Proposed Internal Displacement Act of 2014 approved on 2

The House of Representatives has approved on second reading a bill promoting and
protecting the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in situations of armed conflict
and violence.
The House Committee on Human Rights chaired by Rep. !uillermo Romarate "r.
District $urigao del %orte) endorsed sponsored and defended for plenary passage
House &ill '('' a consolidation of four separate bills.
The original bills are House &ills #)* ##'( )++) and ),'- authored by Reps.
Rene Relampagos (,
District &ohol) Rufus Rodrigue. (#nd District Cagayan de /ro
City)) and 0a1imo Rodrigue. "r. !us Tambunting (#
District Para2a3ue City) Ibarra
4&arry5 !utierre. and 6alden &ello (Party7list 89bayan) respectively.
House &ill '('' as contained in Committee Report %o. )'* entitled 4Rights of
Internally Displaced Persons 8ct5 see9s to afford similar protection to citi.ens :ho are
non7combatants in cases :here armed conflict of a non7international character is
inevitable and that they shall not be discriminated against in their en;oyment of rights and
freedoms on the ground :here they are internally7displaced.
4The bill defines and acts of arbitrary internal displacement committed
by any person or group of persons and directed against the civilian population5
Relampagos stressed.
Rodrigue. said the measure defines 4arbitrary internal displacement5 as those 4acts
of displacement or any other coercive act committed by any person or group
of persons and directed against the civilian population :hich are contrary to la: good
morals public order and public policy and committed :ith abuse of authority oppressive
or :anton disregard of the right to life liberty or property and abode of the residents of an
area in :hich they are la:fully present.5
The measure mandates that the prohibited acts of arbitrary internal displacement
shall include those committed based on policies of apartheid 4ethnic cleansing5 or similar
practices based on situations of armed conflict development pro;ects and natural
human7induced and human7made ha.ards :hen used as a form of collective punishment
and in violation of the rights of IDPs and :here there is malice bad faith gross
negligence or any :illful violation of the rights granted in this proposed 8ct.
The bill provides for a mechanism for international humanitarian assistance to
facilitate their services for the support and relief of the internally displaced.
NR # 3558
AUG 14, 2014
The measure sets up a system of providing financial assistance to IDPs and
monetary compensation for the damages inflicted on the IDPs arising from arbitrary
internal displacement.
The bill establishes a "oint Congressional /versight Committee :hich shall have
the po:er to in3uire into summon and investigate the orders of &attle as defined in the
8ct as :ell as the legal and factual ;ustification for the inclusion of specific persons and
groups in the said /rder of &attle.
/ther co7authors of the measure are Reps. Celso <obregat (,
District =amboanga
City) 8gapito !uanlao (Party7list &>TI<) <orna ?elasco (Party7list 808) @arlo
8le1ie %ograles (,
District Davao City) Christopher &elmonte (-
District Aue.on
City) 0aria <eonor !erona7Robredo ()
District Camarines $ur) Isidro >ngab ()
District Davao City) <eopoldo &ataoil (#
District Pangasinan) 0a. ?ictoria $y7
8lvarado (,
District &ulacan) "uan "ohnny Revilla (Party7list /B6) 0ariano
Piamonte "r. (Party7list 8 TC8CHCR) Cmil /ng (#
District %orthern $amar)
8ngelina Tan ('
District Aue.on) %icasio 8liping "r. (<one District &aguio City)
Rogelio Cspina (<one District &iliran) Cmmeline 8glipay (Party7list DI68) <inabelle
Ruth ?illarica ('
District &ulacan) 0ercedes 8lvare. (-
District %egros /ccidental)
Beli1 6illiam Buentebella ('
District Camarines $ur) 0agnolia Rosa 8ntonio7%adres
District %ueva Cci;a) Cstrellita $uansing (,
District %ueva Cci;a) Clisa @ho (#
District 0asbate) Roman Romulo (<one District Pasig City) and Crlina $antiago (Party7
list , $8!IP). ()+) lvc

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