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At school we have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Weve read the

Australian version called the Three Kangaroos Gruff. We also read a
Seriously Silly version called The Silly Willy Billy Goats. Then we did those
two plays at the assembly. All the people laughed at the Silly Willy Billy Goats
when Sid The Kid (Stella) squirted water at the troll (Ryder) and when the troll
found a beautiful girl troll (Evelyn) and danced till dawn.
Last term we were learning about animals. We learnt about Australian animals
and other animals from around the world. We each chose a different animal
from another country and did some research on the animal we chose. We had to
look at the conservation status of that animal. We did lots of research and
made a book on it then taught our classmates about our animal.
This term we have been learning about food. We are learning about healthy
food and unhealthy food. We are having a fruit week and a vegetable week. We
are allowed any fruit or vegetable on our desk to eat as brain food. We are not
allowed any unhealthy foods in the classroom.
Written by the children of Room 25
Hello from Room 25
ia P
ary School
Volume 12
8 August 2014
Principal: Julie Blythe
Deputy Principals: Yvonne Height, Helen Walmsley and Paul Murray
Ph: 9841 7533 Fax: 9842 1350
ANZAC Albany 1914-2014
Commemorating 100 years since the departure of the first convoy from Albany to WW1
To fully acknowledge this most significant historical event, the Minister for Education, Hon Peter
Collier MLC, has agreed to close Albany schools on Friday 31 October 2014. Many exciting activities
are already planned for the Albany community with more being
discussed. During the Centenary period, our students will be learning
more about the history behind ANZAC and the important role played
by Albany and the convoy. We hope you and your family will take
advantage of this fantastic opportunity to commemorate the occasion
and take part in the many activities available.
For further information, including a detailed program covering local
events, please visit the website

Assembly Change
Please note and change on your term planner that the last assembly for Term 3 that was scheduled
for Friday 26 September will now be held on Thursday 25 September. This will still be hosted by
Room 23.

Character Dress up Day Wednesday 20 August 2014

1. Yakamia Primary School will hold a Storybook Character Dress-up Day as part of celebrating
Children's Bookweek 2014.
The Character Dress-up Day will be held on Wednesday the 20 August.
Students will attend a parade of costumes and participate in two dances in the hall.
Pre-primary to Year 2 will move to the hall at 9:15, followed by Year 4-5 at 10:00 and Year 5-7
at 11:00am.
Our student councillors will be organising the dances and parades with help from all the bigger
Story book Characters.

2. During Children's Bookweek there will also be visits to the
City of Albany Library where students will be
entertained by plays and stories that celebrate the very
best literature that has been published in Australia over
the past 12 months. Notes and permission slips have gone
School News
Page 2 Yakamia Primary School
School Newsletter Orange School Bus
Is your child starting or changing schools in 2015
and are you are seeking Transport Assistance on
an Orange school bus?
In 2015 all Year 7 students, will be attending
high school as secondary students. This will have
a substantial impact on the Orange school bus
network and will require significant planning. It
is very important that Public Transport Authority
establishes the number of eligible students
requiring Transport Assistance.
The Public Transport Authority is requesting
parents that have children starting or changing
schools in 2015 and requiring bus travel to
complete an online application for Transport
Assistance at by no
later than 31 August 2014 for travel in 2015.
Please be aware; Transport Assistance is offered
to eligible families in two forms, either by
Orange school bus or a Conveyance Allowance
paid to parents to drive their children to and from
school. The type of Transport Assistance
provided to a family depends on many factors
including, location and bus availability.
If your child is currently travelling on an Orange
school bus and they are not changing schools next
year, there is no need to reapply or contact us as
your transport arrangements as a rule will
remain the same.
If you have any further questions please phone
9326 2625 or email
School News
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Honour Certificate Recipients1 August 2014
Room Name Room Name
11 Lincoln Coleman
Tegan Smith
24 Carson Brogmus-Thompson
Henry Ayres
12 Tyrhys Byrne Wilson
Jewel Stone
25 William Timms
Cory Allen
13 Esther More
Daniel Cotton
26 Cameron Pettley-Gray
Taj Coleman
14 Taylor Williams
Tyler Rowley
32 Samuel Weadley
Noah Coleman
15 Zachary Brown
Chloe Hill
33 Mason Perrin
Marc Hicks
16 Bayley Drew 34 Jorja Taylor
Krystal Jetta
21 Emily Oreo
Leif Wright
35 Chloe Lee
Gweneth Jetta
22 Tayla-Marie Kempton
Abbey Turnbull
41 Lee Pickett
Dylan Farr
23 Brayden Byrne

