Sugar Valley Company. Such a statement is factually incorrect and entirely
misleading. It is also causing irreparable damage to the reputation of Okhna Ly
Yong Phat himself as well as that of his business, Phnom Penh Sugar.
Oknha Ly Yong Phat is the owner of the Phnom Penh Sugar company in Kam-
pong Speu and to date the company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars
in the state-of-the-art reinery as well as in the surrounding community.

As the lessee of 9312 hectares of land in Kampong Speu, Phnom Penh Sugar
has built the countrys most modern sugar reinery which supplies sugar to
the domestic market. In doing so the company is reducing the need for foreign
imports and is creating thousands of jobs in Kampong Speu. Phnom Penh Sugar
is also providing electricity, water, roads, a school and a dam for use by local

Oknha Ly Yong Phat and Phnom Penh Sugar fully intend to continue investing in
Kampong Speu for the beneit of those living there as well as for the continued
development of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia.
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Ukraine forces push
into rebel-held city
battled into a key
rebel bastion as
fresh claims that
rocket launchers had crossed
over from Russia stoked ten-
sions yesterday ahead of talks
between Kiev and Moscows
top diplomats.
The foreign ministers of
Russia, Ukraine, Germany and
France gathered for a snap
meeting in Berlin, after West-
ern leaders had scrambled
frantically to contain the crisis
in Ukraine.
Kievs military said it hoisted
the national ag over a district
police station in a northeast
suburb of the second-largest
rebel bastion of Lugansk after
a erce battle with pro-Russian
separatists on Saturday.
A push into the city limits of
the stricken 420,000-strong in-
dustrial hub would be a major
breakthrough for government
forces after four months of
ghting that has claimed more
than 2,100 lives and brought
the region to the brink of a hu-
manitarian catastrophe.
Ukraine also ramped up
the stakes before the talks in
Germany by alleging another
military convoy, including
three Grad rocket systems, had
crossed over from Russia.
The claims come as furore still
swirls over Kievs boasts that it
destroyed part of a Russian ar-
moured convoy that breached
the frontier on Thursday.
Ukraines Foreign Minister
Pavlo Klimkin said yesterdays
talks with his Russian counter-
part Sergei Lavrov would not
be easy as Germany also de-
manded that Moscow clarify
rebel claims that rebels had
received hundreds of ghters
trained in Russia to bolster
their agging insurgency.
Alexander Zakharchenko,
prime minister of the self-
proclaimed Donetsk Peoples
Republic, said in a video post-
ed online on Saturday that
rebel forces had welcomed
1,200 personnel who have re-
ceived four months of training
on Russian territory as well as
150 items of military hardware,
including tanks.
President Vladimir Putins
spokesman denied the claim
that the insurgents had just
received a large shipment of
weapons and armoured ve-
hicles from Russia. He did not,
however, mention the rebels
claim of having been sent an
injection of troops trained on
Russian territory. AFP
Curfew in
riot-hit US
town deed
Continued from page 1
tonight. And, yes, I think that
was a proper response tonight,
to maintain officer safety and
public safety.
Antonio French, an area
politician who was with the
protesters when police moved
in, wrote that some were ready
for violence.
I can tell you firsthand that
some of the people that
remained tonight were armed.
Were ready for a fight. And
wanted to injure police, he
wrote on Twitter.
He also wrote: Its important
to differentiate the protestors
from those violent opportun-
ists that are not thinking about
#MikeBrown or justice. #Fer-
Governor Nixon said he
ordered the emergency meas-
ures to protect the people and
property of Ferguson after
looters raided town stores and
scuffled with police overnight
Friday to Saturday.
Nixon, speaking at a press
conference on Saturday held at
a local church, was repeatedly
interrupted by locals angered
by an apparent lack of account-
ability for the largely white
police force responsible for
Browns death in the majority
black area.
Excuse me, governor, you
need to charge that police offic-
er with murder, said a heckler,
referring to the white officer
who shot Brown. Yeah! cried
out supporters.
Riot police fired tear gas and
clashed with looters in the ear-
ly hours of Saturday, after police
named Brown as a suspect in
the robbery of a Ferguson con-
venience store.
Gangs of thieves targeted sev-
eral stores, including the one
that Brown allegedly robbed
just before he was shot dead on
August 9. Protesters also hurled
Molotov cocktails and bricks at
police, who responded with
tear gas, smoke bombs and
rubber bullets but they mostly
stayed at a distance in armoured
vehicles and riot gear.
In some cases locals locked
arms outside stores to keep
looters out, and in other stores
owners showed up with rifles
and sidearms.
Browns family appealed for
calm, but accused authorities
of a devious attempt to smear
their sons character after police
released surveillance video of
the store robbery. The video
shows a young black man car-
rying cigars out of a conven-
ience store, and pushing anoth-
er man who tries to stop him.
The robbery occurred just
minutes before the policeman
shot Brown dead, but police
said the officer stopped the teen
for walking in the middle of the
street and did not know of the
robbery. AFP
People scramble as police re tear gas at demonstrators protesting the
shooting of Michael Brown, early yesterday in Ferguson, Missouri. AFP
Trucks allegedly carrying Russian aid approach a Ukrainian border
checkpoint yesterday. AFP

Cholera fears as Nepal
flooding toll nears 100
RESCUERS yesterday found 12
more bodies buried under mud
and debris to bring the death
toll from landslides and
flooding in Nepal to 97,
sparking fears of a cholera
outbreak. Torrential rain last
week triggered multiple
landslides and flooding,
stranding thousands of
villagers and leaving a trail of
death and destruction in the
Himalayan nation. The rains
have damaged roads across
the countrys western plains
bordering India, forcing officials
to use helicopters to rescue
stranded people and deliver
emergency supplies. AFP
Talks resume as Gaza
truce to expire again
ISRAEL warned yesterday it
would not countenance any
long-term truce deal that did
not answer its security needs
as Gaza ceasefire talks
resumed in Cairo. Egyptian-
brokered indirect negotiations
between Israel and the
Palestinians are taking place
during a five-day lull in the
fighting which is due to expire
at midnight today. The aim is
to broker a long-term
arrangement to halt over a
month of bloody fighting which
erupted on July 8 and has so
far killed 1,980 Palestinians
and 67 Israelis. AFP
Anti-Occupy rally in HK
ENS of thousands of
people, some waving
Chinese ags and oth-
ers apparently paid to
show up, marched in Hong
Kong yesterday to protest
against a pro-democracy cam-
paign to blockade the business
district unless Beijing grants
acceptable electoral reforms.
The rally in searing sum-
mer heat came around seven
weeks after rival pro-democ-
racy protesters staged a mass
march seeking a greater say in
how the future leader of their
city is chosen.
Paul Yip, a statistician at
Hong Kong University said an
estimated 57,000 attended the
rally. This compared to inde-
pendent estimates of the July
1 march ranging from 122,000-
172,000 people.
Public discontent in the city
is at its highest for years, with
concern at perceived interfer-
ence by Beijing and growing
divisions over how the next
chief executive should be cho-
sen in 2017 under planned po-
litical reforms.
Pro-democracy campaign-
ers from the Occupy Central
group have pledged to mobi-
lise thousands of protesters
to block roads in the Central
nancial district later this year
if authorities reject the publics
right to nominate candidates
for the post.
But the movement has been
strongly criticised by Beijing
and city ofcials as illegal, rad-
ical and potentially violent.
Organisers of yesterdays ral-
ly, the Alliance for Peace and
Democracy, say the silent ma-
jority in the city of seven mil-
lion do not support Occupy.
Thousands, with many wear-
ing red clothes to indicate their
allegiance to Beijing, lled the
park. Some carried a banner
reading Long live the Chinese
Communist Party.
Some participants in the
march, attended by several
groups with ties to different
Chinese provinces, were un-
sure why they were there.
An 18-year-old Shenzhen
resident who had arrived in
Hong Kong that morning told
AFP he was not very sure
why he was taking part, and
only attended because his
friend had asked him to.
There were also accusations
that some participants received
food or other incentives and
were mobilised by pro-Beijing
groups in Hong Kong.
An undercover report said
some people who were bussed
to the rally received a transpor-
tation fee of H$200 ($25.80).
Some groups held banners rep-
resenting different mainland
Chinese afliations and state-
run conglomerates. AFP
People hold the Chinese and Hong Kong ags at a rally yesterday. AFP
Indonesia ferry sinks,
10 foreigners missing
TEN foreign tourists and ve
Indonesians were missing
yesterday after a boat sank be-
tween islands in the east of the
country, while 10 others had
been rescued, search and res-
cue ofcials said.
The vessel hit a reef and went
down on Saturday en route
from Lombok island to Komo-
do island, home of the Komo-
do dragon the worlds biggest
lizard and a draw for tourists.
Those rescued were from
New Zealand, Britain, Spain,
the Netherlands, Germany
and France, said Budiawan, a
search and rescue ofcial who
like many Indonesians goes by
one name.
The nationalities of the miss-
ing foreigners was not imme-
diately clear. The missing In-
donesians were four boat crew
members and a tour guide.
A tourist boat with 25 people
on board capsized while sail-
ing from Lombok island to Ko-
modo island, said Budiawan,
who is based on Lombok.
We rescued 10 foreigners
while 10 other foreigners and
ve Indonesians remain miss-
ing. We launched a search op-
eration as soon as we received
the report this morning.
The boat went down near
Bima, a town on Sumbawa is-
land. Suryaman, a search and
rescue ofcial in the town, said
the boat sank in the early hours
of Saturday but those rescued
were not recovered until the
evening of the same day.
The incident took place . . .
when the boat hit a reef and
sank. Fishermen managed to
rescue ve of them alive later
at night on Saturday, and ve
other foreigners were rescued
by a sailing boat, the ofcial
told AFP.
Another search agency of-
cial on Lombok said ve of
the rescued foreigners were at
a hospital in Bima while the
ve others were on Sangeang
island, about 45 kilometres
northeast of Bima.
The British Embassy said it
was aware that its nationals
might be involved.
We are in touch with the
local authorities and stand
ready to provide consular as-
sistance, a spokesman said.
Indonesia relies heavily on
boats to connect its more than
17,000 islands, but has a poor
maritime safety record.
Two vessels sank last month
in different parts of the archi-
pelago as millions of people
travelled for the Muslim Eid
holiday, leaving at least 36
people dead. AFP
Short-term Consultancy Opportunity
In collaboration with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, the Deutsche
GesellschaftfrInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) implements the
technical module of the German Social Health Protection Project(SHPP)
funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and
Development (BMZ) to improve the access of the poor and vulnerable
to effective and affordable health care, and increase utilisation of
services. SHPP supports three out of ve strategic areas of Cambodias
second Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015: health care services, health
care nancing and health system governance. In the area of health
care nancing, the project aims at extending social health protection
mechanisms in Cambodia by providing technical assistance and policy
advice at national and provincial level. The project also aims at making
evidence for policy-making to key stakeholders. As part of the work on
evidence of SHPP, GIZ is looking for a short-term consultant to implement
a secondary analysis of statistical data on health seeking patterns and
health related expenditure among vulnerable groups in Cambodia (old
people and people leaving with disabilities).
Description of Services
The consultant shall complete a secondary analysis of publicly accessible
statistical data from the Cambodian Socio-Economic Surveys (CSES)
2004, 2007, 2009 and 2013, and of the Demographic and Health Survey
(CDHS) 2005 and 2010. Analysis shall be conducted using existing
methodologies. Detailed terms of reference should be obtained upon
request to GIZ. Estimated volume of work: 20 days
Prole and skills of the consultant
Post-graduate degree (preferably at PhD level) from an internationally
recognised institution in a relevant eld such as statistics, social
statistics or demographics;
Expertise in STATA statistical analysis software (software license will
not be provided by GIZ);
Prociency standard ofce production software (Microsoft Ofce);
Good knowledge of statistical analytical methods in particular as used
in determining catastrophic health expenditure;
Proven track-record on academic publication (as rst or co-author);
Ability to work independently and to deliver upon strict timelines;
5-10 years relevant professional experience;
Prociency in English, written and spoken.
