12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That

Will Change Your Life)
What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton's law
of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think s!eak or act we initiate a force
that will react accordin"ly. #his returnin" force may$e modified chan"ed or sus!ended
$ut most !eo!le will not $e a$le eradicate it.
#his law of cause and effect is not !unishment $ut is wholly for the sake of education or
% !erson may not esca!e the consequences of his actions $ut he will suffer only if he
himself has made the conditions ri!e for his sufferin". I"norance of the law is no e&cuse
whether the laws are man'made or universal.
#o sto! $ein" afraid and to start $ein" em!owered in the worlds of karma and
reincarnation here is what you need to know a$out karmic laws.
' (%s you sow so shall you rea!(. #his is also known as the ()aw of *ause and +ffect(.
' Whatever we !ut out in the ,niverse is what comes $ack to us.
' If what we want is -a!!iness .eace )ove /riendshi!... #hen we should 0+ -a!!y
.eaceful )ovin" and a #rue /riend.
2. THE LW !" CRET#!$
' )ife doesn't 1ust -%..+N it requires our !artici!ation.
' We are one with the ,niverse $oth inside and out. ' Whatever surrounds us "ives us
clues to our inner state.
' 0+ yourself and surround yourself with what you want to have !resent in your )ife.
%. THE LW !" H&'#L#TY
' What you refuse to acce!t will continue for you.
' If what we see is an enemy or someone with a character trait that we find to $e
ne"ative then we ourselves are not focused on a hi"her level of e&istence.
' (Wherever you "o there you are(.
' /or us to 234W in S!irit it is we who must chan"e ' and not the !eo!le !laces or
thin"s around us.
' #he only "iven we have in our lives is 4,3S+)5+S and that is the only factor we have
control over.
' When we chan"e who and what we are within our heart our life follows suit and
chan"es too.
). #-+ LW !" RE*+!$*#,#L#TY
' Whenever there is somethin" wron" in my life there is somethin" wron" in me.
' We mirror what surrounds us ' and what surrounds us mirrors us6 this is a ,niversal
' We must take res!onsi$ility what is in our life.
-. THE LW !" C!$$ECT#!$
' +ven if somethin" we do seems inconsequential it is very im!ortant that it "ets done as
everythin" in the ,niverse is connected.
' +ach ste! leads to the ne&t ste! and so forth and so on.
' Someone must do the initial work to "et a 1o$ done.
' Neither the first ste! nor the last are of "reater si"nificance
' %s they were $oth needed to accom!lish the task.
' .ast'.resent'/uture they are all connected...
.. THE LW !" "!C&*
' 7ou can not think of two thin"s at the same time.
' When our focus is on S!iritual 5alues it is im!ossi$le for us to have lower thou"hts
such as "reed or an"er.
/. THE LW !" G#0#$G $1 H!*+#TL#TY
' If you $elieve somethin" to $e truethen sometime in your life you will $e called u!on
to demonstrate that !articular truth.
' -ere is where we !ut what we *)%I8 that we have learned into actual .3%*#I*+.
2. THE LW !" HERE $1 $!W
' )ookin" $ackward to e&amine what was !revents us from $ein" totally in the -+3+
%N9 N4W.
' 4ld thou"hts old !atterns of $ehavior old dreams...
' .revent us from havin" new ones.
13. THE LW !" CH$GE
' -istory re!eats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to chan"e our !ath.
11. THE LW !" +T#E$CE $1 REWR1
' %ll 3ewards require initial toil.
' 3ewards of lastin" value require !atient and !ersistent toil.
' #rue 1oy follows doin" what we're su!!osed to $e doin" and waitin" for the reward to
come in on its own time.
12. THE LW !" *#G$#"#C$CE $1 #$*+#RT#!$
' 7ou "et $ack from somethin" whatever 74, have !ut into it.
' #he true value of somethin" is a direct result of the ener"y and intent that is !ut into it.
' +very !ersonal contri$ution is also a contri$ution to the Whole.
' )ack luster contri$utions have no im!act on the Whole nor do they work to diminish it.
' )ovin" contri$utions $rin" life to and ins!ire the Whole.