Iob Descr|pt|on

IC8 1I1LL: Super|ntendent Þharmac|st

S1Ak1ING SALAk¥: £49,S00 + pro rata,
depend|ng on exper|ence

kLÞCk1S 1C: Manag|ng D|rector

ACCCUN1A8LL 1C: Manag|ng D|rector


Trust Pharmacy is the trading name for Hospital Pharmacy Services (Nottingham) Ltd and is a wholly
owned subsidiary of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Trust Pharmacy operates to provide
exceptional, accessible and innovative healthcare and pharmaceutical services for our patients, staff
and the local community.

As the Superintendent Pharmacist, you will be responsible the provision of exceptional professional
pharmacy services. The focus of your role will be to (1) act as Responsible Pharmacist, (2) lead and
develop standards of excellence in professional services, and (3) support the development of the

The post holder will be accountable for professional standards at the City Hospital Campus and the
Queens Medical Centre Campus Trust Pharmacy dispensary. To meet changing demands, you may
on occasions be required to work flexibly across the two dispensaries.

Although predominantly working daytime weekday shifts, there is a requirement to participate in
rostered shift working including evening, weekend and bank holiday arrangements in line with the
needs of the business. You will also be required to provide telephone advice to the Responsible
Pharmacists outside of routine working hours.


Trust Pharmacy has a set of values and behaviours to improve the experience for our patients and
our staff. This means that in undertaking this role the post holder is expected at all times to behave
is a way that demonstrates commitment to the delivery of thoughtful patient care and continuous
improvement as detailed in the table below.

1houghtfu| Þat|ent Care Cont|nuous Improvement
Car|ng and he|pfu|
• Þo||te, respect individuals, thoughtful,
• ne|pfu|, kind, supportive, don’t wait to be
• L|sten|ng, informing, communicating
Accountab|e and re||ab|e
• Reliable and happy to be measured
• Apprec|at|ve of the contribution of others
• Effective and supportive team-work|ng
Safe and v|g||ant
• C|ean hands and hospital so patients are safe
• Þrofess|ona|, ensure patients feel safe
• nonest, will speak up if needed to stay safe
8est use of t|me & resources
• S|mp||fy processes, to find more time to care
• Eliminate waste, investing for patients
• Making best use of every pound we spend
C||n|ca||y exce||ent
• Best outcomes through ev|dence-|ed clinical
• Compass|onate, gent|e, see whole person
• Va|ue pat|ents’ t|me to minimise waiting
Innovat|on for pat|ents
• Empowerment to act on pat|ent feedback
• Improvement led by research and ev|dence
• 1each|ng the next generation


1. To act as Responsible Pharmacist by;
• Acting as a positive role model, participating in the delivery of clinical screening,
accuracy checking, patient counselling and advisory services
• Supervising the sale and supply of medicines
• Clinically screening prescriptions to ensure safe, optimal and cost effective use of
• Supporting initiatives to reduce waiting times and improve patient experience
• Maintaining competence to perform these duties at both Trust Pharmacy dispensaries
and ensuring high professional standards at all times

2. To lead and develop standards of excellence in professional services by;
• Taking overall responsibility for setting out the standards and policies for the provision
of professional pharmacy services
• Being accountable for ensuring that all legal and professional requirements are adhered
• Analysing and responding to internal and external resources, including professional
inspections, to identify and implement statutory, regulatory and best practice service
• Actively seeking and analysing feedback from service users to identify and implement
service improvements
• Monitoring, sharing and responding to key performance indicators
• Identifying and managing risks to patients, the public and our staff; maintaining the local
risk register, and; strengthening safety and assurances within the dispensing process
• Prepare and present appropriate documentation to support communication and
management, presenting progress and highlighting issues for escalation at appropriate
forums, including the Board of Directors meetings
• Ensuring the Responsible Pharmacists are supported to fulfil their legal and professional
requirements, with appropriate systems in place to deal with concerns, including the
provision of advice outside of routine working hours

3. To develop the business
• Seek out opportunities to increase business turnover and net profit though innovative
and opportunistic ventures, including income generating extended professional services
• Supporting the development and delivery of an appropriate training plan for the
• Improving the storage, preparation, dispensing and sale or supply of medicines within
the business, striving for exceptional standards of service

4. To undertake any other duties that may reasonably be required.


In addition to the key job responsibilities detailed in this job description all Trust Pharmacy
employees are expected to comply with the general duties detailed below:
1. Infection Control
• To maintain a clean, safe environment, ensuring adherence to Trust Pharmacy standards
of cleanliness, hygiene and infection control.

2. Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults
• Trust Pharmacy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children,
young people and vulnerable adults. All staff are therefore expected to behave in such a
way that supports this commitment.

3. Information Governance
• All staff have an individual responsibility for creating accurate records of their work and
for making entries into and managing all records effectively in line with company policy,
in order to meet legal, regulatory and accountability requirements.

4. Health and Safety
• To take reasonable care to prevent injury to themselves or others who may be affected
by their acts or omissions.
• To co-operate fully in discharging local policies and procedures with regard to health and
safety matters.
• To immediately report to their manager any shortcomings in health and safety
procedures and practice.
• To report any accidents or dangerous incidents to their immediate manager and safety
representative as early as possible and submit a completed accident/incident form.
• To use protective clothing and equipment where provided.
• Whilst the aim of Trust Pharmacy is to promote a co-operative and constructive view of
health and safety concerns in the organisation, all staff must be aware that a wilful or
irresponsible disregard for safety matters may give rise to disciplinary proceedings.

5. Governance
• To actively participate in governance activities to ensure that the highest standards of
care and business conduct are achieved.

6. General Policies Procedures and Practices
• To comply with all local policies, procedures and practices and to be responsible for
keeping up to date with any changes to these.


1. Physical Effort
• During a shift the post holder will frequently be required to exert light physical effort
and may sit for long periods of time using IT equipment or meeting staff.
• When in the dispensaries standing for long periods of time may occur.
• There may be occasions where the post holder is expected to exert moderate physical
effort (e.g. pushing trolleys between pharmacy areas).
• Lifting, bending and stretching will be required frequently on a daily basis.
• There will be face to face contact with patients in this role which occasionally may be
stressful and difficult and lead to exposure to verbal aggression.
• Antibiotics and cytotoxic drugs may occasionally be handled, but only using appropriate

2. Mental Effort
• During a shift the post holder may experience unpredictable workload with some
extremely busy periods with lots of background noise/distractions. Constant
concentration is required for accurate work.

This job description should be regarded as a guide to the duties required and is not definitive or
restrictive in any way. The duties of the post may be varied from time to time in response to
changing circumstances. This job description does not form part of the contract of employment.