Should you be interested in carrying out the aforementioned tasks,
please submit a letter of interest with an updated CV, a separate technical
proposal and a nancial proposal to GIZ Ofce Phnom Penh by 17:00h on
the 29
of August 2014 to or to the below address:
Ms. Channa Duk; GIZ Ofce Phnom Penh;
# 17, Street 306, BoeungKeng Kang 1,Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh
Women are encouraged to apply. The local consultant shall not be a civil
servant of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Only shortlisted candidates will be
considered and contacted.
You can also nd this job advertisement on our facebook:
TWO contestants in the
just-ended Chess Olym-
piad in northern Norway
died on the events nal
day, apparently from nat-
ural causes, according
to police.
A player from the Sey-
chelles in his late 60s col-
lapsed in the middle of a
game on Thursday, the last
day of the prestigious world
chess nals in the Arctic city
of Tromsoe.
An attempt to resuscitate
him failed, but not before a
disturbance broke out among
members of the audience who
mistook a heart debrillator
for a weapon.
Later in the evening a con-
testant from Uzbekistan was
found dead in a hotel room.
Its a tragic and natural
death, Jarle Heitmann, a
spokesman for the World
Chess Federation, said,
without elaborating on
the cause of death or re-
leasing the two names.
Tromsoe police said
there was no suspicion
of foul play in either of
the deaths.
A minute of silence was
observed at the closing
ceremony of the Chess Olym-
piad to mark the death of the
rst player, as the second
death was not discovered un-
til later.
China won the champion-
ship for the rst time in its his-
tory, nishing ahead of Hun-
gary and India.
In the womens nal, Rus-
sia saw off a challenge from
China and Ukraine, maintain-
ing its world title for the third
time. AFP
nessman who
didnt want to split
his wealth with his wife
ended up paying a higher
price after being taken for a
ride by ve fake hitmen and
being arrested by police.
A Moscow court conrmed
Friday that Konstantin Monas-
tyrsky, 47, was given eight and
a half years prison for attempt-
ing to have his wife killed.
According to the daily Mosk-
ovsky Komsomolets, Monastyr-
sky said his wife was an alco-
holic and that he didnt want
to divorce her as she would get
half of his property.
Instead, Monastyrsky de-
cided to have her bumped off,
and found a man who pre-
sented himself as a hired hit-
man and took an advance of
200,000 rubles ($5,550)
to do the job.
But when nothing
happened Monas-
tyrsky pressured the
supposed hitman,
who turned out to
be an alcoholic who
had drank the advance. The
fraudster turned to the police,
who contacted the wife and
staged a fake assassination.
The fake hitman sent a pic-
ture of his supposed victim to
Monastyrsky, who was arrest-
ed by police when paying off
the remaining 500,000 rubles
for the job.
Monastyrsky told police it
was already his fth attempt to
have his wife assassinated, but
each time he was taken for be-
tween of between 100,000 and
500,000 rubles. AFP
Two die at chess event
Death plot fails 5 times
Bali murder teen assaulted
ager suspected of
killing her mother,
whose body was
found in a suitcase in Bali, has
revealed she is pregnant and
claims she has been assaulted
in custody, her lawyer said.
Heather Mack, 19, who de-
nies any involvement in her
mothers death, also alleges
police on the Indonesian re-
sort island have threatened to
deprive her of food and water
if she does not speak to them,
her US-based lawyer Michael
Elkin said in a statement.
He added that she was
around two months pregnant.
Bali police rejected the
claims, insisting that all de-
tainees were treated well.
The half-naked, battered
body of Sheila von Wiese
Mack, 62, was discovered on
Tuesday stuffed in a blood-
stained suitcase in the boot
of a taxi outside the exclusive
St Regis hotel in the upscale
Nusa Dua resort area.
Her daughter and her
daughters boyfriend, Tommy
Schaefer, 21, who had been on
holiday with the victim, were
arrested a day later after ee-
ing the hotel.
Police say they have strong
evidence against the pair, and
are leaning towards charging
them with premeditated mur-
der, which carries a maximum
penalty of death in Indonesia.
However, Elkin has insisted
claims that Heather Mack
was involved in her mothers
death are false. Said allega-
tions and reports are not true
and will be disproven as the
investigation continues or at
the conclusion of trial, if for-
mal charges are indeed led,
he said in a statement.
The daughter and her boy-
friend have been named sus-
pects in the case, but under the
Indonesian legal system would
only be formally charged in
court at the start of a trial.
In a statement sent to AFP
late on Saturday, Elkin said
his client has been seriously
physically assaulted while in
custody, without giving fur-
ther details, adding that she
has been pregnant for ap-
proximately two months.
Heather was told that if she
does not speak to the police
she will be deprived of food
and water, the statement
went on. Heather was told
that unless her attorney ar-
rives within days she will be
deprived of food and water
and that he will be denied ac-
cess to meet with her.
The suspects have refused
to talk to Indonesian investi-
gators and insisted on having
American legal representation.
Elkin said he plans to head to
Bali soon. He said that he was
not representing Schaefer.
But Djoko Hari Utomo, po-
lice chief in the Balinese capi-
tal Denpasar, insisted that
all those detained here are
well treated.
I do not want to comment
on something which doesnt
even exist.
An FBI agent has travelled
to Bali to help in the investiga-
tion, police on the resort island
said Saturday. A doctor also re-
vealed new details of the kill-
ing, including that the victims
neck had been broken. AFP
Vincent Go
WOMEN who suffered at the
hands of Japanese soldiers
during World War II have held
a protest rally in front of the
Japanese Embassy in Manila
to demand compensation.
Many of our members have
died already, but we will not
stop until we get justice. Even
if we die, our children and
grandchildren will continue
the ght, said 85-year old Nar-
cisa Claveria, a former com-
fort woman, the term used for
women and girls forced into
sexual slavery by the Japanese
Imperial Army in the Second
World War.
Claveria recalled how Japa-
nese soldiers killed her fa-
ther, raped her mother and
bayoneted two of her younger
brothers. She was only 14
years old when soldiers ab-
ducted and raped her and her
two elder sisters in 1943.
The Japanese government
should respond and compen-
sate us because we were used
as sex slaves, Claveria said.
As well as compensation,
the women want historical
inclusion in Japans account of
women in
Manila rally
Lois Heather, 19, is escorted at a police station in Nusa Dua, Bali, on August 13. AFP Tommy Schaffer, 21 is taken into custody. AFP
ITS a horric epidemic, for sure, but its not
quite as horric as some Chinese netizens
seem to think. As the Ebola virus continues to
infect residents in West Africa, some netizens
on Chinas rumour-prone internet have
deemed it the zombie disease, out
of concerns the disease reanimates
victims who appear to have died.
The term which Baike, a Chi-
nese online encyclopedia,
even lists as a synonym for
Ebola appears to arise from
the viruss high fatality rate and the particularly
gruesome death it can cause, sometimes with
bleeding from the eyes, ears and gums.
The zombication rumour is sufciently wide-
spread that normally staid state news agency
Xinhua published an article specically
addressing and debunking the rumour,
not to mention the erroneous belief
that drinking a mixture of coffee and
raw onions can cure the virus.
The article describes the rumoured
risk of Ebola-induced zombie-
hood: A victim who seems to have already died
from Ebola will, after several hours or days, un-
expectedly reawaken, entering into an extreme-
ly violent condition in which they bite any mov-
ing object, including humans and animals. But
not to worry, the article argues with apparent
solemnity many people with Ebola lose a great
deal of blood, which can only result in them be-
coming weaker, not more aggressive. That kind
of thing can only happen in movies.
Hard as it may be to fathom, the article con-
stitutes service journalism for some particular-
ly misinformed Chinese netizens; the idea that
Ebola creates zombies has survived on the Chi-
nese web since as early as 2010. I dont know
how reliable it is to call them the living dead,
but zombies are no longer far away from us!
wrote one alarmed user on Weibo on July 31.
That same day, another user demanded an
ofcial response to the question of how
many people will become living dead. Anoth-
er user posted, with only faltering doubt: The
virus is real; Im not sure about the zombies.
Kenya to seal off its borders
ENYA has become
the latest country to
ban travellers from
parts of Ebola-hit
West Africa as Nigeria scram-
bled to stop the deadly disease
spreading through the conti-
nents most populous nation.
Kenyan Health Minister
James Macharia said on Sat-
urday that the country was
closing its borders to travellers
from Guinea, Liberia and Si-
erra Leone the nations most
affected by the worst-ever Eb-
ola outbreak.
National carrier Kenya Air-
ways also said it would sus-
pend its ights to Freetown
and Monrovia when the ban
takes effect on Wednesday.
The move comes amid an in-
ternational appeal to help con-
tain the deadly virus, which
has already killed 1,145 people
across west Africa this year.
In Spain, where a priest died
recently of Ebola after being
infected in Liberia, another
person was being tested for
the virus and was placed in
hospital isolation on Saturday
Nigerias Health Minister
Onyebuchi Chukwu told re-
porters that 12 people have so
far tested positive for the virus,
including four who died, while
189 others are under surveil-
lance in Lagos and six in the
southeastern town of Enugu.
As you are aware, the pa-
tients under treatment have
now be moved to the new 40
bed capacity isolation ward
provided by the Lagos state
government, he said.
He said ve of the patients
have almost fully recovered
but added that an experimen-
tal drug, nano silver, intended
to be administered on the pa-
tients, was not approved by
the National Health Research
Ethics Committee.
He also said the rst Nige-
rian to be diagnosed with the
virus, a female doctor, had
been discharged.
Nigeria has trained 800 vol-
unteers to help in the ght
against Ebola following an ap-
peal by authorities in megacity
Lagos for volunteers to make
up for a shortage of medical
personnel because of a six-
week doctors strike over pay.
People have heeded our call
for service, said Hakeem Bel-
lo, a spokesman for Lagos State
Governor Babatunde Fashola.
We have trained some 800
volunteers in the area of con-
tact tracing, sensitisation and
treatment of the Ebola dis-
ease, he added.
Experts say Ebola is raging
out of control in the region,
with the World Health Organi-
zation declaring the epidemic
an international health emer-
gency and appealing for global
aid. The disease erupted in the
forested zone straddling the
borders of Guinea, Sierra Leone
and Liberia earlier this year and
spread to Nigeria last month.
The districts of Kailahun
and Kenema in eastern Sierra
Leone have become the new
epicentres of the outbreak,
with charities and health au-
thorities battling to keep it
from spreading.
You cannot mess about
here: this virus will kill you. One
mistake, one wrong move, and
youre dead thats it, an aid
worker in Kailahun said. AFP
Some in China think Ebola turns you into a zombie. And the cure?
A girl suspected of being infected with Ebola has her temperature
checked at a hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, on Saturday. AFP
CUBA has been hit by a severe beer
shortage during one of its hottest sum-
mers on record, sparking hoarding and
driving thirsty drinkers to pay greatly in-
ated prices.
A sharp fall in production at the is-
lands main brewery, Bucanero, at the
beginning of the year has trickled its way
down the supply
chain at the worst
possible time: the
third-hottest sum-
mer since 1951.
That has caused
many consumers
and the communist
countrys newly le-
galised private res-
taurants, or pala-
dares, to stock all
they can.
Bucanero makes four brands of beer:
Bucanero, Cristal, Cacique and Mayabe.
The company has a virtual monopoly in
Cuba, though some imported beers are
also available, albeit at a large mark-up.
It was an odyssey to nd beers for a
going-away party Tuesday, one Chilean
expatriate said.
I covered half of Havana going to
supermarkets, gas stations and liquor
stores before I nally had to buy them at
a restaurant where he had to pay 15
per cent higher prices, he said.
