1898: Born at kuortane on feb 4
1916: Metriculation from jyvaskyla
Classical lyceum
1921: Diploma of arcitecture at institute of tecnolo!y" #elsinki
192$%2&: 'rivate arcitectural office in (yvaskyla)
1924: marrie* to arcitect +ino Marsio
192&%$$: private arcitectural office in ,urku)
19$$%42: private arcitectural office in #elsinki)
194$%-8 Cairman of te +ssociation of .innis +rcitects /+.+ 0#onorary Member since 19-8
1946%48 'rofessor of te Massacusetts 1nstitute of ,ecnolo!y M)1),) 0Cambri*!e" 2/+3
19-2 marrie* to arcitect 4lissa M5kiniemi
19--% member of te .innis +ca*emy 04meritus Member since 19683
196$%68 'resi*ent of te .innis +ca*emy)
19&6 *ie* in #elsinki on May 11
Climate: Col*
Conte6t: /uburban
/tyle: Mo*ern
Notes: ,e t7o stu*ios form an ell sape" 7ic arcs aroun* out*oor ampiteatre)
Because of te torou!ly colle!ial relationsip bet7een +alto an* is associates" all aca*emically traine*
arcitects" tis office as been *esi!ne* 8as if for a family9)
,e office consists of t7o lar!e *raftin! rooms eac 7it its o7n reception areas" arcives an* conference
rooms) :eiter of te t7o *raftin! rooms as special rooms or pre*ominance over te oter) ,ey terefore
can be use* intercan!eably for lar!er or smaller projects) ,e buil*in! as no 7in*o7s on te street si*e an*
is very 7ell insulate* from e6terior *isturbances) .or tis reason it opens onto a !ar*en surroun*e* by an open
ampiteatre; available to all associates for lectures" !oo* fello7sip an* recreation)<
+rcitect: +lvar +alto
=ocation: Cambri*!e" Massacusetts
Date194& to 1948
Buil*in!,ype: colle!e *ormitory
Construction: /ystem: brick
Climate: temperate
Mo*ern :otes: at M1,) /%curve* plan optimises vie7s alon! Carles >iver)
<,e site is locate* on a eavily%trafficke* street alon! te Carles >iver) 1n or*er to avoi* as muc as
possible te *isturbin! vie7 out onto tis street" a curvin! plan form 7as cosen) By tis means" no room 7as
oriente* at ri!t an!les to te street an* its traffic) 1t is 7ell kno7n o7 muc more tran?uil it is to look" for
e6ample" from a *ia!onal line of si!t out of te 7in*o7s of a movin! train at te passin! lan*scape) +n
attempt to make use of tis penomenon 7as ma*e 7it te form of te buil*in!: te 7in*o7s face *ia!onally
to te passin! automobiles an* tus affor* a ?uieter environment for te person 7itin te room) ,e stair7ay
system is ouse* in a panelle* structure risin! up te nort si*e of te buil*in! 7ic allo7s an unobstructe*
vie7 alon! its entire len!t from te lo7est lan*in!)<
Architect: Alvar Aalto
Locatio: Hel!i"i# Fila$
Date: %&'' to %&'(
B)il$i* T+,e: c)lt)ral cetre
Co!tr)ctio S+!te-: tile cla$$i*
Cli-ate: col$
Cote.t )r/a St+le: Mo$er
Note!: A lilti* iter,retatio o0 the !ha,e o0 -)!ic1
<,e 8ouse of culture8 0@ulttuuritalo3 serves as a centre for te cultural 7ork of various tra*e%union
or!aniAations) ,e buil*in! comprises tree *istinct parts: offices" lecture an* conference rooms" a concert
all) ,e office part as five storeys 7it 11B offices" meetin! rooms an* t7o flats) 1n te lecture an*
conference room section 0in te mi**le of a 2%sape* comple63 are a lecture all" stu*y rooms" *iscussion
rooms" a library an* a recor*s room) ,e concert an* con!ress all is te main feature of te !roup) ,e all"
7it 1-BB seats an* a sta!e 2BB s? m" is primarily inten*e* for concerts" but is also use* for lectures) ,e
various parts of te buil*in! are linke* to!eter alon! te street by a canopy 6Bm lon!" un*er 7ic are te
main entrances) ,e free asymmetrical form of te all entaile* te *evelopment of a ne7 facin! element" a
7e*!e%sape* brick" 7it 7ic all te curves of te irre!ular e6terior coul* be realiAe*)<
+rcitect: +lvar +alto
 =ocation: >iola" 1taly
Date: 19&- to 19&8
Buil*in!,ype: Curc
Construction /ystem: Concrete 7it stone an* copper cla**in!
Climate: Me*iterranean
Conte6t: >ural
/tyle: Mo*ern
<,e ne7 curc 7as one of te first in 7ic te 8reforme*8 >oman Catolic litur!y 7oul* be !iven
e6pression in arcitectural termsC te aim 7as to provi*e a close relationsip bet7een altar" coir an* or!an" as
7ell as te baptistery) ,e sape of te curc itself is an asymmetrical basilica 7it asymmetrical vaultin!
trou! 7ic li!t" *irecte* especially to7ar*s te altar" enters te buil*in!) Dalleries 7ere *ispense* 7it"
but te coir area 7as e6ten*e* to compensate for teir absence) ,e front 7all of te curc can be opene*
so tat te forecourt serves as an e6tension to it)<
+rcitect: +lvar +alto
 =ocation: /einajoki" .inlan*
Date: 196$ to 196-
Buil*in! ,ype: library
 Construction /ystem: concrete
Climate: Col*
Conte6t: ,o7n
 Centre /tyle: Mo*ern
:otes: Mt) +n!el =ibrary is similar but note use of slopin! site tere)
+ *ouble%loa*e* corri*or block is split about a tir* of te 7ay alon! to provi*e te focus of te library" te
entrance an* control *esk) ,o te left is te cil*ren8s library" to te ri!t te a*ministrative offices of te
library" an* ri!t aea*" a 7ell in 7ic te reference library is ouse*C an* aroun* tat an* beyon*" te main
stacks of te library fan out) ,e roof i*entifies an* contains te functional separation of elements of te
library" risin! in an abrupt curve over te main stacks to allo7 li!t to enter an* bounce aroun* in te space)
46ternally te roofline reveals little of te comple6ities e6perience* internally) ,e 7ole buil*in! is 7ite"
e6cept for its *ark skirtin! 7ere it touces te !roun* an* te entrance steps i**en bein* a marble slab)<

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