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Un edited COMPOSITE BIOS & PICs for e! Site Posting" C#$%ter ise &As 'e(ei)ed fro* Contri!utors+
Chapter 1:
Robert F. Boehm, Short Bio-Information
'o!ert ,- Boe#* is .istinguis#ed Professor of Me(#$ni($/ Engineering $nd .ire(tor of t#e Energ0
'ese$r(# Center $t t#e Uni)ersit0 of 1e)$d$, 2$s 3eg$s &U123+- 4is 5or6 #$s !een %ri*$ri/0 in t#e $re$
of rene5$!/e $nd (on)ention$/ energ0 (on)ersion- 4e 5$s on t#e f$(u/t0 of t#e Uni)ersit0 of Ut$#
.e%$rt*ent of Me(#$ni($/ Engineering %rior to (o*ing to U123- 4e #o/ds $ P#. in Me(#$ni($/
Engineering fro* t#e Uni)ersit0 of C$/iforni$ $t Ber6e/e0- .r- Boe#* is $ registered %rofession$/ engineer,
$ ,e//o5 of t#e A*eri($n So(iet0 of Me(#$ni($/ Engineers, $nd #$s re(ei)ed se)er$/ $5$rds, in(/uding t#e
4$rr0 'eid Si/)er St$te 'ese$r(# A5$rd, t#e U123 .istinguis#ed Te$(#ing A5$rd, $nd t#e 'udo/f -
7unner*$n Si/)er St$te A5$rd for E8(e//en(e in S(ien(e $nd Te(#no/og0 fro* .'I- 4e #$s !een $n
in)ited /e(turer $t *$n0 institutions #ere $nd $!ro$d, $nd #e #$s %u!/is#ed o)er 400 %$%ers in #e$t
tr$nsfer, design of t#er*$/ s0ste*s, $nd energ0 (on)ersion to%i(s- 4e is t#e $ut#or or (o9$ut#or of t#e ten
!oo6s- 4e ser)es $s $ te(#ni($/ editor for Energythe International Journal.

Chapter 2:
Yong X. Tao
.r- :ong ;in T$o, (urrent/0 Asso(i$te .e$n $t Co//ege of Engineering $nd Co*%uting $nd Professor of
Me(#$ni($/ $nd M$teri$/s Engineering, $t ,/orid$ Intern$tion$/ Uni)ersit0, #$s *ore t#$n 20 0e$rs of
rese$r(# $nd 1< 0e$rs of te$(#ing e8%erien(e- An intern$tion$//0 6no5n rese$r(#er in fund$*ent$/s of
t#er*$/ s(ien(es, refriger$tion s0ste* %erfor*$n(e $nd rene5$!/e energ0 $%%/i($tions in !ui/dings, #e is
$/so .ire(tor of t#e Bui/ding Energ0, En)iron*ent, $nd Conser)$tion S0ste*s 2$! &BEECS+, $nd Mu/ti9
P#$se T#er*$/ Engineering 2$!s &MPTE+ $t ,IU-
4e #$s $ tot$/ of *ore t#$n 1=> ?ourn$/ %u!/i($tions, edited ?ourn$/s@%ro(eedings, $nd %eer9re)ie5ed
te(#ni($/ (onferen(e %$%ers- 4e #o/ds t5o %$tents- 4e re(ei)ed *ore t#$n >-< *i//ions do//$rs of rese$r(#
funding $s $ PI, $nd $ddition$/ A-2 *i//ion do//$rs $s $ Co9PI in *u/tidis(i%/in$r0 te$*5or6 %ro?e(ts fro*
1S,, 1ASA, Air ,or(e, .S2, .OE, AS4'AE $nd industries- 4e is t#e re)ie5er for se)er$/ intern$tion$/
?ourn$/s in #is rese$r(# fie/d- 'e(ent rese$r(# interests in(/ude tr$ns%ort %#eno*en$ in *u/ti%#$se *edi$,
(onstru(t$/ *i(ro(#$nne/ #e$t e8(#$ngers, 1PCM en#$n(ed #e$t tr$nsfer, /o5 te*%er$ture #e$t tr$nsfer,
$/tern$ti)e energ0, engineering edu($tion, $nd entre%reneurs#i%-
4e #$s ser)ed $s t#e (#$ir or *e*!ers of )$rious uni)ersit0, (o//ege $nd de%$rt*ent$/ (o**ittees,
7r$du$te Progr$* .ire(tor, Undergr$du$te Progr$* .ire(tor, Co//ege ,$(u/t0 Coun(i/ *e*!er, 43AC
Certifi($te Progr$* Coordin$tor, $nd f$(u/t0 $d)isor for student org$niB$tions- .r- T$o is $ ,e//o5 of
A*eri($n So(iet0 of Me(#$ni($/ Engineering &ASME+, $ *e*!er of A*eri($n So(iet0 of 4e$ting
'efriger$tion $nd Air9Conditioning Engineers &AS4'AE+, A*eri($n Institute of Aeron$uti(s $nd
Astron$uti(s &AIAA+ $nd A*eri($n So(iet0 of Engineering Edu($tion &ASEE+, 5e! editor of 4e$t Tr$nsfer
.i)ision of ASME, $nd Editor of ASME E$r/09C$reer Te(#ni($/ Courn$/, $nd ser)ed in *$n0 te(#ni($/
(o**ittees of ASME, AS4'AE $nd AIAA- 4e is $/so t#e Progr$* C#$ir for 200D Su**er 4e$t Tr$nsfer
Conferen(e of ASME, $nd founding C#$ir of US9EU9C#in$ T#er*o%#0si(s Conferen(e E 'ene5$!/e
Energ0 #e/d in 200D-
4e initi$ted, $s t#e Pro?e(t .ire(tor, t#e ,uture 4ouse USA %ro?e(t $nd /ed $ (onsortiu* of $($de*i(,
!ui/der, industr0 s%onsors, $nd /o!!0ist to re%resent t#e US in $ ten9(ountr0, intern$tion$/ de*onstr$tion
%ro?e(t of rene5$!/e energ0 $nd en)iron*ent$/ friend/0 (onstru(tion 5it# $ >,200 sF ft Bero9net9energ0
#ouse- On Cu/0 16
, 200D, US Se(ret$r0 of Co**er(e, 7$r0 2o(6e, $nd Se(ret$r0 of Energ0, Ste)en C#u,
)isited t#e ,uture 4ouse USA t#$t .r- T$o /ed t#e efforts-
4e 5$s t#e f$(u/t0 /e$der of $5$rd95inning ,IU So/$r .e($t#/on %ro?e(t in 200= /e$ding f$(u/t0, students
$nd (o**unit0 in !ui/ding $ so/$r energ0 #ouse (o*%eted in $s#ington .-C- - Sin(e e$r/0 2000, .r-
re$(#ed out $nd #$s !een $n in)ited s%e$6er in %ro*oting rene5$/ energ0 in ne5 !ui/ding $nd e8isting
!ui/ding energ0 (onser)$tion- T3 %rogr$*s $nd *$?or ne5s%$%ers ($rried fe$tured $rti(/es $nd inter)ie5s
in t#is %ro*otion of rene5$!/e energ0- To furt#er %ro*ote t#is ($use to $ /$rger s($/e intern$tion$//0, .r-
T$o, $s t#e founding9C#$ir, est$!/is#ed t#e first US9EU9C#in$ T#er*o%#0si(s Conferen(e E'ene5$!/e
Energ0 #e/d in Bei?ing in M$0 200D- Current/0 #e is 5or6ing on se)er$/ %ro?e(ts re/$ted to rene5$!/e energ0
$nd green !ui/ding- 4e #$s !een (onsu/ting for st$rt9u% !usinesses $nd !ui/ding de)e/o%ers in t#ese $re$s
$s 5e//-
Before ?oining ,IU in 2000, .r- T$o 5$s Asso(i$te Professor of Me(#$ni($/ Engineering $t Tennessee St$te
Uni)ersit0- 4e $/so t$ug#t $t 3$nder!i/t Uni)ersit0 $nd Uni)ersit0 of S$s6$t(#e5$n- 4e #$s $ P#-.- in
Me(#$ni($/ Engineering fro* t#e Uni)ersit0 of Mi(#ig$n, $ B-S- $nd M-S- in Me(#$ni($/ Engineering fro*
Tong?i Uni)ersit0 in S#$ng#$i, C#in$-
A!out ,IU" ,/orid$ Intern$tion$/ Uni)ersit0 &,IU+ is $ (o*%re#ensi)e C$rnegie 'ese$r(# Uni)ersit0 in t#e
4ig# 'ese$r(# A(ti)it0 C$tegor0 $nd one of t#e f$stest gro5ing $nd /$rgest %u!/i( rese$r(# uni)ersities in
t#e U-S 5it# 2> (o//eges $nd s(#oo/s, in(/uding $ *edi($/ s(#oo/ $nd $ /$5 s(#oo/, $nd $!out o)er >0 P#.
degree %rogr$*s-
Cont$(t infor*$tion
Yong X. Tao, P#-.-
Professor $nd Asso(i$te .e$n
for A($de*i( Aff$irs $nd Undergr$du$te Studies
Co//ege of Engineering $nd Co*%uting
,/orid$ Intern$tion$/ Uni)ersit0
10=== est ,/$g/er Street, EC 24<>
Mi$*i, ,2 >>1<4
>0=9>4A91401 &f$8+
Chapter 2: Co-Athor: Rambo! Ra"egan
'$*!od '$0eg$n is $ P#-.- ($ndid$te in .e%$rt*ent of Me(#$ni($/ $nd M$teri$/s Engineering $t ,/orid$
Intern$tion$/ Uni)ersit0- Sin(e C$nu$r0 200< #e #$s 5or6ed $s $ rese$r(# $ssist$nt $t ,IU in t#e
sust$in$!/e energ0 $re$- 4e is $/so t#e %resident of AS4'AE ,IU C#$%ter sin(e M$0 200D- 4e #$s !een
*e*!er 5it# %restigious 4onor So(ieties /i6e T$u Bet$ Pi, P#i H$%%$ P#i, Sig*$ ;i $nd 7o/den He0- 4e
#$s %u!/is#ed nu*!er of (onferen(e $nd Courn$/ %$%ers in energ0 $nd sust$in$!i/it0 $re$- '$ised in
Te#r$n, Ir$n, '$*!od no5 /i)es 5it# #is 5ife in Mi$*i- 4e #$s ser)ed $s $n instru(tor $t Se*n$n
Uni)ersit0, Ir$n for = 0e$rs- 4e 5$s se/e(ted $s t#e !est te$(#er of t#e Me(#$ni($/ Engineering .e%$rt*ent
!0 students during 20029200> $($de*i( 0e$r $nd t#e !est senior %ro?e(t su%er)isor in 200>92004
$($de*i( 0e$r- 4e #$s ser)ed $s $ (onsu/t$nt in t#ree (o*%$nies in t#e fie/d of $ir (onditioning $nd
#0dr$u/i( %o5er %/$nts-
Chapter #:
$A%&'( R)$'R)
Born in C$nu$r0 1
1D=D- C#e*i($/ Engineer !0 t#e Uni)ersit0 of 3$//$do/id S%$in in 1DA2 $nd P#. in
C#e*i($/ Engineering !0 t#e s$*e Uni)ersit0 in 1DD0- M- 'o*ero #$s re(ei)ed t#e I,$rrington .$nie/s
A5$rdJ in 200D, t#e *ost %restigious $5$rd in t#e fie/d of so/$r energ0 rese$r(#, (re$ted in 1D<= !0 t#e
Intern$tion$/ So/$r Energ0 So(iet0, (onferred for #is inte//e(tu$/ /e$ders#i%, intern$tion$/ re%ut$tion $nd
'&. (ontri!utions to t#e de)e/o%*ent of #ig# te*%er$ture so/$r (on(entr$ting s0ste*s- In Cune 1DA= #e
?oined CIEMAT, S%$inKs 1$tion$/ 2$!or$tor0 for Energ0 'ese$r(# &555-(ie*$t-es+, 5or6ing $s Pro?e(t
M$n$ger ti// 2002 5it# res%onsi!i/ities on '&. for so/$r t#er*$/ %o5er %/$nts, so/$r #0drogen $nd so/$r
deto8ifi($tion, t#ree fie/ds of rese$r(# $/5$0s %resent in #is %rofession$/ ($reer- In 2002 #e !e($*e
.ire(tor of t#e %restigious P/$t$for*$ So/$r de A/*erL$, /$rge/0 re(ogniBed '&. f$(i/ities for testing $nd
de)e/o%*ent of so/$r (on(entr$ting te(#no/ogies &555-%s$-es+, $nd .ire(tor of t#e 'ene5$!/e Energ0
.i)ision of CIEMAT sin(e Cune 2004 ti// August 200A 5it# '&. $(ti)ities on so/$r t#er*$/ %o5er,
%#oto)o/t$i(s, !io*$ss $nd 5ind energ0- At %resent M$nue/ is .e%ut0 .ire(tor of t#e M$dridKs Institute for
A)$n(ed Studies on Energ0 &IM.EA Energ0+ $nd Prin(i%$/ 'ese$r(#er of its So/$r Energ0 '&. Unit 5it#
$(ti)ities in #ig#9f/u8 *odu/$r (on(entr$ting so/$r %o5er te(#no/ogies $nd #0drogen %rodu(tion
&555-energ0-i*de$-org+- M$nue/ 'o*ero is $/so (o9founder $nd %resident of t#e S(ientifi( Coun(i/ of t#e
s%in9off (o*%$n0 I'SO2A3 &555-irso/$)-(o*+, dedi($ted to (#$r$(teriB$tion of so/$r resour(e fro* s$te//ite
i*$ge d$t$!$ses for so/$r %o5er %/$nts de)e/o%ers-
.uring #is ($reer #e #$s %$rti(i%$ted in *ore t#$n 4= (o//$!or$ti)e '&. %ro?e(ts in energ0 rese$r(#, 1= of
t#e* fin$n(ed !0 t#e Euro%e$n Co**ission- 4e #$s !een one of t#e %ioneers in)o/)ed in t#e (on(e%tion
$nd de)e/o%*ent of t#e %ro?e(ts PS10 $nd 7e*$so/$r &t#e t5o first (o**er(i$/ so/$r t#er*$/ to5er %o5er
%/$nts in t#e 5or/d+ $nd de)e/o%er of t#e (urrent te(#no/og0 of g/$ss@*et$/ #e/iost$ts !eing used in su(#
%/$nts- M$nue/ is one of t#e referen(e so/$r rese$r(#ers strong/0 (o**itted $nd %/$0ing $ 6e0 ro/e sin(e
*idd/e eig#ties in t#e %ro(ess of de%/o0ing so/$r t#er*$/ %o5er %/$nts e)o/)ing fro* t#e e8%eri*ent$/ fie/d
to t#e *$r6et- At %resent #e is (o**itted to de)e/o% ne5 *odu/$r s(#e*es for #ig#9f/u8 #ig#9te*%er$ture
$%%/i($tions, in(/uding effi(ient %o5er gener$tion $nd so/$r fue/s- 4e is (o9$ut#or of t#e Euro%e$n
Te(#no/og0 'o$d*$% on 4ig# Te*%er$ture 40drogen Produ(tion Pro(esses I11O4:P, (ontr$(ted !0 t#e
EC in 200=, $nd (o9$ut#or of t#e Euro%e$n Te(#no/og0 'o$d*$% for So/$r T#er*$/ Po5er P/$nts,
ECOSTA', (ontr$(ted !0 t#e Euro%e$n Co**ission in 2004- 4e $(ted $s *e*!er of t#e e8%ertsK
(o**ittee of t#e Energ0 '&. Progr$* of t#e 3I $nd 3II ,r$*e5or6 Progr$* of t#e EC ti// August 200A-
M$nue/ #$s !een E8Co Me*!er of t#e So/$r 4e$ting $nd Coo/ing I*%/e*enting Agree*ent of t#e IEA
&Intern$tion$/ Energ0 Agen(0+, &#tt%"@@555-ie$9s#(-org@+, $nd E8Co Me*!er of t#e So/$r Po5er $nd
C#e*i($/ Energ0 S0ste*s &So/$rPACES+ I*%/e*enting Agree*ent of t#e IEA, #tt%"@@555-so/$r%$(es-org@-
4e $(ted $s O%er$ting Agent for T$s6 I &So/$r T#er*$/ Po5er P/$nts+ $t t#e So/$rPACES I*%/e*enting
Agree*ent of t#e IEA, sin(e A%ri/ 2002 ti// O(to!er 2004- 4e #$s !een E8Co Me*!er $nd *e*!er of t#e
!o$rd $t t#e EU'EC Agen(0 &Euro%e$n 'ene5$!/e Energ0 Centres Agen(0+ &#tt%"@@555-eure(-!e@+ $nd
E8Co Me*!er $t t#e A//i$n(e of Euro%e$n 2$!or$tories on Con(entr$ting So/$r Po5er &So/2$!+,
#tt%"@@555-so//$!-eu@- At %resent #e is A/tern$te Counse//or of t#e or6ing 7rou% in t#e A%%/i($tion Are$ of
