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The Laser is a 14-foot, single-handed sailing dinghy. The
Lasers are an Olympic Class and raced all over the world;
this past weekend brought competition here as the inaugural
Can-Am Fort Peck Lake Laser Regatta was held. Above is
the view from Fort Peck Dam (the Pines in the far-off distance)
as the race is on to get around the buoy in the far right of
the photo. The competition can be extremely tight. Bottom left
photo, the wind can once in a while get the best of you. Below
right, it’s smooth sailing back into Fort Peck Marina Bay,
the wind blowing from the west and the sailor cutting it
straight east. Finally a ftting use of windy conditions at
Fort Peck besides a good walleye chop!
Political Buzz...
FLEA MARKET: Saturday, August 23rd, 9am-Noon. Lots of vendors &
LOOKING FOR A JOB? Maybe Taco Shack is hiring. You must be at
least 14 years old, be responsible & have transportation. Fun & friendly
SHERRI 228-2979.
HELP WANTED: Looking for full or part-time daytime & after school/evening
front counter workers. Hours & days worked may vary, but not necessarily.
a position open for a ward clerk. Applicants for this position need strong
interpersonal skills, telephone & computer skills be reliable and ensure
resident confdentiality. Responsibilities include answering and directing
phone calls, assisting staff and visitors, documenting vital signs, record
keeping, registration of residents, assist with resident appointments and
other duties as assigned. The day shift position is Mon-Fri 8AM to 5PM.
Please Talk to Erin or Laura if you are interested in this position.
NIGHT COOK NEEDED: Competitive wages depending on experience.
SAM’S SUPPER CLUB IS NOW HIRING: Dishwashers, line cooks, servers
& bartenders. Great pay, great atmosphere. STOP IN & SEE BRANDYLEE
HELP WANTED: The Hangar is looking for Cooks & Waitresses. CALL
REFURBISHED RENTALS! 2 miles out Ft. Peck Hwy. Spacious 2 &
3 bedroom homes w/garages. New fooring, furnaces, septics. Water
provided. No smoking or pets. Damage deposit required. 367-9300,
FOR RENT & SALE IN ST. MARIE: 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath. CALL 406-
HOUSE BID - SOLD AS IS: 1201 2nd Ave S. (Lots 1, 2 & 3 in Block 4,
Millers 1st Addition to City of Glasgow). Older 2 story house; 3 bed, living,
dining, bath & utility room. Full unfnished basement. Approx. 965 sq ft on
main foor. Payment in full within 60 days after closing of bid. Closing date
526-3633 OR LINDA 228-2030.
FOR SALE: 1972 Buick Riviera, 2-door hard top. $1,500. CALL 487-5925.
Hint of
fall rolls
in Friday
Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 61. West
northwest wind 5 to 7 mph becoming calm.
Tuesday: Sunny, with a high near 93. East southeast wind
6 to 11 mph becoming south southwest in the afternoon.
Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 62.
Southwest wind 5 to 7 mph becoming light and variable
in the evening.
Wednesday: A 40 percent chance of showers and
thunderstorms, mainly after noon. Partly sunny, with a
high near 86. Calm wind becoming northwest around 5
mph in the afternoon.
Wednesday Night: A 30 percent chance of showers and
thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 56. North
wind around 7 mph.
Thursday: A 40 percent chance of showers and
thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a high near 81. North
northwest wind 7 to 9 mph.
Thursday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 55.
Friday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 72.
Friday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms.
Mostly cloudy, with a low around 53.
Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 70.
Sunday: Partly sunny, with a high near 71.
Ed Rennick
Te Valley County Fair Commission meeting
is tonight (August 18th) at 6:00 in the Community
Room of the Valley County Court House. Te public is
welcome to attend.
Fair Board meets this evening
Children entering Kindergarten and 7th grade are
required to be current on all immunizations before they
can attend classes.
Te Valley County Health Department will have
school immunization clinics on Monday, August 18th
from 2:00 pm to 6:15 pm; Tuesday, August 19th from
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm; and Wednesday, August 20th from
7:45 am to 11:45 am.
