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L e a d i n g
t h r o u g h E x p e r i e n c e
As a medi um- si zed company acti ng i n the i nter nati onal markets,
the Hunger Group i s one of the l eadi ng suppl i ers of hydraul i c components
and customer- speci fi c hydraul i c system sol uti ons.
The company, which was founded in 1945,
has di versi fi ed i n the past few years i n
accordance wi th customer requi rements.
The mai n focus of i ts busi ness today i s
probl em sol uti ons that requi re i ntensi ve
consul ti ng servi ces i n the hydraul i c and
automoti ve fi el ds. The hydraul i c busi ness
segment is divided up into cylinders, seals,
abrasives, machines and power units, as well
as commissioning and repair services. As a
manufacturer of vehicle components we see
ourselves in the automotive field as a partner
of the automobile and supply industry.
Hydraulics is the main business segment of
the company group. The components and
systems produced by Hunger Hydraulics are
consi dered i nternati onal l y to be l eadi ng
brand names, fulfilling as they do the highest
requirements and being employed through-
out the world. Our many years' experience
in all aspects of hydraulics is incorporated in
the form of appl i cati on experti se i nto the
development of customer-specific problem
solutions and is also expressed in the Hun-
ger product and producti on know-how,
whi ch i s essenti al for the manufacture of
components and systems at the hi ghest
quality level.
The interplay of experience, the use of state-
of-the-art technologies and the application
of hydraul i c components to customer-
specific modules and systems is the basis for
fulfilling customer requirements.
The automotive business segment comprises
the fi el ds of coupl i ngs and sheet metal
processing. The fully hydraulic semi-trailer
and trailer couplings stand out due to their
maintenance-free operation. In the field of
sheet metal processing the definitive factors
are our producti on experti se i n the manu-
facture of complicated formed and punched
parts, our engineering services and intensive
customer contacts.
The foundations for the business segments
of the Hunger Group were l ai d by the
company founder Wal ter Hunger when he
began producing hydraulic tipper trucks in
Saxony in 1945. Today the company works
i nternati onal l y wi th i ts subsi di ari es i n
Europe, North America, China, India, and a
number of other agencies worldwide.
T h e O r i g i n s
o f a S u c c e s s S t o r y
The hi story of the Hunger Group begi ns
i n 1945 i n the Saxon town of Frankenber g.
After returning from the war Walter Hunger
takes over an old forge. Three years later the
then 23-year-old orphan constructs his first
hydraulic truck tipping plant. An important
component of thi s was a shock-absorbi ng
strut whi ch he removed from the wreck of
an aircraft. Then things really take off: In the
Saxon town of Frankenberg the first employ-
ees produce hydraul i c pumps, val ves and
tel escopi c cyl i nders, whi ch are then bui l t
i nto trucks and trai l ers and marketed.
Groundbreaki ng new desi gns are created,
such as the first 8-tonne trailer with brake air
tilting mechanism. A 3-tonne truck is equip-
ped for the first time with a motor hydraulic
tipping device.
At the Leipzig trade fair in 1954 Hunger presented three Hunger tippers
and a 40-tonne low loader trailer
Trade fair in Cairo in 1954
1948 – Walter Hunger’s home town of Chemnitz begins the task of rebuilding.
A truck-trailer combination produced by him from the wrecks of cars and tanks is used.
Horse-drawn carts with rubber tires are produ-
ced from the scrap of the Second World War.
"One cannot
change one’s
century, but one
can oppose it and
prepare the way for
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
E s c a p e f r o m t h e
C l u t c h e s o f S o c i a l i s m
The rapi d and turbul ent
ri se of the young company i s abruptl y
stopped 10 years l ater.
In 1957 Walter Hunger enlarges the main
factory i n Frankenberg, where i n the
meantime overhead loaders and bulldo-
zers are also produced. In the same year
he acqui res a factory i n Chemni tz, to
which the mechanical department, galva-
ni cs and constructi on of the l ow
loaders TL 40 and TL 80 are transferred. In
1958 he leases a motor vehicle business
with a total area of 5,000 m
But the pol i ti cal di recti on i n whi ch the
former GDR is going makes life more and
more di ffi cul t for the pri vate entre-
preneur due to i ts ti ghter tax l aws and
state-controlled distribution. The threate-
ned soci al i zati on of pri vate compani es
drives Walter Hunger to flee to the West
with his family and a few of his employ-
ees. Back i n the East he l eaves behi nd
him factories in Frankenberg, Chemnitz
and Lei pzi g, as wel l as more than 1, 000
we encounter
its mark."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Hunger vehicle factories in Frankenberg
T h e N e w S t a r t
i n L o h r a m Ma i n
Wal ter Hunger i s faced wi th r ui n. Together
wi th a few empl oyees who have al so fl ed he makes
a new start i n the Franconi an town of Lohr.
From the very beginning there were plans to
work together wi th a l ocal hydraul i cs fi rm.
But the negoti ati ons do not resul t i n the
hoped-for success and most of the em-
pl oyees who had fl ed wi th hi m deci de to
leave Walter Hunger.
The mayor at the time, Dr. Nebel, then
successfully forged close contacts with the
firm Rexroth. In November 1958 Walter
Hunger Comp. OHG is founded. Walter Hun-
ger brings his patents and his entire expertise
with him. In the first six months Rexroth pro-
vides the premises and the money.
On newl y acqui red l and i n Rodenbacher
Strasse the fi rst producti on and admi ni s-
tration building is erected in 1959. As early
as the middle of 1959 production can begin
– with success, for very soon the company is
one of the top German hydraul i c cyl i nder
"It is always
safest to do only
what we see
immediately in
front of us."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The new administration building Building discussions on factory expansion
Construction of the new house in 1960
Hunger Hydraulik
Reprivatization of the
factory in Frankenberg
Hunger DFE
Hunger Hydraulics, USA
Hunger Hydraulics, China
Hunger Weltweit Service
"Starting is
easy, but
is an art."