40drogen Produ(tion $nd .istri!ution $t t#e 'ese$r(# 7rou%ing of t#e ,ue/ Ce//s $nd 40drogen9Coint
Undert$6ing &,C49CU+-
4e is Asso(i$te Editor of t#e ASME Courn$/ of So/$r Energ0 Engineering sin(e C$nu$r0 200<, $nd $t t#e
Intern$tion$/ Courn$/ of Energ0 'ese$r(# &ICE'+ %u!/is#ed !0 i/e0 & Sons sin(e .e(e*!er 200D $nd #e
5$s Asso(i$te Editor of t#e Intern$tion$/ Courn$/ of So/$r Energ0 of E/se)ier sin(e C$nu$r0 2002 ti// C$nu$r0
200<- Editor of 6 !oo6s re/$ted to so/$r (on(entr$ting te(#no/ogies- Aut#or of > (#$%ters in #$nd!oo6s of
so/$r energ0, >2 %$%ers in s(ientifi( ?ourn$/s 5it# SCI $nd A0 %u!/i($tions in !oo6s of %ro(eedings 5it#
ISB1- 4e is (o9$ut#or of t#ree %$tents on so/$r g$sifi($tion of ($r!on$(eous *$teri$/s &t5o in US $nd 1
Euro%e$n+, $nd 1 in so/$r (on(entr$ting s0ste*s &Euro%e$n+-
Co-Athor for Chapter #: *o+, -on./0e.-Agi0ar
CosM 7onBN/eB9Agui/$r is Senior 'ese$r(#er in t#e 7rou% of 4ig# Te*%er$ture Pro(esses $t t#e IM.EA Energ0
Institute- 4e re(ei)ed t#e P#-.- in P#0si(s fro* t#e Uni)ersit0 of C$nt$!ri$ &S%$in+ in 1DDD $nd #is 4$!i/it$tion O
.iriger des 'e(#er(#es fro* t#e Uni)ersit0 P$u/ S$!$tier, Tou/ouse &,r$n(e+ in 200<- After $ %ostdo(tor$/ tr$ining $t
t#e Centre for Energ0 $nd Pro(esses &A'MI1ES@MI1ES P$risTe(#+ in t#e fr$*e5or6 of t#e Euro%e$n %ro?e(t TM'
1$no(o*%, #e 5or6ed $s rese$r(# engineer $t A'MI1ES $nd /$ter $s $ssist$nt %rofessor $t E(o/e n$tion$/e
su%Mrieure des Mines de P$ris &20069200D+- In t#is %eriod, #is *$in rese$r(# $re$ 5$s fo(used on t#e stud0 $nd
de)e/o%*ent of #ig# te*%er$ture %ro(esses for energ0 $nd en)iron*ent$/ issues, *$in/0 !$sed on t#er*$/ %/$s*$s
$nd e/e(tri( $r( dis(#$rges- Current/0, #is rese$r(# interests in(/ude so/$r energ0 s0ste*s $nd te(#no/ogies, 5it#
s%e(i$/ e*%#$sis in (on(entr$ting so/$r $%%/i($tions- CosM 7onBN/eB Agui/$r #$s (o//$!or$ted in 1= n$tion$/ $nd
intern$tion$/ rese$r(# %ro?e(ts, %u!/is#ed 26 %$%ers in %eer re)ie5 ?ourn$/s, t5o intern$tion$/ $nd $ ,ren(# %$tents
$nd #e is $ut#or of *ore t#$n =0 (o**uni($tions in n$tion$/ $nd intern$tion$/ (onferen(es-
Chapter 4:
Rangan Baner1ee
'$ng$n B$ner?ee is $ Professor of t#e .e%$rt*ent of Energ0 S(ien(e $nd Engineering $nd (urrent/0 t#e
.e$n of 'ese$r(# $nd .e)e/o%*ent $t t#e Indi$n Institute of Te(#no/og0 Bo*!$0- 4e 5$s Asso(i$te .e$n
&' & .+ of IIT Bo*!$0 fro* 200>92006 $nd 4e$d of t#e .e%t of Energ0 s(ien(e $nd Engineering &20069
200D+- 4e is $ Con)ening 2e$d An$/0st for Industri$/ End Use Effi(ien(0 $nd $ *e*!er of t#e e8e(uti)e
(o**ittee for t#e 7/o!$/ Energ0 Assess*ent &200A92010+ (oordin$ted !0 t#e Intern$tion$/ Institute for
A%%/ied S0ste*s An$/0sis - 4e is $/so $n Ad?un(t f$(u/t0 &4onor$r0+ in t#e .e%$rt*ent of Engineering &
Pu!/i( Po/i(0, C$rnegie Me//on Uni)ersit0- 4e 5$s $ *e*!er of t#e P/$nning Co**issionKs Integr$ted
Energ0 Po/i(0 &20049200=+ Co**ittee $nd on t#e 5or6ing grou% for rene5$!/e energ0 $nd energ0
effi(ien(0 $nd .SM for t#e E/e)ent# ,i)e :e$r P/$n- 4e #$s (o9 $ut#ored $ !oo6 on P/$nning for .e*$nd
Side M$n$ge*ent in t#e Po5er se(tor, $ !oo6 on Energ0 Cost in t#e C#e*i($/ Industr0 $nd $ !oo6 on
Engineering Edu($tion in Indi$- 4e #$s !een in)o/)ed in industri$/ %ro?e(ts 5it# org$nis$tions /i6e Ess$r,
Indi$n C#e*i($/ M$nuf$(turers Asso(i$tion, HSI.C, 4' Co#nson, T$t$ Consu/ting Engineers, BSES,
Ster/ite, Intern$tion$/ Institute of Energ0 Conser)$tion $nd s%onsored %ro?e(ts 5it# t#e .e%$rt*ent of
S(ien(e & Te(#no/og0, U1, ME'C, PC'A, M1ES, 4e5/ett ,ound$tion- 4is $re$s of interest in(/ude energ0
*$n$ge*ent, *ode//ing of energ0 s0ste*s, energ0 %/$nning $nd %o/i(0, #0drogen energ0 $nd fue/ (e//s- 4e
#$s (ondu(ted t5o intern$tion$/ tr$ining %rogr$**es on so/$r energ0 $nd se)er$/ 1$tion$/ %rogr$**es on
rene5$!/e energ0 $nd Energ0 M$n$ge*ent-
Chapter 2:
)34)%%'((, 5I((IA$ *.
Bi// OK.onne// #$s Engineering .egrees fro* C$rnegie Me//on Uni)ersit0 $nd t#e Uni)ersit0 of Pitts!urg#-
4e !eg$n #is ($reer $t esting#ouse 'ese$r(# $nd Bettis 5#ere #e !e($*e $n Ad)isor0 Engineer- In
1D<0 Bi// founded OK.onne// $nd Asso(i$tes, $n engineering (onsu/ting fir* s%e(i$/iBing in design $nd
$n$/0sis of stru(tures $nd (o*%onents- T#e fir* #$s done e8tensi)e 5or6 in t#e e)$/u$tion of stru(tur$/
integrit0, in(/uding (orrosion f$tigue, f/$5 sensiti)it0, (r$(6 %ro%$g$tion, (ree% ru%ture $nd !ritt/e fr$(ture-
.r- OK.onne// #$s %u!/is#ed D6 %$%ers in engineering *e(#$ni(s, e/$sti(9%/$sti( fr$(ture *e(#$ni(s, str$in
/i*its $nd d$*$ge e)$/u$tion *et#ods- 4e is C#$ir*$n of t#e Su!grou% on ,$tigue Strengt# $nd $
Me*!er of t#e Su!(o**ittee on .esign of t#e ASME Code- 4e #$s %$tents on *e(#$ni($/ %ro(esses $nd
de)i(es used in %/$nts 5or/d5ide- 4e is re(ogniBed e8%ert in ,$i/ure C$us$tion An$/0ses-
.r- OK.onne// #$s gi)en in)ited /e(tures $t *$n0 '&. /$!or$tories, design fir*s $nd uni)ersities- 4e is $
registered Profession$/ Engineer- 4e re(ei)ed t#e 1$tion$/ Pi T$u Sig*$ 7o/d Med$/ A5$rd I,or
Outst$nding A(#ie)e*ent in Me(#$ni($/ EngineeringJ $nd t#e ASME A5$rd for IBest Conferen(e Te(#ni($/
P$%erJ in 1D<> $nd 1DAA- T#e Pitts!urg# Se(tion of ASME n$*ed Bi// IEngineer of t#e :e$r-J &1DAA+ 4e
5$s $5$rded t#e ASME P3P Med$/ &1DD4+ $nd re(ei)ed t#e Uni)ersit0 of Pitts!urg# ME
.e%$rt*entKs .istinguis#ed A/u*ni A5$rd &1DD6+ $nd C$rnegie Me//on Uni)ersit0Ks 2004 .istinguis#ed
A(#ie)e*ent A5$rd for distinguis#ed ser)i(e $nd $((o*%/is#*ents in $n0 fie/d of #u*$n ende$)or- 4e is $
,e//o5 of t#e ASME $nd is /isted in t#e Engineers Coint Coun(i/ IEngineers of .istin(tion,J M$rFuis I#oKs
#o in S(ien(e $nd EngineeringJ $nd I#oKs #o in t#e or/d-J
Chapter 2 Co-Athor: (i+ A. Bon Ro6afort
Luis A. Bon Rocafort graduated in 1999 from Purdue University
with a Bachelors of Science in echanical !ngineering. "uring
his undergraduate career he received the #ational Action
$ouncil for inorities in !ngineering Scholarshi%& which %rovided
for tuition and a sti%end& as well as wor' e(%erience as a
summer intern at the s%onsoring com%anys facilities. )is wor'
with BP Amoco& at their *hiting& +#& re,nery involved %lant
facilities& cooling tower design and analysis& and %i%e -uid -ow
analysis and modeling to o%timi.e use of cooling water and
eliminate /ottlenec's.
+n 0111 Luis A. Bon Rocafort graduated with a asters of Science in echanical
!ngineering from Purdue University& having received the 2raduate !ngineering
inority 3ellowshi%& to cover his graduate school as well as %rovide wor' e(%erience
with "aimler$hrysler. 4he 'nowledge gained in the advanced vehicle design grou%&
as well as the conce%t and modeling grou% would %rove useful in the modeling and
analysis realm that he is currently wor'ing in. "uring his time with "aimler$hrysler
he characteri.ed -uid -ows inside an automatic transmission engine& wrote data
ca%ture modules for a real time driving simulator& %rogrammed autonomous
vehicles for real time driving simulator and com%ared 3!A stress analysis results to
stress %aint treated %arts to determine via/ility of two methods to real world tests of
manufactured %arts.
)aving graduated in 0111& Luis A. Bon Rocafort& /ecomes a ,eld service engineer
for Schlum/erger 5il,eld Services& %erforming as a drilling service engineer. )as a
cell manager& %roviding services to !((ono/il in the Bass Strait of the Southeast
coast of Australia& he %erforms logging while drilling services& and assists directional
drilling e6orts in order to fully develo% a 'nown ,eld that has /een %roducing oil for
more than 7 decades. Using advanced tools and drilling techni8ues& undiscovered
%oc'ets of oils are identi,ed and drilling %rograms are develo%ed.
Luis A. Bon Rocafort 9oins 5"onnell $onsulting !ngineers& +nc in 011:. *hile
wor'ing with 5$!+& he %erforms static and transient ,nite element analysis using a
variety of elements and methods availa/le through the A#S;S %rogram. 5ther
analyses include& modal analyses& harmonic analyses& vi/rations& fatigue life
analyses& inelastic analyses& cree% analyses& amongst others. 4hese analyses are
done to evaluate vessels or structures to AS!& A+S$& and +!!! codes and
Some of the analyses %erformed include<
"rill $ollar
4hread stress analysis
3atigue life %rediction
Pre=stressed $oncrete Beam with Steel $a/le
$om%osite Beam Stress Analysis
$oncrete $rac'ing
!nclosures& Rac's& S'id Su%%orts
Seismic Analyses
odal Analyses
)armonic Analyses
)alf S%ace $onstraints
Pressure >essels
Linear !lastic Analysis
Plastic Analysis
)igh 4em%erature "esign
$ree% 3atigue
$ree% Ratcheting
Limit Load Analysis
Chapter 7:
Sheila Gayle Bailey, Short Bio-Information
Sheila G. Bailey has been a Senior Physicist working in photovoltaics at NASA Glenn Research
Center for over 25 years. Her most recent projects include nanomaterials and nanostructures for
space photovoltaics, quantum wire III-V solar cells and quantum dot alpha-voltaics. She has
authored or co-authored over 165 journal and conference publications, 9 book chapters and two
patents. She is on the Editorial Board of Progress in Photovoltaics. She is a member of the
American Physical Society and a speaker for the American Institute of Physics Visiting Scientist
Program. She is a member of AIAA Aerospace Power Systems technical committee and the IEE
Electron Devices Society Photovoltaic Devices Committee. She was the chair of the 4
Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion in 2006. She is executive vice president of the
Lewis Engineers and Scientists Association. She was an adjunct professor at Baldwin Wallace
College for 27 years and is currently an associate faculty member of the International Space
University. She has a B.S. from Duke University in physics, a M.S. in physics from the Univ. of
N.C. at Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from the University of Manchester
in England. She spent a post-doctoral year at the Royal Military College (part of the Univ. of
New South Wales) in Canberra, Australia, She is the recipient of the faculty excellence award
from Baldwin Wallace College and the Federal Women's Program award. She is an Ohio
Academy of Science "Exemplar". She was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal for
her work in space photovoltaics in 1999. She has completed the Office of Personnel
Management's Executive Potential Program. She was inducted into the Ohio Womens Hall of
Fame in 2003 by Gov.Taft.
