Velázquez 1

Mariela Enid Velázquez Rivera
Dr. Carmen González-Alfano
INTD 3027 – 902
February 26, 2010
The photographer’s differences and similarities
Passion, approach, excellence, form of an elegant artistic way. Unique history that were
documented for the rest of the existence. Lents, cameras and tapes that gather the cruelty, beauty
and reality of our world. Love for the labors realized, does not matter the situation, this is what
the creative people of the papers with images experiment every day, they make us travel from the
comfort of our home, these extraordinary people are the photographers. They make us think
about the diverse aspects of the world.
The audio-visual means, like for example, the documentaries: National Geographic: The
photographers and Life looking from a lent presents the life of several photographers. The first
documentary presents several photographers carrying out their work in different places in the
world. The second documentary presents a photographer realizing her work, as the first
documentary, around the world. The photographers of these documentaries loves their profession
and are not afraid of dangers, all to obtain a good image. One of the things that all the
photographers have in common is to use diverse cameras and lenses to catch with precision the
The photographic branches in both documentaries are different. National Geographic's
documentary presents photographers who focus in all the aspects of the life and Life looking
Velázquez 2

from a lent present a photographer who focuses more in the family, the artists and the fashion. A
very notable difference in the life of these photographers is that the first ones face to many
dangers that the photographer of the second documentary. In addition their images are specific,
some focus in the life and others on the fantasy. The professionals of National Geographic focus
mainly in the situations and Anne Leibowitz focuses in the esthetic of the life.
The photographic professionals of both documentaries work for magazines around the world.
The tasks that they realize carry first, the familiarization with the things that they are going to
catch and then take the image naturally. All of them have passed for similar situations and when
they realize photography, they experience many feelings. This profession carries many
sacrifices; one of these is being for a long time apart from the families. The photographers
presented in both documentaries have big knowledge in diverse educational branches.
The photography educates us and shows us the reality. The photographers help us with their
images to create conscience and to change the world for a common benefit .Let's think about the
situations around the world! Let's express our ideas by images! The images cross frontiers, what
you are waiting to change the world?

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