IEN105 Communicative English (Course exemption

IEN 105: Communicative English is the only course that students can be exempted.
What does ‘course exemption’ mean?
For those who are exempted from the course, their transcript will be recorded as ‘CE’
(Credits from Exam) or ‘CS’ (Credits from standardized test) instead of a letter grade. This means
that the students obtained the credits but the credits are not calculated toward their GPA. The
students who receive ‘CE’ or ‘CS’ are still eligible for graduation with Honors. The students who
receive ‘CE’ or ‘CS’ will get a refund of their tuition (after 1000 baht fee for transferring the
credits is deducted) in the form of balance to their account (not in cash) which can be used for
their course registration in the next semester.
There are two ways to be eligible for IEN 105 Course Exemption.
1. Submit a ‘passed’ result of IEN 105 Communicative English Placement Test in order
to get ‘CE’ on your transcript

Description of the test:
The test consists of two parts: a written test and a speaking /listening test. The written test
focuses on testing your vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing skills.
The speaking /listening test focuses on testing your oral competency: how well you can
orally communicate in English with a native speaker.
**To be eligible for the course exemption:
You are required to pass both of the two parts of the test in order to be eligible for IEN
105 Communicative English Course Exemption.
How to apply:
To apply for taking the test, you will have to pay 2,000 baht for the test fee at the cashier of
the Financial Department (1
floor, Building 9) and submit a copy of your receipt at BUIC
Academic Office ( 4
Floor, Building 4) in order to receive the test time schedule. It is important
that you go to take the test at the exact time indicated on the schedule. Please note that the test fee is
non-refundable and no make-up is allowed if you fail the test or miss the test. Students who fail to
take the test will have to take the course as normal.
2. Submit any of the accepted result of the standardized test listed below in order to get
‘CS’ on your transcript

( internet-based)
550 79
( all bands)

A proof of the following standardized test results (valid within the last two years) is
needed in order to be exempted from the course. Submission of the test results is required before
midterm exam to A. Kwankamon Udomboonyanuparp, Business English coordinator.

Business English coordinator
A. Kwankamon Udomboonyanuparp

Office : BUIC Academic Office , Building 4 , 4
Tel : 02-350-3500 ext 1480 or email

What is CU-TEP?
Test of English Proficiency of Chulalongkorn University measures your ability to use
English for academic purposes in reading, writing, listening and speaking (total 150 points).
The test consists of three parts: listening, reading and writing.
There are 30 items in the listening part. You are allowed 30 minutes to finish this part.
There are 60 items in the reading part. You have 70 minutes to do this part.
There are 30 items in the writing part. The time allowed is 30 minutes.
How can I use CU-TEP result?
It is appropriate for academic admissions both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Test Taking Policy
1. The test taker must be present at a test site at least 15 minutes before the test starts, i.e.,
08:15 a.m. for the morning session. The proctors will NOT allow the applicant to enter the
test room if any applicant shows up after 8.30 a.m.
2. The test taker must bring 2B pencils, an eraser and a pen to the test room.
3. The test taker must bring the test ticket and the identification document to the test room.
4. The test taker will not be allowed to leave the test room before the test ends.
Registration Fee: 700 baht

To apply for IEN105 Communicative English – Course Exemption
Test Application: August 18 – September 12, 2014
Apply for the test at Records Office, Floor 1, Building 2
Test Fee: 2,000 Baht (non-refundable)
Test Date: Friday, September 19, 2014
Test Time: 09.00-12.00 hrs. (Written Test) / Room: TBA
Interview: TBA