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C o mp a n y H i s t o r y
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1 9 8 5
Mi l e s t o n e s
Walter Hunger KG,
Lohr a. Main
1957- 1958
New production facilities
in Leipzig and Karl-Marx-Stadt
Takeover of the forge
in Gunnersdorf
Development of the
production facility
in Frankenberg
Tilting cylinders for Unimog [1961]
Hunger supplies the first four and five-stage telescopic cylinders for Daimler-Benz
Extension of an oil tanker [1963]
Production and services for full enlargement
Nuclear Research Center, Jülich [1964]
Manipulating cylinder for Oberjoch
Aluminum dump trucks [1966]
Hunger supplies body and hydraulics for dump trucks
Iron gate, Yugoslavia [1968-72]
Hunger designs and produces all hydraulic cylinders
Extinguishing mast for fire boat [1970]
Development of a fully integrated fire extinguishing mast
Bucket wheel excavator [1971]
Steering cylinders for large open cast mining equipment
Tunnel boring machine [1972]
Hydraulic cylinders for various series of tunnel boring machines
Highest telescopic antenna in the world [1977]
Telescopic cylinder with a stroke length of 40 m
Vertical casting cylinder [1980]
First casting cylinder with integrated anti-rotation protection
Large wind plant "GROWIAN" [1983]
Special 2 metre diameter seal
Launching gantry for ICE railroad section [1984]
Fully hydraulic bridge building gantry for ICE section Würzburg-Hanover
Tanakpur Dam[1985]
Complete hydraulic system
1,000-tonne mobile crane [1985]
Hunger supplies telescopic and tilting cylinders
Research commission from NASA following Challenger accident [1986]
Hunger develops new seal
Bridge over the Grosser Belt [1990]
Balancer cylinders for bridge bearings
Wuqianxi Dam[1993]
Complete hydraulic system for dam in China
Development of the maintenance-free semi-trailer coupling [1993]
BDI environmental protection prize for grease-free fifth wheel truck coupling
Ceraplate 2000 [1996]
Commissioning of the new thermal coating plant in the Hunger factory
Offshore equipment for drilling ship [1999]
Compensation cylinders for deep-sea oil drilling equipment
Puttgarden ferry berth [1999]
Large cylinders for landing stage leveling
Canary Wharf Bridge [2004]
Telescopic cylinders with a stroke length of 18 m
Leipzig trade fair [1954]
Presentation of the 40-tonne low loader and Hunger tippers
Foreign trade fair in Cairo [1954]
Large order for 50 dump trucks for Egypt
"Kosmo Plane"- The Hunger carousel [1956]
Hunger hydraulic cylinders for use in fairground rides
Hunger DFE,
Hunger Hydraulics, UK
Hunger Schleifmittel,
Hunger Hydraulics, USA
Hunger Maschinen,
Hunger Hydraulics, China
Hunger Hydraulics, Indien
Hunger Weltweit-Service,
Lohr a. Main
Hunger Werke für Fahrzeugbau
und Mobilhydraulik,
D r . - I n g . E . h . Wa l t e r H u n g e r
Pa t e n t s a n d H o n o r s
The honorary doctorate, the Federal Cross of Meri t, over 200 patents and
i ndustri al property ri ghts, the Phi l i p Morri s Pri ze – to name j ust a few exampl es –
document the i nnovati ve strengths of Dr. - I ng. E. h. Wal ter Hunger.
Improvisation, research and development as
wel l as entrepreneuri al spi ri t are the mai n
features of his life. His inventions have resul-
ted i n more than 200 patents whi ch have
been i ncorporated i nto hi ghl y speci al i zed
products. There i s cooperati on wi th the
universities and other institutes, with degree
di ssertati ons and doctoral theses awarded
and supported.
Innovations and inventions clearly show the
orientation towards environmental protec-
ti on and envi ronmental compati bi l i ty. In
1995 Walter Hunger received the BDI envi-
ronmental protecti on pri ze for i ndustry i n
the category of Environmentally Compatible
Products for the patented, maintenance-free
semi -trai l er coupl i ng. In 1991 Chemni tz
Uni versi ty of Technol ogy awards hi m hi s
honorary doctorate for his outstanding servi-
ces i n the fi el ds of producti on and i n the
hydraulics engineering .
For hi s work and entrepreneuri al commi t-
ment in the reconstruction of the former East
German states the Bavarian State Parliament
awards hi m the Federal Cross of Meri t i n
1996. In 2004 the Indian Hydropower Asso-
ci ati on (INHA) honors Dr. -Ing. E. h. Wal ter
Hunger for his expertise and experience in
hydraulic steel structures.
Philip Morris Prize 1987
Award of the BDI environmental protection
prize for industry, Cologne 1995
The Chemnitz University of Technology awards Walter Hunger
an honorary doctorate for his work, 1991
1996 – Dr.-Ing. E. h.Walter Hunger
receiving the Federal Cross of Merit
"Only those
who research and
develop will have
F a mi l y C o mp a n y wi t h Tr a d i t i o n
Dr Wal ter Hunger' s conti nuous stri vi ng to
manufacture techni cal l y sophi sti cated
products of the highest level of quality has
l ed to the creati on of a group of medi um-
sized companies.
The background to this has always been his
wish that his five children should one day
join the company for which they have recei-
ved a commercial and technical education.
His son Armin and daughter Gisela join the
company in 1974. Today Armin lives in the
USA, where he manages the local subsidiary.
Gi sel a l eaves the fi rm i n 1979. Two years
later his daughter Ingrid joins the company,
from where she still controls the fate of the
Hunger Group today. As the Chief Executive
Officer and authorized signatory she is fully
committed to the firm and is a guarantor that
Walter Hunger's life's work will be continued
in the future.
Just in time for Dr. Walter Hunger's 80
day his youngest son Jan joins the manage-
ment of the company. He studied mechanical
engineering as well as industrial engineering
and management, and worked for four years
in a management consultancy firm.
So there i s a fresh breeze bl owi ng i n the
Hunger fami l y busi ness. Dr. Wal ter Hunger
has achi eved hi s goal by si mul taneousl y
handing over his company to two younger
generati ons of the fami l y. And fol l owi ng
them are now five grandsons, three of whom
are already studying mechanical engineering
or busi ness admi ni strati on, certai n to have
entrepreneurial blood in their veins.
The Hunger family
Armin Hunger
Ingrid Hunger
Jan Hunger
"The story of
companies is
nothing but
the biography of
great men."
Thomas Carlyle
T h e H u n g e r G r o u p ' s
Wo r l d wi d e P r e s e n c e
The fact that international markets continue
to grow together makes i t i mperati ve for
companies to orientate themselves beyond
their national boundaries. A modern indu-
stri al company must devel op a gl obal
commitment in order to be able to sell the
items it produces in its own country on the
world market. In this way it can ensure that
services are provided wherever they are re-
quired, both quickly and of a uniformly high
The Hunger Group has fulfilled this require-
ment si nce 1975 when i t took i ts fi rst step
abroad wi th the foundati on of Hunger
Hydraul i cs UK i n Engl and and Hunger
Hydraul i que i n France. Foundati on of the
American subsidiary followed in 1981. The
group is now also represented in China and
India and is able to offer the entire range of
Hunger products i n these markets, thus
ensuri ng the group' s presence i n the most
important economic regions of the world.
Hunger Hydraulics C.C. Ltd., USA
Hunger Hydraulics, China
Lohr site, Germany
Würzburg facility, Germany
"Only those
who know the
world and have
studied the
mentality of its
people will be
Wa l t e r H u n g e r G mb H & C o . K G –
H y d r a u l i c S o l u t i o n s f r o m o n e S o u r c e
The magi c words for excepti onal hydraul i c cyl i nders and
compl ete hydraul i c systems are ”Hunger Hydraul i cs”
– the core busi ness of the company group.
