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Power Metering
Technical Data Sheet

Power Metering offers 3-phase AC power metering for wye or delta loads. It uses the
SquareD PowerLogic ION 6200 meter to provide an adjustable display for easy to read energy, power,
current, voltage, power factor, and harmonic data. The meters high accuracy is revenue grade and
compatible with a wide range of solid or split core current transducers (CTs) from 50 amp up to 4000 amp
The meter comes pre-installed in a wall-mount, single High Density Meter (HDM) enclosure. The HDM
enclosure includes and knockouts for conduit connections. Terminal blocks for 3-phase AC wiring,
CTs, ground, and Modbus RS422/RS485 connections are pre-wired to the meter.
Power Metering works in tandem with the SynapSense Web Console. The Web Console is configured
with a wye or delta and enables you to visually see the 3-phase current, voltage, demand power, power
factor, total harmonic distortion, and energy data including summary information. The Web Console also
enables you to track historical information from the power meter, using the historical data graphs.

Power Metering General

SynapSense Power Metering shown in an HDM
Features 3-phase power metering
Per phase data
Meter display provides local data
access; the Web Console
provides up to 21 data points with
historical charting
Available with split core CTs
ranging from 50 to 4000 amp in a
variety of models
Power Meter
PowerLogic ION6200
ANSI and Measurement Canada
Factory-sealed version available
in Canada
Communications RS-422/485 Modbus RTU for
integration with SynapSense Web
Pulse Outputs Optional: kWh summary information
available via the SynapSense Wireless
Sensor Network (WSN)
100 to 480 VAC L-L (50 to 60 Hz)
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Power Meter Overview
The SquareD ION 6200 Energy Meter features:
64 samples per cycle
IEC 60687 class 0.5 compliant
Four quadrant energy and demand
49 real-time, true RMS electrical parameters
Per phase voltage, current, peak current,
demand, watts, VARs, kWh, and more
Neutral current, Total Harmonic Distortion
(THD), frequency, power factor

Power Meter Accuracy
Accuracy Specification
Voltage L-N 0.3% reading, L-L 0.5% reading
Frequency 0.1 Hz
Current >=5% of full scale: 0.3% reading
<5% of full scale: 0.3% reading +
0.05% full scale
Note: split core CTs add 1%
full scale
Power factor 1.0% reading
THD 1.0%
Power and energy
(kW, kVA, kVAR, kWh, kVAh, kVARh)
Complies with IEC 60687 Class 0.5
and ANSI 12.20 Class 9.5 (0.5%

Power Meter Environmental
-20C to 70C (-4F to 158F)
Storage -40C to 85C (-40C F to 185F)
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing

Power Meter Installation and Input
64 samples per cycle true RMS
Autoranging voltage inputs allow direct
connection for 100 to 480VAC 3-phase
Supports Direct 4-wire Wye, 3-Wired Delta,
Direct Delta, and single phase
CTs: Burden: 0.05 VA (typical) at 5 A RMS; 5
A nominal/ 10 A full scale/ 20% overrange
full accuracy

SquareD ION6200 Power Meter

Power Meter Dimensions
Dimensions/Shipping Specification
Basic unit installed
106.7 x 106.7 x 40.6 mm
(4.2 x 4.2 x1.6)
Remote Display 106.7 x 106.7 x22.9 mm
(4.2 x4.2 x0.9)
Shipping Weight
0.68 kg (1.5lb) standalone meter,
not including HDM enclosure

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Veris CT General Specifications
Specification Description
Overview The H681x-xxx series of 5 Amp
split-core current transformers
provide secondary amperage
proportional to the primary
(sensed) current. For use with
power meters, data loggers,
chart recorders, and other
Leads 18AWG, 600VAC, 6' standard
Temperature Range
15 to 60C (5 to 140F)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 70C (-40 to 158)
Humidity Range
0-95% non-condensing
Max. Voltage L-N
Sensed Conductor
600VAC (basic insulation
Frequency Range
50/60 Hz
Altitude of Operation
3km maximum
Installation Category
Cat II or Cat III

Veris CT Ratings
Model Sensing
H6810 0 to 300 50/60 0 to 5 0.340
H6811 0 to 800 50/60 0 to 5 0.580
H6812 0 to 2400 50/60 0 to 5 0.870

Veris CT Accuracy
Model # F.S. Accuracy
Capacity (VA)
H6810-100A-5A 4 .07
H6810-200A-5A 1 2.5
H6810-300A-5A 1 2.5
H6811-400A-5A 1 5.0
H6811-600A-5A 1 5.0
H6811-800A-5A 1 12.5
H6812-800A-5A 1 5.0
H6812-1200A-5A 1 22.5
H6812-1600A-5A 1 22.5
H6812-2400A-5A 1 22.5

Veris CT Mechanical Dimensions

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High Density Metering Enclosure
Specification Description
Overview One or four High Density Meter
Enclosure with ION6200
meters; ideal for outdoor as well
as indoor applications at all
voltage levels including 600V
delta and 347/600V wye
Meter Series ION6200
Voltage 12, 4T*
Phasing 3
Enclosure Size 1 or 4
#Meters 1 to 4**
Enclosure Rating R*** or 1
*Voltage Ordering Notes
12 =208Y/120V wye; 240V delta
48 =480Y/277V wye; (PM210/PM750)
4T =with provided 2.5:1 CTP (control power transformer);
480Y/277V wye (6200)
** #Meters Ordering Notes
Please indicate the number of meters to be pre-installed
when placing your order. You may order any number of
meters in the enclosure between one and the maximum
number of meters each enclosure will hold.
***Please enter R as the last digit for Type 3R outdoor on
one or four HDM enclosures with the 6200 series meter.