A Star Is Born

“Broken” Is A Compelling & Prolific New Young
Adult Fiction rama B! Aut"or# Singer &
Songwriter $anille%

N&' Y()*# NY August +,t"# -.+/ 00 B)(*&N is un1uestiona2l!
t"is summer3s "ottest and most addicting new read% $"is is a
ground2reaking 2ook a2out glamour# desire# and responsi2ilit!% $"e
2ook is 2! an emerging and powerful new 4oice in !oung adult
fiction% It 2rings to mind t"e essence of $oni 5orrison in "er !out"#
com2ined wit" t"e intensit! of anielle Steel% Aut"or $anille takes
t"e reader to a place t"e! "a4e ne4er 2een 2efore# w"ic" is one of
capti4ating# intense# and intriguing romance# as well as inimita2le
If t"ere was e4er a new star to em2od! t"e !out"# 4italit! and
strengt" of toda!3s !out" 6 it is $anille% S"e is a !oung woman
known for "er c"arm# 2rilliance and 2eaut!% $anille is also a
recogni7ed and popular 4ocalist w"o often tra4els t"e world inspiring
lo4e# unit! and "armon! to all w"om are under t"e spell of "er ric"#
e8otic 4ocals and soulful e!es% $anille is "ere to sta!%
Broken introduces part one of a t"ree0part# intensif!ing lo4e stor!
t"at takes its audience on an unforgetta2le 9ourne! t"roug" lo4e#
traged! and t"e infalli2le desire of t"e "uman spirit to pre4ail against
all odds% $"is epic drama takes place in t"e 2ackdrop of New York%
$"e stor! surrounds 5ilan# a !oung supermodel wit" a disa2ilit!
from New York3s :pper &ast Side% As s"e is coming of age# s"e falls
deepl! in lo4e% In t"is romantic drama# t"e emotional con;ict of a
girl3s inner soul is re4ealed as s"e deals wit" "er <rst lo4e# t"e pain
of loss# and t"e pleasures of stardom# w"ile coping wit" a lifelong
secret% In t"e world of 5ilan# t"e people are real# t"e situations are
rolling# and t"e trut" is often concealed% $"e rac! circle of sister"ood
is 2roken# laced wit" a touc" of eart"iness# glamour# wealt"# and
$anille is t"e co0aut"or and creator of t"e c"ildren=s green 2ook
series# >?ordan & ?ustine=s 'eekend Ad4entures%> S"e is also t"e
aut"or of t"e new media !oung adult no4els wit" music# >Cameo 2!
$"e :nderco4er Starlet ?ournal is a title t"at $anille created to
inspire !oung women# and it "as e8tended :nderco4er Starlet into
2rand e8tensions t"at appear t"roug"out "er no4els% $anille "as
2een writing music and 2ooks since age +@% S"e earned an 5BA at
-+ and graduated magna cum laude%
)eaders of "er latest !oung adult romance no4el# “Broken 2!
$anille” will recei4e free music downloads of "er new Pop )&B "its#
>All of Me#> “Feel It#” “Baby Comeback to Me#” “It’s Not Okay#”
and >What's a Girl to Do># w"ic" are all written# performed and co0
produced 2! $anille%
Broken precedes a lengt"! media and 2ook tour% From Atlanta to
New York Cit!# $anille can 2e seen at 2ook sig"tings# 2ook festi4als#
and in top media outlets t"is summer% Aer lengt"! 2ook tour starts
t"is fall%
Please 4isit www%2rokent"eno4el%com for information%
Broken is a4aila2le w"eree4er 2ooks are sold%
Press ContactB
istinguis"ed Croup
)enae Francis

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