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Hello All!


Welcome to the festive edition of Stuffed. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you who don’t already know me, I am Laura Clinton and I am the new editor of Stuffed. I have taken over Hayley Fisher’s role as the Students’ Union Marketing & Website Co-ordinator and we would like to thank her for all the hard work she put into the Union and wish her the best of luck in her new job! We have had a mad couple of months here – organising the Freshers’ Fair, promoting our NUS Extra cards and organising trips and activities for you; literally non stop in order to provide you with the best services we possibly can. There’s also our new look website, which has been really exciting for us; we now have our own Social Network up and running so remember to sign yourself up for chatting, sharing photos and updates on all the latest enrichment trips & welfare campaigns. This issue includes topical articles written by students and staff, lots of information about our upcoming events and campaigns, updates from your president and the executive committee, reviews, sports news, and much more. We also have an exciting new feature called ‘Yourspace’ - this could be anything you wish to share with students at Derby College; from photography, cartoons and blogs, to poetry and short stories. We have received lots of outstanding poetry this month, so keep sending in. Don’t forget our Snow Ball is coming up on 22nd December and it’s going to be a corker - be sure to get your tickets from the exec. You can find out more inside!! If you have any suggestions or ideas for the magazine please give us a shout, we’d love to hear them. Also, a reminder that our Voice Boxes are located around all campuses to let you tell us how you feel. If you want to get something off your chest or suggest any ways to improve our services please send us your thoughts and opinions, we aim to respond to your requests every month. Anyway enough from me, I hope you enjoy the magazine and have a safe and merry Christmas! Laura x

Disclaimer – The articles featured in Stuffed magazine may not necessarily represent the views of Derby College Students’ Union. This magazine is also available in large print upon request.

Laura Clinton – Editor 01332 520 387

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack


The Clothes Show
Coming up this December is our next Enrichment trip to the Clothes Show Live at the Birmingham NEC on Wednesday 12th December, for a whole day of shopping, catwalks and fashion frenzy. The SU are offering you the chance to come along for a fun filled day of shopping mayhem. The cost is just £27.00 including entry into the event and the coach down to Brum. If you’re into your designer labels, trendy or even a fashion victim the Clothes Show is for you! The event includes over 300 fashion and beauty companies, loads of stars and celebrities, catwalk shows, makeovers and shopping galore. It’s an ideal place to purchase all your pressies too! What more could you want? Get your deposits and booking forms back to us as soon as possible to secure your place at the biggest fashion event of the year! I’m dead excited about this event!

London Day Trip
What better place is there to go for a big shopping trip than the capital of England? Why not get yourself some top bargains during the mad January Sales in London. We will get you down to the city early so that you get a full day of non stop shopping! If this isn’t your scene why not come down to explore the city as there is lots to see and do in London; Museums, Performances, The London Eye, Madam Tussauds and loads more. You can make it whatever you want! The date of this event is the 19th January 2008 and is always a fun day out! The trip costs £15.00, come and see us for more details.

Fair Play
This year’s Fresher’s Fair was a fun day for all, thanks to Hayley who put lots of effort into organising the event. Mr Bounce was back with all his usual inflatables from Sumi Wrestling to Bouncy Boxing and we were blessed with glorious weather. Rammy came down to take on students with his grand penalty shoot-out and Derby University’s Circus and Streets act were showcasing their talents of diablo throwing, plate spinning and juggling around the event. Thankyou to the stalls which came along for the day to provide students with lots of information on a whole range of subjects from giving up smoking and mobile phones to paintballing! The day was a big success and we are looking forward next years SU event! Be sure to come on down for lots more freebies, information and fun and games!

Snow Ball Time!
Yes it’s that time of the year again, the executive committee are working hard to get everything prepared for this year’s fantastic end of term party in celebration of the festive season! This years party is set to take place on Saturday 22nd December at The Courtyard on Ashbourne Road. The venue will be divided into two main rooms of Rock/ Indie music and dance/urban tunes! Tickets are now on sale from the Executive committee and the SU offices for £4.00, or you can pay on the door for £5.00. The night will end with the announcement of Mr and Mrs Claus (our big competition) and lots of other prizes will be up for grabs throughout the night! Don’t miss out!

