Although India is a world leader in the production of Dairy Anial Products! India"s e#ports
of Anial products has increased fro $%&&'''!'( MT with the )alue of Rs! *$+,!,' -rores
in %++&-+. to %$+$./,!*, MTwith the )alue of Rs! /$+*!&' -rores in %++.-+( !
India0s e#ports of poultry products has increased fro Rs! '$(!$. -rores in %++&-+. to Rs
**$!+, -rores in %++.-+( ! 1irds2 eggs2 in shell2 fresh2 preser)ed or coo3ed constitute the
largest segent with a4out /+5 share! Processed egg products accounted for a4out *(5 of
the e#ports!
India"s e#port of 1uffalo eat and sheep6goat eat products reached *('*.(!%, MT and
(,+(!.% MT with the )alue of Rs! '/*,!.( -rores and Rs! $'*!$+ -rores during %++.-+(!
Fro7en 4o)ine eat doinated the e#ports with a contri4ution of o)er ,.5! The deand for
4o)ine eat in international ar3et has spar3ed a sudden increase in the eat e#ports fro
India! The ain ar3ets for Indian 4o)ine eat are Malaysia2 Philippines2 Mauritius2 and
8ulf countries!
-oncentrated Dairy products such as s3ied il3 continues to 4e the largest ite of e#port2
which together accounts for nearly .(5 of net il3 and il3 products e#ports during the year
%++&-+.! The e#ports of Dairy Products reached! &,*$/!** MT with the )alue of Rs!(&&!/(
-rores in %++.-+( as against Rs! *'*!/( -rores in %++&-+.! On the other hand 4utter2 4utter
oil2 ghee and other il3 fat together accounted for 9ust o)er $+5 of the net il3 and il3
product e#ports fro India during %++&-+.!
India0s e#ports of Processed Meat and :atural honey attained $%*/!*. MT and $%%'$!$, MT
with the )alue of Rs! $%!,& -rores and Rs! ,'!'+ -rores in %++.-+(!
8oats ; <heep constitute a )ery iportant species of li)estoc3 in India2 ainly on account
of their short generation inter)als2 higher rates of prolificacy2 and the ease with which the
goats as also their products can 4e ar3eted! They are considered to 4e )ery iportant for
their contri4ution to the de)elopent of rural 7ones and people! The local initiati)es to
proote =uality la4els and inno)ati)e products for cheeses2 eat and fi4res could help
goats in 3eeping a role for sustaina4le de)elopent in an eco-friendly en)ironent all o)er
the world! >owe)er2 the future of the goat and sheep industry as a significant econoic
acti)ity will also 4e )ery dependent on the standards of li)ing in the countries where there
is a ar3et for the goat products!
Areas of Production:
Rajasthan, Jammu, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Hilly regions of North and Eastern
Himalays are the Indian regions with maximum liesto!" #o#ulation$
The individual products under this sub-head are as below:
-arcasses Of ?a4 @FreshA
-arcasses Of <heep @FreshA
Meat Of <heep Bith 1one @FreshA
1oneless Meat Of <heep @FreshA
-arcasses Of ?a4 @FrozenA
-arcasses Of <heep @FrozenA
Meat Of <heep Bith 1one @FrozenA
1oneless Meat Of <heep @FrozenA
Meat Of 8oats
India Facts and Figures :
The world production of <heep eat was (!(, illion tones and 8oat eat was /!$* illion
tones in %++.! India ran3ed se)enth in sheep and second in goat eat production! India0s
e#port of sheep6goat eat has 4een increased fro Rs! &/!(. -rores in %++&-+. to Rs!$'*!$+
-rores in %++.-+( !
Major Export Destinations (2007-08) : <audi Ara4ia2 CAE2 Datar2 8erany2 Oan!
gricu!tura! and "rocessed Food "roducts Export De#e!op$ent
uthorit% ("ED):-
The Agricultural and Processed Food Products E#port De)elopent Authority @APEDAA was
esta4lished 4y the 8o)ernent of India under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products
E#port De)elopent Authority Act passed 4y the Parliaent in Dece4er2 $,(/! The Act @%
of $,(&A cae into effect fro $'th Fe4ruary2 $,(& 4y a notification issued in the 8a7ette of
IndiaE E#traordinaryE Part-II F<ec! '@iiAE $'!%!$,(&A! The Authority replaced the Processed
Food E#port Prootion -ouncil @PFEP-A!
&'& ((I)*ED F+*,-I.*(
In accordance with the Agricultural and Processed Food Products E#port De)elopent
Authority Act2 $,(/2 @% of $,(&A the following functions ha)e 4een assigned to the Authority!
o De)elopent of industries relating to the scheduled products for e#port 4y
way of pro)iding financial assistance or otherwise for underta3ing sur)eys
and feasi4ility studies2 participation in en=uiry capital through 9oint )entures
and other reliefs and su4sidy scheesG
o Registration of persons as e#porters of the scheduled products on payent of
such fees as ay 4e prescri4edG
o Fi#ing of standards and specifications for the scheduled products for the
purpose of e#portsG
o -arrying out inspection of eat and eat products in slaughter houses2
processing plants2 storage preises2 con)eyances or other places where such
products are 3ept or handled for the purpose of ensuring the =uality of such
o Ipro)ing of pac3aging of the <cheduled productsG
o Ipro)ing of ar3eting of the <cheduled products outside IndiaG
o Prootion of e#port oriented production and de)elopent of the <cheduled