From the fi rst customer advi sory sessi on,
through engineering, the certification pro-
cedure and production, to services such as
i nstal l ati on and commi ssi oni ng – our
customers need only one contact person.
With our specialization in large and special
cylinders, our high level of in-depth know-
l edge wi th our own surface coati ngs and
processing methods together with our very
diversified range of customers and applica-
tions we are a competent partner for machi-
ne and plant construction worldwide.
Qual i ty and rel i abi l i ty, together wi th due
consideration of special customer require-
ments, are the core of our company philo-
sophy and have developed over the past few
decades to become the hallmark of Hunger
Hydraulics products.
Hydraulic cylinders for an offshore platform
Five-stage hydraulic
telescopic antenna with an
overall length of 50 m
"All good
principles already
exist in the world;
one only needs to
apply them."
Blaise Pascal
016-033-KG_UK.qxd 05.10.2009 20:08 Uhr Seite 16
P r o d u c t i o n Ma c h i n e r y
f o r O u t s t a n d i n g C y l i n d e r s
The team of speci al i sts and hi ghl y qual i fi ed ski l l ed workers who per form deep
hol e dri l l i ng, tur ni ng and drawi ng work wi th these l ar ge and speci al machi nes
profi t from the decades of experi ence of Wal ter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG.
Components weighing 70 t, diameters up to
4 m or a machi ni ng l ength of 25 m are
nothing unusual for the engineers, planners
and skilled workers of Walter Hunger GmbH
& Co. KG. Large-dimension lathes, deep ho-
le drilling machines and boring and milling
machines designed specifically for proces-
sing cylinder components form the core of
the mechanical processing technologies.
But at l east as i mportant as the machi nery
are the ski l l s and experi ence of our hi ghl y
qualified employees in the processing and
assembly of such large components.
With the help of tube drawing technology it
is possible to change the pipe diameter and
the wall thickness of pipes, or precision steel
pi pes can be manufactured from boi l er
tubes. Here the material is cold formed.
CNC machine Tube Drawing Drilling and milling
Drawing jaws pull the pipe (blue) through a drawing die and over the
mandrel, thus reducing the wall thickness and diameter of the component.
Tube drawing from the inside and outside
of large parts,
of up to 4 m in
diameter and
25 m in length
016-033-KG_UK.qxd 05.10.2009 20:08 Uhr Seite 18
S u r f a c e C o a t i n g
a n d P r o c e s s i n g Te c h n o l o g i e s
Today hydraul i c cyl i nders are used successful l y under
ambi ent condi ti ons whi ch onl y a few years ago woul d have
presented i nsurmountabl e restri cti ons or onl y permi tted
a very l i mi ted l i feti me of the cyl i nder.
Users can be provided with hydraulic cylin-
ders with highly specialized piston rod coa-
ti ngs whi ch are guaranteed to be the i deal
technical and economic solution for any ap-
In addi ti on to the tradi ti onal chrome and
chrome-nickel coatings we also offer plastic
coatings, thermal sprayed coatings and over-
l ays appl i ed by means of pl asma wel di ng
processes. Important contributory factors to
the experti se of our company are our coa-
ti ng machi nes, qual i fi ed empl oyees, our
know-how and the conti nuous refi nement
of our surface technol ogi es. In addi ti on to
the requirements that result from the indivi-
dual application of the hydraulic cylinders,
the i nterpl ay between seal i ng and gui de
elements and the piston rod surface is also
si gni fi cant. In order to produce opti mum
runni ng surfaces for the seal i ng and gui de
el ements, honi ng and pol i shi ng processes
are used for all types of coating.
The vertical and horizontal honing machines
developed by us, together with the patented
Hunger honing stones, guarantee excellent
surface qual i ty and a hi gh l evel of cost
effectiveness for the process.
plastic coating
of a piston rod
Surface of a cylinder
tube treated after honing
Superfinishing of a
ceramic coated piston rod
P.T.A. plasma-powder
welding of an
offshore piston rod
Electronically controlled
vertical honing machine with a
processing length of up to 10 m
Coating plant for Ceraplate 2000
ceramic metal oxide coating
processing on
a horizontal
honing machine
20 MPC
is a registered trademark of Enthone OMI (Deutschland) GmbH.
N a t u r a l F o r c e s
t a me d b y H u ma n H a n d
To be used commerci al l y water requi res outstandi ng
engi neeri ng and a hi gh l evel of constr ucti on ski l l s
Hunger i s the qual i fi ed partner for hydro-
el ectri c engi neeri ng. Large-di mensi on
hydraul i c cyl i nders wi th dri ve and control
units made by Hunger are now in use in over
130 dams, locks and weirs all over the globe.
They control the functi oni ng of segment,
sl ui ce, rol l er gates and al so l ock gates and
ensure the safe regulation of turbines for the
l arge-scal e use of water and i ts energy
Our customer advisory service, project plan-
ning, state-of-the-art engineering technolo-
gy, producti on and acceptance testi ng
(accordi ng to DIN, ASME or nati onal stan-
dards) of complete hydraulic solutions and
the al most mai ntenance-free operati on of
Hunger hydraulic products are our reference
Aswan, Egypt
Ataturk, Turkey
Djerdap, Yugoslavia
Gachi Dam, Costa Rica
Guri, Venezuela
Huites, Mexico
Kali Gandaki, Nepal
Karakaya, Turkey
Lower Colorado River, USA
Mahibaja Sagar, India
Manwan, China
Marsyangdi, Nepal
Sahand Dam, Iran
Supa Dam, India
Tanakpur, India
Tarbela, West Pakistan
Rheinfelden, Germany
Wuqianxi, China
and are i n worl dwi de demand. In order to
guarantee long operational reliability, piston
rods are protected agai nst corrosi on and
wear wi th a cerami c coati ng. Hunger al so
carri es out moderni zati on products where
mechanical drives are replaced by hydraulic
uni ts. In cramped i nstal l ati on condi ti ons
special solutions such as telescopic cylinders
are used
The modern drives have hydraulic control and safety blocks, mechanical
and electronic position measuring systems and automatic locking devices.
cylinders for
operating lock
gates and water
control gates
Hydraulic cylinders for valve operation
on the Lower Colorado River dam
"Water is
the source
of all life."
Hydraul i c cyl i nders are used i n al umi num
casti ng pl ants for furnace ti l ti ng, furnace
door operation, safety functions and opera-
ti on process as the mai n cyl i nders i n the
casti ng machi ne. Verti cal casti ng cyl i nders
have an extremel y accurate i ntegrated
casting platform guide mechanism as well as
anti -rotati on protecti on system, and are
produced i n di mensi ons of up to 900 mm
pl unger di ameter and a 12 m stroke for
casting weights of up to 120 t.
