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Date: August 10, 2014
Survey: Nielson Brothers Polling, South Dakota US House Election Survey, July 23 to 28,
Subject: South Dakota US House Election Match up and Candidate Favorables
Contact information:, 605 496-0911;
or 605 351-5021.

Noem Holds Strong Lead over Robinson in Nielson Brothers Survey

Incumbent Republican Representative Kristi Noem holds an 18-point lead over
Democratic challenger Corinna Robinson in the July 23 - 28 Nielson Brothers
Polling/Northern Plains News (NBP/NPN) poll.

Rep. Noem led Robinson 54 percent to 36 percent with 10 percent undecided.

The NBP/NPN poll also asked respondents about Corinna Robinson’s favorability
and name recognition. Among all likely voters polled, 10 percent had a
“favorable” response, 23 percent were “unfavorable” and 8 percent were
“undecided.” 59 percent did not recognize Robinson’s name.

“Republican voters have largely made up their minds, as 82 percent support
Noem, 12 percent support Robinson and 6 percent are ‘undecided,’” says Paul
Nielson, partner in Nielson Brothers Polling.

Among Democrats, 68 percent support Robinson, 20 percent support Noem, with
12 percent “undecided.”

Independents split between the candidates, as 41 percent support Noem, 37
percent support Robinson, with 22 percent “undecided”

“In spite of very low favorability and name recognition, Corinna Robinson is
drawing over 35 percent of support,” reports Nielson. “However, with Kristi
Noem currently reaching 54 percent of support, and with ‘undecideds’ at just
over 10 percent, Robinson will need to change some minds as she increases her

Over 18 percent of Democrats polled indicated a “favorable” response to
Robinson, with 19 percent “unfavorable” and 11 percent “undecided.” A
majority (51 percent) of Democrats questioned did not recognize Robinson’s

For Republicans, 5 percent had a “favorable” response to Robinson, with 25
percent “unfavorable” and 7 percent “undecided.” Nearly two-thirds (63 percent)
of Republican respondents did not recognize Robinson’s name.

Among independents or those registered in a different party, 8 percent indicated
a “favorable” response, with 24 percent “unfavorable” and 4 percent undecided.
Like Republicans, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of Independents/Other parties
did not recognize Robinson’s name.

The survey did not ask about Kristi Noem’s favorability. Instead, NBP/NPN
asked about the representative’s “job approval,” to be discussed in a later

Nielson Brothers Polling, an independent company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota,
conducted this South Dakota survey of likely voters from July 23 - 28, 2014. NBP is
releasing its findings in conjunction with NPN ( Northern Plains News), an online news
and distribution service in Harrisburg, South Dakota. For more information contact NBP
at or 605 496-0911 or NPN at or 605

Questions, response numbers (%), and margins of error (MOE)
Corinna Robinson, if you have a favorable opinion, press one...
584 responses; 4.02 % MOE
Favorable: 10
Unfavorable: 23
Do not know the name: 8
Undecided: 59

….for US Senate would you vote for Democrat Corinna Robinson, or Republican
Kristi Noem?
574 responses; 4.05 % MOE
Corinna Robinson 36
Kristi Noem 54
Undecided : 10