Cuban media said the problem was
caused by delayed imports of malted bar-
ley in the rst four months of the year.
That hit production at Bucanero, a
joint venture between the Cuban state
and brewing giant Anheuser-Busch
InBev, and reached consumers just as
summer set in.
Now in the sum-
mer more than
ever, you go to look
for a cold beer at
this moment when
you needed it the
most, and you cant
nd any, said an
agonising islander
interviewed on lo-
cal television.
The island has
registered average temperatures of 28
degrees Celsius this summer, accord-
ing to the national meteorological
Media reports said the beer problem
had been exacerbated by hoarding by
consumers and the paladares that have
ourished since the introduction of eco-
nomic reforms by President Raul Cas-
tro, who took over from his 88-year-old
brother Fidel, the father of the Cuban
Revolution, eight years ago. AFP
Sweltering drinkers on edge
in midst of Cuban beer crisis
Modern wonder marks 100 years
Maria Isabel Sanchez

ANAMA celebrated
the 100th anniver-
sary of its famous ca-
nal on Friday with a
ceremony and gala, even as
it scrambled to make up lost
time by enlarging it to main-
tain its competitiveness in the
21st century.
The canal, an engineering
masterwork that transformed
global commerce, opened
on August 15, 1914, connect-
ing the Atlantic and Pacic
Oceans and saving ships the
long, dangerous trip around
South America.
Guests marking the anni-
versary soaked up the sun at
the canals Miraores locks,
singing Happy Birthday to
the waterway and snap-
ping pictures of a 4-metre
chocolate-cake replica of
the locks as dancers per-
formed traditional Panaman-
ian numbers.
Chief administrator Jorge
Quijano said it was just a nor-
mal work day for the canal,
which handles 5 per cent of
global maritime trade. Today
is a regular day of operations
because like every day an aver-
age of 35 ships will shorten the
distance between the Atlantic
and the Pacic, he said.
The Greek vessel Galini in-
augurated the canals second
century, travelling the 80 ki-
lometres from the Caribbean
Sea to the Pacic, 100 years
after the US steamship Ancon
opened the waterway.
Theres not just one Ancon
steamer for the centenary of
the canal. There are many,
said Quijano, who later hosted
a VIP gala.
France launched the rst at-
tempt to build a canal across
Panama in 1880, but tropical
diseases, engineering shortfalls
and nancial problems forced
it to abandon the project.
In all, an estimated 27,000
workers from around the world
died building the canal, mostly
of malaria and yellow fever.
The US took over in 1904,
after sending warships to back
Panamas secession from Co-
lombia and signing a treaty
with the newly independent
country for control over the 16-
kilometre-wide Canal Zone.
The strategically crucial
United States enclave became
a source of resentment in Lat-
in America at being consid-
ered Americas backyard.
In 1977, US president Jimmy
Carter and his Panamanian
counterpart Omar Torrijos
signed a treaty handing the
canal over to Panama on De-
cember 31, 1999.
Operating the canal has
been a boon for Panama,
bringing in about $1 billion a
year equivalent to 10 per cent
of the governments revenues
and 6 per cent of the national
economy. Today, the waterway
provides 10,000 jobs.
It was born as a colonial en-
clave, and today its an engine
of development, said political
analyst Jose Isabel Blandon.
But Panama is battling to
keep the canal relevant as it
starts a new century. The Suez
Canal in Egypt has larger ca-
pacity, cutting into Panamas
share of global shipping trafc,
and has launched construc-
tion on a $4 billion new Suez
Canal parallel to the original.
Closer to home, Nicara-
gua, has launched plans for a
$40 billion canal that would
be able to handle modern
mega-freighters too big for
the Panama Canals current
dimensions. To fend off the
competition, the Panama Ca-
nal is adding a third set of locks
to nearly triple its capacity.
But the $5.3 billion expan-
sion has been plagued by de-
lays, strikes and cost overruns.
Its completion date, originally
set for the centenary, has been
pushed to January 2016. AFP
Construction work on the Panama Canal Miraores upper locks on July 6, 1913. AFP
US Intermodal System
Panama Canal Suez Canal
5% of global commercial maritime traffic uses inter-ocean routes
Panama Canal
Main competing routes
In market share
(ships per year)
(millions of tonnes
per year)
13,000 Containers
per ship
Source: Panama Canal Authority
Main users of the Panama Canal
In millions of long tons of cargo transported in 2013
S. Korea
Tourists take pictures of during a boat trip through the Panama Canal last week. AFP
Yes, Hello Kitty is actually in space
This picture released by Japans Sanrio shows the companys famous cat character Hello Kitty sitting in Japans
Hodoyoshi-3 satellite in space, with the Earth visible through a window. Hello Kitty has been sent on her rst space
mission, as Japans global icon of cute celebrates its 40th birthday in extraterrestrial fashion. A Kitty gure is now
circling the Earth aboard a small satellite equipped with a digital message board, part of government-funded project to
attract private companies into the space business. The initiative calls on fans to come up with short messages that will
be ashed on the board sitting above the 4-centimetre cat, according to Kittys creator Sanrio. AFP
Death, survivors found in container
NE man was found
dead and 34 others
still alive in a ship-
ping container on
Saturday after staff at a Brit-
ish port heard banging and
screaming coming from inside.
The men, women and chil-
dren, all believed to be from the
Indian subcontinent, were dis-
covered inside the container at
Tilbury Docks, east of London,
on a ship that came from the
Belgian port of Zeebrugge.
All the survivors were taken
to nearby hospitals; two were
in a serious but not life-threat-
ening condition, while the
others were suffering from de-
hydration and hypothermia.
Cases of immigrants trying
to enter Britain illegally, often
in dangerous circumstances,
are not rare.
The local police have vowed
to bring to justice anyone in-
volved in putting the people in
the container, whilst the local
lawmaker said the authorities
needed to understand what
was motivating people to go to
such lengths to reach Britain.
Because a body was found,
Essex Police has launched a
homicide investigation.
Of 64 containers aboard
the P and O ship that arrived
early on Saturday, police have
opened 30 so far to check for
any other people.
Staff here at the port be-
came aware of screaming and
banging coming from a con-
tainer, police superintendent
Trevor Roe told reporters.
As a result of that noise, staff
were alerted and immediately
breached the container to nd
35 persons within that unit.
We believe them to come
from the Indian subcontinent,
he added.
Roe revealed that the sur-
vivors were recovering fairly
quickly in most cases at near-
by hospitals.
P and O Ferries said the con-
tainer arrived on the quay in
Zeebrugge around an hour
before it was loaded onto the
ferry. Two hours later, the ship
began the eight-hour over-
night crossing. The people
were discovered on the ships
arrival in Tilbury.
The rms Natalie Hardy said
the commercial ferry was car-
rying 64 containers, 72 trailers
and ve trucks and drivers.
Desperate to get into the UK
The dead man was pro-
nounced dead at the scene by
emergency medics in Tilbury.
It is a homicide investiga-
tion from the police point of
view, Roe said, though there
is no suggestion anyone inside
the container was a suspect.
He added: This is a human-
itarian issue and the welfare of
these patients is a priority.
Ofcials have faced a lan-
guage barrier in their efforts
to communicate with the
survivors. Roe said once the
survivors are t and well they
will be formally interviewed
through interpreters.
He said the police investi-
gation would look into the
gangs or whoever may be in-
volved in this conspiracy to
bring these people in this way
over to this country.
Clearly we need to try to
bring them to justice.
Stephen Metcalfe, the local
member of parliament, said
the incident was tragic.
The fact that so many peo-
ple appear to have travelled so
far and are so desperate to get
into the UK either on their
own or being trafcked is re-
ally very sad, he said.
He said it was important to
get to the root causes of what
is motivating people to go to
such extreme lengths to travel
from other parts of the world
to get into the UK and com-
bat people-trafcking.
The BBC quoted the UK
Border Force as saying that
in 2012-13, more than 11,000
attempts to cross the English
Channel illegally were prevent-
ed at juxtaposed controls.
In 2000, 58 Chinese ille-
gal immigrants suffocated
to death after the air vent to
their sealed container on a
truck was closed on their way
to the southern English port
of Dover.
In July last year, British po-
lice arrested two people after
15 asylum seekers were found
hidden in a tanker on board a
ferry at Dover.
Earlier this month, 16 men,
all thought to be from Ethio-
pia, were found in a refriger-
ated unit in a truck outside
London. They were arrested
on suspicion of entering the
country illegally.
And, in June, eight sus-
pected illegal immigrants, all
Afghan nationals, were res-
cued from the English Chan-
nel when their small boat lost
power. AFP
Policemen stand guard at an entrance to Tilbury Docks, east of London on Saturday, where one man was
found dead and 19 people were taken to hospital after they were discovered inside a shipping container. AFP
TEXAS Governor Rick Perry, a potential 2016
Republican presidential candidate, vowed on
the weekend to ght charges that he abused
his power, calling the indictment a politically
motivated farce.
A state grand jury indicted Perry on two
felony charges on Friday for his alleged threat
to veto $7.5 million in state funding to an anti-
corruption unit run by Travis County District
Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat.
After Lehmberg was convicted of drunken
driving, Perry threat-
ened to withhold the
funding if she did
not step down.
When Lehmberg
refused to leave
her ofce, Perry
carried out his
veto, but it is the
apparent threat
that has landed
him in hot water.
Perry denied any
wrongdoing, calling
the indictment itself an
abuse of power and
vowing to ght this
farce of a prosecution.
I exercised this authority to veto funding for
an ofce whose leadership had lost the public's
condence by acting inappropriately and un-
ethically, he told reporters.
I wholeheartedly and unequivocally stand
behind my veto, and I'll continue to defend this
lawful action of my executive authority as gov-
ernor. I intend to ght against those who would
erode our state's constitution and laws, purely
for political purposes, and I intend to win.
Lehmberg declined to comment on the in-
dictment, which immediately triggered calls by
rival Democrats for Perry to quit.
We call on Governor Perry to immediately
step down from ofce, Texas Democratic Party
chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said shortly after
the indictment. Texans deserve real leader-
ship and this is unbecoming of our governor.
Perry, the longest serving governor in Texas
history, took ofce in 2000 and is due to end his
term this year. He vowed to serve out his full
term, despite the latest scandal.
Texans expect me to do the job and keep the
citizens of this state safe, and that is what I am
going to do from today until I leave ofce in
January of 2015, Perry said.
The scandal could ruin his chances of a 2016
White House bid, following his failed attempt
in 2012. AFP
Ill fight: indicted Texas gov
POLICE arrested seven people
in northwest China allegedly
involved in a scheme that
forced schoolchildren to do-
nate blood, reports said.
The arrested are the deputy
chief of a blood centre oper-
ated by a company in Gansu
province, whose surname was
given as Huang, and six job-
less men, the ofcial Xinhua
news agency reported.
The company, Lanzhou In-
stitute of Biological Products
in the city of Wuwei, is one of
the countrys biggest produc-
ers of blood products.
A friend of Huangs sur-
named Zhang and some of
Zhangs friends forced prima-
ry and secondary school chil-
dren to go to the centre to do-
nate blood, Xinhua said, citing
an unnamed ofcial with the
public security bureau in Wu-
weis Liangzhou district.
At least eight pupils, who
ranged in age from 10 to 16,
were compelled to donate
blood at least once a month
for seven months, the ofcial
said, with the group taking in
6,250 yuan ($1,000). The sus-
pects would use false identi-
cation cards at the centre to
pretend that the donors were
adults, the ofcial said.
China National Radio quoted
Li Yongming, a propaganda of-
cial with the Wuwei police, as
saying that both the number
of children and the monetary
amount involved could rise.
Huang, the centres deputy
chief, told police that he was
under pressure to increase the
number of donors and sought
Zhangs help, Xinhua said.