Hydraul i c equi pment i s used i n steel works
due to the hi gh densi ty of forces and i ts
robustness. Roller adjusting cylinders for ex-
ample can reach a piston diameter of more
than 1 m, whereby i n addi ti on to the hi gh
forces control accuraci es of a few
hundredths of a millimeter are required.
Vertical casting cylinder for aluminum continuous casting
Shown schematically on the right when installed
products for
applications in
Roller positioning using hydraulic cylinders for enormous pressure forces
In the steelworks thick-walled raw steel is rolled to thin sheets.
P r e c i s i o n Me e t s a To u g h A p p l i c a t i o n –
S t e e l a n d A l u mi n u m
Hi gh temperatures and extreme condi ti ons –
i n al umi num and steel producti on Hunger cyl i nders
neverthel ess work wi th extreme accuracy.
H y d r a u l i c P r e s s e s –
G e t t i n g Ma t e r i a l s i n t o S h a p e
Hunger hydraul i c cyl i nders are used i n forgi ng, formi ng and bendi ng presses
where enormous forces of up to 10, 000 t per hydraul i c cyl i nder are requi red.
As a result of the forming processes the hy-
draul i c cyl i nders are subj ect to enormous
dynamic pressure surges which can only be
control l ed by preci se desi gn cal cul ati ons,
sophisticated cylinder designs and accurate
Hi gh-strength al umi num components are
used in aircraft construction. In order to pro-
vide the raw material with the required pro-
perties aluminum plates are cold compacted
i n a speci al press accordi ng to preci sel y
specified parameters. The special hydraulic
press cyl i nders when ful l y assembl ed are
12 m long, have integrated feed, oil supply
and damping units and are operated at peak
pressures of up to 600 bar.
For bodywork panel producti on i n motor
vehicle construction hydroforming presses
are used in which a hydraulic compression
force repl aces the l ower di e. Thi s modern
forming technology places special demands
on the field of high-pressure hydraulics and
requi res l arge cyl i nders for the cl ampi ng
forces needed during the forming process.
Hydroforming press
with four pressing cylinders
(Photo and sketch:
University of Stuttgart,
Institute for Forming Technology)
Tube bending press
for pipelines
Base plate
Tie rods Top plate
not visible
differential cylinder
Press slide
Distance plate
O f f s h o r e – H u n g e r H y d r a u l i c s
o n a l l t h e Wo r l d ' s O c e a n s
The offshore fi el ds of appl i cati on for hydraul i cs range from oi l
dri l l i ng pl atforms through mobi l e tool s and fi re exti ngui shi ng
equi pment to techni cal equi pment for l uxur y yachts.
Modern oi l dri l l i ng pl atforms are used i n
deep sea regions where a fixed construction
is not possible. Special compensation cylin-
ders wi th l ong stroke l engths compensate
for relative vertical movements.
Speci al hydraul i c fi re exti ngui shi ng masts,
which position a fire extinguishing monitor
at a great height and supply it with water, are
provi ded wi th a power uni t and control
signals to combine complex functional and
supply elements in a single hydraulic cylin-
der. The product range includes installation
si zes of up to 20, 000 l /mi n water fl ow rate
and an 18 m stroke length.
Enormous dimensions of 1 m piston diame-
ter and a stroke of approximately 12 m are
achieved by a hydraulic cylinder installed on
a floating pile driver which is used to erect a
92 m-high mast.
An unusual project: The Mirabella V
is the largest single mast sailing
yacht in the world and is used as a
charter vessel for cruises. In order to
be able to enter smaller ports with
shallower waters it was fitted with
a lifting keel. A hydraulic cylinder
with a stroke length of 6 m is incor-
porated into the keel, with the body
of the cylinder and the piston rod
being permanently immersed in the
seawater. For protection against the
corrosive seawater the piston rod is
overlaid with Hunger P.T.A. coating.
(Yacht data: 75 m long, mast height
90 m, water displacement 750 t,
keel weight: 150 t)
Modern oil drilling ship with Hunger
hydraulic compensation cylinders
Telescopic fire
extinguishing monitor
Pile driver for forming bridge pier
foundations and the construction of
wharves for a Chinese customer
Mirabella V
N e w D i me n s i o n s i n B r i d g e B u i l d i n g
Moder n bascul e or swi ng bri dges are i n use throughout the
worl d and requi re hi ghl y sophi sti cated hydraul i c equi pment
Thanks to the power density of hydraulics it
is possible today to move even the largest of
bri dges. Often several bri dge spans are
moved si mul taneousl y i n order that wi der
rivers can be crossed or to enable the buil -
ding of wider roads.
Depending on the requirements and size of
the proj ect we suppl y not onl y hydraul i c
cylinders, but also the entire hydraulic drive
system with power units and electronic con-
trol systems. Duri ng the proj ect pl anni ng
stage great val ue i s pl aced on safety and
quality. In extensive testing and final inspec-
ti on cycl es al l hydraul i c components must
prove thei r rel i abi l i ty. When i n use the
hydraul i c cyl i nders not onl y have to move
the wei ght of the wi ngs of the bri dge, but
may also have to withstand enormous addi-
tional stresses from snow and wind loads.
A recent hi ghl i ght i s the 67 m-l ong bri dge
which makes possible the new fast connec-
ti on to the Canary Wharf Di stri ct, the new
busi ness centre of London. The bri dge i s
operated by a si ngl e two-stage tel escopi c
cylinder which lifts the northern end of the
800 t bridge by 18.2 m so that shipping can
pass underneath.
"Bridges can
bring nations
New Schlei Bridge in Kappeln
Canary Wharf
Cylinder: vertical test
Bascule bridge cylinders with cylinder-mounted hydraulic
control and safety systems
C o mp l e t e Ta i l o r - Ma d e S o l u t i o n s
f o r a n y A p p l i c a t i o n
The high level of in-depth knowledge and the research and development facilities for
all types of components and technologies within the Hunger Group make it possible to
create tailor-made technical and technological solutions for specific customer wishes.
For the calibration of flow meters a special
gas pumping plant has been developed and
constructed which can be operated with all
types of technical gases with extremely high
accuracy. All components are made of stain-
less steel or stainless steel composite com-
ponents, while special seals made of special
materials guarantee leak-free operation and
low-friction running without the addition of
Hydraulic lifting systems elevate and move
large loads within the smallest of spaces and
are used, for example, for erecting machine
tools in factory buildings. Hydlift consists of
four independent units with lifting and travel
dri ves that are control l ed from a central
desk, either individually or synchronously.
Loads of up to 5, 000 t have to be moved
when experi mental setups at the CERN
nuclear research center are transferred to the
particle accelerator. Using the pneumatic air
pad l i fters of the fi rm Noel l Konecranes.
