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Advertised Tender Enquiry (RFP)

Cost of Tender Form is Rs 100/- (By Hand)

Tele : 02228449922-27 Central Ordnance Depot

Fax : 02228876431 Pin – 901173
E Mail : Akurli Cross Road No 3
Kandivli (E), Mumbai – 101


H1 (b)-6810-000040, SPIRIT DENATURED (QTY-12058 LTRS)



1. Quotations in sealed cover are invited for supply of item part No H1(b)-6810-
000040, Spirit Denatured (Qty-12058 Ltrs).

2. General information about the tender :-

(a) Tender reference No. . IND/OS/HI(b)/20/2009-10/OS-P1

(b) Last date and time for receipt of tenders 17 Dec 2009 (1300 hrs)

(c) Time and date for opening of tenders 1330 hrs, 17 Dec 2009

(d) Place of opening of tenders at Conference Hall, Shivaji Block

(e) Address for Communication Commandant, COD Kandivali (East),

Mumbai – 400 101

Quotation shall remain valid till 90 days from the date of T.E. opening

Submission / Opening of Tenders



4. Sealed quotations addressed to Commandant, COD Kandivali (East), Mumbai –

400 101 should be forwarded by Vendors under their original memo/letter pad inter alia
furnishing TIN No, VAT/CST No, Bank Address with EFT A/C No & complete postal &
e_mail address of the firm & should be dropped in tender box marked as :



And kept near the reception office at 1300 hrs on 17 Dec 2009 or to be sent by
registered post so as to reach this office by due date and time. No responsibility will be
taken for postal delay or non-delivery/non-receipt of tender documents.



5. Sealed quotations will be opened by a committee on due date and time. Your
authorized representative from the Company can attend the tender opening. If due to any
exigency the due date for opening of tenders is declared as closed holiday, in such cases
the tenders will be opened on next working day at the same time or any other day/time as
intimated by the buyer.

6. Your sealed quotations both (Technical & Commercial in case two bid are
required) should reach to this office latest by 1300 hrs on 17 Dec 2009.

7. Tenders sent by FAX will not be considered. Tenders found in sealed box will
only be considered To avoid any complications with regard to Late Receipt/Non
Receipt of Tenders, it may please be noted that responsibility rests with the
tenderer to ensure that tenders reach this HQ before due date. Late quotes will be
rejected out rightly.

8. In case your firm is not willing to quote due to any reasons, your regret should
be faxed well before the due date failing which your firm can be de-listed from vendor list.

9. Modification & Withdrawal of Bids. A bidder may modify or withdraw his bid
after submission provided that the written notice of modification or withdrawal is received
by the Buyer prior to deadline prescribed for submission of bids. A withdrawal notice may
be sent by fax but it should be followed by a signed confirmation copy to be sent by post
and such signed confirmation should reach the purchaser not later than the deadline for
submission of bids. No bid shall be modified after the deadline for submission of bids.
No bid may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of bids and
expiration of the period of bid validity specified. Withdrawal of bid during this period will
result in Bidder’s of bid security.

Delivery Schedule :-

10. Within 90 days of signing of the contract as applicable. (this can be changed based
on nature of items. Urgency and the quantum of items tendered so as to give reasonable

11. Contract can be cancelled unilaterally by the buyer in case items are not received
within the contracted delivery period. Extension of contracted delivery period will be at the
sole discretion of the Buyer, with applicability of LD clause. Strictly spearing no extension
beyond the twice of the original period of delivery will be granted.

12. Preference, shall be given to those offer supplying within the prescribed delivery
schedule, which shall be the essence of the contract Liquidated Damages @ 0.5% per
week subject to a maximum of 10% of the undelivered stores will be recovered in case of
delay in delivery beyond the accepted delivery period as per SCOC.

13. Earnest Money Deposit. The EMD may be submitted in the form of an Account
Payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt, Banker’s Cheque or Bank Guarantee from
in any of the Public Sector bank or a private sector bank authorized to conduct
Government business (ICICI Bank Ltd, Axis Bank Ltd or HDFC Bank Ltd for a sum equal
to 5% of value of tendered EMD is not required to be submitted those bidders who are
registered with Central Purchase Organisation (e.g. DGS&D), NSIC, or any department of
Ministry of Defence itself. The EMD will be forfeited if the bidder withdraws or amends,
unpairs or desgates from the tender in any respect within the validity period of their
tender. The EMD should remain valid for 45 days beyond the final bill validity period.
EMD of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to the at the earliest after expiry of the
final bid validity & latest on or before the 30th day after the Guard of the Contract. The bid
security of the successful bidder would be returned without any interest what so ever,
after the receipt of performance security as called for the contract.

