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Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014

Mobile Application Development Contest
(MyMAD) 2014
Visit MyMAD official Website For More Detail and registration
For inquiry please email to :
mymad! and "" to moscmy!
MyMAD "ontest #ules and #egulations $%&'%(&($)*&&+&),/MyMAD"ontest#ulesand
-n line with the brand independent spirit of Malaysia .pen /ource "onference
0M./"M123 4articipants can enter as long they ha5e any one of
criteria related to .pen /ource /oftware3 in either part of the
de5elopment and operation of the mobile application. 6his is a
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014
technical s7ill based contest with the aim to bridge the gap between
7nowledge of .pen /ource /oftware3 inno5ation and mar7etability.
The Objective
6he contest aims to promote the mobile application de5elopment initiati5es among
Malaysian and identify talents which could be nurtured for
professional commercial mobile application 5enture.
The Challenge
&. 4articipants are required to de5elop the application by using any of these
platforms. 8ither Android3 Windows 4hone or any alternati5e
platform such as Firefo9./ and :buntu 4hone..
$. 4articipants are also required to de5elop the ser5er side of the application by
using a cloud ser5ice required by the MyMAD "ontest "ommittee.
the ser5er side of the application needs to use programming
language suitable for the cloud ser5ice required.
). 4articipants need to attend MyMAD contest showcase3 presentation and ;udging
day on &) /eptember $%&' 0MyMAD Day2. Venue for MyMAD day is
at the 6M "on5ention "entre3 Menara 6M3 <alan 4antai =aharu3
>uala ?umpur3 Malaysia.
'. During MyMAD Day on &) /eptember $%&'3 eligible participants will create an
addon function3 with the participant mobile application prepared
during the contest period. 6he addon function will be only declared
during MyMAD Day and participants will only ha5e ' hours 0&%am till
$pm2 to complete the tas7s. @on complete codes will be still be
;udged and too7 into consideration by the ;udges.
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014
,. 4articipants ha5e to bring along own hardware and de5ice during MyMAD contest
showcase3 presentation and ;udging day.
+. Applications with highest score3 sub;ect to a minimum of (% points3 based on
preset ;udging criteria wins.
6he priAes for MyMAD "ontest are as listed below. -f the participating team is in a
group3 only one priAe unit will be gi5en3 howe5er all team members
in the group will get a "ertificate of 4articipant.
A) Grand Prizes
& unit Boogle @e9us &%C
and 8ntrepreneurship 4rogramC
6rophy D "ertificate
B) 1st Runner up

& unit Boogle @e9us *C3
6rophy D "ertificate
C) 2nd Runner up
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014

& :nit /amsung Bala9y BrandC3
6rophy D "ertificate
D) All shortlisted participants attending MyMAD Day on 13rd Septe!er

"ertificate of 4articipant
C .rganiser reser5es the right to substitute priAe with another item of equi5alent
5alue without further notice to 4articipants 0as per sponsored items2
CC Minimum threshold to qualify as a winner of the Brand 4riAe is E (% points
based on the <udging "riteria. -f there are no qualified participants3
the Brand 4riAe will be brought forward to the following year.
MyMAD Timeline
"ompetition "ommencement Date: &st August $%&'
C 1ou can register and prepare your application till MyMAD Day.
C We are charging #M$%/pa9 as commitment fee and can be paid on the day of the
e5ent &)rd /eptember $%&'.
$ast entry su!ission date% * /eptember $%&' 0/unday2
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014
Announceent o& shortlisted participants to attend MyMAD Day % (
/eptember $%&' 0Monday2
C /elected participants will be contact by phone and email to attend MyMAD Day.
Copetition sho'case( presentation and )udging Date *MyMAD Day)% &)
/eptember $%&' 0/aturday2
Announceent o& 'inners and prize presentation cereony % $' /eptember
$%&' 0M./"M1 "onference2
How To Registe!
S+,P 1% Visit http%--yad2"1#.e/ent!rite.co0s122223#23 to get started.
#egister online at e5ent website.
S+,P 2% /tart to design the most usable and inno5ati5e mobile application. 1ou can
always as7 questions to mymad! and "" to
S+,P 3% 4ublish your completed application in either Windows /tore3 BoogleFs 4lay
/tore or AppleFs App/tore accordingly.
S+,P #% At the same time3 email your published application detail together with the
:ser Manual to the .rganiser mymad! and "" to
moscmy! before the Gfinal submission date for mobile
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014
S+,P 4% /hortlisted participants will be notified to attend MyMAD Day for a &%
minutes ?i5e 4resentation to the panel of <udges of MyMAD "ontest
$%&'. 1ou are allowed to present an updated 5ersion of your mobile
application 0if any2. /hortlisted participants will bear the costs of
transportation and accommodation on their own.
S+,P 5% Visit and register for
ser5er side of your mobile application. 4articipants are ad5ice to do
this after &st /eptember $%&'.
6he e5aluation and selection process by the panel of ;udges will be done on all
complete submissions recei5ed.
We will disqualify any incomplete or illegible entries that we recei5e. We are not
responsible for entries that we do not recei5e for any reason3 or for
entries that we recei5e but are not decipherable for any reason.
Am I Eligible to Patici"ate!
&. .pen to all Malaysian. For nonMalaysian participant in a team3 the team leader
must be a Malaysian.
$. 1ou are at least &( years of age as of )% <une $%&'.
). -f you are considered a minor in your place of residence3 then you should as7
your parentIs or legal guardianIs permission prior to submitting an
entry into this "ompetition.
'. 1ou may participate as an indi5idual or in a team of not more than ) members.
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014
,. 1ou are not an immediate family member of 0parent3 sibling3 spouse/domestic
partner3 child2 or household member of MyMAD .rganiser and
+. 4lease re5iew the details on the eligibility requirements3 methods of entry3
content3 and technical requirements before registering for the
MyMAD "ontest e5ent.
C 6erms and "onditions apply C
".MM.@ 68#M/ A@D ".@D-6-.@/
4lease download and read the .fficial #ules that go5ern how the My Mobile
Application De5elopment "ontest 0MyMAD2 $%&'. -n these rules3
Jwe3J Jour3J and JusJ refer to MyMAD .rganiser3 the .rganiser of
this "ontest. G1ouH and G1ourselfH refers to an eligible participant.
For more information :
=y submitting your 8ntry to MyMAD "ontest "ommittee 3 you agree to indemnify3
defend3 and hold harmless MyMAD "ontest "ommittee and its
affiliates and their respecti5e owners3 directors3 officers3 employees
and agents from and against any claims3 demands3 suits3 liabilities3
costs3 losses3 or e9penses3 0including3 without limitation3 reasonable
Mobile Application Development Contest (MyMAD) 2014
attorneysI fees23 of any 7ind or nature arising in connection with 0i2
a material breach of the representations or warranties made in
/ection &%3 0ii2 a material breach by you of this Agreement3 or 0ii2
your gross negligence or intentional misconduct.