Chemistry Laboratory Report Format

Lab reports are written to communicate the work that you have done so
others can learn from your data. When preparing your report, you should always
write with the idea that the reader may be using your report and no other
instructions to repeat the experiment. herefore, you should be complete in all of
your descriptions and calculations. he format below is a typical format for a
published research paper. !nless you are told otherwise, all of your lab reports that
you submit this year must follow this format.
Regarding the style of your report, do "# use the active voice$ only use the
passive voice, which re%uires avoiding pronouns &, me, we, or you. 'ctive voice( &
added )*.* mL of water to the reaction vessel. +assive ,oice( hirty -)*.*. mL of
water were added to the reaction vessel.
//0eading must include your name, lab partner, date, class period//
Label each of the following parts on your lab report(
Title ' report of any kind should have a title to give the reader an idea of what
was accomplished by the investigation. his should be brief.
Objective his section should give a clear description of what you were
attempting to accomplish in the investigation.
Background he background section should summari1e all of the relevant
information that the reader would need to carry out the experiment. his includes
the de2nitions of the %uantities being investigated and the e%uations that are
needed to calculate the %uantities. he e%uations should be correctly written and
clearly presented. Remember that your lab report should be written so that any
reasonably knowledgeable reader should be able to use your report and no other
directions to repeat the experiment.
Materials &nclude any materials that were used to carry out the experiment that
you are reporting. his includes the type of glassware used, 3unsen burners, types
of substances, etc.
Safety &nclude any safety precautions that must be taken -ex( goggles must be
worn. and how to properly dispose of chemicals safely after the experiment is
Procedure his section will include the step by step procedure re%uired to
correctly carry out the experiment. his includes diagrams of the experimental set4
up. 5ou may reference a procedure that has been performed by citing it in a
Results &nclude all of the data -numerical and observed. that was collected in the
experiment as well as all tables, graphs and calculations. 'll numbers should be
6usti2ed, meaning, indicate where you obtained all of the numbers that were used
in calculations. he sources of any known values that are used should be cited in a
reference section at the end of the report.
Conclusion 7ummari1e the investigation and what you accomplished. 5ou must
discuss any sources of error in your experiment and how they a8ected your results.
7uggest ways to improve or remove these errors in the future -human error does
not apply here9.
References &f you cited anything, include a reference section at the end of your