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Baptisms for the Dead.......

Modern Light on Obscure Doctrine

For the uninitiated, Proxy Baptism, known colloquially as Baptism for
the Dead, is one of a set of higher Temple rites, offered to the “Saints” of the Most High.

Exaltation—that is the state of being in total Communion with God and abide His presence.
Baptism is required for all who aspire to enter into the “Fullness”, and so offer the rite, through
proxy, to the deceased, the idea being that they will be free in the Afterlife to either accept or
reject this most “kind and gracious act”.

This manifests the Grace of God through Mercy and Justice

In order for this ordinance to take place one Must believe first in Temples, then in ordinances
as declared by the Apostles of old as well as the Apostles of the Latter Days.

Jesus called Paul to be a spokesman and mouthpiece for Him and justified the rite through
reference to Paul’s testimony
in I Corinthians 15:29,

“Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead
rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?

But if the Apostle Paul filled missions to the Gentile world and
testified of such doctrine, WHERE would have the events taken place???
Decreed to the Corinthians as the “word of God”

As the Temple in Jerusalem was "off limits" to "Christians" that

rules out the Temple.

Much of the original Temple rites that existed in former times were
no longer practiced in the Temple at Jerusalem.

In REclaiming the Temple as a "House of God"

Jesus drove out of the Money Changers. Jesus was les than happy at the commerce and
business activity at His Fathers House. He drove them from the House of God.
Knowing that His Fathers House was a place of worship and of ordinances.

It must be noted that of the three courtyards designated within

Temple proper, it was the Courtyard of the Women that Jesus taught much of His Gospel.

But what of proxy baptisms?

Baptisms for the dead, administered here on earth for the deceased, who are in fact very
much alive, in the Spirit.

We clearly see that Baptisms for the Dead, although well known
amongst the Jewish leaders, was not allowed to "Christian teachers".
For this would "defile" Gods House" to have NON Jews in Temple Ritual.

Then we ask again…..Where did Christians practice the rites of Proxy

If Paul spent much of his time on "Missions", where does the devout
Christian practice his Temple covenants?

To answer that question we must first look at the Gospel of the

Restoration in Latter days.

As first practices of Proxy baptisms were officiated in The

Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the Lord
of the Restoration allowed the practice to continue for a period of
time until a designated place, a House of God was constructed for the divine ordinances.
Could it be that the first Christian Proxy baptisms were performed in
the River Jordan?

Would the Lord allowed such baptisms to take place until the
Restoration of all things. Paul speaks of a “falling away” and a Restoration of all things”

Is the Proxy baptisms of the Restoration a Similitude of the New

Testament Proxy Baptisms?

I would suggest that what the Lord had allowed in the Latter days, would have been allowed
in the former times UNTIL a suitable structure was dedicated.

Its easy to quote the scripture of proxy baptism...but to affirm its practice and purpose along
with the conviction of its actuality on location and its officiators is a testimony of its authenticity
baptisms for the Dead.......Modern Light on Obscure Doctrine

Jesus was the Great Proxy for Mankind. He gave His life, so that we may live again
He is the similitude of completing the work we could not do of ourselves.

1Peter 4:6 For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they
might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.


The Latin Vulgate (Jerome)..."They may be an allusion to the practice

of vicarious baptism on
behalf of those who have died, unchristened, which is known to have
existed. (though only through heretics 2nd Century BC

"Tertullian believed that Paul referred to a custom of vicarious

baptism (Res., 48c; Adv. Marc., 5.10).
There is evidence that the early church knew such a practice.
Epiphanius mentions a tradition that the custom obtained among the Cerinthians (Haer., 28
And Chrysostom states that it prevailed among the Marcionites."Mandaens of Iran also
practice Proxy Baptisms for the Dead

The “Sea of Glass” in the Tabernacle had its foundation.

Other than Latter Day Saints the "New Apostolic Church" continue the
practice of Proxy baptisms.