Viterna Biographical
Dr. Larry Viterna is a loaned executive to Case Western Reserve University from N!. t
Case" he serves as the #echnical Director of the $reat La%es &nergy 'nstitute" leading the
formation of technology development efforts in rene(a)le energy and energy storage. *ost
recently at N!" Dr. Viterna (as Lead for !trategic Business Development at the $lenn
Research Center" a ma+or federal la)oratory (ith a )udget of over ,-..* and a (or%force of
/0... 1reviously he (as assigned to the N! Deputy dministrator in Washington" DC" (here
he coordinated the development of the implementation strategy for gency2(ide changes
follo(ing the !pace !huttle Colum)ia ccident. Dr Viterna (as on the team that created the
(orld3s first multi2mega(att (ind tur)ines starting in 4565. 7e is the recipient of N!3s Blue
*ar)le (ard for aerodynamic models" no( named for him" that are part of international design
tools for (ind tur)ines and that helped ena)le passive aerodynamic po(er control in the (ind
energy industry. Dr. Viterna has also )een recogni8ed (ith N! $lenn3s highest &ngineering
&xcellence a(ard for his pioneering (or% in fuel efficient hy)rid vehicles. 7e is certified for
the !enior &xecutive !ervice and received his 1hD in &ngineering from the University of
*ichigan. 7e has also completed executive education in )usiness administration at !tanford
University" pu)lic policy at the 7arvard 9ennedy !chool of $overnment" and international
management at the National University of !ingapore.
Chapter 8:
*o+e 9a"a+
Jose Zayas is the program manager of the Wind and Water Power Technologies Department at
Sandia National Laboratories. His responsibilities inclde establishing strategy and priorities!
defining technical and programmatic roles! bsiness de"elopment! and performing management
assrance for the wind and water power related acti"ities of the laboratory.
Jose #oined Sandia National Labs in $%%& and spent the first ten years of his career in the field
of wind energy as a senior member of the technical staff in the wind energy technology
department! where he had responsibilities for se"eral programmatic research agendas for the
program. Dring his career he performed research in a "ariety of areas which inclde acti"e
aerodynamic flow control! sensors! dynamic modeling! data ac'isition systems! and
component testing.
Jose holds a bachelors degree in (echanical )ngineering from the *ni"ersity of New (e+ico!
and a (asters degree in (echanical and ,eronatical )ngineering from the *ni"ersity of
Chapter ::
Gary D. Seifert, E.E., P.E.
$ary D. !eifert" 1.&." &.&." is senior program manager at the 'daho National La)oratory. 7e has
responsi)ility for multiple technical tas%s for the U.!. Department of &nergy" Department of
7omeland !ecurity" U! ir :orce" U.!. Navy" and N!; as (ell as various po(er systems
upgrades at the 'daho National La)oratory. Rene(a)le pro+ects have included the scension
'sland Wind 1ro+ect and scension 'sland !olar 1o(er pro+ects" (hich have displaced a
significant amount of diesel generation resulting in ma+or financial and emissions savings.
$ary has )een involved in multiple pro+ects improving control systems and adding automation.
<ther support tas%s include Wind 1o(ering merica" (ind anemometer loan program" (ind
radar integration" po(er system distri)ution upgrades" high relia)ility po(er systems" relay
system updates" smart su)station upgrades" fi)er optic communication systems installations"
National !CD #est)ed" and the design of process control systems.
$ary is also currently involved in studies for multiple Department of Defense government (ind
pro+ects and is leading a technical (ind radar interaction pro+ect for the U! D<& and supporting
(ind prospecting activities in 'daho and surrounding regions.
$ary holds patents in thermal photovoltaic and &lectro <ptical 7igh Voltage =&<7V> sensor
designs. 7e (as a(arded a Research and Development top 4.. a(ard in 455? for his (or% on
the &<7V sensor and (as instrumental in the implementation of the D<D3s first island (ind
farm at scension air station.
Bachelor of Science )lectrical )ngineering *ni"ersity of .daho !$%/$
Adjunct Instructor Department of )ngineering Professional De"elopment
*ni"ersity of Wisconsin since $%%$
Contact Information:
Idaho National Laboratory
0101 2reemont ,"e
P3 4o+ $&0156/$7
.daho 2alls! .D /68$1
Phone9 :07/; 10&5%100
(obile9 :07/; 10$5/6/1
2a+9 :07/; 10&50/$/
Chapter ::
Dr. Thomas L. Baldwin, P.E.
4homas L. Baldwin& P.!.& Ph.".& +!!! 3ellow& is a senior
engineer at the +daho #ational La/oratory. )e conducts
engineering studies and research in electrical %ower
generation and transmission for the U.S. "e%artment of
!nergy& U.S. #avy& and !PR+. )is research interests are in
distri/ution energy system design& industrial %ower systems&
grounding issues& transformers& and the analysis of %ower
8uality %ro/lems.
)e is also hold the ran' of %rofessor at the 3AU=3SU
$ollege of !ngineering at 3lorida State University&
4allahassee& 3L& and has conducted research at the $enter
for Advanced Power Systems since 1999. )e is a Registered
Professional !ngineer in the State of #orth $arolina.
)e received the B.S.!.!. and .S.!.! degrees from $lemson
University& $lemson& S$& and the Ph.". degree in electrical
engineering from >irginia Polytechnic +nstitute and State
University& Blac's/urg& >A& in 19?@& 19?9& and 1997&
"r. Baldwin is a mem/er of the +!!! Power and !nergy
Society and the +ndustrial A%%lications Society& and serves
on several committees and wor'ing grou%s including Power
System 2rounding and the +!!! 2reen Boo'.
$ontact +nformation
+daho #ational La/oratory
0A0A 3reemont Ave
P5 Bo( 1:0A=7:1A
+daho 3alls& +" ?7B1A
Phone< C1.01?.A0:.1?:B
$ell< C1.?A1.A0?.1:A7
3a(< C1.01?.A0:.0@@@
Chapter ;: 5in! 'nerg" in %ether0an!+ b" 4r. <eter *. 'e6en
Chapter 1=:
Rame+h <rane+h Rao $th"a
5or> '?perien6e:
P M$n$ging .ire(tor, 7$rr$d 4$ss$n Indi$ Pri)$te 2i*ited, 200D M$r(# 9 ti// d$te o Est$!/is#ed fu//9
f/edged o%er$tions of 7$rr$d 4$ss$n 7rou%, UH in Indi$-
o Offering fu// r$nge of ser)i(es fro* Energ0 $ssess*ents to M$(#ine design $nd $ssist$n(e in
(ertifi($tion re/$ted $(ti)it0 to st$6e #o/ders in t#e fie/d of 5ind energ0-
P Ener(on Indi$ 2i*ited 200<9 200A ,e!ru$r0
o 5$s /oo6ing $fter 5ind resour(e $ssess*ent, energ0 $ssess*ent, IEC (o*%/i$n(e, Perfor*$n(e
*onitoring $nd $n$/0sis-
P 7P Co, 3$rrenes, C$n$d$ E 200< 1o)e*!er 200A A%ri/
o Ad)isor E Te(#ni($/
o Initi$ted Fu$/it0 s0ste*s i*%/e*ent$tion-
o Assisted in $n$/0sis of 5ind resour(e-
o or6ed on 5or6 instru(tions for fie/d st$ff-
o or6ed on i*%ro)ing re/i$!i/it0 of instru*ent$tion $nd i*%ro)e*ent of d$t$ re(o)er0 in e8tre*e
(o/d 5e$t#er-
P E8e(uti)e .ire(tor, Centre for ind Energ0 Te(#no/og0 E 20029200<-
o Too6 o)er during for*$ti)e 0e$rs de)e/o%ed $n intern$tion$//0 $((/$i*ed (entre of e8(e//en(e-
o 3er0 su((essfu//0 (o*%/eted t#e .A1I.A funded %ro?e(t for setting u% ind Tur!ine Test St$tion- It
5$s $((/$i*ed t#$t t#is 5$s one of t#e *ost (o*%/e8 %ro?e(ts 5#ere $// %ro?e(t %$rtners 5ere
s$tisfied- It 5$s no *ere eFui%*ent gr$nt t#$t 5$s $ffe(ted- Consider$!/e *$n%o5er tr$ining 5$s
in)o/)ed in testing $nd (ertifi($tion re/$ted 5or6- Pro)ided (o*%/ete *$n$geri$/ $nd te(#ni($/
o .ee%/0 in)o/)ed 5it# t0%e testing of 5ind tur!ines $s %er IEC $nd Indi$n reFuire*ents-
o 7uided Indi$n (ertifi($tion s0ste* %re%$r$tion est$!/is#*ent $nd i*%/e*ent$tion- Stre$*/ined
(ertifi($tion %ro(ess for 5ind tur!ines in Indi$- Pro)iding te(#ni($/ $nd *$n$geri$/ $ssist$n(e to
(ertifi($tion grou%-
o 4e/%ed in %re%$r$tion of $%%ro%ri$te Indi$n st$nd$rds $/igned 5it# IEC- C#$ir*$n of t#e su! grou%
set u% !0 Bure$u of Indi$n St$nd$rds on 5ind energ0 for IEC-
o O!t$ined ISO D001 E 2000 (ertifi($tion for C9ET- Broug#t u% testing &t0%e $nd %erfor*$n(e+ to
intern$tion$/ st$nd$rds- or6ing to5$rds intern$tion$/ re(ognition for testing $nd (ertifi($tion
o 4$)e de)e/o%ed $ 5or/d E (/$ss 5ind resour(e $ssess*ent te$*- ,or*u/$ted %/$n for %re%$r$tion
of 5ind $t/$s for Indi$ $nd t#e %ro?e(t is in %rogress-
o Ad)iser to 7o)ern*ent of Indi$ on $// te(#ni($/ $nd s(ientifi( *$tters %ert$ining to ind- Pro)iding
6e0 te(#ni($/ in%uts to %o/i(0 *$6ers- Instru*ent$/ in s#$%ing t#e fie/d-
o 7uiding $ te$* of t#irt0 %rofession$/s fro* )$rious dis(i%/ines $nd !$(6ground fro* 5ind resour(e
$ssess*ent, testing, (ertifi($tion, tr$ining, rese$r(# $nd $d*inistr$tion- 'ese$r(# %/$nning,
!udgeting, funds gener$tion $nd *$n$ge*ent of t#e (entre $re %$rt of t#e res%onsi!i/ities-
o M$int$ining e8(e//ent re/$tions 5it# $// st$6e#o/ders in t#e fie/d-
o Initi$ted $nd 5or6ing on se)er$/ rese$r(# %ro?e(ts-
P 4e$d, ind Energ0 .i)ision, 1$tion$/ Aeros%$(e 2$!or$tories, B$ng$/ore 1D<D E 2002-
o .esigned, de)e/o%ed, $nd tested 5ind*i//s $nd s*$// !$tter0 (#$rgers- Tr$nsferred 6no59#o5 to
industr0 &1D<D9D4+- T#e designs ($rried se)er$/ Qfirst of its 6indK ide$s- S#$red $ %$tent on o)er9
s%eed (ontro/ 5it# ot#er engineers in t#e grou%-
o Set u% $ fie/d test f$(i/it0 for 5ind tur!ines- Ten 5ind tur!ines in t#e ($%$(it0 r$nge of 22= E ==0 6
5ere tested for %erfor*$n(e $s %er IEA guide/ines &II edition+- It 5$s t#e first ti*e /$rge 5ind
tur!ines 5ere su!?e(ted to su(# *e$sure*ents on Indi$n soi/ &1DDA+-
o Instru*ent$/ in getting CETKs *e$sure*ent /$!or$tor0 $((redited $s %er 1<02=
o P$rtnered in t#e 1$tion 5ide 5ind resour(e $ssess*ent- Pro)ided in%uts on site se/e(tion,
*e$sure*ent st$tion design $nd tr$ining to Indi$n Institute of Tro%i($/ *eteoro/og0, ,ie/d 'ese$r(#
unit st$ff $nd st$te nod$/ $gen(ies &1DA= on5$rds+-
o Con(e%tu$/iBed $nd e8e(uted $ *$?or initi$ti)e to o!t$in Fu$ntit$ti)e esti*$tes of 5ind %o5er
%otenti$/ in Bones of inf/uen(e $round *onitoring st$tions- T#is #$s %ro)ed to !e $n in)$/u$!/e too/
for 5ind energ0 $%%/i($tions in t#e (ountr0-
o So*e of t#e !est 5ind f$r*s in t#e (ountr0 5ere *i(ro sited- In *ost ($ses t#e %redi(ted
gener$tion /e)e/s #$)e !een $(#ie)ed- A #ig# degree of (usto*er /o0$/t0 $(#ie)ed-
o Org$niBed ASP tr$ining %rogr$* in $sso(i$tion 5it# 'ISO 1$tion$/ 2$!or$tor0 for %r$(ti(ing
engineers $nd s(ientists &1DD6+- Tr$ined Sri 2$n6$n engineers on 5ind f/o5 *ode/ing &1DDA+-
o Con(e%tu$/iBed $nd i*%/e*ented $ 5ind %rogr$* for Indi$n Ant$r(ti( St$tion- It %ro)ed to !e one
of t#e *ost su((essfu/ %rogr$*s $t t#e st$tion s$)ing in)$/u$!/e fue/ $nd *$n #ours !ot# of 5#i(#
$re $t $ %re*iu* in t#e #osti/e en)iron*ent of Ant$r(ti($-
P Post 7r$du$te Tr$inee $t T$t$ Engineering & 2o(o*oti)e Co*%$n0 2i*ited 1D<< E 1D<D- T#e
(o*%$n0 is $n $uto*o!i/e *$?or %rodu(ing (o**er(i$/ )e#i(/es $nd ($rs
o After $ s%e// in %rodu(t e)$/u$tion, *o)ed to *$(#ine too/ #0dr$u/i(s di)ision-
o .esigned #0dr$u/i( %o5er %$(6s for s%e(i$/ %ur%ose *$(#ines $nd tr$nsfer /ines-
o .esigned e8%eri*ent$/ #0dr$u/i( s0ste* for e/e(tro dis(#$rge *$(#ine *e$nt for too/ $nd die
.i%/o*$ 1D<0 Bo$rd of Te(#ni($/ Edu($tion E/e(tri($/ Engineering II C/$ss
B$(#e/orKs .egree 1D<= B$ng$/ore Uni)ersit0, B$ng$/ore Me(#$ni($/ Engineering I C/$ss
M$sterKs .egree 1D<< Indi$n Institute of S(ien(e, B$ng$/ore Me(#$ni($/ Engineering .istin(tion
M$sterKs .egree 1DAD O/den!urg Uni)ersit0 7er*$n0 'ene5$!/e Energ0 .istin(tion
@onor+ A A6tiBitie+
P 2ong9ter* .AA. fe//o5 during 1DAA E AD-
P Coint #o/der of P$tent on %$ssi)e o)er s%eed (ontro/ of 5ind*i// rotor-
P 2ife Me*!er
o Intern$tion$/ Asso(i$tion for So/$r Energ0 Edu($tion-
O Aeron$uti($/ So(iet0 of Indi$-
P SESI $5$rd 2006 for (entre of e8(e//en(e-
P Pu!/i($tion /ist is $ /itt/e /ong- 1ot in(/uded
Chapter 11: @"!ropoCer -eneration in In!ia, Stat+ an! Cha00enge+
B" 4r. 4harm Dir Thare1a

1. Present Position: "+R!$45R = 4!$)#+$AL
2. Name o Firm: S#$=LA>AL+# !#2+#!!R+#2 +#"+A P>4. L4".
!. Date o "irt#: Eune 1A
& 19A1 Nationality: +ndian
$. E%&'ation: Ph.".& +.+.4.& "elhi& +ndia& 19?A
.Sc. F$ivil !ngineeringG 3irst "ivision& "elhi $ollege of
!ngg.& University of "elhi& +ndia& 19@?