The gang beat the children
to make them cooperate and
the scandal came to light
when one of the them sought
assistance from his parents,
the report said. AFP
Kids forced to donate blood
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ECENT hints from Philip-
pine President Benigno
Aquino about running for
a second term are clearly a
political trial balloon. It needs to
be popped, fast.
Aquinos predecessor, Gloria
Arroyo, also angled for another six
years in office something Philip-
pine leaders are constitutionally
barred from serving. Aquinos first
act when he took office in 2010 was
to arrest Arroyo on corruption
charges. Why, then, would a man
so passionate about cleaning up
government and strengthening the
rule of law even consider giving in
to such a temptation one that his
late mother, former President
Corazon Aquino, railed against?
Clearly, Aquinos mind is on con-
tinuity. During his term, hes
strengthened the national balance
sheet, won investment-grade credit
ratings and attacked graft like no
Filipino leader has in decades. He
also knows that the Philippines is
just one bad leader away from
reclaiming the Sick Man of Asia
mantle. Theres no guarantee
Aquinos successor wont be more
like Arroyo or Joseph Estrada (also
arrested for graft) than, say, the
respected Fidel Ramos. That would
put a swift end to the reform drive
thats made the Philippines an
investment darling.
Aquino may believe that extend-
ing his reign would be a boon for
Asias 13th-biggest economy. But at
what cost to Philippine democracy?
Its troubling enough that the presi-
dent is reconsidering his position
on charter amendments to restrain
the Philippine judiciary. Although
he used to oppose such executive
power grabs, a few run-ins with the
courts one decision voided parts
of his stimulus program on July 1
appear to have changed his mind.
Contemplating an imperial presi-
dency is far more troubling. This
may be Aquinos way of suggesting
that the 2016 front-runner, Vice
President Jejomar Binay (himself
the subject of a graft probe), isnt up
to the job. If so, Aquino should work
to groom a successor to continue
his good-governance push, not
cling to power himself.
Even Ramos once succumbed to
the same temptation. That prompt-
ed an eloquent rebuke from Aqui-
nos well-loved mother. Seventeen
years ago, Corazon Aquino
addressed a rally in Manilas Rizal
Park, where she spoke of the dark
old days under dictator Ferdinand
Marcos. As she pointed out, the
first sign that Marcos favoured dic-
tatorship was changing the consti-
tution to stay in power.
Today, there is a dark wind
blowing across our country again
the wind of ambition, a gathering
storm of tyranny, she said on Sep-
tember 21, 1997. We are here to
shield that flame so that the light
of democracy will not go out in our
country again.
Aquino would hardly have imag-
ined her words might come back to
haunt her son. Lets hope that that
memory can dissuade the current
president from ruining a legacy
that, as of now, would do his moth-
er proud. Let me tell you now, the
presidency is so great an honour,
no one deserves to have it again. It
imposes a duty so important to
guide a whole country and protect
a whole nation that you must do
it well, Corazon Aquino said. And
if you did it well, you wont deserve
to do it again. Doing your job well
was your duty and not a special
favour to the country. BLOOMBERG
Mums know best: one terms
enough in the Philippines
A doll representing late Philippine president Corazon Aquino, mother of the current Philippine president. She once spoke eloquently against amending the constitution to allow for
a president to seek a second term. AFP
William Pesek
William Pesek is a Bloomberg View
columnist based in Tokyo.
We are here to shield that flame so
that the light of democracy will
not go out in our country again
Academic conference aims to
encourage original research
Vandy Muong
ILL offshore oil
drilling make
Cambodia the
next Nigeria?
What will the economic rami-
cations be of ASEAN economic
integration? Nine students
presented a diverse range of
research ndings at Zaman In-
ternational School to promote
a culture of research in the
Sok Udom Deth, Dean of Aca-
demic Affairs at Zaman, said
that the Student Conference on
Arts, Humanities, and Social
Science was necessary to shift
higher education away from
mere teaching.
In Cambodia, there is still
little [academic research] not
only for the students, but even
among the instructors, because
most of the time, people who
teach in Cambodia tend to
focus very much on teaching,
he said, adding that most local
research mainly takes place
within NGOs and other non-
educational institutions.
To push students to research,
and share research results to
the public, is hard work because
[universities] need to try harder
to find audiences, he added.
Ly Venghong, a 22-year-old
graduate of international stud-
ies at the Royal University of
Phnom Penh, said that par-
ticipating in the conference
gave him his first forum to
present his comparative study
of oil exploration in Cambodia
and Nigeria.
The research needs to have
comments or ideas from the
experts to make it the best, he
said, adding that he was
intrigued by Nigerias resource
curse, a concept that refers to
economic stagnation in coun-
tries heavily dependent on
natural resources.
Cambodia has a similar GDP
[to Nigeria] and social econo-
mies, and Cambodia will host
oil construction soon in 2018,
he added.
Udom Deth said that Veng-
hongs research had him con-
vinced that Cambodia could
encounter the same problems
that faced Nigeria following its
discovery of oil, including cor-
ruption and mismanagement
of the sector.
He said: Cambodia cannot
become a second Nigeria
because of the same reasons in
[Venghongs] study about the
beginning of the oil curse in
Lay Rathseima, a 19-year-old
Zaman student who presented
his research on ASEAN eco-
nomic integration alongside
classmate Kim Daraboth, said
that the conference introduced
him to new aspects of academia.
It was an exciting challenge, he
said, to have an open forum
where researchers and audi-
ence members alike could
engage each others research
and offer criticism.
He said: I have learnt a lot of
skills from the conference by
practising public presenting
skills, writing skills, debating
and understanding the process
of research especially the cul-
ture of sharing.
Suos Sovanna, a 19-year-old
business student, also said that
the conference provided a new
educational experience.
I didnt think there was this
kind of conference that gives
chances for the researchers to
present their results to the pub-
lic, she said.
Udom Deth, who said this
was the first year the school
opened its research presenta-
tions to the public, explained
that he hoped that Zaman can
start a new trend of original
research and review.
He said: If we keep doing
this, more people will be aware
and more people will want to
participate. And not just from
the [students] part but from the
audience. And if we have more
people from the different sec-
tors, it will make discussion
more lively and informed
This is a great opportunity
for the students to practice
speaking skills, negotiation
skills, problem solving skills
and team work.
Researchers and audience members at Zaman International School. PHOTO SUPPLIED
In brief
Philippine film wins
the Golden Leopard
lm from the Philippines,
From What Is Before, scooped
the coveted Golden Leopard
prize at the Locarno lm festi-
val in Switzerland on Saturday.
Clocking in at 338 minutes,
the black-and-white lm
from director Lav Diaz beat
16 others to the festivals top
prize, the organisers said in
a statement. From What Is
Before recounts the strange
events that befall an isolated
village in the Philippines in
1972 during the era of the
dictator Ferdinand Marcos,
when brutal militias roamed
the countryside. Now in its
67th year, the Locarno festi-
val takes place every summer
in the picturesque Swiss town
on the shores of Lake Mag-
giore. The runner-up Special
Jury Prize went to Listen Up,
Philip by US director Alex
Ross Perry. AFP
Film on 1597 war victory
breaks Korean records
A FILM depicting a famous
16th-century naval victory
against Japanese invaders has
set records at the South Korean
box office, drawing the largest
audience and becoming the
first local movie to take more
than $100 million. Myeongr-
yang (Roaring Currents)
attracted 13.62 million viewers
as of Saturday after 18 days of
screening, distributor CJ
Entertainment. The previous
frontrunner, Hollywood
blockbuster Avatar, drew 13.61
million Korean cinema goers
over a span of four months. As
of Friday, the movie had earned
102.4 billion won ($100.2
million) in ticket sales,
becoming the first homemade
film to top 100 billion won (or
$100 million) in revenue.
Starring Choi Min-Sik as
Chosun Dynasty Admiral Yi
Sun-Shin, the film depicts Yis
decisive 1597 naval victory
against Japan in the Battle of
Myeongryang. AFP
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 720 Daily 12:05 01:10 K6 721 Daily 02:25 03:30
PG 930 Daily 13:20 14:30 PG 939 Daily 11:20 12:30
PG 938 Daily 06:20 07:30 PG 931 Daily 08:10 09:25
PG 932 Daily 10:15 11:25 TG 580 Daily 07:55 09:05
TG 581 Daily 10:05 11:10 PG 933 Daily 13:20 14:30
PG 934 Daily 15:20 16:30 FD 606 Daily 15:00 16:20
FD 607 Daily 17:05 18:15 PG 935 Daily 17:10 18:20
PG 936 Daily 19:10 20:20 TG 584 Daily 18:25 19:40
TG 585 Daily 20:40 21:45 PG 937 Daily 21:20 22:30
CZ 324 Daily 08:00 16:05 CZ 323 Daily 14:30 20:50
QR 965 Daily 16:30 23:05 QR 964 Daily 01:00 15:05
CZ 324 Daily 08:00 11:40 CZ 6059 2.4.7 12:00 13:45
CZ 6060 2.4.7 14:45 18:10 CZ 323 Daily 19:05 20:50
VN 840 Daily 17:30 20:35 VN 841 Daily 09:40 13:00
QR 965 Daily 16:30 17:30 QR 964 Daily 14:05 15:05
VN 841 Daily 14:00 14:45 VN 920 Daily 15:50 16:30
VN 3856 Daily 19:20 20:05 VN 3857 Daily 18:00 18:45
KA 207 11:25 15:05 KA 208 08:50 10:25
KA 207 6 11:45 22:25 KA 206 3.5.7 14:30 16:05
KA 209 1 18:30 22:05 KA 206 1 15:25 17:00
KA 209 3.5.7 17:25 21:00 KA 206 2 15:50 17:25
KA 205 2 19:00 22:35 - - - -
KE 690 Daily 23:40 06:40 KE 689 Daily 18:30 22:20
OZ 740 Daily 23:50 06:50 OZ 739 Daily 19:10 22:50
AK 1473 Daily 08:35 11:20 AK 1474 Daily 15:15 16:00
MH 755 Daily 11:10 14:00 MH 754 Daily 09:30 10:20
MH 763 Daily 17:10 20:00 MH 762 Daily 3:20 4:10
AF 273 2 20:05 06:05 AF 273 2 20:05 06:05
FM 833 19:50 23:05 FM 833 19:30 22:40
MI 601 09:30 12:30 MI 602 07:40 08:40
MI 622 2.4 12:20 15:20 MI 622 2.4 08:40 11:25
3K 594 1234..7 15:25 18:20 3K 593 Daily 13:30 14:40
3K 594 ....56. 15:25 18:10 - - - -
MI 607 Daily 18:10 21:10 MI 608 Daily 16:20 17:15
2817 1.3 16:40 19:40 2816 1.3 15:00 15:50
2817 2.4.5 09:10 12:00 2816 2.4.5 07:20 08:10
2817 6 14:50 17:50 2816 6 13:00 14:00
2817 7 13:20 16:10 2816 7 11:30 12:30
CI 862 Daily 10:50 15:20 CI 861 Daily 07:30 09:50
BR 266 Daily 12:45 17:05 BR 265 Daily 09:10 11:35
VN 840 Daily 17:30 18:50 VN 841 Daily 11:30 13:00
QV 920 Daily 17:50 19:10 QV 921 Daily 11:45 13:15
8M 402 1.3.6 13:30 14:55 8M 401 1.3.6 08:20 10:45
8M 401 1.3.6 11:45 12:30
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 700 Daily 12:50 2:00 K6 701 Daily 02:55 04:05
PG 924 Daily 09:45 11:00 PG 903 Daily 08:00 09:10
PG 906 Daily 12:20 13:35 PG 905 Daily 10:35 11:45
PG 914 Daily 15:50 17:00 PG 913 Daily 14:05 15:15
PG 908 Daily 19:05 20:10 PG 907 Daily 17:20 18:15
PG 910 Daily 20:30 21:45 PG 909 Daily 18:45 19:55
CZ 3054 2.4.6 11:25 15:35 CZ 3053 2.4.6 08:45 10:30
CZ 3054 19:25 23:20 CZ 3053 16:35 18:30
K6 850 Daily 06:50 08:30 K6 851 Daily 19:30 21:15
VN 868 12:40 15:35 VN 843 Daily 15:25 17:10
VN 842 Daily 18:05 19:45 VN 845 Daily 17:05 18:50
VN 844 Daily 19:45 21:25 VN 845 Daily 17:45 19:30
VN 800 Daily 21:00 22:40 VN 801 Daily 18:20 20:00
VN 3818 Daily 11:10 12:30 VN 3809 Daily 09:15 10:35
VN 826 Daily 13:30 14:40 VN 827 Daily 11:35 12:35
VN 3820 Daily 17:45 18:45 VN 3821 Daily 15:55 16:55
VN 828 Daily 18:20 19:20 VN 829 Daily 16:20 17:40
VN 3822 Daily 21:35 22:35 VN 3823 Daily 19:45 20:45
KE 688 Daily 23:15 06:10 KE 687 Daily 18:30 22:15
OZ 738 Daily 23:40 07:10 OZ 737 Daily 19:20 22:40
AK 281 Daily 08:35 11:35 AK 280 Daily 06:50 07:50
MH 765 3.5.7 14:15 17:25 MH 764 3.5.7 12:10 13:15
#90+92+94Eo, St. 217, Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel 023 881 178 | Fax 023 886 677 |
1 Wed, 08:00 - Thu 16:00 1 Call/week SIN-SHV-SGZ-SIN
2 Thu, 14:00 - Fri 22:00 1 Call/week
3 Fri, 20:00 - Sat 23:59 1 Call/week SIN-SHV-SGZ-SIN
(4 calls/moth)
1 Th, 08:00 - 20:00 1 Call/week
2 Fri, 22:00- Sun 00:01 1 Call/week
(4 calls/onth)
Sun 09:00-23:00 1 Call/week
(4 calls/month)
Sat 06:00 - Sun 08:00 1 Call/week SGZ-SHV-SIN-SGZ
(4 calls/month)
Fri, 08:00 - Sun, 06:00 1 call/week SIN-SHV-SIN
(2 calls/month)
Irregula 2 calls/month BBK-SHV-BKK-(LZP)
34 call/month
BUS= Busan, Korea
HKG= HongKong
kao=Kaoshiung, Taiwan ROC
Kob= Kebe, Japan
KUN= Kuantan, Malaysia
LZP= Leam Chabang, Thailand
NBO= Ningbo, China
OSA= Osaka, Japan
SGN= Saigon, Vietnam
SGZ= Songkhla, Thailand
SHV= Sihanoukville Port Cambodia
SIN= Singapore
TPP= TanjungPelapas, Malaysia
TYO= Tokyo, Japan
TXG= Taichung, Taiwan
YAT= Yantian, China
YOK= Yokohama, Japan
Air Asia (AK)
Room T6, PP International
Airport. Tel: 023 6666 555
Fax: 023 890 071
Cambodia Angkor Air (K6)
PP Ofce, #206A, Preah
Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassac
+855 23 6666 786, 788, 789,
+855 23 21 25 64
Fax:+855 23-22 41 64
Qatar Airways (Newaddress)
VattanacCapital Tower, Level7,
No.66, PreahMonivongBlvd,
Sangkat wat Phnom, KhanDaun
Penh. PP, P: (023) 963800.