School immunizations this week
100 Min.
4:00 - 7:00 - 9:00PM
DAILY CINEMAS: 4:00 & 4:10 PM - $5.75/PERSON
FREE TREAT TUESDAY! Free popcorn with every paid admission at 7pm & 9pm showings
AUGUST 15 - 21
Rated R: for language incl. sexual references,
some graphic nudity, violence & drug use
4:10 - 7:15 - 9:15PM
Rated PG-13
104 Min.
This cozy north side home is 2550 +/- sq. ft.
with 2 bedrooms, 2 sleeping rooms, 2.5 baths,
sauna, large family roomaddition complete
with a gas freplace. The kitchen is open to
the dining roomand family roomwith a lot of
storage in addition to an attached garage. Great
fenced back yard with a deck for entertaining,
plus a manicured front lawn with lots of mature
landscaping. Amust see!
927 11th Avenue North, Glasgow, MT
Offered by: Karen Waarvik, Broker/Owner
(406) 228-2525 -
Sr. Citizen Menu
Call for reservation by 10 AM
Hamburger & Fixins
St. Raphael’s will have a Flea Market Saturday,
August 23rd from 9a.m. – noon in the Parish Parking
Lot. All vendors are welcome to participate. Call 228-
9800 for more information or to reserve your spot.
Flea Market this Saturday
So a squirrel, living in a pine tree, feels a shaking,
looks down, and sees an elephant climbing the tree. Te
squirrel asks, “What are you doing climbing my tree?”
“Well, says the elephant, “I’m coming up here to eat
some pears.”
“You idiot!” barks the squirrel, “Tis is a pine tree,
there are no pears!”
To which the elephant says, “I brought my own
So stupid it’s funny...
A ridge of high pressure over the western U.S. will allow
temperatures to reach the upper 80s to lower 90s Tuesday
afernoon, but the ridge will be replaced by a trough of low
pressure Wednesday, which will persist into the weekend. By
Friday, high temperatures will only reach the mid 60s to mid 70s.
Positive Truth is that St. Marie was a total success and
can be again. I have been told that St. Marie has always been a
failure and all have given up; no it was a success and can easily
be again. My only purpose being here is to make St. Marie a
beautiful community again. I need cooperation and funds for
a quiet title so property can be sold and taxes paid.
1. Te Federal Government spent tens of millions of dollars
trying to fnd a use for the former Glasgow Air Force Base and
failed. Tey gave the commercial buildings and runway to the
County and put the housing up for sale.
2. Tey sold the 1223 housing units by international
auction and the top three bidders were all salvage companies,
there should never have been a dime of taxable value to Valley
County, only 1223 basements and a lot of asphalt, liability and
3. Luckily, the GSA top bidder afer paying the twenty
percent down was later denied the promised fnancing by GSA,
rumor was it was done by infuential people of Glasgow with
their own agenda who had experience in salvage concerning
the former AF Base.
4. Luckily again, the salvage company that purchased the
unwanted buildings and was being forced into bankruptcy
had a silent partner, a couple named Judy and Pat Kelly. Tey
would not let the people who had invested in their company
go unpaid. Tey had a plan that would not only pay the debts,
but save the tremendous asset for the Eastern Montana that
their families had migrated to over a hundred years before. (It
sounds pretty corny to me, how about you?)
5. Not only corny in the sense of a do-gooder, but unrealistic
and naïve at the same time, they had no money, no experience,
and Valley County and the City of Glasgow lined up to stop
them. Te City needed the water going to the closed AF Base
their deep wells had gone from bad to worse.
6. No one was threatened by this naïve little couple and
they were openly laughed at, and rightfully so, what chance
did they have to bring people to this cold windblown hill. Te
County Attorney was said to have made the statement that
He, the County Attorney would stop them, not only did the
city want the water, the County did not want the expense of
providing water in perpetuity to the base.