B.Sc. F$ivil !ngineeringG 3irst "ivision& "elhi $ollege of
!ngg.& University of "elhi& +ndia& 19@0
(. Mem)ers#i* o
3ellow& +nstitution of !ngineers F+ndiaG.
em/er& +ndian *ater Resources Society.
em/er& +ndian 2eotechnical Society.
em/er& +ndian Society for Roc'
echanics H 4unnelling 4echnology.
,. Ot#er Trainin-: U# 3ellowshi% for : months to study the state=of=the=art for
analysis and design techni8ues of dams H hydel civil
structures. Associated with USBR& "enver& $olorado FUSAG&
University of $alifornia& Ber'eley FUSAG& University of
Ari.ona& 4ucson FUSAG and University of Swansea& Swansea
FUIG& Ean. to Euly& 19??
4wo months training in the ,eld of )ydro Power !ngineering
with Js. )ar.a !ngineering $o.& USA under *orld Ban'
%rogramme& Eune to Aug.& 199:
.. Co&ntries o /or0
Phili%%ines& Burma& >ietnam& Afghanistan& Bhutan and +ndia
2. Lan-&a-es: 3*ea0in- Rea%in- /ritin-
4. Em*+o5ment Re'or%:
2rom9 No"ember 077% To9 Till date
)mployer9 SN-5L,=,L.N )ngineering .ndia P"t. Ltd.
Positions Held9 Director > Technical
2rom9 September 077/ To9 3ctober 077%
)mployer9 SN-5L,=,L.N )ngineering .ndia P"t. Ltd.! .nstitte for Defense Stdies and ,nalysis
:.DS,;! J? @ Power De"elopment -orporation! HP Power De"elopment -orporation
Positions Held9 -onsltant
2rom9 ,pril 077/ To9 September 077/
)mployer9 Aanga 2lood -ontrol -ommission :A2--;! (inistry of Water Besorces! Ao"t. of
.ndia :A3.;
Positions Held9 -hairman
2rom9 2ebrary 077/ To9 ,pril 077/
)mployer9 -entral Water -ommission :-W-;! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 (ember :Design ? Besearch Wing;
2rom9 (arch 077C To9 2ebrary 077/
!m%loyer< +ndus *ing& inistry of *ater Resources
Positions Held9 -ommissioner
2rom9 Jne 0770 To9 (arch 077C
)mployer9 -W-! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 -hief )ngineer
2rom9 December 077$ To9 Jne 0770
)mployer9 W,P-3S! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 -hief Pro#ect (anager
2rom9 Jne $%%% To9 December 077$
)mployer9 W,P-3S! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 -hief )ngineer
2rom9 (arch $%%8 To9 Jne $%%%
)mployer9 -W-! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 Director :Dam Designs;
2rom9 (arch $%%7 To9 (arch $%%8
)mployer9 NWD,. (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 Sperintending )ngineer
2rom9 Janary $%/0 To9 (arch $%%7
)mployer9 -W-! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 Dy. Director :)mbanDment Dams Designs;
2rom9 Jly $%C/ To9 Janary $%/0
)mployer9 W,P-3S! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 Pro#ect 3fficer
2rom9 3ctober $%C8 To9 Jly $%C/
)mployer9 -W-! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 ,stt. Director :Hydel -i"il Designs;
2rom9 2ebrary $%C6 To9 3ctober $%C8
)mployer9 -W-! (inistry of Water Besorces
Positions Held9 Design ,stt :Hydel -i"il Designs;
2rom9 Jly $%C0 To9 Janary $%C6
)mployer9 (Es. -P@ ,ssociates P"t. Ltd
Positions Held9 Design )ngineer
16. /or0 Un%erta0en
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Jebba Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 3ngoing
Location9 Nigeria
-lient9 Power Holding -ompany of Nigeria
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 Besponsible for .dentification of cases ? planned strategy to complete
engineering design for rehabilitation of stilling basin ? leaDages in the dam.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 )talin Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 3ngoing
Location9 ,rnachal Pradesh! .ndia
-lient9 Jindal Power Ltd.
(ain pro#ect featres9
+nstalled $a%acity < B111 *
"iversion structure < 0 nos. $oncrete "ams&
4angon Lim/< 1AA m high
"i/ang Lim/< 91 m high
)eadrace 4unnel < 0 nos.& )orse shoe sha%ed
4angon Lim/< ? m dia& 10.A 'm long
"i/ang Lim/< 11.A m dia& 9.9'm long
Powerhouse < Underground
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 Besponsible for alternati"e layot stdies for optimm de"elopment.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 4a#oli Holi Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 3ngoing
Location9 Himachal Pradesh! .ndia
-lient9 A(B 4a#oli Holi Hydropower P"t. Ltd.
(ain pro#ect featres9
+nstalled $a%acity < 7 ( :1 *
"iversion structure < :1 m high $oncrete gravity dam
)eadrace 4unnel < 1: Im long& A.: m dia& odi,ed )orse Shoe
Powerhouse < Surface
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 Pro#ect formlation after e+amining alternati"e layots with both srface and
ndergrond powerhose options.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Dibang Hydroelectric Pro#ect > bid engineering stdies
Fear9 077%
Location9 ,rnachal Pradesh! .ndia
-lient9 NHP- Ltd.
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 7111 *
"iversion structure < 711 m high $oncrete 2ravity "am
Powerhouse < Underground
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 ,pproach to carry ot sediment management stdies and design for this
worldGs highest concrete gra"ity dam.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 SanDosh Hydroelectric Pro#ect 5 bid engineering stdies
Fear9 077%
Location9 4htan
-lient9 THD- Ltd.
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < B111 *
"iversion structure < 0:A m high "am
Powerhouse < Surface
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 ,pproach to carry ot stdies for sediment management and alternati"e
types of dam.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Pnatsangch Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 077%
Location9 4htan
-lient9 H--
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 1111 *
"iversion structure < 1B1 m high $oncrete gravity "am
Powerhouse < Underground
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 .n"ol"ed in preparing the constrction methodology and decision on
concrete placement for concrete dam which is fonded /7m below the ri"er bed.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Tato .. Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Naying Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Htong .. Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 077/5077%
Location9 ,rnachal Pradesh! .ndia
Positions held9 Sr. Specialist
,cti"ities performed9 Layot engineering! decision of type of strctre and optimiHation stdies
Positions held9 -hairman! Aanga 2lood -ontrol -ommission! (oWB
Fear9 ,pril > September 077/
Location9 New Delhi! .ndia
,cti"ities performed9 Besponsible for pro"iding gidance in preparation and pdation of flood
management plans! techno5economic appraisal of flood management schemes! monitoring their
implementation inclding ndertaDing of special stdies on "arios aspects of performance
Positions held9 (ember :Design ? Besearch wing;! -W-
Fear9 2ebrary > ,pril 077/
Location9 New Delhi! .ndia
,cti"ities performed9 Besponsible for pro"iding gidance in the planning! preparation of lay5ot
stdies! specifications! detailed designs and drawings and standardiHation of designs of ri"er
"alley pro#ects in the contry inclding hydrological stdies for the pro#ects! ad"ising State
Ao"ernmentsEDam owning agencies on safety aspects of dams and Seismic design parameters!
taDing policy decision on design and research acti"ities and pro"iding ad"ice on landslideEdam5
breaD disaster management isses.
Positions held9 -ommissioner! .nds wing! (oWB
Fear9 (arch 077C > 2ebrary 077/
Location9 New Delhi! .ndia
,cti"ities performed9 ,s Head of .nds Wing of (inistry of Water Besorces handled matters
related to .nds Waters Treaty $%&7! 4haDra 4eas (anagement 4oard! .ndira Aandhi Nahar
4oard! *pper Famna Bi"er 4oard! Droght management! matters related to Delhi water spply
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 @arbi Langpi Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 07715077&
Location9 ,ssam! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 111 *
"iversion structure < AB m high $oncrete dam
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage design and engineering for concrete blocD on $0 m wide
shear Hone.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Bangeet .= Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 07765077&
Location9 SiDDim! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 17A *
"iversion structure < BA m high $oncrete dam
)eadrace 4unnel < : 'm
Powerhouse < Surface
,cti"ities performed9 ,lternati"es layots and finaliHe the pro#ect formlation for DPB stage.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Water resorce de"elopment pro#ects in )astern and North
)astern regions
Fear9 Jne 0770 > (arch 077C
Positions held9 -hief )ngineer! -W-
,cti"ities performed9 3"erall in charge of the comprehensi"e design consltancy for the water
resorce de"elopment pro#ects located in the )astern and North )astern regions in the contry.
The worD incldes planning! analysis ? design for hydropower! irrigation! flood protection! water
spply and mltiprpose pro#ects for feasibility! specification! constrction and operation stages
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Tala Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 07705077&
Location9 4htan
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 1101 *
"iversion structure < 90 m high concrete dam
)eadrace 4unnel < 07 'm long
Powerhouse < Underground
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage design for all components of pro#ect! gidance on
handling the constrction problems! pro"iding on the spot soltions to ad"erse geotechnical
conditions at site.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Areater Shillong Water Spply Pro#ect
Fear9 077050778
Location9 (eghalaya! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features< *ater Su%%ly Pro9ect
"iversion structure < A0 m high concrete dam
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage design and engineering for dam! spillway and gates.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 LaDhya Tailings Dam
Fear9 077050778
Location9 @arnataDa! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features< 4ailing dam for iron ore
"iversion structure < 117 m high earth dam
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage design for morning glory spillway
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Pagladiya (ltiprpose Pro#ect
Fear9 07705077&
Location9 ,ssam! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features< +rrigation %ro9ect
"iversion structure < 0: m high H 07 'm long earth dam
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage design for spillway! earth dam on "ery weaD and li'efiable
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 (yntd Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 07705077&
Location9 (eghalaya! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < ?B *
"iversion structure < AB m high $oncrete dam
)eadrace 4unnel < A 'm
Powerhouse < Surface
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage design for all the components of pro#ect and resol"ing
engineering problems at the pro#ect site.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 @olodyne .. Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 07705077C
Location9 (iHoram! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < A11 *
"iversion structure < 111 m high $oncrete dam
,cti"ities performed9 Pro#ect formlation and DPB stage design and engineering for concrete
gra"ity dam.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Dibang (ltiprpose Pro#ect
Fear9 07705077&
Location9 ,rnachal Pradesh! .ndia
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < :111 *
"iversion structure < 0?1 m high Roc',ll dam
Powerhouse < Underground
,cti"ities performed9 ,lternati"e layot stdies and decision abot type of dam! powerhose and
water condctor.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Pnatsangch Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 07705077&
Location9 4htan
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& $*$
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 1111 *
"iversion structure < 1B1 m high $oncrete dam
Powerhouse < Underground
,cti"ities performed9 ,lternati"e stdies and finaliHed layot for DPB stage.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Aoda"ari Lift .rrigation Scheme
Fear9 077$50770
Location9 ,ndhra Pradesh! .ndia
-lient9 ,ndhra Pradesh .rrigation Department
(ain pro#ect featres9 Lift irrigation scheme from Aoda"ari ri"er for 01777 Ha command area.
Positions held< $hief Pro9ect anager& *AP$5S
Activities %erformed< Res%onsi/le for %re%aration of "PR for 2odavari Lift +rrigation
Scheme FAndhra PradeshG involving dams& canals& drainage structures and %um%
houses to transfer 111 cumecs discharge over BA1 m lift. 4he wor' includes<
4o%ogra%hical surveys& geo=technical ,eld investigations including construction
material surveys
)ydrological& river mor%hological and system studies.
3inali.ation of %lanning& layout and design for the %ro9ect com%onents.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Tala Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%%%5077$
Location9 4htan
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 1101 *
"iversion structure < 90 m high concrete dam
)eadrace 4unnel < 07 'm long
Powerhouse < Underground
Positions held< $hief !ngineer& *AP$5S
,cti"ities performed9 3"erall in5charge of the field office. The responsibilities incldes9
3inali.ation of technical s%eci,cation& tender evaluation of di6erent %ac'ages.
Pre%aration of /ase drawingsJdesigns& inter%retation of construction drawings
and ma'e site s%eci,c changes for di6erent structures.
Review of the to%ogra%hical and geo=technical featuresJ%ro/lems encountered
at site and suggest solutionsJremedial measures for their e(ecution.
+denti,cation H guiding construction surveys& ,eld investigations& 2H"
o/servations and evolving layouts.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Areater Shillong Water Spply Pro#ect
Fear9 $%%85$%%%
Location9 (eghalaya! .ndia
ain %ro9ect features< *ater Su%%ly Pro9ect
"iversion structure < A0 m high concrete dam
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage and Tender stage engineering and design for the pro#ect.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 LaDhya Tailings Dam
Fear9 $%%85$%%%
Location9 @arnataDa! .ndia
ain %ro9ect features< 4ailings dam for iron ore
"iversion structure < 117 m high earth dam <
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 Design of alternati"e spillway and engineering to control entry of tailings into
water spply intaDes.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Singda! @hga ? Thobal (ltiprpose Pro#ects
Fear9 $%%85$%%%
Location9 (anipr! .ndia
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 Planning! analysis and design of dams inclding spillway! control and otlet
strctres for the pro#ect.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 4naDha! Wangch ? SanDosh Hydroelectric Pro#ects
Fear9 $%%85$%%/
Location9 4htan
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage design and engineering for $//m high concrete gra"ity dam and
spillway for 4naDha9 0&1 m high rocDfill dam and chte spillway for Wangch9 0&1 high rocDfill
dam and chte spillway for SanDosh.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Teesta stage ..! .= ? =. Hydroelectric Pro#ects
Fear9 $%%85$%%%
Location9 SiDDim! .ndia
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage design! pro#ect formlation for stage ..! di"ersion proposal for
stage .=! dam engineering for stage =..