B-ing Proactive
JWC students took part in a ‘B’ day on 9th November to raise money for the African Flood Appeal by the Red Cross. Students came to college in fancy dress costumes beginning with the letter ‘B’. The Students’ Union cashed the donations and JWC students raised £278 for the appeal. Thanks to Amanda Harrison, Elizabeth Denton–Davies, Laura Needham and Kerry McDermot, who organised the whole event and for all those who took part.

Makeover Masons
Broomfield Hall social space has received a make-over with the help of Masons Place Painting and Decorating students. The social space was re-carpeted, painted and re-varnished, meaning the overall look of the building has changed immensely. Everyone is pleased with the outcome and students are enjoying spending their free periods there.

Going Orange
Every year we run Enrichment trips to Amsterdam, and each year it has proved to be our most popular trip. We have sold a record breaking number of places already and have had to book a further coach so that we don’t disappoint too many of you. We have sold all spaces now, but don’t worry! If you are still interested in coming on the trip still get your booking forms and deposits into the SU and we will put you on the reserve list, if we get enough people interested we may hire a larger coach, so it is defiantly worth getting them into us.


s h o r t

Did You Know?
Your right lung takes in more air than your left one does. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Ants never sleep. No word in the English dictionary rhymes with “MONTH”. Earthworms have 5 hearts. Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic, and often wrote backwards.

Weaving The Web
The Students’ Union website is now up and running and more content is being added each day. We would like to hear your feedback on the site and also on the social network, so let us know what changes you would like to see. If you are interested in website design and would like to get involved in the ongoing developments, get in contact on and we will be happy to talk about the ways you can get involved in our site.

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack


Xmas Gift Guide

By Emma Webster, Natalia Barran and Erinder Dulku

Wondering what to buy for Christmas for that special someone or family? Are you stuck for present ideas this Christmas? Scared of that last minute rush on Christmas Eve? WELL WE’VE GOT IT SORTED FOR YOU! We totally understand and share your worry! So…. To help you out, we had the idea of surveying all of you students to find out what you all really want for Christmas. We asked you lot what would be your dream present this Christmas, so here’s the top 5 dream presents….. Top 5 presents for guys and girls.

1 2 3 4 5

Guys PS3 I Phone Video Games Money Ipod Nano

Girls Perfume Ipod Nano I Phone Nintendo Wii Money

Still not sure what to get? … Well we surveyed the students of JWC about their favourite shops in the new Westfield Centre. So if all else fails or if it’s a bit too pricey then you can’t go wrong with a little something from these shops!

1 2 3 4 5

Guys G-Star ITopman Red5 River Island Republic

Girls Topshop H&M Accessorize River Island G-Star

We hope this has helped you out with your Christmas shopping. Happy shopping!

Fright Night Fun
This years Alton Towers’ Fright Night was a SCREAMER!! Claire, Sarah and I supervised the trip and had loads of fun. All the students enjoyed the day, and we are already looking forward to next years Halloween special! The staff at Alton Towers went to a massive effort to spook us out, hiding out and dressed in ghostly costumes, really looking the part for Halloween. There was the “Terror Towers” attraction, and we were guided around Alton Castle by freakish characters, making us scream as we were told to get out before we died!! It was added fun in the dark, although I must admit I only went on one big ride as I secretly have a fear of heights! The fact that the park wasn’t too busy was a bonus, and to finish the night here was also a spectacular laser show, truly magical to watch. If you missed out this year, don’t worry...the Students’ Union have organised another trip to Alton Towers next summer so be sure to come along! Unfortunately not all the Exec could submit a diary this month - To find outfor a Media Pack drop them an email! about what they’re up to,

