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1- Reasons for leaving

Illegal and unjust disciplinary action that was against good Governance and lowered by self-respect.

2- Dissatisfaction if any
Yes. Immature and unprofessional behaviour by Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, Dean, Examination.

3- Demotivating Factors
Humiliating treatment and insulting behaviour by Dr. Alka Munjal at the one sided enquiry.

4- Inter Personal Relations and Team Spirit

5- Monetary Remuneration
Disregard to outstanding work by me for Sangathan, Quality Control of Law School preparation for UGC, NAAC and Bar Council
of India visit, Good Governance and practices in the form of CR, Mentor, Academic Co-coordinator and Program Leader, Youth
Festival, Visit of Students for T.V. Programmes and studios, Educational tour of Law Students, Time Table management, started
legal debates and moot court activities in Hindi, in ALS, Noida that gave a high value addition in placement to students,
authorship of highly aulaimed books.

6- Your career aspirations, met in the University
No so far. Although I am still hopeful.

7- What was the occasion or event that prompted you to look for an alternative?
a) Subjective and indicative enquiry by Dr. Alka Munjal.
b) Totally authoritative and non academic attitude of acting VC.

8- What were the parameters you considered while accepting the new assignment?
a) Growth opportunity.
b) Recognition of merit.
c) Suitable monetary rewards.

9- Would you refer your family and friends to work for us?
Yes, being hopeful that my humble suggestions will be looked into and suitable implemented.

10- What was your HOIs / HODs response when you broke the news (of quitting) to him / her?
He tried his utmost to convince me to continue in ALS, Noida.

11- What are things we do well and should continue to do so?
a) Founder President has a great vision.
b) Guest lectures.
c) Innovative competitions (AIM, ACLR, AQCL, AHLD) and another event organised by ALS, Noida.

12- Will you rejoin the University in the future?
Yes, if injustice done is corrected and remedial actions taken by way of -
a) Cancellation of disciplinary award ; and
b) Suitable increment/special allowance.

13- Could the University have done anything to encourage you to stay?
a) A formal interview.
b) An assurance to examine grievance.
c) Impartial and prompt examination followed by corrective action.

14- About the AUUP
The contents of above sum up my views. I am quite optimistic that the Founder President Sir will take all steps necessary
to correct the leadership and take Amity to great heights.

15- Suggestions, if any
Leadership of Amity should be participated and by personal example rather than by force and humiliation.