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Dihang ? Sbansiri Hydroelectric Pro#ects
Fear9 $%%85$%%%
Location9 ,rnachal Pradesh! .ndia
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 ,lternati"e pro#ect formlation to harness Siang and Sbansiri ri"ers by way
of proposing 6 pro#ects in place of single Dehang and 6 pro#ects for single Sbansiri with ob#ecti"e
of a"oiding sbmergence of important towns of ,rnachal Pradesh.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 D5ZHa (ltiprpose Pro#ect
Fear9 $%%85$%%C
Location9 Nagaland! .ndia
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage engineering for $77m high concrete gra"ity dam and spillway
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 @olodyne . ? .. Hydroelectric Pro#ects
Fear9 $%%85$%%%
Location9 (iHoram! .ndia
Positions held< "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage stdies for design of BocDfill dam and concrete gra"ity spillway
for @olodyne stage .. ,lternati"es of rocDfill and concrete gra"ity for $$7 m dam o f stage ...
Positions held9 Sperintending )ngineer! NDW,
Fear9 (arch $%%7 > Jne $%%%
Location9 New Delhi! .ndia
,cti"ities performed9 .n"ol"ed in9
$arrying out of surveys& investigations& techno=economical studies and
%re%aration of feasi/ility re%orts of inter=/asin water transfer %ro9ects involving
dams& tunnels& canals and %ower houses for Ien=Betwa and Ialisindh = $ham/al
$ommentsJclari,cations on inter=/asin water transfer %ro%osals in relation to
inter=state water dis%ute considerations.
Review of feasi/ility re%orts of %ro9ects covering inter=/asin water transfers for
%eninsular river.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Doyang Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%/15$%%7
Location9 Nagaland! .ndia
ain %ro9ect features<
"iversion structure < ?? m high dam
Positions held< "y. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 Tender and constrction stage design for the rocDfill dam and ri"er di"ersion
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 @olar ? Hasdeo 4ango Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%/05$%//
Location9 (adhya Pradesh! .ndia
Positions held< "y. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 Design of earth dam for constrction stage.
Name 3f ,ssignment 3r Pro#ect9 *pper .ndra"ati Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%/05$%/%
Location9 3rissa! .ndia
ain Pro9ect 3eatures<
"iversion Structure < @1 )igh "am
Positions )eld< "y. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities Performed9 -onstrction Stage Design ,nd )mergency Depletion Pro"isions 2or
Todagad ,nd @apr )arth Dams 4oth C7 m high.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 TipaimDh (ltiprpose Pro#ect
Fear9 $%/05$%%7
Location9 .ndia
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 1A11 *
"iversion structure < 1:0 m high dam
Powerhouse < Surface
Positions held< "y. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 DPB stage designs for rocDfill dam and tnnel spillway.
Positions held9 Pro#ect 3fficer! W,P-3S
Fear9 Jly $%C/ 5 Janary $%/0
Location9 New Delhi! .ndia
,cti"ities performed9 Besponsible for9
$onstruction monitoring of $hu'ha ).!. %ro9ect including review of contractorKs
$onstruction %rogrammes.
Pre%aration H review of feasi/ility re%orts& consultancy& $oordination and
onitoring of ).!. %ro9ects in Phili%%ines& >ietnam and Afghanistan.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 -hDha Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%CC5$%C/
Location9 4htan
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 77: *
Powerhouse < Underground
Positions held< Asst. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage rocD spport design for ndergrond powerhose.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Nathpa JhaDri Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%CC
Location9 Himachal Pradesh! .ndia
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 1A11 *
)eadrace 4unnel < 0? 'm long
Powerhouse < Underground
Positions held< Asst. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 Besponsible for Aeo5technical stdies for design of 0/ @m tnnel and
ndergrond power hose.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 Srisailam Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%C&5$%CC
Location9 ,ndhra Pradesh! .ndia
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < @@1 *
Powerhouse < Surface
Positions held< Asst. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage geotechnical stdies for deep e+ca"ations of srface
powerhose with thicD shear Hone. Strctral design of penstocD bifrcations.
Name of assignment or pro#ect9 LoDtaD Hydroelectric Pro#ect
Fear9 $%C85$%C/
Location9 (anipr! .ndia
ain %ro9ect features<
+nstalled $a%acity < 11A *
"iversion structure < !(isting La'e and control structure
)eadrace 4unnel < A Im
Powerhouse < Surface
Positions held< Asst. "irector& $*$
,cti"ities performed9 -onstrction stage design of srface powerhose! anchor and saddle
spports for penstocDs! the approach channel from laDe to tnnel.
11. N&m)er an% %etai+s o *&)+i'ations:
I)"alation of rocD bolt failre mechanism in Tala Hydroelectric Pro#ect 4htanJ!
.nternational -onference on ,ccelerated -onstrction of Hydropower Pro#ects! Aed!
4htan! $15$C 3ctober 0776.
I-omple+ities of the ftre water resorces pro#ects and challenges for their planning
and designJ! The .ndian Jornal of Pblic ,dministration! New Delhi! .ndia! Jly5
September! 0776.
ISpeedy completion of Tnneling pro#ects in Himalayas throgh inno"ati"e
approachesJ! 5 seminar on IProdcti"ity and Speed in TnnelingJ! Dehradn! .ndia
I-ontract (anagement of ndergrond constrction in Himalayas >a -hallengeJ!
.ndian BocD -onference! .SB(TT! No"ember! 0770! New Delhi! .ndia.
I.ntegrating site specific geotechnical condition in design of Hydel Pro#ectsJ! .ndian
BocD -onference! .SB(TT! No"ember! 0770! New Delhi! .ndia.
IDams in high seismic regionsJ National Seminar on Aeotechni'es and Aeological
HaHards in the .ndian conte+t! AS.! ,pril! 077$! Shillong! .ndia.
KAeo5technical considerations in the planning ? design of spillway for SanDosh
mltiprpose pro#ectK! Symposim on modern practices in Aeo5techni'es! .S)A!
No"ember! $%%&! LcDnow! .ndia.
KTechno5economic e"alation of large and small reser"oirsK! National rond table
discssion on )n"ironmental .mpacts of Water Besorces De"elopment! .).! Jne!
$%%6! New Delhi! .ndia.
-hanging trends in planning! design and constrction of embanDment dams 5
-odification needK 2irst rond table meet on crrent design practices and isses! WBD
Sector! -W-! ,gst! $%%0! New Delhi! .ndia.
K)n"ironmental -onsiderations in the planning of inter5basin water transfer pro#ectsK
National Seminar on Large Beser"oirs! )n"ironmental Loss on Aain! .WBS! 2eb.!
$%%0! Nagpr! .ndia.
K.nter basin water transfer as a Socio5economic ? )n"ironmental NeedK! Cth World
-ongress on Water Besorces! .WB,! (ay! $%%$! Babat! (orocco.
KPlanning and Design of Large *ndergrond Strctres for $177 (W Nathpa 5 JhaDri
Hydro5electric Pro#ectK! .nternational -ongress on Progress ? .nno"ation in Tnnelling!
Sept.! $%/%! -anada.
KStrctral beha"ior and special problemsK! .nternational WorDshop on Besearch
needs in Dam Safety! Jan.! $%/%! New Delhi! .ndia.
K4aira Dam 5 a case stdyK! .nternational WorDshop on Besearch needs in Dam
Safety! Jan.! $%/%! New Delhi! .ndia.
K, modern approach tiliHed for the design of Bailway Tnnels in weaD rocD
formationsK! .nternational Symposim on *ndergrond )ngineering! ,pril! $%//! New
Delhi! .ndia.
K.s 4ishopLs simplified method of stability analysis sfficient for analyHing slopes of
earth Dams or do we need to consider other methods as wellK! .ndian Aeo5technical
-onference! $%/&! New Delhi! .ndia.
K)arth'aDe and Safety of DamsK! National (eet on )arth'aDe (echanism and
(itigation! ,gst! $%/&! New Delhi! .ndia.
K2inite element analysis of Steel Lined 4ranching TnnelsK! Second .nternational
symposim on Nmerical models in Aeomechanics! ,pril! $%/&! 4elgim.
KThree Dimensional 2inite )lement ,nalysis of 4ranching TnnelsK! 2ifth .nternational
-onference on Nmerical (ethods in Aeomechanics! ,pril! $%/1! Japan.
K,nalysis and Design of 4ranching TnnelsK! .nternational Water Power ? Dam
-onstrction! 2eb.! $%/7. London.
KBocD (ass classificationL! .ndian Aeotechnical -onference! $%C/! New Delhi! .ndia.
KBight 4ifrcation PipesK! Theoretical ? ,pplied (echanics -onference! $%C&!
4angalore! .ndia.
Chapter 12: @"!ro <oCerE&SA
B" Stephen Spain
Ste%hen ". S%ain& P.!.& P!ng& is >ice President of )"Rs #orthwest Region&
)ydro%ower "e%artment and "irector of )ydromechanical !ngineering for all
)"RL and Pro9ect anager& Pro9ect !ngineer and Lead echanical !ngineer for
numerous hydroelectric %ro9ects throughout #orth America. Previously& he was
the #orthwest Regional anager for "evine 4ar/ell H Associates F"4AG& "u'e
!ngineering H Services F"!HSG& "e%artment anager of )ydro echanical and
!lectrical !ngineering for #orthro% "evine H 4ar/ell F#"H4G& and )ydroelectric
Pro9ect !ngineer at the !.$. Eordan $om%any in Portland& aine. Ste%hen has
served as the chair for the American Society for echanical !ngineers FAS!G
)ydro%ower $ommittee from 011: to 0119.
BSME, Uni)ersit0 of M$ine, 1D<6
<rofe++iona0 Regi+tration+
'egistered Profession$/ Engineer"
1e5 :or6
Britis# Co/u*!i$
<rofe++iona0 Affi0iation+
C#$ir*$n, 40dro%o5er Te(#ni($/
A*eri($n So(iet0 of Me(#$ni($/
Spe6ia0i.e! Training an!