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack


Advice Page

Drink Spiking Awareness


Your Problems Answered
If you find it difficult talking to someone personally check out the SAC leaflet racks around all college sites for more information. Each student and their issue are individual and would be treated as such, if you are experiencing similar problems please come and talk to us. Dear SAC,
Knowing it is possible to have your drink spiked while you’re out, I’m worried about it happening to me. Can you suggest how I can keep myself safe? Firstly you need to be aware that drink spiking can happen to any body. It’s important to look after yourself and your friends… Keep your drink with you at all times. Don’t accept strangers. drinks of

Dear SAC,
I’m 17 and since I started college I have not been getting on with my parents. They have told me I need to find my own place but I’m not to sure where to start looking. I’m very sorry to hear you are in this position, times like these can be tough and quite worrying for a young person finding there own place to stay. Firstly I would suggest seeing if you can stay with a family member for a short period of time to see if things get better between you and your parents. If this is not possible they are some organisation in Derby which can help by offering support and guidance. The Space is a confidential service for 12 – 25 year olds, they offer the Jigsaw Housing project for young people who need advice on where to live. 01332 364445. The Derbyshire Housing Aid, on Curzon Street, Derby. Also offer advice on housing, so it might be worth having a chat to them to see if they can help you. 01332 287850. Activ8 is a project for young single homeless people, who are committed to training, education or employment and have a local connection to Derby. 01332 381956 .

Dear SAC,
After reading some of the information about Dyslexia which is up around college, I think I may be Dyslexic. Where should I go for help? At college any student who thinks they might be dyslexic can have a screening test with Additional Support. You just need to fill out a referral form ALS1, here at the Student Advice Centre we can offer you support and can get you the form you will need. For more below. information see

This campaign is here to highlight the importance of staying safe while you’re out and about. Please be aware… throughout Britain incidents of drink spiking are growing. Drink spiking is when a mind-altering substances, such as drugs or alcohol have been added to your drink without you knowing. Mind-altering means that it may affect how you act, or how you behave with other people. There are many reasons why someone might spike a drink, but the most common reasons are for amusement, or to carry out sexual assault, rape, or theft. The feelings experience by victims of drink spiking can be varied due to the type of drug used or how much alcohol the victim has drank. Spot the symptoms – • • • • • Your drink tasted unusually salty or bitter Your drink has changed colour You feel like you’re losing control You experience hallucinations Amnesia, Aggression, Incoherence or Drowsiness

Don’t drink anything which has been left unattended. Some bars and clubs have anti drink spiking products such as Spikeys, remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

Drink spiking is illegal, even if an attack or assault has not been carried out. It can result in a maximum of ten years in prison for anyone who does it. If an assault, rape, or robbery is then carried out the sentence will be even higher. It is not only females who are likely to have their drink spiked. Almost 11% of people who report having their drink spiked are male. Use the following tips to make sure that you stay safe – • • • • • • Keep your drink with you at all times Don’t drink anything that has been left unattended Look out for unusual behaviour in your friends Don’t accept drinks from strangers If you feel strange, get a friend to take you home The most popular drug used to spike people is alcohol

Numbers & Contacts are below for further information.

If you see someone acting suspiciously or have any information relating to a crime call the police on 0845 123 33 33 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111

Please remember the Student Advice Centre is a confidential service and this problem page is fictional. If you have any concerns or worries, please remember that the Student Advice Centre is here to offer you confidential support and guidance.

For advice on drink spiking call the Roofie Foundation on 0800 783 2980 For further information/support please visit their website at Need to talk about Sexual assaults? Call Derbyshire Rape Crisis on 01332 372545 Two Counsellors from Derbyshire Rape Crisis will be at PCA Reception on Tuesday 10th December from 10 – 2 pm to give advice to anyone affected by sexual assaults.

