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Block 12, Unit 05-01, Flora Road, Azalea Park, Singapore - 509725
Plot No:64, Annapurna Nagar,Uppal, Hyderabad, India – 500039
E-Mail: Phone: +65 8451 1334 / +65 6526 3544
Objective: Seeking lead position in Software Engineering/Development with any organisation where I can
utilize my experience, skills and work towards my career growth as well as meeting organisation goals.

Over 12 years of experience in Software Engineering, & Development. My Experience includes Requirements
gathering, Analysis of requirements, Converting User requirements into Technical specifications, System study,
Design, Development and Implementation of various software applications. I worked in Defence/Security,
Sales, Billing, Taxation, SAN, Manufacturing, Telecom, Finance and Cost Control Domains. I am Adept in end-
to-end software development life cycle. Technical expertise in all aspects of the SDLC involving requirement
analysis, project scoping, effort estimation, risk analysis and quality management, as per the specified
guidelines and norms. Hands on experience in working on Web and Client/Server Applications as well as
windows API and GUI development in windows environment. Experience in developing Web Based Applications
and Distributed Applications with Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP and EJB (J2EE Technologies) and Web Services. I am
an excellent team player with strong communication, analytical, logical and problem-solving skills.


1996 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications from AZTEC Informatics School of Computers
1995 Bachelor of Engineering (ECE) from University College Of Engg, Osmania Univ, Hyderabad.

 Operating Systems : MS-DOS, Windows 95 / 98 / NT, Windows XP
 Programming Languages : Fortran-77, C, C++, JAVA
 Server Side Technologies : Servlets, JSP, JTS, JMS, JNDI
 Methodologies : UML, MVC
 Frame Works : Struts Framework, Spring
 Web Services : UDDI, SOAP, WSDL
 Scripting Languages : Java Script, VB Script
 Mark-up Languages : HTML, DHTML, XML
 Microsoft Technologies : VB, ASP, .NET
 IDE Tools : Developer-2000, Visualage Java 3.0, Forte, Intelli J IDEA 4.0
 Databases : Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, MY SQL, Ms – Access
 Database Languages : SQL, PL/SQL
 Distributed Technologies : RMI, CORBA, EJB, COM, DCOM
 Web Server's : Java Web Server, Tomcat 4.1
 Application Server's : Weblogic6.0, IIS, IBM Web Sphere, Jboss-3.0.4
 Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports 9/8.5 /Data Reports
 Exposure : Dialogic Software Development Kit, JNI, JTAPI, JFree Charts
IBM Direct Talk, Ms Office, File Net P7, Webwork 1.4, Hibernate,
iBatis, Xml Beans
 Mapping requirements and providing customized software solutions involving finalization of product
specifications and selection of appropriate techniques.
 Conducting system study and coordinating with team members for System Design & Integration,
Application Maintenance, etc.
 Handling various technical aspects like software design, coding of modules, monitoring critical paths &
taking appropriate actions.
 Creating test plans, test cases and test scripts/procedures for carrying out tests of the software at various
stages in the SDLC.
 Verifying change requests and defects; documenting, tracking and communicating test plans, test results
and unresolved problems; preparing test reports.
 Handling smooth implementation of the project at client location.
 Extending post-implementation, application maintenance and technical support to the client.

Feb ’08 – Till Date ISG India (International Solutions Group Inc. USA) Tech Lead
Client: Geomeme Inc. USA
GE Commercial Financials (GECF). USA
Jul ’06 – Dec ’07 EPS Computer Systems Pte Ltd Sr. Software Consultant
Client: DSTA (Defence Science and Technology Agency). Singapore

Dec ’03 – Jul ’06 EPS Computer Systems Pte Ltd Sr. Software Engineer
Client: National Computer Systems Pte. Ltd. Singapore (A Member of SingTel Group)

Aug ’03 – Dec ’03 All Soft Technologies (MSC) Sdn Bhd Sr. Software Programmer
Client: Asian Business Solutions (MSC) Sdn Bhd KL, MALAYSIA.

Jun ’02 – Jul ’03 Microtus Sdn. Bhd Sr. Software Programmer
Jun ‘00 - May ’02 Dania Emas Sdn Bhd Sr. Software Programmer
Dec ’98 – Feb ’00 Sysline Software Technologies (P) Ltd Sr. Software Programmer
Jan’97 – Nov ’98 Swayam Software Solutions (P) Ltd Software Programmer

Major Projects Handled;

Tech Lead - Geomeme Inc. USA

eBizSutra Duration: (Apr ’09 to Till Date)
Designed the eBizSutra as a Online business Engine to serve as a tool for online Procurement for
eBizSutra Partners and Online Services from freelancers and eBizSutra Suppliers.

 Responsible for technical specifications, Design, Issue analysis.
 Responsible for motivating the resources, managing various resources across the teams and work
assignments to team members and have them completing the project tasks in a timely manner.
 Designed and developed eBizSutra Online Optimization Tool (OOT).
 Designed and developed eBizSutra Rules Engine, eWorkflow and Billing System.
 Designed and Developed eBizSutra Market Research Module.
 Designed eBizSutra Partner.
 Designed eBizSutra Supplier
 Designed eBizSutra Freelancer.