ood5$rd 7o)ernor Engineering
Se*in$r, is(onsin, 1DA6
3oit# Tur!ine Ser)i(e@M$inten$n(e
Se*in$r, Penns0/)$ni$, 1DA<
,inite E/e*ent Stress An$/0sis
Se*in$r, Te8$s, 1DD1
Tot$/ Ru$/it0 M$n$ge*ent &TRM+
Se*in$r, M$ine, 1DD>
OS4A Confined S%$(e Entr0
Certifi($tion, $s#ington, 1DD6
Co/d 'egions Engineering Course, for
A/$s6$ PE, $s#ington, 200<
C$n$di$n Engineering 2$5 $nd Et#i(s
Courses, Britis# Co/u*!i$, 200A
In!+tr" Tenre
>0 :e$rs
Stephen 4. Spain, <.'., <.'ng
3i(e9President, .TA 1ort#5est 'egion 40dro%o5er .e%$rt*ent
.ire(tor, 40dro*e(#$ni($/ Engineering
<rofe++iona0 '?perien6e
Mr- S%$in #$s o)er >0 0e$rs of e8%erien(e in engineering design $nd *$n$ge*entS %ri*$ri/0 for t#e stud0,
design, (onstru(tion $nd *$inten$n(e of #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(tsS $nd is in $n e8%ert in #0dro*e(#$ni($/
At 4.'T.TA, Mr- S%$in is 3i(e9President of .TAKs 1ort#5est 'egion, 40dro%o5er .e%$rt*ent $nd .ire(tor of
40dro*e(#$ni($/ Engineering for $// 4.'T.TAS $nd Pro?e(t M$n$ger, Pro?e(t Engineer $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/
Engineer for nu*erous #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(ts t#roug#out 1ort# A*eri($- Pre)ious/0, #e 5$s t#e 1ort#5est
'egion$/ M$n$ger for .u6e Engineering & Ser)i(es &.E&S+, .e%$rt*ent M$n$ger of 40dro Me(#$ni($/ $nd
E/e(tri($/ Engineering for 1ort#ro% .e)ine & T$r!e// &1.&T+, $nd 40droe/e(tri( Pro?e(t Engineer $t t#e E-C-
Cord$n Co*%$n0 in Port/$nd, M$ine-
<ro1e6t '?perien6e
5in! Integration, BonneBi00e <oCer A!mini+tration, )regon E Mr- S%$in #$s ser)ed $s t#e
Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me($ni($/ Engineer for t#e Bonne)i//e Po5er Ad*inistr$tionKs efforts
to integr$te 5ind %o5er into its grid o)er t#e ne8t de($de- T#is effort #$s in(/uded *eeting 5it#
t#e Bure$u of 'e(/$*$tion &'e(/$*$tion+, $nd t#e U-S- Ar*0 Cor%s of Engineers &USACE+ to
de)e/o% $ stud0 %/$n for %u*%ed stor$ge o%%ortunities in t#e 1ort#5est- Mr- S%$inKs te$*
%ro)ided in%ut $nd $d)i(e to BPA to $ssist 5it# s#ort9, *ediu*9, $nd /ong9ter* %/$nning- T#is
5or6 is e8%e(ted to (ontinue t#roug# 2024-
In!efinite 4e0iBer", In!efinite Fantit" GI4IFH &.S. Arm" Corp+ of 'ngineer+, @"!roe0e6tri6
4e+ign Center, %orthCe+t 4i+tri6t, )regon E Mr- S%$in is t#e Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d
Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for $ t#ree90e$r (ontr$(t 5it# t#e USACE- or6 5i// in(/ude $ 5ide r$nge
of engineering $(ti)ities re/$ted to #0droe/e(tri( f$(i/ities o5ned $nd@or *$int$ined !0 t#e
S+itna @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t I Con6epta0 4e+ign, A0a+>a 'nerg" Athorit", A0a+>a E
Mr- S%$in ser)ed $s t#e Pro?e(t M$n$ger to u%d$te $ fe$si!i/it0 stud0 to de)e/o% $ #0droe/e(tri(
f$(i/it0 on t#e Susitn$ 'i)er in A/$s6$- T#e te$* re)ie5ed do(u*ents %re%$red in 1DA>94 $nd
u%d$ted t#e (osts, designs, $nd en)iron*ent$/ issues t#$t #$)e $risen in t#e %$st 2= 0e$rs
sin(e t#e %ro?e(t 5$s /$st re)ie5ed-
Bon!ar" ReCin!, Seatt0e Cit" (ight, 5a+hington E Mr- S%$in ser)ed $s Pro?e(t M$n$ger
on $ %ro?e(t to re)ie5 t#e tunne/ di$*eter o%ti*iB$tion, /$0out, $nd 5$ter tr$nsient studies for
t#e 7orge 2
Tunne/ &72T+, $ %ro%osed se(ond tunne/ to %ro)ided in(re$se effi(ien(0 5it# t#e
7orge .$* $nd t#e 7orge Po5er#ouse- T#e te$* de)e/o%ed tunne/ e)$/u$tion $/ign*ents,
(onne(tion (onfigur$tions, $nd ot#er %ro?e(t fe$tures t#$t 5ou/d su%%ort (onstru(tion (ost
esti*$ting $nd #0dr$u/i( *ode/ing-
)n-Ca00 SerBi6e+, 5anapm 4am, -rant Cont" <&4, 5a+hington E Mr- S%$in #$s ser)ed
$s Pro?e(t M$n$ger for $n on9going %ro?e(t to $ssist 7r$nt Count0 PU. u%gr$de its go)ernors-
T$s6s to d$te #$)e in(/uded gener$/ engineering su%%ort t#roug#out t#e !idding $nd inst$//$tion
%ro(ess, (ondition $ssess*ent $nd re#$!i/it$tion of !$/$n(e of %/$nt, $ssist$n(e 5it# !idding
do(u*ents $nd e)$/u$tions of !ids, inde%endent re)ie5 of %ro(edures, dr$5ings $nd ot#er
su!*itt$/ do(u*ents, $nd ins%e(tions of gener$tor eFui%*ent !eing *$nuf$(tured $t )endor
5e00+ @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, 4og0a+ Cont" <&4, 5a+hington E ,or t#e %$st de($de, Mr-
S%$in ser)ed $s Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for t#e #0droe/e(tri( design,
o%er$tion, $nd *$inten$n(e engineering ser)i(es for t#e 109unit, A=09M e//s 40droe/e(tri(
Pro?e(t on t#e Co/u*!i$ 'i)er in $s#ington St$te- Engineering ser)i(es #$)e in(/uded t#e
stud0, design, (onstru(tion *$n$ge*ent, $nd (o**issioning for t#e u%gr$de of $// go)ernors
$nd %/$nt su%er)isor0 (ontro/s fro* *e(#$ni($/ @$n$/og to digit$/ (ontro/- T#is effort $/so
in(/uded in)entor0ing, u%d$ting $nd (on)erting to CA. $// of t#e origin$/ %/$nt e/e(tri($/ (ontro/
dr$5ings- Unit (o**issioning tests in(/uded $n$/0ses to o%ti*iBe H$%/$n ($* (ur)e effi(ien(0
$nd r$*%ing r$tes- Mr- S%$in is %resent/0 su%er)ising (ode %erfor*$n(e tests for $// of t#e
units, in(/uding inde8 $nd $!so/ute f/o5 *e$sure*ents using $(ousti( ti*e9of9tr$)e/ $nd
s(inti//$tion te(#no/og0- A/so no5 %ro)iding engineering in su%%ort of %ro?e(t re/i(ensing $nd
%erfor*$n(e testing $s %$rt of t#e %resent %rogr$* to re5ind t#e origin$/ gener$tors $nd
re#$!i/it$te t#e u%gr$ded H$%/$n tur!ines for $// 10 units-
Bear SCamp <mpe! Storage @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Broo>fie0! <oCer, $a++a6h+ett+ E
Ser)ing $s 2e$d Engineer, Mr- S%$in %ro)ided (onsu/ting ser)i(es in su%%ort of $ (/ient
(ondu(ting $n $fter9%ur(#$se de5$tered ins%e(tion $nd det$i/ed (ondition $ssess*ent for $
*u/ti9reser)oir %u*%ed9stor$ge #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(t 5it# underground %o5er#ouse $nd tunne/
$nd t5o 400,0009#% units- Mr- S%$in #$s $/so /ed engineering for t#e %u*%9tur!ine fie/d
re#$!i/it$tions, )i!r$tion $n$/0ses $nd *e(#$ni($/ design of stiffeners $nd re%/$(e*ent
!us#ings for t#e 5i(6et g$tes-
Cana!ian $ini+tr" of %atra0 Re+or6e+ - Internationa0 SrBe" an! 'Ba0ation of )6ean
5aBe an! Ti!a0 Te6hno0ogie+ I As Pro?e(t Engineer, Mr- S%$in dire(ted $ sur)e0 to identif0
$nd e)$/u$te $// %resent/0 )i$!/e o(e$n 5$)e $nd tid$/ te(#no/ogies 5or/d95ide- Mr- S%$in
dire(ted t#e te(#ni($/ $s%e(ts of t#e stud0 fro* in)ention, to %$tent, design, *ode/, %rotot0%e,
/$!or$tor0 testing, o(e$n testing, redesign, to (o**er(i$/- 4.'T.TA identified, rese$r(#ed,
e)$/u$ted, ($tegoriBed, r$n6ed, %eer re)ie5ed $nd su**$riBed $%%ro8i*$te/0 100 5$)e
te(#no/ogies $nd =0 tid$/ te(#no/ogies in $ e8tensi)e re%ort for t#e C$n$di$n go)ern*ent $s $
!$sis for funding $nd de)e/o%*ent-

<a6ifi6 -a+ an! '0e6tri6 Compan" - %mero+ @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t+, Ca0ifornia E
Mr- S%$in ser)ed $s Pro?e(t M$n$ger, Pro?e(t Engineer $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer on
nu*erous #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(ts for P7&E in(/uding (ondu(ting tur!ine fie/d ins%e(tions,
trou!/e9s#ooting, *$6ing re%$irs, %erfor*ing u%gr$de studies, %re%$ring eFui%*ent
s%e(ifi($tions, e)$/u$ting !ids, $nd re)ie5ing *$nuf$(turer design $nd s#o% su!*itt$/s- Mr-
S%$in $/so ser)ed $s t#e su%er)ising engineer for #0dr$u/i( tr$nsient $n$/0ses for fi)e #ig#9
#e$d tunne/ #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(ts to deter*ine s$fet0 f$(tors for e8isting $nd u%gr$ded tur!ine
o%er$tion- Present/0, Mr- S%$in is t#e /e$d *e(#$ni($/ engineer for t#e design of $ ne5
%o5er#ouse $t P7&EKs Pit > %ro?e(t to *eet st$te 'PS rene5$!/e energ0 go$/s-
Cobb0e $ontain @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Springfie0! 5ater A SeCer Commi++ion an! @o0"o>e
-a+ A '0e6tri6, $a++a6h+ett+ E Mr- S%$in ser)ed $s Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/
Engineer for $ series of engineering t$s6s for t#e drin6ing 5$ter su%%/0 for t#e Cit0 of S%ringfie/d
M$ss$(#usetts, 5#i(# in(/udes $ /$rge reser)oir, int$6e 5or6s, $ 29*i/e9/ong tunne/, $ 2009foot9#ig#
surge t$n6, $nd $ >9unit >>9M #0droe/e(tri( %o5er#ouse- Engineering ser)i(es in(/uded t#e ($refu/
%/$nning $nd onsite su%er)ision of t#e first de5$tering $nd ins%e(tion of t#e (it0 5$ter su%%/0 %o5er
tunne/ in 20 0e$rs, !0 $ te$* of engineers $ssisted !0 $ (onstru(tion (ontr$(tor- Present/0 Mr- S%$in
is t#e %ro?e(t *$n$ger for t#e stud0 $nd design to re%/$(e t#e origin$/ surge t$n6, in(/uding $
#0dr$u/i( tr$nsient $n$/0sis, (onsidering tur!ine /o$ding, un/o$ding, /o$d re?e(tion, %otenti$/ go)ernor
$nd o%ti*iBing unit u%gr$des, $nd 5$ter us$ge-
'ropean @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t+ 4e 4i0igen6e E As 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer, Mr- S%$in
(ondu(ted $ series of due di/igen(e $udits of *u/ti9d$*, *u/ti9st$tion, #ig#9#e$d #0droe/e(tri(
%ro?e(ts in Euro%e, %erfor*ed in su%%ort of /e$se tr$ns$(tions for U-S- in)estors- Engineering
res%onsi!i/ities in(/uded on9site ins%e(tions, (ondition $ssess*ents, e)$/u$tion of re*$ining
usefu/ /ife, %ro?e(t i*%ro)e*ent ($%it$/ e8%enditure esti*$tes, %ro?e(t re%/$(e*ent (ost
esti*$tes, $nd energ0 esti*$tes, $// su**$riBed in (o*%re#ensi)e engineering stud0 re%orts-
T#e %ro?e(ts $udited !0 Mr- S%$in $nd t#e engineering due9di/igen(e te$* o)er $ %eriod of
se)er$/ 0e$rs #$d $n $ssessed )$/ue of o)er U10 !i//ion U-S- se/e(ted %ro?e(ts, in(/uding"
@ Berge// 7rou% 9 4 st$tions, 1A0 M
@ Mitt/e!unden 9 6 st$tions, 214 M
@ Miso8er@A/!u/$ 9 4 st$tions, 1A6 M
@ Eng$ndiner 9 > st$tions, 410 M
@ M$ggi$@B/enio 9 > st$tions, D=0 M
@ 1OH 7rou% 9 = st$tions, D=D M
@ 3er!und 9 4 st$tions, D== M
<e0ton Ron! Btte @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, <ort0an! -enera0 '0e6tri6 Compan" E Mr- S%$in
5$s Pro?e(t M$n$ger for $// engineering in su%%ort of re/i(ensing t#e Pe/ton 'ound Butte
40droe/e(tri( Pro?e(t in Oregon for Port/$nd 7ener$/ E/e(tri(- T#e %ro?e(t (onsists of t#ree
sites" t#e >009M, 4009foot9#ig# 'ound Butte de)e/o%*entS t#e 1209M, 2009foot9#ig# Pe/ton
.e)e/o%*entS $nd t#e 209M, 209foot9#ig# 'egu/$tor0 de)e/o%*ent- Mr- S%$in 5$s
res%onsi!/e for tur!ine9gener$tor ($%$(it0 u%gr$de studies $t t#e 'ound Butte $nd Pe/ton
de)e/o%*entsS CA. (on)ersion $nd u%d$tes of ,E'C /i(ense dr$5ingsS te(#ni($/ su%%ort for
%re%$r$tion of re/i(ensing e8#i!itsS $nd (on(e%tu$/ design of do5nstre$* f/o$ting fis#9%$ss$ge
&pper Ba>er @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, <get Son! <oCer A (ight Compan", 5a+hington E
As Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer, Mr- S%$in dire(ted t#e $n$/0sis, redesign,
$nd re%$ir of $ f$i/ed tur!ine runner $nd its su((essfu/ return to ser)i(e- Unit 1o- 2 $t t#e U%%er
B$6er Pro?e(t in nort#ern $s#ington is r$ted $t <0,000 #% $nd 2A= feet of #e$d- In 1DD6, $
1209in(#9di$*eter (o)er %/$te se%$r$ted fro* t#e rot$ting ,r$n(is runner $nd stru(6 t#e
underside of t#e st$tion$r0 #e$d(o)er- Mr- S%$in 5$s ret$ined to deter*ine t#e ($use of
f$i/ure, $ssess d$*$ge, redesign t#e (o)er %/$te, s%e(if0 $nd *onitor t#e re%$ir- T#e unit 5$s
su((essfu//0 re%$ired $nd returned to ser)i(e $nd, $s t#e resu/t of ne5 se$/ rings $nd
resurf$(ed runner !u(6ets, 5$s *ore effi(ient $nd %rodu(ed *ore %o5er t#$n !efore t#e
Ro6>" Rea6h @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Che0an <&4, 5a+hington E Mr- S%$in ser)ed $s
Pro?e(t M$n$ger@2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer res%onsi!/e for t#e design of oi/ s%i// (ont$in*ent
$t t#e 1,2009M 'o(60 'e$(# 40droe/e(tri( Pro?e(t on t#e Co/u*!i$ 'i)er in $s#ington- 4e
5$s res%onsi!/e for $ssessing t#e oi/ s%i// %otenti$/ of t#e e8isting %ro?e(t $nd de)e/o%ing $
(on(e%tu$/ design to e/i*in$te, (ontro/, or (ont$in $// %otenti$/ dis(#$rges- 4e 5$s $/so
res%onsi!/e for t#e %re%$r$tion of fin$/ design dr$5ings $nd s%e(ifi($tions for re(o**ended oi/
(ont$in*ent s0ste*- T#e (ont$in*ent s0ste*s 5ere su((essfu//0 inst$//ed in 1DD4-
(a>e Che0an <ro1e6t '?pan+ion St!", Che0an <&4, 5a+hington E As Pro?e(t M$n$ger, Mr-
S%$in dire(ted $ det$i/ed stud0 to su!st$nti$//0 in(re$se t#e ($%$(it0 of t#e e8isting =09M
#0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(t $t 2$6e C#e/$n, $s#ington- Pro?e(t $dditions of =0 t#roug# 100 M
5ere in)estig$ted, in(/uding ne5 $!o)eground $nd underground %o5er#ouses dis(#$rging into
t#e Co/u*!i$ 'i)er- Pro?e(t e8%$nsions 5ou/d $/so in(/ude !oring ne5 %o5er tunne/s u% to 20
feet in di$*eter $nd 2 *i/es /ong in ro(6-