o -ollection of statistics fro the owners of factories or esta4lishents engaged
in the production2 processing2 pac3aging2 ar3eting or e#port of the
scheduled products or fro such other persons as ay 4e prescri4ed on any
atter relating to the scheduled products and pu4lication of the statistics so
collected or of any portions thereof or e#tracts therefroG
o Training in )arious aspects of the industries connected with the scheduled
o <uch other atters as ay 4e prescri4ed!
&'2 "/.D+,-( M.*I-./ED
APEDA is andated with the responsi4ility of e#port prootion and de)elopent of the
following scheduled productsE
• Fruits2 Hegeta4les and their Products!
• Meat and Meat Products!
• Poultry and Poultry Products!
• Dairy Products!
• -onfectionery2 1iscuits and 1a3ery Products!
• >oney2 Iaggery and <ugar Products!
• -ocoa and its products2 chocolates of all 3inds!
• Alcoholic and :on-Alcoholic 1e)erages!
• -ereal -ereal Products!
• 8roundnuts2 Peanuts and Balnuts!
• Pic3les2 Papads and -hutneys!
• 8uar 8u!
• Floriculture and Floriculture Products
• >er4al and Medicinal Plants
• Rice @:on-1asatiA!
In addition to this2 APEDA has 4een entrusted with the responsi4ility to onitor e#ports of
soe non-scheduled ites such as 1asati Rice2 Bheat2 -oarse 8rains and also iport of

&'0 ,.M".(I-I.* .F -1E "ED +-1./I-2
As prescri4ed 4y the statute2 the APEDA Authority consists of the following e4ers
• A -hairan2 appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernentG
• The Agricultural Mar3eting Ad)isor to the 8o)ernent of India2 e#-officioG
• One e4er appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent representing the Planning
• Three e4ers of Parliaent of who two are elected 4y the >ouse of People and
one 4y the -ouncil of <tatesG
• Eight e4ers appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent representing respecti)elyG the
Ministries of the -entral 8o)t! dealing withG
o Agriculture and Rural De)elopent
o -oerce
o Finance
o Industry
o Food
o -i)il <upplies
o -i)il A)iation
o <hipping and TransportG
• Fi)e e4ers appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent 4y rotation in the alpha4etical
order to represent the <tates and the Cnion TerritoriesG
• <e)en e4ers appointed 4y the -entral 8o)t! representingG
o Indian -ouncil of Agricultural ResearchG
o :ational >orticultural 1oardG
o :ational Agricultural -ooperati)e Mar3eting FederationG
o -entral Food Technological Research InstituteG
o Indian Institute of Pac3agingG
o <pices E#port Prootion -ouncil and
o -ashew E#port Prootion -ouncil!
• Twel)e e4ers appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent representingG
o Fruit and Hegeta4le Products IndustriesG
o Meat2 Poultry and Dairy Products IndustriesG
o Other <cheduled Products IndustriesG
o Pac3aging IndustryG
• Two e4ers appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent fro aongst specialists and
scientists in the fields of agriculture2 econoics and ar3eting of the scheduled

&'3 DMI*I(-/-I4E (E- +"
,hair$an 5 Appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent
Director 5 Appointed 4y APEDA
(ecretar% 5 Appointed 4y the -entral 8o)ernent
.ther .66icers and (ta66 - Appointed 4y the Authority

<ection . @'A of the APEDA Act pro)ides for appointent of such officers and eployees 4y
the Authority as ay 4e necessary for the efficient perforance of its functions!