Environment: Windows , Java 2.0, J2EE, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Struts Frame Work, iBatis, Eclips SDK
and Oracle 10g Application Server

Tech Lead - GE Commercial Financials (GECF), USA Duration: (Feb ’08 to Mar’09)
Electronic Customer File
Developed the Electronic Customer File to serve as a tool for Commercial Financial Underwriting, Loan
Approval Process, Workflow, Document Generator, Internet File System.

 Responsible for technical specifications, Issue analysis, debugging and coding.
 Responsible for motivating the resources, managing various resources across the teams and work
assignments to team members and have them completing the project tasks in a timely manner.
 Developed and configured and implemented JAVA Rules Engine, Workflow and Reports System.
 Managed the Integration of Doc Gen (Document Generator) Application.
 Implementation of Oracle IFS API.

Environment: Windows, HP AX (Unix), Java 2.0, J2EE, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Web Services, Struts and
Spring Frame Work, Oracle IFS, Eclips IDE, JBOSS and Weblogic 8 Application Server

Lead/Sr. Software Consultant - DSTA (Defence Science and Technology Agency), Singapore
GeBiz Online Billing (GTP Billing System) Duration: 18 Months
Developed the GTP Billing System to serve as a tool for billing online to bill GeBIZ Trading Partners
(GTP) also referred as Government Suppliers or Suppliers. It has the functionality for Billing different
services provided by GeBIZ, Presently implemented for Billing Subscribers and GMALL Hosting. It also
caters billing for any other service provided by GeBIZ in future.
Designed and developed;
 Enterprise Billing: This is an intranet application for internal use of GeBIZ staff for viewing various
reports as well as verifying Payment Notices and Invoices. This Application caters for all backend
 Partner Billing: This is an internet application for public use. i.e all the partners who are registered
with GeBIZ can access and apply online This applications has presently two types of payments (1)
User Subscription and (2) GMall hosting
Environment: Windows XP, Java 2.0, J2EE, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Oracle 9i, Struts Frame Work, Eclips
IDE and Weblogic 6.1 Application Server

Sr. Software Engineer - Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore

STB EP-DW System Duration: 6 Months
Developed the STB EP-DW System to serve as a tool for storing & providing information to users to
manage and monitor statistical Information of STB. It has the functionality for management of information
including but not limited to visitors arrivals, flight Information and Foreign Exhibitors.

Designed and developed;

 Upload Module: Struts upload package used for uploading the various data from (.CSV) files to DW
 STB Charts Module: Statistical Information of various modules like Visitors arrivals, Malaysian land
arrivals, Employment etc. are shown in various charts.

 Pre Login Module: This Module uses Web services to get the user credentials (SSO) information
from EP (Enterprise portal) system and passes to the DW system.

 Project Pipeline: This module is used for data migration from EP system to DW System using batch
Environment: Windows 2003/ XP, Java 2.0, J2EE, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Oracle 10g, JBOSS 4.x, Struts
Frame Work, JFreeCharts, Intelli J IDEA and Oracle 10g Application Server

Sr. Software Engineer - Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Cost Control System Duration: 22 Months
Developed the Cost Control System to serve as a tool for storing & providing information to users to
manage and monitor cost performance of their projects/contracts. It has the functionality for management
of information including but not limited to budgets, commitments, payments, cash flow forecasts and other
information necessary for the administration of the contractual, commercial and financial aspects of the
projects/contracts. It is a full fledged web application using workflow wherein all modules participate in the
workflow electronically.

Designed and developed;

 CCM (Change Commitment Module): Notified Claim (NC), Claim Recommendation Endorsement
(CRE), Accepted Claims (AC), Instructions (INS), Back Charge (BC), Request for Re-measurement
(RFR), Request to Commit Provisional Sum (RCP), Supplemental Request to Commit Provisional
Sum (SRCP), Request for Variations (RFV), Supplemental Request for Variations (SRFV),
Supplemental Agreements (SA)

 CS (Content Services Module): JSP pages for the attachment that uses Struts upload package for
uploading the files to Blob field.
 RSM- (Revenue Schedule Module)
 SOP- (Security of Payment)
 FAC- (Fixed Asset Costing)
 Database Migration Scripts
Environment: Windows 2003/ XP, Java 2.0, J2EE, FileNet P7, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Oracle 8i, JBOSS
4.x, Struts Frame Work, Intelli J IDEA and IBM WebSphere Application Server (WSAD) 5.0

Software Engineer - Samling Plywood Sdn Bhd, Bintulu, Malaysia

Samling CPU System Duration: 4 Months
Developed an application to improve the efficiency of production, by tracking information and co-ordinating
with the Production Planning Unit. It consists of 4 modules viz., Marketing, WIP, Finished Goods and
Production Planning. Marketing module takes care of Sales, and shipping, WIP module tracks, about work
in progress. FG module takes care Finished Goods and Production planning module is actually a simulation
of Planning for achieving targeted output. Based on the shipping date, profit margin and order type it ranks
the order of production.
DFH Online
Developed an application consisting of 5 modules i.e., E-Sales, CRM, Production Planning, Inventory and
Reports. Marketing module takes care of Sales Info, and shipping info, CRM module deals with Market
Intelligence and customer info, Production planning module consists of Hot Press Plan, Die Matching and
Scheduling. Inventory takes care of Master Board availability and finished goods. Reports module takes
care of various reports display in both data and graphical formats

