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Izzy Santarsieri & John Torres

THE OPINION 1870-1920 Issue No. Thirty-two 25 cents

Headline Stories

At around 5:15 am on this Wednesday

morning of April 18. 1906 San Francisco
hills were shaken by a strong 7.8 magnitude
earthquake. The quake was felt all the way to
Oregon and down to parts of Los Angeles. So
far 376 deaths have been confirmed but there
is a possibility there is more. PAGE SEVEN.
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The new steam ship, S.S Titanic is the
largest in the world it sets sail April 10th
captained by Edward J. Smith. PAGE EIGHT

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Introducing a revolution to air flight, the
ZEPPELIN. Just newly patented and unveiled on
Even one of Gatsby’s notable parties March 14, 1899, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin’s
was interrupted by the quake. The invention will make its way along American airs.
shake was felt at his summer home in Currently being implemented into America’s
the Walnut Creek Area just east of the
bay. Guests attending his gathering armed forces, the Zeppelin will soon be well known
reported books coming off the shelves, among American citizens.
lights swinging and the water in the
pools and fountains moving around.
The shaking went on for a few moments
and stopped and nothing else was felt for
the rest of the night.

The Opinion, 83877 Garth Ave, Boston Massachusetts 93729 | 419-442-9592 |

The Boston Red Socks claim another victory! Today they
played a perfect game with the winning score of 4-1 against
the Brooklyn Robins. This is the second year they have had
World Series success and nothing can stop them now.

1916: Boston Red Socks Sold?!

Its true, today it was announced the Socks
have been sold. Harry Herbert Frazee bought
the team today from now former owner
Joseph Lanin for the price of $500,000.
1918: With new owner the socks are jut as

!ed Socks Hav"

successful as ever, another victory for the
team today in the World Series.

#one it Again!

Ping pong: and is already Big 1950

a bug success. Sporting
New sport making its way Last week at Goods,
over here from Europe. It is one of has all the
seen at every wealthy citizens Gatsby’s finest
house party and is the newest parties,
craze. Ping pong resembles millionaire
equipment. Now selling Ping
tennis but its on a much smaller Tom Buchanan walked away
Pong equipment. You too
scale. This new sport is played $100 richer. He was victorious
on a table that is longer than it in the tournament, many can have your own
is wide. The table is divided residents of East Egg have tournament and be the life of
down the middle widthwise and taken to this sport and are the party!
lengthwise by stripes that divide winning or losing portions of Call (174) 740 3227.
the table into quadrants. In the their money in the
2331 El Fina
center is the small net, just as a tournaments, but that sure
tennis court. Ping pong is new Blvd.
doesn’t stop them.
Boston MA

su!rage. Women's su!rage. Not to
Rights or no rights? be confused with the su!ering
of women; quite the contrary.
Since the birth of our country,
women have been without the
right to vote. For a long time,
only men have been those who
chose the leaders of the
country. This system has been
kept alive so long simply
because it works. The male
being the supreme sex is the
only one capable of selecting
viable candidates. What
happens when women get used
to having such rights? What
happens when women take
advantage of having the same
rights as men such rights? What
happens when women take
advantage of having the same
rights as men. Now asking for
the right to vote, next are they
going to ask us to do the
Daisy Buchanan, wife of Tom status, but only because of her laundry, cook dinner, and raise
Buchanan begs to differ. Being husband's success. Will all children? This is simply
the rich woman that she is, women be able to make outrageous and ludicrous. If
Daisy feels comfortable with competent decisions and they continue at this pace, roles
the idea of having similar rights decide for the greater good? could reciprocate. Women will
eventually begin leading the
as men. Daisy is a woman of high Not all women are as informed
state, then the country, then
eventually, us. Hopefully the
All I know is, I'm confident in
Dear The Opinion my ability to do anything a country understands the
It's almost humorous to hear the male can, and I'm confident outcomes of their mistakes."
chauvinistic attitudes from so many. enough to resist hiding behind a
It's almost as if society has forgotten cowardly pen name.
that we are equally as intelligent, if not Sincerely Yours, I'm obviously in charge of
more so, as any man. Being a Jordan Baker the way things run. The
competitive golfer, I'm very often wife gets to vote for the
challenged against men. The men that Dear The Opinion president today, what
Hearing about this new about tomorrow? Is she
laugh at the fact that I have the
women's suffrage situation going to start telling me,
strength to carry a golf club are the
made me sick to my stomach. of all people, her
same men that think I'm incapable of
It's made me look at my wife in husband, what to do? I
voting. After 18 holes and beating atrocity before it's too
a totally different way. I read
every single one of them often changes late. The future of our
the news reports, and I took a
their minds. It makes me wonder how country is at stake.
long hard look at the women in
some men will react to women working
my life. As the man of the Sincerely,
the same jobs as them, making the
house, Women's Rights Wrongs
same money, women politicians even.
Questions? Concerns? Send us an inquiry at.
The Opinion, 83877 Garth Ave, Boston Massachusetts 93729 | 419-442-9592 |
March 5, 1912

Monday Continued from front page..