Hydraul i c l i fti ng cyl i nders whi ch are fi tted
wi th speci al securi ng systems and whi ch
may have to wi thstand hi gh si de forces
ensure that the l oad i s spread evenl y over
the supporting structure, while at the same
time compensating for differences in height.
Lifting cylinder with
air pad lifter
Atlas experimental setup, CERN nuclear research center Metering cylinder for a gas pumping plant Hydraulic lifting system with 100 tonnes lifting capacity
The technical know-how of the
Hunger Group is also in de-
mand from outside the hy-
draulics industry, for example
in the production of ink
rollers for offset printing
machines. A modern ink roller
today combines sound mecha-
nical engineering with special
plastic shaped elements to
provide integrated cooling.
Special forming technologies
are used for the production
and assembly of the multiple-
layer roller structure, as well as
thermal spraying processes
and surface technologies for
producing the functional cera-
mic surface.
S e a l i n g S y s t e ms a n d
B e a r i n g E l e me n t s – H u n g e r D F E
Seal i ng and beari ng el ements pl ay a defi ni ti ve rol e i n
hydraul i c and pneumati c cyl i nders i n the i nteracti on
between the i ndi vi dual cyl i nder components.
Over the past few decades Hunger has with
great intensity pressed ahead with continous
devel opment of exi sti ng seal i ng techno-
l ogi es . The proven superi ori ty of Hunger
technologies soon convinced other cylinder
manufacturers of the benefi ts of the new
products, leading to corresponding supply
and license agreements. In 1977 Hunger DFE
GmbH Seal i ng and Beari ng El ements was
founded, whi ch conti nues to set the
standard i n the fi el d of modern seal and
beari ng technol ogy, both i n Germany and
Di sti ncti ve characteri sti cs of the patented
Hunger sealing and bearing elements are the
outstandi ng seal i ng effect wi th mi ni mum
friction and the exclusion of any metal-to-
metal contacts within the hydraulic cylinder.
Scoring on the piston rod and cylinder tube
is therefore prevented, increasing the cylin-
der life. The basic materials used are high-
qual i ty pl asti cs and el astomers, whi ch are
further refined using special processes. Ad-
di ti ves i mprove the sl i di ng properti es and
resi stance to pressure and abrasi on of the
end products. Maintenance work during the
operati onal l i fe of the cyl i nder i s con-
siderably reduced.
Today Hunger DFE has at its disposal a wide
range of skills in the development, project
planning and manufacture of standard and
special seals for numerous fields of applica-
tion. Components for fixing electronic parts
used in measuring technology and elements
for pl asti c processi ng, chemi cal and pl ant
engineering form just as much a part of the
daily production range.
Injection moulding machinery Large stocks of standard seals
demand unusual
I n n o v a t i v e Te c h n o l o g y f r o m Tr a d i t i o n
Speci al seal s and beari ng el ements from Hunger DFE –
the resul t of conti nuous research and devel opment work
Hunger has del i beratel y not speci al i zed i n
the production of seals for specific applica-
ti ons. Through thei r own devel opments,
project planning and special seal construc-
ti on, Hunger was al ready practi ci ng ”rapi d
prototypi ng” before the term came i nto
The company' s own tool maki ng and the
large number of available production tools
make it possible to manufacture the desired
product wi thi n a few hours of a speci fi c
customer enqui ry. For vari ous di mensi ons
and geometri es, and for di fferent types of
injection moulding, vulcanization, pressing
and chip-removing processes the company
has the correspondi ng machi nes and the
necessary test equipment available.
The smal l est producti on uni t starts at one
piece – because a satisfied customer and a
speci fi c sol uti on to hi s probl em i s very
important to us.
Tensile tester
Vulcanizing machine
Injection moulding tool Microscopic analysis
Digital measurement technology Seal test bed
S e a l i n g a n d B e a r i n g E l e me n t s f o r
Mo b i l e Hy d r a u l i c s a n d P r e s s C o n s t r u c t i o n
Wi th the methodi cal arrangement of Hunger DFE standard el ements
i t i s possi bl e to cover any requi rements pl aced on the hydraul i cs.
Hunger seals, wipers and bearing elements
are optimized for applications in supporting
cyl i nders and swi vel wri sts on pi stons
and rods. It i s not wi thout reason that
renowned manufacturers in the construction
machi ne sector make use of products
from Hunger DFE.
In the manufacture of presses modern DFE
seal s repl ace tradi ti onal V-ri ngs used i n
vari ous types of press. Hi gher operati ng
pressures can therefore be reached and
si mul taneousl y hi gher processi ng speeds.
The "worst case scenario" for hydraulic com-
ponents occurs i n scrap bal i ng presses.
Extremely high pressures form briquettes out
of metal cutti ngs, and due to expl osi ve
decompressi ons peak pressures occur
during pressing while the working environ-
ment is rough and dirty.
Hunger DFE has devel oped a compl ete
system whi ch meets al l the appl i cati on re-
quirements and which in the case of repairs
compensates for the reworki ng of the
existing piston rod, even after this has been
repai red several ti mes. Last but not l east,
where such problem solutions provide the
customer with every opportunity to reduce
costs the i nnovati ve experti se of the
engineers comes to the fore.
Concrete pump M47
with five hydraulic
(Photo: Putzmeister)
Pressing cylinder
Hunger standard seals
for mobile hydraulics
(Photo: Neuson)
Scrap press Briquetting press
C o n c e p t s f o r L i f t H y d r a u l i c s
a n d F o r e s t r y Ma c h i n e s
Hydraul i c panorama l i fts offer a di rect i nsi ght i nto the technol ogy of the l i ft.
"Wet" cyl i nder rods from l eaki ng seal s are therefore taboo.
There is a fine difference between an effec-
tive seal and static friction levels that are as
low as possible, thus enabling good start-up
characteristics to be achieved. It is this very
effect that i s requi red i n l i ft hydraul i cs, as
otherwi se the peopl e i n the l i ft may feel
uneasy or even endangered. In these situa-
ti ons the seal i ng and beari ng el ements are
subjected to the same requirements as when
used i n forestry machi nes. The forestry
companies expect their machines to be fast
and productive when harvesting the wood.
In order to meet these requi rements the
Fi nni sh manufacturer Ponnse, one of the
world' s leading producers of forest machi -
nes, uses Hunger seal i ng and beari ng
elements almost exclusively in its vehicles.
Dependi ng on the type machi ne, 10 to 20
hydraulic cylinders of varying diameters and
designs (support cylinders, telescopic cylin-
ders, steering cylinders) are used, enabling
the machine to lift, lower, clamp and swivel.
From the hi gh demands pl aced on these
items it becomes clear that even the wearing
parts such as sealing and bearing elements
are of special significance.
Mobile forestry machining centre
Hydraulic rod assembly of a glass lift
"Where brute
force is
used ..."