#90+92+94Eo, St. 217,
Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
T:023 881 178 | F:023 886 677
Dragon Air (KA)
#168, Monireth, PP
Tel: 023 424 300
Fax: 023 424 304
Tiger airways
G. oor, Regency square,
Suare, Suite #68/79, St.205,
Sk Chamkarmorn, PP
Tel: (855) 95 969 888
(855) 23 5515 888/5525888

Koreanair (KE)
Room.F3-R03, Intelligent Ofce
Center, Monivong Blvd,PP
Tel: (855) 23 224 047-9
Cebu Pacic (5J)
Phnom Penh: No. 333B
Monivong Blvd. Tel: 023 219161
SiemReap: No. 50,Sivatha Blvd.
Tel: 063 965487
SilkAir (MI)
Regency C,Unit 2-4, Tumnorb
Teuk, Chamkarmorn
Phnom Penh
Tel:023 988 629
2817 - 16 Tigerairways KA - Dragon Air 1 Monday
5J - CEBU Airways. MH - Malaysia Airlines 2 Tuesday
AK - Air Asia MI - SilkAir 3 Wednesday
BR - EVA Airways OZ - Asiana Airlines 4 Thursday
CI - China Airlines PG - Bangkok Airways 5 Friday
CZ - China Southern QR - Qatar Airways 6 Saturday
FD - Thai Air Asia QV - Lao Airlines 7 Sunday
FM - Shanghai Air SQ - Singapore Airlines
K6- Cambodia Angkor Air TG - Thai Airways | VN - Vietnam Airlines
This ight schedule information is updated about once a month. Further information,
please contact direct to airline or a travel agent for ight schedule information.
5J 258 2.4.7 22:30 02:11 5J 257 2.4.7 19:45 21:30
MI 633 1, 6, 7 16:35 22:15 MI 633 1, 6, 7 14:35 15:45
MI 622 2.4 10:40 15:20 MI 622 2.4 08:40 09:50
MI 630 5 12:25 15:40 MI 616 7 10:40 11:50
MI 615 7 12:45 16:05 MI 636 3, 2 13:55 17:40
MI 636 3, 2 18:30 21:35 MI 630 5 07:55 11:35
MI 617 5 18:35 21:55 MI 618 5 16:35 17:45
3K 598 .2....7 15:35 18:40 3K 597 .2....7 13:45 14:50
3K 598 ...4... 15:35 18:30 3K 597 ...4... 13:45 14:50
QV 522 10:05 13:00 QV 512 06:30 09:25
8M 402 1. 5 20:15 21:25 8M 401 1. 5 17:05 19:15
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 130 1-3-5 12:55 13:55 K6 131 1-3-5 11:20 12:20
BELOW the visitors swirl
heavenly bodies and other
spectacular images of space,
projected on a screen measur-
ing 11 metres in diameter.
It shows breathtaking views
such as of the starry night sky
in Hawaii and beautiful com-
puter-generated images of the
solar system and the Milky
Way. Photos of Earth shot from
the International Space Sta-
tion make our planet appear
like a blue gem oating in the
The 10-
minute lm
is one of the
highlights at
TeNQ, a space
museum that
opened in July in
a Tokyo entertain-
ment complex. It
is shown at The-
ater SORA inside
the museum.
Another highlight
of the museum is the
Science corner right next to
Theater SORA. Here, scientic
data and information, such
as the characteristics of the
solar system and the latest re-
sults from space exploration,
are explained to visitors using
displays and panels. One such
example is reports from probes
exploring planets and satellites
in the solar system.
More than 170 probes have
been launched from Earth,
and they are observing more
than 70 heavenly bodies and
sending data back. The exhib-
its introduce these explorers,
both old and new, and visitors
can view the latest images of
the surface of Mars.
There is also an achievement
report from the Japanese space
probe Hayabusa, the worlds
rst probe to bring back rock
samples from an asteroid. The
displays were all produced by
the University of Tokyos Uni-
versity Museum.
To continue work with plan-
etary probes, it is important
that many people understand
their signicance, said Hide-
aki Miyamoto, an associate
professor at the university mu-
seum. I hope visitors can truly
experience science through
the exhibits.
A glass-walled research
room in the corner is brightly
lit, drawing visitors atten-
tion. The Research Center, the
university museums satellite
ofce at TeNQ, is a full-scale
research lab complete with a
meteorite analyser. Specialists
in planetary science, includ-
ing Miyamoto, are stationed at
the centre, where they analyse
data from space probes.
Schoolchildren can prob-
ably nd an appropriate topic
for their school summer study
projects at TeNQ.
As a topic, Miyamoto recom-
mends children nd out how
many planetary probes there
are at the moment and what
they are doing. Planetary
probes include those
that observe the
surface of a planet
from above and
those that land
on a planet
and exam-
ine rocks
and other
o b j e c t s
on the
s ur f ace.
As for
J a pa ne s e
probes, Hayabusa II, Hayabu-
sas successor, is scheduled for
launch this winter.
Another research topic rec-
ommended by Miyamoto is
comparing astronomical ob-
jects in the solar system. There
are not only the Sun and the
planets like Earth in the solar
system, but also much smaller
asteroids that are well worth
There are surprisingly few
diagrams showing astronomi-
cal bodies on the scale of 1:30
million to 1:40 million on one
sheet, Miyamoto said.
It would be interesting to
make your own diagram, add-
ing information like the size
of each astronomical objects
and the appearance of its sur-
face as well as information on
space probes that have visited
the object.
If youre interested in Japa-
nese space development, the
best place to go is Japan Aero-
space Exploration Agency. At
JAXAs Tsukuba Space Center
in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture,
rockets and man-made satel-
lites can be seen on display.
There is currently an exhibi-
tion that introduces the history
and mechanisms of rockets.
Gazing into the
sky at the Tokyo
space museum
People look down at a screen full of stars at Theater SORA in TeNQ, the
new space museum in Tokyo. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
Thinking caps
Saturdays solution Saturdays solution
Light years from Earth, 26 years after being
abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target
of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by
Ronan the Accuser.
City Mall: 9:30am, 11:40am, 9:10pm
Tuol Kork: 11:40am, 5pm, 7:05pm
Meanchey: 11:50am, 4:30pm
The worlds most famous crime-fighting, pizza-loving
turtles fight an evil kingpin trying to takeover New
City Mall: 10:55am, 3:15pm, 5:25pm, 9:50pm
Tuol Kork: 9:30am, 2:50pm, 9:35pm
Meanchey: 9:40am, 4:40pm, 9:30pm
Barney augments his team with new blood for a
personal battle: to take down Conrad Stonebanks,
the Expendables co-founder and notorious arms
trader who is bent on wiping out Barney and every
single one of his associates.
City Mall: 9:35pm
Tuol Kork: 4:50pm
Meanchey: 7pm
Thai drama dubbed in Khmer.
City Mall: 12pm, 2:10pm, 4:50pm
Tuol Kork: 9:30am, 12:10pm, 2:10pm, 9:30pm
Meanchey: 9:40am, 12:20pm, 2pm, 6:50pm, 9:15pm
(See above)
9:20am, 11:10am, 3pm, 6:50pm
(See above)
3:45pm, 6pm, 8:15pm
(See above)
Ballet @ Ballet School
Classes are attended for adults who
danced when they were younger, or
have a lot of experience in a dierent
style of dance and want to learn a new
style. Cost is $12.
Central School of Ballet, #10 Street 183.
Margarita @ Riverhouse
Special buy one, get one free deal on
margaritas of all avours all night
long. Tunes, including mash ups and
remixes, will be provided by DJ Kakada.
Riverhouse Lounge, #157 Sisowath
Quay. 8pm
Pizza @ Show Box
The Katy Peri Peri Peri Chicken and
Pizza chefs serve their wood-red
pizza from their mobile kitchen in
front of Show Box. Reggae music will
be played all night.
Show Box, #11 Street 330.
Living Arts Night @
Cambodian Living Arts best artists play
traditional instruments, including the
ancient Cambodian harp, chapei dong
weng and the kse kiev, the instrument
of the heart. Entrance is $5.
Doors Music + Tapas, #18 Street 84.