Fresh Start 01332 224019 NHS smoking helpline: 0800 169 0169 Student Services: next to the main reception. College Counselling: 01332 520360 Cruse Bereavement Care Helpline: 0870 167 1677 To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to Student Advice Centre: 01332 520387 for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack


Club Bluenote recently under went a minor re-furb which was hotly anticipated by the rock loving student population. The date of the grand opening changed on numerous occasions, driving those craving a mosh, boogie, skank or head bang in derby’s favourite rock haunt wild. Having spent most of my Monday nights in Bluenote back in my student hey day, getting drunk off as little as £10 and rocking it out to Taking back Sunday, Rage and good old Big Reel Fish. I felt obliged to pay little old Bluenote a revisit to see if I could recapture my youth and the memories. Dressed in my skinnies and casual tank top I was raring to go, my house mates and I got ready to a collection of old rock classics from our uni days, consisting of Jimmy Eat World, Greenday, Linkin Park & some WHAM for giggles. Having drank two glasses of wine, I was feeling a little tipsy and ready to rock out. Walking up Sadler Gate towards the entrance flash backs of the good old times hit me. The bright blue lights which lit up the alley into the club woke me up, placing me back into the present and I was beginning to see the changes which had been made. As I handed over my fiver at the desk I was thrilled to find that I still was offered a free drinks voucher for any drink! BONUS! The staff were friendly as usual and it was nice that the old bouncers on the door still recognised me; already I began to remember how much I missed the place.

New Blue?

By Laura Clinton

We headed to the toilets to start, and I was shocked by the classiness of them, the whole block had been re-vamped, new sinks, toilets etc and the mirrors actually reflected which I liked, this was not how I had remembered it. The toilets were once graffitied with smudged eyeliner and hot red lipstick, and the queue to get into a cubicle was forever long due to the lack of toilet roll and spew covered loo seats. The mirror was notoriously known as ‘The Mirror of Death’ because the lighting made everyone look awful! But in hindsight perhaps that was our drunken state... We got to the bar to collect our free drinks, it had just gone 11pm and the place was still empty, surely this wasn’t it for the night? I stood and wondered. But how could I complain, we were all served straight away and although I took my time deciding on a drink, I had switched back to student mode wanting to get the best value for my voucher and settled with a Black Russian. As I looked around all the new changes were apparent to me, everywhere was very clean and just not like typical Bluenote! What was going on, what had happened to the sticky floors, the distinctive smell of sweat, fags and sick and why did I notice more than one security guard surrounding the whole area ready to pounce. I decided to wander around and check out the new smoking area just out of the main floor where loads of people were. As I got chatting to some old Bluenote goers and shared memoirs of the Old Skool Bluenote, a tear came to my eye as I was reminded of all the fun nights spent there and how everyone had moved on with their lives after uni to find work. Having bored so many people with my drunken chit chat me and my friends decided it was time to get some more drinks, the club was packing out, but there were still not many people my age. I was beginning to feel old and past it, but got reunited with some old buddies from uni who showed us around the new upstairs part of Bluenote - the décor reminded me of an old 1950’s diner, and I wondered what had happened to the blocks in the corner where we had once chilled out. My conclusion to my reunion with Bluenote is that I enjoyed and preferred it’s filthiness; it was the only club in Derby which was sweaty and messy but that was part of it’s ‘rock’ appeal. The mucky toilets, the sticky floors, the cheap drinks, the predictable play sets and the friendly people. The music seemed to have changed with the re-furb, the drinks were more pricy and the club was just too squeaky clean!! It wasn’t what I had expected! But never the less the new generation of Bluenoters seemed to be enjoying it…I think I will settle with the memories which I once had, my student days are over and were great whilst they lasted! All I can say to you students at Derby College, is enjoy the time you have, study hard but play hard too! I would recommend going to University to you all; I had the time of my life, learned new life skills and made so many friends.