The total sanctioned staff strength is $++ in different categories of A2 12 - J D!

At present2 APEDA has a total of '+ feale eployees in 8roup A2 1 and - categories! The
welfare of the feale eployees is also well loo3ed after! APEDA has pro)ided a separate
ladies roo within the office preises!

As per 8o)t! nors2 the reser)ation for physically handicapped persons is '5 of the total
strength in all grades! APEDA has total sanctioned staff strength of $++ out of which two are
physically handicapped eployees! The re=uireent of '5 will 4e copleted in su4se=uent

&'7 "ED8( "/E(E*,E
APEDA has ar3ed its presence in alost all agro potential states of India and has 4een
pro)iding ser)ices to agri-e#port counity through its head office2 fi)e Regional offices
and $' Hirtual offices!
1ead o66ice
K :ew Delhi
/egiona! o66ices
K Mu4ai2
K Lol3ata2
K 1angalore2
K >ydera4ad and
K 8uwahati
4irtua! o66ices
K Thiru)ananthapura @LeralaA2
K 1hu4aneshwar @OrissaA2
K <rinagar @IJLA2
K -handigarh2
K Iphal @ManipurA2
K Agartala @TripuraA2
K Lohia @:agalandA2
K -hennai @Tail :aduA2
K Raipur @-hattisgarhA2
K Aheda4ad @8u9aratA2
K 1hopal @Madhya PradeshA2
K ?uc3now @Cttar PradeshA and
K Pana9i @8oaA
The Hirtual offices ha)e 4een esta4lished in association with respecti)e <tate 8o)ernents 6
agencies! 1asic inforation a4out APEDA2 its functions2 registration and financial assistance
schees etc! is 4eing ade a)aila4le to entrepreneurs 6 prospecti)e e#porters 4y these )irtual
APEDA is in)ol)ed in e#port of goat eat2 so you ay approach for registration as well as
legal procedures in goat eat e#port at following addressE-
Iport ProcedureE-
Iports to India are go)erned 4y the Foreign Trade @De)elopent and RegulationA Act $,,% @
Cnder this Act2 iports of all goods are free e#cept for the ites regulated 4y the policy or
any other law in force! The present2 foreign trade arrangeents for different coodities are
stated in the EXIM Policy of %++*-%++, @ httpE66india!go)!in6outerwin!phpM
idNhttpE66dgftco!nic!in6e#i6%+++6policy6contents!htA This policy is announced once e)ery
fi)e years with annual suppleents coing out e)ery year! It is also 3nown as the Foreign
Trade Policy or E#port Iport Policy!
Ites on the "Prohi4ited" list li3e tallow2 fat or oils of any anial origin2 anial rennet and
wild anials including their parts and products and i)ory cannot 4e iported! For iport of
ites that appear in the "Restricted" list you need secure an iport licence! Iports of ites
that are enuerated in the canali7ed list of ites are peritted to 4e iported through
canali7ing Agencies! All other products can 4e freely iported!
Registration with a regional licensing authority is a precondition for the iport of goods!
-ustos officials will not perit clearance of goods unless the iporter gets an Iport
E#port -ode @IE-A nu4er fro the regional licensing authority!
Iport Procedure for ?i)estoc3 Products
?i)estoc3 products include eat and eat products of different types that coprise fresh2
chilled and fro7en eat as well as tissue or organs of poultry2 pig2 sheep and goat! It also
consists of egg and egg powderG il3 and il3 goodsG pet foods of anial origin and
e4ryos2 o)a or seen of cows2 sheep and goats! :o li)estoc3 product ay 4e iported into
India without a )alid sanitary iport perit! All li)estoc3 products with )alid sanitary iport
perits ay 4e 4rought into India only through seaports or airports where Anial Duarantine
and -ertification <er)ices <tations @httpE66india!go)!in6outerwin!phpM
idNhttpE66dahd!nic!in6rtia%++/6anialO=uarantine!htA are situated! These stations are located
in the cities of Delhi2 Mu4ai2 Lol3ata and -hennai! Bhen li)estoc3 products arri)e at the
chec3point2 they will 4e chec3ed 4y the Officer-in-charge of the Anial Duarantine and
-ertification <er)ices <tation or any other )eterinary officer duly appro)ed 4y the
Departent Of Anial >us4andry and Dairying @httpE66india!go)!in6outerwin!phpM
Iport Procedure for the Fisheries <ector
?icense under EXIM policy is not re=uired for the iport of $%/ species6groups of fish2
crustaceans2 olluscs and other a=uatic in)erte4rates co)ered under FREE policy under the
EXIM policy! Iport of fi)e groups of li)e fish is peritted under Restricted Policy! Iport
of Bhale <har3 @Rhincodon typesA and parts and products of the species is restricted!
?ist of Ites which are Prohi4ited
<u4 heading
<u4 heading Description
+%$+ Meat and edi4le eat offal2 salted2 in 4rine2 dried or so3edG edi4le
flours and eals of eat or eat offal
E#i -ode Ite Description Policy -ondition Relating to
<I? 6
Meat of swineE
+%$+$$++ >as2 shoulders
and cuts thereof2
with 4one in
+%$+$%++ 1ellies @strea3yA
and cuts thereof
+%$+$,++ Other Free
+%$+%+++ Meat of 4o)ine
Restricted -onsuer goods - :ot
peritted to 4e iported
e#cept against a licence or
in accordance with a
Pu4lic :otice!

