August 19, 2014

To all UPD local college councils, student organizations, fraternities, and sororities

Good day!

Last August 14, 2014, it has come to the attention of the University Student Council that
there’s a sudden change in the term used in the Student Code regarding the ban on
organizations inviting students with less than one semester of residency in the university.
From the original term “accepting” in the 2012 Draft of the Student Code, we have received
news that in the BOR Summary of decisions, the term is now changed to “recruited”. This
has caused confusion and fear among organizations that already started their recruitment

The University Student Council, being the highest representative body of UP Diliman, stand
firmly against any ban on freshies and transferees in joining organizations, fraternities, and
organizations. In this light, we are starting the Break the Code Campaign which aims to call
for the repeal of the banning of freshies and transferees from joining organizations,
fraternities, and sororities.

With this, we would like to invite your organization to join us in this cause by doing the
 Become a signatory to the Break the Code manifesto of the USC (Attached in this
 Release a statement of support and send it to (This
will all be sent to the members of the Board of Regents)
 Change profile pictures of members to the Break the Code pubmat
 Send us other initiatives that you’d want to initiate for the USC to document
 Send representatives to the BOR mobilization of the USC on Aug. 28, 7am (Not
required, venue TBA)

To confirm your participation or for any questions and concerns, you may contact the
undersigned at 09062473723.

Thank you very much. We look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely, Noted By:

Allan Pangilinan Arjay Mercado
CSSP Rep to the USC Chairperson
Head, Break the Code Campaign University Student Council


We, members of the various student organizations, formations, fraternities and sororities, express our firm
stand against the repressive student code that is now curtailing the student’s fundamental right to organize
due to the ban imposed on freshies and transferees from joining student organizations during their first

We believe that as organizations, it is not in our nature to harm any people rather, we are here to guide the
new members of the UP community and help them to develop holistically.

We condemn the Board of Regents for approving such stringent policy. We see that the rationale behind the
approval of the said policy, which was the recent alleged hazing incident, could be addressed in other critical
and more proactive ways. In line with this, we commit to speak up against any forms of organized violence to
prove that we, ourselves, are against such culture.

We also call out the Board of Regents for not speedily disseminating the information regarding the matter.
Due to this, more than planned events that will not be pushed through, we fear the diminishing number of our
membership. Thinking not for ourselves alone, we acknowledge that some organizations would not survive
due to this situation.

We believe in the autonomy of the freshies and transferees to discern for themselves. We trust them enough
to be able to form the choice whether to be affiliated or not. It is disheartening that the UP administration
itself has underestimated the capacity of the new Iskolars ng Bayan.

We call on the Board of Regents to lift the ban imposed on freshies and transferees. It is only right for the
highest-policy making body of the University of the Philippines to heed out the call of the students which
comprise the majority of the university population. As direct stakeholders of the policies being implemented,
the administration should see to it that the student’s perspective should not only be noted but also greatly
taken into consideration. In the same light, we also call on the BOR not only to clarify the vague terms but
define them in a way that would lean towards the side of the student body.

We call on the new Iskolars ng Bayan to speak up and assert their constitutionally-guaranteed rights. As new
members of the UP Diliman community, this assertion would be manifestation of the criticalness of the UP
students and of our autonomy and capacity to discern on our own.

Ultimately, we call on all other student organizations, formations, fraternities and sororities to join us in this
struggle and be part of this wider alliance geared towards our shared goal of claiming victory from this fight.

Altogether, this serves as a challenge for us to fight to protect our right to organize.