F<( 'nerg", Dario+ @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t+, $aine E As Pro?e(t M$n$ger, Mr- S%$in dire(ted
$ series of engineering studies, designs, $nd u%gr$des for e8isting #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(ts in
M$ine- 4e %re%$red s%e(ifi($tions $nd !id e)$/u$tions, (onstru(ted s#o% ins%e(tions, $nd
su%er)ised t#e inst$//$tion $nd (o**issioning of $ tur!ine u%gr$de $t t#e 0*$n St$tion- Me
(ondu(ted $ *ini*u*9f/o5 unit stud0 for t#e 4$rris Pro?e(t, $nd *$n$ged fe$si!i/it0 studies for
t#e ,ort 4$/if$8 $nd B$r Mi//s %ro?e(ts, in(/uding de)e/o%ing %re/i*in$r0 fis#9%$ss$ge designs
$nd tur!ine rede)e/o%*ent o%tions- 4e ser)ed $s *e(#$ni($/ de%$rt*ent *$n$ger for t#e
design $nd (onstru(tion of $ ne5 fis#5$0 /ift $t t#e S6e/ton 40droe/e(tri( f$(i/it0-
A00eghen" (o6> an! 4am <ro1e6t+, Sithe 'nergie+ &SA, Jittaning, <enn+"0Bania E
Mr- S%$in ser)ed $s Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for $ t#ird9%$rt0 Fu$/it0
$ssur$n(e re)ie5 for four ne5 #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(ts on t#e A//eg#en0 'i)er in Penns0/)$ni$-
4is res%onsi!i/ities in(/uded (oordin$ting t#e o)er$// Fu$/it0 $ssur$n(e for t#e design $nd
(onstru(tion, re)ie5ing design dr$5ings $nd s%e(ifi($tions, on9site *onitoring of (onstru(tion,
(ertif0ing (ontr$(tor in)oi(es for t#e o5ner, $nd 5itnessing st$rt9u% $nd %erfor*$n(e testing-
T#e A//eg#en0 2o(6 $nd .$* 1os- =, 6, A, $nd D %ro?e(ts e$(# (onsist of t5o =9*eter %it
H$%/$n tur!ines in $ ne5 %o5er#ouse $t e8isting Cor%s of Engineers d$*s- A// of t#ese
%ro?e(ts #$)e no5 !een su((essfu//0 (onstru(ted $nd (o**issioned- Tot$/ (onstru(tion (ost
for t#e %ro?e(ts 5$s o)er U100 *i//ion-
$6Ja" @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, -reat (a>e+ @"!ro Ameri6a an! -reat %orthern <aper
Compan", $aine E Mr- S%$in 5$s Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ engineer for t#ree
tur!ine runner u%gr$des@re%/$(e*ents $nd gener$tor freFuen(0 (on)ersions fro* 40 to 60 4B $t $
><9M #0droe/e(tri( st$tion in nort#ern M$ine- T#ree ne5 ,r$n(is runners 5ere inst$//ed $nd
t#ree gener$tors 5ere freFuen(09(on)erted. As %$rt of t#is 5or6, Mr- S%$in (ondu(ted %re9 $nd
%ost9(on)ersion )i!r$tion $n$/0ses on t#e units to deter*ine $n0 (#$nges in o%er$ting !e#$)ior,
$nd to de)e/o% o%ti*u* /o$d r$nges to *ini*iBe )i!r$tion $nd ($)it$tion-
5e+t 'nfie0! @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Bangor-<a6ifi6 @"!ro A++o6iate+, 5e+t 'nfie0!,
$aine E As 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer- Mr- S%$in /ed t#e fin$/ design $nd (onstru(tion of $
ne5 %o5er#ouse $t $ re#$!i/it$ted d$* in(/uding u%stre$* $nd do5nstre$* fis# %$ss$ge- T#e
ne5 %o5er#ouse (ont$ins t5o =-19*eter %it9t0%e H$%/$n tur!ines 5it# $n inst$//ed ($%$(it0 of
20 M $t 21 feet of net #e$d- 4e %re%$red t#e %ro?e(t fe$si!i/it0 stud0, in(/uding t#e
in)estig$tion of se)en %o5er#ouse /o($tions $nd fi)e tur!ine9gener$tor t0%es $nd ($%$(ities-
4e (o9$ut#ored t#e ,E'C /i(ense $%%/i($tion for t#e %ro?e(t, in(/uding te(#ni($/ e8#i!its, %ro?e(t
s(#edu/e, $nd /i(ense dr$5ings, $nd 5$s res%onsi!/e for *e(#$ni($/ design of t#e %ro?e(t,
in(/uding RA of %it tur!ines, $// %o5er#ouse *e(#$ni($/ s0ste*s, $nd u%stre$* $nd
do5nstre$* fis# %$ss$ge- T#e %ro?e(t 5$s (onstru(ted $t $ (ost of U>= *i//ion $nd 5$s
su((essfu//0 (o**issioned in 1DAA-
Spier Fa00+ @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, %iagara $ohaC> <oCer Corporation, %eC Yor> E Mr-
S%$in 5$s Pro?e(t M$n$ger $nd 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for t#e in)estig$tion $nd re%$ir of $
f$i/ed =09M tur!ine runner- T#is 1409ton ,r$n(is runner 5$s $sse*!/ed fro* t#ree !o/ted
se(tions in 1D>0, $nd sin(e its origin$/ (o**issioning t#e $sse*!/0 !o/ts #$d !een f$i/ing- A
det$i/ed engineering $n$/0sis !0 Mr- S%$in re)e$/ed t#$t (entrifug$/ for(es 5ere se%$r$ting t#e
runner se(tions enoug# to f$i/ t#e >9in(#9di$*eter !o/ts, 5#i(# in turn 5$s stressing $nd
(r$(6ing t#e runner (ro5n- Mr- S%$in designed $n i*%ro)ed f$stener s0ste*, 0et re(o**ended
t#$t t#e f$i/ing runner !e re%/$(ed 5it# $ *odern one9%ie(e runner 5#i(# 5ou/d $/so #$)e
in(re$sed effi(ien(0 $nd ($%$(it0- T#e te*%or$r0 f$steners 5ere inst$//ed su((essfu//0 to $//o5
(ontinued s$fe o%er$tion of t#e origin$/ unit unti/ $ ne5 runner (ou/d !e ordered, 5#i(# #$s
sin(e !een *$nuf$(tured $nd inst$//ed-
Arm" Corp+ of 'ngineer+, @"!ro 4e+ign Center, BonneBi00e <oCerho+e %o. 1 an!
4ar!ene00e Refrbi+hment <ro1e6t+, )regon E As Pro?e(t M$n$ger, Mr- S%$in 5$s
res%onsi!/e for t#e %eer re)ie5 $nd re)isions to tur!ine9gener$tor u%gr$de s%e(ifi($tions for t#e
Cor%s of EngineersK 109unit, 4A09M Bonne)i//e 1o- 1 Pro?e(t on t#e Co/u*!i$ 'i)er in
Oregon- A/so t#e %ro?e(t *$n$ger for t#e re)ie5 of s%e(ifi($tions for t#e Cor%sK 49unit, 1609M
.$rdene//e #0droe/e(tri( %ro?e(t in Ar6$ns$s- Tur!ines for !ot# %/$nts #$)e !een *ode/9tested
$nd ordered-
Trbine Rehabi0itation+, <0ant Cri+p, Cri+p Cont" <oCer Commi++ion, 5arCi6>, -eorgia
E Ser)ing $s Pro?e(t M$n$ger@Me(#$ni($/ Engineer, Mr- S%$in *$n$ged $ *u/ti90e$r, *u/ti 9unit
re#$!i/it$tion %rogr$* $t $n e8isting #0droe/e(tri( %/$nt- 4is res%onsi!i/ities #$)e in(/uded
de5$tered unit ins%e(tion, %o5er9g$te &inde8+ testing, %re%$r$tion of s%e(ifi($tions, !id
e)$/u$tions, Fu$/it0 $ssur$n(e during s#o% re#$!i/it$tion $nd tur!ine *$nuf$(ture, $nd
inst$//$tion $nd st$rt9u% su%er)ision- Unit 1o- 1 5$s su((essfu//0 re#$!i/it$ted $nd
re(o**issioned in 1DD0- Unit 1o- 2 5$s su((essfu//0 u%gr$ded $nd re(o**issioned in 1DD4-
'e#$!i/it$tion of t5o $ddition$/ units is %/$nned-
Trbine Rehabi0itation, -reat 5or>+ @"!ro <ro1e6t, *ame+ RiBer Corporation, )0! ToCn,
$aine E Mr- S%$in 5$s Pro?e(t M$n$ger@Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for t#is %ro?e(t in)o/)ing t#e
stud0 $nd re#$!i/it$tion of 11 e8isting #0droe/e(tri( tur!ines- 4e %erfor*ed de5$tered
ins%e(tions $nd %erfor*$n(e tests $nd de)e/o%ed %#$sed %rogr$*s for *$inten$n(e, re%$ir,
$nd u%gr$de of t#e 11 units- Under #is dire(tion, .E&S (ontr$(ted $nd *$n$ged t#e turn6e0
re%$ir of t#ree d$*$ged tur!ines- T#is initi$/ re#$!i/it$tion %ro?e(t ($*e in under !udget $nd
$#e$d of s(#edu/e, $nd signifi($nt/0 e8(eeded %o5er e8%e(t$tions- B$sed on t#ese resu/ts, t#e
o5ner is %/$nning to re#$!i/it$te $ddition$/ units-
4o0b" @"!ro <ro1e6t, -reat %orthern <aper Compan", 'a+t $i00ino6>et, $aine E Mr- S%$in
5$s O5nerKs Pro?e(t@,ie/d Engineer, %ro)iding *$n$ge*ent $nd engineering ser)i(es during
t#e (onstru(tion, st$rtu%, (o**issioning, $nd %erfor*$n(e testing of $ %ro?e(t in)o/)ing $ ne5
=9M tur!ine9gener$tor to re%/$(e $ 4094B unit 5it# $ /$rger 6094B unit in $n e8isting
%o5er#ouse- Mr- S%$in $/so ser)ed $s /e$d *e(#$ni($/ design engineer for t#e %ro?e(t, $nd
5$s res%onsi!/e for %re%$ring t#e tur!ine9gener$tor s%e(ifi($tion, e)$/u$ting !ids, re)ie5ing
)endor dr$5ings $nd designing t#e *e(#$ni($/ s0ste*s- T#e %ro?e(t u%gr$de 5$s su((essfu//0
(o**issioned in 1DA<-
$inimm F0oC Bra>e+, $6Ja" @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, -reat %orthern <aper, $aine E As
Pro?e(t Engineer@2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer, Mr- S%$in /ed t#e engineering for t#e uniFue
design of dis( !r$6es to #o/d $ #0droe/e(tri( tur!ine 5#en 5i(6et g$tes $re o%ened to %$ss
,E'C9reFuired *ini*u* f/o5 reFuire*ents- T#is $%%/i($tion in)o/)ed %ensto(69su%%/ied
*u/ti%/e ,r$n(is tur!ines in $ re*ote un*$nned st$tion- Pre)ious/0, 5#en t#e %/$nt tri%%ed,
dis(#$rge 5$s s#ut off- Mr- S%$in 5$s res%onsi!/e for deter*ining t#e o%ti*u* g$te %osition
needed to %$ss *ini*u* f/o5, t#e ($/(u/$tion of torFue /o$ds for t#e st$tion$r0 runners, t#e
design of $ ne5 !r$6e s0ste*, inst$//$tion *onitoring, $nd fie/d testing- T#e ne5 !r$6es 5ere
su((essfu//0 inst$//ed $nd tested in 1DD>-
Trbine CaBitation St!", -ranb" @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, %iagara $ohaC> <oCer
Corporation, %eC Yor> E As Pro?e(t Engineer@2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer, Mr- S%$in (ondu(ted
$n in)estig$tion of se)ere tur!ine ($)it$tion $nd !/$de f$i/ure $t t#e ten90e$r9o/d 7r$n!0
40droe/e(tri( Pro?e(t on t#e Os5ego 'i)er in 1e5 :or6- T#is det$i/ed in)estig$tion re)e$/ed t#$t
t#e ($use of t#e ($)it$tion $nd f$i/ure 5$s !/$de9s#$%e defor*$tion $nd (r$(6s origin$ting during
t#e *$nuf$(ture of t#e tur!ine- B$sed on t#e resu/ts of t#e $n$/0sis, t#e o5ner %/$ns to re%/$(e
$nd u%gr$de one %ro%e//er tur!ine 5it# $ ne5 H$%/$n runner-
Rep0a6ement of $ain Steam @ea!er, Regiona0 5a+te S"+tem+, $aine E Mr- S%$in ser)ed
$s Pro?e(t Engineer@2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for t#is %ro?e(t in)o/)ing t#e re%/$(e*ent of t#e
*$in ste$* #e$der $t $n e8isting 1=9M 5$ste9to9energ0 %/$nt- B$sed on $ re)ie5 of t#e
origin$/ (onstru(tion do(u*ents, Mr- S%$in %erfor*ed $n inde%endent (o*%uteriBed stress
$n$/0sis $nd deter*ined t#e need to re%/$(e %ortions of t#e e8isting <009%si %i%ing to *eet
ASME B>1-1 Code- 'es%onsi!/e for t#e %re%$r$tion of fin$/ design dr$5ings $nd s%e(ifi($tions-
Monitored inst$//$tion $nd su((essfu/ st$rt u% of #e$der re%/$(e*ent in t#e s%ring of 1DD>-
<ontoo> @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Comb+tion 'ngineering, 4mmer, %eC @amp+hire E Mr-
S%$in 5$s 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for t#is turn6e0 %ro?e(t in)o/)ing $ ne5 ti*!er (ri! d$*,
%o5er ($n$/, %ensto(6s, %o5er#ouse $nd t$i/r$(e- T#e ne5 %o5er#ouse (ont$ined t#ree 1-09
*eter $d?ust$!/e9!/$de %ro%e//er units- Mr- S%$in 5$s res%onsi!/e for t#e tur!ine9gener$tor
(ontr$(t $nd %o5er#ouse *e(#$ni($/ design- T#e %ro?e(t 5$s su((essfu//0 st$rted9u% $nd
(o**issioned in 1DA6-
(o6>Coo! @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Centra0 $aine <oCer Compan", 5aterBi00e, $aine E Mr-
S%$in 5$s 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer for t#is %ro?e(t design in)o/)ing t#e $ddition of $ ne5 29
M H$%/$n s%/it9$8is tur!ine9gener$tor $nd t#e re#$!i/it$tion of si8 e8isting ,r$n(is units- Mr-
S%$in 5$s res%onsi!/e for %re%$ring tur!ine s%e(ifi($tions, !id e)$/u$tion, $nd design of ne5
%o5er#ouse *e(#$ni($/ s0ste*s- T#e %ro?e(t 5$s su((essfu//0 st$rted u% $nd (o**issioned
in 1DA<-
Ba+in $i00+ @"!roe0e6tri6 <ro1e6t, Bangor @"!ro-'0e6tri6 Compan", )rono, $aine E Mr-
S%$in 5$s res%onsi!/e for t#e %re/i*in$r0 engineering for t#is ne5 *u/ti9de)e/o%*ent d$*
%ro?e(t- 4e de)e/o%ed t#e ne5 d$*@ne5 %o5er#ouse /$0out for t#e B$sin Mi//s site $nd ne5
%o5er#ouse /$0out for t#e 3e$Bie site $nd ser)ed $s %ro?e(t engineer during t#e ,E'C
/i(ensing $nd st$te %er*itting %#$se- T#e %ro?e(t is %resent/0 undergoing $gen(0 re)ie5-
4etai0e! Fea+ibi0it" St!ie+, TCe0Be @"!roe0e6tri6 Site+, %iagara $ohaC> <oCer Corp.,
%eC Yor> E As 2e$d Me(#$ni($/ Engineer, Mr- S%$in /ed det$i/ed fe$si!i/it0 studies of
12 e8isting #0droe/e(tri( sites- 4e $ssisted in inde89t0%e fie/d testing $nd de5$tered
ins%e(tions of t#e tur!ine9gener$tors, rese$r(#ed unit #istor0 $nd %re%$red $ (o*%uteriBed
d$t$!$se for /ife e8tension $n$/0sis of $// >D tur!ine9gener$tor units, $nd de)e/o%ed /ife
e8tension $nd u%gr$de %rogr$*s 5it# $sso(i$ted (osts for $// 12 st$tions-
'rie Cana0 4eBe0opment St!", %eC Yor> State E Mr- S%$in %erfor*ed $ re(onn$iss$n(e9
/e)e/ stud0 for $ %ri)$te in)est*ent (o*%$n0 to deter*ine t#e fe$si!i/it0 of de)e/o%ing t#e
#0droe/e(tri( %otenti$/ of $// t#e /o(6s $nd !0%$sses on t#e Erie C$n$/-
Te6hni6a0 Report+, <b0i6ation+, an! <re+entation+
S%$in, Ste%#en .-, IA B$/$n(ed Pres(ri%ti)e $nd Perfor*$n(e EFui%*ent S%e(ifi($tionJ,
%resented !0 Mr- S%$in $t t#e inter Annu$/ Meeting of t#e A*eri($n So(iet0 of
Me(#$ni($/ Engineers, in C#i($go, .e(e*!er 1DAA-
S%$in, Ste%#en .-, IU%%er B$6er Tur!ine 'e%$irJ, %resented !0 Mr- S%$in $t t#e $ter%o5er
Intern$tion$/ Conferen(e, in At/$nt$, August 1DD<-
MV//er, Er/$(#, S%$in, $nd Pf/ueger, Ie//s .$* 9 Auto*$tion, O%ti*iB$tion $nd 3$/id$tion of
2$rge 40dro P/$ntsJ %resented !0 4err MV//er $t t#e 40dro3ision (onferen(e in 2$s
3eg$s, 1e)$d$, August 1DDA-
Buer*$ns, S%$in, Pf/ueger $nd 2e*on, W,/o5 Me$sure*ent $t e//s .$* 5it# A(ousti(
S(inti//$tion ,/o5 MetersJ %resented $t t#e $ter%o5er Intern$tion$/ Conferen(e in Austin
Te8$s, August 200=-
Chapter 1#:
<a0 T. *a6ob+on
Paul 4. Eaco/son& Ph.".
