Reviewer: Krista M.



Title: Foundry

Composer / Arranger: John Mackey

Publisher: Osti Music

Date of Publication: 2011

Price: $120 Band Set & Score; $20 Extra Score

Ensemble Type: Concert Band plus “Found” Percussion (Industrial)

Description/Genre: Experimental/Contemporary

Duration: 4:15-4:30

Difficulty: V. Easy ! Easy ! Mod. ! Diff. ! V. Diff. !

Score: Full Score ! Reduced Score ! / Transposed ! C-Score !

Picc ! Fl1 ! Fl2 ! Fl3 ! Alto Fl ! Bass Fl !
Ob1 ! Ob2 ! EHn ! Bsn1 ! Bsn2 ! CBsn !
EbCl! Cl1 ! Cl2 ! Cl 3 ! Alto Cl ! Bass Cl !
CAltoCl ! CBCl ! SSax! ASax1 ! ASax2 ! TSax !
BarSax ! BassSax !

Cor1 ! Cor2 ! Cor3 ! Trp1 ! Trp2 ! Trp3 !
Hn1 ! Hn2 ! Hn3 ! Hn4 ! Flg1 ! Flg2 !
Tbn1 ! Tbn2 ! Tbn3 ! BTbn ! BarTC ! BarBC !
Euph1 ! Euph2 ! Tuba1 ! Tuba2 ! StBass !

Harp ! Celeste! Glock. ! Xylo ! Mar. ! Vibes !
Piano ! Synth ! Chimes ! Crotales ! Timp(4) ! Bass Dr. !
Snare ! Toms ! CrCym ! SusCym ! Tam ! Tri. !
Other Perc:
4 Metal Piles (resonant but no pitch) Vibraslap
Clang (metal struck with hammer; rich not pingy; think break drum with modifications)
4 Wood Objects, unhitched 4 Metal Mixing Bowls, suspended
4 Cymbals (1 splash, 1 suspended, 2 different sized China-like - rich and trashy)
4 Toms & 1 Kevlar Drum
Wind Gong (thundersheet if no wind gong)

Unusual Instrumentation/Usage: Umm… Yes.

Other Considerations:
Highest Pitch – Trumpet: G5 Highest Pitch – Clarinet: C6

Clarinet Crosses Break?: Yes ! No ! N/A !

Other Range Concerns: Bari Sax plays a B3
Tuba goes down to a G2 (starting pitch)

Technical Concerns: Entrances
Length of notes

Articulations/Bowings: Run of the mill…

Meter(s): 4/4
Meter changes every other measure in B section

Rhythmic Complexities: When analyzing individual parts, it’s not all that
complex; what is difficult is aligning entrances and
releases and agreeing on the length of notes to
match stylistically across the ensemble.

Key(s): Gm

Harmonic Concerns: Polychordal
To achieve thick and nasty texture, there has to
either be a large number of players or very
resonant and brave players; both is ideal.

Primary Texture(s): Polyphonic - BUT for much of it, the structure
depends on the voices that precede and follow to
complete the harmonic progression and texture.

Featured Instrument(s)/Solo(s): Percussion
Flute Solo

Compositional Techniques: Experimenting with sound

Form: Macro - ABA
I would argue there might be some elements of a
rondo if I were to really analyze things.

Program Notes:
John Mackey’s intent through “Foundry” was to celebrate the percussion’s ability to make anything into an
instrument. How many of you parents tonight know this to be true?! With little direction other than what
it is supposed to “sound” like, this piece ends up sounding a bit like an assembly line in a steel factory.

Similar Pieces (Title/Composer):
Asphalt Cocktail - John Mackey

Additional Comments:

What is at the “heart” of this piece?
Where can we find music in our lives? Is there a rhythm, melody, harmony, and mood to life’s moments?

I would play this piece with: High School band
Really good Middle School/Junior High Band

I would recommend this piece: Yes ! No !