F l y i n g H i g h i n S a f e t y -
Ta y l o r Ma d e C o mp l e t e S o l u t i o n s
On l and, i n the water and i n the ai r
– i nnovati ve technol ogy for testi ng the el ements.
Onl y preci si on seal s made of hi gh qual i ty
materi al s whi ch are produced wi th care
under control l ed manufacturi ng processes
and i n accordance wi th preci sel y defi ned
technical specifications can stand up to the
demands of aviation, nautical and deep sea
technol ogy. The seal i ng el ements must be
able to resist extreme temperature fluctuati -
ons and guarantee maxi mum adj ustment
preci si on wi th the l owest possi bl e fri cti on
moments - and of course wi th the system
hermetically sealed.
For this reason the seals have to prove their
reliability in strictly monitored trials before
they can be released for series production.
The sealing elements are used in hydraulic
motors for rudder adjustment, for example,
as wel l as i n cyl i nders and l ocki ng uni ts i n
the landing gear hydraulics of aircraft.
Further fi el ds of appl i cati on for preci si on
seals are hydraulic brakes and couplings in
general use i n mechani cal engi neeri ng, i n
chassi s and conveyor dri ves, i n wi nches,
lifting, rotating and swivel drives, as well as
i n onboard and mobi l e cranes. Here,
maxi mum seal ti ghtness i s requi red wi th a
sensi ti ve adj ustment range for braki ng or
coupling under a load.
In many cases the functioning of entire plant
depends on the reliability of the seals. One
small component therefore becomes a deci-
sive element. That is why world-renowned
manufacturers pl ace thei r fai th i n the pro-
ducts of Hunger DFE.
Power units and pressure
accumulators for aviation
Hydraulic coupling
(Photo: Stromag)
Locking hook
for landing gear
Landing gear cylinder
Locking hook for landing gear
at a low temperature of -54°C
Periscope seal for
periscopes and probes
(Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH
Photo: HDW)
Landing gear hydraulics
disc clutch
with elastic
(Photo: Stromag)
H u n g e r Ma s c h i n e n
The hydraul i c components produced by Hunger Maschi nen
are an i mportant suppl ement to the components
to be found i n the hydraul i cs sector.
The product range covers hydraulic compo-
nents such as rotary transmi ssi ons rotary
actuators, pressure i ntensi fi ers, speci al
valves and hydraulic control blocks as well
as complete hydraulic systems. The produc-
tion program is rounded off by self-aligning
and rod end beari ngs i n mai ntai nabl e and
mai ntenance-free desi gns for hydraul i c
cyl i nders and other dri ve appl i cati ons.
Optimum functionality, freedom from main-
tenance and l ong servi ce l i fe are worl d-
renowned properti es of al l products. Thi s
proverbial quality standard is only achieved
by continuous inspection of all dimensions
and functions. Due to the high performance
and quality standards it has been possible to
devel op new sal es markets al l over the
Hunger Maschi nen desi gns, proj ect pl ans,
produces and i nstal l s compl ete customer-
speci fi c hydraul i c systems for al l fi el ds of
Assembly area for hydraulic power packs
Planning and engineering
"The art is
not in the
but in
adapting to
the market."
Ta i l o r - Ma d e H y d r a u l i c S y s t e m S o l u t i o n s
Compl ete sol uti ons from one source – onl y components that are fi ne- tuned
to one another guarantee rel i abl e functi oni ng of a hydraul i c system.
Hunger hydraulic
power units are used in
a wide range of fields:
• Hydro-electric engineering
• Industrial furnaces and
aluminum casting plant
• Offshore
• Ship construction
• Machine-tool manufacture
• Iron and steel industry
• Special technologies
• Press construction
• Test bed engineering
In addi ti on to the producti on of speci al
hydraul i c components, Hunger Maschi nen
devotes itself above all to the production of
hydraul i c power uni ts and hydraul i c and
el ectri c control uni ts. The advantages of
such complete solutions have been appre-
ciated by customers throughout the world
for decades. Hunger Maschinen supplies
pl ants of al l si zes and for al l types of
application. The range includes power
uni ts wi th nomi nal vol umes of up to
10, 000 litres, for pressure ranges from
50 to 700 bar and pump del i veri es
up to 5,000 l/min.
Hydraulic system solution for driving and controlling the rotating sector gates of
the New Harbor lock in Bremerhaven – from planning and design to production
and installation.
Hydraulic power units
for the New Harbor lock in Bremerhaven
S e l f - a l i g n i n g B e a r i n g s a n d R o d E y e s –
f u l l y ma n e u v e r a b l e a n d t o u g h
Hunger Maschi nen suppl i es standard and speci al -si ze
sel f-al i gni ng beari ngs and rod eyes i n vari ous product desi gns.
Si zes between 20 and 1, 000 mm bore
di ameter are standard, and speci al
production runs in small or large quantities
are possible. For hydroelectric applications
there are product ranges avai l abl e whi ch
meet the special requirements of this field.
The parti cul ar qual i ty of Hunger beari ngs
results from the use of high-grade materials
and coatings. Depending on requirements,
stainless steel, bronze or plastic is used. The
general desi gn of the beari ngs i ncl udi ng
el asti c wi per ri ngs prevents soi l i ng of the
sliding surfaces and guarantees an optimum
service life.
Sliding combination experiment - The black curve shows the
friction value, while the red line represents wear and tear.
Dust and splash proof maintenance-free
plain bearing bushes
wear measurement
compression force measurement
sliding combination sample
Long stable wear phase
with constant linear wear intensity
Sliding distance
failure phase
Very short initial
break-in phase
coefficient of
friction measurement
Bearing test bed – the tribometer
load impact
Axial thrust bearings and plain bearing
bushes of all sizes are also supplied.
R o t a r y Tr a n s mi s s i o n s
i n S p e c i a l a n d S t a n d a r d D e s i g n s
Hydraul i c rotary transmi ssi ons, sui tabl e for use wi th
vari ous l i qui d and gaseous medi a, are an i mportant
component of the range of products on offer.
In special designs, transmissions with up to
44 channels and operating pressures of 30 to
400 bar have been designed and produced.
The rotary transmissions are equipped with
special Hunger DFE rotor seals for hydraulic
oi l s, greases, gases, water and other
operating media.
Low internal friction, good start up characte-
ristics due to rolling bearing mountings on
both sides – as well as a low idling torque –
guarantee a particularly long maintenance-
free lifetime.
Applications for slow rotating and swiveling
movements wi th ci rcumference speeds of
up to 1.5 m/sec are just as easy to produce as
high-speed items moving at up to 8 m/sec.
Rotary transmissions are used in the automo-
bile industry for transfer lines and welding
robots as well as in commercial vehicle con-
struction for rotating assemblies and feeds.