Environment: Windows 2003 and XP, Java 2, JSP, Servlets, MY SQL, Tomcat 4.x, Crystal Reports, Struts
Frame Work, Intelli J IDEA

Software Engineer - Synergies Automotive Distributors (Australia), Malaysia

Web Enabled Global Distribution System Duration: 5 Months
Completed design & development of a web enabled distribution system to improve efficiency and better
spare management. EJB components (Entity beans) were created for various types of product of different
manufacturers, having persistence storage in the Oracle database. Many EJB session beans are involved in
workflow. Info bean and Stock bean are some of the EJB beans created in this application. Appropriate
Isolation levels and Transaction types are applied. This application was developed for easy access
regarding availability and ordering among its customers. The information exchange and Communication
has been done in proper way using EJB and JSP. SOAP, UDDI and WSDL are used to develop web services.
Environment: Windows 2000, Java 2, EJB2.0, Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JTS, JMS, Oracle8i, XML, Weblogic 7.0.

Software Engineer - Indigo Square(London), Malaysia

Storage Area Networks Management (Product) Duration: 4 Months
This is the application to provide the data storage and take the data back-up automatically by the time
bases. This application consists of Manager Application server and agent application Server. Agent Server
has a corresponding GUI. GUI consists of toolbar, menu bar and dynamic tree on the left side. Select the
objects from toolbar drag and drop in to the work area and create the new network configuration. iSNS
server will display the auto discovery network configuration and it is directly connected to the CIM
(Common Interface Management). Policy Engine and Cluster Manager can be control and monitor data
traffic and balance data into network in various systems).
Environment: Windows NT, Java, Swing Components, AdventNet, CIM, MIB, SQL Server, NDS, Oracle
Server, iSNS, UML, XML, Policy based Engine and Cluster Computing

Software Engineer - Global Interactive Learning Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (email marketing web site) Duration: 4 Months
Designed a web site which allows clients to built a virtual web site with out any technical knowledge and
through which the same can be sent as an email. Provides 100% Business statistics based on no of times
email opened, no of times links clicked, unsubscribe etc.
Environment: Windows NT, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, JMS, My SQL, Tomcat

Software Engineer - Pearl Distribution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Sales Automation System(SAS) Duration: 5 Months
SAS is a complete and flexible system that comprises the distributed branch office system and a backend
server system. SAS is primarily developed for organization with multiple branches through out the country.
They are Mobile sales, Communication server, Server system, Branch/ Stockiest system, Sales &
Distribution, Inventory, Payments & Backing and Route Management.
Environment: Windows NT /98, VB 6.0, Crystal Reports 8.5, Oracle 8, Mobile Builder tool 2.1 as a front
end, Palm PC with windows CE platform

Software Engineer - Malaysian Timber Industry Board, Malaysia

Integrated MTIB Operation System (IMOS) Duration: 4 Months

Developed an application to maintain large amount of EXIM transactions from different parts of the world.
This is a database package, which limits the time of getting details of all transactions going on in their
branches as well as the head office. The project is mainly divided into two parts, viz. CIS & IMOS. The first
part is further divided into four modules (Domestic, Foreign, Publication, and Exhibition) which gives
information about customers and exhibitions conducted by them. 2nd part consists of reports & maintains
information about exporters throughout Country, issues export licenses to respected exporter for particular
goods & handles levy / ses collection.
Environment: Windows NT, Windows 98, Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Reports 8.0, Oracle 8.0

Software Engineer - Dania Emas Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Duration: 4 Months
This System is Developed using Dialogic Software Development Kit. The Main IVR Application uses the
function from Dialogic SDK and builds the Communication between Hardware and IVR Application. IVR
application is designed to handle 30 calls at any particular Time. For each service independent (ActiveX Dll
's) Programs developed in VB, The Path of ActiveX is stored in the database. Whenever user calls a desired
no, 'Call Manager ' Locates the address of particular ActiveX address and runs the ActiveX. Calls detail
Reports are generated using Crystal Reports. This System allows users to record voice Messages.
Environment: Windows NT, D/300SC-E1, C++, Dialogic SDK, VB 6.0, Crystal Reports, Oracle 8.

Software Engineer - Data Scan Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Title: Database Migrator Duration: 2 Months
Details: Developed a Database Migrator to migrate My SQL database to MS-SQL Server Database. This
creates the database and tables in SQL Server by using the database MetaData and result set MetaData of
My SQL. Later it can retrieve the data from My SQL database and writes that data into MS-SQL Server.
This is developed using JDBC ODBC driver
Environment: Windows NT, Java 2, JDBC, My SQL, SQL Server

Other Projects;
- Online Shopping Portal - Taxi Hire Purchase System - Multilevel Marketing
- Online Examination - - Back to School
- Inventory Control System

References: Available upon request