Derby College has all the help and support you will need to succeed
✮ Individual Tutorials ✮ Educational Support Workers ✮ Communication Support Workers ✮ Mobility Support ✮ Specialist Resources and Equipment ✮ Counselling Contact
The Additional Learning Support Team
01332 520200 Prince Charles Avenue Broomfield Hall Masons Place Joseph Wright TB109 ext 5563 3A ext 6708 Portacabin Ext. 5188 Ext. 5714

Deaf Access Voice / Minicom 01332 520237 SMS 07986936010

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

p12 12

U.G.L. Y

Unbelievably Good Looking Youth
If your face is circled you’ve won a £10 gift voucher! Come and collect it from your DCSU office you lucky people!

p13 13

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey
Kesey’s classic is set within the oppressive confines of a 1960’s asylum, ruled over by the villain, the monstrous Nurse Ratched, with an iron fist. Through the eyes of seemingly deaf and dumb patient, chief Bromden, we witness the arrival onto the ward of a new patient, brash, swaggering, extrovert McMurphy. His non-stop laughter, trickery and challenge to authority turn Ratched’s monotonous, suffocating world upside down, jolting the other patients out of their combined and manipulated existence and changing their lives forever. The novel provides a gripping account of a hectic battle against the oppressive rules of authority and it’s devastating effects. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest will simultaneously shock, move and amuse readers with it’s ironic mixture of realism and fantasy, farcical humour and moral engagement. The novels scathing attack on the rigid culture of conformity of 1960’s American society has made McMurphy one of the most famous figures of American literature, meaning this novel is a must-read for all those serious about their classics. Check out the film adaptation too, starring Jack Nicholson, perfect in the role of McMurphy. By Emma Rainsford


Music: Amy Winehouse - Frank
Today it is nothing out of the ordinary to see or hear of Miss Winehouse hitting the headlinesfor her excessive partying and undeniably troubled lifestyle. Now renowned for these attributes, and of course her trade mark monster beehive and heavy black eyeliner, this media frenzied haze has stolen the light from her two critically acclaimed albums. Frank is somewhat different from the follow up album Back to Back, however no less of an achievement. This album clearly takes a step back into old Jazz but brings it forward into the 21st Century. While the likes of ‘Stronger than Me’ and ‘In My Bed’ are clearly influenced by fresh contemporary beats and the latter of her own CD collection. The mood is taken into nostalgia with ‘There Is No Greater Love’ and ‘October Jag’ where the singer/songwriter can be easily compared to the greats of Dinah Washington and Minnie Riperton. In all, this album proves Amy’s long standing abilities as an artist and leaves us with a creative style unmatched by any of her contempories. By Carla Davies

Film: Enchanted - Out 14th December
Your NUS Extra discount card can be used to save you up to 33% at loads of high street shops, restaurants, cinemas and bowling as well as saving you a good discount at hundreds of other places around the world. If you haven’t already got your card, don’t despair, you can still get your discounts in time for Christmas and save money on presents this year. Pop into your Students’ Union office to get a card to take away today. For just £10 you will receive your funky orange card, an exclusive NUS Extra discount booklet and also a Students’ Union shop voucher worth £10, meaning you have already made your money back. But remember to get your card quickly as it is only valid until the end of September 2009. Drew ventured into Derby this month to snap up just some of the places you can save money.
This film is one not to be missed; I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Enchanted all month and I hope to see all you Derby students at the cinema when it’s out. Don’t forget that your NUS Extra card gives you a fantastic discount at Derby Cinemas! Enchanted begins as a typical Disney cartoon, in which animated Princess Giselle is swept off her feet by Edward, her Prince charming. However Edward’s mother, the wicked Queen isn’t happy about the new romance and banishes Giselle from her magical, animated land and Giselle finds herself on the gritty, busy, hectic streets of modern day New York. Giselle now has to survive in a strange new world and find her way back to her true love. This film looks hilarious and will suit all ages. If you liked Shriek be sure to check this one out.