Further examples of their application are to
be found in heavy machinery construction
and injection molding plant in which the
rotary transmissios are used for forming plant.
Special rotary transmission with 44 channels for a 4-station special machine
with an operating pressure of 300 bar (medium: hydraulic oil)
Sectional drawing of
a rotary transmission
made of light metal
Special rotary transmission
for cutting and welding machines
S p e c i a l H y d r a u l i c Va l v e s
a n d R o t a r y A c t u a t o r s
Hunger Maschi nen produces speci al val ves for hydrocyl i nders
for the functi ons of fi l l i ng, protecti on agai nst pressure l oss,
pressure regul ati on and counter- torque regul ati on.
Due to thei r streaml i ned desi gn, Hunger
pre-fill valves are used for feeding and filling
the main cylinders of presses. As non-return
val ves they are used to ensure that press
cylinders subject to high pressures are leak
free. Hunger pressure val ves safeguard the
pressure in a hydrosystem or components of
a system. Fl ow control val ves are used to
regul ate the speed of movement of l oads
and influence the flow of the liquid.
Hunger non-return val ves stop the fl ow of
the l i qui d i n one di recti on, whi l e al l owi ng
the l i qui d to fl ow freel y i n the opposi te
di recti on. Stop val ves are of a seat-type
design and shut without leaking oil.
Hunger rotary actuators are used in all tech-
ni cal appl i cati ons where rotati ng move-
ments are required with a constant momen-
tum. The si ngl e and doubl e pi ston rotary
actuators have been further refined by Hun-
ger in order to optimize performance para-
meters. Standard and special constructions
of 190,000 Nm and 720° pivoting angle have
been successfully used for many years.
Special valves for hydrocylinders, preferably
of manifold or cartridge design, are used in
hydraulic press construction.
Filling valve
Toothed rack and pinion
rotary actuator
H u n g e r A b r a s i v e s
Wi thi n the Hunger Group a good deal of attenti on has al ways
been pai d to the i ntensi ve processi ng of metal surfaces.
The subsidiary Hunger Schleifmittel GmbH,
founded i n 1979, not onl y suppl i es i ts
products wi thi n the Hunger group of
companies, but due to its high performance
and quality standards also works for external
customers at home and abroad. The produc-
tion range comprises plastic-coated ceramic
honi ng stones, honi ng tool s, di amond
honi ng tool s and di amond stones for the
mi crofi ni shi ng of metal surfaces. Thei r
defi ni ng qual i ti es are a hi gh removal rate,
perfect accuracy of shape and consi stent
quality. The main customers are cylinder ma-
nufacturers, and i n parti cul ar machi ne
builders, and the automobile industry.
New devel opments are tested on the
company's own premises under real condi -
ti ons – a guarantee of absol ute fi rst-cl ass
technology. For the processing of large dia-
meter and l ong cerami cal l y coated pi ston
rods Hunger used their many years' experi-
ence i n the manufacturi ng of cyl i nders to
develop special diamond honing stones to
meet the friction and surface finish require-
ments. Here the company drew on its many
years' experi ence of cyl i nder manufacture.
The sheathing of the ceramic honing stones
is a plastic case which allows considerably
hi gher contact pressures, as the honi ng
stone is stabilized at the side and can there-
fore achi eve better abrasi on performance.
The plastic sheathing means that the honing
stone can be used to the full extent. Further-
more, the sheating acts as a "dirt wiper" to
keep the honi ng sl udge away from the
honi ng stone, thus i ncreasi ng the cutti ng
performance of the stone. Metal contact
between the honi ng stone and the i tem
bei ng honed – wi th the resul tant devel op-
ment of scoring – is therefore avoided.
is persuasive,
while quality
Surface measurement device
P r e c i o u s S t o n e s
f o r t h e A u t o mo b i l e I n d u s t r y
The i tems from the Hunger abrasi ves product l i ne that are i n
parti cul arl y hi gh demand by the automobi l e i ndustr y are the CBN
di amond honi ng stones and di amond tool s.
These hi gh-qual i ty Hunger honi ng stones
tools are used universally in automatic pro-
duction processes for finishing a large num-
ber of components, including honing motor
blocks, brake cylinders, connecting rods and
valve shafts.
The types of di amond, thei r bondi ng,
concentration and grain size is crucial for a
l ong servi ce l i fe, good shape retenti on
tol erance and the fi nest surface qual i ti es
with an R
below 0.1 µm. Special diamond
honing stones and tools with and without an
air nozzle control stone system for symme-
tri cal and asymmetri cal appl i cati ons are
produced in line with customer requests.
The optimum design of the required special tool guarantees
uniform quality of the work pieces.
Diamond honing stones for honing
motor blocks and valve seats
(Photo: Hydro-Aluminium)
F l e x i b i l i t y i s Ke y –
H u n g e r H y d r a u l i c ' s Wo r l d wi d e S e r v i c e
Ti me i s money. The repai r servi ce for hydraul i c and pneumati c
cyl i nders of the Hunger Group al so repai rs the products of
other fi rms as qui ckl y as possi bl e.
Hunger Hydraulic Worldwide Service is pre-
pared for al l types of damage to cyl i nders
and hydraul i c components, whether l eaks,
wear or mechani cal deformati on. Hi ghl y
qualified and experienced specialists ensure
that the products of other manufacturers can
be repai red i nexpensi vel y and wi thi n the
shortest possible time.
Our production capacities make it possible
to process diameters of up to 2,000 mm and
lengths of up to 25 m. In the case of damage
to the piston rod surface the coating techno-
l ogi es devel oped by Hunger usual l y mean
that it is possible to repair the cylinder while
continuing to use the same piston rod. For
speci al si zes or reworked rod and tube
di ameters Hunger DFE i s abl e to suppl y
tailor-made special seals within a very short
ti me. Rapi d reacti on ti mes mi ni mi ze your
producti on downti me. The reuse of vi abl e
components means that the repai r of your
hydraul i c pl ant i s rel ati vel y i nexpensi ve.
The repair of the cylinders is always carried
out in line with the latest technologies and
Hunger's high quality standards. After a final
i nspecti on i t i s possi bl e to provi de an al l -
round warranty i rrespecti ve of the ori gi nal
brand and size of the product.
Take advantage of the experi ence and
efficiency of the Hunger Hydraulic Service.
Even the products of other
manufacturers are repaired
by Hunger Hydraulic's
Worldwide Service.
Gas metering and closing cylinders
for thermal deburring
"All knowledge
stems from
Imanuel Kant
H u n g e r Wo r k s f o r Ve h i c l e
C o n s t r u c t i o n a n d Mo b i l e H y d r a u l i c s
Top- qual i ty sheet metal worki ng – from prototype and process devel opment to
the del i very of seri es parts Hunger support thei r customers as a devel opment
partner wi th experi ence and creati vi ty.