The Jogathon is being held on Wednesday 27 August and we would love to see you all there. It is a
fun, active event that helps the P&C raise funds for projects around the school. This year for the first
time it will be a whole school event, Kindergarten to Year 7. The A Group Kindy children and the
Pre-Primary children will be holding theirs in the morning, 11.00am to 12noon. The B Group Kindy
children will hold their own special event the next day. The Year 1-7s will be held 1.45-3.00pm.
Parent information is on the back of the card sent home with the students on Monday. Students who
lose or damage cards must have a note from their parents to obtain a new card as the original card is
considered a statuary declaration for money collection.
Please feel free to donate even if your child will be away or cant compete for medical reasons. This is
a major fundraiser for the P&C each year.

Measles Alert
A letter and information from the Health Department went home to families yesterday. If you did not
receive a copy of this letter please contact the office. This is information is copied from the cover
There has been one confirmed case of measles in a student at the school and other suspect/probable
cases are currently being investigated. Measles is a highly infectious serious viral infection that causes
fever, cough, rash and sore eyes. Occasionally measles has dangerous complications.
Children who have been immunised against measles normally have more than 95% protection against
the disease. Sometimes immunised children can still become infected despite immunisation. Please
refer to the attached factsheet for more information about measles. If your child develops symptoms:
See a doctor (call ahead to alert your doctor about the possibility of measles before visiting and
take this letter along)
Ring the Public Health Unit on 08 98427500 and
Do not allow your child to attend school if he or she has measles.
If your child has not been immunised against measles, please call the Albany Public Health Unit on 08
98427500 as your child may be eligible for immediate immunisation to prevent infection, or your child
may need to be excluded from school.
If your child has a weakened immune system (e.g. If they have an inherited immune problem or are
receiving chemotherapy for cancer), please contact the Public Health Unit to discuss this. Your child
may require preventative treatment and may also need to be excluded from school even if he or she has
previously been immunised against measles.
If more cases develop, then unimmunised children will be excluded.
Should you require more information about measles, please call the Public Health Unit on 08

School News
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Act Belong Commit Strike II Program now has ZORB
Program runs every Friday night from 7.30pm 9.30pm with a
range of activities including Basketball, Indoor Soccer, 8ball,
movies, bouncy Boxing and now has ZORB Balls available!
Entry is $2 and transport home is available on request.
Phone Albany PCYC on 9842 1716 for more information.

Got awesome ideas for Youth Events?
Albany YAC is looking for YOUR ideas for upcoming youth events
in Albany.
Dont forget to bring your ideas, and a few mates to Albany
PCYC this Friday 8 August from 4.30pm for pizza and event
SMS 0427 419 291 to reserve your place (or you might miss out on the pizza!)
Any questions or queries? Phone Tammy 9841 9294

Want to be part of the Anzac Commemorations?
We are currently looking for Volunteers aged 16+ to assist with a range of jobs to during the Anzac
Commemorative period in November. Jobs range from assisting with stage management, helping
visitors find their way, looking after other volunteers, assisting to set up for events etc. Not only do
you get to see behind the scenes, it is also a great way to gain experience towards working in the
events field (and looks great on your resume!) To find out more visit

Friends of Yakamia Creek
The Friends of Yakamia Creek have been busy at the creek lately. You may have noticed a lot of
weedy vegetation has been removed and mulched. This will allow space for native plants to be
planted, improving the habitat for fish, frogs, birds and other animals.
The Friends will be holding a busy bee at the creek this Sunday 10
August. This month we will be planting shrubs, trees and sedges in
the first section of the creek (closest to North Rd). This area was
planted out last year, but there are a few gaps to fill in.
Bring your gloves and trowels and meet at 9.30 am at the footbridge on
Barnesby Drive.
Please contact Karen on 0435 056 340 for more information.

Community News
Page 5 Yakamia Primary School
Please note notices appearing below are not necessarily endorsed by the
school. We provide this space for community groups to advertise to the
school community. It is up to parents to scrutinise the activity and
organisers for their child.