+%$+,+++ Other2 including
edi4le flours and

eals of eat or
eat offal
+%$+,++$ 1eche-de-er2
+%$+,++, Others
+%$+,++,$+ Of wild anials Prohi4ited :ot peritted to 4e

+%$+,++,,+ Others Free
It can 4e seen that the 4alance of trade has 4y and far 4een positi)e in the agricultural sector
pro)iding the )alua4le foreign e#change re=uired for iports of other capital goods!
-oodities such as raw cotton2 rice2 fruits and )egeta4les2 spices2 tea and the arine
products has shown a consistently rising e#port potential! India has a distinct ad)antage in all
agricultural coodities e#cept in sugarcane2 groundnut2 sunflower and pulses!
India also has a natural ad)antage due to )aried agro-cliatic conditions for producing a
)ariety of seeds2 crop2 edicinal6aroatic plants2 fruits and )egeta4les! As *+5 of our
agricultural products are grown without the use of cheicals2 fertilisers and pesticides2 they
gain a copetiti)e ad)antage in the world ar3et! India0s factor endowent of relati)ely
cheap la4our should 4e used for high technology2 agricultural e#port ar3ets production
which are la4our intensi)e in nature so that our cost of production will 4e lower and we can
offer products at highly copetiti)e prices in the international ar3ets!
Aong the ites2 which could find e#port on a priority 4asis2 are the rice2 4oth 4astati and
non-4astati )arieties! Fruits and )egeta4les also ha)e a coparati)e ad)antage! -otton is
another iportant ite of the e#ports! Efforts should howe)er 4e concentrated on cotton yarn
as against raw cotton as ost of the de)eloped countries will go out of spinning acti)ity when
the Multi Fi4re Agreeent coes into force! E#port of non-traditional products li3e shrip2
fish and fish preparation2 fruits2 processed arine products2 ushroos etc! can therefore 4e
planned for a larger share in the world e#ports!
E#port prootion
Although the e#port of agricultural coodities fro our country constitute %+5 of the total
e#port earnings2 a proper identification and nurturing of the copetiti)e strength in the area is
a4solutely essential! Agricultural production should also 4e ore product de)elopent
oriented wherein )arieties ha)ing a good ar3et a4road should 4e prooted and in case such
)arieties are not 4eing culti)ated2 introduction of new )arieties should also 4e underta3en! An
intensi)e ar3et prootion prograe is also warranted for the populari7ation of our
indigenous )arieties a4road!
Iporter-E#porter -ode
:o person is allowed to e#port or iport goods without o4taining an Iporter-E#porter -ode
:u4er fro the regional licensing authority unless specifically e#epted under any other
pro)ision of the E#port and Iport Policy! The following categories of iporters or e#porters
are e#epted fro o4taining the Iporter-E#porter -ode @IE-A :u4er!
• Iporters co)ered 4y clause '@$A F E#cept su4-clause @eA and @$AP and e#porters
co)ered 4y clause '@%A Fe#cept su4-clause @IA and @LAP of Foreign Trade FE#eption
fro application of Rules in certain casesP Order2 $,,'G
• Ministries6Departents of the -entral or a <tate 8o)ernent!
• Persons iporting or e#porting goods for their personal use not connected with trade
or anufacture or agricultureG
• Persons iporting or e#porting goods fro6to :epal pro)ided the -IF )alue of a
single consignent does not e#ceed Indian Rs!%/2 +++ @Rs! Twenty Fi)e Thousands
• Persons iporting6e#porting goods fro6to Myanar through Indo-Myanar 1order
areas pro)ided the -IF )alue of a single consignent does not e#ceed Indian Rs!%/2
+++ @Rs! Twenty Fi)e Thousand onlyA!
Application and supporting docuents
An application for grant of an IE- :u4er should 4e ade in duplicate2 to the Regional
?icensing Authority concerned 4y the Registered Office or >ead Office or 1ranch Office of