1 Not for the first time
6 Sound on a track?
10 Mentions further
14 African linguistic group
15 Drachma replacer
16 Chimney sweeps grime
17 Successfully deciphering
20 Thumpers target
21 Tad
22 In a previous time
24 Sheet on a desk
27 Made a heap
28 Rastas smoke
31 Find new tenants
33 Middle of summer?
34 Live through
36 Zero point
38 Sky sighting
42 One kind of panel
43 Artificial flavor bases
45 Sottish syllable
48 Kind of passages
50 Purposely keep just out of reach
51 City famous for steak
53 Bangkok citizen
55 Dino, for the Flintstones
56 Decide to withdraw
58 Happy-hour perch
61 Period or comma
66 Estrada of classic TV
67 Small valley
68 Quiet craft
69 Weight room counts
70 Bessemer process leftover
71 Kind of territory
1 TV letters
2 Nosy fish?
3 Amazon predator
4 Desire, so to speak
5 Microwave, in slang
6 Tallest NBA player, typically
7 Warm squeeze
8 Bit for the barker
9 Exclamations of surprise
10 Computer character code
11 Creation during a phone
12 Bumper-car ride
13 Mounts
18 Ending for capital or social
19 Least forceful, as threats
22 Mellow, as cheese
23 Group of criminals
25 Hanukkah centerpiece
26 Any of several Norse kings
29 Moonshine vessels
30 One on Jasons ship
32 Slight lead in the polls
35 Jazzy Dukes collaborator
37 Anatomical nerve network
39 90 degrees, on a compass
40 Water lander
41 Highlanders tongue
44 Filming locale
45 Burt Reynolds film
46 Adulterated
47 Mousers mint
49 Performing high-tech surgery
52 Equine ankles
54 Japanese prime minister
57 Harbor vessels
59 A single occasion
60 Land on the Arabian Sea
62 ___ in a days work
63 Midafternoon drink, for many
64 CD type
65 Door opener?
Doors Music + Tapas will host an evening of traditional Khmer music. ALEXANDER CROOK
Tom Cruise stars in Mission Impossible 2. BLOOMBERG
12pm - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2: A secret agent is sent
to Sydney to find and destroy a genetically modified
disease called Chimera. HBO
Photographer Robert Kincaid wanders into the life
of housewife Francesca Johnson, for four days in the
1960s. HBO
4:15pm - WIN A DATE WITH TED HAMILTON!: A small-
town girl wins a date with a male celebrity through a
contest. When the date goes better than expected, a
love triangle forms between the girl, the male celebrity
and the girls best friend. HBO
10pm - ZODIAC: A San Francisco cartoonist becomes
an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the
Zodiac killer. Inspired by real events. HBO
Socheata and Sontery
Social Life Team
The BMW Roadshow Finish Line party @ Aeon Mall
Singapore Club Cambodia (SCC) celebrates
Singapores 49th birthday @ NagaWorld
On August 9, about 200 Singapore Club
Cambodia (SCC) members and guests
from different countries attended a
celebration of the founding of the city-
state. For the rst time in 19 years, SCC
celebrated the holiday with a live tele-
cast of Singapores National Day parade.
Non-Singaporeans were given a glimpse
of Singapores army, defence technology
and various performance groups. The live
telecast ended with a dazzling show of
reworks a patriotic moment as Singa-
poreans recited the Singaporean pledge
and sung the national anthem as one
united voice. After eating a buffet dinner,
the guests got a chance to win at a lucky
draw for prizes to take home. Photos by
Hong Menea
Chan Leakhena, Kong Kosal, Lav Srey Dett
and Ot Chandy
Norodom Nari, Sabine Van Hooidonk
and Norodom Buddma Pong
Hugo, and Chaning Narath Chy Sila and Sarim Samphors.
Kevin Cheok , Singapore ambassador to Cambodia
Andrew Tay, director of Himawari Hotel
Sharlyn Kohm, Nicole Jeanette Phoon
Mimi Pang, Edgar Pang and children
Peter Ng, president of Singapore Club Cambodia
Stephanie Seah, Ryan Seah, Nicholas Seah and
Winnie Seah
Singaporean guests celebrate Singapore National Day Peter Ng, president of Singapore Club, with his family
On August 14, BMW Cambodia held a cocktail party for customers and Aeon shop own-
ers to close their very successful Aeon Road Show, the rst of its kind in the Aeon shop-
ping mall. During this period, BMW showed a total of 11 different car models, as well
as bikes and other lifestyle items, to thousands of mall customers. The BMW Roadshow
Finish Line party saw lots of special guests attend, with everyone inspecting the new
models of BMW and taking photos. Wine, soft drinks and nger food were served as
well. Photos by Chhim Sreyneang.
Sokha Daroth
Chhim Sreyneang
Social Life Manager
Grand Opening@ Kool as U
On August 8, Precision Cars Cambodia Ltd, the ofcial Porsche
importer for the Kingdom, introduced the new Macan model
at Vattanac Capital tower. The event saw a lot of prestigious
guests attending to look at the new Porsche Macan they
took some photos and enjoyed the drinks and nger food
while watching a break dance performance. The Porsche Ma-
can launch featured three models ranging from $82,405 for
a basic model to $145,070 for the Macan Turbo. Photos by
Hong Menea and Chhim Sreyneang.
Bretton G Sciaroni, senior partner at Sciaroni & Associates,
with models Employees of Precision Cars Cambodia Ltd with models.
Launching the new Porsche Macan
in Cambodia @ Vattanac Capital
Yab Wei Jian and Don Protaio
Model Marin.
Ou Kosal, creative director of Kool as U Alice Yam and Calvin Tse.
Ratana Khun, Sakada lim and Khun Sonita, head
of marketing at Khunaco Investment Group Moch Leakhena, Loah Navy and Lanin Hak
Lara Dariva, Jesus Aznar Garrill and Wijittra Jittrong
Heidi Bain and Suong Soksophea Fatima Rizvi, Parnela Heng and Rebecca Li
Naomi Byrne Soper, Laura Barisone, Billy Tai
Sophie Cordier
On August 7, Kool as U, the latest brand in the Cambodian fashion scene, held its grand opening on Street 19 just north of Street 172.
All the garments and accessories are designed by the owner, Ou Kosal, and produced on site by his highly trained team. Kool as U sells
ready-to-wear clothing, including T-shirts, shorts, chino jeans, suits, shirts and bags. Crowds of guests attended the opening and won
special prizes from the shop. Photos by Hong Menea
Arnaud Darc, chairman and founder of Thalias
Group, and Sokunthy
Seng Takakneary, Crystal Sionzon, customer
relations manager at Vattanac Capital, and Gayle
Hockin, PR and marketing coordinator at Vattanac
Cambodian rider second as
Thais dominate AXCR 2014
H S Manjunath

HAILANDS domination of
the four-wheel drive and
Japanese excellence on two
wheels marked the 2014 Asia
Cross Country Rally (AXCR), which
ended in Phnom Penh on Friday af-
ter the 2,200km event was agged off
on August 9 at the Thai beach resort
town of Pattaya.
Cambodias Koun Phandara put up
a sterling show on his KTM 350cc to
nish second behind Japans Keisuke
Maeda riding a KTM 450cc in the
motorbike rally that was run concur-
rently with the car rally. Japans Tadao
Ezure on a Yamaha ended up third in
a eld of 16 starters.
Two other Cambodian debutants
Touch Thatch on a KTM and Chea
Lykheang on a Yamaha were classi-
ed fth and seventh, respectively.
My previous experience came in
handy. I lost some precious time in
the rst two legs in Thailand I nev-
er could quite make that up, though
I managed in the end to be within
ve minutes of Maeda, Phandara
told the Post.
Overall I am very happy with the
result. The bike was excellent. There
was no trouble at all at any stage. Just
the usual maintenance added Phan-
dara, who clocked 7:20:37 to Maedas
winning time of 7:15:16.
One of Thailands top rallyists,
Nattapon Angritthanon, and his co-
driver Peerapong Sombutwong in a
Toyota Hilux Vigo they have faith-
fully stuck to in the past seven years,
pulled off one of the biggest wins of
their career.
The Thai pair handled the dry and
dipping Cambodian sections of the
rally better than others after leaving
their familiar home terrain for the
rst two legs.
Winning the AXCR is indeed a big
achievement for me in 13 years of my
rally experience. I had absolutely no
problems with my vehicle and my
navigator was fantastic, Nattapon
Angritthanon told the Post after his
victory was ofcially announced at
the nishing point near the Indepen-
dence Monument on Friday.
Driving through the muddy sec-
tions of rural Cambodia was very
tough because we always had to be
alert for people, vehicles and ani-
mals straying on to the roads, add-
ed Nattapon.
The triumphant pair returned
with an overall timing of 10:06.35,
well ahead of their Thai compatri-
ots Wichawat Chotiravee and Athikij
Srimongkhol in an Isuzu at 10:51:32.
Completing the Thai trifecta was
Vorapot Bunchuayluea and Chupong
Chaiwan behind the wheels of an-
other Isuzu in a time of 10:57:06.
Japans Takuma Aoki, driving a
modied Isuzu in the company of
Ittipon Simaraks of Thailand and
Katsuhiko Shiine of Japan, nished
a creditable fourth. A former motor-
cycle Grand Prix racer, Aoki was pa-
ralysed below the waist after a spinal
injury from an accident in 1998. He
bravely switched to a modied four-
wheel drive and has been taking part
in many rallies since, including the
AXCR and Dakar Rallies.
Cambodias rst team to take part
in a four-wheeler rally earned plau-
dits from experts for completing
the course, though they were way
out of depth competitively. Driver
Ho Sittikun with co-drivers Sun So-
thea and Som Sokosal completed
the course in their Toyota Thundra
and are all the richer for this thrill-
ing experience.
In fact, I used the services of a
Thai professional, Vong Kim Huoth,
as my navigator. It was very good
experience for me. The rst two
legs in Thailand were really tough
for us with so many turns that left
us confused. I was really happy
with the Battambang-Phnom Penh
section and that was probably the
best I did the whole way, Ho Sitti-
kun told the Post.
This is an eye opener for us and I
am sure there will be more Cambodi-
ans taking part in the future.
Though the six-stage rally was gen-
erally trouble-free, the last years win-
ners from Thailand were involved in
a major accident near Siem Reap.
They lost control of their car while
negotiating a narrow bridge.
Both the driver and the co-driver
miraculously escaped injury, but
the car was badly damaged. Else-
where, a Japanese driver hurt his
arm and a Thai driver his shoulder
in minor mishaps.
Unlike the previous editions
when the rally ended in Siem Reap,
it was extended to Phnom Penh
this year to enable the rallyists to
see more of Cambodias rural ar-
eas. The major routes covered in
the Cambodian section of the rally
were Siem Reap, Battambang, Pur-
sat, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong
Speu and Phnom Penh.
A rider competes in the nal stage of the 2014 Asia Cross Country Rally on Friday in Kampong Speu province. SRENG MENG SRUBN
Magnicent Root knock keeps England on track
JOE Roots dashing 149 not out
added to Indias misery as Eng-
land looked to seal a 3-1 series
win in the fifth and final Test at
The Oval yesterday.
England, 385 for seven over-
night, hammered Indias
attack for a further 101 runs in
10.3 overs on the third morn-
ing before they were bowled
out for 486.
And there was time before
rain forced an early lunch for
India to suffer yet another top
order slump as they collapsed
to nine for two in their second
innings a huge deficit of 329
runs with bad weather seem-
ingly their only way of salvag-
ing a draw.
James Anderson moved to
within four wickets of equalling
Ian Bothams England Test
record of 383 wickets, when he
had Murali Vijay lbw with an
The one thing above all India
did not want at this stage was a
run out.
But that is what they got when
Gautam Gambhir (three) set off
for a single that was never on
before turning back and being
caught short of his ground by
Chris Woakess direct hit from
short midwicket.
Rain then spared India fur-
ther punishment.
Earlier, Root completed his
second hundred of the series,
following his 154 not out in the
drawn first Test at Trent Bridge,
with three off paceman Ishant
Sharma. But the next delivery
saw Chris Jordan caught behind
for 20, with England now 400
for eight.