Positive Parenting Program - SEMINAR Series
The power of Positive parenting
Term 3 2014 Mount Lockyer Primary Our Place

The Triple P Positive Parenting Program is an internationally renowned parenting program being offered
through schools in your area. Parents from across the state have given it rave reviews And its free!

If you are a parent of a primary school child, you are invited to attend a program to:
Promote your childs development - and prepare your child for school
Discuss common parenting challenges
Enrich your parent-child relationship
Explore effective behavior management strategies ways to encourage behavior you like

This is one seminar series you shouldnt miss.
Remember, you dont have to be experiencing difficulties Triple P is for every parent!

A Seminar will be running in your area:
Venue: Mount Lockyer Primary School
Term: Term 3
Dates: Wednesday 20
August 2014
Time: 9:15am 10.30am

Limited numbers of places are available and you need to book in advance please register your interest to at-
tend as soon as possible by returning the information below ASAP.

To register please fill out form below and return to Kathryn Wasley, School Psychologist at Mount Lock-
yer Primary School:

For more information, contact Kathryn Wasley on 0429 124 334
or e-mail :

(Tear off & return) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

REGISTRATION FOR: The Power of Positive Parenting
Mount Lockyer Primary School Term 3 (Registrations due by Friday 15
August 2014)

Name of Parent(s) wishing to attend: ________________________________________________________

Phone Numbers: (Hm):__________________________________ (Mob):____________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________Postcode: _________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Child care required: _____________________________________

Please give your registration to Mount Lockyer Primary School

Fax to 98 417 262
Mail to: Kathryn Wasley, Mount Lockyer Primary School, Humphreys Street, Albany, 6330.
E-mail to:
Positive Parenting Program SEMINAR SERIES
Term 3 2014
Albany Senior High School

Parents/carers of children in years 6/7/8 are invited to attend free parenting seminars to learn practical, positive and
effective ways to:
Encourage responsible teens who are respectful, considerate and involved in family activities
Help teens become more competent through self-discipline and problem solving.
Encourage teens to establish routines, follow school rules and have supportive friends
Help teens get connected by encouraging them to be confident, socially skilled and take
care of others.
Research has demonstrated the acceptability of the strategies across cultures.
Parents may choose to attend one, two or all three of the following seminars

When: Wednesday 13
August Seminar One: Raising Responsible Teenagers
Wednesday 27
August Seminar Two: Raising Competent Teenagers
Wednesday 10
September Seminar Three: Getting Teenagers Connected

Time: Coffee, tea, registration 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start, finishing at 8.30pm.
Venue: ASHS staffroom.
Cost: Free however, bookings are essential.

To register to attend a free parenting seminar please:
Complete the slip below and return to Albany Senior High School marked attention Mrs B.

For more information Contact: Brenda McCann:
Maree Dawes:


Name of Parent(s)/Carer(s) wishing to attend:

Surname _______________ First Name _______________ Mobile (1) ______________
Surname _______________ First Name _______________ Mobile (1) ______________

Home Phone: _________________

Postal Address: _______________________ Suburb: _______________ Postcode: _________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

Name of Child/ren: __________________________________________ Year Level: ________

__________________________________________ Year Level: ________

I/We wish to attend (please tick):
Seminar One - Seminar Two - Seminar Three -

Please return your registration to Albany Senior High School, 1 Campbell Road, Albany WA
6330 or fax to 9842 1512. Or e-mail your details to
Do you need some more ideas about how to teach your children
to do as they are told and what to do if they dont? If so, this 2
hour group may be for you?


Helps parents discuss why children dont do as they are told how to set limits and how to deal
with disobedience when it happens.

What are Triple P Discussion Groups?
Triple P Discussion Groups are short, small group sessions that offer practical advice for tackling
specific problem behaviour.

A discussion group is a short, small group session run by a trained Triple P provider. The session
brings together about 10-12 parents who are experiencing the same parenting problem.

What happens at a discussion group?
In a relaxed group session, your provider will give you tips and suggestions for dealing with your
childs problem behaviour. Youll see short video clips showing other parents successfully dealing
with the same issue, and youll be encouraged to share your thoughts with the other parents in
the group, if you want to. Youll also be given a take-home workbook with simple exercises and
information to help you try your new strategies at home.

For Parents of Children from Birth to 12 years

Cost: FREE

Albany Local Area Office
Serpentine Road

Thursday 7
August 2014. 9.30 - 11.30AM

To register:
Email/Phone: Jennifer Allen
0427 083 653