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack


By Cliff Barker



Imagine yourself in a nice quiet town, lovely weather, children playing in the park. On a nice hot summers day a father takes his son into the forest to teach him how to hunt, but this will not be a normal hunting day. Meanwhile, above the earth’s atmosphere, a strange starship is approaching earth. This craft of unknown origin is on a collision course with the forest in the town of Gunnison Colorado. The unknowing townsfolk send a search party to the forest to investigate the disappearance of the father and son. They search all night, listening in the eerie silence of the forest and scanning the area desperately, but find nothing. Unaware they are being watched themselves. The following day, when starting the search again in daylight, the party discovers a severely disfigured human effigy hanging upside down from a tree. The search party is disturbed by the sight of what they see before them. The party returns back to town, again, being watched from the trees by infra red vision... As the boy and his father are hunting they see a strange object fire across the sky, destined to crash land in a nearby location. Meanwhile, the boy and his father decide to investigate the crash site. When they reach the destination the father and son discover the remnants of a ship. They hear the noises which do not come from anything of this earth. Being spooked by this, the father protectively points his gun and searches. Suddenly, an attack ensues, and the terror begins. With this preview there are many unanswered questions!! • • • Will everyone suffer the same fate? Will the town survive this onslaught? Are the army working for their own political gain or for the people?

Will these questions have straight answers or will they be twisted into a web of confusion the only way to find out is to watch a v p requiem.

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack


Sport News

Sport News


Second Place Still A Victory for English Rugby
And so another World Cup and another defeat for an England national team. Our cricketers managed to throw it away earlier in the year, our footballers might not even make it to the Euro Championships and our rugby players just couldn’t get over the final hurdle, so why did they manage to gain so much respect both at home and nationwide? The answer is because this was a resurrection of biblical proportion; when they seemed destined to crash and burn they showed heart, courage and the steely resolve that has become synonymous with England. They started off with an easy win against the USA but after just six minutes of the 2nd fixture things weren’t looking so rosy as Juan Smith crossed the try-line and Montgomery warned of things to come with his first conversion of the match. South Africa went on to win 36-0, the first time in England’s World Cup history that they had registered a blank scoreline. Flash forward to 20th October, 2 pool games, a great quarter-final and a nail biting semi-final victory later and hopes were certainly revived. Going into the Final against South Africa England must certainly have felt the weight of expectation, they had made winning ugly beautiful in the eyes of a nation but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to dismantle a South Africa side who were disciplined and gave very little away in defence. Their big-men were imperious in the line-out, Victor Matfield eventually gaining the Man of the Match award, and this definitely impacted on England, denying them one of their major sources of ball. The final however, was not the end. The World Cup has seen people sit up and take notice of English Sport again and with the 6 nations looming we could be all be celebrating a victory instead of a near miss very soon.

Italian Dragon Devours Danish Bacon
35 years old, 12 months from retirement, 44 fights unbeaten and £2,000,000 at stake, Saturday 3rd November was a night for the statisticians as Joe Calzaghe defeated Mikkel Kessler on points to unify the world super-middleweight belts and move into the world’s pound for pound top three beside Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. 50,000 people watched on in the Millennium Stadium to witness a contest worthy of its hype; Kessler, seven years Calzaghes junior and himself 39 fights unbeaten in a distinguished career, saw his dreams “crushed” in front of the Italian dragon’s home fans as all three judges handed the fight to Calzaghe, with scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 116-112. The two fighters’ different styles made for a fantastic contest; whilst they are both southpaws Calzaghe is not known for his devastating knock-out blows and certainly has less power than the Dane which was in evidence with the upper cuts that he inflicted during the bout. Calzaghe is known more for his hand speed, hence his hands have had a tendency to break in the past, however it was an injury to Kessler’s hand which had many speculating about a home victory before the fight when the Dane was heard screaming in pain after throwing a punch in a previous match. Kessler is a more orthodox left jabber but also has fast hands, not fast enough it emerged. In a dazzling encounter that can only be good for the sport there can be no arguments about whether or not he deserved his victory, even in the final round when the fight was won and containment would have denied Kessler a knock-out chance Calzaghe showed his fighting spirit and came out punching on the front foot, after holding the WBO belt for over a decade it seems to be the only way he knows, and you won’t find many people arguing with it, except, maybe, Bernard Hopkins.