Stuart Broad came out for his
first innings since having his
nose broken when top-edging
a Varun Aaron bouncer into
the gap between the peak of
his helmet and the grille dur-
ing Englands innings and
54-run victory in the fourth
Test at Old Trafford.
However, Broad who bats
left-handed was quickly into
his stride with a series of flow-
ing offside drives for four, with
Sharma the bowler who suf-
fered most.
Meanwhile Root played on to
Sharma, on 110 but was
reprieved when, after a check
with the third umpire, it was
ruled a no-ball.
And when Sharma tested
Broad with a bouncer, he defi-
antly hooked him for six over
long leg.
But Broads entertaining
innings of 37 ended when he
was ruled to have gloved a
Sharma bouncer to Virat Koh-
li in the slips.
India captain Mahendra
Singh Dhoni brought on Ravi-
chandran Ashwin but he could
not stop the flow of runs, with
Root striking both reverse and
conventional sweeps for four
off the off-spinner.
Root and Anderson had
shared a Test record 10th wick-
et stand of 163 at Trent Bridge.
But this time round they put
on a more modest 23 before
Anderson was lbw to Ashwin
for one.
Sharma, who was the out-
standing star of Indias second
Test win at Lords but absent
from the heavy defeats at
Southampton and Old Trafford,
marked his return with four
wickets for 96 runs in 30 overs.
But Aaron was expensive, his
two wickets costing 153 runs in
29 overs.
Root faced 165 balls, includ-
ing 18 fours and a six.
His innings took his tally for
the series to 518 runs at the
huge average of 103.50, with
two hundreds and three fifties.
Saturday had seen Root join
two all-time great batsmen in
becoming only the third Eng-
land player to score a half cen-
tury in every Test of a five-
match series after Wally
Hammond against South Afri-
ca in 1938/39 and Peter May,
also against South Africa, in
John Edrich scored fifties in
all six-matches of Englands
Ashes-winning series against
Australia in 1970/71. AFP
Englands Joe Root acknowledges the crowd as he leaves the eld at the end of the second day of the fth
Test match between England and India at The Oval cricket ground. AFP
Thailand Tigers streak
to Indochina Cup win
THE Thailand Tigers captured
the 2014 Indochina Cup in
dominant fashion on Saturday,
winning all four of their fixtures
against regional Aussie Rules
Football rivals at Horseshoe
Point in Pattaya. The host clubs
road to success included a 53-6
mauling of newcomers
Myanmar Fighting Cocks, a
33-14 dispatch of the Vietnam
Swans, a 13-6 win over the Laos
Elephants and a 59-6 smashing
of the Cambodian Eagles. Tigers
players also made a clean
sweep of the individual awards,
with Patrick Fitzgerald named
at the tournaments best player
and team-mate Allan Borchardt
collecting the top goalkicker tag.
In the showcase match played
at the end of the schedule, the
newly formed Indochina All
Stars triumphed over a
combined Kangaroos squad
with Borchardt providing a best
on ground performance. The
final result was 3.4 (22) for the
All Stars and 3.1 (19) for the
Kangaroos. DANRILEY
Bold finish gives Steve
Jeffress victory in Fiji
AUSTRALIAN Steve Jeffress
recorded the biggest win of his
15-year career with a strong
finish to shut out compatriot
Jake Higginbottom in the
inaugural US$1 million Fiji
International yesterday. In an
absorbing head-to-head on
the final day, the seasoned
Jeffress, 38, fired three birdies
in the final four holes to finish
on two-under 70, 10 under for
the tournament and four
strokes clear of the 20-year-
old Higginbottom. AFP
Youth Olympians from
Ebola-hit nations barred
ATHLETES from Ebola-hit
countries in west Africa have
been barred from competing in
some sports in the Youth
Olympics that open in China at
the weekend, the International
Olympic Committee and
Chinese organisers said on
Friday. Athletes from affected
areas will not compete in
combat sports and it was also
decided that no athletes from
the region would compete in the
pool, they said in a statement.
The decision, which affects two
athletes in combat sports and
one in pool events, was made
with regard to ensuring the
safety of all those participating
in the Games taking place in the
eastern Chinese city of Nanjing,
they added. They did not reveal
the nationalities and names of
the athletes affected by the
decision. AFP
Manfred to succeed
Selig as MLB chief
MAJOR League Baseball will
have a new boss from January
after chief operating officer Rob
Manfred was elected on
Thursday to succeed Bud Selig
as commissioner. Manfred,
who has served as a league
executive since 1998, will
become the 10th commissioner
in Major League history, but his
appointment didnt come
without opposition. Manfred fell
one vote shy of the required 23
75 per cent of 30 club
representatives during the
initial balloting. However, he
was eventually elected
unanimously in voting in which
Boston Red Sox chairman Tom
Werner was also a finalist. AFP
Sunken pleasure
The Italian team compete in the synchronised swimming team free routine nal event at the
32nd LEN European swimming championships on Saturday in Berlin. Italy nished fourth
behind winners Russia, Ukraine and Spain. AFP
Battle ahead for Wallabies
HE Wallabies task of
retrieving the Bledis-
loe Cup has become
even tougher after
drawing their opening match
with the All Blacks in Sydney.
Australia ended the world
champions 17-match winning
run with a ghting 12-12 draw
in the Rugby Championship,
which doubles as a Bledis-
loe Cup Test between the two
erce trans-Tasman rivals.
Now the Wallabies must
win at Aucklands Eden Park
next week where they havent
won for 28 years and then win
again in the third match of
the series in Brisbane on Oc-
tober 18 to end 12 years in the
Bledisloe Cup wilderness.
Although the Australians
have not beaten the All Blacks
in eight Tests since their last
win three years ago in Bris-
bane, skipper Michael Hooper
is feeling positive.
We are in the same posi-
tion we were before tonights
game, Hooper said at the
post-match media conference
on Saturday.
We have to get two wins
to get this Cup. Its certainly
a good challenge and theres
a bit of momentum from
For me to go to Eden Park
and have another shot at them
is a fantastic opportunity.
Under coach Ewen McK-
enzie, the Wallabies have had
some close defeats to the All
Blacks leading up to the lat-
est draw, and he believes the
gap between the two southern
hemisphere rivals is closing.
Its no easy task beating
them. We didnt get the job
done tonight but were get-
ting closer every time, McK-
enzie told reporters after the
Sydney game.
The conditions were bit
of a leveller out there but I
thought we were in the game
the whole time so weve nar-
rowed the scoreline.
But we havent beaten them
so for us to win the Bledisloe
we have to win two games. So
the formula for us in the equa-
tion hasnt changed so well
just keep at it.
Hooper said he was en-
couraged by the Wallabies up
tempo game which had the All
Blacks defence under pressure
for most of the second half af-
ter trailing 9-3 at half-time.
Guys are coming on and
making an impact, he said.
[Scott] Higginbotham, [Nick]
Phipps and [Bernard] Foley
came off the bench and want-
ed to play an up tempo style of
That back end of the half
was positive in that way.
Weve got guys who can n-
ish off the game especially
against a team like the All
Blacks, who are notoriously
strong nishers and I think
we came out on top there.
McKenzie, who coached the
Queensland Reds to the 2011
Super Rugby provincial title,
sees technical improvements
in the Wallabies.
The All Blacks put pressure
on you. We failed in execu-
tion at different points of the
game, there were a couple of
lineout lifts and things like
that, he said.
It happens when you are
under the pump but I thought
we put them under pressure as
well, so at times we might have
got a little ahead of ourselves.
I think we were much more
composed in the second half
and they kicked particularly
well in the rst half and put us
under pressure, most of our
errors were in the rst half and
we able to turn that around.
The All Blacks havent lost
against all comers to Eden Park
in 32 Tests since falling 23-20
to France and drawing 18-18
with South Africa in 1994.
Well hear all week about
the history, but thats history,
you know, and were not liv-
ing in the past, McKenzie said
Not many in the team were
involved in the history of
Eden Park.
Theres been plenty of pro-
vincial success there from the
different [Australian Super
Rugby] teams, so they have
actually won there.
The last time the Wallabies
won at Eden Park legends
David Campese, Michael
Lynagh, Nick Farr-Jones and
captain Andrew Slack orches-
trated a 22-9 victory in 1986.
Its a fantastic motivator.
So the more you write about
it, the better Ill feel about
it because Ill be telling the
players, McKenzie said.
If you grab little bits of
history along the way, thats
a signicant team that can
do that.
So bring it on. Im looking
forward to the challenge of it.
Meanwhile in rain soaked
Pretoria, South Africa la-
boured to a 13-6 victory over
The Springboks failed to
build on a Ruan Pienaar try
after 82 seconds and nished
the game at Loftus Versfeld
stadium defending desper-
ately against the underdogs.
Torrential rain throughout
the opening half proved a
great leveller and South Africa
never threatened to achieve
the widely expected four-try
bonus point. AFP
Brook wins IBF
welterweight title
ENGLANDS Kell Brook stretched his
perfect record to 33 straight wins by
beating Shawn Porter by a majority
decision on Saturday to capture the
International Boxing Federations
world welterweight title.
The 28-year-old Brook, who was
taking part in the first title fight of his
career, improved to 33-0, with 22
knockouts as he handed Porter the
first loss of his career.
I took it off him in his backyard,
Brook said. I was nine years old
dreaming of becoming a world cham-
pion and now I am.
Brook, of Sheffield, England, won
handily on two judges scorecards,
117-111 and 116-112, while a third
scored it a draw, 114-114.
Brook is hoping this 147-pound
title victory sets up a mega fight in
the UK with former two-time world
champion Amir Khan.
I think [Khan] can get in the queue
now. Everyone knows I am top dog in
England now, Brook said.
Khan reacted to the bout via social
media on Saturday, tweeting Well
deserved @SpecialKBrook get in
American Porter was making the
second defence of the IBF title he
won in December. Porter dropped to
26-1-1 with 15 knockouts.
He took my belt tonight, Porter
said. I want the rematch. I dont care
where we have to go to get it done.
Both fighters were cut near the
eye due to accidental head butts
over the 12-round battle at the
StubHub Center stadium in south
central Los Angeles.
Porter defeated Paulie Malig-
naggi his last time in the ring in
April with a technical knockout in
the fourth round.
Porters record received a blemish
after a draw to Julio Diaz in 2012, but
he reeled off four consecutive wins
from there leading up to the Brook
bout on Saturday. Those wins includ-
ed a rematch victory against Diaz and
a unanimous decision win over then
titleholder Devon Alexander.
On the undercard, cancer survivor
Anthony Dirrell (27-0) snatched
Australias Sakio Bikas (32-6) WBC
super middleweight title with a
12-round unanimous decision in a
rematch win.
Dirrell, who underwent chemo-
therapy for non-Hodgkins lym-
phoma in 2008, earned his first
world title.
American Omar Figueroa (24-0-1)
defended his WBC lightweight title
belt with a ninth-round knockout of
Mexicos Daniel Estrada (32-3-1).
Figueroa was making the second
defence of his title.
Hernandez defends IBF crown
World cruiserweight champion
Yoan Pablo Hernandez has defend-
ed his IBF title with a split-decision
victory over German veteran Firat
Two judges marked their cards in
favour of Hernandez (115-113, 116-
113) but a third went for 43-year-old
Arslan (115-113) in a bout late on Sat-
urday in Erfurt, Germany.
The victory left Hernandez, 29, with
the 29th win of his career, with a sole
defeat. It was the Cubans fourth title
defence since winning the crown
from American Steve Cunningham
in October 2011. AFP
Australias Israel Folau (second right) collides with teammate Michael
Hooper (second left) during their Test match against New Zealand. AFP
Neko Hiroshi runs away
with Angkor marathon
H S Manjunath
APANS Neko Hiroshi, a well-
known comedian in his home-
land who became a naturalised
Cambodian citizen three years
ago, won for his adopted country
the inaugural Angkor Empire Mara-
thon in Siem Reap yesterday.