Commercial Aspects

14. Prices must be quoted on F.O.R. Destination basis by road inclusive of Packing,
Forwarding, Freight charges, Transit Insurance and any other charges as applicable. The
consignee for the contract is COD Mumbai, Kandivali (East), Mumbai – 400 101_.

15. Taxes & Levies. Details of Excise Duty, if any, are to be indicated. Exemption
Certificate for Octroi, Custom Duty, Excise and form ‘D’ for admitting CST @ 4% will be
provided if specified & applicable. FE content, if any, is to be indicated separately, for
which Custom Duty Exemption certificate is required.

16. Performance Guarantee. The Bidder will be required to furnish a Performance

Guarantee by way of Bank Guarantee through a public sector bank or a private sector
bank authorized to conduct government business (ICICI Bank Ltd., Axis Bank Ltd or
HDFC Ltd.) for a sum equal to 10% of the contract value within 30 days or receipt of the
confirmed order. Performance Bank Guarantee should be valid up to 60 days beyond the
date of warranty.

17. Test Protocol :- The contractor shall supply the test protocol, which shall include
list of the test parameters, the method of carrying out the tests and the agl for each
parameter, as followed in their plant, for the item contracted for, on demand by the
inspecting officer or the inspection authority stipulated in the contract, the contractor shall
also supply, free of cost, the reference and working standards required for testing the
item, in accordance with the said test protocol, on demand by the Inspection
Officer/Inspection Authority.

18. Quality Audit :- The contractor shall permit the inspection officer/inspection
authority under the contract or his authorized representative to inspect his manufacturing
premises, manufacturing and quality control records and all other relevant records
connected with the goods offered, either during the process of manufacture or at any time
there after during the normal working hours of the factory. If, during the above said
inspection, it is found that the goods offered/supplier have not been manufactured in
accordance with the master formula or the standard operating procedure for the product,
the consignment is liable to be rejected.

19. Condition of Acceptance :- If on examination of any sample from any portion of

the lot offered by contractor, the material is found to be not in accordance with the
specification/particulars governing supply quoted in the contract in accordance with the
terms and conditions of the contract, the whole supply will be rejected.

20. Consignee’s Right to Rejection :- Consignee shall have right to reject the
consignment of any portion there of within 60 days after actual delivery of the
consignment, if the consignment is not in accordance with terms and condition of the
contract, whether on account of loss, deterioration of damage at the time of receipt or if
the goods don’t bear the acceptance mark of the Inspecting Officer as per the facsimile
given on the consignee’s copy of the inspection note.

21. Rectification :- In the event of consignee or his authorized representative

instructs the for any rectification shall carry out the necessary rectification at the
consignee’s expeditiously.

22. Inspection Authority :- The Inspection will be carried out by Senior Quality
Assurance Officer, SQA Est (GS) (GS of the Area Concerned of his authorized
representative) and inspection authority is The Controller, CQA (Materials), Govt. of India,
Ministry of Defence (DGQA), Post Box No 229, Kanpur-208004

23. Mode of Offering :- As per specification IND/SL/8900 (a) sampling plan supply
and sampling and procedure for Inspection of Material Stores.

24. Special Note :-

(i) The stores offered should not have been manufactured before two months
(for items having short life) six months (for other items) from the date of offering

(ii) This note is to be reproduced in Tender Enquiry only.

The firm while quoting against Tender Enquiry should indicate the Registration
Certificate No & Date and/or letter No. and Date vide which they have been registered
with DGQA.

25. Advance Sample of Containers – All Times :- The drums/tins should conform
to the quoted particulars stipulated I TE/AT under packing and making clause. Two
representative sample of drum/tin of each size/type shall have been to be approved by
CQA (M), Kanpur or SQAE (GS) of area concerned.

