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Incentives for foreign film producers who will shoot

movies in the country pushed

Foreign film producers who will shoot their movies in the country’s historical and
cultural sites will get incentives from the government under a bill showing the Philippines
as prime tourist destination.
Rep. Lino S. Cayetano (
!istrict" #aguig City$" author of %ouse &ill '(')" said
the ob*ective of the bill is to ma+e the Philippines a location shooting or filming area
while promoting the tourism industry in the international mar+et.
,-t can also be done by preserving or promoting the nation’s historical and cultural
heritage and resources as well as artistic creations or sceneries depicted in films" and
converting it into tourist attractions". Cayetano said.
Cayetano said the bill would grant incentives to international or film and television
production entities with multiple entry visa and ta/ and duty free importation of filming
#o be +nown as the ,Philippine Film and #elevision #ourism 1ct of 23'".
Cayetano said the bill would give Philippine tourism a bigger boost by urging the
government’s support to ultimately present various destinations in the Philippines as prime
tourist spots through film tourism.
,-n the past years" several foreign films and television shows have been shot in
different places in the country" but little effort 4 if none at all 4 was done to capitali5e on
the growing phenomenon to boost tourism and increase economic activity in those
places". Cayetano said.
Cayetano said film tourism is a growing phenomenon worldwide" fueled by both the
growth of the entertainment industry and the increase in international travel.
Cayetano said several countries have already capitali5ed on the spiraling
phenomenon of film tourism. ,#heir governments" airline companies and tourism
organi5ations have initiated measures to promote famous and even previously untapped
destination where the film was set as tourist attractions". he said.
Cayetano cited South 6orea" #ur+ey" #hailand" the 7nited States of 1merica"
7nited 6ingdom and 8ew 9ealand" as e/amples were films were shot in famous tourist
NR # 3555B
AUG 11, 2014
,#he :allace ;onument in Scotland saw a <22= increase in visitors a year after
the movie ,&raveheart. was filmed which starred ;el >ibson. ,#he Lord of the Rings.
franchise" filmed in 8ew 9ealand" also saw a steady increase of 32= in tourist arrivals
from 3??@A22< from 7nited 6ingdom alone". Cayetano said.
Cayetano said the Caramoan islands in Camarines Sur" was the location for the
Survivor French edition in 22@" followed by the -srael" &ulgaria and Serbia editions in
22?. #he Sweden edition was shot in the same island in 232" followed in 233 by the
!enmar+" 8orway" &elgium and -ndia franchises.
Cayetano noted that despite the economic impact of film tourism" many tourism
organi5ations have been slow to tap the potential benefits of film tourism.
,#he impacts of film tourism still appeal to be underappreciated by destinations
even though they can be long lasting and have significant longAterm economic and social
effects". Cayetano said.
7nder the measure" the Philippine Film and #elevision #ourism 1uthority (PF##1$
will be created replacing the Philippine Film B/port Service Cffice (PFBSC$ under the
Film !evelopment Council of the Philippines (F!CP$.
#he PF##1 is tas+ed to facilitate the CneAStopAShop System for foreign film or
television production entities by promoting and mar+eting the Philippines as location site"
for the production of international films and television programs. (<2$ lvc

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