Fabregas on Fire as Title Race Hots Up
The first weekend in November saw Arsenal take on Manchester United in the first of what has become a highly personal derby game. In recent years there haven’t been many teams that have inspired so much hatred between their fans, there was the infamous pizzagate clash and of course the game in which Man Utd ended Arsenal’s 49 match unbeaten run, following the fixture the previous season which saw Keown, Parlour and Cole surrounding Ruud Van Nistelrooy after his last minute penalty miss. This season’s however was much more cultured, with both teams proving why the title race is so hard to call this year. Fabregas scored his 11th goal in 16 games this season to equalise following Rooney’s opener in first half stoppage time. Eboué came off for Walcott in the 74th minute and this proved crucial for United as the youngster failed to track Evra’s clever run behind the Arsenal defence from which he received the ball and promptly crossed for Ronaldo to slot into an open net. All seemed lost until right at the death as Gallas slammed home from a difficult angle to reinforce Arsenal’s claim to the Premiership crown. As if in answer to this result Liverpool went ahead and banged 8 past Besiktas on the 6th November, and Chelsea are now 5 unbeaten in the league having only lost once since Grant took charge against, you guessed it, Manchester United. The title race is getting good already! By Chris Tivey

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

p20 20

This section is new to Stuffed and is a blank canvas for all of you wanting to share your talents to Derby College, submit anything you wish and we will try our best to publish your work in our upcoming issues.

your space
Party The notes of the music Pop to the floor one by one, Like a kiddie’s gun And my feet are hot in dolly shoes They make a sound like Velcro undoing when I move Through the puddles of beer on the floor I’m anchored by my clumpy shoes To the same patch of floor, like a child dressing up Fireworks explode in my cheeks When anyone looks at me I’ve got a fizzy fruit-flavoured lump in my throat And my hiccups burn like shots of Sambuca, Even though I’m uncomfortably sober Just before my face begins to burn again I drift back to my room And think of the toy moneybox, the discarded tights The bowl I made in year two, and painted yellow, now filled with mints, The wind-up toys from crackers on the shelves The sculpted, glowing faces of the posters All waiting for me And, I like to think, deliberately not stirring, in case they break the spell. Waiting for me to come home All in one piece. By Rebecca Shore Blue She only wanted tulips But they bought hyacinths Rude and blue and quietly whispering Their heads and petals away And the melt of the mint By her bedside Was just as sly The mysterious ice cube Also Refused to stay And lost its corners And expired menthol In long play

p21 21

Baby Blue Angel Eyes She is so pure in every way She has given me a reason to wake up every day She put the shine in my starry night skies She finishes it off with her baby blue angel eyes Although her friends despise me Her beautiful personality never fails to surprise me I have reason to believe that she was an angel in the previous life She is most definitely my potential wife When I was down and out and facing my peril I met up with her friends at the park she smiled and said Hi my name is Cheryl As soon as I saw her I knew she was one of life’s parties I had to improvise quickly I made my conversation by offering her some Smarties When I see her and she giggles I get Goosebumps down my spine When she is around I know I will be fine You can’t help who you fall for in love I think the most elegant thing next to her must be a beautiful white dove When we parted it’s her name my heart still cries I will never forget the girl with the baby blue angel eyes © Matthew James Fowler 2007

But her voice Her tone The texture of her palm Dissolves like static Like the effervescent hiss Of her tablets Years ago Like her ink words Her drawings of ugly shoes Conjured invisible By my spilt lemonade By Mira Graham

All Imagery Submitted By Josh Cunningham To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

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To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack

To Advertise Your Business Here Contact Laura on 01332 520 387 or send an email to for a Media Pack



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