This fantastic vessel has been under construction since April of 1909 and
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes.
its maiden voyage is set for next month, April 12th. The ship features a
Lunch: Salad and sandwiches. large swimming pool, gymnasium, library, café, for first and second class,
Dinner: Steak and Lobster and a squash court. The newest feature, are the four brand new elevators
on deck three for first class, one for second class. This ship is the largest of
Tuesday its kind with its 882 foot deck there is plenty of room to walk around and
Breakfast: New Zealand Kiwi’s and Oatmeal many activities to tickle your fancies. Reaching speeds of 24mph there is
Lunch: New York Pizza
truly nothing like this ship, the capacity load is 3547 but with all the space
you would never know your with that many people. The ship is basically a
Dinner: Beef Strogano!
floating city, and is the safest out there.
Breakfast: Kellogg's cereal assortment. Monday- Leave Southampton in the afternoon. Squash ball tournament on the
Lunch: Submarine Sandwiches. lower deck and ice cream cones in the evening.
Tuesday- Pool closed. On route to Cherbourg. Library and gymnasium open
Dinner: Caviar and Swordfish.
extended hours until 9:00pm.
Thursday Wednesday- Arrive in Cherbourg. Depart in the evening.
Thursday- On route to Queenstown.
Breakfast: Fruit Salad. Friday - Swimming pool open all evening. Music and a film on upper deck. First
Lunch: Seafood Medley. class passengers only.
Saturday- Squash courts closed. Arrive Queenstown.
Dinner: Tri"tip steak and broccoli.
Sunday - Depart for New York. Film night for all passengers.
Friday Monday- On route to NYC.
Tuesday- On route. Lunch buffet open to all passengers.
Breakfast: Eggs benedict.
Wednesday- Pool closed. Squash tournament. On route to New York.
Lunch: Lobster bisque. Complete itinerary in your cabins.

Dinner: Pizza.
Call today and book your
Tickets starting at $2,700
{254 398 9982}
First class $4,350
Luxury- The only way to go on the
Titanic. Gatsby’s birthday celebration on the South Deck in the Atlantic Ballroom. Providing food and
drink. Guests will be personally invited by Gatsby himself. An evening of dancing, games, opulence,
celebration and enjoyment.

The Gatsby, 83877 Garth Ave, Boston Massachusetts 93729 | 419-442-9592 |



Film camera
j u s t in!
!t has been repor"d #at Gatsby

T h e F i r s t !"
had a mee$ng wi# Mr. Ta%y and
&i% be building and opera$ng a
'ma% #ea"r in his home. (is
)ea"r is for his personal use but

m Freise-Gre
en e &i% also have 20 seats for his
e n t e d i n 1 8 89 by willia
*uests. Also repor"d, he wi% be
'e%ing $ckets + priva" viewing of
Some times referred to as the “wheel of life” or
,lms every o#er Sunday for a
“zoopraxiscope” this camera is as old as it goes.
'ma% fee. Food included. Wi%iams
and Ta%y have reques"d Tom
The E x perim en t . F i rs t T he at e r . -uchanan and Gatsby star in a
t the Palo Alto farm, on June .ajor mo$on picture wi# Charlie

A 11th 1878 in California the

press waited anxiously while
Sadie Gardner was the first organism
Tally’s Electric Theater will forever be
known as the first theater showing
/haplin and Mary Pickford.
0ickford and Chaplin are keen on
motion picture films. On April 16th
to be captured on a moving film
camera. And she was in fact a horse.
1902 the theater opened in Los )e idea al#ough Gatsby and
Angeles. It was owned and built from
Under the sponsorship of Lealand
the ground up by Thomas Lincoln -uchanan have released #at #ey
Stanford, Eadward Muybridge used a
series of 24 stereoscopic cameras to
Tally. With James Dixon Williams they are inclined + decline #is
founded First National Pictures and
.arvelous opportuni1.
capture Sadie.
sign big stars like Charlie Chaplin. In
1912 he was the first to show an all
color film as opposed to black and
On June 21st 1889 a patent was issued.
white films America had come to
For Mr. William Greene. Patent
recognize and love.
number 10131 for his
chronophotgraphic camera, it was
capable of taking ten photos in one
second and developed it on a film.