7. First miracle and many more to come breakthrough for
the young couple was getting fnanced by a loan from fve
diferent participating Credit Unions; which was unheard of.
Te Kelly’s had sold the concept of a “Military Retirement
Community” to the lenders and it worked.
8. Te Air Force came to the County with a proposal
to blow up the runway, test a new rapid repair system, and
then put it back as good as new. Boeing was using the air
feld in a limited way and did not want that it to happen, so
Letter to the Buzz
St. Marie can still be a success
Call Jerry, Josh or Norm • 228-2141 • 866-528-2141
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F150 Ford
made a proposal to purchase the County’s holdings minus the
responsible for providing water to the housing.
9. Te County had not been able to stop the development
of St. Marie and wanted Boeing and the water, so what should
they do. Well here come people to St. Marie with secret
meetings with residents telling them that there was a large
water aquifer of good water under St. Marie and they did not
need the County to provide water, not true and would have
shut down St. Marie.
10. I was threatened personally and they were even going to
shoot my dog if I demanded the water and stopped Boeing
coming to Glasgow. Te local Econ Development Group said
they wanted Boeing over St. Marie even though Boeing had
said they had no plans to develop the facility.
11. I held fast on the water issue and Boeing did take that
responsibility of taking on the water and Glasgow taped into
the water system.
12. St. Marie was a total success, military retires came from
all over the US and some from overseas. High ranking ofcers
and enlisted, pilots, a banker, one was the current mayor of
Olympia WA when he purchased; a total success that was
growing in the most positive way, it could not be stopped; well,
maybe it could be.
13. Te County raised the taxes 1000% and the results
continued on back page
destroyed St. Marie. I had not been able to pay myself a wage
for seven years and they raised my taxes from $700 to $7,000
a month, a tremendous amount twenty some years ago. We
protested the tax increase, but the Valley County Attorney
defended the 1000% increase at the State level and won. Judy
and I were under great stress, and as a result I had a heart
attack and soon afer my wife died of an aneurism.
14. I was devastated by the circumstances, especially the
death of my wonderful wife, I was forced to sell. Te purchaser
turned out to be dishonest and went bankrupt and the results
are a destroyed St. Marie that is still being held down by the
local powers with their own agenda.
15. Te reason for the timing of telling this story is I have been
demonized by the locals so bad that it has been impossible to
bring St. Marie back even though I have spent hundreds of
thousands of dollars and committed to another $500,000.
Tey deny that St. Marie was a success and state that St. Marie
has always been a problem and it happened so long ago that
many believe them. Te leaders of Glasgow are stating St.
Marie has always been a failure and they have convinced the
banks and others not to help.
16. Te point is that if Valley County had supported St. Marie
and not raised the taxes a 1000% percent St. Marie would be a
100 million dollar plus asset for Valley County creating many
hundreds of jobs. Most of the taxes would have gone to the
St. Marie continued from page 5
school system providing a superior education and a Class “A”
sports program.
17. What should St. Marie look like today? Well, go to and look at the video done in 1996 of the
St. Marie Judy and I developed, we never once talked about
making money, it was a commitment to do something
positive. Look at that video and know that the golf course and
swimming pool would have been completed; money from the
sale of each home was going into that development. Tere
would be more than the three restaurants, the gif shop, beauty
and barber shop, health club and bowling alley. People were
so happy living here that they were bringing other family
members to St. Marie. Do not let anyone tell you St. Marie
was always a problem, no, the problem lies, then and now,
with the self agenda (“black cloud”) of the so called leaders
in Valley County, leadership should be for the good of the
community not their own agenda. My wife died building a
successful St. Marie and that fact needs to be told. St. Marie
was a total success. Te Glasgow AFB was a total disaster until
Judy and I came and developed St. Marie, we did not do it for
our ego and credit, but I will not let our eforts and success be
demonized especially when it is used to stop me from building
St. Marie back. Go to for more information.
Be positive please and assist if possible.
Pat Kelly, St. Marie