the copany6fir in for gi)en supported 4y following docuents-
• Deand draft for payent of the fee of Rs! $+++ or 1an3 Receipt e)idencing deposit
of payent of fees fro the -entral 1an3 of IndiaE
• Any one of the following docuents-
• <ale Ta# Registration -ertificateG
• A copy of the passport in the case of an indi)idualG
• In case the application is signed 4y an authori7ed signatory2 a copy of the legal
authority letter issued 4y the fir6copany!
• -ertificate fro the 4an3er of the fir @as per anne#ure to the forA!
The Regional ?icensing Authority concerned will grant an IE- :u4er to the applicant on
Halidity of IE- :o!
An IE- nu4er allotted to an applicant will 4e )alid for all its
4ranches6di)isions6units6factories as indicated on the IE- :u4er!
An IE- :u4er allotted to the Registered Office or >ead Office of a copany6fir shall 4e
)alid for all its 4ranches6di)isions6units!
Identity cards
To facilitate collection of licences and other docuents2 identity cards are issued 4y the
?icensing Authority to the proprietor6partners6directors and authori7ed eployees of the
iporter6e#porter not ore than three!
IE- ?icensing Authorities
?icensing Authorities Telegraphic
$ Director 8eneral of Foreign Trade
Cdyog 1ha)an2 :ew Delhi
Throughout India
% The Ioint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 *2 Esplanade East
-alcutta- .++ +&,!
Best 1engal2 <i33i and
Cnion Territory of
Andaan and :ico4ar!
' The Ioint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 -entral 8o)t!
Offices 1uilding2 <!E!Bing2 :ew
Marine ?ines2 -hurchgate2
Mu4ai-*++ +%+!
Maharashtra e#cluding
the areas2 which are
under the 9urisdiction of2
9oint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 Pune
and Daan2 Dadra and
:agar >a)eli!
* The Ioint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 Q-0 1loc3
-oercial 1uilding :o! %2 Pune
Municipal Transport 1uilding2
<wargate2 Pune!
Fifteen districts of
Maharashtra )i7! Pune2
Ahed :agar2 Ialna2
1eed2 Lolhapur2 ?atur2
:anded2 Osana4ad2
<atara2<olapur2 <indhu
Durg and :asi3!
/ The Ioint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 -JE Bing2 &
Lendriya <adan2 .
Main2 II 1loc32
Loranangaler2 1angalore-/&++'*!
& The Ioint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 >!:o!'&6(&%-A
-hittoor Road2 @Opp!to <RH?P
<choolA Erna3ula2
Lerala and Cnion Territory
. The Ioint Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 Cdyog 1ha)an2
Tila3 Marg2 Iaipur-'+%++/!
( The Deputy Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2
R!1!1aruah Road2
Assa2 Arunachal Pradesh2
:agaland and Manipur!
, The It!Director 8eneral of Foreign
Trade2 III Floor2 Office 1ldg!2 QA02
8uru Te9 1ahadur -oercial
-ople#2 T!T!:agar2 1hopal-
Madhya Pradesh
$+The It!Director 8eneral of Foreign
Trade2 1iscoaun 1ha)an2 8round
Floor2 Patna-(++++$!
$$ The Dy!Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 Morollo 1uilding2
Meghalaya2 Tripura
and Mi7ora!
$%The Dy!Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 The Mall2 -1R
Aritsar District!
$'The Dy!Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 Ashirwad 1uilding2
Iune Road2 <anta Ino7
Pan9i-*+'++$! @8oaA
$*The Dy!Director 8eneral of
Foreign Trade2 Maitri Hihar2 ?in3
For e#port and iport2 thorough 3nowledge of each and e)ery factor2 rules2 conditions2 and
act should 4e re=uired! And also changes occur regarding e#port iport policies should 4e
noticed tie to tie!
For details on e#port of goat eat2 you ay see following lin3-E
Or you ay contact at following addressE-
Director 8eneral of Foreign TradeCdyog 1ha)an2 :ew Delhi!
->IEF -O:IMPEX TelE +$$-'+$$...Tl#E +$'$-&&..'Fa#E +$$-'+$$..,+$$-'+$*.'*+$$-
<ee following lin3 E-