Unti l the commerci al l y vi abl e punched or
deep-drawn part fal l s out of the machi ne
close cooperation is required with the custo-
mer. Our specialist personnel are available at
al l ti mes for the customer to provi de hi m
with advice based on their experience and
producti on experti se. Duri ng thi s phase
intense coordination with the customer is a
si gni fi cant l ever i n reduci ng costs and
improving customer satisfaction. The start-
up phase compri ses prototype devel op-
ment, tool desi gn, a preproducti on seri es
and then the SOP (start of production).
The punched and deep-drawn parts are
mai nl y used i n the automoti ve suppl y
i ndustry and machi ne constructi on. In
addi ti on, pol i shed stai nl ess steel parts for
use i n medi cal technol ogy and the l ei sure
industry are also produced. The range com-
pri ses al most al l types of al l oy and al l
geometries. Production is carried out on hy-
draulic and eccentric presses of 25 to 250 t. If
requi red, these can be equi pped wi th bel t
feed devi ces and stri p strai ghteni ng
machines. We consider the mechanical pro-
cessing of the manufactured components to
be one of our greatest strengths. This inclu-
des j oi ni ng technol ogi es such as wel di ng,
riveting or crimp technology just as much as
the production of assemblies and modules
with subsequent surface finishing. Here we
have at our disposal all standard procedures
such as gl ass bead bl asti ng, cathodi c
immersion painting or powder coating and
Pivot bracket
for hospital beds
Headrest retainer
for the chair industry
Detent – component in the
automobile industry
Supporting foot for folding seat
Glowing cylinder cover for
terrace radiant heater
Part of a burner
Maintenance-free semi-trailer coupling
and fully hydraulic trailer coupling.
Maintenance-free semi-trailer coupling
Maintenance-free semi-trailer coupling
made of full aluminum
Europa trailer
coupling with three
independent hydraulic
systems for fully hydraulic
automatic compensation
of play, start-up and
collision buffering
I n t e r c o n n e c t i n g Wo r l d F i r s t s –
I n n o v a t i o n s f o r Ve h i c l e C o n s t r u c t i o n
The devel opments i n moder n vehi cl e constructi on ai m at wei ght reducti on,
energy savi ngs and, l ast but not l east, envi ronmental protecti on.
As l ong ago as 1995 the Hunger works for
vehicle construction and mobile hydraulics
presented a worl d fi rst wi th the patented
mai ntenance-free l uxury semi -trai l er
coupling. The coupling plate stands out due
to its sintered-on antifriction coating, while
the closing mechanism is designed in such a
way that the kingpin is enclosed by divided
maintenance-free roller bearings.
In addition, Hunger has developed a main-
tenance-free ki ngpi n so that semi -trai l er
coupl i ngs that are equi pped wi th a l ow-
maintenance antifriction coating can be ex-
panded to form a completely maintenance-
free coupling system. The regreasing that is
required for standard couplings and the sup-
ply of grease are no longer necessary. At the
IAA commercial vehicles fair in 2004 Hunger
again presented a world first – the first main-
tenance-free semi-trailer coupling made of
full aluminum. The clear advantages of this
innovation are a reduction in fuel consump-
tion and an increase in the possible load.
The fully hydraulic trailer coupling, which is
characteri zed by the i nterpl ay of three
hydraul i c systems that work compl etel y
independently of one another, has also been
avai l abl e si nce 2004 i n a versi on wi th ful l
remote control . Products such as the
hydropneumati c suspensi on and forked
drawbars wi th pi voti ng l ugs round off the
Patented kingpin – lubrication
and maintenance-free
„Working on
behalf of vehicles
and the
T h e Hu n g e r Hy d r a u l i c Gr o u p –
K n o wn t h r o u g h o u t t h e Wo r l d f o r Qu a l i t y
The demand for hi gh qual i ty that we pl ace on our products
and the servi ces that accompany them sets the standard worl dwi de.
As we understand i t, the term qual i ty
comprises the entire range of services at all
levels throughout our company, from deter-
mi ni ng customer requi rements, through
punctual del i very of the products i n l i ne
wi th speci fi cati ons, to addi ti onal servi ces
such as commissioning and repairs. The high
quality requirement is reflected in close and
individual cooperation with our customers
and suppliers.
In order to mai ntai n and conti nuousl y
i mprove the Hunger qual i ty standard,
conti nual further trai ni ng measures are
requi red. Hunger trai n thei r qual i fi ed
speci al i sts and i nvest i n the future of the
employees and the company with targeted
further training programs.
In order to maintain the high quality
level state-of-the-art equipment is used.
Trainees at Walter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG
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Wo r k i n g t o g e t h e r t o wa r d s
a n E x c e l l e n t F u t u r e
The deci si ve factors i n the successful devel opment of the company group
i n the past few decades have been our own i nnovati ve powers,
the hi ghest qual i ty demands and fl exi bi l i ty. And we shal l conti nue to a
hol d up these success factors as the l ei tmoti f for the Hunger Group.
The power of i nnovati on, hi ghest qual i ty
and flexibility are essential if one wishes to
offer customer-speci fi c probl em sol uti ons
associ ated wi th an al l -round advi sory
service. With the wide-ranging expertise of
the Hunger Group in the area of hydraulics
and the automotive field we are a partner to
our customers in the efficient development
of appl i cati on and system sol uti ons. The
range of servi ces offered by Hunger com-
pri ses engi neeri ng servi ces, product com-
ponents and system solutions, together with
other complimentary services to accompany
our products.
On the basi s of our appl i cati on ski l l s
acqui red over several decades and our
wide-ranging system expertise we are able
to provide our customers with technological
advi ce i n the sel ecti on of components as
wel l as the pl anni ng and proj ecti ng of
speci al appl i cati on-rel ated sol uti ons. We
offer excellent engineering services that are
specifically attuned to your requirements.
Our permanent striving to achieve the best
quality demands the use of the latest tech-
nol ogi es and has resul ted i n a portfol i o of
components and sol uti ons whi ch compl e-
ment one another so that they can be readi-
l y combi ned. On thi s basi s we devel op
system sol uti ons i n accordance wi th your
individual requirements - independently of
proprietary systems. We supply outstanding
products and sol uti ons whi ch wi l l exceed
your expectations.
The integrative concept of a solution provi-
der naturally includes services. Upon request
we wi l l al so take over the commi ssi oni ng,
mai ntenance, moderni zati on and repai r
work. We offer excel l ent servi ce that i s
second to none.
This holistic approach results in an improve-
ment in benefits to the customer as a result
of the coordi nated sol uti ons, the si mpl i fi-
cati on of processes and the reducti on i n
i nvestment. Thi s l eads to an i ncrease i n
el i abi l i ty and cost effecti veness. Why not
profit today from the excellent engineering,
excellent products and excellent service that
we have to offer?
"The future
has already
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