26. Packing

Drum Galvanised 25 Ltrs - Conforming to Grade B2 of IS:2552,

Galvanised sheet conforming to IS:277
with best trade quality galvanized coating
fitted with 50mm screw closure to IS:1784

The material shall be supplied in sound clean dry and rust free galvanized drums.
Each drum shall contain the same net quantity (i.e. 25 litres) of the material. The screw
closure of the drums (having a suitable washer resistance to the store) shall be tightly
secured in position so as to give a liquid tide closure. The screw closure in addition shall
be provided with sealing arrangement for lead seal with wire.

Each drum shall be legible and indelibly marked as under :-

(i) Cat No & Nomenclature of the store.

(ii) Quantity packed e.g. 25 litres.
(iii) Batch No., Month & year of manufacture.
(iv) Net & Gross weight of the drum
(v) Manufacturers / supplier name or his recognized trade mark.
(vi) Contact No. & date.
(vii) Name & address of consignee.
(viii) Inspection Note No. & date.
(ix) Serial No. of the drum together with total number of the drum in the same
(x) “Highly inflammable” in red block letters & Symbol.

In addition to above the marking shall also be in accordance with respective

specification requirement.

27. Pre-Inspection Clause :- Before offering the goods to the Inspection Officer
specification the contract. The contractor shall out & a through pre-inspection of the lot
and satisfy himself that the good offered are confirming to the specification, quoted in the
contract, in all respects and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
A declaration in duplicate, to the effect, that pro-inspection of the lot offered by him has
been carried out and that the goods so offered meet the specification requirement and the
terms and condition of the contract in all respects, along with copies of test report, in
duplicate, bringing out the parameters tested while carrying out the pre-inspection and the
results there off shall be submitted by the contractor, along with the offer letter (Challan)
to the inspecting officer under the contract.

If on examination of the lot, the inspecting officer finds that the pre-inspection has
not been carried out of if the necessary declaration and copies of test report are not
furnished along with the offer letter of if the parameters tested are incomplete vis-a vis the
specification quoted in the contract/or the lot offered do not meet any of the terms &
conditions of the contract, the stores offered is liable to be rejected by the Inspecting

28. Guarantee/Warranty Clause:- The contractor shall also furnish a

Guarantee/Warranty certification in duplicate, to the Inspecting Officer under the contract,
along with the officer letter/Challan, in the format given below.

Except as otherwise provided in the invitation to the tender, the contractor/seller

hereby declare that the goods stores, article sold/supplied to the purchaser under this
contract shall be of the best quality and workmanship and now in all resects and shall be
strictly in accordance with the specification and particulars contained/mentioned in the

The contractor/seller hereby guarantees that the said goods/stores/articles would

continue to conform to the description and quality aforesaid, for a period of 12 months
from the date of delivery of the said goods/stores/articles, to the consignee or 15 months
from the date of shipment/dispatch from the contractor’s works, whichever is earlier/till the
date of expiry marked on the lable of the product and that not with standing the fact that
the purchaser/inspecting officer may have inspected and/or approved the said
goods/stores, articles. If during the aforesaid period of 12/15 months/life of the product
declared on the lable thereof, the said goods/stores/articles, be discovered not to conform
to the description and quality aforesaid, or not giving satisfactory performance or have
deteriorated and the decision of the purchaser in that behalf shall be final and
binding on the contractor/seller. The contractor/seller shall rectify/replace, by acceptable
goods/stores/articles of such portion or portions thereof as is found to be defective by the
purchaser, within a reasonable period not exceeding 3 months or as may be allowed by
the purchaser in his discretion, on the application made thereof by the contractor/seller
and in such an event the above mentioned warranty period shall apply to the
goods/stores/articles rectified/replaced from the date of rectification/replacement thereof.
Otherwise the contractor/seller shall pay to the purchaser such compensation as
determined by the purchaser, as may arise by reason of the breach of the warranty herein

Evaluation Criteria

29. The broad guidelines for evaluation of offers will be as follows:-

(a) Only those offers shall be evaluated which are found to be fulfilling all the
eligibility and qualifying requirements of the tender, both technically and

(b) The Lowest ‘Acceptable’ tender shall be considered further for placement of
contract/supply order after complete clarification and price negotiations as

(c ) Delivery within stipulated months of signing of contract shall be accepted.