Paul 4. Eaco/son is the 5cean !nergy Leader and a Senior Pro9ect anager at the
!lectric Power Research +nstitute. "r. Eaco/son also is a faculty mem/er in the
Manvyl Irieger School of Arts and Sciences& Eohns )o%'ins University& where he
teaches a graduate=level course in ecological assessment. )e holds a /achelors
degree in /iology from $ornell University and .S. and Ph.". degrees in
oceanogra%hy and limnology from the University of *isconsin=adison. "r.
Eaco/son has /een engaged in assessment of electricity generation systems and
living resources for more than 71 years. uch of his wor' over this %eriod has
addressed the e6ects of electricity generation on a8uatic ecosystems
Chapter 14:
T. R. $i0e+
4homas R. iles
#homas R. *iles" #.R. *iles #echnical Consultants" 1ortland" <regon" designs" develops" installs
and tests agricultural and industrial systems for fuel handling" air Auality" and )iomass energy.
&nergy pro+ects include com)ustion and gasification of )iomass fuels such as (ood" stra(s"
stal%s and manures. 7e conducts engineering design and feasi)ility studies and field tests for
cofiring (ood" stra( and coal. 7e has sponsored and hosted internet discussions on )iomass
energy since 455B. (((
Chapter 12: Terry Tousey
0?C/ Cataumet Court D !t. Louis" *issouri -C4/? D (314) 422-9841 D

Terry Tosey! an .ndependent -onsltant at ,lternati"e 2els ? Besorces! LL- and President of Bose )nergy
Disco"ery! .nc.! has a di"erse bacDgrond in the alternati"e energy! resorce reco"ery! en"ironmental and
chemical indstries. He has o"er 00 years of e+perience in the de"elopment! implementation and management
of haHardos and non5haHardos waste fel pro#ects and sbstitte raw material programs within the cement
indstry. (r. Tosey has spent most of the last 1 years worDing on the commercialiHation of renewable energy
technologies inclding gasification and anaerobic digestion of waste biomass materials for the prodction of
heat and power.
(r. Tosey was a Dey member of the management team at two start5p resorce reco"ery companies where!
among other things! he directed the bsiness de"elopment strategy for sorcing waste materials into the
alternati"e fels and raw materials programs. He has re"iewed the 'ality and 'antity of nmeros waste
streams for se as an alternati"e fel or sbstitte raw material! and has researched a nmber of technologies
for processing these materials into a seable form. (r. Tosey has e+tensi"e e+pertise in managing these
programs from concept throgh start5p inclding permitting! design! constrction! operations! logistics!
marDeting! and reglatory compliance. His worD on a wide range of highly inno"ati"e alternati"e energy pro#ects!
both capti"e and merchant! o"er the corse of his career has made him ni'ely Dnowledgeable in the
dynamics of resorce reco"ery and the mechanics of the re"erse distribtion chain by which waste from the
generator to the processor.
(r. Tosey is an almns of Prde *ni"ersity where he earned his 4.S. Degree in Aeneral Science with a
ma#or concentration in -hemistry and minor concentrations in 4iology and (athematics. He is a member of the
Water )n"ironment ,ssociation! New )ngland Water )n"ironment ,ssociation! and (issori Water
)n"ironment ,ssociation and a past member of the National 3il Becyclers ,ssociation and the National
-hemical Becyclers ,ssociation. He has been an acti"e participant in the )n"ironmental .nformation DigestGs
,nnal .ndstry Bond Table where (r. Tosey has gi"en a nmber of presentations on the se of waste as
fels in the cement indstry.
E!E"#T$%E S#&&'()
7ighly s%illed and accomplished senior level professional offering an impressive C. year )ac%ground in the
alternative energy" resource recovery" environmental and chemical industries (ith extensive experience in the
development of (aste2to2energy" rene(a)le energy and alternative ra( material programs.
// years experience in the development" implementation and management of ha8ardous and non2ha8ardous
alternative fuels and ra( material programs (ithin the cement industry. 1articipated in the permitting" design"
construction" start2up" stac% testing and regulatory compliance of the (aste fuels programs at seven cement facilities.
Developed" directed and managed the North merican sales and mar%eting activates at t(o alternative fuels and ra(
materials companies. Lead overall )usiness development strategy.
0 years experience (or%ing on the identification" commerciali8ation and license of rene(a)le energy technologies
including gasification and anaero)ic digestion.
&xperienced manager (ith the a)ility to coordinate multiple pro+ects and effectively manage a staff (ith diverse
)ac%grounds. Demonstrated a)ility to plan" direct and manage ne( )usiness development and identify ne( mar%et
opportunities. nalytical" articulate and diligent (ith strong presentation s%ills.
"*(E "*&PETE+"$ES
D #echnology ssessment D !trategic 1lanning D :easi)ility !tudies
D *ar%et nalysis D Budget 1lanning D 1ro+ect Leadership
D Business Development D !ales E *ar%eting D Contract Negotiation
P(*,ESS$*+'- E!PE($E+"E
(*SE E+E(G) D$S"*%E(), $+". - './a0ce, $0.ia0a
:ormed in /..B to capitali8e on the ne( opportunities emerging in the field of rene(a)le energy (ith a mission is to
identify" develop and commerciali8e cost effective rene(a)le energy technologies and )ring these technologies to
President/Co-Owner 2004 - Present
M Direct strategic gro(th and lead overall )usiness development strategy
M Developed and drafted the company3s initial )usiness plan
M !uccessfully negotiated and drafted an exclusive license agreement to a proprietary anaero)ic digestion
technology for the treatment of high strength organic (aste streams. 1rocess produces a high Auality rene(a)le
)iogas fuel as (ell as an organic fertili8er and a high protein animal feed supplement as a )y2product.
M #eamed (ith the other principals to construct and operate a C... gallon per day pilot plant to Auantify the
yields and efficiencies of the anaero)ic digestion process and to evaluate the scala)ility of the process.
M Retained )y investor group to evaluate and re2engineer a moth)alled gasificationFdrying plant for the treatment
of se(age sludge at a municipality in the &ast Coast. 1ut together a team from )oth inside and outside the
company to evaluate the operational issues at the facility and provide recommendations to the group. Based on
the recommendations" investor group decided to move for(ard (ith pro+ect.
M 1rovided additional consulting services to investor group on commerciali8ation of the technology" update of the
)usiness plan" raising additional eAuity and development of the municipal mar%et for the process.
M 1articipated as part of a team for t(o years on a rene(a)le energy pro+ect in Reynolds" 'ndiana %no(n as
GBio#o(n U!H. Concept (as to convert Reynolds from a to(n reliant on fossil fuels to one self reliant on
)iomass )ased fuels. #he team evaluated all availa)le )iomass in the surrounding county and researched the
availa)le technologies that could process the )iomass into a usea)le source of energy.
M s a mem)er of the Bio#o(n U! team developed the concept of a G#echnology !uiteH (hich (ould
incorporate multiple technologies including anaero)ic digestion" gasification and fast pyrolisis to convert the
local )iomass into a )iogas andFor syngas fuel to produce electricity and heat. . By coupling the technologies
together the (aste energy generated )y one technology could )e used )y another thus improving the overall
efficiency of the process.
M Developed pro forma income and cash flo( statements for the #echnology !uite to present to potential
M Drafted D<& grant applications for financial assistance in the commerciali8ation of gasification and anaero)ic
digestion technologies under the merican Recovery and Reinvestment ct.
M Developed pro forma income and cash flo( statements for a num)er of gasification and anaero)ic digestion
pro+ects for the purpose of raising capital.
'-TE(+'T$%E ,#E-S 1 (ES*#("ES, --" - St. -ouis, &issouri
Independent Consultant 2008 - Present
M 1rovides technical and mar%eting consulting services to cement plants using ha8ardous and non2ha8ardous
(aste fuels and alternative ra( materials.
N Developed and helped implement a protocol for revie(ing and approving ne( (aste streams at a cement plant
operating a ha8ardous (aste fuel program.
N Retained as a technical consultant to revie( specific (aste streams for health" safety and handling issues prior
to acceptance at a cement plant operating a ha8ardous (aste fuels program.
"P (E")"-$+G, $+". - &us2e3o0, &ic4i3a0
:ounded in 4554 as an environmental pro+ect management company. 1rimary focus (as to service the cement
industry )y developing and providing programs to recycle ha8ardous and non2ha8ardous (astes in cement %ilns.
*a+ority of activities directed to(ards processing organic liAuids and solids in cement %ilns for energy recovery.
Company also developed programs to utili8e certain non2ha8ardous industrial (aste as ra( material su)stitutes for
some of the ra( materials used in the cement manufacturing process. #his included developing a patented process
to pelleti8e synthetic gypsum generated from the utility industry for use as a replacement for natural gypsum in
finished cement.
Vice President/General Manager Waste uels Group !""! - 200#
$irector and Corporate O%%icer
N 9ey mem)er of the management team reporting to the 1resident. 1articipated in the development and
implementation of company policy" revie(ed and approved annual operating )udgets and directed the strategic
gro(th of the company.
N Direct management of all functions of the Waste :uels $roup. <verall responsi)ility for 1EL" cash flo( and
)udget attainment for the division.
N $re( the Waste :uels $roup from a start2up (ith no sales to over ,4/"..."... per year in sales in three years.
N Brought together a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines including operations" engineering" sales
and mar%eting and environmental compliance to handle the various aspects of implementing the (aste fuels
programs at the cement plants.
N 1rovided technical oversight of the (aste fuels programs at t(o cement plants and participated in all aspects of
the programs including permitting" design" construction" startup" stac% testing and regulatory compliance.
N Directed the company3s sales activities in U.!." Canada and *exico for procurement of )ul% and containeri8ed
materials for the (aste fuels programs. Developed and implemented the sales and mar%eting plans and )udgets
and managed the activities of the facility sales managers and customer service representatives.
N &nsured a continuous supply of (aste fuels into t(o cement plants capa)le of utili8ing over B."..."... million
gallons per year.
N *anaged the approval of all (aste streams and developed internal paper(or% controls.
N Wor%ed (ith cement plant3s environmental manager to ensure the plant stayed in compliance (ith any ne(
regulatory reAuirements including revie(ing current and potential (aste streams affected )y the Clean ir ct.
N <versa( the development and implementation of a data)ase program for integrating operations" the la)oratory"
customer service" )illing and internal reporting at the (aste fuels facility.
N Conceived" developed and implemented the first direct )urn system at a cement plant for handling incompati)le
(aste streams. &na)led the cement plant to increase revenues )y providing an additional value added services.
"E&TE"5, $+". - &i..lese6, +e7 8ersey
:ormed in 45?/ as one of the first companies to provide ha8ardous and non2ha8ardous (aste fuels programs to the
cement industry. 1rovided turn %ey approach to cement plant including permitting" designing" engineering"
constructing and operating the on2site (aste fuels facility and managing the supply of materials for the program.
$irector o% &ales !"84 - !""!
N Directed the North merican sales and mar%eting activities for sourcing and procuring materials for the
company3s (aste fuels and alternative ra( materials programs.
N *anaged the activities of five facility sales mangers. 1lanned and implemented the divisional sales )udget in
line (ith the company3s strategic goals.
N Coordinated the supply of over 0."..."... gallons per year of (aste fuels" representing a 46I mar%et share"
into five separate cement plants.
N $enerated gross revenues of over ,40"..."... per year.
N *anaged a fleet of fifteen rail cars and negotiated rail rates.
N 1articipated in the permitting" design" construction and start2up of the (aste fuel programs at six cement plants.
"E-'+ESE "5E&$"'- "*&P'+) - Suit, +e7 8ersey
'ec(nical &ales )epresentati*e !"+8 !"84
N *anaged ,B.0** in sales of the company3s commodity chemical products in Ne( Jersey" Ne( Kor% and
N !uccessfully completed a ma+or mar%et research study on the use of acetic acid and acetic anhydride in the
northeastern United !tates.
ED#"'T$*+ 1 P(*,ESS$*+'- T('$+$+G
Pur.ue #0i/ersity" West Lafayette" 'ndiana" 4566
M Bachelor of !cience D $eneral !cience 1rogram D *a+or concentration in Chemistry. *inor concentration in
Biology and *ath.
P(*,ESS$*+'- T('$+$+G
M B. hour ha8ardous (aste training including ? hour annual refresher courses
M C1R and :irst id courses
M 7*24?4 and 7*24/-: 7a8mat training
M 7a8ardousF#oxic Waste *anagement #raining
M &mergency 1lanning and Community Right to 9no( ct #raining
M #oxic Release 'nventory Reporting #raining
M *!7 nnual Refresher Courses
M <!7 7a8ard Communication !tandard #raining for #rainers
M BusinessF'ndustrial *ar%eting !trategy 1rogram L 1urdue University
M :ield *anagement of !ales 1eople
M &ffective Negotiating L lex 9arras
$+D#ST() 'SS*"$'T$*+S
M Water &nvironment ssociation
M Ne( &ngland Water &nvironment ssociation
M *issouri Water &nvironment ssociation
M National <il Recyclers ssociation
M National Chemical Recyclers ssociation
M &nvironmen