For t une New s

Fortune News
August 2014

Bac k -2-Sc hool
BBQ/Pi c ni c
Saturday, August 30
11-1 pm Elk Grove Park!
Bring your chairs or blankets, balls and Frisbees
We will have a great time getting to know the Fortune
Families in our Community.

Congratulations to the following students’
families for winning our $50.00 gas gift
cards contest.
 Jaiden Cook
 Jaiden Towns

Greetings Fortune School Families,

As Principal I’ve learned throughout my career,
the single most important factor to a child’s
education is the classroom teacher. I encourage
parents to TEAM (together everyone achieves
more) up with their child’s teacher to make
school great! The teacher will be a very
important person in your child’s life this year, so
it’s important for you to build a relationship with
them as soon as possible. That way, you can
work together to ensure your child’s success.
Make every possible effort to attend meetings no
matter how busy you may be. The more your
teacher understands about your child the better
they will be able to help them succeed. ALWAYS
let your child know you respect the teacher. Your
positive attitudes about school will motivate your
child’s good behavior in class. Remember our 3
Rules: Listen, Respect, and Work Hard and not
just school rules but life rules as well. For
additional success tips, please contact our Parent
Liaison Mrs. Johnson at (916) 287-4470.

I wish you a successful school year.

Odisa Nyong  We are looking for a few Parent
Volunteers to help Ms. J in the
cafeteria from 9-11am. This
opportunity will help fulfill your
required parent volunteer hours.
Opportunities are available as little as
once a week to daily. Please contact
Mrs. J ohnson to schedule your days
and time. 916-287-4470 or
For t une New s


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Carpools are needed in your neighborhood.
If you have a need for a ride or are willing to
give a ride to a student, please let Mrs.
J ohnson know as soon as possible. Your
carpool time will count toward your 40 hours
of required volunteer time. Another benefit is
that you can drive in the carpool lane. Please
help students get to school.

Our Gym is here! Our scholars now have a
big beautiful gym to practice yoga and to
have PE. Pictured above: Fortune’s 2

grade classes preparing for yoga, with Ms.
Goss. What a great way to start the new
school year!

 August 22 - Pastries for Parents
 August 28 - Hearing and Vision Screening
 August 30 - Back-2-School BBQ-Elk Grove Park
 September 1 – NO SCHOOL
 September10 - Parenthood 4:15pm
 September 20 - Fortune Family Event- Roller
Skating – King Skate
 September 26 - Pastries for Parents
 September 29 - Hearing and Vision Retest
 October 3 – Fall Picture Day
 October 8 – Parenthood 4:15pm
 October 17 – Fall Carnival
 October 20 – November 10 – Fall Academic
Intersession – Student Led Conferences
 November 11- NO SCHOOL
 November 24-28 – Thanksgiving Break-NO
 December 10 – Parenthood 4:15
 December 20 - Fortune Family Event-Bounce Town
 Glue Sticks

 Hand Sanitizer

 Erasers

 Lined Paper

 Pocket Folders

 Water bottles

Our teachers are in need of the following
supplies. Please bring the items to your
scholar’s teacher. Thanks in advance for
your generous donations.
 Pencils

 Kleenex

 White Board

 Construction

 Composition