Application of Spectral Shape Analysis in the

Determination of Pseudo-nitzschia Toxicity
Tess Forstner
University of Alaska Anchorage
Mentor: Jennifer Broughton
Faculty Mentor: Raphael Kudela
Harmful Algal Blooms and Pseudo-nitzschia
Domoic Acid
HAB Monitoring
Averaged Spectra and DA Concentrations
! 4km Moderate-
resolution Imaging
(MODIS) data extracted
from Giovanni
! 8 day averages of a
Toxic Compared to Non-Toxic
! MODIS data from 2013 (Non-Toxic) and 2014
! Expected to see a spike in the blue spectrum when
Pseudo-nitzschia blooms produced domoic acid
! Single Pixel at Santa Cruz Wharf
! Averaged against nine surrounding pixels
! Matlab and SeaDAS
Non-Toxic 2013
Toxic 2014
Toxic 2014
Functional Principle Component Analysis
Time-Series of Monterey Bay
Smoothed and Normalized Data
Principle Component Analysis
Principle Component Analysis
Statistical Space
! Found index that relates Domoic Acid to spikes
in the blue light spectrum
! DA can be detected by applying fPCA
! First four MODIS bands
! May provide the ability to cost-effectively and
efficiently monitor Pseudo-nitzchia’s harmful
! Dr. Emily Schaller
! Rick Shetter M.S.
! Dr. Raphael Kudela
! Jennifer Broughton M.S.
! Dr. Jessica Sagona

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