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The first generation of Pakistan mainly consisted of shop-keepers, traders and merchants.
They continued their businesses with family oriented approach. The second generation
acquired education at home and abroad. They were cut out to run the enterprises with a
corporate approach. However, they received a bad jolt as the early !"#s saw
nationali$ation of industrial, commercial, financial institutions and infrastructure
organi$ations. !%#s passed without any serious H&' agenda. !!#s saw change of
political (overnments from one political party to another in two rounds. )bsence of long
term economic policies was not a favourable factor for solid growth of H&' in corporate
The dismal picture, however, continued to be countered by entrepreneurial initiatives of
private sector and multinational sector.
The success story of multinational sector and enlightened and forward looking private
sector is mainly due to firm belief in H&'.
Private sector initiative has been unleashed by the return of several qualified persons
from abroad who has set up management training and management consulting
firms and are rendering useful services in accelerating HRD revolution in Pakistan.
*odern technologies are being developed. +ew management techniques e.g. ),-, ),,,
Target -osting, &e-engineering, T.*, ,/-, H&), 01), 2- etc. are being taught for
implementation. ) wave of change management is unleashing itself in today3s Pakistan.
The tempo is getting quantum jump.
1arious H&' programs for e4ecutive training have been conducted by various
management development institutions in Pakistan. These consists of 5niversities,
management development institutions and large business houses. Topics included,
broadly speaking, were as under6
1./trategic H&*.
2. Human &esource Planning.
3. /taff )cquisition and &etention.
. Training 7 'evelopment.
!. -areer Planning and *anagement.
". Performance *anagement and )ppraisal.
#. -ompensation 'esign and )dministration.
$. Transformational 8eadership.
%. 2nternational H&*.
1&. 9rgani$ation -ommunication.
H&' belief is a pre-requisite for accelerating socio-economic development in Pakistan. 2t
is hoped that greater awareness will be growing at all levels : (overnment, -ommunity,
Private, Public and *ultinational sectors for H&' movement with a revolutionary spirit.
Total commitment ;<inancial, Physical and *oral= is needed as a solid logistic to H&'.