However, preference will be for shorter delivery period and loading will be done as
per the prevailing rules.

30. Option Clause :- The contract shall have an Option Clause, wherein the buyer
can exercise an option to procure an additional 50% of the original contracted quality in
accordance with the same terms & conditions of the present contract. This shall be
applicable within the currency of contract. The bidder is to confirm the acceptance of the
same for inclusion in the contract. It will be entirely the discretion of the buyer to exercise
this option of not.

31. Repeat Order Clause :-The contract shall have a Repeat Order Clause, wherein
the buyer can order upto 50% quantity of the items under the present contract within six
months from the date of Successful completion of this contract, cost, items & conditions
remaining the same. Request confirm acceptance of this clause. It will be entirely the
discretion of buyer to place the repeat order or not.

32. Standard Conditions of Contract ( SCOC). Firm shall be required accept our
Standard Conditions of Contract. In addition standard clauses regarding agents/agency
commission, penalty for use of undue influence, access to books of accounts, arbitration
and laws would be incorporated in the contract. The copy of SCOC can be forwarded on
request .

33. Payments Terms. 95% Payment against Inspection note, Proof of dispatch, duly
supported by Xerox copy of Bank Guarantee and against Consignee’s provisional receipt.
Balance of 5% will be paid on receipt of items in good condition by consignees along with
user’s certificate of complete Installation and successful commissioning.
34. Placement of Order. The purchase Order will be placed on successful
conclusion of negotiations on L1 firm.

35. This RFP is being issued with no financial commitment and purchaser reserves the
right to change or vary any part thereof at any stage. Purchaser also reserves the right to
withdraw the RFP should it be so necessary at any stage.

36. Please acknowledge receipt.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

(AK Rout)
Local Purchase Officer
for Commandant


Salient Points to be indicated

1. Type of item/description of stores. : H1-6810-000040

Spirit Denatured

2. Quantity required. : 12058 Nos

3. Specifications /drawing as applicable. : IS:324 latest for ordinary

Denatured Spirit

4. Technical details alongwith technical : As per Specification


5. Requirement of training/on job training : -

6. Requirement of installation, Commissioning. : -

7. Requirement of FATs, HATs and SATs. : -

8. Requirement of technical documentation. : -

9. Type of future assistance on completion : -

of warranty.

10. Ultimate Consignee and requirement of : COD Mumbai, as per tender

pre-site/equipment inspection . documents.


Tender No : DP/H6/02/2009-2010

Date & Time to reach this office: 1300 hrs on 17 Dec 2009
Time and date of Opening of tenders 1330 hrs on 17 Dec 2009
Validity of tender required till 90 days from date of opening of Tenders


Sl No Description DOQ Qty Price in Indian Rupees*

1. H1-6810-000040 Ltrs 12058
Spirit Denatured

* Unit price should be exclusive of all Government duties ,Govt. Duties/taxes etc should
be specified giving the current rate applicable.



Sl No Details To be filled by The Firm
1. Discount, if offered(Answer in Yes/No)
Indicate the amount of discount
2. Is Excise duty extra?( Answer in Yes/No)
If Excise Duty is extra , indicate the
extent/current rate of Excise duty leviable for
Surcharges on excise duty
3. If Sales Tax extra?( Answer in Yes/NO)

4. Is Customs Duty Exemption Certificate

( CDE) required ?( Answer in Yes/NO)
If CDE is required indicate CIF value of stores to
be imported.
If CDE is required indicate the Customs Duty
5, Is your company exempted from payment of
Sales Tax and Excise Duty?( Answer in
6. Any other duty/levy
7. Details of EMD( if applicable)
8. Acceptance of performance Bank Guarantee on
confirmation of order.

Note: The tenders are required to spell out the rates of Customs duty, Excise duty,
sales tax, in unambiguous terms, otherwise their offers will be loaded with the
maximum rates of duties and taxes for the purpose of comparison of prices.
Tenders should furnish details about the deviation, if any, firm the tender specification
failing which the Offer will be treated as incomplete.

1. Preference to the tenders quoting FIRM & FIXED rates may be given if their offer
is found to be meeting all technical QRs.

2. Firms offering variable prices should give details of escalation formula, Which
should, however, avoid WAGE ESCALATION?


4. TERMS OF DELIVERY : FOR Destination.