The distinction of scoring a his-
toric rst in the womens event went
to Frances Veronique Messina, who
recorded her own maiden success
over 42km after notable half mara-
thon triumphs in Phnom Penh and
Sihanoukvile this year.
As the worlds fourth most popu-
lar and Asias second most visited
tourist destination, the Angkor Wat
temple complex provided a perfect
backdrop for the launch of Cambo-
dias rst full marathon, which was
nearly three years in the making.
Adding to the conviviality of the
occasion was Hiroshi delivering
the master stroke as a Cambodian
ahead of Japans Ba Gan in a lei-
surely time of two hours, 45 min-
utes and 28 seconds.
There was no pace at all. I had
to generate my own and the timing
was quite slow. But I am happy. It
gives me great condence going to
the Asian Games in Incheon, Hiro-
shi told the Post after passing the
nish line to a grand ovation.
As an Owarai comedian, Neko
uses his short stature 1.45m
height and 46kg weight and his
cat persona in his acts, but it is his
passion for long distance running
that endeared him to Cambodia.
Controversy surrounded his in-
clusion in Cambodias London-
bound Olympic squad in 2012 af-
ter he was granted citizenship but
the international governing body
(IAAF) ruled that he had not met
the one-year eligibility criteria.
Interestingly another TV comic,
Yann Lefond of France who per-
forms in Cambodian, shared the
podium with Hiroshi yesterday af-
ter nishing third.
For Messina, who teaches French
in Phnom Penh, long distance run-
ning is more of a hobby.
I had planned to run in a mara-
thon in China but I couldnt make
it. I have run in events longer than
the 42km before but those are cross
country, Messina, who clocked
3 hours 36 minutes and eight sec-
onds, told the Post.
Chinas Wai Fong Cham came sec-
ond, checking in nearly seven min-
utes behind the winner, with Marj
Kauri of Finland in third spot.
The supporting mens and wom-
ens half marathons were won by
runners from Europe.
Dutchman Marjin Vander Wardt
won the mens 21km event with
a timing of 1:37.37 ahead of two
French runners, Simon Lorelli and
Joss Vasquez.
Denmarks Camilla Munch Neil-
son took the honours in the wom-
ens half marathon, clocking a win-
ning time of 1:50.58 with Chinas
Shumei Jia and Germanys Petra
Diener lling up the Podium.
There was no opposition worth
naming for Cambodias Kieng
Samorn in the mens 10km event.
His 37.37 spin saw him to an easy
win over compatriots Kom Seyha
and Horn Panha.
Sarah Hopkins of Great Brit-
ain won the womens 10km run
in 54.30, with Hilary Acer of the
United States in second place and
Renee Hulsmann of Canada nish-
ing third.
As many as 2,700 runners took
part in the various events making
it another major charity run in the
countrys calendar.
I was very happy with the turn-
out. It was indeed a historic begin-
ning for Cambodia. We now join
nearly 100 countries staging the
full marathon, National Olympic
Committee of Cambodia President
and Tourism Minister Thong Khon
told the Post.
We will continue with this cal-
endar. The full marathon for the
low season in August and the half
marathon during the high season
in December, he added.
When asked about about the
prospects of staging full marathons
in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville,
the Minister said: We will make a
study of this.
Neko Hiroshi (right) receives his award from Tourism Minister Thong Khon after winning
the 2014 Angkor Empire Marathon in Siem Reap yesterday. YEUNPONLOK
Cambodia eye semis
berth after third win
THE Cambodian U21 team took
one more step towards the
semi-finals of the 2014
Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy on
Saturday with a 2-1 victory over
Indonesia in the Brunei capital
of in Bandar Seri Begawan. Sok
Sovan opened the scoring on 22
minutes for Cambodia with a
deft header off a Hoy Phallin
cross. Indonesia found an
equaliser 20 minutes later at
the Hassanal Bolkiah National
Stadium, with Dimas Drajad
nodding home a rebounded
shot off the crossbar. However,
Kouch Sokumpheak had the
last say with a slightly fortuitous
but ultimately decisive goal
moments later that had a cross
by Prak Mony Udom ricocheted
off his thigh and over the line.
The win moved Cambodia to
nine points and into second
place in the Group B table, one
behind Malaysia, who beat
Singapore 3-0 on Saturday.
The Cambodian youngsters
will need at least a draw in
their remaining group game
against Vietnam tonight from
7:15pm Cambodian time
providing Malaysia can beat
hosts Brunei at the same time
across town. If Malaysia lose,
Cambodia will need all three
points. Semi-finals play on
Wednesday with the grand
final set for Saturday. DAN RILEY
Champs Crown bag
Dutch master Bosma
PHNOM Penh Crown have
announced the latest addition to
their Metfone C-League winning
squad, attacking midfielder
Koen Bosma. The Dutchman,
who turns 24 next month, had a
successful trial with Crown in
July which included a hat-trick
during a friendly against TriAsia,
according to a press release
from the club on Friday. Joining
PPCFC is a perfect move for
me, Bosma was quoted as
saying in the release. I have
high expectations and the fans
can expect goals and assists
from me. I am a player who
loves to have the ball and take
on opponents. Bosma played
for Dutch third tier side VVSB,
scoring 17 goals and making 16
assists from 27 matches in the
past season. He also holds a
degree in international sports
management. DANRILEY
Liverpool complete
signing of Moreno
LIVERPOOL have completed
the signing of 22-year-old
Spanish left-back Alberto
Moreno from Europa League
champions Sevilla, the
Premier League club
announced on Saturday.
Liverpool did not disclose
either the length of Morenos
contract or how much they
paid to sign him, but British
press reports put the transfer
fee at around 12 million
(US$20.2 million). In my view,
Liverpool are the best club in
England and I couldnt waste
an opportunity to come and
play for them, Moreno told
the club website. AFP
Mourinho eyes strong start
from his improved Chelsea
OSE Mourinhos belief that Chel-
sea are better equipped to chal-
lenge for the Premier League title
faces an immediate test when his
side travel to Burnley in their season
opener, which kicks off at 2am Cam-
bodian time tonight.
Last season Blues boss Mourinho
maintained Chelsea were not ready to
launch a sustained title bid and he was
proved right when his players faltered
in the nal stages and eventually n-
ished third.
Key to Chelseas failure was their in-
ability to overcome teams from the
bottom half of the table, with away de-
feats at Aston Villa and Crystal Palace
proving particularly costly.
The visit to Burnley will present
a similar challenge as Sean Dyches
red-up side are determined to start
the new campaign in a positive man-
ner after unexpectedly securing auto-
matic promotion from the Champion-
ship last season.
Mourinho last year accused some of
his players of lacking character when
confronted by the kind of test that
Burnley will present.
But with his squad strengthened by
the arrival of Diego Costa, Cesc Fab-
regas, Filipe Luis and the return of Di-
dier Drogba, the manager is condent
Chelsea will prove more resilient this
time around.
My squad is very good, not perfect,
but its very good, Mourinho said.
The squad has experience, it has
characters and personalities, it has
people with ambition. We covered
many positions. Im very happy with
the squad.
Costa will make his competitive
debut at the head of Chelseas attack
following his 32 million (US$53.4
million) arrival from Atletico Madrid,
while former Arsenal midelder Fab-
regas back in England after a spell
at Barcelona will slot into the mid-
eld and be expected to replace the
attacking threat of the now departed
Frank Lampard.
Drogba is back at Stamford Bridge
two years after leaving following the
clubs 2012 Champions League nal
triumph and Mourinho expects the
Ivory Coast forward to recover from
an ankle problem in time to make the
trip to Turf Moor.
I think he can play Monday, I can-
not say now yes for sure, but normally
I think he will, Mourinho said.
Mourinho must decide whether to
keep faith with Petr Cech, Chelseas
goalkeeper for the last 10 years, or start
with Thibaut Courtois, the Belgium in-
ternational who is back at the club af-
ter spending the last three seasons on
loan at Atletico Madrid, with Courtois
favourite to get the nod.
Burnley have signed eight players
during the close-season to supplement
their squad, but they remain among
the lowest spenders in the top-ight.
Striker Lukas Jutkiewicz is their most
expensive signing at 1.5 million from
Middlesbrough a stark contrast to the
huge sum spent on Costa by Chelsea.
There will be a vast gap in resources
available, thats the reality of it, admit-
ted Dyche.
But look at what youve got, not what
youve havent. We havent got that, so
theres no point moaning about.
We have to focus on what weve got
and use it wisely.
Crucially, Burnley have managed
to retain the services of forward
Danny Ings, 22, whose 21 league
goals last season were a key factor in
their promotion.
He is set to partner Jutkiewicz in at-
tack with Sam Vokes, who scored 20
times last season, a long-term injury
Dyche has added experience to his
squad in the form of Matt Taylor from
West Ham, Steven Reid from West
Bromwich Albion and Stephen Ward
from Wolves.
And the Clarets will hope they can re-
peat their shock win over Manchester
United in their opening home game in
the Premier League in 2009-10 their
last stay in the top division.
Never say never and wasnt it Cardiff
who got the three points off Man City
early last season? I dont think many
would have been expecting that, add-
ed Dyche. AFP
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho thinks his squad is not perfect, but very good, as they prepare to kick off their campaign against Burnley. AFP
PSG furious after Motta hurt in tunnel incident
PARIS Saint-Germain were
left fuming on Saturday after
midfielder Thiago Motta was
left with a fractured nose fol-
lowing a bust-up in the tunnel
at the end of their Ligue 1
clash with SC Bastia.
Images from surveillance
cameras in the tunnel at the
Parc des Princes, obtained by
several local media outlets,
appeared to show Bastias Bra-
zilian forward Brandao wait-
ing for Motta to approach him
before headbutting the Brazil-
born Italy international.
A mass altercation then
ensued, and PSG president
Nasser Al-Khelaifi told beIN
Sports that Mottas nose had
been f ract ured i n t he
Al-Khelaifi also called for
serious action to be taken
against Brandao, the 34-year-
old former Marseille player.
I hope that the Bastia play-
er who did that is very severe-
ly punished. A heavy punish-
ment is required, he said.
Meanwhile, PSGs Brazilian
captain Thiago Silva, who is
currently sidelined with a
hamstring injury, used his
Instagram account to attack
I want to know how many
matches this guy will be sus-
pended for . . . a guy who is
always disloyal!! Who always
wants to talk instead of play,
wrote Silva, who in May last
year was suspended for shov-
ing a referee during a Ligue 1
match against Valenciennes.
If I got three matches two
years ago for touching the ref-
eree . . . Imagine an assault
like that?? The fourth official
saw everything, I was by his
side when this guy attacked
our player.
PSG coach Laurent Blanc
also accused Brandao of
being responsible for the
injury that forced full-back
Gregory Van der Wiel to come
off at half-time of the game,
which the reigning champi-
ons won 2-0.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic came off
injured, after apparently
straining a muscle in his side,
after just 14 minutes of the
match against the Corsicans,
before goals from Lucas and
Edinson Cavani gave PSG their
first Ligue 1 win of the cam-
paign. AFP
Saturdays Results
Paris St-Germain 2 Bastia 0
Lens 0 Guingamp 1
Lorient 0 Nice 0
Metz 1 Nantes 1
Rennes 6 Evian TG 2
Toulouse 2 Lyon 1
On Friday
Caen 0 Lille 1
Bastia forward Brandao (right) vies with Paris Saint-Germain midelder Thiago Motta during the French
Ligue 1 match on Saturday at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. AFP
English Premier League
Man United 1 Swansea 2
Leicester 2 Everton 2
QPR 0 Hull 1
Stoke 0 Aston Villa 1
West Brom 2 Sunderland 2
West Ham 0 Tottenham 1
Arsenal 2 Crystal Palace 1