Reviewer: Krista M.



Title: Bayou Breakdown

Composer / Arranger: Brant Karrick

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company

Date of Publication: 2004

Price: $75 Set & Score; $7 Extra Score

Ensemble Type: Full Concert Band

Description/Genre: New Orleans/Dixieland Style Fugue

Duration: 4:30 (at recommended tempo =100)

Difficulty: V. Easy ! Easy ! Mod. ! Diff. ! V. Diff. !

Score: Full Score ! Reduced Score ! / Transposed ! C-Score !

Picc ! Fl1 ! Fl2 ! Fl3 ! Alto Fl ! Bass Fl !
Ob1 ! Ob2 ! EHn ! Bsn1 ! Bsn2 ! CBsn !
EbCl! Cl1 ! Cl2 ! Cl 3 ! Alto Cl ! Bass Cl !
CAltoCl ! CBCl ! SSax! ASax1 ! ASax2 ! TSax !
BarSax ! BassSax !

Cor1 ! Cor2 ! Cor3 ! Trp1 ! Trp2 ! Trp3 !
Hn1 ! Hn2 ! Hn3 ! Hn4 ! Flg1 ! Flg2 !
Tbn1 ! Tbn2 ! Tbn3 ! BTbn ! BarTC ! BarBC !
Euph1 ! Euph2 ! Tuba1 ! Tuba2 ! StBass !

Harp ! Celeste! Glock. ! Xylo ! Mar. ! Vibes !
Piano ! Synth ! Chimes ! Crotales ! Timp ! Bass Dr. !
Snare ! Toms ! CrCym ! SusCym ! Tam ! Tri. ! !
WBlk !

Vln 1 ! Vln. 2 ! Vla. ! VCello ! CBass !

Unusual Instrumentation/Usage:

Other Considerations:
Highest Pitch – Trumpet: C6 Highest Pitch – Clarinet: E6

Clarinet Crosses Break?: Yes ! No ! N/A !

Other Range Concerns: None of real note

Technical Concerns: Highly syncopated
2/2 Time
Independence of parts
Accents on off-beats
Highly chromatic but should within “normal”
accidentals for the level of a band playing this level
of a piece.

Articulations/Bowings: Accent-slurs
Dixieland style

Meter(s): 2/2 (Fast)

Rhythmic Complexities: Syncopation
Often the 1st and 2nd parts will be doing very
different things
Will want to drag at m85 with lyrical section
Layering in all the fugue voices and rhythmic

Key(s): Bb

Harmonic Concerns: Sometimes it just sounds wrong but it’s almost
supposed to be that way.
None of real note - double check chromatics and
accidentals m117-end
Esp: m145-146 m177-179 m209-212

Primary Texture(s): Fugue
Polyphonic with sections of homophony and even
one that I would consider monodic

Featured Instrument(s)/Solo(s): Jazz combo-ish
Clarinet featured throughout
Bassoon solo1 (cued in BSax)
Trumpet solo (multiple)
Baritone solo
Tuba/BSax/CACl/BassCl/Bsn/StrBass melody
Clarinet solo
Bassoon solo2 (cued in TSax)
Piccolo solo
Alto solo
Oboe solo (cued in 1stClar)
Tuba solo

Compositional Techniques: Fugue with New Orleans style genre

Form: Fugue

Program Notes:
In his efforts to create a refreshing and updated model of a Bach fugue, Brant Karrick created “Bayou
Breakdown.” As the title suggests, the style is distinctly drawn from the music of New Orleans with
dixieland combos, syncopated rhythms, and a Mardi Gras feel. It is sure to be one of our most enjoyable
pieces tonight!

Similar Pieces (Title/Composer):
Cajun Folk Songs II - Mvt. 2 “Hoedown” — Frank Ticheli

Additional Comments:

What is at the “heart” of this piece?
Brant Karrick states in his description, “I hoped to create a piece that would provide musical and technical
challenges for performers yet could be immediately enjoyed by the listener, musician and non-musician
alike.” That statement really forms my perception of what the heart of this pieces really is about - when
all is said and done, music is meant to be a shared experience by the performer and the audience. The
conversation that exists between performer and listener can and should be felt by everyone involved.

I would play this piece with: Upper level high school band
District/Regional honor band
College group

I would recommend this piece: Yes ! No !