Jay Gatsby
The Great Gatsby, found dead in pool.

The "Great" Gatbsy himself has reportedly died last

Wednesday for supposed suicide. Confirmed
information is not released yet. Jay Gatsby was
The 18th President of the
found in his swimming pool behind his lavish
United States, from
estate. Investigators continue to remain silent 1869-1877 has died on
regarding their findings, though a few guesses have July 23, 1885. At the age
of 63 years old, Grant
been made. If the suicide theory is correct, then passed away in Mount
what could have possibly motivated this decision? As McGregor, New York.
Around the time of
public of a figure as he is, noted by his opulent parties reserved mainly for East
discovering his throat
Egg citizens. Conversely, could it have been murder? Suspected murderers cancer, he began writing
include mechanic George B. Wilson, who was reportedly in the vicinity of his memoirs. It's
reported that he finished
Gatbsy's murder. The heir to his house, money, and entire fortune is currently his writings shortly prior
unknown.! to his death. He is
survived by his wife
Julia, and four children.

The Gatsby, 83877 Garth Ave, Boston Massachusetts 93729 [419-442-9592]


Coca-Cola, the only drink served at Jay Gatsby's celebrations. It

CLASSIFIEDS is the drink of choice by all of Gatsby's attendees. It is the only

non alcoholic drink approved of by Gatsby's guests. Its soft,
fizzy, light texture is just as fine as those who drink it.
Coca-Cola, the drink of class.

Wanting to buy Smith and

Looking for escort to the Wesson in good condition.
next Gatsby gathering. Any size pistol fine, 0.9mm
Preferably one who has preferred. Looking for
been invited prior. Looking generous offers only,
to meet the man himself. recently lost wife to car


The Zeppelin, future King of the air? Vehicle Safety. Ford vs. Rolls Royce

Where the zeppelin
The zeppelin shown
shines is it’s ability to
at the right is seen
take on many tasks
transporting tourists
previously thought
from Chicago to
impossible or

construction is its rigid metal

How safe is your car?
framing, making it light, yet very
The Ford Motor Company is now
strong. It allows this amazing
regarded as the maker of the road's
invention to fly, yet carry very large
safest vehicles. Recent concern has
loads. Interest from the military is
arisen since the recent tragic accident
rapidly growing. It has the potential
of Myrtle Wilson. Just within the
to deliver large amounts of equipment
vicinity of her home, she was struck
across relatively long distances.
by a speeding vehicle. This very
Where it will really shine is the
automobile just so happens to belong
Current edition Model - T military's ambitious hopes to use
to the recently deceased Jay Gatsby.
zeppelins as a secret weapon. Being
The make of the car? Rolls Royce.
generally quiet, these large aircrafts
Rumors fly that the German vehicle's
are reportedly being customized to be
controls malfunctioned, causing
automobile that works beautiful, and able to carry and release explosives.
Wilson's death. Ford's American
looks as beautiful as those who drive This could be the advantage that our
engineering keeps the driver,
them.! country needs.!The zeppelin, German
passengers, and pedestrians safe. Why
inventor, American patent, United
trust manufacturing from across the The Zeppelin could revolutionize how
states pride.
ocean, when your country can we travel, trade, and fight. The
promise you much more; an essential part of the zeppelin's

The Great Shake continued.

The earthquake hard in the neighborhood of
Chinatown and hundreds of citizens are left missing,
it has also been reported that between 225,000 and
300,000 people are now homeless, wandering the sId=5337215&m=1
streets with no place to stay. Thousands of refugees
have gone to Oakland
to escape the damage
and trauma in the bay
caused by the quake. "Coca-Cola History: Coca-Cola Heritage Timeline."
The damage is 31 Dec. 2006. Web. 2 Dec.
estimated to be 2009. <>.
millions. For more than
270 miles along the
San Andrea’s rift there
were cracks and large noticeable faults where the
ground had shifted significantly . The country on the
east side of the rift had moved southward relative to
the country on the west side of the rift. The greatest
movement had been 21 feet about 30 miles northwest
of San Francisco.

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